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(before I’m gone on hiatus, I would like to start a campaign, to help ignored canon blogs and new canon blogs that try to stay active)

“Canon blogs need support too! They don’t have it easier than OCs… They have the pressure of the fans, they get a lot of hate though they won’t tell you. They need love too!~ And hopefully this helps a bit?”

I would like to list ALL CANON BLOGS that want to participate in this!
So that people have more access to them, support and also send them asks =D

REBLOG if you support Canon blogs!!(or just like~)

Comment with your canon askblog to be added!

(specify if RP or ART)

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hi! i just remade and want to follow some blogs and maybe make some mutuals who like the same stuff that i do! please like or reblog this if you post any of the following and tag what you post/reblog

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very-eggplant  asked:

Henry, What would you do if you did not work in the studio?

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thank you to @brooklynrogcrs for the stop drop and selfie tag. Honestly I’m only doing this because my hair looks amazing and this isn’t going to happen again. (Seriously for a Monday night I cannot believe it did that.) I tag: @thelonelybrilliance @uncertainconfidence @wearetakingthehobbitstogallifrey @cleverdeception @anneofbluetardis @theamiableanachronism @teruterubouzu @castieltaking-hobbits2gallifrey and all the rest of you beauties who continually tag me in things.

Oh look, an update

Hey guys I’m back and I just had an idea!

Ok first of all I never gave a valid reason for why I abandoned the blog, and I am still very sorry for that, but I figured out why my motivation was gone- it was because I never had an ending to the story and some plot points were just sporadic. Also the fact I used full color and shading (what was I thinking) and school had just started up for me so that could have also been a factor…

Anyways- what if I turned this into a MA (Magic Anon if you are unfamiliar) ask blog with short stories like @/lookstodiefor or someone for that nature? (I really like their art ok). If this sounds good do you think I should keep all of the old content or delete it?

I feel horrible for abandoning you guys like this, and I hope you like this idea. 

Thanks for sticking around. <3

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video. I’m p sure @aintbubblegumshit tagged me to take a hit? So here ya go. I’m gonna tag that lovely lady right back as well as her awesome bf @ispeak4thetrees and @indicasprincess @lameeejaneee aannddd @smileyvamp
I’ll try to keep up on my videos once I start saving up more money to buy more drugs lmao. 👌

Idk man I feel like I’ve heard Hillary Clinton blame herself dozens of times for the election loss and it’s like yins just look over that because she says other things played a role in it too. Like I don’t know why there can’t be more than reason for her loss?

there is no future; there is no past

by @goldenheartprincess

mimi marquez lives each moment as her last

mimi marquez doesn’t live

mimi marquez doesn’t exist

january twenty-sixth, nineteen ninety-six

the stage is dim

the chairs are scattered

the energy is broken

this is not what opening night should look like

“we begin on christmas eve”

a young man in new york city, hoping for his big break, begins to speak

his words do not belong to him

they belonged to a man named jonathan larson


through the process of writing his musical,

jonathan was found.

through the pale light of his studio apartment,

jonathan was found dead that morning.

stress, they said.

unexpected, they said.

tragic, they said.

incredible, he would have said.

he could not speak.

there were no words in his throat.

this isn’t poetic.

this is pathetic.

he is dead.

living in new york city during the nineties meant that all of your friends were dying.

they were either poor or sick or maybe they were just gay.

jonathan wrote what he knew, and he wrote so much.

he wrote about ex-girlfriends that turned out to be lesbians,

about best friends’ funerals,

and about living each moment as your last.

over twenty years later,

teenagers and those who were once teenagers are asking themselves,

“how do you measure a year in the life?”

“would you light my candle?”

“how we gonna pay last year’s rent?”

jonathan wouldn’t believe it.

that people are finding love from his show,

finding hope,

finding themselves.

twenty years later. he wouldn’t believe it.

he doesn’t have to.

he’s dead.

i consider him lucky.

he put his art on paper.

he wrote about the world around him.

his legacy lived on.

he finished his work.

he won.

i refuse to lose.

i don’t know how to write.

i don’t know how to live each moment as my last.

i don’t know how to live.

but i don’t know how to die.

i don’t know how to die without writing my stories.

i don’t think i could die without writing my stories.

i can’t die without writing my stories.

once they are written, i truly believe that

i can’t die.

my voice needs to be heard today.

there is no future.

there is no past.

there is no day but today.


Not to be that person but seeing Bangtan smile, be happy and achieving their goals and beyond.. actually makes me so happy. So this album brought me endless joy.

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