take your clothes of when you dance

What is Target even?

• Every time I go in a Target, I become invisible. People can’t hear me talking to them even when I’m standing right in front of them. Waving in their faces doesn’t seem to work.

• I once walked up to an entire group of red-vest-wearing employees and had all five of them walk away from me mid-question.

•They seem to migrate from the toy section to the food section like soulless jellyfish.

• They don’t know if Target sells dish soap.

• I don’t know if Target sells dish soap.

• Once, a person walked over, picked up a fuzzy throw-blanket out of my cart, and left with it while I stood there telling them that it was mine.

• The always weirdly crowded shoe section that’s mostly sandals.

• Last month I stopped in the mini Starbucks area of Target and stepped up to a surprisingly empty counter (for the middle of the day). No one appeared for the entire twenty minutes that I waited, but the lights went off and on a few times.

• I once saw a man entering Target with a screaming child over his shoulder. She had an ‘Out of Order’ sign in her hand, and kept repeating, ’I don’t want to go here.

• Their clothing sizes are darkest black magic.

• The changing rooms. (Before they vanished.)

• I lost four people in the middle of the furniture isle. I found them a half hour later in Hot Topic.

• I once stopped at a Target for a bathroom break during a long road-trip. When I entered the store, half the lights were off in the back section, and someone was yelling, “STOP IT, YOU GIANT BITCH!”

• There’s always a questionable swamp in the corner of the Target bathroom.

• When they switch all the moving/talking Halloween items over to the moving/talking Christmas items.

• I’ve seen eight different dogs wandering around by themselves.

• The local Target has birds flying around inside all the time.

• When I was a teenager there was this guy who drove around the Target parking lot blasting the chicken dance and dancing with his shoulders.

• I’ve seen a thousand mirrors break in Target during ‘move into your dorm room’ season. Doubt anybody buried a potato.

• They owe me $20

• I keep finding children in the clothing racks. (I don’t keep them.)

• You can never return anything, ever.

• If you eat their food you probably will never be able to return to the human world.

• Every picture I take in there comes out weird. Blurry, too bright, smudgy, wavy, too dark, weirdly green???

• That last checkout lane at the end with all the ‘as seen on Tv’ items and a million creepy jugs of green liquid for kids.

• I have 14 year-old socks from Target that look brand new. (My clothes typically develop holes the moment I look at them.)

• The animal heads.

• Pit of Death (aka: the far back corner where seasonal stuff goes to die.)

• I once kicked one of the giant red orbs outside and it moved.

• I watched a guy causally glide out of the loading doors and into the parking lot on a huge dolly.

• The ‘Is This Actually Only A Dollar Or Is It Five?’ section.

• I spent a half hour listening to a guy tell me why I needed an IPhone or I can’t be a part of human society. This was before the first iPhone was even for sale in the store.

• It’s bigger on the inside.

• I found this hideous lump of a fur hat for sale last winter, and wore it around the store my entire time there. Still invisible.

Dating Kim Jongin...

* Him always touching you
* “Jagiya”
* Shyly smiling and giggling when you flirt with him
* Laying his head on your stomach when you guys are watching movies in bed
* Speaking of which, nEVER LEAVING YOUR BED
* having days where neither of you leave the bed all day
* And ordering food
* Because you’re too lazy and comfy to move
* He would have the warmest skin
* Like a walking heater
* Letting you warm your feet up on his legs
* Innocent showers and baths together where you just talk
* Having to try and talk him out of getting more dogs
* Him being a 6 year old about it and whining
* Thinking it’s cute when you burp
* Getting turned on by you wearing his clothes
* “Honey”,“babygirl”,“sugar plum”
* Him spoiling you 24/7 just because he loves to see you happy
* Dance battles to settle an argument
* Spending extra time during sex to kiss every single inch of your body
* “You’re so gorgeous”
* Hickies and neck biting
* He would live to eat you out
* Because he loves the feeling of power
* And hearing you whimper
* Taking such good care of you after sex
* Making sure he didn’t hurt you and being so upset with himself if he was too rough
* Slow and deep kisses
* And just staring into each other’s eyes
* Grabbing your ass always
* Playing with your hair
* Buying you food when you’re angry at him for paying more attention to the dogs
* Always trying to feed you honestly
* Getting really upset when you talk about your weight and dieting
* “You’re perfect just the way you are, jagiya. Don’t ever change”
* Being a dork and making lame jokes
* Honestly just dating the softest bear in the world

I literally wrote this at 3 am. Because this is what I think of before bed 😂 I hope you guys like it and request box is open! Let me know what member I should do next 💖

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Bf! Sehun

For my friend so this is going to be uni-sex

  • a giant baby so you kind of have to protect him
  • But he ends up protecting you
  • Sehun and you met through a mutual friend, at a birthday party
  • You didn’t want to go at first but your friends dragged you to the party
  • That was where you met this angel, more like sneaked shy glances at him hoping he wouldn’t notice
  • But he did because he was looking at you too, He devilishly smirked to himself, knowing that he caused a spark of interest in you for him
  • You wanted to talk to him so bad but something stopped you every time you mustered up some courage, it was as if the universe was stopping you. But he was quick to react, walking towards you with his slender legs 
  • You of course acted as if his presence didn’t affect you and he stood next to you talking to your circle of friends
  • He wanted to talk to you though, because he didn’t care about the people around you, he cared about you
  • You got a fuckboy vibe off him and wanted to avoid him but he attracted to the point you didn’t really care
  • So when he did find you alone, he engrossed you in a light conversation which mostly revolved around your life
  • You looked away because his eyes were fixated on you, his direct gaze over-whelming
  • You excused yourself to the bathroom but stupidly left your phone on the counter and taking advantage of your idiocy, he found your number and put your phone back before you arrived. He continued talking to you innocently until it was time to leave
  • You were glad that the party was over cuz Sehun made you so nervous and it was kinda awkward
  • But when you got a call later that night from an unknown number and that familiar voice you had grown used to over the past couple of hours entered your ear, you were beyond surprised 
  • He wanted to see you again. You stared blankly on the floor when the call was over. Him? Wanted to meet up with you? Why? Why you?
  • Sehun was dressed up really casually when you met up with him. And he smiled a lot and laughed a lot which clearly showed he was nervous
  • That eased that little awkwardness inside you and you began engrossing yourself in the conversation, often finding him staring at you as if in deep thought
  • You both talked about music and life, him mostly listening to you
  • He kissed you good bye before dropping you off at your house and you couldn’t breathe cuz you were so surprised
  • The whole night you thought about the kiss and mentally smiled to yourself and tossed and turned, not believing it 
  • Sehun texts you a lot, like you’re the only reason why he looks at his phone
  • And if he finds a cool quote, he’ll send it to you and you both exchange late night texts which often results in him dozing off and then waking up in the middle of the night like FUCK FUCK I DIDNT REPLY OH SHIT
  • Really warm hugs that are always initiated by him and he’s so cuddly and smells amazing
  • Like smoke and wood mixed with spicy cologne 
  • like you hug him only cuz he smells nice
  • holds your hand a lot, a little tight but not too tight
  • very very awkward when you guys first became official
  • like he tried doing all the gentlemanly things but often failed or tripped and mentally cringed when he saying something too cute
  • Smiles really shyly while holding your hand 
  • Loves it when you wear his clothes and you do because his fashion sense is A+
  • And they all smell so good
  • ruffles your hair when he finds you cute and kisses your temple softly and smiles when you look away shyly
  • going for shopping together and taking aesthetic selfies 
  • and him scrunching his face if your outfit isn’t that good
  • “here wear this” *pays for it before you can see*
  • “WHY NOT”
  • Him begging you to forgive him and then attaching himself to you until you grace him with your mercy
  • dancing sessions
  • you just pop into his practice room and join him in a dance battle but end up falling on ur ass and he laughs so hard the whole building could probably hear him
  • he would never let you forget it
  • makes up funny faces when copying you 
  • “Sehun please stop contorting your face, I don’t look like that when I eat”
  • “No but this is exactly how you look” *makes the ugliest face and then dies laughing*
  • you choose to ignore him sometimes cuz he doesnt let anyone live
  • he likes staying at home because socialising tires him out and just wants to cuddle with you and watch random things
  • long drives into the city at midnight and playing slow music
  • eating loads of food at midnight and star gazing
  • him always commenting on how beautiful the city looks at night
  • “Sehun you said that a million times”
  • “but stillll look at all the lights”
  • soft kisses and him holding your face really gently
  • mindlessly resting his hand on your shoulder and running small circles
  • discovering cute cafes together 
  • having baking/cooking sessions and he’s always so enthusiastic about it at first but loses energy too quickly and you end up doing all the work
  • back hugs and neck kisses
  • him resting his head on your shoulder and directing your hand to his hair for you to play with it
  • you always roll your eyes at how needy he is but secretly love all the attention
  • and then he holds your waist and pulls you closer and the next thing you know he’s snoring on your shoulder
  • you both just doing nothing and just chilling and working on your own things
  • and him laughing at something on his phone and wanting you to look at it
  • All your friends think that he’s a bad boy but you know he’s a dork, a child who needs to be protected
  • takes so many selfies with you and has you as his lock screen
  • had loads of emojis next to your name in his contacts
  • Always wants you around because he is a child 
  • freaks out when he loses u in a shop
  • amusement park dates and him wanting to go on EVERY SINGLE RIDE
  • Acts all cute to get you to agree with him
  • and starts behaving different if he has done something he shouldn’t have or if he wants your permission
  • “ok what did you do this time sehun”
  • “What are you going to do”
  • doesn’t like seeing you upset and gets so mad
  • “who disrespected you I will fight them”
  • hugging you until you feel better
  • laying in bed and not talking and him just running his fingers through your hair
  • him surprising you with presents and you hitting him because you don’t want him wasting his money on you
  • You always want to fight his antis cuz this boy is such an angel
  • you getting free passes to their concerts and gasping when you see Sehun dance
  • and then teasing him about there
  • “there are little girls at your concert you know”
  • and then he has you up against the wall
  • “don’t act like u didnt like it”
  • so kinky
  • but also the bottom
  • absolutely loves it when you take control
  • but also adores it when you beg for him
  • morning sex
  • sex in the shower
  • him touching you inappropriately at wrong times
  • love seeing you all flustered because of him and does the little lip bite because why not
  • such a jealous baby
  • like he acts all sulky and moody and stops talking to you
  • “You’re mine, I think you should know that”
  • an excited pup when you’re around
  • so bored when you’re not around
  • and if he has plans for you he’s so perky and cheery and runs to your house when he’s free
  • matching shoes
  • sharing your playlists and him falling in love with yours
  • he’s so in love with you but keeps it all inside
  • he doesnt tell you he loves you a lot but when he does, its so sincere and solemn
  • and sometimes all his love bursts and he kisses you and hugs you and you’re like wtf, enjoying his love
  • him telling you how he sneaked your number off your phone and you playfully hitting him, but happy he crossed his limits
  • how the hell did you get so lucky to have him
  • you’re so glad you went to that birthday party
Boyfriend! Jaebum

  • Jaebum is famous in the college campus as the hot b-boy who seems rough and hard to approach, but girls just can’t seem to take their eyes off of him.
  • he likes wearing black and ripped jeans when he’s not in his comfortable loose fitting dancing clothes. 
  • has a part-time job at the coffee shop nearby the campus so that place is  mostly busy when his shift starts.
  • you met him at the shop because you like to people watch. 
  • little did you know, there’s a person watching you from the inside..yes that’s Jaebum.
  • He does subtle flirting when you order everyday; remain intense eye contact, smirk when you stumble on your order, repeat your name multiple times when writing your name on the cup..out loud, somehow whenever you look up he’s always making eye contact..
  • you actually never met him on campus before and just nicknamed him coffee boy because for some reason he doesn’t have a nametag??
  • he always forget to put on the name tag and also too lazy.
  • finally met you at the campus when the school had music festival and this time you were the vendor and he was hanging out with his loud friend who you believe was named jackson. 
  • still making very intense eye contact at you with that killer smile.
  • as cliche as this sounds, but he ask for your number on the coffee cup the next day when you went to the shop.
  • you said yes and the rest is history. 
  • he’s actually a softy. likes to cuddle you to sleep. tight grip around your waist when you fall asleep, but warm presents. 
  • when you wake up he’s already staring at you
  • “you were snoring a bit”
  • you: “…you haven’t brush your teeth have you. how long have you been up”
  • “ah i suddenly need your kisses right now gimme” scoots closer while puckering his lips.
  • he get distracted by stray cats because he said it reminds him of his cat back at home.
  • brings you to his dance practice to show off to you sometimes. you think he actually look pretty good all sweaty.
  • until he comes up to you cover in sweats and runs after you for a hug.
  • sometime you feel like he does those hip thrust a lot more when you’re around. why is he so into it stop being so extra.
  • likes to put his arm around your shoulder just because he’s taller and then proceed to give you headlock.
  • not big on PDA but subtle touches like the small of your back, folds of your arms, brushes your hair away from your face, or your leg touches when sitting close together.
  • he’s a jealous guy, but fumes in silents.
  • does pull you away from a situation that seems too risky though like a guy who is clearly trying to ask for you number while Jaebum is just 5 feet away.
  • “Just sit here and watch me practice”
  • you: “i been watching you, jaebummie”
  • “it seems i have to be watching you now by this rate.” side eyes the dude from before.
  • neck kisses. this man is low-key kinky. he seriously love your neck. sometime you think he might actually be a vampire or something. 
  • you guys have silver couple rings and matching thrasher hoodies.
SHINee: dating Minho would include

▪ him fawning over you just as much as you fawning over him (his arms cough cough) 

▪ having Key be the one to introduce you to him bc you two are close friends 

 ▪ and he could swear it was love at first sight 

 ▪ mostly bc you completely caught him off guard and he nearly spit out his drink trying to bow to you 

 ▪ you just laughed it off tbh it’s not like you did any better, you two just kept staring at each other

 ▪ until he finally had the guts to ask for your number and politely asked if you wanted to see him again

 ▪ ofc you couldn’t refuse, much to Key’s nagging 

 ▪ aaaand cue Key threatning Minho if he ever does anything to hurt you, his pretty face wouldn’t be so pretty anymore (remember when they fought during their debut years and no one knew lmao) 

▪ him sometimes staring at you without even realizing it 

 ▪ you coming along and seeing him play football (soccer) and cheering him on like the best cheerleader 

 ▪ then he’d give you the best hug despite him being sweaty, but you don’t care bc even tho he lost he still won your heart 

 ▪ no fr like he’d actually say that to you whenever you try to comfort him after losing

 ▪ you quickly becoming great friends with the other guys 

▪ and having Minho putting them in their place if they get too comfortable around you

▪ you going to as many of their concerts as you can and always cheering him on 

▪ and he’d send you a flirty wink and a smirk your way, making sure to look right into your eyes as he does his hip thrusts and body rolls RIP you 

▪ him being the best teddy bear ever and always holding you super close while you two cuddle 

 ▪ the best when it comes to comforting you if you’re sad, he’d look in your eyes and tell you everything is going to be okay bc he’s not going anywhere 

 ▪ so teasing in public ugh he whispers the most naughty stuff in your ear when he’s trying to get you home 

▪ holds you tightly to him when in crowded places, and placing several kisses on your forehead 

 ▪ has the best music taste and often asks you to slow dance with him in your living room 

▪ while he strokes your hair and whispers sweet nothings in your ear

 ▪ him leaving some of his clothes with you while he’s away 

▪ and demanding daily selfies and videos from you everyday bc he’ll do the same

 ▪ takes you on the most romantic dates after he comes back just to show you how much he missed you 

▪ oml you’d get lost in his kisses bc he’s so focused on you and what you like whenever he does something 

▪ he’d kiss you in public or wherever he feels like….I mean you’re his and he’s yours, everyone should know duh 

 ▪ but listen,,, 

▪ He’s my baby so pls take care of him 💝

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Dating Bambam Would Be Like

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  • Hype boyfriend by day
  • Sensitive by night
  • He’d be your best friend
  • Pranks all the time
  • When you’re tired of pranking each other you’d go for Yugyeom
  • Poor child
  • But the three of you would be really close
  • But Bambam would always make sure to show everybody else that you are entirely his
  • Would tease you a lot
  • Poking your sides because it tickles
  • Butt slapping in public
  • Taking ugly selfies
  • Making them your couple lockscreen
  • Doing boyfriend make up tag videos 
  • You end up looking like the Joker
  • Couple beauty routine
  • Competing to see who’s better at dancing to girl groups
  • Getting tired and eating junk food 
  • Whenever he’s tired he turns into a needy baby
  • Very cuddly
  • Soft kisses 
  • Those perfectly plump lips on yours
  • But the cute cuddly session would heat up very quickly
  • Grabs your butt
  • Gives you hickeys
  • Very adventurous in bed
  • Always makes sure you’re enjoying yourself
  • Would brag about it later just to see you blush
  • Teaching you Thai
  • But only silly stuff
  • Like words that means penis or boobs
  • Because this is Bambam
  • He’s full of stamina
  • Remember when Jinyoung said that once he was on the phone Bambam and Yugyeom started dancing naked in front of him?
  • Yeah that would be a daily thing 
  • Except it would be just Bambam of course
  • Using your hair products
  • Opening up to you
  • Only you and Jaebum know about his sensitive side
  • Helps cheer you up
  • Would want to take you shopping
  • And he’d put on funny clothes 
  • “Hey Y/N I bet I can rock this outfit better than you!”
  • Playful kisses 
  • Instead of holding your hand he likes when you take his arm
  • Loves when you play with his hair
  • Like to lay on your thighs
  • Would always talk about you to his members 
  • Everytime you come over it’s they get very hyped
  • By ‘they’ I mean your boyfriend obviously, Yugyeom, Youngjae and Jackson
  • JJ project would just observe from a far 
  • Like the good parents they are
  • Everyone saying you’re the female version of Bambam
  • Always having a great time whenever you’re together
  • Wearing matching earrings
  • Or even makeup sometimes
  • I mean those glittery eyeshadows he wears 
  • Taking amazing selfies when you’re both dressed up
  • Being the couple everyone loves

  1. Dating Jaebum
  2. Husband Jinyoung
  3. Husband Jackson
BTS: S/O accidentally walks in on them


You and Namjoon were a match made in heaven. You both loved discussing books and music, having deep conversations about the meaning of life and the universe … and you both had a knack for breaking things. And today was no exception. You wanted to bake a cake for the boys as a reward for all their hard work and Namjoon offered to help you, which you gladly accepted. It wasn’t often that you two spent time in the kitchen together. Your boyfriend was studying the recipe as you struggled to reach for the flour on the top shelf of the cupboard. Namjoon smiled to himself as he saw your effort to make yourself taller. “Come here Baby, let me get that for you,” he said, walking over to you. You had just barely reached and grabbed to flour as your boyfriend’s hands reached up to help, startling you and causing you to drop the flour, spreading it throughout the kitchen, covering you two in the process. You groaned at the mess you’ve made but started to laugh as you looked up at Namjoon and his now powder-white complexion. He laughed with you at the sight of you and the state of the kitchen. Then he touched his nose and said “Not it!” “GAH! You’re always faster than me!” you groaned, picking up the now empty bag of flour. “Only when I need to be, Jagi,” he winked at you as he strutted to the bathroom to take a quick shower. You quickly swept away the white powder and made your way to the bathroom as well. You didn’t hear the water running so you assumed Namjoon was already finished and in his room getting dressed. As you opened the door, however, you were greeted by your boyfriend, stepping out of the shower, water droplets running down his bare body. You froze as you stared at him in the steamy room, smirking at you. “Do you like what you see, Baby?” he asked, taking a step towards you so you could really see his features. “I-I didn’t k-know you … were still i-in here,” you stuttered, trying to look away. “You’re looking very dirty right now, Jagi. Maybe I should help clean you up,” he growled, grabbing your chin so you could look him in the eyes as he flashed you a dimpled grin. “But what about the cake?” you whispered. “We’ll buy one later. We’re out of flour anyway,” he said, pulling you into a heated kiss.


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when Yoongi decided to take you and Holly on a walk to the park. Normally you two would be curled up on the couch together, lazily napping the day away but the sunny weather made even your tired boyfriend eager for some action. There was not a cloud in the sky as the three of you slowly made your way to the park, Yoongi’s one hand holding the leash while the other had a tight grip on your hand. You two hadn’t noticed the sky turning darker until you got to the almost empty park. Holly startled as you heard thunder in the distance. “Oh no Yoongi! I think it’s gonna rain,” you pouted, gripping your boyfriend’s arm. “Hmm, the forecast didn’t say anything about rain,” he grumbled as he felt the first drop of rain on his cheek, angry that he didn’t bring an umbrella with him. “We should head back before we get soaked,” he said, wrapping an arm around your waist as you swiftly headed back to your shared apartment. It started pouring as you were only halfway there and Yoongi picked up Holly and started to run, a firm grip on your hand as he pulled you with him. By the time you were back home, all three of you were drenched and out of breath. You quickly went to the bathroom to grab a towel for Yoongi and Holly and changed in there into some drier clothes. Yoongi made sure Holly was warm and dry before he took off his wet clothes. You walked into your room, expecting Yoongi to be finished as he normally doesn’t take long to get changed. You stood in the doorway, shock clearly showing on your face as you saw your boyfriend shirtless, about to unzip his pants, his upper body glistening from the rain. You hadn’t noticed that you had been staring until Yoongi spoke up. “Why don’t you take a picture, Jagi? It’ll last longer,” he smirked, running a hand through his wet hair. You smiled shyly, eyes falling to the floor as you turned away, wanting to give him some privacy. He caught your arm and growled in your ear, “Since you’re already here Kitten, why don’t you be a dear and help me out of these wet clothes?” You felt your face heat up as he took your hand and trailed your fingers down his torso until you reach his jeans and undid them. He slid them off, looking deeply into your eyes as he pulled you close and whispered, “Let’s cuddle under the covers to warm ourselves up.” He carried you into bed, licking his lips as he made a mental note to never bring an umbrella with him again.


Hoseok panted as he leaned against the mirror of the practice room, staring at his exhausted, sweaty features. He had been working on a choreography for his next solo stage that he was dedicating to you and he wanted to make it absolutely perfect before he showed it to you. You had tried to sneak a few glances at his work to get an idea of what it looked like but he had caught you every time and shooed you away, promising to you that you would be the first one to see it once he was finished. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand, smiling to himself as he had made the decision to show you his dance as soon as you came back from lunch with Jimin and Taehyung, finally pleased enough with his performance. He looked up at the clock to see that you had already been gone for over an hour. He had told the boys to stall you as much as possible so that he could work in peace but he was surprised that they had managed to keep you stalled for so long. He went over to his bag to dry himself off and change his clothes, pulling his shirt off in the process, knowing that you could be here any moment. In the meantime, you sighed a sigh of relief as you finally entered the studio, making your way towards the practice room, shouting a quick “See you later boys!” at Jimin and Taehyung. You knew they had been playing for time since Hoseok didn’t want you to see his unfinished choreography but you had been dying to see your boyfriend all day. As much as you enjoyed spending time with the other members of BTS you couldn’t enjoy lunch without your ball of sunshine. You picked up the pace as you rounded the corner leading to the dance room, eager to embrace Hoseok. You opened the door with a big smile on your face and shouted “I’m back Hobi!” Your jaw dropped as you stepped into the room, staring at the sight in front you. You had caught Hobi in the midst of taking off his damp sweatpants, a towel hanging around his neck, skin still glistening from his sweat. His face turned red at the sight of your sudden appearance and expression as he kicked off his sweatpants saying, “You’re back sooner than I expected.” His words knocked you out of your shock as you smiled and said, “I think I’m right on time,” eyes lingering on his toned muscles. He smirked, licking his lips as he strode towards you, taking your flushed face in his hands. “As a matter of fact, I was just about to show you my choreography I dedicated to you,” he whispered, sitting you down in the middle of the room. He tossed the towel away and turned on the music, stripping himself of the rest of his clothing as he started dancing for you, your eyes widening at the ethereal sight.


You were chopping up some vegetables as you heard your boyfriend walk through the door. He let out a loud, tired sigh as he took off his shoes and coat, causing you shake your head and smile to yourself. He had been working very hard lately on an upcoming Comeback, usually coming home when you were just waking up. You were really starting to miss him so when he told you this morning that he would take the night off to spend time with you, you decided to go all out and cook a big meal for him. Jin joined you in the kitchen, wrapping his arms around you and tiredly kissed the top of your head. “That smells so good, Jagiya,” he mumbled into your hair, resting his head on top of yours. “Thank you my love. I spent the whole day planning this meal out,” you smiled, taking his hands in yours and facing him. “Why don’t you go upstairs and get freshened up? Dinner will be ready soon,” you told him, lightly pecking him on the lips. He smiled at you warmly before walking towards your shared bedroom. He began to change out of his sweaty work clothes, when you remebered you wanted to ask him something and ran to your room. You were greeted by a bare Jin, streching his sore muscles, the sight stopping you in your tracks. He saw you staring at him in awe, smirking as he took a step towards you, running a hand through his hair. “You just couldn’t wait to see me again, huh Jagiya?” he asked, stroking your cheek before closing your mouth. You blushed as you hadn’t even realized that your jaw had dropped at the sight of him. Staring at the broad shoulders you loved so much, you cleared your thoart and said, ”I just wanted to ask what kind of desert you wanted to have: fruit salad or chocolate mousse?” He smirked, placing his hands on your hips, he pulled you close to him. “I would rather have you for desert,” he whispered into your ear. You shuddered in delight as you ran your hands up his warm skin before wrapping your arms around his neck. You stared deep into each other’s eyes, a mischievous glimmer forming in Jin’s. “Maybe I should start with desert,” he said, pulling you in for a deep, yearning kiss. You pulled away after a few seconds saying, “I have dinner on the stove, I don’t want it to burn.” He pouted at your response as you released yourself from his hold. “Your desert will be waiting for you in the kitchen,” you winked at him before walking away.


You and Taehyung had only been dating for a few months now. He had invited you over for a movie night with the rest of BTS. You two were having a competition to see who can stay up the latest, seeing as though the eldest members were turning in after only two movies. You curled up next to your boyfriend, watching Jungkook’s head slump down on an already sleeping Jimin’s shoulder. “I guess it’s just you and me now,” Taehyung whispered low as he began stroking your hair, knowing the calming gesture would make you drift off to sleep. “Looks that way,” you stifled a yawn as you tried to focus on the film. You felt your lids grow heavy as you were overcome by drowsiness and fell asleep. You awoke later on the couch, covered in a blanket, still seeing a sleeping Jungkook and Jimin. The TV screen was dark and Taehyung was nowhere to be found. Streching, you sat up, wondering where he could be. You saw a light coming from the hallway and got up, thinking it would lead you to your boyfriend. Sure enough, the door to his room was opened slightly, light emitting from the opening. You pushed the door open enough to peak your head in, letting out a small gasp at the sight unfolding before you. Taehyung was in the middle of changing into his bedwear, pulling off his shirt, his back facing you, unaware that you were watching his every move. Your traced his defined muscles with your eyes, unconsciously licking your lips as he slid off his sweatpants. As he stood in his boxers, you let out a breathy “Wow”, taking in the sight, covering your mouth a moment later, hoping he didn’t hear you. Unfortunately for you, he did. He turned around in surprise, eyes wide with shock, only to be replaced seconds later with a warm smile as he saw you standing in the doorway. “I never would have thought my Baby was a peeping Tom,” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows at you as you stepped into the room, your faced flushed with embarrassment and slight arousal. “I didn’t mean to… I just woke up and couldn’t find you so I looked for you and then I saw you were changing and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you and-” you hastily explained, only to be shushed by your boyfriend, placing a finger to your lips as he pulled you in tight. “You looked so cute sleeping that I didn’t want to disturb you. I was going to carry you to bed in a minute anyway…” he trailed off, an idea forming in his head. He went to his closet and threw you one of his shirts to wear for the night before making his way towards the door. “Since you were spying on me, I figure I can do the same to you. It’s only fair, after all,” he winked at you before going to stand in the hallway, peaking through the door, causing you to burst out in giggles.


You walked into your apartment, a mixture of exhaustion from hanging out with out friends all day and excitement because you get to spend an evening alone with your boyfriend plastered on your face. You threw the bags you were carrying onto the floor and proceded up to your bedroom, stripping yourself of your layers of clothing on the way. You wanted to take a relaxing shower before you got ready for your date night with Jimin. You had no idea what you two were going to do, only recieving a text from him this morning saying that he had a lot of surprises planned for you. You relished at the thought of him surprising you, knowing that he would take your breath away, as he always managed to do. Taking off your last articles of clothing, you slid into your silk kimono bathrobe as you made your way to the bathroom, humming contently at the way the fabric grazed your skin. You stepped into your bathroom and closed the door. Lost in your thoughts, you began to undo your robe, only to freeze at the sound of water splashing next to you. You turned to see Jimin sitting in your bathtub, grinning at you as he played with the bubbles in the water. “Well hello Jagiya. I’m glad to see you’re right on time,” he said, smiling shyly up at you. “On time for what?” you asked, pulling your robe shut, feeling oddly exposed as he gazed at you. “For your first surprise of the night, of course!” he exclaimed, leaning back so that you could see his toned torso through the water. You bit your lip as you felt your cheeks turn red at the sight. “I wasn’t expecting this kind of surprise,” you admitted shyly, looking down at the floor. “Well that’s why they’re called surprises, silly,” he said, pushing away some of the bubbles so you could see even more of him. He smiled to himself as he heard a small gasp escape your lips, causing any nervous feelings he had to melt away as his ego inflated. “Why don’t you come join me angel? The water is nice and warm,” he winked at you, biting his lip as you obliged, taking off your robe and getting into the soothing, warm water, sitting yourself down inbetween his legs. You sighed contently as you leaned back onto his chest, his hands lightly massaging your arms and shoulders while his lips pecked your neck. After a few moments you turned your head to stare deeply into his eyes, giving him a loving kiss on the lips as your fingers lightly stroked his legs underneath the water. “What other surprises do you have in store for me, my love?” you asked, breaking the kiss after a few minutes. He wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you from behind before whispering into your ear, “Let’s just say, your robe was the last thing you’re going to wear tonight, Baby.”


You groaned as you walked into your apartment, fatigued after a long day of work. You quickly threw off your shoes and coat, wanting nothing more than a nice, hot shower to soothe your aching muscles. You slowly climbed the stairs to your room, wishing Jungkook were there to carry you as each step caused your legs to scream in pain. You slumped down onto your bed, groaning as you stripped off your work clothes, contemplating taking a nap before you showered. You decided against it and made your way to the bathroom in only your underwear, knowing you were alone, as your boyfriend wouldn’t be home for at least another couple of hours. At least, that’s what you thought. You were met with steam as you stepped inside the bathroom, confused as you looked at the fogged up mirror. It was only when you turned towards the shower did you realize that you were not alone. Jungkook had just been in the middle of drying himself off when you walked in. He stared at you in bewilderment with the towel draped around his shoulders. “I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” you said, feeling your face heat up as you tried to keep your eyes from wandering down his body. “I got off work early. I wanted to surprise you,” he said, taking his towel in both hands as he took a step closer to you. “Mission accomplished,” you chuckled, forcing yourself to focus on his face. He smirked at you, his eyes wandering up and down your body until he met your tired eyes. “I take it you want to take a shower, Jagi,” he said, taking his towel and wrapping it around your waist, pulling you so close to him that your bodies were almost touching. “I can get in with you if you want,” he winked, a devilish smile on his lips. You licked your lips at the thought, fully aware of what would happen if he joined you. “I don’t know, Kookie, I’m pretty tired,” you said, a teasing smile on your lips as you stroked his arm with your fingertips. He pulled the towel tighter, now fully pressing your body to his. “All the more reason to join you. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take care of my precious Jagi?” he asked as he pulled you into the shower with him, tossing your underwear into the room.

a/n: These turned out longer and smuttier than I wanted them to be… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well.

How To Be A Heartbreaker [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can you do an E4 Imagine where Reader finds out about his side job and Barry is nervous about how the reader might react. Also Reader is okay with it as long as he doesn’t do the deed or kiss anyone but her.

a/n: idk about the end…  

It’s not like Barry checks his safe house after work. He probably should. As a villain, there is bound to be a hero seeking for his ‘lair’. What he really didn’t expect is you to be there. For a moment, his wide eyes stare at you on the couch, before he flicks the light switch back off. Explaining why he’s both shirtless and wearing tight booty shorts is not something he wants to do at this time.

His upper chest moves as he scratches behind his neck, biceps flexing. Barry knows what that frown means. He’s been on the short end of it far too many times. “Hey babydoll…” he mumbles, tugging on one of his tiny gauges nervously. “I wasn’t expecting you here.” he says as he drops his bag to the floor, speeding over to you.

“Are you cheating on me?” Is your first response. Tears sting in the corners of your eyes and you slump your shoulders, staring at Barry. He gulps, shaking his head; milk chocolate brown locks scattering across his forehead. “Then where were you?” you croak, yanking on your gray and red high school shirt. “And why are you naked?” you add in an accusing tone.

Barry really needs to get dressed before leaving the club; usually he just speeds home. Sighing, he carefully sits next to you, blue shorts wrinkling at his upper thighs. “I… My job.” he stutters, “Along with being a villain, I, um, I’m a stripper.” he breathes out, mossy green eyes watching the small silver ball in his belly button scrunch with his abs. The cat’s out of the bag now, he supposes.

The little breath that escapes you makes Barry’s mind race. No, he can’t lose you. You’re the only good thing about him. “Do you…just take off your clothes?” you whisper, repositioning your legs underneath yourself; black opaque leggings rising up your ankles. “Or do you…” you trail off, drying your eyelashes.

“I mean, I do lap dances. But I don’t have sex with anyone. And I don’t kiss either… I save that for you, you know?” A smirk tests his lips when he looks at you. “Being a strpper doesn’t make you a slut. Just a job. I do it to get paid.” the speedster defends himself, green eyes traveling with your every move until you land in his lap. Out of instinct, Barry wraps his arms around your waist, sighing, feeling your hands on his freckled cheeks, pushing his red gauges back slightly.

Well, this is certainly not what he expected. Your chest presses to his; the belly button ring barely grazes your soft t-shirt. “If that’s all you do… I… I’m not mad.” you say truthfully, shaking your head. “I’m a little upset that you didn’t tell me sooner, but, not mad.” you pause, pushing his fluffy hair off his forehead only for it to flop back.

Smirking, Barry leans forward, kissing your lips. “I’ve got my whole world in my hands, babydoll.” he mutters.

Dating Sebastian Stan Would Include:
(Part 2)

- He is respectful of your boundaries at all time and never pushes you to do anything
- He is your biggest motivator. He’s also essentially your personal cheerleader.
- If he calls and you don’t pick up the phone, he worries until you call him back
- You both bring gifts home from the store for one another
- The two of you always have meaningful chats about anything and everything in bed. This is when the two of you discuss everything on your mind
- He really enjoys buying you gifts of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.
- Nose kisses
- You take naps together sometimes
- Your both all about “enthusiastic yeses”
- Slow dancing in the living room late at night
- You guys stargaze together sometimes. He tells you the mythology behind the constellations. He also says cheesy things comparing you to the stars.
- If you adopted a pet together, he would treat it like your actual child.
- You guys dress in matching clothes all the time. It’s almost always accidental and it makes your friends jealous.

Bioware Men - The Kissing Edition (updated) (Long)

(Author’s Note: I know I haven’t gotten ALL the Bioware men, but I’m working on it! (I’m missing Sebastian, but only because I really need to go mom up and take the kids to the library.) The Men of the Inquisition will end up here eventually. Er, once I actually finish the game.

As always, major props to my betas, Galleywinter and Zeroredemption!)

Kaidan is intense; lips, hands, every sense trained on you as if memorizing you through osmosis. His hunger is leashed, contained with the ruthless control that saw him through his first tour on the Normandy. He can’t contain it for long, though - not anymore, not after all this time, and all that formidable focus is entirely tactile, entirely on the task at hand, which is making you pant and writhe and scream until he can finally let himself trust that you’re real.

* * *

Alistair is reverent, worshipful; with him, a kiss is a paean to the Maker, a thing out of time and space. Delicate, as if he’s not sure quite what to do, or if you’ll disappear if he’s too quick, too harsh, or if his hands stray. But the strong, sword-calloused hands that won’t go below your waist are trembling, and his reverent mouth quickly heats to almost clumsy hunger, as if he wants to absorb you into himself where he can safeguard you from everything that’s coming.

* * *

Carth is rusty, as if he hasn’t kissed anyone in years and isn’t too sure he should be doing it now. His kiss is angry and hard, but he’s hungry, too…. so hungry for you. His hands bite into your shoulders, and he’s trembling; you’re honestly not sure if it’s from grief or rage or desire. Maybe he doesn’t know either. His Force presence is a whirl of so many things, but it’s your name on his lips as they follow the line of your jaw, your name he groans when your hips meet and rock together.

* * *

Zevran kisses like he kills; with skill, flair, and a certain amount of showmanship. He smiles against your throat, catlike and smug, whispers charming obscenities and flatteries in that exotic Antivan accent of his, until you’re drunk on him, everything about him. But when you kiss him back, that’s when that practiced smile starts to slide off his face. That’s when his golden eyes heat, when the lean muscles under your hands tense, when you can taste honesty mingled with desire on his tongue.

*  *  *

James is tequila-flavored adrenaline when he finally lets go and just takes your mouth like he takes every other military objective, all power and purpose and driving need. His big body is hot against yours, all muscle and undeniable strength; you knew he wanted you like hell burning even before he pulls you tight into him, lean hips surging into the cradle of yours as if he’s already inside you. His kiss might everything you expected, but you never dreamed how soft his lips were, or how the velvet brush of his shorn hair against your fingers made want pool inside you, hot and liquid and quivering.

* * *

Joker Moreau is stunningly physically restrained when he kisses. But where he’s physically cautious, his mouth is anything, anything but. The things he whispers against your neck, the low, hot whispers of a lover about your skin, your scent, the feel of you, what he’s imagining doing to you, how long he’s watched you, wanting you… His commentary is all spiced with a generous helping of his trademark snark and punctuated by the kisses of a man who is truly gifted. Joker can turn a simple kiss into an act of blazing eroticism - precise, probing, mimicking everything he wants to do to you, with you, in you with just his tongue, until you’re shuddering against him, locking your fingers into the back of his pilot’s chair and moaning into his mouth in helpless surrender.

* * *

Garrus doesn’t kiss, not like a human does, but there’s something stunningly, suggestively erotic in the way his eyes hold yours as he leans down and presses his forehead to yours. He’s humming - a low, subvocal intonation that gets into the marrow of your bones and liquifies it, until his hands, his arms, the look in his unfairly blue eyes are the only things holding you up… until they’re not, and you discover that Garrus is very, very good at calibrating things other than firing algorithms.

*  *  *

Everything about Zaeed is hard lines and gravel - he’s the first to tell you his good looks were lost long ago, and he has the voice of a seasoned soldier, rough from too much battlefield smoke and way too many nights in a cigar-fumed nightclub. So it’s a complete surprise that he touches you with such care, tracing the curve of your skull, tangling your hair in his fingers as if he’s savoring the texture, leaning close to sample the scent at the hollow of your throat. The way he kisses is a surprise, too, all delicacy and finesse, and very, very thorough, until you feel like he’s mapped every nerve ending you have and is taking his sweet time about lighting them all on fire, one after another, with a lazy mastery that’s as arousing as it is irritating.

* * *

Fenris is equal parts desperation and fear. His kisses almost snarl with impatience, as if he’s been waiting years to let loose, let go. To have you. To have something in his life that’s just for him, and from the way his hands are moving over you, mapping you, that’s just what he’s thinking. Where his mouth is clumsy, his hands, all clever fingers and sharp gauntlets, are not, daring to claim every inch of you, daring you to claim him back. When you do, he growls low in his throat, and he snarls something in Arcanum that could be a curse or a prayer or a threat to the Maker not to take you away from him before he can steep himself in you, sate himself on you, bury himself so deeply in you that nothing in Thedas can untangle what the two of you have become.

* * *

Thane is decadence; leashed, lethal, and elegant, and that’s the way he kisses, too, as if a single, simple kiss is the equivalent of a hundred acts of simple carnality. His mouth, so delicately scaled and lush, is your lodestone. Your world spins around his axis as he kisses you with exquisite eroticism, committing you to memory with lips and tongue. You’re hazily aware that he could break you in a dozen ways and you’d never feel it, but you’re even more aware that he could make you erupt in a dozen more, and you’d never forget it. And neither would he.

* * *

Steve Cortez is precision, soft-spoken but devastatingly thorough in his exploration of your mouth, your jawline, your neck as you let your head fall back against the cool metal exterior of the shuttle. You can’t get your breath, you just can’t, but when you do, the air tastes like him. Like chicory coffee and determination, like love. Like home. And you can’t help it, can’t help but respond, hands streaking paths of want up his back, feeling the flex of muscle as he shudders, leans into you. You get a little equilibrium back by the time you’re cupping the back of his head, the lean planes of his cheeks, and you meet his precision with your fire. You kiss him back, letting him know with tongue and teeth and muted moans that you refuse to lose him every bit as much as he refuses to lose you.

* * *

Jacob is honesty; there’s honest admiration in his eyes as he looks at you, honest desire in the strong hands that slide from yours up to your shoulders, pulling you into a lazy, seductive dance around the cabin. Honest desire on his tongue when he finally kisses you, managing to tease, to seduce, to woo you for only a moment before honesty takes him, too, and you’re both trembling, both seeking out skin hidden by clothing, seeking to share vulnerabilities. And then it’s honesty of a different sort when you tumble to the bed, wrapped around each other as if you can each shield the other from everything outside this room.

* * *

Anders is hunger and loneliness and longing all wrapped up in a kiss that tastes faintly of lyrium and a faint, exotic tingle that can only be Fade energy. He crowds you against the wall, lean body hard against yours, trembling hands framing your face, fingers tangling in your hair as if he needs to have all of you, right here, right now, as if you’re going to be ripped away from him at any second. When you wrap your arms around him to soothe, he shudders, and his kiss changes to something dangerously erotic, all hot lips and bold tongue and aching hunger, as if this is it, this is the act entire, and he can bring you both to completion with just this….

* * *

Nathaniel is hard - hard lines, hard, sinewy muscle, hard, calloused hands on your skin, hard lips against the back of your neck, hard flesh against the curve of your backside as he presses against you. His voice is hard, too; aristocratic accent wrapping easily around base words as he whispers what he wants to do with you, wants you to feel when he does them. But for all his hard edges, he’s soft, too, and it shows in the brush of his hair against your throat as he bends to taste your collarbone, in the stroke of his tongue, warm and wet on your shoulder. His archer’s precision shows when he moves to map your spine from bottom to top with a chain of tiny kisses that leave no skin unworshipped, when his hands slide between your legs, pressing where you burn hottest for him. Your head falls back against his shoulder, and when you shudder,  so does he, and you know then what his restraint is costing him.

Songs:Before you start your day-Twenty One Pilots.
Weather-Novo Amor

Imagine-Damon accidentally sees you in your ballgown and his feelings for you grow stronger. He doesn’t want you to wear the dress he’s scared of all the male attention you’ll be getting.

“Please I can’t breathe in this dress can we hurry up?“you managed to choke out to your friend Caroline.

"Well now your going to have to wear it for abit longer, I can adjust it so that you can breathe"Caroline tutted as she searched her bag.

"What are you looking for?"you sighed.

"Scissors and some more thread, i think I left it at my house, don’t move"Caroline instructed.

"Trust me I won’t move, because I physically can’t move!"you exclaimed as she left your house.

"Great what am I supposed to do now"you mumbled.
You heard your front door open and close again.

"Wow that was quick"you nodded impressed with your best friend.
It wasn’t Caroline that appeared at the door, it was Damon.

"You know I’m seriously regretting letting you in, is there anyway that I can block you from coming into my house when you want? Is there a button I can press or something?"you rolled your eyes.

"Nice to see you too y/n, Have you seen Stef-woah y/n what are you wearing"Damon’s eyes widened.

"I know I don’t like it either"you grumbled.

Damon’s mouth fell open, and his eyes wouldn’t leave yours.
"You can’t wear that to the ball"Damon insisted.

"Why can’t I?"you pouted.

He hesitated.
"I hate it that’s why!"he shrugged.

"Oh I’m definitely wearing this dress now"you smirked.
Damon glared at you before disappearing.

3 hours later.
"Wow y/n is that really you?"Bonnie winked.
You grinned in response and pulled your friend into a hug.

The hall had become crowded and you felt a hand on your shoulder.
You spun around and your head fell to the side. A smile plastered on your face.

"Well if it isn’t Mr.Salvatore himself would you like to dance?"you curtsied.
Stefan nodded after bowing in front of you.

"You look so different y/n, a good different"he nodded.

"Why Thankyou, stef-
You didn’t have a chance to finish your sentence because you were being dragged away by the other Salvatore.

"Damon, what in the world are you doing?"you slammed the door behind you.

He stood on the other side of the empty room, running his hands through his hair. He was stressed.

"What is wrong with you, your acting so strange?"you narrowed your eyes at him. Seeing him like this amused you.

"I told you not to wear it"Damon said bluntly.

"And I chose to ignore you big deal, what’s so bad about the dress?"you frowned.

"It’s not the dress it’s you, your too pretty"Damon exclaimed.
A smile made its way onto your face.

"That’s why you didn’t give me a chance to dance with Stefan, I’m too pretty what I’m so baffled?"you asked confused.

"Y/n, you should of seen the look on those guys faces when they saw you"Damon said angrily.

"Wait…Your jealous, your jealous because you like me?"your eyes widened with realization and butterflies filled your stomach.

"No I’m not, I don’t like you"He replied quickly.
"It’s just that your making Elena look bad"Damon added immediately trying to cover his tracks.

Again, you narrowed your eyes at the Vampire.
"Okay then, I’ll change my clothes. After I dance, I’m in the dancing mood"you smirked as you twirled in front of Damon. This caused his heart to go crazy.

You didn’t make it to the door, when you spun around to leave you found that Damon was already standing there.

"Okay I don’t like you, I love you now please just dance here with me?"Damon finally confessed.

You bit your lip and nodded. Taking Damon’s hands into yours.

drumming song (m)

requestfantasy au ; dark faerie!tae. for @lthyl ♡

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: angst, smut
word count: 7.048
warnings: none.

The shift in the atmosphere is thick and sharp the moment you enter the house. On the outside, there was barely a sound shifting the air — only an unsettling silence as you watched the magnanimous house rising right in front of you, tainted by the stutter of your heart that seemed to want to get out of your chest.

You were nervous, body buzzing before you opened the unlocked door and entered what looked like another dimension. From the outside, you’d guess it was just another abandoned house — with its darkened windows and unkempt garden, jagged walls and gloomy atmosphere; the ghost of a residence that stirred with past lives.

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Sick Day (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Reader is a dancer who is part of the ensemble for Hamilton. They are friends with the some of the main cast and has managed to catch the eye of the musical’s creator. But one day Reader gets sick and insists they’re okay and won’t go home, so Lin takes care of them.

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Protective Mom Lin and Fluff. 

(Do people get triggered by stomach sickness? Is that a thing now?)


“Rehearsal starts in five minutes!” The stage manager announced to the ensemble members that were sitting in the audience. You were amongst these performers. It has been four months since you were accepted as a part of the broadway show Hamilton. You, being an American history nerd, were head over heels for the idea of a hip-hop musical about a founding father. You weren’t an actor so your dream of being in the musical was altered. You had always been a dancer since you were a child, always being part of your school dance club and taking lessons after school and on weekends. Your parents and siblings were always amazed how you could maintain high grades and still be able to go to dance class every day. You would always be picked for the ensemble for school plays and win first or second place in the talent shows. These achievements looked very well on your resume when you auditioned for Hamilton, receiving the news that you were chosen the next day.

You were in the middle of pre-rehearsal stretching when you felt someone drift past behind you. You just shrugged it off as another performer moving into their position and continued to stretch. After you finished, you walked off the stage when you noticed ensemble members beginning to go through the dance numbers. You only performed in My ShotThe Schuyler SistersHelpless, What’d I Miss?, The Room Where It Happens, and The World Was Wide Enough. Since you weren’t needed for the first couple songs, you stood in the wings and watched, snapping your fingers and softly swaying your hips to the music. You didn’t notice the cast members watching you from behind, amazement and intrigue on their faces.

The person with the most intrigue in his eyes was the musical’s creator himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda. You had been part of the cast for four months and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. He sat in on your audition and knew immediately that he wanted you in his show, even if you’re just an ensemble member. You had a bubbly personality and was very outgoing with other cast members. Lin was amazed how fast you and Phillipa became friends. Phillipa was who introduced you to Anthony, Jonathan, Renee, Jasmine, Daveed, Chris, and Oak. You recognized Lin when you were introduced to the main cast and immediately thanked him for letting you be in Hamilton, saying how this was your Broadway debut and couldn’t ask for anything more. Lin was surprised how thankful you were for a mere ensemble position and he instantly respected you not just as a performer, but as a fellow cast member. Daveed and Jonathan teased you about your heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Lin and you felt so embarrassed, but Lin assured you it was okay. You and Lin slowly became friends in the following months, Lin being ‘victim’ to your sass and stupid puns, but also seeing your true sarcastic and laid back side outside of the theater. Lin found you very interesting and enjoyed being around you a lot. 

But, for the past few days, Lin would watch you intently during rehearsals. He couldn’t help but let his eyes trace every curve of your body. He noticed how your hair was always pulled back into a ponytail or a messy bun during rehearsals and how you always let your hair down afterward. You wore the same kind of clothes every time; a loose shirt or a form-fitting tank top, gym shorts or leggings, and sneakers. You never complained about muscle pains or discomfort but you always had an uncomfortable look on your face when you pulled a muscle or your bones cracked and popped, before taking it easy for the rest of rehearsal. Lin couldn’t help but be impressed by how determined you were with your performances and how you were never late and never missed a rehearsal or a show. Sometimes, Lin would sneak away from his rehearsal to come watch you and the ensemble dance. But he mainly watched you. How you perfected every step, every turn, every spin. He could watch you forever. You were one of the things he looked forward to seeing the next day.

Lin snapped out of his daydreaming by Anthony snapping his fingers in front of his face. Lin blinked a few times and turned to the main cast, who were snickering and smirking at the genius. Lin was positive there was a bright blush on his face and he nervously chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. Anthony and Daveed shared a smirk as the cast walked their separate ways, off to finish the quests they were given before the lunch break. 


The Next Day ~

You didn’t know what it was that was upsetting your stomach so much. Was it the pizza you shared with Phillipa, Renee, and Jasmine last night? Were your coffee grounds expired? Maybe it was time for you to change your diet? You just knew that your stomach as a mess and you couldn’t keep anything down for long until it came back up. You had a blazing fever as well, but you weren’t going to stay home. No way. You’ve had worse when you were younger. Hell, you were practicing dancing when you had the chicken pox! Nothing was stopping (Y/N) (L/N) from performing at the show tonight!

You took some Tylenol and Pepto Bismol before making coffee and getting to Richard Rogers. You strolled through the back entrance and went straight to your dressing room, thanking all holy beings that the bathroom was across the hall. You had just sat down on the couch when Phillipa and Renee walked in. You barely said a ‘good morning’ before your stomach started gurgling and you felt your breakfast come bubbling back up. You ungracefully raced to the bathroom and empty your stomach into the porcelain bowl. After you finished and splashed your face with cold water. You stepped outside and Phillipa’s cool hand was immediately planted to your burning forehead. You sighed in relief but pouted when the hand drew back. The two women in front of you exchanged a concerned look. 

“(Y/N), dear, you should go home,” Phillipa spoke, placing her hand on your shoulder. “You have a really high fever and I think you got that bug from someone on set. We don’t need everyone dropping like flies.”

You shook your head in response. “I’m fine. Really. I just ate something expired or didn’t get enough sleep.”

Phillipa frowned and looked you dead in the eye. “(Y/N), I love you but you need to go home and rest. You can come back tomorrow if you-”

“I’m fine, Pippa.” You say in a hard tone. “I’m not dead and I’m not dying. I can move and I can dance. I’ll just take it easier today.”

Renee huffed before noticing Lin walking past. An idea popped into her head and she strolled after Lin, grabbing his arm to get his attention. Lin spun around and smiled when he saw who it was that was hanging onto his arm.

“Oh, hey Renee.” Lin greeted. “Is there some-”

“I need your charming good looks for something,” Renee stated clear as day.

Lin blinked, his eyebrows raising. “Okay….?” 

Renee dragged the confused Lin back down the hall and stopped outside your dressing room. Phillipa was standing outside the bathroom and sighed with relief when she saw who Renee brought back with her.

“It’s good you were around, Lin,” Phillipa said as the sound of a toilet flushing was heard from the inside of the bathroom. She ran a hand through her somewhat tousled hair. “(Y/N) is sick and she won’t go home.”

Lin furrowed his brows in confusion and concern. “What do you mean she’s sick?” He asked.

“She’s vomiting and has a super high fever,” Phillipa explained, folding her arms across her chest. “I told her to go home but she downright refuses to leave. I understand she’s so dedicated to performing but this is ridic-”

“I’ll take care of her.”

Both women turned to Lin. His eyes held determination and some other emotion they could not pinpoint. Was he actually serious? He was going to take care of a twenty-seven-year-old woman while performing in a broadway musical? That can’t be possible.

“Not that it’s not a good idea, Lin,” Renee said. “But (Y/N) is a big girl, no matter how stubborn she is. All she needs is to be forced into a car and driven home.”

“If she’s so determined to stay then she’s staying,” Lin said, his tone hard and serious. “She’s just going to be locked out of the main stage and stuck in this area until the show is over.”

Before Phillipa and Renee could answer, the bathroom door opened and you stepped out, wiping your face with your jacket sleeves. When you noticed Lin, your face turned redder than it already was and you tried to look presentable. Lin felt his heart ache when he saw how red and miserable you looked. It was for the best that you stayed in your dressing room during the show. 

“H-Hey, Lin.” You greeted the taller male with a soft smile. “How’s your morning?”

Lin smiled back at you. “It’s been good, (Y/N). But I heard you are under the weather today.”

You sent a weak glare at Phillipa and Renee as you all walked into your dressing room. You sat down on the couch and Lin sat next to you, placing a cool hand on your forehead. He almost pulled his hand away instantly because of how hot you were (temperature wise). He felt bad for you. You loved to perform and now here you were, sick as a dog on show night. If only Lin could help you out during the night. Too bad he had to be in the show.

An idea popped into Lin’s head. It was last minute but it could work. You’d need someone to look after you during the show, making sure you were eating, drinking water, and resting. If Lin’s plan goes perfectly, he’ll be locked in the dressing room with you and looking after you, keeping you company.

“Renee, can you call Javier and see if he’s available to perform tonight?”

All three women in the room froze and their jaws dropped. Lin wasn’t performing tonight? How can this be? What’s hell freezing over? The apocalypse was happening?

“You’re not going to perform?” Phillipa asked in shock.

Lin nodded. “Someone has to look after (Y/N).”

The three actors looked over to you but you weren’t in your seat. Your retching was heard from across the hall. The trio all sighed and quietly pitied you, you poor thing.


Later that Night ~

The five-minute warning came over the P.A system, calling for actors and ensemble members for the opening song. You felt your stomach churn at the thought of the show going on without you or Lin. You knew the ensemble was going to be amazing but Lin was the leading man. He played the man who the musical was centered about. You knew there was a huge chance that people would be upset that Lin wasn’t performing. 

You were snapped from your thoughts when Lin returned to your dressing room, closing the door behind him. In his arms were containers of food, drink, and medicine for fevers and vomiting. Setting them on the table, Lin turned his attention to you and placed his hand on your head for the twentieth time that night. This was the routine for the past few hours. Since Phillipa and Renee left you and Lin in your dressing room, Lin proceeded to make you comfortable on the couch and make a list of foods that would help your stomach. Daveed and Chris would come in every twenty minutes or so to check in with you and Lin, cracking a few jokes here and there about Lin being your ‘new protective mom’. Jasmine and Anthony brought you medicine, pillows, and blankets while Oak teased Lin about something you couldn’t hear but it made Lin’s face turn pink. After the announcement for all cast members to be in costume, your friends said their goodbyes and rushed off to get ready, leaving you with Lin.

“On a scale from ‘scratch’ to ‘bleeding to death’, how miserable do you feel right now?” Lin asked as he handed you some water, which you took gratefully. You tried not to choke from laughing as you drank the water and handed it back.

“About ‘it’s just a fever so stop worrying’.” You answer back. Lin raised an eyebrow at you as he sat next to you and resting his arm on the top of the couch, making you fight the urge to nuzzle up to him.

“I believe you mean ‘it’s not just a fever so let me help you feel better’.” Lin shot back in a playful tone, a smirk forming on his face. 

You rolled your eyes as you snuggled back into the cocoon of blankets and pillows. Your stomach wasn’t hurting anymore and you managed to keep food down. According to Lin, and everyone else who felt your forehead throughout the day, your fever had gone down but it was still there. You still felt like crap and were pretty sleepy, drifting in and out of sleep throughout the day. But, it was worth it since it was the reason Lin was spending time with you. Sure, you guys see each other outside of the theater, but that was only for coffee runs and when you would hang out with the rest of the main cast. Lin probably only was around you because he was among his friends and probably to make sure you weren’t going to hurt yourself on your way back with coffee. He looked out for everyone like a protective parent but he’s heart is in the right place. Maybe after you get better you’d ask him out to lunch? Lunch is simple and not as stressful as dinner. Just a simple lunch with conversing and a comfortable atmosphere.

“I’d rather take you to dinner, though.” 

Your eyes shot opened as you realized what Lin said. You felt the color in your face drain away when you realized what you have done. Did you just say that stuff out loud? Holy hell, you must be delusionally sick. You were only on the brink of sleep so maybe you were mumbling and Lin somehow understood you. This was the most embarrassing thing you’ve done since you joined Hamilton. This was more embarrassing than the time you mistaken Anthony for Jasmine and asked for a tampon. You literally wanted to crawl under a rock and die. This time was not an exception. You really wanted to die.

Lin felt you move and squirm and turned to watch you sink lower and lower until you were sitting on the floor, your layers of blankets following suit. He chuckled before joining you, throwing an arm over your shoulders. You felt your face turn red and you sat still as a statue. 

“If you want to get lunch instead then that’s fine, (Y/N),” Lin states, resting his head on the couch cushions behind him. “But seeing you after work more would be nice nonetheless-”

“Yes.” You blurted out without hesitation. You mentally slapped yourself before you corrected yourself. "I-I mean that sounds nice. Just wait until I’m healthy for this, okay?”

Lin leaned over and kissed your cheek, a stupid smile on his face. “For you, I’ll wait forever.”

OC Challenge

Draw your OC:

1. Running
2. With a bloody nose
3. With a different skin tone
4. In a vehicle
5. With a dragon ( if they are already a dragon, with a human)
6. In a family portrait
7. In the 20’s
8. In the 50’s
9. In the 70’s
10. As an Alien ( if already alien, as a human)
11. With supernatural Powers
12. With horns
13. With their bad habit
14. Post-Apocalyptic
15. As your favorite book character
16. As their favorite book character
17. With a tattoo
18. On a rainy day
19. Dancing
20. With their sexuality flag
21. In a Hogwarts AU
22. In a Demigod AU
23. Lying on the floor (full body)
24. In Venetian carnival clothing
25. From an unusual angle
26. Posessed by a demon
27. In the clothes you’re wearing right now
28. Drinking their favorite drink
29. High Fiving their friend
30. Taking a selfie with you

Good luck with the challenge!

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Can you post more songs that touch your soul loved the last list! Downloaded them all 🙌🏼

Sure thing!

Sharing your favourite songs is like showing someone else the most intimate part of your soul, so the response on my last post made me so happy.

  • Jealous by Labyrinth
  • Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips
  • Stone by Lee DeWayze
  • Dear No One by Tori Kelly
  • All Too Well (rainy mood) by Taylor Swift
  • Kiss Me (rainy mood) by Ed Sheeran
  • Unpack Your Heart by Phillip Phillips
  • We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre
  • A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope
  • No Air (acoustic) by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
  • When Did You Stop Loving Me by Hunter Hayes
  • Why You Wanna by Jana Kramer
  • Invisible by Hunter Hayes (I want every teenager to hear this song)
  • Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw 
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
  • Nothin’ Like You by Dan and Shay
  • Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World
  • Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Coming For You by JoJo
  • For The First Time by The Script
  • Move Along by All American Rejects
  • Brand New by Ben Rector
  • Yesterday’s Song by Hunter Hayes
  • Amen by Hunter Hayes
  • Love Me Now by John Legend
  • It’s Quiet Uptown cover by Kelly Clarkson
  • Lay Me Down by Sam Smith
Song-Inspired One Shot #3 (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Song:  Clothes Off - Ria Mae

Scenario:  You’ve had a crush on Pietro Maximoff since the second you laid your eyes on him, and the feelings were mutual. But it’s a different kind of crush. Not love, but lust. And it takes a couple of drinks for you to finally show the Sokovian how you feel about him.

Warnings:  Language, almost smut

(Gif credits to owner)

I was sitting on the couch, taking a break from dancing for a bit when a certain song came on. This is when I noticed Y/N walk onto the dance floor. She was absolutely wasted, which surprised me. She was singing along with every word. She was actually looking really good up there. She was swaying her hips from side to side, flipping her hair, smiling, and she was looking right at me.

She strutted over to me as she unbuttoned her plaid shirt. She grabbed my hands and pulled me onto the dancefloor. I smiled down at her as I danced with her. This was so… odd. She was pressing her ass up against me as she swayed. She was flipping her hair and teasing me. She nearly kissed me a couple of times.

There was a rumor going around the she had a crush on me. This kind of proves those rumors to be true. But, I thought I liked her back. Now I know I do.

I smile as I wrap my arms around her waist loosely. She smiles and sways lower and lower to the ground. She escapes my arms. She winks at me as she starts to walk away. I take her hand gently and twirl her into me. She giggles and smiles up at me. She takes my hand and pulls me down the hallway and into her bedroom.

The two of us stumble into her room. She locks her door. I smile and go behind her. I help her take off her shirt. She’s still in her tank top, though. She turns around and kisses me softly. I kiss her back, cupping her face in my hands. She unbuttons my shirt. This is when I realize just how drunk we are. I hold onto her hands, stopping her from finishing unbuttoning my shirt.

“No, we shouldn’t. Not right now,” I tell her as I catch my breath.

She nods, catching her breath, too.

“You’re right… I wouldn’t regret it, but I want to wait until I’m sober,” she says.

I nod in agreement.

“We could still spend the night together,” I assure her.

She smiles and nods.
“I would love that because I feel like I’m going to pass out,” she laughs.

I chuckle and help her into bed. I lay next to her. She curls up next to me. I rest my hand on the small of her back. The two of us pass out shortly.


I wake up before Y/N the next day. I smile at her features. She really is cute. She wakes up and yawns, burying her face in my chest. She looks up again and smiles at me.

“Good morning,” she says in a sexy, raspy voice.

“Morning,” I reply with the same rasp.

She smiles widely.

“Still remember last night?” she asks me.

“Yes,” I smile, rubbing her back.

“How are you feeling?” she asks me.

“Sober,” I wink, hinting at what we said last night about being sober.

She grins and rolls over on top of me. She straddles me. She teases me by kissing the corner of my mouth.

“Good. So do I,” she says.

I smile before kissing her softly. She kisses me back. I hold onto her hips. She kisses down my neck and continues kissing lower and lower until she gets exactly to where I want her to be. I could tell this would be the start of a beautiful friendship with benefits.

NCT 127 (Minus Markhyuck) + Hansol and Ten to it Raining on your Date

Requested: anonymous 

Genre: normal

Members: Taeil, Hansol, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, WinWin

Rating: U

A/N: I’m so osrry it has taken me so long to post a full reaction. I’ve been really busy with work and college. This was super cute to write and thank you to @donghynck for helping me out with ideas, zoe you’re a star.

Taeil: He would be so upset that rain had ruined your beach date. A little frown would come across his face as the first raindrops would start to fall. You would grab his hand and run for cover while trying to reassure him that it’s okay and not his fault. ‘It doesn’t matter what we do y/n, as long as we are together’ he would say. Instead he would take you back home and have a cuddly Netflix marathon under hundreds of blankets. 

Originally posted by moonlighting94

Hansol: When he would come to pick you up for your date, he would be drenched from the rain. So, instead of going out, you would bring him inside, give him some dry clothes and build a fort out of blankets and pillows together. Under fairy lights, you would spend the whole day just dancing to old records, talking about your dreams together and cuddling in your own private world with the rain as your background music. (pretend yuta is you)

Originally posted by h-soulless

Johnny: Like the gentleman that he is, he would give you his jacket so you could keep dry while you both tried to find a place to get out of the rain. You would end up in an arcade, lights flashing and ringing and clanging all around you. He’s a secret master a DDR and together you would dominate the machine, spending all day trying to beat the high score. Johnny would buy you a massive teddy from all the tickets you won, as a memento from one of your best dates together.

Originally posted by nctinfo

Taeyong: You two losers would spend your time playing board games together. Cluedo, jenga, cards, anything! But not monopoly as that game can tear families apart! He’d let you win sometimes only because he’d love to see the smile you get when you win. When it comes time to take you home, he would walk you back under his umbrella making sure you didn’t get wet, and give you his coat so you wouldn’t catch a cold.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Yuta: A little rain wouldn’t stop Yuta! Together, you two would run through the park splashing and jumping in puddles like you were little kids again. Exhausted from using so much energy, he would pull you into his arms and kiss you gentle as the rain falls down around you. Then he would take you to a little café to warm you up with a nice hot drink by a fireplace, before dropping you off home.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Doyoung: I don’t know why but I feel like he would try and turn the date into Singing in the Rain. He’d take the umbrella and start singing and dancing around, kicking water up in the air, leaving you to stand and watch while getting wet! He’d quickly realise that you were shivering in cold and he’d take you back home, where you would warm up by the fire watching the real Singing in the Rain.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Ten:  He’d be a little shit and leave you to get wet. He’d take your coat and umbrella that you had prepared and throw them to the side. Similar to Yuta he’d want to play in the rain with you instead of finding somewhere to dry off. He’d make you dance with him and take picture together, even though you would complain that the rain had ruined your makeup. ‘You look beautiful no matter what y/n. Now smile!’

Originally posted by vertzuki

Jaehyun: Like Johnny, he would offer you his jacket so that you wouldn’t get wet. However, it’s not because he is a gentleman, it’s because he likes the way his shirt clings to his body when his shirt gets wet! He would keep glancing over at you to make sure you were looking at him. You’d lightly hit him telling him to stop showing off and take you somewhere dry. He would eventually take you to a museum where he can impress you with his brain instead of brawn, while you’re more interested in taking aesthetic photos

Originally posted by zeusmayo

WinWin: All Winwin wanted was ice cream when the rain started to pour! You’d pull out your umbrella and spend your time together looking for an ice cream parlour that would be open in this weather. Eventually you’d find a small, quiet place where you could sit together by the window watching the rain outside. But you would be paying more attention to the smile on his face as he finally got his beloved ice cream.

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Bts reaction to their girlfriend sleeping with soft music playing in the background. It's because she hates silence and is afraid when its to quiet so she plays music quietly to help her fall alseep. (This is me. I sleep while listening to BTS)

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

(If BTS songs)

It was a bright morning and Jin had waken up early to make sure he could spend some time with you before he had to go to practice. He had made you breakfast in bed with your favorite food and drink. He was wearing his pink apron which was a gift from you for your three years anniversary. He would silently walk in and see you laying across the bed, snoring and drooling. He would smile, but then he would notice you were playing his song “Oh y/n, aren`t you a sweetheart. I guess we can take a small nap before I go”.

Originally posted by allforbts

(If other songs)

He sat the tray on the nightstand next to the bed, he sat down and began singing with his sweet voice, he would put his whole soul into the sining. When you didn’t`t wake up he would chuckle and brush the hair out of your face, kissing your cheek and simply hold you close to him as he sang along with the song or at least hummed as he just enjoyed the moment he had with you. As the sun shined through the curtains he was truly happy “I think that I might never become happier than what I am with you, never change”.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

(If BTS songs)

Namjoon had been working on a new song for BTS with Yoongi, he had texted you telling you not to stay up late as he would come late home. When he came home he was so exhausted and could not wait to be in bed with you and feel the warmth coming from your body next to his. As he was about to open the bedroom door he heard a familiar voice, he opened the door carefully not to wake you up and found out you were listening to BTS Spring day, he smiled. His hand caressed your cheek “what did I ever do to deserve you”.

Originally posted by yoongichii

(If other songs)

The door opened with a not so silent he would try to sneak his way to the bed without making a noise, the last thing he wanted to do was to wake you up from your slumber. He put down his bag almost knocking over the lamp in the process, he sighed and sat down beside you, he looked at you, he admired the beauty that lied before him and kissed you gently on the head before smiling to himself “you make me crazy, I cant even go one day without thinking of you and what you are doing. Please be my side for a long time”.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

(If BTS songs)

He would come home from a long day and was ready to just go to bed and cuddle with you. At first he would see you laying in bed snoring and drooling, he would find that so cute that at first he would ignore the music, not really paying it much attention before his arm were around you. He would first be annoyed when he recognized the music “ah, I hear these songs everyday.” but when he saw your peaceful drooling face, he would give out a sigh and simply kiss you on the forehead “You are simply too much sometimes, but I still love you”.

Originally posted by pjkook

(If other songs)

As he gently pulled your sleeping body tighter to his, your head on his chest because he knew how much you loved to listen to his heartbeat. He would notice the music playing and would take some time to listen to the lyrics no matter what the language was, he would feel the rhythm and giggle a little by himself. He would simply stroke your hair while humming with the song as he knew you were already fast asleep, he might also had to dry away some drool from your face “you are so cute, why do you do this to me? Hehe, love you”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

(If BTS songs)

Hoseok had been dancing all day and was just aching to cuddle with you in bed and let all his worries fly away. He would lean against the door frame when he noticed that you speaker was on, he carefully walked towards it to turn it of but then heard his voice coming from it, he would smile from ear to ear when he saw how peaceful you looked while listening to his groups songs. He would be so happy that you felt relaxed when listening to their songs, his heart would flutter at the sight of you snoring “Ah, y/n you make me crazy”.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

(If other songs)

He would sit on the bed next to your sleeping body and just simply listen to what you were listening on, he might try to find out what the song was called and get it on his own phone so he could listen to it when he was miles away from you, it would remind him of you when he most needed it. His face would face yours, his thumbs carefully exploring your face as he would hum softly with the song “well, aren`t you the sweetest thing ever. It`s so silly how you can make my heart flutter by doing the simplest thing, I love you”.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

(If BTS songs)

Jimin had been dancing with Jungkook and came home little later than usual, his neck and back was hurting and he went to take to shower and change clothes before coming into bed just relaxing with his hand around you. He leaned against the door frame and smiled when he saw you “aish, they are so cute” he walked over to the bed and sat down. He heard the song that was playing and a big smile came across his face“ah y/n stop killing me with your cuteness. My only love, the one I want is you. I mean you`re perfect for me”.

Originally posted by bwipsul

(If other songs)

He smiled from ear to ear after catching his breath after all that squealing, he would put his head next to yours and watch you as you drooled. He would even mimic some of the faces you made in your sleep just for fun and giggles, he would brush the hair away from your face when it blocked your eyes. He would hum beautifully to the song as he memorized every inch of your face “love me, that is all I ask of you” his smile would become wider and wider as he just admired the sweetness of the music and you next to him and only his.

Kim Taehyung/V :

(If BTS songs)

Taehyung was like an energy ball today, he was ready to jump on the couch and have a huge pillow fight which would lead to you two cuddling and being a giggling mess in the end. He came marching through the bedroom door to the sight of you laying there almost dead, but then you drooled and then he knew you were still alive. He would be distracted by your adorable face when he first heard that there was actually music in the room and more importantly his song “hmm, I love you. Never doubt that” he would say as he poked your nose.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

(If other songs)

As he poked your nose he would try to capture some of the words in the song, he would also do a little dance and actually just begin dancing around the room just having a great time. He might even record himself singing the song to your sleeping face as he poked your chin, nose and lips. After loosing all his energy he would lay down beside you and just take you in a big hug, he would start singing the song as he playfully danced with you, waving your arms from one side to another and so on “always look on the bright side of life”.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

(If BTS songs)

Jungkook had just taken a shower and put on some clothes, he was tired and all he wanted was to get some rest. He would walk into the bedroom seeing you already fast asleep, he would notice a familiar tune and would give out a soft giggle when he heard his own voice. He would smile, it was a good feeling knowing that his voice was so calming to you, he would carefully wander and turn off the speaker so that he himself could hold you close and sing to you a sweet tune as he played with your hair “You know I love you, you silly person”.

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(If other songs)

As he laid down beside you and stared up on the roof, his ears would capture a sweet and calm melody. He would slowly close his eyes as he let the music take over his mind, his hand would hold yours as his thumbs carefully caressed it. He would smile to himself, he understood that it made you relax, the song had a romantic yet calm and just beautiful feeling to it. It reminded him of you, he turned over so he could be closer to you and whispered softly in your ear “ You know, I never knew I could love someone like this before I met you”.

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