take videos and pictures

if you're going to see kinky boots to see brendon:

-dont scream it’s not a concert it’s a play and BROADWAY
-this is also rude to do for a. the other people on stage b. the other audience members and c. brendon because it’s very distracting
-dont take videos or pictures it’s illegal and you will get thrown out if caught
-see second bullet point again
-dont rush brendon outside he’s a human being and not the only person in the play
-dont stand around like a moron you’re in New York and you will be pushed
-dont scream you come off as a rude self centered asshole who’s never left their house before

Pro tip (if they ever do this again, prolly won’t but just in case) don’t take pictures videos don’t even talk about stuff u saw that wasnt already in the show don’t talk about storyboards about characters about redesigns I kno u want ur tunglr followers to know but really ur benefiting no one and people will more than likely get fired for the shit

BTS Sightings in Chicago:

  • Taehyung and Namjoon were spotted at the Chicago Art Institute (Tae was wearing his glasses and looked all scholarly lol)
  • All of them were seen shopping at a mall
  • Jimin, Jin, Hoseok and Tae were taking pictures and videos with selfie sticks.
  • There was also filming going on which fans in NY said was for a show based on what the camera crew told them at the concert

The best part is that none of the fans are disturbing them or sharing their specific location.

[LIST] BTS' Hobbies

• Play the Saxphone
• Take pictures
• Art
• Play Video Games
• Sing
• Hanging out with friends
• Watch Movies
• Freestyle (he didn’t say what kind of Freestyle)
• Eating a lot deliciously
• Make hobbies

• Take pictures
• Looking for speakers
• Reading Ikea catalogs
• Play Basketball
• Write new songs
• Listen to Music
• Lie down

• Eat
• Cook
• Collect Mario Bros stuff
• Play Video Games (mostly nintendo games)
• Read Mangas
• Look at the mirror

• Play Video Games
• Draw
• Excersice
• Sing
• Dance
• Play Guitar
• Watch Movies and animations
• Read webtoons/comics
• Take pictures

• Read
• Listen to Music
• Write songs/poetry
• Wandering around
• Surfing the Internet
• Buy clothes
• Tour Korea

• Dance
• Play Video Games
• Listen to Music
• Draw
• Getting beat up

• Collect Figurines/Shoes
• Dance
• Eyeshopping
• Listen to Music
• Interior Design


iKON’s maknae: Jung Chanwoo [P2/?]

“Chanwoo will take a picture if the members are drowning. Actually, we went to the sea to swim before and I fell into a deep part and was struggling. At that time when Chanwoo saw me, he started taking pictures.” - Junhoe

video insp.


I did this sketch to fulfil two porpouses: I wanted to test my new watercolour sketchbook and to make a video showing a full making process. You asked for a video like this but my pictures usually take much too long to do one so I decided to paint something especially with this in mind. Even with this small sketch the video is 1,5h long and it took about 24 hours to render and upload! How do you like a video like this from time to time? Please tell me in the comments!

This is a small tobacco shop I saw on one of our walks recently. I usually take pictures of such places for later use as a reference in my illustrations.

Technical stuff:  

  • Medium: HOLBEIN Waterford natural 300g/m cotton paper
  • Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade 2B
  • Colours: my main 48 colour Schmincke set




  • 紙: ウォーターフォード水彩紙 ナチュラルホワイト 300g 
  • 下描き: 2B Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 着色: 48色のシュミンケ水彩セット
GOT7 | Dating Jackson Wang | REALLY LONG |

Request: Yes - multiple

Hope it’s long enough! If not don’t be afraid to ask for more! enjoy :)

  • him always holding your hand
  • like he loves it
  • him holding and putting your hand in his pocket when your hand is cold
  • him saying how cold your hands are
  • him bringing your hands in front of the both of you encasing your hands with his and blowing warm air into them whilst rubbing them
  • snowball fights
  • taking pictures of him off guard/without him knowing and him doing the same to you
  • him posting it on social media
  • whether it be for an anniversary, a tb/to relive a memory, or just to let you and everyone else know that he loves you
  • cute and silly pictures together
  • a cute picture of you shows up when he’s ringing you or you’re ringing him (and vice versa)
  • random calls and specific calls (depending on time zone or schedule)
  • snowballs fights/trying to build an igloo together and maybe failing maybe not

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Dating Grayson would include...

• Cuddling all the time
• Cute kisses on the nose or the forehead
• Movie nights
• Saturdays in PJs
• Random Dates
• Cute nicknames
• Calling you princess
• Late night adventures…
• …To McDonald’s
• Him being goofy when you are in a bad mood to cheer you up
• Him being very protective
• Taking baths and showers together
• Lots of rough or romantic sex (I just had to)
• Taking goofy pictures and videos together
• Him showing you off
• Long talks
• Good morning and Goodnight texts
• Him buying you pizza
• Butt grabs (I had to, I’m sorry okay!)
• Traveling together
• Late night FaceTime and phone calls
• Random kisses
• Sometimes meeting only to take a nap together
• Him taking cute pictures of you while you are not looking
• Ethan walking in while you two are making out
• Playing with his hair
• Watching the sunset/sunrise while cuddling under a blanket on the roof
• A lot of tickle fighting
• Constantly being tagged and told you two are relationship goals
• Meeting his parents and Cam and feeling very nervous at first but they are too sweet
• Him meeting your parents and absolutely freaking out
• But they like him anyway
• Taking care of you when you are ill/ on your period
• You taking care a of him when he’s ill
• A lot of random “I love you,” text messages
•Sending each other memes
• “Accidentally” moving your butt all the time while spooning
• Therefore giving him a boner (may someone give me holy water please)
• Doing a basic white girl voice like omg seriously losers stop it
• Pranking each other a lot
• Watching horror movies
• Grayson not wanting to sleep with the lights off “just in case you get scared”
• “Send nudes,” snaps as a joke
• But not always
• Ethan always teasing you about you two having sex
• Reading smut stories about him to him
• Creating playlists for each other
• His “secret” way of asking to have sex is “LET’S MAKE BABIES,”
• Breakfast in bed
• Chewing loudly to piss him off
• Rewatching old vines
• A lot of hickeys everywhere
• Calling him “daddy,” to annoy him 😂
• Freaking out when he takes his tshirt off because holy damn have you seen those muscles like omfg!
• Massages when you are stressed
• Him cooking dinner when you come home late or for a date in
• Random kisses
• A lot of random “I love you,“s


Hey guys. I’m a completely new account, so I’m sorry if it’s not that good 😬 Also, I’m open for any requests ☺️

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okay so i think we all know by now that tarjei is an amazing actor. but here’s the thing, he’s an amazing actor.
basically, there aren’t many videos or interviews of tarjei, most of what we get is videos of isak valtersen(and i am not complaining). but there are some videos of him being himself; videos that fans have recorded when taking pictures with him and some interviews. and one thing that have really stood out to me is that he is a completely different person when playing isak, and when he’s being himself(lol obviously). and i know that’s kind of the whole point of acting, to be someone else, but it’s not only the things he says etc. it’s how he smiles, how he moves, how he touches his hair, it’s all different.
and the thing is that when he’s playing isak, he’s doing it so well. because there’s not a moment in skam where he over acts or that makes you think “ugh he’s such a bad actor”. because he has the ability to change himself. he hasn’t just got the ability to show emotions or to have a believable dialogue with someone. but he actually changes himself. and let’s keep in mind that this kid is only a seventeen year old actor from norway that was completely unknown just two years ago. he’s amazing. 

hello! ive never seen a masterpost for ted so i decided to make one! im sure i didnt get everything but i tried to add alot of things! if you have stuff i could add or if something on here is wrong please feel free to message me!



mugshots (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

court pictures (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

ted being escorted from pitkin county court 1977 (x)

ted at glenwood spring jails 1997 (x)

more (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

ted after his execution (x)(x)(x)


ted takes stand (x)

ted receives death sentence (x)

witness points out bundy (x)

final interview with bundy (x)

ted losing his temper in court (x)

death row tapes (x)

ted describes the murders (x)(x)(x)

ted is captured in florida (x)

ted in court (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

bundy gets electric chair (x)

eyewitness describes ted’s execution (x)

bundy newsclips (x)

the execution of serial killer (x)

news report outside ted’s trial (x)


the only living witness : the true story of serial sex killer ted bundy by stephen g. michaud and hugh aynesworth

the stranger besides me by ann rule

ted bundy : conversations with a killer, the death row interviews by stephen g. michaud and hugh aynesworth

the phantom prince : my life with ted bundy by elizabeth kendall 

defending the devil : my story as ted bundy’s last lawyer by polly nelson

i’m not guilty : the case of ted bundy by al carlisle ph.d.

the bundy murders : a comprehensive history by kevin sullivan

the trail of ted bundy : digging up the untold stories by kevin sullivan

ted bundy : a visual timeline by rob dielenberg


i hope u guys like this! i worked hard on it (uwu)

psa for ppl who plan to stage door after brendons show


i know that sounds really really mean because wow! your idol! your favorite person! trust me, theres so much more than i could of said to him today, but this is soo important.
there was a girl with her mom in front of me (she was 19? her mom was like 56) and they were with us when zack said not to spend too much time - i dont know if this goes for stage doors but we only had a few minutes before their car arrived and they left.
when brendon came out, they spent a good long while talking to him, they made him sign 3 pictures and take a photo AND video. this took roughly a whole minute, and there were about 20 of us there. the unrest of the girls behind me was astounding, and frankly scary - as someone who deals with a lot of anxiety, getting shoved forward was pretty terrifying.
i, along with ONE other girl out of 20 got to properly meet him and take photos. that isnt fair? of course it was stopped for good reason - everybody started crowding and pushing to get to the front. and the only reason the fans did this was because they were scared they wouldnt meet him because somebody had to be selfish and take all of his time in a conversation.

i get how exciting it is to meet him - i cried afterwards. i waited 8 years for it. but you have to be mindful of other fans - we are all there for the same reason. a photo + an autograph + a few kind words shouldnt take more than 20 seconds. please dont ruin this for other people because slowing down when theres no time in the first place gets people really anxious which can lead to someone getting hurt. if one girl taking her sweet time made 20 people shove forward and get restless, imagine 100+ people doing the same thing. its really dangerous and if something happens they wont come out for anyone. please. please make it quick.

okay, i’ve never posted this video on my tumblr, but right now is as good as anytime. this was back in early February i believe.

Okay so, apparently Diggs was in my city (Vegas) for a conference and stayed at the hotel that my dad works at - the Bellagio.
Now, my dad is a mini bar attendant there, which means he goes up to rooms and checks on alcohol, coffee, etc.
So he’s called up to this vacant room, and the person says “Come in !!”
And so he walks in, and he told the guy that he was just here to check on his alcohol and coffee. The guy goes “That’s fine, just give me a sec !” (or something like that)
And so while my dad was checking everything, the guy comes out, just buckling up his pants because he just finished taking a shower (can you IMAGINE - seeing him shirtless. IN THE FLESH. my dad said he’s still ripped. i mean. duh. when isn’t he ?¿ he better not stop being ripped tbh. oh wait, back to the stORY,,)
So my dad turns around.
Then the guy turns around.
Then gives him a smile.
Mind you, my dad’s also a fan of Diggs and Rafa, so he had to take a double take to realize that THIS was the dude.
Then my dad goes, “Hey, you’re Daveed Diggs !”
And then Daveed goes, “Yeah, man !” with THAT bright, big smile on his face (YOU KNOW THE ONE.)
Now, Daveed (and some of the obc probably) doesn’t really like to talk about Hamilton (which is understandable, I relate), so BLESS that my dad said “Yeah, my daughter’s a real big fan of you and Rafael’s music !” because then my dad told me that his eyes LIT. UP.
I would’ve died there.
And my dad told him that I’m corresponding with Rafa on some stuff and he tried to pull up my cover of his song, “Needle”, which was the first track that he emailed me so that I could cover it.
It couldn’t load, but nonetheless, now he knows I can sing (and hopefully soon, knows I rap), and that’s more than enough.
Now, at his work, whenever you come into contact with someone famous, you can’t get take a picture or a video with them, because then you could be in trouble.
But my dad also knew how much this meant to me.
So he decided ‘fuck it’ and asked Daveed if he could take a video or picture with him.
Daveed, being the sweet and nice person he is, said “Yeah, of course ! Let me just get a shirt on real quick” (oh, daveed. I’d still be happy even if you didn’t have your shirt on haha.)
((bonus ; Daveed told my dad that he told Rafa and everyone to come to Vegas but they couldn’t. My dad said “Could you imagine if I got them in the same video ?? How cool would that be ???”))
so yeah. there’s the story of how i died one day because of THE Daveed Diggs.
s/o to Diggs, and to my dad, for being the realest and taking one for the team.
i’ve always wondered what my name would sound like if Daveed said it. AND NOW I FINALLY KNOW.
i’m asking my friend to make the “Jazzy, what’s up ??” part into my ringtone.
i’m still so shook.
i’m never coming off of this high.


okay but cute drunk klance things

Keith has this dry humor when he’s drunk. he never laughs at his own jokes, half the time Lance isn’t sure whether he’s joking or not, but whenever Lance makes a joke, Keith is gone. he’s doubled over, shoulders shaking from how hard he laughs. plus he starts to get really touchy. more times than once he’s just draped himself over Lance, enjoying the skin to skin contact and shared body heat. only downside is his hair pretty much always goes in Lance’s nose, so Lance sneezes on him every time.

Lance gets really bubbly. he gets excited over the tiniest thing and giggles over pictures of cute alien creatures. he’ll walk up to Keith, throw his arms around him, and kiss every inch of his face, drunkenly murmuring how much he loves him. every time Keith gets into one of his laughing fits, Lance watches with the smile of a child who actually a pony for their birthday, eyes wide and fond, heart thudding in his chest. he always starts to hiccup after the second drink, making Keith slowly laugh harder and harder the more often it happens.

Pidge always takes videos and pictures of them drunk together. at first she wanted to use it as blackmail when the sobered up, but after they watched the first one, laughing their asses off, she kept doing it as a way to keep morale up. none of them were able to not watch two dorks so absolutely in love, giggling and sneezing and hiccuping without smiling and laughing themselves. Hunk is always the one to watch over them as they start to come down, feeding them and keeping them hydrated. Shiro tends watches for a bit, laughing and smiling with everyone else, before disappearing, with a quiet “if i don’t see it, then it didn’t happen”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a hc of the different characters going in a road trip with MC? Things like where they'll go and how they get along during it and stuff. Thanks ^-^

Oh sure! I guess I’m kinda basing this a bit on a US road trip since that’s what I know. Thanks for the request~


  • He’s planned everything down to the last detail 
  • Will not let you drive, he wants you to just relax and enjoy the trip 
  • The kind of person that stops off at EVERY tourist spot to take pictures together 
  • ‘World’s Largest Ball of Yarn’ type of guy 
  • He has all the spots mapped out so he can be sure you guys see everything together 
  • Religiously checking weather reports to make sure there is no rain to ruin his plans 
  • When you fall asleep in the car he is quiet when he pulls over for gas
  • Gets your favorite foods from the convenience store so when you wake up you have something yummy waiting for you 
  • Pretty slow driver 
    • “I’m not slow I’m cautious!”
  • You both are living off of energy drinks 


  • Well…Jumin can’t drive
  • It would be a disaster 
  • So you’re the one behind the wheel
  • He’s not the greatest at reading maps but…he does alright 
  • A few times you guys got turned around 
    • “Jumin…there’s nothing but farms and we ended up on a dirt road where are we….”
    • “Ah, so it was supposed to be a left back there,” he nods to himself while looking at the map
    • “……..”
  • Curious when you pull over to a tourist attraction 
    • “What’s this? How odd. People actually enjoy this?” 
    • “It’s part of the experience of a road trip, Jumin!” 
  • He actually ends up really enjoying the random weird things you find at the exits and takes a lot of blurry photos of you both 
  • Disgusted by convenience store food 
    • “As soon as we arrive, I’m taking you out for a nice meal.”
  • Makes you pull over all of the time so Elly can get a break and stretch her legs 
  • Elly is in the back like 


  • He’s so excited!
  • You guys pack pretty light 
  • Since you’ll be going on his bike 
  • You have a few essentials in a backpack and you pack a few things in the saddlebags 
  • He’s super good at navigating 
  • Constantly stopping because he is worried you’re tired and need a break
  • You’ll grab a few things from the convenience store and pull over onto the side of the road when he finds a nice spot
  • Sitting and eating together in the grass while the radio on his bike plays some music 
  • You both laugh at your helmet hair every time you stop 
  • If you come across somewhere beautiful he is stopping instantly 
  • Takes your hand and you guys walk in the field or through the trees while the sun sets 
  • Loves to take selfies and post them so his fans can see your journey 
  • BIG on souvenirs 
  • Keychains, magnets, shot glasses–anything to commemorate where you guys have gone together! 
  • He’s very sentimental in that way 


  • She actually gets a little car sick if she is not the one driving 
  • It surprised you both, the first time you took over to drive 
  • She doesn’t tire easily though so she was fine with being the driver 
  • LOVES to sing along to the radio 
  • You both just sing in the car together the whole trip 
  • Coffee life
  • Every time you stop you are grabbing some coffee from the convenience store 
  • Also Jaehee is an expert on the best gas station foods, since thats what she lived off of when working for Jumin 
  • Doesn’t like to make too many pit stops because she has a schedule she wants to stick to 
  • Definitely an over-packer
  • The car is weighed down by the numerous suit cases and bags in the back because she packs for every emergency 


  • You’re not allowed to drive his baby car
  • He ends up scaring you sometimes with how fast he takes some turns 
  • Stopping every 15 minutes to pee 
    • “Saeyoung, you JUST went.”
    • “I can’t help it!”
    • *opens up another PHD Pepper*
  • Like Yoosung, he’s got to stop and see all of the weird attractions you come across 
  • Taking video and pictures of everything 
  • You try to navigate but sometimes he doesn’t listen 
    • “No, this is a shortcut! You’ll see” 
    • “Through a corn field….?” 
    • “Hey, do you think they’d be mad if we took some?”
  • He doesn’t get ‘lost,’ he’s just ‘exploring the area’
  • Chip bags and snack wrappers all over the car
    • “I’m sorry baby, as soon as we stop I’ll clean you up!” 
  • Waits for you to fall asleep and then puts All Star on full blast to wake you up