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Hey, do you have any fics where the avengers realize that Wade is not that bad of a guy? Or notice how sensitive and insecure he can be? I don't like it when they're a bag of dicks towards him. lol

I had a kinda similar ask recently. I can’t think of many of those, sadly. I can add 

Villain  by Lafaiette            

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain   by  BeanieBaby                

Petey and Wade discuss the proper way to go about vigilantism (and maybe they fall in love too)  by   isaDanCurtisproduction    

Well by Lafaiette 

Assembling for Party by KarasuNei

take your daughter to work day by TheLadySyk0

My private life is a secret by Grinedel

What could possibly go wrong?by slightly_salty_ace

Sick Days by DarkMoonMaiden                


Another deleted scene from ep220 “Drug Testing” with Jim under the jinx. There was a little bit of a subplot with Jim and Brenda Something-from-corporate who we very briefly met on the booze cruise. He called to ask Brenda out when he was stuck in the annex all day in The Carpet. Then Jim left early for a date in Take Your Daughter To Work Day, though he doesn’t say who the date was with, the clues point to Brenda. We’re gonna guess Brenda didn’t call back…

mackenziehancsicsak: Is it take your daughter to work day? No, just me dropping off Girl Scout cookies to the ThisIsUs crew on their last day of filming for Season 1. Thank you Dan Fogelman and Ken Olin for supporting Troop 1142. And @miloanthonyventimiglia for donating some extra for our troop to send some boxes of cookies to the troops! You’re all very generous and I’m very lucky to work with such a great cast and crew!


For: Anon

Imagine: Eric having to take care of your child and he takes her to work with him!

Y/D/N= Your daughter’s name

“Eric! Wake up,” You say shaking your husband, who lies asleep in bed, he finally cracks one of his eyes open, and groans, “Eric, I got an emergency phone call, I have to go to work today! You’ll have to take care of Y/D/N!”

“What?!” He instantly shoots out of bed, you usually work in the evenings, so you can take care of your 1 year-old daughter, while Eric works, and he takes care of her while you work. But due to an important emergency you had to take the day shift today. Eric rubs his eyes, “Y/N, how am I supposed to take care of Y/D/N, I have to train initiates today?!”

“Well I can’t take her to the infirmary, and you’re a leader you can take a day off if you want!”

“Not during initiation! Can’t we just get a babysitter for her for the day?”

“Not at such short notice, and do you know how hard it to find a babysitter for your daughter?!” You say pointing at his chest, “Now do something! I have to go, now!”

He groans, “Fine, you go, I’ll figure it out!”

“Yay! Thanks babe, you’re the best, I’ll see you after work!” You lean up and kiss him, before rushing out the door.

Eric’s POV

Shit, what the hell do I do now? I make my way to Y/D/N’s room and pick her up out of her crib, she’s already wide awake, “Hi baby. Did you sleep well?”

“Dada, dada!” She says cheerfully.

“How do you manage to be so happy in the morning,” I ask absentmindedly as I carry her out of her room, for breakfast.

After feeding her, I carry her into mine and Y/N’s room, I change her clothes, and let her play on the bed as I change my own clothes. Once I’m finally ready for work, I sit next to Y/D/N, “Now, what do I do with you Y/D/N? Where do you want to go while I work?”

“Dada!” She points at me.

“Baby, I can’t stay with you, I need to take you somewhere, if I don’t mommy will kill me,” I groan, “Hey, what if I take you to uncle Peter’s house?”

“No! Joo dada!” She says in her adorable little voice.

“Do you want me to take you to training?” She nods cheerfully. I’m getting late and I know Y/N will kill me for taking her to training, but I have no other choice.

I pick Y/D/N up and carry her all the way to the training room.

Every single initiate turns to stare at me, the big bad Eric with a baby, even Four looks confused. I glare and they get back to training. I place Y/D/N off in the side of the training room with a few of her toys. I pat her on the head, “Daddy’s gonna go twain the initiates now, you pway here fo a while okay baby?”

She smiles her toothless smile, and I give her a quick kiss on the forehead, and go to yell at some initiates.

I’m adjusting an ex-Candor boy’s stance as he punches at a bag, when I feel a tug at the bottom of my jeans, I look down and see Y/D/N. The boy and a few other initiates also look down at her and smile, “Babygirl, what are you doing here? I told to play over there.”

The initiates are surprised by my baby talk, but I focus on Y/D/N, she looks up at me with big eyes and points at her stomach, “Dada foof!”

“You want food?” She nods, “Just give daddy one minute baby.”

I pick her up in my arms, and turn back to the initiate, “Don’t just use your arms to punch, use your entire body, throw the punch using your hips.”

“Dada! I hungy!” Y/D/N cries.

“Maybe you should feed her Daddy Eric,” The Candor boy smirks.

“Get back to training initiate!” I say, before walking up to Four, “I’m going to take Y/D/N home now Four, can you handle the initiates for the rest the day?”

“There’s only half an hour left, I’ll handle it, you can go. Bye Y/D/N,” He smiles at her and gently pinches her cheek. I roll my eyes, normally I’d never let Four near my child, but he and Y/N are close friends so I’m forced to deal with it.

Eventually I sit in the apartment, colouring with Y/D/N, when the front door opens, “Eric! Baby I’m home!”

Y/N walks into the living room, and smiles at the sight of me playing with Y/D/N, “Hey sweetheart, how was work.”

“It was fine,” She says, “How about you, how did you two spend your day?”

“Oh you know, just taking care of my babygirl,” I wasn’t entirely lying.

“Thanks Eric!” She crouches down next to Y/D/N, “Let’s go get you changed baby.”

“Go to twaining, nitiate!” Y/D/N shouts, Y/N looks shocked, and I facepalm myself.

“Eric…?” Y/N hisses, narrowing her eyes at me. Shit.

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Ten Years of The Office: Take Your Daughter to Work Day 2x18 March 16, 2006

“That little girl is a child! I don’t want to see you sniffing around her anymore this afternoon, do you understand?! Boy have you lost your mind? Cause I’ll help you find it! Whatcha lookin’ for, ain’t nobody gonna help you out there! Jesus could come through that door and he’s not gonna help you if you don’t stop sniffing after my child!”

Thursday is Take Work to Your Daughter Day! Gather up all your coworkers, the furniture and appliances that make up your work space, all the petty office politics and backroom bickering, the contents of the supply closet, the structure of the supply closet, the entire building that houses your work and bring it all piece-by-piece to your daughter. And then reassemble it for her, saying, “See, SEE!” over and over as she, gape-mouthed, watches your work transplanted monstrously into a place it was never meant to be. Be sure to send us cute pictures of her weeping over what you have done!