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You’re alive.” His fingers slid softly down the right side of my face, his touch feather light as he began to sob. “You’re alive,” he repeated. “Oh god, you’re alive.” - Like A Drum: Chapter Four “Cruel Mercy”


The Stardust Crusaders crew as women, just as promised. I really love redrawing characters as women, especially if the show is mostly men. I used to do it in order to draw women at all, and to see if I can draw them and still have them look like the original character. Since I haven’t been in the fandom for long I have no set headcanons for anyone’s sexuality or gender (I just go ‘ok cool’ at anything I see), but I figured I could draw them cis-swapped/gender-swapped this once. More rambles about it under the cut to not clutter anyone’s dash:

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Jean x Pregnant!S/O


Jean made sure to nag you into getting plenty of sleep when you got pregnant and nothing’s changed over the last few months. He was such a helicopter husband, but you knew it was just because he cared about you and his child.

You didn’t really mind being doted on constantly, and you were more than happy to be able to sleep all the time. Jean usually did housework and stuff while you rested, but today he felt like cuddling you, so that’s what he did.

You two were sitting on the couch and you were in between Jean’s legs. You back was leaned back against his chest as your head rested on his shoulder. You were sleeping peacefully as Jean absentmindedly ran his hands over your stomach.

Jean remembered reading somewhere that babies can hear voices in the womb, so he figured he’d give it a try while you were asleep. “Hey, buddy,” He greeted, feeling a little awkward to be talking to his wife’s stomach. “I don’t know if you can hear me, but I just want to say that I can’t wait to be your dad.”

You stirred a bit, but then stopped, so Jean continued. “I may not be the best dad, but I’ll try my hardest.” Jean patted your stomach lovingly and carefully.

You bit the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling. You weren’t actually asleep and you were hearing everything Jean was saying to your child. You thought it was awfully sweet and you didn’t want this cute moment to end.

“I love you,” He whispered, holding onto to you tighter and bringing you closer, “Both of you.” This time you couldn’t help but smile at your husband’s adorableness.

“(Name)? You’re awake?” He asked a tad embarrassed that you may have heard him. You giggled as you opened your eyes to look at him.

“You’re too cute, you know that?” You teased him, making him pout his lips.

“I’m not cute, I’m manly as hell.” You laughed again.

“Looks like I’m taking care of two kids.”

First day of training

Shadis: Well maggots, are you prepared for the worst suffering of your life? How’d you princesses handle your gear?

Eren: *has torn multiple straps out of frustration*

Mikasa: *perfectly suited*

Armin: *perfect but everything is too big and the thigh straps keep falling off*

Jean: *somehow managed to put it all on backwards*

Marco: *smiles politely while holding the mangled mass of leather in one hand*

Ymir: *didn’t even try*

Christa: *was too busy trying to motivate Ymir*

Bertholdt: *sweats nervously because even the largest size is too short for him*

Reiner: *can’t buckle over his man boobs*

Sasha: *gave up and began gnawing on the leather instead*

Connie: *places chest piece on head* It’s a hat