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“There are difficult decisions I have to make to ensure the survival of my people. And the only thing holding me back from doing that…is you.” 

                                           “Your sins turn against you”

A sigil for curses and hex bags; to bring the sins of the person back unto them. They have caused pain and heartbreak and they will feel it in turn; causing pain to clean the wound. No more than they have done, no less than they deserve. 

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


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I honestly have to say, I am not sure about making the Weheart___day open to all the other members. It was a Jin thing. Why do we have to take it away from him? I understand, why we all want the other members to feel loved, too. I a 100% approve of this but the WeheartJinday was his thing. Only for him, because he gets taken away everything…….. again. It’s his one special day. Can’t we leave that for him? And do something else for the other members? Something that also fits them perfectly? But leave the hearts for Jin?

Long-term abuse can leave you with a deep-seated need to be hurt.

This isn’t exactly news; basically any expert will tell you the same. But I don’t think a lot of people who haven’t been through it really understand what it’s like. You’re used to being hurt on a regular basis, and any interruption to this pattern? Is dangerous. It’s a sign that things are about to take a turn for the worse - that they’re bottling shit up to explode eventually, or they’re playing some new game you don’t know how to navigate, or they’re withholding the little bit of affection that made the bad times survivable.

So when we finally escape, for a lot of us, there’s this creeping, ever-growing anxiety as we go longer and longer without getting hurt. Eventually, it’s screaming, drowning out any voice in our heads that says “No, this is okay, it’s safe.” A lot of us wind up pulling risky shit, deliberately getting into danger, to find some relief, any relief for that feeling.

But no matter what, it’s not gonna go away easily. Even if we find ourselves with healthy, caring, respectful, sensitive partners, there’s that anxiety-voice in the back of our brains going “If they’re not hurting you now, what are they planning? Do they even love you at all? Are they just using you?”

It needs managed and dealt with somehow.

Long-term abuse can leave you with a deep-seated need for control.

This isn’t exactly news; basically any expert will tell you the same. But I don’t think a lot of people who haven’t been through it really understand what it’s like. You’re used to control being taken away so you can be used and hurt without consequence, so anything that takes control? Is a threat. It’s a sign that pain is coming - maybe the person taking it was just being friendly until you got close enough to stab, or they were really just cozying up because you were useful, or they want an obedient little puppet instead of you.

So when we finally escape, for a lot of us, there’s this screaming terror response to anything that threatens to take control away from us. It can paralyze us, leave us unable to leave the house because this, this is an environment we can control, this is what safety feels like. A lot of us can slip into abusive patterns ourselves, as our overwhelming need for control makes us take it away from others.

But no matter what, it’s not gonna go away easily. Even if we find ourselves with healthy, caring, respectful, sensitive partners, there’s that anxiety-voice in the back of our brains going “They just made a decision involving both of you. This is how it starts. How long until you’re back in the cage?”

It needs managed and dealt with somehow.

Fortunately, there’s a convenient answer a lot of us can turn to - a way we can be hurt when we need to be hurt, have control when we need control, all under conditions we personally negotiated and accepted. The rules and boundaries are clear, and if it ever gets too much, hits too close to home, we can stop it immediately.

Is it really any surprise that kink is fucking full of abuse survivors?

And do you understand now why we’re so fucking pissed when you compare it to abuse?



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How about, in the dorms, they play the worlds biggest game of the floor is lava. Like, not even Tokoyami or Bakugou can resist the game simply because of childhood memories. They place cushions on the stairs so people can go to different floors. Just the kids playing the floor is lava


there are no friends. you have no allies. everyone is out to get you, everyone is out to win, and they will sabotage everyone else in order to secure victory. 

quirks are allowed. because of this, Uraraka and Tokoyami are some of the hardest to knock out of the competition. Uraraka can just make herself float, or make objects hover and jump between them. she’ll cancel out her powers and cause whatever poor soul who happened to be the floating armchair to fall onto the floor. Tokoyami, of course, has his Shadow.

Bakugou, Kaminari or Todoroki take Tokoyami out first. their quirks are the worst match up for Tokoyami, and just like in the sports festival, it all ends rather quickly. 

Kaminari is often taken out fast. partially because he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone with his quirk. partially because he’s just. naturally clumsy.

there are debates about whether Todoroki’s ice counts as lava or as an object. Todoroki insists that it should count as an object because it’s ice, but Mineta and Kaminari think it’s cheating and should be counted as him touching the floor.

Kirishima is REALLY DIFFICULT to knock out because he can make himself hard and block all attacks. he’s usually one of the last few in the game.

Sero can use his tape to bounce from object to object. the only way to knock him out is if you body slam him, or cut his tape mid-swing. he’ll also use his tape to grab onto unsuspecting people to make them stumble and fall to their dramatic deaths. he’s great at knocking people out.

Aoyama is easy to knock to the floor. it’s hard to use his laser indoors and he’s not as agile as the others. he’s usually the first to go.

Mineta is goddamn hard to pick off. his balls stick to ANYTHING and sometimes he’ll just stick to walls and stay out of the chaos. he’ll also throw his balls at people in order to knock them off their balance–they end up in really odd positions, stuck upside down to the side of the counter, or sideways on the back of the couch. either way, they can’t get off and they’re forced to forfeit. 

Momo is somewhere in the middle. she’s great at making objects to defend or help herself, but sometimes it takes too long to make them and she’s knocked out before she can dodge.

Shouji is VERY HARD to knock off balance. but he finds it easy to take people out (in non-harmful ways; even if it’s a competition, he’s not gonna accidentally hurt his classmates). HOWEVER, sometimes his size makes it hard for him to jump onto the smaller objects and he’ll fall over thanks to his own weight.

Tsuyu is queen. she’s super quick and agile and able to stick to anything, and her tongue makes it easy for her to sabotage the others. she is ruthless. (tho she apologizes after every ‘attack’)

Mina has AMAZING reflexes and is hard to hit. she’s usually taken out by her own misjudgement of where she’s landing, or someone accidentally knocking into her. 

Satou and Kouda, like Shouji, are also very big. both have a hard time finding balance when landing on smaller surfaces. Satou’s quirk doesn’t really help him here, and he IS getting better with his balance. Kouda makes up for his lack of balance by sending bugs after people who’re trying to get him out of the game.

Ojirou is goddamn hard to knock off balance with that tail of his. plus, he’s a martial artist, so he’s got a LOT of balance training. he’s usually one of the last few left. 

Jirou is able to use her sound attacks to vibrate tables and the floor in order to throw off the other student’s balance. she is, however, rather easy to knock out b/c it takes concentration to use her attacks, and she leaves herself open.

Iida uses his engines to fly from table to chair to pillow, but sometimes the momentum will make him trip. he finds the game great practice for his control, tho he does get frustrated since he lost a few times at first

Tooru. Tooru is fucking HARD to beat because she plays in her hero outfit (or less) and no one can see where she lands. the only thing they have to by by are her little reaction sounds (from jumping and landing) when figuring out where she is 

and last but not least, Izuku and Bakugou. these two. these two are the GODDAMN HARDEST OF ALL THE STUDENTS TO BEAT. 

THEY’VE BOTH GOT AMAZING REFLEXES, THEY BOTH CAN MANEUVER IN THE AIR, AND PARKOUR IS GODDAMN THEIR MIDDLE NAME. not to mention they’re both SO FUCKING FAST that no one can ever knock them out. fuckers can dodge like no-one’s business, and it frustrates the entire class.

the game almost always ends with these two trying to beat each other. Bakugou gets especially pissed because Izuku learned most of those moves from him, so it’s like he’s fighting a goddamn copy of himself. 

they usually end in a tie. they’ll slam into each other and the’ll both get knocked to the ground. they also have the exact same amount of wins and loses. 

that doesn’t stop the other students from trying to win, tho. they wanna beat Deku and Kacchan because they’re so amazing, and with each game, it gets harder and harder to knock everyone out. 

Bakugou and Izuku actually love this, because it means more training and fighting each other at their best (well, as much as they can in a game like this)

Aizawa and All Might usually watch from the corners to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. they’re so proud of their kids, tho, because this training is so good for them. it’s harmless and great for honing reflexes and attacks.

also, they just love to see their kids improve. what proud dads

  • The Cars fandom: chill, nice, relaxed, doesn't take itself super seriously. Tight knit and close, make fun edits and cute and creative humanizations and art im general. Post about how they like the movie and their favorite character. No ship wars, no real hate from inside the fandom(only from outside it...), no drama, no incest/pedophilia ships. Make jokes about the movie and can observe it critically. Overall a cool, friendly, and welcoming community with great content and a fun atmosphere. Just a bunch of people having harmless fun talking about something they care about and that means a lot to them.
  • Some of y'all: WHAT.... THE FUCK THERE'S A CARS FANDOM??? WHAT HELL?????? THEY'RE C A R S!!1! !! THAT'S A CHILDREN'S MOVIE FOR CHILDREN (CHILDREN!!) AND YOU UNIRONICALLY ENJOY IT????? W O W what a shitty and awful world we live in. People enjoying things?? Could you even imagine??? What a joke #hahaimakefunofpeopleforfun


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Charinina family on a trip
They left Anatea for good and settled into the dragon village

I’m already on my way sketching the little baby dragons in children form btw
They may be more than four oops!

Anatea’s new king and queen here!


\ 3 • 1 • 17 \ Wednesday

Today I took a small break and went to the cafe to get some red velvet shake and a slice of chocolate cake to celebrate 2 months of productivity!! Wooh!!

I also recently started reading Lang Leav’s “The Universe of Us” and I am so in love with her writing. If you love poems and love stories then I really recommend that you get a copy of this. It’s a perfect stress reliever and the writing is just lovely.

xo, Rev

One sweet moment, before she leaves again.

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You sound awful!” Keith fired back, and then immediately regretted it. Lance was silent for a grand total of three seconds, and then Keith was forced to move his phone away from his ear as the sheer volume in Lance’s voice threatened to obliterate his eardrums.


Oh crap…cat’s outta the bag.

Or wolf.


Faeformers Au:  The Courts

I’ve gotten a bunch of requests asking about where certain characters fall in the faeformers au, so I decided to make a list.  Many thanks to my bro, @fugoh for telling me about the different faerie courts.  

Seelie Court:  Usually benevolent, these faeformers are the most likely to interact with humans, often out of personal curiosity or a sense of mischief.  They adhere to the laws of the fae (for the most part) so they are relatively trustworthy, and are far more sociable with one another than their Unseelie cousins.  Seelie faeformers can also be extremely helpful to those they deem worthy, or that have placated them with offerings.  They may even choose to guard a particular human or household or impart some sort of wisdom or gift to them.  The Seelie Court is comprised of both the Summer and Spring Courts.

Summer Court:  Vivacious, playful, mischievous, and extremely curious, these faeformers have a habit of meddling in the lives of mortals, for better or worse.  They are exceptionally fond of parties, and tend to throw one every night of the week during the summer months.  However these parties are often extremely dangerous for passing mortals, as they are likely to become trapped in the fae world forever if they’re not careful.  The Summer Court is split between its two rulers, Optimus and Elita.  At one point, the two of them ruled happily together as a couple, but over the years their different approaches to fae politics eventually created a rift between them.  Seelie of the Summer Court are either loyal to Optimus or Elita and tend not to interact with members of the other side for the most part, until one of their many feasts, that is.

  • Rulers: Optimus and Elita
  • Rodimus
  • Thunderclash
  • Bumblebee
  • Arcee
  • Bulkhead
  • Ratchet
  • Cliffjumper
  • Brainstorm
  • Pipes
  • Swerve
  • Fort Max
  • Rewind
  • Riptide
  • Trailcutter
  • Ironhide
  • Bluestreak
  • Windblade
  • Chromia

Spring Court:  Quiet, creative, individualistic, and peaceful, these faeformers are more aloof than their Summer Court counterparts and tend to mostly keep to themselves, unless they are sought out by humans.  They are considered to be master craftsmen and musicians, often preforming for the other courts during dances or plying their trade among other faeformers.  If a human wanted to learn from these creatures, and had followed all the required steps, one of the Spring Court would gladly teach them their craft.  They tend to favor human poets, storytellers and musicians, often luring one into their realm to entertain them for an evening, after which the human would be showered with gifts and sent safely on their way.  The Spring Court is ruled by the wise and benevolent Ultra Magnus.  He’s said to be extremely observant of the faerie rules and can come across as a bit stern, but he has the soul of a true artist and is known for his gracious hospitality towards his human guests. 

  • Ruler: Ultra Magnus
  • Drift
  • Skids
  • Nautica
  • Velocity 
  • Tailgate
  • Chromedome
  • First Aid
  • Ambulon
  • Whirl
  • Rung
  • Mirage
  • Soundwave
  • Jazz
  • Thundercracker 
  • Moonracer 
  • Firestar
  • Lug
  • Anode
  • Ten

Unseelie Court:  These are the creatures of legend that mothers use to scare children into obedience.  They are cold, cunning, malevolent, and not at all fond of humans wandering into their realm.  They don’t hold themselves to the laws as tightly as the seelie do, and are much more likely to manipulate the truth and deceive people.  They are said to have very powerful magic and are willing to preform deeds that the Seelie Court shy away from.  If you get it in your head to bargain with them for whatever reason, don’t.  Whatever it is you think you want or need, it is not worth the risk.  These faeformers will play you like a Fossegrim’s violin and will take far more from you than you’d ever be willing to give.  Not all of them are outright hostile however as some merely prefer to be left alone.  It may be possible for you to get out of a jam by outsmarting them, or amusing them in some way.  (They’re very fond of riddles.)  The Unseelie Court is comprised of the Winter and Autumn Courts.

Winter Court:  Solitary, severe, and unrelenting, these fae are the most dangerous of all the faeformer courts.  They consider humans to be little more than insects, and have no qualms about killing (or in some cases, devouring) any that dare step foot inside their territory.  They are untrusting, even of each other, often scheming behind one another’s back and forming alliances to claw their way up the social ladder.  Ruled by the equally feared and respected Lord Megatron, he is the sole reason the Winter Court has not torn each other apart yet.  Unsurprisingly, they are not fond of the Seelie, but tend to retain a respectful (or disdainful) distance (though some suspect this has more to do with their leader’s apparent fixation on the king of the Summer Court, Optimus.) 

  • Ruler: Megatron 
  • Dreadwing
  • Skyquake
  • Skywarp
  • Lugnut
  • Blitzwing
  • Airachnid 
  • Shockwave
  • Tyrest
  • Makeshift 
  • Star Saber 
  • The Vehicons

Autumn Court:  Proud, independent, clever, and inquisitive, these faeformers like their privacy and tend to avoid unnecessary confrontation.  While they’re not overly fond of humans or Seelie, they are not openly hostile towards them either.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach one without extreme caution however, as they can still be extremely dangerous.  They are said to be very wise and some have the ability to read the stars to predict the future.  (They might even divine yours for you for a price, though take care of how they chose to interpret it.)  They are however, exceptionally vain for the most part and can be won over somewhat with flattery, gifts, and offerings if you ever find yourself in a bind or simply need their advice.  They also love stories and songs, and have been known to stalk humans from a distance that they hear singing to themselves or sharing campfire tales.  The Autumn Court was at one point ruled by a fae called Metalhawk, but is now under the control of Starcream, a former Winter Court member who struck out on his own and killed Metalhawk to ascend the Autumn throne.  Despite his violent and unconventional start, Starscream for the most part keeps his realm safe and protected, particularity from the enraged Megatron.  

  • Ruler: Starscream (formerly Metalhawk) 
  • Knock Out
  • Breakdown
  • Steve
  • Cyclonus 
  • Perceptor
  • Getaway
  • Atomizer
  • Prowl
  • Pharma
  • Deathasaurus 
  • Krok
  • Crankcase
  • Spinster
  • Fulcrum
  • Misfire
  • Grimlock 

The Courtless:  These faeformers follow no ruler and prefer not to get involved in the petty squabbles of the courts.  The are the wildcards, the roguish outlaws, the bloodthirsty hunters, the charming drifters, and the savage beasts.  Often looked down upon by court adhering fae, the Courtless aren’t bond by the same laws as the others, meaning that they can be extremely dangerous under the right circumstances.  While there are more malevolent Courtless faeformers out there, many of them are fond of mortals, sometimes even going so far as to disguise themselves as humans to get a closer look.  It’s always best to carry some sort of protection on you when dealing with them however, no matter how friendly they may seem.

  • Rulers: None
  • Swindle 
  • Lockdown
  • Tarantulas 
  • Ravage
  • Blackarachnia
  • Overlord
  • Predaking
  • Waspinator 
  • The Necrobot
  • The Constructicons 

Shadow Court:  Very little is known about these creatures, though it’s said that even the Winter Court avoid them at all costs.  They are the stuff of legends, beings of nightmare and shadow, lurking on the edge of the fae realm but never fully a part of it.  The have no allegiance to anyone and obey no laws.  No human has ever met one of these beings face to face and lived to tell about it, though people who have gone into the woods late at night tell tales of a strange, haunting voice that seems to call out from the shadows, inviting them to stray off the path.

  • Ruler: Tarn
  • Tesarus
  • Helex
  • Kaon
  • Vos
  • The Pet

You : Hey Cayde.

Cayde-6 : Yeah?

You : What’s loot?

Cayde-6 : You. (He just straight up answers it without having no hesitation.)

You : W-wha?! (And you blushes)

Cayde-6 : You are… my loot.

You : Idiot! I was asking about the meaning of the word! (Still blushing)

Cayde-6 : Precious treasure.

Cayde-6 : For example; you.

You : Since when?

Cayde-6 : The moment you loot my heart when we met for the very first time.

You :

You : I’ll ask Ikora instead.

And you walk away from the whining Hunter Vanguard who seeks your attention.