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Family Resemblance

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Continuation of this Imagine-  *Imagine Dean and Sam finding out they might have a daughter.*

(BOLD lines are borrowed from the episode.)

Word count: 1507


After Sam and Dean finished their separate initial inspections of the musical and its inner workings, they met back up in the hallway outside of the auditorium. Sam stuffed his hands into his pockets as the auditorium doors closed and the girl from earlier came to mind. He smirked then smothered it and cleared his throat. “Told you one day all that getting around would come back to haunt you.”

Dean frowned, taken aback by his brother’s comment. “What?”

Sam’s brow rose and he tried stifling his grin. “The girl who had a personal connection with supernatural who just happened to have…”

Dean jabbed his finger at Sam. “Shut your face.”

Sam chuckled and threw up in hands, “what? I’m just saying the girl really did…”

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Two Prompt Tuesday #7

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Prompt Winner: “If you start to miss me, remember, I didn’t walk away. You let me go.”

Words: 1115

Warnings; Language, death. 

Notes: Let that gif be a warning to you. Also, I’m sorry. 

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Today’s ‘Take Two Tuesday’ is Quidditch themed!

The first photo is from last Friday’s weekly training for the Wollongong Warriors, my Quidditch team! It features a lovely, happy bunch of people that I love with all my heart including: Kurt (brimstoneandtreacle), the president of the Harry Potter Society; Alice, the VP and head chaser; Ayu, a beater; and Julia, the Warriors’ head beater.

The second photo needs a little bit of explaining. Last weekend, the UoW Harry Potter Society/Wollongong Warriors were part of Gong Con – a weekend long gaming convention held in Wollongong. There were various societies represented on the weekend, and we were amongst those, along with Wheelchair Quidditch Australia. So we got to play some fabulously fun Wheelchair Quidditch (basically the same idea as Quidditch, but in wheelchairs)! The photo doesn’t actually show much but some people in wheelchairs… but you get the idea! I actually have a full game on video though, so that’s something!