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I’m in love with the concept of Danny DESPERATELY attempting to make Phantom seem different than Fenton- seem more ghostly.

Like, as Phantom he tries to not reference pulp culture. One day, Valerie asks him how old he is and he just shrugs. (”It’s keeping the mystique, guys!”) He’s way more talkative, and lets his emotions out more. He claims to not know what the internet is, and fumbles the pronunciation of slang. He plays to his parents’ theories about ghosts being emotionless, telling Val that sometimes he does feel emotions, strong and real and overwhelming, and sometimes the only thought in his mind is protecting people, no matter what it costs himself or those that get in his way.

As Fenton, on the contrary, he takes up smoking (the boy doesn’t breathe. Also he feels like it grounds him- makes him remember that at least some part of him is still alive), often makes not-so-ironic jokes about wanting to die, and is still always late for class. He only really lets his emotions out to Jazz, Sam or Tucker, and a lot of people assume he’s either a part of a gang or a sociopath.

Wes finds it POSITIVELY FRUSTRATING when Danny smirks at him and says quietly, “How old do you think Phantom is, Wes? I’m guessing 15,”

after 12.23

(yes, more angst. i love to suffer.)

He’s seeing him again. Everywhere. 

Back when he was fresh from Purgatory he couldn’t be sure that what he was seeing was even real, but he knows now that this is not. 

Well, except that it is, in a way. Shimmering blue light in the distance, not grace but something else entirely. Real as the far-off twinkle of the stars, beautiful and unreachable in all the same ways. He stares for a very long time into the burning center of wisping shapes, cold and familiar. The heavy expression fixed on the face is endlessly unnerving, like the eyes see right through Dean and into the fabric of the world behind him. Dean always ends up turning his eyes down in shame. Out of grief that he’ll never get to move past.

He bundles himself up in jackets like he had when he was young and just as scared and alone as he feels right now. Swimming in them because of all the weight he’s lost. Not on purpose, it just… happened that way. The joints in his hands stick and crack when he cleans his guns. He takes up smoking again just to get some warmth back in his chest.

We could make this go away, Sam tries to tell him. Dean won’t have it. The chill in his bones is a comfort, and he’ll fight to keep it even if it ends up freezing him from the inside out.

Them in the passenger seat again together. The Impala’s chassis doesn’t balance out the way that it does when there’s two people in there, leaning on the turns and squealing in the wheels, but he can still pretend. He hangs an elbow out the open window and taps his cigarette out onto the oil-slick asphalt. He keeps his eyes straight ahead when they pull up to a red light. He shivers and fights the urge to turn his head, stare into dead eyes.

Dean tried to talk, the first few times. But there’s just not enough of him left to dredge up an answer, Sam thinks, not even the affectionate syllable of a name. There’s not much they can do about that, but Dean loses sleep over it anyway.

It’s Dean’s curse to be haunted by what he wants and loves. Ghosts, sometimes, they’re not tied to things. They’re tied to the people that hold too tightly to them.

No, it wasn’t you.

It wasn’t you that forced my hand.

To trade in coffee for Melbourne Breakfast tea.
To sacrifice sleep for conversations into the early morning hours.
To take up smoking because sitting in silence to you meant lighting up a cigarette.
To mistrust friends that I had since I was seventeen.

No, it wasn’t you.

It wasn’t you that forced my hand.

To start listening to songs I never liked just because that is what you listened to.
To buy a car I could never afford because you liked travelling a certain way.
To not read books from the street markets because reading fiction never taught us anything.
To start drinking vodka straight, because diluting it was never an option.

No, it wasn’t you.

It wasn’t you that forced my hand.

To lose myself in you until I forgot myself.
To lose the friends I had known until even loneliness abandoned my side.
To forget the parents that told me to be careful.
To not cry the tears I needed to cry.

No, it wasn’t you.

It was me. And I know that now. And maybe, just maybe I can turn it around, now that I know.

—  Navin E. (it wasn’t you and I am relieved I know that now. Now, it’s my time to work on me.)

theyre bonding ;)

you cant tell me that post-game after being nigh-disenfranchised with that demotion and being forced to confront past inhumane sins somebody like faba wouldnt take up stress-smoking 

at least he found a smoking buddy he can surprisingly stand for more than 30 minutes

(it also gives nanu the perfect opportunity to talk casually with the guy bc hes super-califragilistic-expiali-gay and thinks fabas pretty)


 Notes~ You decided to go shopping instead of attending Devil’s Night with him. When you both are home, James instantly wants to get sexual with him. You both end up having a talk about something that has been bothering you for a while. 

Warnings~ Somewhat sexual,short mentions of alcohol, drugs, beatings, and rape.

Words- 1,098

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Devil’s Night was almost over at the Cortez by the time you arrived back to your room. Instead of taking part in the event you went shopping with Liz. James insisted that if you must miss his party that you at least have someone else with you at all times. You knew what your husband’s favorite hobby was and it really didn’t bother you. It kept him happy and from getting angry at you, which is all you wanted. You walked to your bed to drop the arm full of bags you had with Liz behind you ready to do the same thing. You started opening your bags and sorting out the articles of clothing and shoes to take them to their proper place. Liz pulled out a pack of cigarettes and took one out before offering you one. “No thank you. I don’t smoke,” you answered.

“You might as well, everyone else in this damned place does.”

“I thought you would have much rather spent the night out with Tristan than with me.”

“Honey,” Liz started,”Tristan and I don’t have to go out to have a good time and I don’t mean just sex.”

“It seems like all James has wanted lately is sex,” you sighed as the last word left your lips. You walked over to your closet hanging up things and placing shoes on the bottom. “That’s just how the man is. He finds someone he likes and gives them gifts and riches to make up for the lack of emotion.” Liz took a long drag on her cigarette and got up when she heard a knock on the door. It was Tristan. Sometimes when James would “work” the you would go down to the bar and chat with Liz and Tristan for hours. Tristan wrapped his arm around Liz and kissed her before they sat down in a chair with Liz on Tristan’s lap. “Hey Tristan,” you said putting the last of your new things and grabbing a bottle of wine. You sat in the chair across from Liz and Tristan. You didn’t even bother getting a glass for the wine and just drank it out of the bottle. “It looks like you’re taking up drinking instead of smoking,” Liz said raising her eyebrow at you.

“You could always do drugs instead,” Tristan said,” if you do the right kind it’s the best mix of smoking and drinking.”

“You know I hate it when you talk about that stuff,” Liz pouted.  You looked at the time and it was a minute to midnight. James would be back instantly after that. “You guys may want to leave,” you suggested to your friends.

“March is such a grump,” Liz said.

“My husband is just particular, but I would rather you guys leave now so we don’t have to find out what he’ll do to keep you out.” With that, the pair got up and excited the room. You took the bottle of wine and put it back into its place. You’ve lived in the Cortez for while, yet it’s never truly felt like home. You loved your husband very much and wouldn’t do anything to bother him. That included trying to redecorate or modernize anything. You knew if he asked he’d probably say yes and use it as a way to make sure you never left him. You heard the door open and made your way to it. “Dearest, how was your day,” James said before you wrapping you up in his arms. His cane feel to the ground next to him.

“It was alright,” you sighed,” I bought a lot of new clothing I think you’ll like.”

“I bet they’re lovely.” James leaned down to press his mouth hard against yours. You gasped as you felt his tongue push its way into your mouth.  You wrapped your arms around his neck and grabbed for his hair. His hands moved down your body taking in its shape before they grabbed your ass. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he lifted you up to carry you to the bed. He laid you down and quickly touch off his shirt. He moved to be on top of you. Your hands pressed against his chest as he kissed down your neck to your collarbone. Then you thought of something. “James, I can’t.” James pushed himself up and looked into your eyes, “ What can’t you do, darling?”

“ I can’t just have sex with you like this James. Lately, you’ve just been acting like that’s all I am for you.” James looked like he was thinking deeply about what he was getting ready to say next. You honestly expected him to already be trying to kill you over it or force himself upon you. “ I can assure you that you are not used for only that purpose.”

“Than what purpose do I have for you,” you pleadingly looked into James eyes. He moved to the edge of the bed to sit with his legs hanging over the side. He reached his hand up to grab a handful of his already ruffled hair as he thought. You just sat there looking at him not knowing what to say. You never have seen him like this before.

“Dearest, you’re here because I love you. You aren’t here just because I want something that selfish from you. If I did I would just use any woman who walked into this place like I used to.”

You crawled to sit by his side and he pulled you into his lap. He was still looking off into the distance. “At most times,” you continued, “ I feel like I’m here just to be your arm candy and that’s why you offer me everything I want.”

“I offer you all of those things because I wish for you to be happy and as much as I wish I could I know that I could never make you truly happy.”

“James, is that what you really think?” He nodded his head without looking at you.

“You make me happy, you do I promise,” you reassured,” you just haven’t been acting like yourself. We haven’t even eaten a meal together in over a month.”

“I’m sorry, my love.”

“Instead of working so much next week, you should just spend time with me so we can actually talk about all of these things and get back to normal.”  

James looked into your eyes for a few seconds before speaking up,” I promise you that I will dearest and that my main focus will be put back on you.”

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  • PAIRING: Young!Sirius Black x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Sirius takes up smoking after quitting to forget about his feelings for Y/N.
  • WARNINGS: a tad bit of cursing and angst
  • WORDS: 514
  • PROMPT: (requested by: @felelotlen-felhotlen)
  • 10. “You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”
  • 14. “Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.”
  • 24. “Oh my…dude, you love her.”

The final year and the final week of Hogwarts. All the students have been waiting for this ever since day one, especially Y/N. She can finally finish school and be an independent woman and live in the muggle world to start her career. Of course, she’s going to miss the place that she had once called her second home, but she’s extra excited to be out in the real world.

Sirius wasn’t excited nor feeling anything. The reason being he was just living in the moment, which is his motto of life. The dark-haired man was calmly taking drags out of his cigarette while taking the scenery of the Black Lake. It was silent, the only noise being the gooses’ quacks and the birds chirping. 

His thoughts surrounding a certain Y/H/C girl, also known as Y/N. Who he has had a crush on since he first laid eyes on her when they were eleven, in the first year. He’s never been one to voice out his own thoughts, being that the dark-haired man is afraid of rejection. Primarily because he has come from a place where he has been rejected many times; by his mother, his father, his whole family generally.

The Sirius Black, the man who did not fear anything, his fear was rejection. 

When he told James his feelings for her, the charming brunet man only gaped at him saying, “Oh my…dude, you love her.” Now all he ever realized that his feelings for the Y/E/C girl have officially blossomed into love.

He was so clouded by his thoughts that he didn’t hear the footsteps that came from behind him. “Since when do you smoke?” 

“Since forever.” He simply replied as he took a long drag out of the substance.

“Well, I find it disgusting. Just get it out of your mouth, I-I hate it.”

“Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.” The dark haired man commented sassily. The girl plopped down next to him, in surprise that she had lost balance.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Sirius?” The man simply couldn’t take it anymore, he’s been hiding his feelings from her for years now. Hooking up with girls, or even smoking cigarettes isn’t going to help him get over his love for her eventually. He had finally lost his cool.

“It’s because of you, Y/N, don’t you fucking get it! You’re such an addiction, that cigarettes are nothing but something that I simply smoke. You have always been my addiction! You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”

She was in utter shock, she couldn’t move or speak. Silence enveloped the two youngsters, even Sirius looked down in disappointment. The gray-eyed man was about to get up from his spot on the ground when the girl stopped him, grabbing his bicep with her firm grip before he could escape anywhere. Getting up with him, she licked her lips, saying the words that she never thought she would ever say to him. “I love you too.”

It's Been a Long Time Coming


Ed’s death…
Sophia’s disappearance…
Sophia getting ‘put down’….

Losing her friends: Amy, Jim, Jacquie, Dale, Lori, Andrea, Tyreese…

Losing Daryl the first time…
Two Governor attacks…

Karen and David…
One cruel banishment…
Losing Mika and Lizzie…

One confession to Tyreese…
One Daryl ‘embrace’…

Two car accidents…
Grady kidnapping…
Losing Beth…

Surviving on the road
Facing Pete aka Ed 2.0..
Trying to push away Sam(multiple times)…

Attack by the Wolves…
Morgan and his guilt prodding…
Alexandria Walker attack…

Daryl being gone for a 100 years…
Morgan knocking her unconscious…

Losing Sam 
Hiding Morgan and Denise’s secret…
Pretending everything is FINE…

Writing a 'kill list’…
Taking up smoking as means of punishment…
Saviour kidnapping…


Trying to protect Maggie and her baby…
Escaping the saviours in a brutal way…


One Daryl 'quick hug’…
Daryl asking her if she’s okay…



Six TWD seasons…
80 episodes….

For Carol to finally say NO. She’s not okay!
But NO. 
It’s not like it’s a BIG DEAL or anything (insert sarcasm)


Carol is finally going to FEEL and Daryl will HELP!

Sending good vibes ✌🏼in the form of fat clouds ☁️

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