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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Bering & Wells - On the Run 10 (Flashback 6)

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started replaying the last of us the other day and suddenly started wondering what kind of game we’d have gotten if tess hadn’t been bitten




Rated G

Word Count: 800~

The pounding on the door jarred Jinki out of his sleep.  He had dozed off on the couch after work, Dorian, his grey cat had nestled snug and warm in the bend of his knees.  The digital clock on the stereo said 1:45 am.  Confused as to why someone would be practically beating down his door this late he got up and shuffled over to the door still trying to wake up.  As soon as he opened it he was pulled out into the cold hallway by his relatively new next door neighbor.  Any sleepiness that had been lingering after the nap was gone after the rush of wintry night air hit him and the cold concrete stung his bare feet.    

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Shawols have every right to be extra and praise SHINee in various ways. Why?

1. SM finally giving them the promos they deserve!
2. We aren’t putting down or comparing other groups to SHINee.
3. SHINee amplified us being extra by using OT5/5HINee/5QUAD against us.
4. We aren’t shoving SHINee down others throats, in their faces or up their asses. (Like legit Shawols are shoving SHINee in Shawols faces tbh)
And lastly
5. We stay in our own lane??? And if a fellow Shawol swerves left or right we make sure they get back in the damn lane.)


Let’s say, Vox Machina is travelling with Taryon and everything’s a little better. Still some tension but they’re happy. Then they have to go on some quest to defeat this asshole, somebody whose been causing a lot of death for some dark reason or another, and they find a room full of his victims bodies. Or maybe they’re spread out through the killers lair. And as they try to hunt him down, they eventually find the bodies of two gnome bards. One clutching a salt-lick rock, both holding an instrument. The gate stone and Mythcarver are gone. 

  • Me before playing Pillars of Eternity: Great! With five companions slots I will be able to take my favorite companions with me at all times! There is no way I will love ALL of the 8 companions, after all!
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: ...
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: I was so wrong.
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: I'm crying each time I choose party composition and venture forth.

Making a character trans for the sake of them being trans/representation doesn’t give you brownie points.  If anything its transphobic and treats trans people like we are some object you can force into a character into for the sake of a statement. It doesn’t make you different all it does is put trans people into a very bad light by trying to force it.

Let trans headcanon flow naturally like anything else would. Only .3% of the worlds population is trans. And the world still isn’t very open to us. Its a slow process of being accepted in a world. But please forcing this onto characters for the sake of doing it makes us look.

Stop treating trans people like we are extra special and can slap it onto whatever. Being trans is painful and not fun we are not something you can slab onto a character like some fucking object.

-Your local trans man

I just keep drawing essentially the same thing over and over because they just need to kiss ok
I started this on Joey’s birthday. :’)