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stop treating todoroki like a stupid fuck pls

oohhh my goddd y’all todoroki didn’t grow up in a cave. the boy lived with an abusive father for years, he was abused, he’s socially awkward but he’s not a reckless idiot. did y’all sleep on his entire arc

and listen, as much as i love todo//deku myself, he didn’t blindly rush to midoriya’s location when he received that mass text, he knew something was wrong & was the first and only one of midoriya’s contacts to figure out that the boy was in trouble

“all you did was mass-send your location pin to all your contacts”

actually, let’s go back to the very beginning of the series:

his very first line shows us that he’s….. not… dumb?

AND (manga spoiIers ahead) DID Y’ALL FORGET ABOUT THIS?


can you tell that i’m sick of abuse victims being mischaracterised as dumb by their fandoms?


plus, for some mysterious reason everyone seems to be forgetting that he ranked 5th out of 20 in the end term written exam? (midoriya was 4th) hmmhhm

hell, when midoriya asks todoroki what he’d do with kouda, he straight up gives advice that i’m 100% certain comes from a personal standpoint:

todoroki knows how to express himself. he knows how his actions influence others, what impression he gives off. HE’S NOT DENSE.

and my dudes. even if you’re gonna write him as a lovestruck fool in fics: being in love means you can sometimes make irrational decisions or act flustered. it doesn’t mean you Suddenly lose half of your braincells.

MHHHHMM CONCLUSION: being socially awkward as a result of years of abuse doesn’t mean you’re “not with the times”. todoroki has a phone. he understands sarcasm. he gets jokes. he knows what an emoji is. he can communicate face-to-face with someone. he gets social cues. he’s an excellent fighter, analyser and strategist. 

so stop treating him like a stupid fuck.

here take this:

a lovingly crafted au that retcons the shitty writing re:Hawke and Fenris in Inquisition, wherein Fenris is fully aware of where Orson is and signs on as an agent of the Inquisition and regularly beats up Venatori for u, and Orson is his biggest hype man because they’re both huge losers who respect and understand each other’s strengths,, and,, want to work together,..,,,

they kiss on the battlements a lot.


I get you love the boys, but girls generation are idols too. If you haven’t heard Korean nct fansites surrounded nct and blocked snsd from getting through at the airport. They not only invaded nct’s bubble but disrespected the legends and senior idols that are girls generation. The fact that I’m making this post hurts. I really do hate to say this, but some Korean fansites (probably most of them are sasaengs) need to be taught about respect and boundaries. Sm is also at fault here for letting the girls do this. They really do need to up the security at airports. Nctzen are also asking for an apology from 2 snsd members because they filmed the ordeal. The thing is the rude fans are the ones who need to apology, NOT girls generation.

Just saying, I really enjoyed that the dream daddy writers avoided defaulting to the “gruff troubled shitty man whose behavior is excused bcuz he’s hot” archetype with Robert. like, in-game he’s a genuinely nice, fairly considerate, goofy human being and it was rly refreshing

also I’m gay 4 val

CALLOUT POST FOR MY FRIENDS namely @fractalabomination and @elany - I remind them that sleep is important and they claim that I’m bullying them (¬、¬)

give him an even dye job please

i hate british/french/german etc documentaries they tried to make one on the mafia and they were like “the eastern european mafia members from eastern europe use their eastern european techniques to hack into your atms and steal your personal information to send back to eastern europe to their eastern european bosses!!!” and “romania has a HIGH crime rate and almost everyone is in IT (this means hacking), so they send their romanian and eastern european gang members to ravage ALL of europe and take ALL our money!!! wow!!! so evil!!” all while playing our folk music in the background??