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Concept: an RPG about keeping a great evil sealed away, except the great evil in question is basically a cross between Cthulhu and Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss, so the containment procedure is less about maintaining magical seals and more about falsifying paperwork to convince him that he already rules the world and his bidding is being done, when in reality he just rules the one castle and his minions spend most of their time slacking off and playing table tennis.

(Your party members could be the great evil’s Dark Generals, who are really just a bunch of local villagers in dungeonpunk cosplay. One of the subplots involves the fact that the current Master of Destruction is a single mom and is having scheduling conflicts with her daughter’s extracurriculars, culminating in a very unconventional Take Your Daughter To Work Day.)

Mummy’s on the phone

Summary(request): AAAAHHH OK SO I JUST GOT THIS FLUFFY IDEA , I was wondering if i could request a dad!sebastian x reader where he takes his toddler daughter to the premiere and she steals his spotlight and the reader couldn’t attend cuz there’s a baby on the way.  Thank uuu <3<3

A/N: I’m back for the weekend maybe… I’m working and just want to read Harry Potter!

Taking your daughter to work day was a typical American tradition and Sebastian loved the idea until his work consisted of a red carpet, thousands of screaming fans and flashing photography. He didn’t want to take the bubbly girl but how could he turn down the sweet innocent smile and the black tutu dress situated on her tiny body. Y/N stood in the doorway of their large house, admiring how Sebastian, despite the worry glossing the back of his eyes and denting his normally deep voice, he plastered on a stain of happiness and she could see the proudness shining as bright as the sun for his little girl. Hattie pranced around the room whilst Sebastian stood wrestling with his tie until Y/N had to sniffle a giggle at his fight with the material, smirking at her through the mirror she slides up next to him and places it properly.

  “Baby,” Sebastian whispers hands gripping her waist

“Seb,” she whispers back leaning towards his chest whilst his hands moved to rest at her back.

“I’m scared,” Y/N lets out a grumbling laugh and replies

“you’re going out with your six year old its not like you haven’t done it before sweets. This one will want to come soon!” She grumbles while rubbing her ever growing stomach which  makes Sebastian gleam with happiness.

Soon Y/N is standing by the door waving goodbye as if the limo is driving her to the first day at school. Sebastian bounces his knee in the car wishing he could gulp down some of the cooling champagne in the box of crushed ice but his senses are slow enough without a six year old on his leg and a glass in his hand.

“Daddy?” Hattie tugs at her dads black sleeve, planting his daughter in his lap she asks

“how are we going to cope without Mummy?” Sebastian breathes in but bites his lip thinking about that for a second. It can’t be that hard right? Then images of getting Hattie ready in the morning, leaving the house, eating any form of food ever flash his mind and suddenly his even more nervous than he was when he saw his daughter looking at the make-up in the mall. He doesn’t get the chance to cover up something because he can hear the scream already rising. Twisting his little girls face in his hands he looks at her just as blue eyes and speaks slowly,

“right babygirl you stay by me ok? You get worried or nervous shake my leg and will leave and always hold my hand ok.” After complaining about how she’s a big girl and spills out of the car to which receives an encore of awww’s. She smiles a gap filled grin and swings away towards flashing lights. Sebastian still recovering from the blinding lights becomes slightly stunned at how naturally his little girl captures the audience and dives right in. A large hand claps him on the back as he walks a steady pace behind his girl waving at fans and stopping a second at a time before worrying and running off to find Hattie. The hand belongs to Chris who smiles ear to ear at the tuffs of brown hair spinning her way down towards the paparazzi the girl turns to see Uncle Chris and makes it very known that she sees him. Jumping straight into his arms she becomes oblivious as to everything around her whilst the fans watch on in awe.

“You know my love your just like your mum. First time daddy brought mummy here she lapped up the attention.” Hattie smiles brighter at the mention of her mum before wriggling back out of Chris’s tight grip. 

“She is gonna be a handful when she’s a teen mate. Happy your going to be  having a baby boy?” Sebastian shrugs his tense shoulders,

“I don’t know man, anything my wife gives me is amazing so the fact I get two little humans to call my own is enough no matter what gender they are.” He hears Hattie talking and notices she is sitting with an interviewer on a raised platform blabbing away quite happily. Waving a quick goodbye to Chris he dives towards her but she just clasps his hand and adamantly drags him down to their height. A kind faced women with blonde highlights smiles brightly and shoves the microphone in his face,

“Sebastian what an honour to meet this elegant young lady!” Beaming down at his little girl he says

“I know this little lady thinks she’s running this place, she’s really excited to be here actually.” Giving a loving smile to his daughter they stand up and he shoves her on his shoulders.

“So no beautiful wife for tonight?” She enquires

Shrugging unhappily “unfortunately no my usual date is at home for my fault of wanting a second child therefore only a half of our family is here tonight. Although I’m sure she and the little man are at home chilling with their feet up!” The interviewer gives a genuine smile and lets them go on their way.

Photo’s are taken and towards the end of the night Hattie has ran up to every celebrity she can identify and told them “your almost as beautiful as my Mummy! An she’s really beautiful, I think she could be a Disney princess…” 

I didn’t know how to end it sorry loves and it is as per not edited

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50. “People are staring.” - Clexa

Clarke threw herself back onto her bed. She flung an arm over her face and cursed at herself under her breath.

“Is it really that bad?”


Clarke felt the hard toe of Raven’s boot bump against her leg, and then Raven was pulling her arm away. The overhead light assaulted her eyes and Clarke screwed them shut. They stung, burned like she was on the verge of crying, and Clarke wanted to scream.

“How mad is she?” Raven asked.

“Pretty mad,” Clarke said, blowing out a heavy breath. “She told me not to talk to her for a while. Said she needed space.”



Silence settled in the room, crawled up under Clarke’s skin and made her squirm. She was restless and agitated, desperate not to cry. When the silence only continued, she suddenly sat up and looked at her best friend.


Raven’s eyes widened. “Well, what?”

“You’re supposed to say something,” Clarke said. “You know, like, give me sage advice or something.”

Raven snorted and shook her head. “When have I ever given you sage advice? About anything?”

“But you’re supposed to help me with this,” Clarke said, shoving Raven’s shoulder. “You’ve been through it before.”

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Another deleted scene from ep220 “Drug Testing” with Jim under the jinx. There was a little bit of a subplot with Jim and Brenda Something-from-corporate who we very briefly met on the booze cruise. He called to ask Brenda out when he was stuck in the annex all day in The Carpet. Then Jim left early for a date in Take Your Daughter To Work Day, though he doesn’t say who the date was with, the clues point to Brenda. We’re gonna guess Brenda didn’t call back…

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Can I request a shinee and exo reaction to your child calling them dad please?

Sure! This may be a little shorter than usual because I’ll be putting both groups together for this! Also, I wrote this where the kids are young… Like three of four years old.


Onew: He was pushing your little girl on the swings while you watched from the park bench. Your daughter was a giggling mess, happy to have so much attention on her.

“Higher Appa!” she giggled.

Onew almost choked on his own spit. Nonetheless, he pushed her higher, a large smile breaking out across his face.

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Key: He was tucking your son into bed and telling him goodnight when your son replied, “Goodnight Appa.”

Key couldn’t hold back his smile as he thought about being a father.

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Minho: Your daughter had insisted on playing dress up with him since you were busy at work. To say they bonded well would be an understatement. You came home to find your daughter calling Minho “Appa” every chance she got.

“It’s a sign, Y/N,” Minho told you, laughing,

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Jonghyun: Your son was insistent on staying up and watching a movie. He had curled into Jonghyun’s side and was fast asleep by the time the ending credits rolled around. As Jonghyun was tucking him into bed, your son mumbled, “Goodnight Appa.”

Jonghyun smiled softly as he thought about becoming a father. 

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Taemin: His eyes went wide when your daughter called him dad as she was asking for a second helping of dinner. He glanced up at you as he gave her a second helping. He was young and he knew that but he did like when your daughter had called him dad.

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Chanyeol: To say he was shocked when your son called him dad was an understatement…. He nearly tripped over his own feet. However, he was happy at the thought that your son trusted him enough to call him dad.

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this gif i cri

Suho: He was on babysitting duty. You had to work late that night and he was in charge of making sure your daughter went to bed on time. As he was tucking her in she kissed his cheek and murmured a small “Goodnight appa.” 

Suho’s heart almost exploded at the thought of having a family with you, to say the least.

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Kai: He became very shy when your daughter called him dad in front of his members. He treated her like a princess and his own daughter, so it stood to reason she’d feel safe enough with him to call him dad.

“What you do you need Y/D/N?”

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Baekhyun: You were convinced your son was in love with him. Baekhyun spent as much time as he could with your son and he was more than happy when your son called him dad.

“You hear that Y/N? Truly a sign from above idk…”

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D.O.: He became incredibly shy when your son called him dad. After that, he couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have a family with you… and maybe even a few more kids….

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Chen: He couldn’t help but giggle when your daughter called him dad. He didn’t tell her he wasn’t her dad, but instead rolled with it and encouraged her to call him that.

“What’s the magic word?”

“Please appa?”


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Xiumin: He was beyond shocked when your son called him dad. You started to apologize when he stopped you with a simple, “It’s fine, Y/N. I like the idea of being his appa.”

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Lay: He couldn’t help but blush when your daughter called him dad. He was watching her draw when she turned to show him her drawing.

“What do you think bà?”

“It looks perfect.”

Afterwards, he couldn’t stop thinking what it would be like to start a family with you…

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Sehun: He was very surprised when your son called him dad. He wasn’t ready to start a family yet, but he didn’t know how to correct your son.

“I’m not- no- I’m…”

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Tao: Though he tried to deny it, he loved it when your son called him dad. Sure, maybe he wasn’t ready to start a family right now, but that didn’t stop him from thinking about the future the three of you could have together. In the meantime, he allowed your son to call him dad.

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Luhan: His eyes went wide when your daughter called him dad. You began to apologize and explain to her that he wasn’t her dad but he stopped you. 

“Hey, Y/N. It’s fine. I like it when she calls me that…”

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Kris: He liked taking care of your daughter when you had to work late. His favorite thing to do was take her to the studio to show her off to everyone. One time he took her, she called him dad and for the rest of the day the only thing he could think about was possibly starting a family in the future with you…

When the two of you were ready, of course.

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i love this gif and i love this movie rip in peace @ myself

The Descendant Materialization (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: In a universe where you, the Reader, are National City’s very own Supergirl (and dating the ever-dashing Flash), a surprise arises when one of your descendants accidentally travels back in time to your present day…

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Heartbreaking: Unmarried Woman Brings A Tire To Take Your Daughter To Work Day