take your clothes of when you dance

OC Challenge

Draw your OC:

1. Running
2. With a bloody nose
3. With a different skin tone
4. In a vehicle
5. With a dragon ( if they are already a dragon, with a human)
6. In a family portrait
7. In the 20’s
8. In the 50’s
9. In the 70’s
10. As an Alien ( if already alien, as a human)
11. With supernatural Powers
12. With horns
13. With their bad habit
14. Post-Apocalyptic
15. As your favorite book character
16. As their favorite book character
17. With a tattoo
18. On a rainy day
19. Dancing
20. With their sexuality flag
21. In a Hogwarts AU
22. In a Demigod AU
23. Lying on the floor (full body)
24. In Venetian carnival clothing
25. From an unusual angle
26. Posessed by a demon
27. In the clothes you’re wearing right now
28. Drinking their favorite drink
29. High Fiving their friend
30. Taking a selfie with you

Good luck with the challenge!

bts main tracks as girlfriends

i need u - she’s arcades, party balloons, and everything you dreamed of. reminds you of flashing lights and loud noise. draws her finger across your arm when she’s tired. doe-eyed and full lips. her eyes shimmer in the dark, and she’s absolutely dreamy. nudges your neck with her nose before she sleeps because she knows you’re ticklish. plays with your fingers and always kisses them right before you pull away. her eyes could speak thousands of sweet words as they look into yours and it never fails to make your knees fall weak. rubs your temple with her thumb right before she kisses you; you feel like you’re floating. loves to hold you and feel wanted. she’s one of a kind and you’re in love with her.

run - she’s fun and teaches you things. she’s sensual, and she lets you know. has that whole 80′s Greaser Vibe down to the t; it shouldn’t be hot, but it is. reminds you of guitar solos and slow basses. bites her lips and smirks when she looks at you. drives with one hand, and traces your knee with the other. texts you she loves you before bed. always wants to be close to you. smoky eyeshadow and dark lips. the girl you steal glances at from behind your hair. is a softy at heart. sends you cat videos and thinks about you all the time. sleeps best next to you. she teaches you how to grow, and she’s refreshing. she wasn’t suppose to last, but she did anyway.

save me - she writes poetry and always compares you to the moon. she’s a romantic at heart, and wants to experience the love story of a lifetime. she makes you feel like you’re in a movie. bites your bottom lip when she’s kissing you. her hands are always cold, but she always wants you to hold them. traces your bare stomach with her fingers. headphones are practically glued to her ears. makes songs about you. stares at you adoringly when you aren’t looking. kisses the tip of your nose and lights fires in your heart. she sings in the shower. gets quiet when it rains and always wants to sit and watch as the rain hits the window. she feels like a huge breath of air on a cold day. has a piercing on her tongue that makes you giggle when she kisses you. takes photos of you and never fails to let everyone online know she adores you.

blood, sweat and tears - classy. always well dressed. loves kissing your fingers and the space right under your jaw. lipgloss always transfers. wears designer clothing but never makes you feel inferior. highkey affectionate. holds your waist and rests her chin on your shoulders. does your makeup for you and doesn’t hold back on giving you compliments. loves using petnames. dances in the middle of the hallway with you. favourite moments are lying on the couch, sipping wine, and playing with your hair. bedroom eyes and a deep voice. her red lipstick always smudges onto your lips. nips at your shoulder because it’s sensitive and then giggles. tells you she loves you late at night whilst she’s holding you, falling asleep with her head cradled by your neck.

spring day - teenage sweethearts. she feels nostalgic, like home. she reminds you of the sound of kid’s laughing and crunching snow. lacing hands and childlike innocence. makes you feel bubbly. blows raspberries on your cheeks and giggles when you shoo her away. road trips and vintage vans. licks ice cream off your lips then gets shy. she’s a little ditsy and lost in her head; feels far away. she’s gentle and loves to cradle your face in her hands and kiss your forehead. kisses you in the snow because your cheeks blaze red and she loves that. when she kisses you for a long time and pulls away her eyes look glassy and you feel warm. polaroid photos and old cameras. she doesn’t last forever but she changed you.

dna - she gets flustered when you wear her jerseys. likes the way you smell. always wearing black circle lenses and pink hats. when you lick into her mouth she tastes like cotton candy. dyes her hair often, and loves to wear matching clothes with you. lets people know you’re hers, and gets shy when you jokingly call her out on it. could talk for ages about literally anything, and her eyes sparkle when she talks about something she’s passionate about. not afraid to voice her opinions, and showers you with unconditional love and praise. needs you to know she’s absolutely gone for you.

crystal snow - she makes you feel like you’re falling hard. pure love. sings you to sleep and makes you feel protected. everytime you see her the world is in slow motion. makes your heart beat with how intense she stares at you. flirts with you innocently, and always has her hands on you. giggles whenever you joke around and she makes you feel important. brushes her nails across your scalp whenever you’ve had a bad day. gets embarrassed verbally expressing how much she likes you, and her neck always flares red. the feeling right before you get butterflies; the anticipation and excitement. seeing her in the dim light before you fall asleep makes you think of fairy meadows and soft clouds. her mouth tastes like syrup and you never want to let her go.

How to feel like a nymph

*Walk through puddles with bare feet (or in flip flops)

*Let go of negative emotions–let them flow down stream

*Wear blues and green and purples–the colors of water (but if those aren’t your colors, remember that water at sunset is orange and red)

*Wash your face with micellar water

*Paint your nails with a gold or bronze nail polish

*Take long baths and showers

*Hum to yourself–sing loudly if the mood strikes

*Use a hydrating toner

*Go swimming and then lie in the sun

*Use a mineral water facial mist

*Use perfume with neroli or lavender or bergamot

*Dance with friends

*Volunteer with (or donate to) an organization doing wetland conservation or cleanup

*Go night swimming or swimming in the rain (just don’t swim in storms)

*When you wash your hands, let the water run over your wrists and forearms

*Wear loose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement

*Eat fruit and drink lots of water

*Read poetry and ancient mythology

Suga Daddy: Part 9

Suga Daddy: Part 9 (m)

Word count: 8.2k

Genre/Warnings: angst, smut, dom!Yoongi, dirty talk, role-play (I’m sorry Yugyeom)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: It’s finally time for your showcase but Yoongi is nowhere to be found.

I know some of you have been reading this since the beginning and that’s crazy to me. Thank you so much for the constant support. I love you guys and Yoongi so yeah, onto the next chapter :) 

 Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

This week had been nonstop practice for you. You spent so much time at school or in your dance studio. The dance showcase was getting closer and closer but you were damn well ready. Plus like you had said, Yoongi was now at your place, at night like nothing had happened. He would come to your home, spend wonderful passionate nights with you, play with the dog and be gone before you woke up the next morning.

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Dating Kim Jongin...

* Him always touching you
* “Jagiya”
* Shyly smiling and giggling when you flirt with him
* Laying his head on your stomach when you guys are watching movies in bed
* Speaking of which, nEVER LEAVING YOUR BED
* having days where neither of you leave the bed all day
* And ordering food
* Because you’re too lazy and comfy to move
* He would have the warmest skin
* Like a walking heater
* Letting you warm your feet up on his legs
* Innocent showers and baths together where you just talk
* Having to try and talk him out of getting more dogs
* Him being a 6 year old about it and whining
* Thinking it’s cute when you burp
* Getting turned on by you wearing his clothes
* “Honey”,“babygirl”,“sugar plum”
* Him spoiling you 24/7 just because he loves to see you happy
* Dance battles to settle an argument
* Spending extra time during sex to kiss every single inch of your body
* “You’re so gorgeous”
* Hickies and neck biting
* He would live to eat you out
* Because he loves the feeling of power
* And hearing you whimper
* Taking such good care of you after sex
* Making sure he didn’t hurt you and being so upset with himself if he was too rough
* Slow and deep kisses
* And just staring into each other’s eyes
* Grabbing your ass always
* Playing with your hair
* Buying you food when you’re angry at him for paying more attention to the dogs
* Always trying to feed you honestly
* Getting really upset when you talk about your weight and dieting
* “You’re perfect just the way you are, jagiya. Don’t ever change”
* Being a dork and making lame jokes
* Honestly just dating the softest bear in the world

I literally wrote this at 3 am. Because this is what I think of before bed 😂 I hope you guys like it and request box is open! Let me know what member I should do next 💖

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What is Target even?

• Every time I go in a Target, I become invisible. People can’t hear me talking to them even when I’m standing right in front of them. Waving in their faces doesn’t seem to work.

• I once walked up to an entire group of red-vest-wearing employees and had all five of them walk away from me mid-question.

•They seem to migrate from the toy section to the food section like soulless jellyfish.

• They don’t know if Target sells dish soap.

• I don’t know if Target sells dish soap.

• Once, a person walked over, picked up a fuzzy throw-blanket out of my cart, and left with it while I stood there telling them that it was mine.

• The always weirdly crowded shoe section that’s mostly sandals.

• Last month I stopped in the mini Starbucks area of Target and stepped up to a surprisingly empty counter (for the middle of the day). No one appeared for the entire twenty minutes that I waited, but the lights went off and on a few times.

• I once saw a man entering Target with a screaming child over his shoulder. She had an ‘Out of Order’ sign in her hand, and kept repeating, ’I don’t want to go here.

• Their clothing sizes are darkest black magic.

• The changing rooms. (Before they vanished.)

• I lost four people in the middle of the furniture isle. I found them a half hour later in Hot Topic.

• I once stopped at a Target for a bathroom break during a long road-trip. When I entered the store, half the lights were off in the back section, and someone was yelling, “STOP IT, YOU GIANT BITCH!”

• There’s always a questionable swamp in the corner of the Target bathroom.

• When they switch all the moving/talking Halloween items over to the moving/talking Christmas items.

• I’ve seen eight different dogs wandering around by themselves.

• The local Target has birds flying around inside all the time.

• When I was a teenager there was this guy who drove around the Target parking lot blasting the chicken dance and dancing with his shoulders.

• I’ve seen a thousand mirrors break in Target during ‘move into your dorm room’ season. Doubt anybody buried a potato.

• They owe me $20

• I keep finding children in the clothing racks. (I don’t keep them.)

• You can never return anything, ever.

• If you eat their food you probably will never be able to return to the human world.

• Every picture I take in there comes out weird. Blurry, too bright, smudgy, wavy, too dark, weirdly green???

• That last checkout lane at the end with all the ‘as seen on Tv’ items and a million creepy jugs of green liquid for kids.

• I have 14 year-old socks from Target that look brand new. (My clothes typically develop holes the moment I look at them.)

• The animal heads.

• Pit of Death (aka: the far back corner where seasonal stuff goes to die.)

• I once kicked one of the giant red orbs outside and it moved.

• I watched a guy causally glide out of the loading doors and into the parking lot on a huge dolly.

• The ‘Is This Actually Only A Dollar Or Is It Five?’ section.

• I spent a half hour listening to a guy tell me why I needed an IPhone or I can’t be a part of human society. This was before the first iPhone was even for sale in the store.

• It’s bigger on the inside.

• I found this hideous lump of a fur hat for sale last winter, and wore it around the store my entire time there. Still invisible.

Baby, Just Dance

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader
Characters: Steve, the reader, Billy, randos at a party
Warnings: swearing, drugs, alcohol, Billy’s an ass, protective!Steve
Summary: At Tina’s halloween party, the reader has a run in with Billy- after a few too many drinks. 
A/N: currently OBSESSED with stranger things, and (no surprise) Steve Harrington!

Tina’s halloween parties had always been the best. Seriously, ever since freshman year, she’d have the biggest kegs, the wildest music, and absolutely no parental supervision. It was at one of Tina’s halloween parties where you’d lost your virginity, gotten drunk for the first time, and learned how to tap a keg. 

They’d always been completely wild, and this year’s was no exception. So, when you’d gotten the invite, you’d immediately picked out a costume and gotten excited for the weekend’s events.  

Upon arriving, you’d already been pretty drunk. You and your boyfriend, Steve, had gotten ready together- sneaking his parent’s liquor until both of you were buzzed and giggly (you definitely more so than he was.) So, when you’d strutted into the party, everything had that special layer of haze that only too much alcohol could produce. 

The two of you had walked in together, arm in arm, past the new kid Billy doing a keg stand. Honestly, you’d never been impressed by him. Not only did he seem like a real jack ass, but you’d seen the way he looked at you throughout the halls too. Almost predatory-like. Every time you passed him, his eyes roamed up and down, it had gotten to the point that even Steve was noticing it. 

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Diggin’ The Hair

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Anonymous Requested: HEYO!i love your writing so so muchh!i was wondering if you could do an imagine where,instead of rejecting dustin like the other girls at the snow ball,she says yes?!?i’d realllyyyyy enjoy it!THANKS

Pairing: Dustin x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: Okay, so like what Nancy did was sweet and all, but DUSTIN DESERVED BETTER. Do you see this cutie? I love him.

Requests some STRANGER THINGS ONLY ideas!

You watched from afar the lone figure of Dustin, wringing your hands together nervously. You wanted to talk to him, especially after you’d just seen a whole of three girls reject him… It hurt you to think that someone would say no to him, which you completely didn’t understand. The boy was just the sweetest and honestly his hair was amazing you tonight.

You bit your lip, pouncing your leg in thought. You should just go up to him. You really should. Just ask him… but you’re so scared he’d say no. Dustin would never go for a girl quite like you, though you wish he would.

Though you felt yourself freeze when you met Dustin’s gaze and quickly turned around to the punch table behind you. Oh god… had he seen you staring at him? Were you being the obvious? You didn’t quite know why you were being such a nervous wreck, you’re normally not this bad but you’ve had a crush on Dustin Henderson for a long time. Just never had quite enough guts to do anything about it, that only increased when you’d seen the new girl join his group of friends and you could already tell… the boy had a crush on her.

But Lucas was dancing with her tonight and anybody he’d asked had turned him down. Yet, you for some reason still wouldn’t ask him.


You felt your body freeze, looking up from the ugly table cloth to stare before you. That was no doubt… “Dustin?” You turned around slowly, gazing at the curly head boy before you and tried to ignore the way your heart beat sped up rapidly. Taking a breath, you mentally steadied your breath and gave Dustin a small smile; “is there anything you need?”

You watched as the boy tugged on his jacket, closing his eyes in preparation before he smiled at you, his teeth shining. “Actually I was wondering if you’d like to dance?”

“O-Oh, really?” You asked, shock filling your system. You paused for a second, was this really happening? Your question was answered as Dustin extended his hand your way, and with a smile you set your own in his. His smile grew increasingly wide and he begun leading you onto the dance floor where a slow song was playing in the back ground. Nervously he set his hands above your hips and you let your won fall on his shoulders.

You couldn’t hide your soft blush as you stared at the boys blue eyes with fondness, your heart still pounding but this time you didn’t mind as much.

It was only a few moment later when you couldn’t handle the silence anymore did you speak. “Hey Dustin, I know we don’t talk much… but, i’m um- sorry about Max.”

Dustin’s eyebrows furrowed in thought and you smiled faintly; “I mean I know you’d rather be dancing with her, and I know she’s with Lucas so…” You trailed, shrugging your shoulders.  

“I’m not upset about that.” Dustin grinned.


“Yeah, I think i’m the luckiest guy here tonight.” You felt your cheeks grow warm and you bit your lip, looking away in embarrassment as Dustin grinned at you brightly. “Thank you.” You laughed, moving your arm to brush back a strand of curly locks that had fallen onto his forehead.

“I’m diggin’ the hair by the way.”

Always Together (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 3.5k

Warnings: Rated M, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: something that had been sitting in my drafts for over a year and edited a bit, might as well post it since i’m probably not going to finish the entire story anyway! :) 

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No Strings (IX)

.Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,940

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

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jimin scenario | countdown

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Your soulmate watch is set to go off on the same day that you meet BTS with your little sister…

prompt: My little sibling wants to meet their favourite idol for Christmas. You’re their “present”

pairing: jimin x reader

requested by @sunshinepizzas | 3.8k words | fluff, soulmate au

Why that date? Why not any other date?

That date is set to be special for you – it’s the day that your soulmate watch will stop counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until your fateful meeting with the person you’ll love for the rest of your life, determined before you were born, set aside for you by the fates that pull stars and move seas. But it’s also a special date for your sister – it’s the day that her favourite group will be visiting your city for a fan meet, and you, being the amazing sibling you are, have managed to get her tickets.

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Secret Identity

Stripper!Au Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Just a good old Stripper fic.

Word Count: 3,671

Warnings: Crack fic, Language, Drinking, Suggestive Stuff… (come on)

A/N: I don’t know what happened. It’s incredibly long… but I had fun ;) Since I don’t have anything better, this is my gift for 2.5k Thank you all so much ♥

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“Are you serious?”

“No, I’m Wanda,” your friend replied with a proud smirk.

You rubbed the spot between your eyes where you could feel a headache coming. Wanda was in charge of Natasha’s bachelorette party. You were supposed to spend the evening in a fancy restaurant, but clearly Wanda had other plans.

“I love it!” Natasha took your hand and made you follow her.

You paid the entry fee and walked into the strip club. It was noisy and surprisingly bright. You cringed as the smell of alcohol hit your nose. Wanda gave you her best innocent smile and looped her arm through yours.

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The Houses Drunk

*based on experience*

Gryffindor: loudly boasting about all the things they’ve done. From joining the army to teaching English in a third world countr to acing a year 7 geometry test when they were twelve. Also blatantly tells you what they think of your family. Often makes people uncomfortable, but they’re fun to watch dancing on a table later. Will probably take their clothes off if you throw money at them because they think it’s funny.

Slytherin: very stumbly, talks a lot and then realises they’ve talked too much. Uses alcohol (and sometimes exhaustion) as an excuse to release of their pent up feelings. Rings their crush. Gets upset. When they’re happy and drunk, their sense of humour is even better than usual.

Ravenclaw: gets drunk before everyone else just to survive the social situation. Starts off really happy and giggly, full of confidence and basks in attention. Within two or three hours they start sobering up (but by no means is sober) and starts to regret even going out. Probably gets a bit down and depressed, orders pizza for one and sits in a corner eating it. Messages friends and ex, but keeps it relatively non regrettable. Apologises in the morning just in case.

Hufflepuff: gets messy, loves everyone. Cries over people they’ve upset and hurt. Flirts a lot. Apologises and cries over any small mean thing they’ve done. Falls in love with three people, will regret saying anything about that in the morning. Enjoys playing spin the bottle. Rings ex again and announces they still love them to the entire room and ex. Talks openly about feelings and correcting any lies. Leaves people stunned and bemused.

Bioware Men - The Kissing Edition (updated) (Long)

(Author’s Note: I know I haven’t gotten ALL the Bioware men, but I’m working on it! (I’m missing Sebastian, but only because I really need to go mom up and take the kids to the library.) The Men of the Inquisition will end up here eventually. Er, once I actually finish the game.

As always, major props to my betas, Galleywinter and Zeroredemption!)

Kaidan is intense; lips, hands, every sense trained on you as if memorizing you through osmosis. His hunger is leashed, contained with the ruthless control that saw him through his first tour on the Normandy. He can’t contain it for long, though - not anymore, not after all this time, and all that formidable focus is entirely tactile, entirely on the task at hand, which is making you pant and writhe and scream until he can finally let himself trust that you’re real.

* * *

Alistair is reverent, worshipful; with him, a kiss is a paean to the Maker, a thing out of time and space. Delicate, as if he’s not sure quite what to do, or if you’ll disappear if he’s too quick, too harsh, or if his hands stray. But the strong, sword-calloused hands that won’t go below your waist are trembling, and his reverent mouth quickly heats to almost clumsy hunger, as if he wants to absorb you into himself where he can safeguard you from everything that’s coming.

* * *

Carth is rusty, as if he hasn’t kissed anyone in years and isn’t too sure he should be doing it now. His kiss is angry and hard, but he’s hungry, too…. so hungry for you. His hands bite into your shoulders, and he’s trembling; you’re honestly not sure if it’s from grief or rage or desire. Maybe he doesn’t know either. His Force presence is a whirl of so many things, but it’s your name on his lips as they follow the line of your jaw, your name he groans when your hips meet and rock together.

* * *

Zevran kisses like he kills; with skill, flair, and a certain amount of showmanship. He smiles against your throat, catlike and smug, whispers charming obscenities and flatteries in that exotic Antivan accent of his, until you’re drunk on him, everything about him. But when you kiss him back, that’s when that practiced smile starts to slide off his face. That’s when his golden eyes heat, when the lean muscles under your hands tense, when you can taste honesty mingled with desire on his tongue.

*  *  *

James is tequila-flavored adrenaline when he finally lets go and just takes your mouth like he takes every other military objective, all power and purpose and driving need. His big body is hot against yours, all muscle and undeniable strength; you knew he wanted you like hell burning even before he pulls you tight into him, lean hips surging into the cradle of yours as if he’s already inside you. His kiss might everything you expected, but you never dreamed how soft his lips were, or how the velvet brush of his shorn hair against your fingers made want pool inside you, hot and liquid and quivering.

* * *

Joker Moreau is stunningly physically restrained when he kisses. But where he’s physically cautious, his mouth is anything, anything but. The things he whispers against your neck, the low, hot whispers of a lover about your skin, your scent, the feel of you, what he’s imagining doing to you, how long he’s watched you, wanting you… His commentary is all spiced with a generous helping of his trademark snark and punctuated by the kisses of a man who is truly gifted. Joker can turn a simple kiss into an act of blazing eroticism - precise, probing, mimicking everything he wants to do to you, with you, in you with just his tongue, until you’re shuddering against him, locking your fingers into the back of his pilot’s chair and moaning into his mouth in helpless surrender.

* * *

Garrus doesn’t kiss, not like a human does, but there’s something stunningly, suggestively erotic in the way his eyes hold yours as he leans down and presses his forehead to yours. He’s humming - a low, subvocal intonation that gets into the marrow of your bones and liquifies it, until his hands, his arms, the look in his unfairly blue eyes are the only things holding you up… until they’re not, and you discover that Garrus is very, very good at calibrating things other than firing algorithms.

*  *  *

Everything about Zaeed is hard lines and gravel - he’s the first to tell you his good looks were lost long ago, and he has the voice of a seasoned soldier, rough from too much battlefield smoke and way too many nights in a cigar-fumed nightclub. So it’s a complete surprise that he touches you with such care, tracing the curve of your skull, tangling your hair in his fingers as if he’s savoring the texture, leaning close to sample the scent at the hollow of your throat. The way he kisses is a surprise, too, all delicacy and finesse, and very, very thorough, until you feel like he’s mapped every nerve ending you have and is taking his sweet time about lighting them all on fire, one after another, with a lazy mastery that’s as arousing as it is irritating.

* * *

Fenris is equal parts desperation and fear. His kisses almost snarl with impatience, as if he’s been waiting years to let loose, let go. To have you. To have something in his life that’s just for him, and from the way his hands are moving over you, mapping you, that’s just what he’s thinking. Where his mouth is clumsy, his hands, all clever fingers and sharp gauntlets, are not, daring to claim every inch of you, daring you to claim him back. When you do, he growls low in his throat, and he snarls something in Arcanum that could be a curse or a prayer or a threat to the Maker not to take you away from him before he can steep himself in you, sate himself on you, bury himself so deeply in you that nothing in Thedas can untangle what the two of you have become.

* * *

Thane is decadence; leashed, lethal, and elegant, and that’s the way he kisses, too, as if a single, simple kiss is the equivalent of a hundred acts of simple carnality. His mouth, so delicately scaled and lush, is your lodestone. Your world spins around his axis as he kisses you with exquisite eroticism, committing you to memory with lips and tongue. You’re hazily aware that he could break you in a dozen ways and you’d never feel it, but you’re even more aware that he could make you erupt in a dozen more, and you’d never forget it. And neither would he.

* * *

Steve Cortez is precision, soft-spoken but devastatingly thorough in his exploration of your mouth, your jawline, your neck as you let your head fall back against the cool metal exterior of the shuttle. You can’t get your breath, you just can’t, but when you do, the air tastes like him. Like chicory coffee and determination, like love. Like home. And you can’t help it, can’t help but respond, hands streaking paths of want up his back, feeling the flex of muscle as he shudders, leans into you. You get a little equilibrium back by the time you’re cupping the back of his head, the lean planes of his cheeks, and you meet his precision with your fire. You kiss him back, letting him know with tongue and teeth and muted moans that you refuse to lose him every bit as much as he refuses to lose you.

* * *

Jacob is honesty; there’s honest admiration in his eyes as he looks at you, honest desire in the strong hands that slide from yours up to your shoulders, pulling you into a lazy, seductive dance around the cabin. Honest desire on his tongue when he finally kisses you, managing to tease, to seduce, to woo you for only a moment before honesty takes him, too, and you’re both trembling, both seeking out skin hidden by clothing, seeking to share vulnerabilities. And then it’s honesty of a different sort when you tumble to the bed, wrapped around each other as if you can each shield the other from everything outside this room.

* * *

Anders is hunger and loneliness and longing all wrapped up in a kiss that tastes faintly of lyrium and a faint, exotic tingle that can only be Fade energy. He crowds you against the wall, lean body hard against yours, trembling hands framing your face, fingers tangling in your hair as if he needs to have all of you, right here, right now, as if you’re going to be ripped away from him at any second. When you wrap your arms around him to soothe, he shudders, and his kiss changes to something dangerously erotic, all hot lips and bold tongue and aching hunger, as if this is it, this is the act entire, and he can bring you both to completion with just this….

* * *

Nathaniel is hard - hard lines, hard, sinewy muscle, hard, calloused hands on your skin, hard lips against the back of your neck, hard flesh against the curve of your backside as he presses against you. His voice is hard, too; aristocratic accent wrapping easily around base words as he whispers what he wants to do with you, wants you to feel when he does them. But for all his hard edges, he’s soft, too, and it shows in the brush of his hair against your throat as he bends to taste your collarbone, in the stroke of his tongue, warm and wet on your shoulder. His archer’s precision shows when he moves to map your spine from bottom to top with a chain of tiny kisses that leave no skin unworshipped, when his hands slide between your legs, pressing where you burn hottest for him. Your head falls back against his shoulder, and when you shudder,  so does he, and you know then what his restraint is costing him.

BTS as Sugar Daddies


  • v v luxurious 
  • Takes you to very fancy restaurants 
  • always has you well fed 
  • always giving you roses
  • whether he is having a bouquet shipped to your house while he's away or coming home with a rose in his hand 
  • buys you expensive perfumes
  • calls you ‘princess’ or ‘darling’
  • likes when you call him ‘sir’


  • Likes to take you clothes shopping and buys you a shit ton of clothes
  • loves to see your face light up when you see something you love 
  • lots of lap dances 
  • even has a playlist of songs 
  • loves to spank you 
  • likes when you call him ‘daddy’
  • calls you ‘babygirl’


  • loves to travel with you
  • gets you everything you want/need without you telling him
  • loves you in red lingerie
  • LOVES to see you with the kitten ears and the collar he bought for you 
  • especially when he's stressed you are his stress relief
  • always holding your hand and kissing your knuckles 
  • likes to punish you whenever you mouth off to him
  • calls you ‘kitten’ or ‘sweetheart’
  • likes it when you call him ‘sir’ or ‘daddy’   


  • buys you millions of plushies
  • all because they reminded him of you
  • buys you these extravagant dresses that hug your curves nicely
  • and of course beautiful diamond accessories to match
  • and also beautiful heels to match
  • calls you ‘love’ or ‘sweetheart’
  • likes when you call him ‘daddy’ or ‘oppa’ but it doesn't really matter


  • so so soft
  • you could ask for the sun and he would get it for you
  • but like seriously he wants the best things for you
  • would randomly send you gifts
  • like you guys would be texting and he would be like ‘check your doorstep’
  • then he wants you to send pictures of your with your gifts especially the lingerie
  • calls you ‘doll’ or ‘angel’
  • likes ‘daddy’


  • like seriously 
  • spontaneous trips
  • will buy you a puppy or 5
  • random texts when he's horny
  • will spank you 
  • calls you “kitten’ or ‘baby’
  • loves  ‘daddy’


  • very playful
  • like he’ll buy you something but take it back and hold it over your head until he hears ‘Thank you 
  • “Uh-uh what are you supposed to say, baby”
  • always comes home with a bag in his hand
  • most of the time its lingerie or toys 
  • then he’ll want you to put on a lil show for him
  • calls you his little princess/prince 
  • prefers daddy
One Of Those Days

When you made your way through the front door, you slammed it behind you.

It had been one of those days. One of those days where nothing really turned out right, no matter how hard you tried—when everything you did wasn’t working out for some reason, and it took everything you had inside to not throw in the towel.

You could feel the anxiety in your body. The muscles in your shoulders were tense and your lungs occasionally gasped for a little more air—on the car ride back home you clenched onto the steering wheel until your knuckles turned white, and not even listening to your favorite song could help you feel better.

You threw your bag onto the floor by the door and slipped your jacket off of your shoulders, letting it fall to the ground carelessly. You knew that Niall wouldn’t be home for another few hours, and the thought made the tears start pricking behind your eyes. You knew that if you called him and told him you needed him he would come running—but you also knew how excited he was for this interview that he had, and you didn’t want to take that away from him.

You had a checklist that you went through in your head when your anxiety started acting up. Food, water, shower. Sometimes when you took care of your body physically, it helped you feel better mentally.

You walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple in one hand, filling up a cup with water using the other. Once you’d had both items in your hands you walked up the stairs to your bedroom and closed the door behind you using your foot. You set your food and water on your bedside table, taking a sip of the drink before shrugging off your clothes and making your way to the shower.

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Scenarios masterlist

This is the most updated masterlist. It will be updated every time I upload a scenario.

Drabble request is OPEN. Selca ships request is OPEN.  Scenario request is OPEN.


This is the most updated masterlist. It will be updated every time I upload a scenario.

Drabble request is OPEN. Selca ships request is OPEN.  Scenario request is OPEN.


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