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RAFFLE PRIZE FOR @thepleasantjellybean !
《The second prize is Icons OWO》
Eehhh i hope i drew him right….
Requested for their afterdeath child, Quarrel //i enjoyed drawing him *w*
Hope you like it òwó

i made a post like a day or two ago but pleeeease if we’re mutuals please tag l*samine . when i first played moon and knocked thru the whole plot in one day she singlehandedly knocked me into a very dangerous mental location for the next Month and seeing her at all always risks throwing me back into that. ingame is bad enough but seeing art of her prior to the stuff amd being affectionate with her family makes me so dizzy i cant move and the new stuff with her in the sm anime is just as bad. please kindly keep all images and mentions of her away from me it is really incredibly important to my health and safety and the only reason i said all of this was to hopefully show you Why it is so important that she doesnt come with 50 miles of me. thanks


Rick and Morty S3E5 doodles! 

This episode made me feel kinda bad for Jerry. I really hope this loser gets to be happy. But b OI THAT ASIDE, NEUTRALIZED RICK AM I RIGHT? I’ve been blessed. 


18.08.17 📖✨
im a really bad news reader but other day i read this article that was really relatable so i picked out and categorise the main points, which is a lot more straightforward and time efficient when i need points in essay writing !!
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