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*deep sigh* OK LET’S CLEAR THIS UP

  • You got 1 or 2 OCs? Good for you! They must be incredibly well developed and you must have put a lot of thought into creating them
  • You got 100+ OCs? That’s great! It must take so much work to keep all of their personalities unique and interesting
  • You got some number of OCs in the middle? Guess what? That’s impressive too! Ensemble casts are tricky to do right, but when they are, they’re so much fun to watch
  • There’s no such thing as too many or too few OCs. As long as you feel that it’s appropriate for your story/universe, then it’s the correct number of characters
  • My personal issue isn’t when people brag. I love it when people are proud of their OCs! My problem is when people put down others and act superior for having more or fewer OCs than someone else

So, yeah, TL;DR: create as many or as little OCs as you’d like and don’t make anyone else feel bad about their characters. this has been a PSA

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Consider... Flustered Draco. Not a sex God. Doesn't know his way around men or women (bi) as he comes from a traditional Fam and only ever really had one girlfriend in school. Blushes easy when he realises people are into him that way. Not great in bed but hella enthusiastic. Never even really was into sex until his first gf or bf after the war. flustered, inexperienced, normal af non sex God Draco.

The god tier of this trope is Draco acting like he’s experienced and confident to hide how nervous he is, and Harry seeing right through his act in approximately 0.5 seconds into their first snog.

“Vhenan,” he says, a plea, a prayer.

“That is not my name.” The barest whisper of a breath, weighted with sadness and all that she had lost. So much. Too much. “My name,” she begs – but she never begs. Asks, takes, stoic ice and quiet command, demanding respect without a word. She just was – but she never begs.

“My name,” she says again, and it is the sound of a broken beast, howling the loss of its spirit. Wrenching. Horrifying. Devastating.

He cannot say it. To force it past his lips would be to admit she was real, this was real, and how could he -

She was some wayward imagining of a lonely soul that cried for comfort. A symbol. She was never real to him – except she was and how -

She was depth and memory, feeling and living and real but she wasn’t, but she was and how desperately he wanted things to be different.

He was only a wolf, lost and wandering the roads of time, of mistakes and curses and what if I had done it differently? Alone, always alone – a choice.

And she?

She was the moon. Oh how she drew him with only a glance, a light and friend on the darkest roads he walked – illumination on his wearied soul. A guide, clarity, wisdom, his, but not.

“Vhenan,” he chokes – she is not real. This is not real.

“That is not my name.” But it is.

“It is what you are.” So real. It changes everything.

“But it is not my name.”

But it can’t.

i hate.

i hate those posts that show how shitty the art has gotten. Because theres ALWAYS 80 STANS THAT ARE LIKE “the artstyle IMPROVED/CHANGED/ETC”


no. no it didnt.

im an artist.

it got worse.

it got lazy.


ask and you shall receive: platonic Trini x Jason for @therogueslayer based on her post! this is my first drawing w my new tablet and I’m still getting the gist of it so I thought might as well play around w some power rangers (who i wanna draw way more of) :’)


f-ck him to death, a vampire diaries fanfic | FanFiction

Because here’s the hilarious punch line; the Original Hybrid can’t be killed with white-oak stakes or infernal spells. Even if they could rope Elijah and the rest of the siblings into helping her weaken him, it still wouldn’t do the trick. The Hybrid can only be killed a witch, a Bennett witch to be precise. While fucking.

Sorry, she doesn’t mean to sound crude, but there’s no other way around it. The twenty-five Grimoires and occult volumes she consulted all broadly define it as the same thing: copulation.

Klaus Mikaelson has to be inside her when she rips his heart out. It’s the only way she can rip his heart out and definitely kill him.

Yes, she has to fuck him to death.

Geoff and Ryan posing as a married couple for a job, and Geoff getting so offended when nobody believes he could land a guy like Ryan, that he’s literally screaming, “HE PURSUED ME!! THAT’S RIGHT ME!! SO FUCK YOU!” And Ryan is literally like “Dude, we’re not really together or married for that matter” and Geoff’s like “We gotta have a backstory just in case anyone asks.” And Ryan goes “….okay” even though literally nobody has asked.

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Oh man! What a shit storm again. How do you deal with all of this? The hate for the Trump comment and the stupid fabricated BS from the Scum Brothers are starting to get to me. I think I'm going to take a break from social media and all kind of Johnny news because it's getting too much... how are you coping with all this? how do you stay positive? I love Johnny and I hate to see all this hate towards him...

I stay positive, in this instance, by sitting back with my popcorn and watching SJW’s hatred for Trump clash with their hatred for Johnny. It’s been so much fun!!! They don’t know whose side to take LOLOLOLOL

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Anyone else rehearse conversations in your head multiple times, plotting potential reactions & even jotting things down so you don’t forget what to say? No? Just me then? Okay.

so i went to a store and parked like normal and when i came out there was a car parked in front of mine and i’m like ok no big deal but then i saw the lisence plates of said car were “ARCW” like legit i cannot make this shit up i WISH i was making this shit up like it wasnt EXACTLY it but like when i see that wtf else am i supposed to think like it’s SO FUCKING CLOSE and plus like Ws just look like two Vs next to each other and PLUS LIKE how often is it that a car’s lisence plates is just 4 fucking letters and WHAT IS THE LIKELYHOOD OF THOSE 4 FUCKING LETTERS BEING IN THAT ORDER AND THAT CLOSE TO THE NAME OF *THE THING* AND ALSO JUST. WHAT. IS. THE LIKELYHOOD. OF THAT SPECIFIC LICENSE PLATE PARKING IN FRONT OF ME *SPECIFICALLY* LIKE

*breathes* like……. i dont even try this shit anymore like i am just destined to be in this hell forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gunner found a baby bunny outside the bedroom window - so away from the peanut butter and other goodies I had waiting - so I just scurried over to the bedroom with two squeakers in my fists, squeezing them madly. 😂

It took me getting kind of close and being exciting, then he went silent, turned around, and looked at me with his head tilted a bit. The aroo??? look.

Then he came running over, bouncing, jumping. We went to his toy bench together, got out the toy he had just mostly destroyed and a bone, took him to his crate. Now we chillin’.

Gonna keep this up until I see a shift in behavior/reaction to critters outside windows. If he can get to a point where he can be calmer, where he can feel me and hear me, then we can work on counter conditioning and eventually move towards a calmer initial reaction overall. But we have to start here first, with simple redirection (and then getting all of this massive drive out).


I was too lazy to scan my sketchbook so I just made a video of my recent pics.

(My friend’s nek)