take up the torch

White Diamond is innocent

I know at the moment the swift gavel of mob justice has already struck the podium. White Diamond’s mysterious absence from the trial of her sister’s murderer is enough to convince most of the fandom to take up their torches and pitchforks (good luck using those on unbreakable fireproof rocks), but I believe in evidence, and I’m not backing down from my client without a fight

The claim that White Diamond is guilty hangs almost entirely on Yellow Diamond’s reaction to the revelation of Rose’s innocence. She attacked the opposing lawyer and her own, attempted to murder the defendant and generally made it clear that Pink Diamond’s murder was an inside job, but despite all of that she has not been held personally accountable for the event. I guess racist, ecosystem-destroying world leaders with stupid-looking blonde hair just get a pass these days.

It should be obvious that Yellow Diamond is killed her sister. If you’re going to tell me that White Diamond is guilty and Yellow isn’t then I call Habeas Adamas; Show me the diamond. Actually, you know, I’ll show you myself, and you can see what Yellow Diamond did to her

Surprise, Bitch. I bet you thought you saw the last of me.

The rest of you may have forgotten the pyramid temple as soon as Pink Diamond was confirmed but I sure as hell did not. This mysterious tomb, which contained our first evidence of the war and the diamond authority, was powered or even made up of a single enormous gem embedded inside its core. When I say enormous I mean enormous

I apologize if this is hard to make out (tumblr compresses images to hell) but careful pixel measurements reveal that the gem is about 50% the size of Pearl’s head. By comparison Yellow Diamond’s is only about 33%. While sizes in this show do tend to vary a little, this stone could only have come from a gem on the scale of a diamond. It’s even the right shape and color!

Is that not enough for you? Let me present exhibits B and C

Compare those cupped hands above to the murals of white diamond both new and old. It’s her signature pose! Don’t tell me you think that’s a coincidence. No other gem is depicted with in that position except her!

Yellow Diamond – a power-driven dictator who has to share the throne with 3 sisters – tried desperately and obviously to cover up her involvement in Pink Diamond’s murder, and we turn to blame another sister who’s also mysteriously missing when a near identical gem was found imprisoned in a trap-filled temple on a monster-riddled planet that Yellow Diamond knew would be destroyed?

Yellow Diamond is grabbing for power, and Blue is next!

I rest my case your honor.

Practical Magic: Circle Casting

If you’re brand new to witchcraft, you’re probably seeing this phrase left and right: casting the circle, or circle casting. For some, it seems fairly obvious, because casting circles is often represented in pop culture, from the Devil’s Traps in Supernatural to the circle of brooms in Practical Magic. 

However, what purpose does casting a circle serve? How do you cast a circle? Why does it have to be a circle and not, say, a square? And do I always need to cast a circle when working magick?

Well, we’ll take this in small bits!

Why should I cast a circle?

A circle serves several different purposes in witchcraft. For some, it’s a means of protection. To others, it’s a means of magnifying ritual energy. For still others, it encourages slipping into meditative consciousness. Whatever the reasons for the tradition, it remains a rather good way of getting the spell started.

In terms of protection, the circle acts sort of like a bubble. After all, it’s not just a cylindrical wall. When a witch casts the circle, he or she is envisioning the energy rising up from where it had been cast on the floor and forming a dome over the ritual space, and below the floor to encase the space in a bubble of intent. For many witches, this forms a sort of shield from outside spiritual influences, and to enter the circle after it’s been cast would require cutting a doorway into it.

As you cast your spell or work your rite, the energy you send out interacts with your altar, your tools, yourself, and your ritual space. The circle acts sort of like a can of soda that’s been shaken up. It holds in all of that energy, allowing it to increase in concentration and potency, allowing it to continuously interact with all ritual components, including the witch casting it. When the rite is done and the circle is opened, it sends all of that energy out into the world with extra force and intent, allowing it to more effectively do as the witch desires. This is particularly useful for rites and spells intended for someone else, or for spells intended to cause large changes.

Furthermore, casting a circle is usually the first or second act done in a spell - often a witch will cleanse a ritual space by asperging or smoke cleansing before casting the circle. As a result, casting the circle is an ideal start to a rite because it begins to set you into the state of mind you need for spellwork. By channeling intent and starting up the circle, you get your magical energy moving so that by the time the ritual starts, you’re already warmed up (like an athlete taking a couple of laps around the track so she can be warmed up and ready to go for practice or for the game). 

Why does it need to be a circle instead of another shape?

This largely is rooted in tradition. If you really feel that a different shape is more sacred than a circle, you’re welcome to use that instead in your practice - some cultures believed in triangles being the shape of perfection. However, in most cultures and beliefs, the circle is a rather sacred shape. We see it everywhere, the only shape that can truly be called perfect - no corners, no sharp edges, no beginnings, no endings. It is a symbol of eternity, and reflects the shape of Mother Moon and Father Sun.

The circle also has another impact in witchcraft in that it can be seen as a fertility symbol - representing the full womb. 

When casting a spell and beginning with a circle, you’re creating a sphere of energy - a magical manifestation of the principle of “as above, so below.” In a sense, you’re not casting a circle, but instead casting a sphere. It allows you to encompass your ritual space in a way where the energy can flow smoothly and freely like water. In general, other shapes don’t allow this kind of movement. Just like in Feng Shui, corners collect energy, prohibiting it from moving freely and causing it to grow stale and potentially sour into negative energy. Without the corners, you don’t have to worry about stale energy.

Do I always need to cast a circle in order to work magick?

The simple answer is no. The more accurate answer is that it largely depends upon the tradition you follow and what brand of magick you work. There are witches out there who will absolutely refuse to cast any kind of magic without the protection of the circle. Meanwhile, there are witches out there who only cast the circle for esbats and Sabbats. What feels best for you should be what dictates how frequently you cast your circles.

In my case, I always cast a circle when I am doing a full rite. Since many of my spells are done on the fly (intuition is key for me, so I don’t always write out elaborate spells), I don’t cast a circle for every working I do. Instead, with some spells I make use of circle imagery in order to provide the same effect - the pentacle is basically a mini circle. If you’ve seen the picture I showed of the protection altar I made for a friend of mine, you would notice that I have the pentacle there, but on either side of the pentacle are crystals pointing outward - through the use of imagery, and by using the crystals to project the energy, I’ve managed to cast my circle in the process of casting the spell.

When I’m working in my kitchen, I never cast full ritual circles - the pots and pans provide the shape, and I can cast the circles in the bottoms of those utensils if I need to empower the food.

I do, however, recommend casting circles any time you wish to work with spirits or any time you perform divination or healing spells. This is as much for empowerment as it is for protection.

How do I cast a circle?

Casting a circle can be as elaborate or as easy as you feel it needs to be. It can make use of actually drawing a circle on the floor, or it can be entirely energetic and felt. Ultimately, like any aspect of magick, the circle should be cast in the way that you feel it should be. The guidelines I give here are exactly that: guidelines. Work with them however you feel works best for you!

Step One: Cleanse your space

Cleansing your ritual space is necessary for any magick, depending  upon your craft. When doing a ritual spell, I always cleanse with sage smoke or asperge with holy water. When you feel your ritual space is cleansed of all negativity, you’re ready to begin the casting of the circle.

In my practice, I go around the circle a total of three times. The first time is when cleansing the space. In addition to cleansing the room, I cleanse the circle in a clockwise direction, stopping briefly at each cardinal point to allow the smoke to linger in the space. For me, this helps begin the process of casting, and enhances the visualization.

Step Two: Physical Representation (If Any)

I don’t often draw a circle on the floor. This is largely because most of my magic is intuitive. However, when working with the coven, we sometimes do lay out a circle depending upon the rite we’re working. Especially for new witches who struggle with visualization, laying out a circle can be very nifty and helpful. As such, if you’re new to witchcraft, I do recommend laying out a circle if you feel it helps. If you’re still in the broom closet and want to cast a circle discreetly, you may have to rely upon visualization alone.

Regardless, there are a couple of ways you can lay out your physical circle. The first is to only provide representations at the Corners, or Cardinal Points - North, East, South, and West. If laying out the circle is ritualized for you, it is often recommended to start in the East and move clockwise around the circle. When providing only representations at the Corners, you can either place candles in each direction, or you can provide something that represents the element associated with it (a feather for air at the east, a candle for fire at the south, a glass of water at the west, and a jar of salt for earth at the north, for instance). My coven has considered casting spells at the beach, and we all loved the idea of taking tiki torches and setting one up in each corner, lighting them as we greet each guardian.

The other way of laying a physical circle is to actually draw out the whole circle in some way. If you’re at the beach or in an area where you can draw a circle in the earth, you’re set. But other times, you may be in an area where there’s a bit of foliage, or you’re indoors and don’t have the luxury of scratching a circle into your apartment’s carpet. Depending on what kind of surface you’re using, you can pour salt around the ritual space as a circle, or you can use a protection powder (such as ground eggshells, or ground cinnamon). If laying down something that’s granulated or powdered is a bad idea, because carpets, some witches will use ribbon instead.

One of my favorite moments with my coven was when we had cast a circle on a hill for a Sabbat rite. The hill was rather overgrown, and we were working in a small, grassy clearing. Since the rite was for Imbolc, we had decided that spring flowers would be beautiful. So we took flowers and laid them out in a circle around our ritual space.

Whatever method you use, it is often easier to lay out the physical circle before casting it spiritually.

Step Three: Greeting the Quarters

The second pass around the circle is done as a means of welcoming the Quarters. If your tradition does not have guardians at the cardinal points, you may substitute as needed (welcoming the Faeries, or welcoming deity, for example) or you may omit this step entirely.

Starting at whatever direction is traditional for you (I always start in the north, but many witches prefer to start in the east), greet the guardian, welcoming it to the circle. I do this with an invocation and with the ringing of a bell. Something to the effect of:

I welcome the element of Earth to the North, that it strengthen the circle.


I welcome the Guardian of the North, that it may bear witness to my work. Come in peace and love, so mote it be!

You would move in a clockwise direction around the circle, stopping at each cardinal point and welcoming its guardian or spirit in turn.

Once done, return to the altar.

Step Four: Casting the Circle

My third pass around the circle is the actual casting of it on a spiritual level. Depending upon your tradition, you would do this with a staff, sword, athame, or wand. My personal tradition is flexible - cast it with your hand if you feel that is more effective. I do, however, often cast the circle with a wand - the quartz in my wand helps to empower the circle, and I love encouraging that as much as possible.

With whatever implement you prefer in your casting hand (some traditions emphasize casting hands, others don’t; in general, your casting hand is your dominant hand or whatever hand you use to write with most often; if you’re ambidextrous, this could be either hand), start with the point you began at. Point the implement toward the floor at that point (physical circles help with this - point at the border you’ve created) and begin moving clockwise about the circle, envisioning your energy flowing outward from you, through your implement/fingertips, to the floor and creating a barrier.

Personally, I always tend to see energy as being like slow, fire-like mist that glows blue. I see it coming outward from my heart, traveling down my arm, through the wand (glowing brighter as it passes through each crystal) and then passing onto the ground where it ignites like a little wall of fire. Every witch sees it differently. That’s just how I visualize it.

Some witches will see the circle forming a sphere on its own. Great! If you feel you need to shape the sphere yourself, you can do so. Once you’ve cast the circle, go back to the altar and lift the energy upward from the floor until it closes above your head, creating a dome, and then push it downward in the same manner so that the sphere encloses the space below ground.

Visualization is key.

Congratulations! You’ve cast your circle. Some traditions will mark this in the ritual format: “Here is the border where the circle is cast none but love may enter, none but love may leave” or “The circle is cast in the presence of Goddess and God, so mote it be!”

When doing a simple spell and casting a circle for it, I acknowledge the casting quietly before setting to my work.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, casting a circle is something that can be very elaborate or very simple. It can be required for all workings or it can only be required for some. I feel that the way you cast your circle is often deeply personal. For that reason, in the steps I gave as an example above are only some of the key parts of how I cast the circle without revealing any personal details of what I do for it when not working with the coven.

Every tradition, every path, every witch casts circles differently. If you are starting out as a witch, I greatly encourage you to create your own, personalized method of casting the circle. If you keep a Book of Shadows (as most witches do), the way you cast your circle should be one of the first things that you write down in it.

All that said, may all your circles be unbroken!

Blessed Be! )O(


8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) Coming Soon!

Set the date to 1987 & get ready to revisit the classic 8-bit adventure games that mesmerized a generation of console junkies. Now is the opportunity to play cult favorites Shadowgate, The Uninvited and Déjà Vu the way they were supposed to be played, with controller in hand and worlds waiting to be explored.

  • Shadowgate: The wind whistles through the silent halls as you step through the stone threshold. You’ve just entered Shadowgate, a once shining castle, now an evil, dark moldering ruin. Swallow your fear and take up your torch. You are the ‘Seed of Prophecy’ and in your hands lies the fate of the world itself.
  • The Uninvited: The last thing you remember was a figure appearing in the middle of the road and the sound of your sister’s screams over the screeching tires. When you come to, you discover two horrifying things: your sister is missing and the mansion that now looms before you seems to be calling your name…
  • Déjà Vu: It’s 1942 and you wake up in a seedy bathroom with no idea how you got here or, for that matter, who you are. You grab a .38 hanging on the door, stumble up the stairs and find some stiff slumped over a desk with three bullet holes in him. You check your gun. Three bullets are missing. This is gonna be a bad day.

The 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 31, 2017.

Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: Thank you all again for the responses, as per usual they mean so much to me. I tried to make this one longer and better than my last and more detail orientated, I felt as if my last was a bit sloppy… but I definitely tried harder with this one!

Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. As usual, I hope you all enjoyed!

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Based off of: The 100 01x06 and 01x07

Warnings: none

Originally posted by lightwoodsiblings

“Octavia!” Opening your eyes from your sleep, you groaned, holding your head. That was very distinctly Bellamy’s voice but you wondered what was wrong now. Only yesterday had you tried to reach the Ark with flares, only yesterday had you stolen a radio that could’ve potentially killed three hundred people. And only yesterday had you found out that Bellamy, the boy you were just beginning to trust, was a murderer. Or at least, attempted so.

Sighing frustratedly, you pulled your boots on, struggling to shove them on before hefting and standing up. You quickly pulled on your jacket, exiting your tent and looking around to find what had gotten Bellamy so upset.

“Okay, i’ll help you find her.” You heard, turning your head and finding Clarke and Bellamy standing next to each other. Curious, you stepped up to the two quickly turning to Clarke and ignoring Bellamy, “what’s happening?”

“Octavia’s not at camp. Help us.” She explained and ordered, before turning back towards Bellamy. Listening closely, you began walking with them in tow and listened to the orders Clarke gave you; “let’s check again. I’ll check the drop-ship, Y/N help Bellamy check the tents.” Despite your anxiousness to be near Bellamy, you nodded. 

“Thank you.” Bellamy whispered to you, the first time he’d directed a conversation towards you since yesterday. You only shook your head, “don’t thank me. I am doing this for Octavia, not a murderer.” You spat, the anger you felt from being deceived still there.

“Y/N, you kno-”

“This isn’t the time Bellamy.” You shushed him, your piercing gaze falling on him. “Besides, I know all I need to know already.” 

“Hey everybody, gather around and grab a weapon.” Bellamy ordered, dropping the bag of weapons on the ground. Your eyes filtered to the weapons, inching back when a memory flooded your vision. Shaking your head, you refused to grab a weapon and stepped back. “My sisters been out there alone for twelve hours. Arm up. We’re not coming back without her.”

“Hey, Jasper.” You called, stopping the boy from stepping forward with a worried look. “You don’t have to do this. You haven’t left camp since we brought you back.” His wide, beaten up eyes turned to you and gripping the handle of his weapon with fear, he shook his head. 

“Y/N, I need to do this.” He argued, eyes not looking with you. 

“We need all the people we can get.” Bellamy stated, coming up behind you. Shivering, you stepped closer to Jasper and ignore the way Bellamy stared at your back. Looking up at Jasper, you tilted your head desperately when he stepped forward, making his way up through the crowd. 

“We need a tracker.” Bellamy stated, turning towards you and Clarke who’d stepped up behind you. You nodded solemnly, already knowing who’d they call. “Finn. Get out here.” Bellamy ordered, raising his voice ever so slightly. Marching forward, you all begin to make your way to the wall, hearing Finn’s distant voice of; “alright. I’m coming.”

You walked up behind Jasper, feeling his fright practically radiate off of him. You hadn’t really spoken to him much, and you didn’t know much about him but you had been there when he’d been speared and you’d help patched him back to life. The boy was a fighter. That’s all you knew. To go out here, after being speared in mid-air with pinpoint accuracy, you’d be more than terrified. “Hey,” you soothed, resting your hand on his shoulder, you chose to ignore the way he jumped slightly. “It’s okay to be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid.” He immediately defended, smiling ever so slightly towards him, you sent him a cocky look. 

“Jasper,” you sobered up. “I think what you’re doing is extremely brave.” You leant up, leaning heavily against him and pressing a small kiss against his cheek. Despite the circumstances around you both, you let yourself giggle ever so slightly at the blush that adorned his cheeks and shook your head. You missed the way someones eyes followed after you.

“Guys, guys. Come here!” A boy yelled, and turning you followed the direction he pointed, curious. “Did you see that?” You followed his gaze staring up at the sky. You immediately felt your stomach drop and your heart sink as you stared at what appeared to be shooting stars, but you knew better.

“They didn’t work.” Raven stated, coming to stand next you and Finn. “They didn’t see the flares.” You shook your head, brows furrowing as you stared at Raven apologetically. She only nodded her head, already knowing how sorry you were. Staring at the ground, you felt tears well within the brim of your eyes. This was your fault. If you had just stopped Bellamy rather than help him, three hundred people or more would still be alive.

“And a meteor shower tells you that?” Bellamy spat, confident in himself.

With dark eyes you turned to Bellamy, a secret conversation passing between the two of you that no one else saw; “it’s not a meteor shower, it’s a funeral.” You deadpanned. “Hundreds of bodies being returned to the earth from the Ark. This is what it looks like from the other side. They didn’t get our message.” You solemnly said, turning Raven. She only shook her head, disappointed before her face twisted into anger and she shoved past you, heading straight for Bellamy.

“This is all because of you!” She spat, you were quick to grab her. “This is because of the both of us.” You whispered to her ear, looking at her expectantly. 

“I helped you find the radio.” Bellamy defended.

“Yeah after you jacked it from my pod and wasted it.”

“Yeah, he knows.” Clarke stated, patting Raven’s shoulder; “and now he has to live with it.” Though she was very clearly directing her words to Bellamy, your eyes fell to your feet, when indirectly her words worked for you too. You (along with Bellamy) just killed hundreds of people.

“All I know is that my sister is out there and i’m gonna find her. You coming or what?”

A consecutive round of nods were his reply, you whispered ‘yeah’ before looking back up again. You let your eyes fall on the bodies falling from the sky again. You couldn’t quite even understand the feeling you were feeling, all you knew was that you were held responsible for a death again, except this time, much more. Hundreds more.

“Then what are we waiting for? Move out.”

“We have to talk to them. Three hundred won’t be enough.” Clarke stated. Staying beside Jasper, you grabbed his torch, letting him take care of the weapon and held up the torch so you could see the others more clearly. “The oxygen level will just keep dropping and if we don’t tell them that they can survive down here, they’ll kill more people. They have to.”

“Guys,” you whispered urgent. “We have to go, they’re leaving.”

“I got nothing. We lost the trial.”

“Keep looking.” Bellamy urged, staring around at the open wide forest. You let your guarded eyes scan around you in anxiousness, entering a clear warning sign already had you nervous but even more so knowing you were wide open in the forest with no walls or anything to protect yourselves. You stayed close to Finn and Jasper, frightened.

Walking again, the lot of you began searching around, Finn shaking his head in annoyance. 

“Wandering around aimlessly isn’t the way to finding your sister.” Finn commented, back hunched in cautiousness. You looked around at their weapons and for a second cursed your inability to hold one, but shook your head, you didn’t need a weapon. If you were to die today that’d be your fate, but you refused to pick up a weapon. You wouldn’t sacrifice your morals just to kill more people.

“We should backtrack.” Finn turned to Bellamy, who glared and with bafflement stated; “i’m not going back.” 

“Hey, where’s John?” 

“I just saw him a second ago.” Jasper stated, voice hushed. You let your eyes scan around you, baffled as to where he could have gone. 

“Spread out, he couldn’t have gotten that far.” You let out a small scream when a body fell before you, holding your hand against your chest you stared at the face and cringed when you saw all the blood and identified the body as John. You turned with wide, panicked eyes at the rest. You couldn’t look, or you’d have another panic attack.

“They use the trees.” Finn exclaimed. You took a careful step back from the body, hating the smell and the presence of him.

“We shouldn’t have crossed the boundary.” You stated, Finn’s eyes fell on you and searching your hands for seemingly the first time, he stared baffled at you. “Y/N where’s your weapon?”

Guiltily you stared up at him, like a deer caught in lights. “I didn’t grab one.” You shook your head, your whole body shaking. Sighing, Finn looked around as did Bellamy and finding something, he gave you the sword that had once belonged to John. You cringed from it, taking a step back.

“I don’t want one. Please.” You begged, hating the look of it. 

“There.” Jasper stated, pointing to a grounder beside you. One of your teammates ran beside you, looking at the other side of you. “Another one.” He panicked.

Finn’s wide eyes fell on you, and with stress he pointed the weapon at you. “Please, Y/N. This isn’t the time. Take it.” He begged and you shook your head, panic filling your senses and trying to stay come.


“Y/N just take the damn sword.” Bellamy snapped at you, his eyes falling around you as he watched the movement of the grounders that surrounded you all. Finn’s sympathetic eyes fell on you and taking cautious steps towards you, he leant to your level. “Y/N, trust me. It’ll be fine. But for your safety you need to take the weapon.” He sighed when you didn’t move; “look you don’t have to use it. It’d just make me feel better if you took it.” He bargained and with reluctance, you hesitantly grabbed the sword from him, hating the way it weighed against your hand. Finn nodded gratefully your way, his hand falling on your shoulder before turning to look at the forest around you again.

“We should run.” Finn murmured. You all were quick to follow orders, all running one direction in a mob. 

“They’re leading us here. It’s the only direction we could run in.”

You panted, suddenly holding the sword tightly as your eyes frantically hovered around the forest. This was bad. They were killing you all off in a extremely fast rate and there’s was nothing you all could do as you continued to fall for their tricks pathetically.

“Hey where’d they go?” Finn asked, turning to you all. Following his gaze. you noticed how suddenly all of the grounders that had surrounded you disappeared. 

“After Roma.” Bellamy hissed. You all began running in the direction she’d run just minutes before, your stomach leaping with hope that she was still okay. 

“There she is. Roma!”

You all took quiet steps towards the figure of Roma, eyes still watching with carefulness around you incase one of them decided to pop out. You felt your heart drop even more when you saw the spear that had struck her just like Jasper, and had to breathe very carefully not to panic. This was all becoming too much but you knew you couldn’t have another panic attack or it’d be the end for you all. 

You held your chest, and focused on breathing as Bellamy, Finn and Monroe cursed with anger. You let your gaze fall on Jasper, who noticing the way Roma died, his eyes widened terrified and he looked at you for comfort. You only shook your head, unhelpful, your hand still pressed against your chest and your back hunched. Breathe. Breathe, you repeated in your mind.

“They’re playing with us.” Finn whispered. You watched with interested eyes as Bellamy raised his hand, you noticed how it shook, and very carefully closed Roma’s eyes in respect. You stared at Bellamy, still utterly confused by his inner motives. “She only came because of me,” he whispered, guilt filling within him.

“They can kill us whenever they want.” Finn reassured, roughly. 

“Then they should get it over with!” Jasper suddenly began yelling, forgetting about yourself you ran towards him, calling his name in desperation as you tried to get him to shut up. “Come on!” Jasper continued to yell. You grabbed his face, trying to get him to focus on you but he only continued. “We know you’re out there. Come and kill us!”

“Jasper!” You yelled, whispered. “Please, don’t do this! Shh!” Finn helped you, grabbing Jasper as he jumped and ran in small amounts to try and alert the grounders of their presence. You tried to hush him, your head turning back ever so slightly every few minutes to see where the grounders were.

“They’re coming!” Monroe shouted, finally shutting Jasper up. Panting as you all huddled around each other, you stared around you at the many different grounders heading your way. And with regretful eyes, you stared at the sword you held, grabbing it with both and holding it up before you.

A sudden horn blew, stopping the grounders effectively as they now looked around. You watched with confusion as they hurriedly ran the other way and began disappearing. 

“They’re leaving.”

“That horn.” You began; “what does it mean?”

“Acid fog.”

“How did you find me?” Octavia asked, her face lit up in a smile as she let go of Bellamy and ran to Jasper in excitement. He smiled back at her, happy to have found her. “Followed him.” Jasper chuckled as he pointed at the grounder laying on the ground.

Octavia let go of Jasper, turning to you. You smiled a half attempt at her, staring cautiously at the grounder while she thanked you. “It’s not a problem, Octavia. You’re my friend.” You stated, nodding at her thanks. 

“We should go now. Before he wakes up.” Octavia gulped. You watched with knowing eyes as Bellamy stared daggers at the grounder on the floor. Seeing his look of revenge, you called his name in warning; “Bellamy…”

“He’s not gonna wake up.” Bellamy declared, moving to grab the staff leant against the wall. You went to stop him but he only shoved you to the side.

“Bellamy stop. He didn’t hurt me, now let’s go.” Octavia tried to reason, trying to grab the staff Bellamy had grabbed. You stepped in front of Finn who had leaned down to the grounder, blocking Bellamy’s path.

“Move Y/N.” Bellamy spat, trying to walk around you. You stayed put, glaring up at him until you heard Finn;

“Foghorn.” Finn whispered when all of the sudden the grounder woke up, and with practice ease easily flipped Finn over, stabbing him in the chest with aim. Finn grunted, falling back in pain as Bellamy quickly jumped to knock the grounder out.  Though Bellamy was easily thrown off and the grounder now had the spear against Bellamy’s throat, you watched with panic as Bellamy and him fought for control over the spear.

Bellamy, knocked to the ground, spear right at his throat as he fought with every strength not to have it pierce his throat. “Stop! That’s my brother!” Octavia screamed. Panicking yourself, you grabbed your sword from before and tilting it so the handle was the aim, you hefted the sword over your shoulder and smacked it down on the grounder’s head, knocking him out.

Bellamy’s eyes fell on you and in a whisper, he panted; “thank you.”

“Theft of medical supplies. Illegal salvaging. Illegal ship launch. Pirating the Ark comm systems. Each of these crimes is punishable by death. But that will not be your fate today. It was argued, convincingly, that your medical expertise are still required.” Kane finished, his voice monotone as he took a seat in his seat at the council table.

“Thank you.” Abby nodded, relief flooding her as she looked at Jaha gratefully. He shook his head.

“It wasn’t me. The council vote was nearly unanimous. Apparently Jake’s message woke their better angels as well.” Abby moved to grab her council seat, though was quickly stopped when Jaha held up his hand. “Uh- not so fast.”

“We need to talk about those flares.”

“No we don’t.”

“You saw them too. We can’t just all ignore what we know it means.” Abby argued as if it was the clearest thing ever. 

“We don’t know what it means.” Kane spoke up, looking up from the table. Abby’s haunting gaze turned to him, “it means that there is someone alive on earth. It means that our children might still be alive.” Abby directed her statement to the both of them.

“More false hope.” Kane smirked her way. “Abby those flares could’ve been anything. Lightening. Radiation in the atmosphere.”

“In any case, whatever they were… that’s a matter for the council to discuss.” Jaha gestured around him. “And you are no longer on the council.” Standing up, Jaha made his way over to Abby, standing before her expectantly. “Your life has been spared, but you’ve been stripped of your seat at this table, effective immediately. Your pin.” With reluctance but held confidence, Abby took off her pin and place it in Jaha’s hand. Her face never lost the needed confidence she needed.

“There it is again.” A guard stated, everyone turned their heads as static echoed around.

“Calling Ark ship.” Raven’s voice echoed over the radio hum. “Come-to Ark-station.” 

Abby’s hopeful eyes turned to Jaha, “that’s Raven!” She exclaimed, voice coming out in a hush whisper of excitement. Turning to Kane, she smiled sickly sweet at him; “looks like false hope may have just proved your daughters still alive.”

“Hey! They’re back!” Turning towards the drop-ship door, you stared at the wet Bellamy with caution. “Bellamy!” You called, stepping off the ladder. Octavia followed you and you felt your body go stiff when you saw the same grounder that had taken Octavia being hauled in.

“The hell are you doing?” Octavia asked, angry as she stared at your brother.

“It’s time to get some answers.” Bellamy replied.

“Oh you mean revenge?”

“I mean intel.” Bellamy countered, staring at Octavia that told her to shut up and keep quiet about it. You stared between the two, feeling as if maybe you’d missed a conversation between the two.

“Get him upstairs.” Bellamy ordered, nodding to his men. You turned on him quick, “Bellamy she’s right.”

“Clarke. Honey, we’re ready.” Abby’s voice came over the radio and with fright you stared at the radio. You hadn’t known they’d gotten through. You made eye contact with Bellamy who seemed just afraid as you. If they got through that meant… no.

“This is not who we are.” Clarke stated, turning to Bellamy.

“Clarke?” Abby asked again. 

“It is now.” Bellamy spat, turning back towards the grounder before he made his way up the ladder. You were quick to follow after him, ignoring Octavia and the rest as you headed up the ladder only a few steps behind him. You made your way up the ladder only to be stopped by one of Bellamy’s hench man, glaring at him you tried to walk past only to be blocked again.

“Get out of my way,” you spat.

“Let her through.” Bellamy allowed. You walked past the idiot and making your way over to Bellamy, you tried to ignore the grunts of the grounder beside you as he was strung up.

“Not a murderer huh? What the hell are you doing?” You asked, pressing a finger against his chest as you backed him up closer to the wall. He looked at you and for a split second you could almost see hesitation and guilt but it was gone quicker than it came. 

“Get out of here Y/N.” He ordered, ignoring you and turning his head to the side. Frustrated, you felt tears well within you as all your pent up anger began unleashing.

“What the hell is your problem!” You yelled, shoving at his chest. He stumbled back but otherwise did nothing to stop you. “I trusted you for God-sakes! Did you know?” You panted, eyes watery as you stared up at him. He blinked at you confused, his eyes falling on those around you. Though, you didn’t care who was watching, whether it was the grounder or Bellamy’s men. “Did you know that taking that radio would kill all those people?”

Angry and insulted, Bellamy grabbed your shoulders, violently shaking you. “No! How the hell was I suppose to know? Y/N, I didn’t force you, you did it on your own. Stop blaming me!” He screamed at your face, shocked your mouth fell open as you tried to back up, but he didn’t let go of your arms.

“I’m not blaming you.” You whispered, “but this? Bellamy you can’t just kill and destroy anything that becomes a threat to you! Listen, I don’t want the Ark down here and I definitely don’t want the grounders to murder us, but this is not the way!” You yelled, your hand shooting out to indirectly point at the grounder. 

“I have too…” Was all Bellamy said. Finally a tear fell, and shoving his arms off of you, you held your face in your hands, missing the way Bellamy stared at you. “Get her out of here.” He ordered softly, you felt hands grab your shoulders but you soon shoved them off.

“I can leave on my own.” You grumbled, sending one look at the grounder. Though he scared you, you sent an apologetic look his way before heading to the ladder. Standing before it, your hands gripping the handles you shook your head; “revenge won’t help anything.”

“Stop!” You screamed desperately, trying to reach the grounder but being held back by once again Bellamy’s men. You stared frightened and hopeless as Raven shocked him mercilessly. “What is wrong with you people!” You bellowed out, bewildered that it was your people who were so cruel this time.

You suddenly were distracted when Octavia jumped in front of you, just as upset and grabbed the knife. Immediately knowing of her plan, you tried to stop her but it was too late as she held the knife, yelling; “no more!” 

“He’s letting Finn die!” Raven bellowed, turning to Octavia. You jerked at the wide eyed, crazed look on her face.

Octavia panted, and holding the knife with a tight grip, pressed it deep into her skin and sliced a cut along. “Octavia no!”

You watched with mild interest at the grounder flinched and moved as if too step forward with urgency. “He won’t let me die.” Octavia panted, you stepped forward, grabbing her arm. “Octavia what the hell did you do?” She pushed gently away from you, dropping before the viles of medicine. Pointing at each, she asked if it was the one or another was the one before finally she found one and holding it before him, the grounder nodded.

She quickly handed it off to Clarke, who grabbed it with a short thank you and headed off down the ladder. Octavia began wrapping up her arm, shoving Bellamy away when he went to comfort her. You stepped forward, crouching next to her and looking at her arm. “You’re so brave.” You whispered, helping to dry off her arm. You were mesmerized by the bravery something of that sort sacrifice. Looking at the grounder, you saw his eyes on Octavia and felt there was more than meets the eye there.

“Thank you.” Was all she said, but you knew she did not mean it in response to your compliment. You shook your head; “I just don’t want anymore people to die.”

Taking out the screw that they had been so viciously striked in the grounders hand, you pulled it out slowly and gently, holding the grounders hand for support. You felt anxious around him but with Clarke busy with Finn, you knew you couldn’t leave him in pain. He kept his hand closed, ignoring when you tried to open it, sighing, you turned to the grounder; “i need to clean the blood away.”

He said nothing in return, keeping his hand closed. “Please. You have to believe me, I didn’t want you to get hurt.” You stared at him, meaning every word he said. With hesitance, he opened his hand slowly and you smiled gratefully towards him, “thank you.”

“Y/N, Clarke needs you.” You jumped slightly, calming when you saw it was only Octavia. “I’ll take over.” She offered, holding her hand out for the clothe. Staring back at the grounder, you nodded and headed down the ladder.

Finding Clarke near Finn, you stared at her expectantly. “You needed me Clarke?”

“Y/N i am s-”

“Hello, Y/N. This is Kane.”

anonymous asked:

do you have any more spideytorch headcanons? I miss my boys

one night johnny is hanging out with spidey, and spidey starts flirting with johnny like he always does. and johnny usually flirts back, but he isn’t tonight and that’s weird, so spidey is worried.

“what’s up, torch? something i said?”

and johnny would take a bite of his burger thoughtfully and then swallow and sigh deeply. “listen spidey, i know what’s happening between us, and i think you’re great but i can’t lead you on anymore.”

and spidey’s heart sinks. he never Really thought that he had a chance with johnny, but to be rejected so outright hurts more than he thought it could. he tries to brush it off with a laugh, but it sounds strained and not at all casual like he wanted it to

“aw, c'mon flamebrain, is there somebody else?”

“actually yeah,” johnny sighs, his voice getting a bit dreamy.

spider-man’s joke catches in his throat. he really should just leave it, spare himself the pain of hearing about johnny’s crush, but he’s a masochist so: “oh yeah? who?”

johnny raises an eyebrow and takes another bite of his burger before he speaks with his mouth open. “you sure you wanna know, webhead?”

“yes,” spidey lies

“it’s peter parker, your photographer”

and spidey is so still and silent for a moment, before he bursts out laughing. johnny glares at spider-man, who is trying (and failing) not to double over with the force of his laughter

“hey!” johnny says, his hair beginning to smoke “don’t laugh at him!”

spidey only laughs more “i’m sorry, torch, i’m sorry it’s just – my god”

“listen, i know he’s lame and he can be a tool, but i’ve gotten to know him and he’s really great? alright? you outta know, spidey”

“oh, johnny, you have no clue,” spidey says, trying to catch his breath

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 7

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three /// Chapter Four /// Chapter Five /// Chapter Six

Happy Tuesday dear everlarkers! Last week’s installment of Mockingjay Manor concluded with a drugged and injured Everlark finding themselves whisked away from the terrifying Doctor Snow and hidden in a secret room by an unknown rescuer. You voted to put their trust in this unidentified saviour. What happens next? Let’s check in with the incredible @mega-aulover to find out….

A note, friends, that this chapter is rated M for canon-typical violence and begged-for sexual content.

As always, you have 48 hours, until noon EDT on Thursday, October 12th, to cast you votes in the notes or reblogs, not in the tags!!!

I crumple the note in my fist and toss it on the floor and the syringe I’d hidden in my sleeve drops onto the carpet and rolls away. The warning to stay put doesn’t sit well with me. I’m pissed off, angry at this man, Snow, and his tricks. The stupid portrait looms over me, mocking me. We’ve been attacked, stung by some experimental wasps, and threatened. He will not get away with this.

Peeta groans and my plans for vengeance fly from my mind. I kneel at his side and gently check his stings. “Are you okay?”

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The Other Girl *Johnny Storm x Reader*1/3

Originally posted by luvinchris

Summary: You’re the other girl to a guy who just doesn’t give a crap about you, although pretends to. You meet Storm on a night out, who for a night helps you think you’re over being the other girl, but you end up in a bigger dilemma.
Word Count: 1410
Warnings: Implied sexy times and swearing

There isn’t going to be a seperate tagging list for this, so don’t ask.

A part of the conversation is inspired by 27 Dresses. My favourite movie of all time, well chick-flick movie. I had to break down what I wrote into three parts.

A/N: Lately, I’ve been writing stuff because I have to. I have to get this part to this series done, and honestly, I miss writing for myself. I’ve wanted to write Johnny for so long, so let me indulge myself :) - Rosalie

You don’t really know how you ended up here. How you ended up being the other girl, the girl who sleeps and sees a man who is in a relationship with another. Yet, you were. You had somehow met a guy that you liked but he was already committed to someone else. You began seeing one another a few months ago, on and off, nothing too serious- you thought his previous relationship had ended. Even after you found out he was still with the girl you carried it on because you liked him. And you believed him.

He countlessly told he would end things. That he’d be with you but you knew it was just a line to get you sleep with him; it worked. It made you feel special in a twisted way. He went to you still, he wanted to see you and spend time with you, he can’t love that other girl too much if he sees you. But then he can’t love you that much if he is still with that girl.

You tapped the bar for the bartender’s attention, he gave a disapproving sigh but still poured the whisky into your empty glass. To take your mind off how fucked your love life is, you decided to hit up a club and have a few drinks. You thought it would help but you just weren’t in the mood for the loud music, sweaty bodies and the bitter alcohol taste. As you lift the glass you notice one other body leaning against the bar, you frown setting your glass down.

He was staring into his drink, deep in his mind because he wasn’t paying attention to the small group of girls behind him, eyeing him up like he was something to eat. His hair short and he looked oddly familiar to you but you didn’t know from where. His sullen look was more depressing than your own, his hands toyed with his almost empty glass.

“I didn’t think anyone else could look as depressing as me in a club but,” you spoke up and his blue eyes slowly dragged up to meet your own. “Then I see you and, seriously, buddy who pissed in your cereal this morning?” You tried to crack a joke but he doesn’t smile or laugh, he narrows his eyes and exhales slowly, downing the last of his drink.

He eyes the empty glass before looking at you. “My girlfriend has been cheating on me,” is all he says and you instantly feel bad for the joke. “So, I guess, my girlfriend pissed in my cereal this morning as her new guy laughed.” His bitter tone is directed at you, as it should be.

“Listen, I’m really sorry.” You try but give a little sigh. “If it makes you feel any better I’m kinda in the same boat, well, not really. I’m the other girl, I guess, no I am. It sucks.” He looks at you with raised eyebrows and you nod once. “I like him but he’s with another girl and I still sleep with him because he made a bunch of empty promises.” You add a light-heartedly chuckle downing your own drink.

It’s silent between you and this guy for a few seconds. “Well, our love lives officially suck.” You both end up laughing at that, he pushes off the bar and sits on the stool near you offering his hand, which you gladly take. “Johnny Storm-”

“-But the ladies call you Torch.” He ends up laughing as you chuckle. “I knew I recognised you, wow, I would have dressed up if I knew I’d be meeting a superhero. I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

The conversation between you and Johnny flowed easily. You brought one another drinks, laughed at each other’s stupid and sad stories, it was nice to just have someone’s attention like this. It had been a while since you actually had fun.

“He must be really good in bed if you’re willing to be the other girl,” Johnny commented, sipping the rather exotic cocktail; umbrella and pineapple with a cherry on a cocktail stick in all. The image made you want to laugh but Johnny Storm had always come across rather flamboyant.

You sighed and nodded. “It’s not just the sex, well, it wasn’t always. We would hang out and talk, I thought he had broken things off but he hadn’t and I just can’t say no,” You shrugged and he nodded. “I’m sick of being the other girl.” You sighed shaking your head.

“Okay, I’m gonna help you.” You frowned and looked at Johnny, he turned your stool to face him. “We’re gonna practice saying no,” you chuckled and he raised an eyebrow. “C’mon this will work, you just gotta say no!” You chuckle but nod. “Y/N, give me fifty dollars.”

You laugh. “No.”

Johnny grins but rolls his eyes at you. “Y/N, it’s just fifty bucks. I’ll pay you back.”


Johnny sighs gently and takes your hand, caressing the back of it with his thumb. “Y/N… I need you to give me fifty bucks.” He stares into your eyes for what seems like forever.

You shake your head and tentatively mutter, “No?”

“Eh… Not bad.” You grin and turn back to the bar, “Can I have your drink?”

You nod giving a faint, “Sure.” Before realising what you had said. “No. Oh no!” You cried as Johnny sipped your drink with a little chuckle.

“You were doing so well.” You shake your head as he orders another drink for you and him. You glanced at your phone and see no texts from him, you let slip a sad sigh. “I don’t get it. Why don’t you just anonymously tell the girl he’s cheating on her? That would end the relationship and then he’d be all yours.”

You sip the beer that’s brought to you. “I couldn’t do that to him. He said he’s gonna do it soon and I believe that.” you sounded like you were trying to convince yourself more than Johnny. “Plus, I don’t need to explain myself to you.”

Johnny chuckled a little, “Hey, I’m not judging you. Just you’re a very pretty girl that if you wanted could get any guy in here, so why waste your time with that sleaze?”

You smiled slightly as he comments. You hadn’t been called pretty in a while, he rarely complimented you and if he did it was during sex. You gave a soft sigh, sipping your drink, the blush rising to your cheeks before looking back at Johnny who was watching the crowd. He said ‘any guy in here’, meaning him too, right? Johnny was hot, no pun intended; you both had fucked relationships, releasing a little steam would be good.

“Any guy in here?” You asked, resting your elbow on the bar and head in your hand, looking at him as he chuckled and nodded. “Including you or…”

“I’d more than happy to show you a good time if you’re looking for one?” The smirk settling on his face made you grin, the decision already being made.

You both left to your apartment via a taxi. You started this morning watching the man you had been hooked on, watching him dress and leave, once again. Now you were finishing it with Johnny Storm, not that you minded. You had somehow managed to keep your hands to yourselves in the taxi, giving light chat as the driver pulled up to your apartment complex.

Once you stepped through your door was when you finally kissed Johnny. Him pushing you up against the door, you gasped as your back collided harshly with the door and chuckled against his lips. Wrapping your arms around his neck as he gently lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and he carried you off to your bedroom.

(It’s not anyone’s fault for why I’ve been feeling like this. Lately, I’ve been watching blogs delete or complain about the content on this site (not aimed at anyone, it’s just something I’ve noticed lately.). Then, for some reason, people think I can fix their problems - even though I can hardly fix my own shit- and it’s all just… cry me a river. Hopefully, you like this, if not that’s okay. I’ve been wanting to write Storm for a while and decided to just write for myself for a change. - Rosalie) 

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Image provided by @roguetelemetry because he’s awesome :)

The Cyberpunk Reading List

Okay, so here it is: my cyberpunk reading list. Although, this will probably read more like a love letter to some of my favourite books, and why I think you should love them too. Some people may find that there are titles missing from this list. That’s likely to be for one of two reasons: either it wasn’t something I absolutely fell in love with or I haven’t read it yet. That said, I’m more than happy to hear any suggestions people have to send my way for potential future editions of this list.

I’ve tried to make this list as varied as possible, so hopefully there is something for everyone :).

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A taster of my full-length KitTy fic - tell me what you think...

(Set after the end of Lady Midnight - yes, I did start this before Lord of Shadows came out. Yes the end of the book did fuck up my fic.) Click to read the first 2 paragraphs and let me know whether you think I should actually post this. I’ll keep my inbox open/ask box/etc. open so you can let me know.

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Inspire...(Harrison “Harry” Wells/Reader)

192. “I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

Originally posted by darkangel66a

Working with Dr. Harrison Wells was always a treat. He was smart, energetic, and you never knew which Dr. Wells you were actually working with. Would it be the one that threw things and yelled for everyone to get out? Or would it be the one that inspired everyone to pursue a better future?

You took a deep breath pulling your hair up into a tight ponytail before grabbing the safety glasses and a welding helmet. You’d gotten there early in hopes of getting some work done just in case today wasn’t an inspiring day.

You climbed up the scaffolding taking a seat with a welding torch. Carefully you started it up as the door slid open across the room. You froze only a moment when he looked up at you. 

He stared at you nodding, “Morning…”

“Morning.” You smiled at him, “Readouts are on the printer.”

“Thank you.” He nodded taking a sip of his coffee stepping over to the printer, “Projection says you’re going to be starting on the upper portion of the canister today.”

“Yes, sir.” You nodded, “We’ll need to get the rigging out for me to reach it.”

“I’ll make a call before we get starting on the tubing.” He looked back up to you a small smile on his lips, “It’s nice to see someone who takes their job seriously for this project. I was beginning to wonder.”

“Well a chance to work with the Harrison Wells is something I aspired to do, since I got hire in sir.” You told him before flipping your helmet down getting work.

You chit chatted with him before but recently he’d been getting closer to everyone. Asking questions, being friendly…there were certainly more inspiring days then not. 

You finished the welding on the sides early climbing down walking over to the back were the tubes came out. You smiled a little as you rounded the corner watching Dr. Wells argue with one of the engineers. Obviously the engineer was in the wrong as he pointed out every spot to fix. 

When he finally turned seeing you he huffed, “I ask very little…but cutting corners has never been something. I should fire that man.”

“Flynn? He’s just nervous around you.” You told him taking off your wielding gloves.

“Nervous?” He looked up from his tablet to you.

“You’re the boss…the head hancho…” You told him tapping you toe against the ground looking from him to your hands.

“Are you nervous around me?” He asked putting the tablet down to his side a small smirk played across his face.

“Me?” You looked at him surprised, “Well…I guess a little, but…not because you’re my boss…”

“Oh?” His eye brows flashed up quickly.

You flushed a little clearing your throat, “I’d uh…rather move on, sir…I was just stopping over to see if you had a free man to spot me when I get rigged up.”

“I’ll do it.” He told you handing the tablet off to a passing engineer, “Jesse and I used to go rock climbing, I’m more then qualified.”

“I didn’t…ask for qualifications.” You squinted at him as he walked with you around the canister.

“Well…” He shrugged a small smile played on his lips, “all the same, now you know you’re in good hands.”

You smiled at him, “I suppose I am.”

You felt a little awkward as you strapped up in your harness. You pulled on the belts tightening them. You turned awkwardly trying to reach the one in the back that was tangled up. You grunted trying to get it tight enough but you just weren’t getting the right angle.

“Need help?” You looked at him stepping toward you.

“That would be great. Thank you Dr. Wells.” You smiled at him.

“Call me Harry.” He smiled at you getting closer as he leaned down to take hold of the strap, “I’ve read your paper, you know? It’s quite interesting.”

“You have?” You glanced back at him, “I mean it’s highly theoretical…but with the right fission process it could be extremely beneficial.”

“Yes, I especially like the use of the STAR labs processing systems.” He told you as he pulled the tangled strap roughly his hand slipping causing him to give you a surprising tap.

You flushed quickly as he stepped away. You knew it was an accident but it was an awkward situation regardless, “Uh…” 

"I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” He told you quickly.

You turned to him slightly, “Well I should hope not, generally I at least get dinner first.”

“How’s Friday night at eight sound?” He asked you quickly.

You laughed a little, “Good one.”

“I…wasn’t joking…” He told you slowly. He watched your surprise roll over your features, “Y/N, I have enjoyed working with you this past month. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.”

You looked down to your hands, “Is that why you read my paper?”

“No. I read your paper six months after you finished it.” He told you, “It’s why I started this project, because I think your theory can work.”

“You do?” You looked to him surprised.

“Yes.”  He smiled at you turning to the giant canister opening his arms, “The only way to compensate for the flyback…”

“Would be a secondary compression unit with a venting system.” You smiled shaking your head impressed, “You are brilliant.”

“I am just running with your idea, with a safety upgrade.” He told you hooking the carabiner to your harness, “So what do you say? Friday, eight o’clock?”

You smiled at him a little, “Well…”

A time for farewells.

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

I kinda didn’t want to announce this yet, but it seems I might as well address two problems at once. First the Sea Breeze Bazaar will not be happening this weekend, as those who have seen a lack of flyer will doubtlessly be able to surmise. My messages to the calendar didn’t seem to go through. Which given how hard they work isn’t that big of a deal, missed messages happen.

Secondly, and perhaps more seriously, I won’t be running this event anymore due to real life complications. I simply cannot handle the stress in my life at present and juggling such a massive event with my current anxieties is near impossible. Especially if I want to do small scale RP and other things on top of it. I wanted to wait another week to hopefully find someone in the circles I trust the most to take up the torch, but it seemed pointless to wait at present.

It’s been an amazing run and I’m so happy to have seen this event grow and become a staple of the community. I’m going to miss carving out time to sit down and host this event and I sincerely ask that anyone who is upset about this go and attend the other merchant events that have popped up since the SBB’s inception. All are run by really talented people and you could not ask for a better time.

Thank you for this past year and a half, it’s been amazing and a time I won’t soon forget. 

(If you are interested in taking over the event, please drop me a line.)

The Isak + Even fan fics that I’m currently reading Part One:
(This could be a recommendation list I guess, but it’s more of a list of fics that I’m currently reading, so the ones that I’ve already read aren’t there. The list is also in random order. I’m going to make a part two because damn, I read so many fics.)

 Let Me In | milk_o_vich

“What are you doing here?” Isak asked, unable to keep the anger out of his voice.
Even’s eyes were wide and a little unfocused, flitting over Isak nervously. He was quiet for a long time, rain hitting the pavement outside, and Isak became kind of aware that Even must be freezing in his thin, damp t-shirt.
Even pressed his lips together, then said, voice hoarse and quiet, “Can I stay here tonight?”
(Isak and Even broke up months ago)

→  Expect the Unexpected | bri_ness

In which Snakesak plays Big Brother. 

 right click > save as | kittpurrson

Isak, a fic writer in the Minute by Minute fandom, had the world’s biggest crush on the fandom’s biggest name.
Or: the fandomception AU, in which two boys fall in love over Discourse, gifsets, and increasingly dirty hashtags.

The Weight Of Us | verlore_poplap

Isak finally takes the plunge towards what’s seemed like an inevitability for almost ten years.Of course that’s when some guy comes along and ruins everything

.—Isak Valtersen is literally the last thing Even’s life needs right now.It pretty horrifying how hard that is to remember, everytime he’s around.

I Would Do It Again | cuteandtwisted

“I dare you to hook up with him.”

“What? The blonde guy?”
“Yes, the blonde guy.”

Or Even gets caught up in a dare, and Isak loses a little bit of himself in the process.

Home is wherever am with you | cuteandtwisted 

“Hi. I’m Even and I don’t usually walk around in nothing but a towel.”
“Uh, I’m Isak.”
“Isak. Mind if I kidnap you for some fun sightseeing activities?”
Or Isak and Even keep meeting in hostels around the world and parting with a kiss or two.

blue like the night in cuba | piccadilly

Isak and Even meet on a train and spend a night exploring Paris, losing themselves and finding each other.Or, a Before Sunrise AU.

Livredderen | Kudzibisa 

I et parallelt univers møtes Isak og Even under dramatiske omstendigheter. Even er førstemann til ulykkesstedet når Isak havner i et voldsomt bilkrasj.Det blir et første møte som ingen av dem klarer å glemme.

Eller AU der Even (helt bokstavelig talt) redder Isak. Redder Isak han tilbake?

Summer Love | Chips2

Even has just finished University. He decides to spend summer at his parent’s holiday house in the Norwegian countryside where he has been coming since childhood. He knows Isak, one of the locals, who has recently graduated from high school and is spending his break helping his dad out at his kayak shop.

Two boys from different backgrounds, both embarking on new chapters in their lives who find their worlds intertwined during their holidays and on one particularly hot summer break.

→  Little Harbour | MermaidsandMermen (SophiaSoames) 

The all grown up AU where Even is lost and Isak is Norway’s favourite Midwife. It is what it is.Title from It’s the dream by Norwegian poet Olav V HaugeIt’s the dream we carry in secret, that something miraculous will happen. That It must happen, that time will open, that the heart will open, that doors will open, that the rockface will open, that spring will gush.

That the dream will open, that one morning we will glide into some little harbour we didn’t know was there.

stay a minute | grinsekaetzchen

“The leads of Even Bech Næsheim’s new ‘Romeo and Juliet’ adaption were announced yesterday, with Eva Kviig Mohn taking to Twitter to confirm, ‘Looking forward to playing Julieeeeet’. Her fellow Romeo was announced shortly after to be Isak Valtersen, which his publicist confirmed today. It seems that this will be Norway’s new star-crossed pair of lovers.”

In which there is a tumblr fandom that is dying every time new information for said version of 'Romeo and Juliet’ drops, Even is a beloved director and Isak - well, Isak would just really appreciate it if his mind would stop surprising him with memories at the worst moments possible.

it’s about growing up, getting older, living on a lover’s shoulder (it’s about time) | babyturtle

The Sana-and-Isak-Childhood-Friends ft. Bookclubs AU you didn’t know you were looking for.

Sana and Isak might’ve spent more time fighting than reading the first day the met, but sometimes that’s just how it goes. Usually. Usually that’s how it goes. With Sana and Isak specifically. In their mostly dysfunctional two person book club.

Or, life is hard and growing up harder, but take my hand and I’m right there with you.

torches (life’s too short) | xxLeviBech

“My mom used to tell me my thoughts would pour out of my ears if I kept thinking too hard.” Isak threw back another fry, keeping his gaze down.

“That’s pretty fucked up, man.” Even deadpanned, making Isak snap his head up in a laugh

.“Fuck you,” He giggled, tossing one of the soggier ones at Even and being decidedly unimpressed when he caught it in his mouth.

Or, a canon divergence AU in which Isak’s childhood is exponentially more severe – where he can’t remember coming to school without bruises, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and long sleeves. It’s fine, he’s fine. It wasn’t for his friends, though; and that’s how he wound up here, in a fold-up chair every Tuesday and Friday, talking about his experiences with other post-secondary kids diagnosed with some kind of PTSD. It’s also where meets a guy whose name starts with the same letters as everything, because that’s… exactly what he is.

Come On, Set the Tone | boxesofflowers, Eeyoreneedsahug 

Isak is a recently out popstar who wants to prove that he is not just another pretty face in pop music and has the skills to make his own way in the musical world (just like his newly found idol, Even Bech Naesheim).

Even is a self contained, indie singer songwriter who takes shit from nobody - anyone in his cult following will tell you (including a certain popstar).Shortly after a public feud between the two begins, they’re forced together for a nationwide tour. 9 weeks, 50 shows, and countless hours (together) on the tour bus leave Even writing cryptic love songs and Isak wondering if he should leave everything he knows behind.

Ft. BL!SS, Balloon Squad, Wireless Problems, Jonas, and the Wobbles

Parallel Universe | RunningGirl

What if Even goes his own way, leaving Isak behind? What if he regrets it? What if he’s given the chance to see what would have happened if he stayed?

Even made a decision after college. A decision he’s regretted for five years. He’s given the opportunity to see what would have happened if he hadn’t made that decision. A glimpse into a parallel universe.

This makes me realize that I hate most of Polygon’s fanbase who acts like they (the fans themselves) are completely above reproach and never make mistakes, but the moment someone that they’re supposed to support is accused of doing something wrong, they immediately throw him under the bus without even waiting to hear what official investigations uncover.

It’s these people who on one hand decry the witchhunting of things like GamerGate, but are so eager to take up torches and pitchforks the moment their fave white boy supposedly wrongs them.

And from what we’ve seen so far, it’s just bad flirting. Is it creepy that Nick picked DMs from fans much younger than him to respond to? I guess, but so far what we’ve seen is all consensual even if it’s a little weird and gross. I understand there are further accusations that he knowingly hit on underage girls, but we’ve seen no real evidence thus far and those affected need to be in touch with the Vox Media investigation team (or THE POLICE), not just shout things from behind Twitter accounts and stir the pot.

But I guess I’m stupid and every man who has ever flirted with me and who I flirted with back should have his life ruined. I’m in no way mad at the women who posted actual receipts, since they have all admitted thus far (from what I’ve seen) that it wasn’t sexual harassment and that it was consensual, mostly that he was just creepy in his texting. Also, can we stop acting like Nick wields so much influence?? He wields as much influence as the next reviewer from a gaming site, of which there are dozens meaning there are so many reviewers. Obviously if you’re a small indie dev reviews are everything, but at the end of the day he’s one man in an industry of thousands. He might tell a couple friends that so and so is a bitch and to not review their game well, but honestly, is that a real concern? Maybe? But probably not. Even if it did mean he reviewed your game badly, Nick isn’t the leader of a game reviewing cult, and as we’ve seen from his friends’ and co-workers’ reactions to the events unfolding, they are completely capable to think for themselves and aren’t under some sort of Nick Robinson spell of influence.

At any rate, if those affected desire any sort of punitive actions to befall Nick beyond his current suspension, they WILL have to come forward and provide the Vox Media investigation team (or the police if it’s really that bad) with receipts and proof. While they should not be expected to provide them to the public at large, they DO have to provide them to official investigations in private if they expect action to be taken. Sorry, that’s how our justice system works and should work in all areas of judgment and punishment. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty, and it is on the accusers to provide official investigation teams with said proof of guilt. The internet seems to think its guilty until proven innocent, and that is simply absurd and untrue.

I understand that the victims of sexual harassment are often unfairly treated with disdain and threatened when they bring matters into the light, but I’m sorry, the only way to fight the stigma is to be unafraid and come forward. Dealing with this kind of stuff, depending on the severity, can be traumatic enough on its own, but the only way you can prevent it from happening in the future and prevent another person from feeling the way you do, is to come forward, not necessarily to the entire internet, but the people with the direct ability to take action against the guilty party.

I am not defending Nick Robinson or anything he’s done or potentially done. I am defending our justice system and the staple of democracy we all seem to ignore: “innocent until proven guilty.” It is not up to accusers to provide us (the internet at large) proof, just as it is not up to us (the internet) to determine his guilt. Proof is however required to determine guilt, even if you (the internet at large) are not entitled to view said proof, it is required to convict someone in court and should be the standard of justice and due process that we uphold in all facets of life.

okay I love creepy things but honestly fuck “homicidal doll” movies

they contribute significantly to the decline of an already dying branch of antique sales/collecting

doll museums and stores have been closing by the dozens for the past 20 or so years

the most common reaction I get to saying I work with antique dolls is “oh my god that’s so creepy,” even though these dolls are incredible works of art

people who have the skills and knowledge to preserve these dolls (which are literal pieces of history) are aging and dying with very few young people coming in to take up the torch, in no small part because of movies like Chucky and Annabelle

and when people do buy broken or damaged dolls, they tear them up or splash them with red paint for art projects or Halloween decorations instead of trying to restore them

so those writers and directors can go fuck themselves. forget dolls killing people; the dolls and the history they embody are the real victims here

You?! - Part 3 (Rafe Adler)

Part 1
Part 2

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- - - - -

Guilt curtains my brain and fogs every thought that comes to me. Every second, I end up thinking about Sullivan… How that thud… How lifeless he must have fallen; his body limp on the ground with his blood spreading like a pool.

Tears form in my eyes from the thought of him and I wipe them away as I look at the Shoreline men guarding the confessional room, closing the door and locking me in. I curse myself for the stupid thought that I could calm down Rafe, just because I believed that he was a changed man.

God damn it!

Victor was like a father to me. He took care of me when I had no one and I was lucky enough that him and Nate found me in the slumps of Guatemala. Victor Sullivan saved me and I didn’t give anything back to show my gratitude.

Now he’s gone and I can’t do anything but feel pity and guilt over myself.

After an hour of crying, I decide to distract myself by pacing around the room and think of anything else but this situation that I put myself in.

Another explosion rumbles the Cathedral from the Shoreline men exploding rooms to find the next clue of this Avery treasure hunt. A light thudding sound catches my attention and I look to my left to see a cross has fallen from its place on the wall. I walk towards it and pick up the cross, but what intrigued me was how it was placed: between two other crosses. I tilt my head as I study this, looking back in my memory about a Bible story I’ve heard that involves these three crosses, but come up with nothing.

Giving up, I place the cross back to its place and as I do so, a click then a whir of machinery roars behind the wall and then a loud bang at the other end of the room.

My heart pounds as I stare into the darkness of the passage, but I shake my head and realize that it’s a chance of escape. But where would I even end up and where would I even go if I did manage to get out?

I guess I’ll find out. I’d rather be anywhere else than in this room.

I look at the closed door, seeing no sign of urgency from Rafe’s men and I take this chance to leave before the secret passage closes. The wall starts to slide and I make a run for it, my fingers being nearly squeezed as the door bangs closed. Taking breaths, I turn on the flashlight of my phone and a tunnel of darkness appears in front of me. My footsteps echo as I walk and it’s given me a good few minutes before I reach the end, where I enter a big cave with a table in the middle and a scale placed on top with a cross on one side.

Great. A puzzle to work my way out of. As I walk towards it, I see the other side to be filled with old coins.

Just before I take one coin, a whir of machinery catches my attention and I hide behind the table for caution. As I look up to see, it’s Nate and Sam, both studying the room as they enter with their mouths wide open.

I raise up from my place and they yell my name as they see me. The tip of my mouth raises to a smile as Nate runs and twirls me around in a big, brotherly hug while Sam and I share a friendly nod to each other.

“Holy shit, we thought we lost you!” Nate says, chuckling as he puts me down.

“H-How’d you even get here?” Sam asks and I laugh lightly at how stupid it might sound.

“Rafe locked me in a confessional room and a cross fell from the wall, so I placed it back and a secret passage opened up that lead me here.”

Sam and Nate look at each other before we share a lighthearted laugh.

“Treasure hunter extraordinaire.” Sam comments.

It didn’t take long until we go back to business, looking at the scale with a still silence in the room. Sam is about to take the cross, but I swat his hand off. “It might be a trap.” I tell him and Nathan steps in.

“She’s right. It’s the only valuable thing we see in this cave.”

Sam looks around the cave, nodding his head. “Right… Greed…”

Nate studies the scale and table. “It’s probably another test.” He says, looking between the cross and the coins.

I look at the walls for possible signs to stop a trap from being triggered, walking farther from the brothers as they continue on the decision of taking a coin.

As I am about to take a torch, it lights up immediately and I look back to see that Sam has taken the coin. My heart skips a beat, hoping that a trap hasn’t been triggered but a light shines from the ceiling, projecting a shape of an island onto the floor, proving me wrong.

I smile as I walk towards Nate who laughs like a little kid during Christmas, but Sam is looking around with a straight face. “It’s Madagascar,” he says with and still voice and no show of excitement. “And that’s King’s Bay.” He points to the star at the edge of the island.

“You’re not the least bit excited about this?” I cross my arms as I study him.

“He’s screwing with us.” He places the coin in his pocket, looking at me with a hard look in his eyes. “This was supposed to be it, so where’s the God damn treasure, huh? I mean, King’s Bay, that’s great, but what’s next? North Pole? Outer space?”

He’s starting to sound like Rafe and I roll my eyes at his little drama moment. “And what do you expect, huh? A cave filled with treasure? Because treasure hunting is that easy? With years of experience, Sam, treasure hunting is never easy!”

Sam scoffs as he rolls his eyes as well. “I’ve got three months or else my head will be chopped off by Alcazar! So, I have the right to be pissed about this! And don’t talk to me about experience!” He points a finger at me and I haven’t realized how unbelievably close we are until Nate cuts me off.

“You two are acting like you’re an old married couple.” He has a smirk on his face and I back away from Sam as we both clear our throats. My cheeks start to burn as I avoid eye-contact from him. “Anyway, listen… Avery wrote ‘For those who prove worthy, paradise awaits.’” He looks at us as if we were supposed to know, but I’m as dumbfounded as Sam who scratches his head. “He was recruiting!” Nate chuckles.

“Recruiting for what?” Sam and I ask in unison.

“Recruiting for—”

A sudden explosion interrupts Nate and send me falling backwards, scraping my arm onto the tiled floor. Sam helps me up as I dust myself off. Looking ahead, I see Nadine with two Shoreline men aiming their guns at us. She walks towards us with an evil grin on her face.

God, I hate this bitch.

“You two are very, very noisy.” She takes out a two-way radio and talks to Rafe, telling him that she’s found them.

Seizing the moment, I reach for my gun in my holster, but feeling nothing as I remember that I left it on the plane while changing into the clothes Rafe got for me. A plan slowly forms in my head and I share it with the brothers while Nadine still has her back turned. We finish in time as she ends her talk with Rafe, turning around to us and ordering to place our guns on the floor; we oblige.

“King’s Bay.” Nadine says, pointing at the star.

“Yeah, but, uh… Where in King’s Bay?” Sam points towards the cross. “You’ll need that cross over there to figure it out. But there’s only three people that can tell you how to use it.”

Nadine turns around to her men and I bite my lower lip in hopes that the plan will work. She orders the men to take the cross and we take a step back towards the ledge where the light of the map ends. As the Shoreline man takes the cross, it triggers the trap that I was hoping for and the floor breaks apart and falls deep into the ground.

We make a run towards the exit while bullets whistle past us. My heart pounds along with my footsteps and as we reach outside, we take cover behind a wall, protecting ourselves from more of the Shoreliners.

“Okay, what now?” Sam whispers to me and I look around only to be reminded that Victor always had our get-away-vehicle. The thought of him makes my heart ache in my chest.

“Did one of you at least bring some type of transportation?” I ask them as I look up from the wall we’re covering from.

“Yeah, we have Sully.” Nate says and I stare at him blankly.

“I… I thought he was shot…”

Nate opens his mouth, but is interrupted by a grenade being thrown in front of us. “Shit!” I curse and we immediately raise up and run towards another wall for cover. It explodes nearby and my ears ring for a few seconds until I hear the sound of gunshots clear as day.

“The plane is right over there. We jump and then we swim.” Nate says, pointing towards the end of the cliff showing a vast spread of ocean. I nod, still processing the fact that… Victor is not dead…

We make a run towards the edge, lucky enough that the Shoreliners have no aim.

Seeing Victor’s worn-down plane floating on the ocean, makes me stop in the midst of jumping, excited to see Victor. A smile forms on my face, reaching from one ear to the other. Holy shit, he’s alive!

Sam takes a hold of my hand, taking me from my thoughts. “We have to jump!” He yells over the sound of bullets shooting past us.

I nod my head and we jump onto the ocean, shivering as I feel the ice, cold water; not making it any easier to swim. My legs start to feel numb and I can barely float—coughing as water enters my throat. God, I wish I had taken more swimming lessons.

Soon enough my arms grow tired, but it’s only a second until I’ve finally reached the plane, taking Victor’s hand with urgency and I pull him into a hug, burying my face in the old man’s shoulder.

His chest rumbles from his gruff chuckle. “Hey, kid, we’re, uh… We’re kinda in a hurry.” He says, patting my back.

“I don’t care. It’s so fucking great to see you, old man!”

Part 4

Headcanon: The Engineer is divorced. She was the receptionist of the physics department at the school he did graduate research at, and they fell head over heels for one another. He swept her away with his southern charm, and she made him feel ten feet tall, despite actually being the shorter of the two. It didn’t take too long for them to decide that they wanted to spend their lives together, so they got married. It was a small service and his father did not attend, but no bother. As soon as it was over, he took his new bride into his arms and whisked her away to Hawaii for their honeymoon. They would have a wonderful time, and upon returning, Dell would take up the torch and start his new job as the Engineer for the Mann Family, just as his father had, and his before him.
After they returned to Dell’s childhood home, now his and his wife’s, it did not take long for things to begin to change. Right off the bat, Dell spent a lot of time at work, but late nights at the office turned to not coming home at all, sometimes for entire weeks, and the phone calls explaining where he was began to trickle off. Whenever they did spend time together, he seemed to be focused on ‘making sure those boys didn’t break nothing’ while he was away. They spent their first anniversary at home. The second, he called to wish her a good one. The third, he forgot. There would not be a fourth.
She tried to tell him she was leaving him in person. It was early in the morning while he was getting ready to go back to work. She was eating cereal and watching him mill around the kitchen, remembering each and every reason why she loved him. She told him there was something she needed to tell him. He looked up, began to say something, noticed the time, and swore. He was late. He quickly ran by her, kissing her cheek and promising they could talk about it that night.
The next time he came home, the house was empty, the papers were on the table, and the milk in the fridge had expired.
If you were to ask Engie what he would have done different, he would lie to you. He would say something along the lines of making sure he went home more, or communicated better, or even really think before getting married. These are good answers, and all valid in their own ways, but the truth is he doesn’t know. He’s ashamed of what he did to that poor girl. He never told the others, and the other don’t ask, but never again will he forget their anniversary.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved: and now we lie
In Flanders fields!

Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you, from failing hands, we throw
The torch: be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields

anonymous asked:

Hey Jeff, I asked this to PBG and I want to know what you'll do to the channel when you die. Will you take the vids down, leave them up or pass the torch to a younger Hidden Block member (I wish that was me, but I'm not in Hidden Block.) Also, do you have any tips for aspiring youtubers? I've heard to collaborate with bigger channels, but unless you collab with me, I have no other youtubers as friends. -Fury Wings

You or someone else already asked me this on stream? I can’t remember who asked me though. It’s an odd question with a simple answer though.

Nothing will happen to my channel, or alternative, SOMETHING will happen to it but I would never forsee that because i’d be dead. The most likely situation would be that nothing happens with it and the channel just slowly fades away.

Farewell OB!

i was on summer break, right about to enter my final year of university. with all of my shows on hiatus, i was desperate for something new to watch to kill some time before i had to start classes again. orphan black had just concluded its first season and i had been hearing rave reviews—a female-fronted sci-fi show that involved a human cloning conspiracy shot right here in toronto? queer characters? it sounded right up my alley. i was intrigued. i decided to give it a shot.

three days later, i had binged the entire first season and was eagerly awaiting the second one. i was struck by not only how amazing tatiana maslany was, but how clever and tight the writing was. orphan black deliveredit was everything i ever wanted in a series. but more than anything, i felt completely pulled in by the potential of cophine; i’ve never really been one for ships in the past–there are definitely pairings i’ve rooted for when watching certain shows, but at the end of the day, i never tuned in solely just to see a certain pairing on screen. i don’t watch television for romance so when romance storylines are featured, they’re always peripheral to me.

cophine was the exception.

due in large part to the amazing performances by tatiana and evelyne, i found myself completely invested in cophine and dying to know how their relationship would play out. i hadn’t really seen a queer relationship quite like this one depicted on television before—a relationship between two women where the fact that they’re both women is a non-issue. we had two intelligent women battling against forces much greater than themselves and trying desperately to hold onto each other. it ensnared me and i was so invested that for the first time since i was a teenager, i began writing fanfic again. i never thought i would—i thought i had outgrown it, that i would never find another show where i felt compelled to devote hours of my own time to writing about characters that weren’t mine—but i’m glad i decided to give it a chance because it’s seriously changed my life. i’ve always enjoyed writing, but being bogged down with school and depression had stifled my muse and it had been so long since i had written anything creative for pleasure.

i decided to write cophine.

the fandom was still young and i remember there being not too much cophine fic out there at the time, but i still wanted to contribute because i felt i had something to offer and this show/pairing had really touched me. i posted my first fic, figured maybe a handful of people would read it and that would be the end of it.

holy shit, was i wrong.

i was met by this wave of tremendous support. i had so many people suddenly reaching out to me, begging me to write more and sharing their own feelings and spec about the show and these characters. i felt such an overwhelming positivity in this fandom that i had never seen anywhere else. i felt inspired. i had always wanted to pursue writing but never really believed that i had what it took. i mean, i knew that i was a decent enough writer, but i never really believed that i was exceptional or anything like that. it wasn’t until i joined clone club that i actually felt the love and began to think that i could actually do it. it wasn’t until i met some pretty amazing friends (shoutout to the obf wives!), joined tumblr and got to interact with all of you that i realized the true power of fandom.

i’ve heard from so many of you throughout the years. from the simple comments merely sharing how much you’ve enjoyed a chapter to the heavier ones where some of you share how my stories have touched you in profound ways. the most incredible ones that still blow me away are the few that reach out to tell me that my stories have literally saved their lives—how they felt so hopeless and for whatever reason, some crazy little fic i wrote managed to reach them and offer them comfort in a time of need, had compelled them to reach out for help. having people share their stories with me is literally the greatest gift of all and has changed my life in so many ways—all of which would have been impossible without ob.

despite all of the drama, the ups and downs throughout the years, i still have such a tender place in my heart for this show and i always will. i will never forget what ob has given me—not just hours of joy and salt and entertainment—but a real sense of family. there has never been a fandom quite like this and while i hope i’ll see it again soon, i can’t be certain. while i am sad that my favourite show is ending (i think a part of me is still in denial, tbh), i know that what this show has given me will last for a very, very long time. and while i’m sure the fandom will slowly disperse over time, i have no intention of abandoning cophine just yet.

yes, i am sad—but i’m also fucking inspired. this show has made me realize how important queer representation is and how i definitely want to be a part of that fight. it made me want to take up the torch and write my own crazy stories to share with the world. as evelyne has already said, it made me realize the power of fiction. i don’t know if there will ever be another orphan black (nor do i want another one), but i really believe that so many doors have been opened and i’m excited to see what the future has in store not just for canadian television, but for strong female roles and queer roles. orphan black is proof that it can work–that women (and queer women) can carry our own stories with as much strength and dignity–if not more–than our male counterparts. orphan black is proof that there is an entire generation of women who are invested in these stories and will never stop fighting to see them translated onscreen.