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“This movie is really scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to cover my face the whole time, but- WHAT IS THAT?” with Peter Parker, can he be the one that's scared while the reader actually loves scary movies??? I think that would be funny lol

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*Changed the prompt a bit*

“Dude! You won’t believe what happened!” Peter whisper-shouted while approaching Ned next to his locker. He had to pause for a breath of air before continuing in an excited tone. “I got a date with Y/n.”

Ned’s eyes widened before his lips curled into a smirk. “No way, Parker. There’s no way you asked her out.” He laughed, thinking of the time Peter almost threw up out of nerves before his last attempt of inviting you on a date.

Peter scowled slightly. “You’re lack of faith in me is actually sad. But you’re right, I didn’t ask her out. She asked me.” He finished, grinning with bright eyes.

“I knew it. She’s totally got a thing for you man!” Ned laughed as Peter wore a proud smirk. “So what’s the deal? Dinner and a movie or…?”

“Just a movie. She wanted to go see something called ‘The Bye-Bye Man.’ Not sure what it’s about really, but I’m so excited. Hopefully we’ll get to talk a lot afterwards and maybe get to know each other better - what’s with the face Ned?” Peter cut himself off once he saw the grimace that had replaced Ned’s smile.

“Oh-uh. You do know that ‘Bye-Bye Man’ is a horror movie. Right?” Ned asked, trying not to rip the band-aid off and spoil Peter’s mood.

“Horror? Are you sure?” Peter gulped, attempting not to panic at the thought of embarrassing himself in front of a girl he really, really liked.

Ned sighed and brought his phone out of his pocket; rapidly typing into the search bar before selecting a photo of the movie poster and flipping his phone towards his friend.

Now it was Peter’s turn to grimace. “Shit.”

You were standing outside the movie theatre with two tickets in your hand, trying to deflect any nervous feelings invading your thoughts. You had finally worked up just enough courage to ask your crush out; leaving little bravery left to take with you on the actual date.

“H-Hey Y/n.” Peter offered you a small wave before wiping both his hands on his jeans, gazing at the ticket counter. “What showing are we going to?” He coughed.

“Oh. 7:45. I already got the tickets. Hope you don’t mind.” You smiled, proudly holding up the two pieces of paper before watching his face fall slightly. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re not letting me be all chivalrous and stuff. The guy’s not supposed to let the girl pay.” He said, crossing his arms in mock anger.

“Well, consider this my treat. I mean, I did ask you out after all.” You smiled while leading Peter inside; cool air rushing in to surround you.

“Why thank you.” He bowed slightly, mocking a British accent.

You giggled before lacing your fingers through his. “The pleasure is all mine.”

The two of you stood in line for a good fifteen minutes before getting a large popcorn and two drinks (which Peter demanded he bought) before heading towards your designated theatre and sitting down in two open seats.

Peter immediately felt the panic set in as the lights dimmed and the trailers ran their course. He knew how much you loved horror films and he definitely didn’t want to ruin this one for you since you seemed so excited.

Throughout the movie itself, you noticed how Peter’s knuckles turned white as he gripped his drink or how he seemed to tighten his lips in fear of letting out a shriek. He even went to cover his eyes a couple times before shoving his hands back down to his lap.

You had tapped him on the shoulder several times to ask how he was doing and if he wanted to leave but he declined. Not soon after, the movie had come to a close and the credits began to rolled.

With worried eyes, you turned towards Peter, holding back a giggle at his wide eyes and slightly opened mouth. “Did you enjoy it?” You questioned, snapping him back into reality.

He cleared his throat and sat up straighter. “Yeah. Great movie. Particularly enjoyed the special effects.” He nodded, refusing to meet your gaze.

“Hey.” You gently placed your hand on his arm, making him finally turn in your direction. “It’s okay to be afraid Peter.” You smiled softly.

“Pff. Me? No. I-I’m good…” He looked away before fiddling with his hands. “Yeah. I was afraid.”

“Well why didn’t you tell me. We could’ve left if you wanted-”

“No.” He cut you off before sighing and grimacing slightly. “This movie was really scary, but you were into it so I was trying not to cover my face the whole time. I didn’t want you to change your plans for my stupid fears.”

“Okay. Let’s make a plan.” You nodded at Peter, making sure he was listening. “Anytime you feel afraid from now on, just tell me. I won’t think of you as anything less than amazing Peter.”

You grabbed his hand as a blush took over his cheeks. Maybe he would learn to like horror movies.

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Okay, so there is a Voltron AU I have in mind recently, the WIP name is “Witcher!Shiro” for now and it will be definitely changed! I still don’t have everything planned, but general idea is there and I liked it too much to let go.

So far I have ‘designs’ for Shiro and Lance, as you can see, but there is more to come.

Short description of the idea: Shiro is a travelling warrior who takes care of various creatures that “bother” the society. One day he finds himself in a village where people claim that they chased away a monster few years ago, but it still roams around and they are scared, so he goes investigate. He finds a dirty boy with very visible and probably painful distortions of his body, who tries to be intimidating and scare intruder away, but Shiro sees it - the boy is in fact scared himself and he clearly doesn’t know what’s going on with him. But Shiro knows. He has seen cases like this before, in fact, there are two more youngsters travelling with him who happen to has similar problem. Shiro himself has the similar “problem”. He takes the boy with him to the place where he, Keith and Pidge are learning how to deal with it (just saying in advance - yes, Hunk will be there too, easy).

And yes, I will try to put Shance in there and hope that it actually works somehow. “XD

This is enough for now. More will appear when I have time and energy to do anything, but feel free to ask me about this AU? I dunno - now I left it kinda full of secrets. X3

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i have just the thing for to wake your fluff muse up: cs + You just woke up from surgery and you don’t remember me or that we’re married or have a kid because you’re so high but you flirt with me anyway au

okay, so, wanna hear something hilarious? sophie sent this prompt to me     A G E S  ago, and i started writing it, and then it got lost in the abyss. i’m so glad you sent it to me again. so…take two! i hope you like it!

also, to @killiansdevotedheart! surprise! i’m your CSSV! consider this your pre-gift because i’m still working on your actual gift but i want you to still have something. enjoy for now!


Emma knows she shouldn’t be so worried. It’s a simple appendectomy, after all—the removal of an organ human biology deemed no longer very useful years ago. She shouldn’t be so worried, especially after the doctors assured her she brought him in just in time.

(“A few more days and we would have had a mess on our hands. You did good, Emma, even if it meant dragging him here against his will.”)

Doctors assurances don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, because it’s Killian, after all—

Killian, who spent two weeks in pain because he didn’t want to trouble her.

Killian, who sat through Henry’s ceremony in utter pain because he didn’t want to miss it.

Killian, who let his appendix almost burst because he didn’t want to be a burden.

— And yet she’d murder him herself if he didn’t make it out of this, adding a whole new meaning to the whole “til death do us part” portion of their vows.

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Any fics where Jimin is pretty innocent/a goody two-shoes and the other person is a bad boy, can they all pls have a little bit of smut too? BTW I love your blog <3 thank you for the work you do detective-nim!

Hi there! Thank you so much (ahh “detective” makes me sound so official haha) I actually answered a similar ask here if you’d like to take a look, but I’ll include more now! And since you didn’t seem to specify a certain pairing I also included some other pairings (with innocent!jimin of course) I hope this helps :)


Title: Let’s Not Fall in Love
Author: jungkoojk
Rating: Explicit
Length: >100k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Fluff, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Summary: In which Jungkook is the popular kid, Jimin is shy, and a game of spin the bottle at a party brings them way closer together than they ever wanted to be.

Title: Listen to My Heartbeat (It’s Calling You at its Own Will)
Author: poplolli
Rating: Teen
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Park Jimin has fluffy sweaters, green glasses, chubby cheeks and a smile what could make flowers grow. Jeon Jeongguk has Reputation (with capital R), a motorcycle, way more black leather jackets than necessary and a Secret (with capital S). And may or may not, Jeon Jeongguk has a teeny tiny Crush, too. (It’s really tiny though, the capital C must be a mistake, okay.)

Title: Pink Lemonades, Tattoos and I Love You’s
Author: sunrr
Rating: Teen
Length: >100k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Smut
Summary: Jimin had his summer all planned out, until he was forced to go to his grand mother’s house in Busan. He thought his summer was going to be boring and long, until he met Jeon Jungkook.
Note: Part 1 of the “You Weren’t Just a Summer Love” series, Part 2 being I’m Hella Obsessed with Your Face

Title: You’re My 3 a.m. Thoughts
Author: KookIsMine
Rating: Explicit
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Romance, Smut, Angst, Fluff
Summary: A story where Bad Boy Jungkook falls for Pastel Jimin. They know they’re made of glass. They know that they’ll crack, break and eventually shatter. But when you’re in love, who the fuck cares?


Title: Dear Min Yoongi
Author: AnonymousXJWIFE
Rating: Explicit
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Smut
Summary: ‘Dear Min Yoongi, I hate the fact that I’m still in love with you’ A shy Jimin who still suffers from his 6 year long crush, reaching University, he is determined to change himself and finally forget about the silver haired boy with too many piercings and tattoos. The boy by the name of Min Yoongi. However plans change when he finds himself falling harder than ever before for the same boy he was so determined to forget.

Title: Not a One Time Thing
Author: TaehyungieV
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Park Jimin is the golden boy of his new school, obtaining a near-idol status practically upon enrollment, and sustaining a quickly growing fan base. There’s just one problem: Park Jimin is gay, and in a still widely homophobic country, coming out would basically be signing the death warrant of his promising future as an idol… but one man makes keeping his secret increasingly difficult. Kim Namjoon is the resident bad boy - cold, distant, and completely indifferent, not caring about anything except himself and his two best friends. At least, that’s what Jimin used to think, before one drunken night when everything changes.

Title: You Wish I was Yours (and I Hope That You’re Mine)
Author: awsuga
Rating: Mature
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Angst, Smut
Summary: Jimin is getting ready to sleep his summer away now that all his friends have left for college except for him. That is, though, until he meets Yoongi. A boy two years older than him from the city, who has been kicked out by his parents and is now living with his aunt. Because of Yoongi Jimin learns more about himself in one summer than he has his entire life.

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Are requests open?? My friend got me in Captain America, and I thought about how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to a Winter Soldier!MC? Or Black Widow, whichever you like. It could be angst or not, I will leave it up to you, thanks 💜💙

A/N: CIVIL WAR IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES AND STEVE ROGERS AND BUCKY ARE SOME OF MY CHILDREN F CUK (i hope this doesnt have any spoilers for you or anyone else who isn’t as far into the marvel universe as i am oops) ((and i cant do angst, double oops, sorry)) ~Admin 404


               -You’re so cute and innocent, just like him and he loves it!

               -Except uh you aren’t…. exactly…. innocent? wow 404 so original, i didn’t see that coming

               -The two of you don’t keep any secrets from each other!!

               -So, that being said, you decided that he NEEDED to know about your past

               -You sat him down and explained how, in the past, you’ve gone through intense training growing up

               -“?? What kind of training?? Like for sports?”

               - oh, no sweetheart

               -Wait, you’re a spy?? Like you do the stuff Saeyoung does??? waIT YOU KILL PEOPLE TOO, WHAT THE

               -HE THOUGHT YOU WERE INNOCENT BUT APPARENTLY NOT???? It takes him a while to re-adjust due to shock (like a few weeks of not talking to you kind of while), but he still loves you nonetheless. He holds on to the belief that!! It’s something you had to do!!! You had to do it all to survive!! And you’re here with him now, that’s all he cares about

               -Though he is REALLY sad about not being able to have children with you because of your training. It takes him a couple of months to come to terms with this but over time, he decides that he’s just happy to be with you (and that adopting and making a kids life is perfectly okay with him!!!)


               -You’re more flexible than him, holy shit

               -“MC! How! Were you in dance? Are you in dance now?” eyebrow wiggle, wink wonk

               -You tell him that you’re flexible because of your job

               -So when he asks about it, you casually drop that you’re previously known as a Winter Soldier; You had to be flexible for combat

               - im sorry you whAT

               -“Combat? What kind of combat? MC? What’s a Winter Soldier?? MC!” calm down stop yelling

               -You told him that you were basically an agent who’s powerful enough to be used as a weapon if the government wants you to be (because let’s be honest with ourselves here, that’s what they are), he FLIPS OUT


               -It takes DAYS for him to process this and come to terms with it. You’re so dangerous! But he still loves you. But… you can be in serious danger at any given moment and just!!! MC!!!

               -He loves you though. He promises to do his best to protect you no need zen but thank you and he just wants to help his MC! Everything that’s happened is behind you, and he just wants to be in your future, happy and safe! So he comes around and starts to make jokes about it when he’s comfortable again you can come play with my guns mc, wink wonk


               -She keeps folders of everyone in the RFA but how in the world did this piece of information get past her?

               - because its a secret jaehee, ya dont announce to the world when you’re a spy ya goof

               -Extremely taken back by the announcement. A spy? An assassin? What the FUCK


               -But almost instantly, she’s asking you to teach her some moves

               -She knows judo but doN’T STOP THERE MC, SHE’S GOT A FIRE INSIDE

               -Always really worried for you? You can just leave the house for some groceries and she’s worried as hell

               -Tries her hardest to always be there for you- you wanna talk about something, she’s there. No matter how brutal or extreme the story is, she’s here for it

               -Once, you tried to compare your work to Saeyoung’s and she immediately shut you down because “You take your job seriously, MC” saeyoung crying in the distance

               -Also wants you to teach her how to be as flexible as you are because holy s h i t MC that’ll make everything so much easier for her


               -Immediately knew something was up and that you were hiding something from him

               -Did he know what? No. Was he going to find out? Obviously

               -He’s extremely straight forward, so casually asks what you’re hiding from him

               - though he could have waited until you were done drinking?? Because choking on wine iSN’T FUN

               -But you decide that there’s no point in hiding anything when he straight up asks you about it, so you tell him that you might…. have been trained as a Winter Soldier

               -“Ah, I see. I suppose that explains why you know so many languages”

               -I’m sorry but uh?? Where is the shock??? The emotion??? juMIN THROW ME A BONE HERE

               -He has literally NO REACTION? Like he just doesn’t care? You are who you are and he loves you anyway

               -He does try not to get on your bad side though because he does NOT want to see that training in action no thank you mc

               -Also tries to stay away from anything Russian because who KNOWS what could set you off?? He obviously doesn’t know and he’s not about to even attempt it


               -I’m sure he’d find out from his background check

               -Sure you can try to hide it but he’s really good at his job

               -But he’s SHOCKED AS HELL to find out that you’ve basically gone through the same training as him?

               -You know tons of languages, can fight, AND you’re a spy

               -“MC WE’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER” saeyoung what are you talking about

               -He likes to mess with you though, and bring up the fact that you’re a Winter Soldier every chance he can get

               -“Hey does being a Winter Soldier mean you won’t get cold so i can keep my jacket to myself?”

               - saeyoung you and i both know that’s not what that means

               -He does worry about you a lot though, since obviously someone somewhere could be out to get you.

               -Silently vows to protect you at any cost! Overall it doesn’t really bother him because??? He’s done a lot of the same stuff, if he judges you then he’d be a hypocrite


               -I think he’d know because of Saeyoung’s background check

               -But he’d wait until you were ready to tell him about it

               -NEVER EVER wants to force you to tell him something like this because?? It’s extremely personal?? And it’s a lot to handle?? And he truly doesn’t blame you for hiding it and not just flaunting your job title around

               -That being said, he isn’t surprised by the news at all

               -“I know, MC. It’s alright” what

               -He’s done some terrible things in the past and he regrets them all, but you’re willing to accept him for who he is and not dwell on what he’s done

               -So he does the exact same thing for you! He just really loves you MC

               - plus you’ve done the things you’ve done for work or something of the sort not because youre fucking crazy like rika im not even sorry for this

               -The two of you will talk about what it means to be a Winter Soldier every now and again but nothing further than that

               -If you’re ever feeling down thinking about the past, he’s always there to remind you that it’ll be okay! You don’t have to let it get to you


               -I’m sorry you fucking what?

               -He’s killed some people but yoU? YOU’VE DONE IT TOO? WHAT THE

               -You??? You’re so…cute? And not threatening looking to him at all? How the fuck

               -He isn’t angry about it per say but he’s shocked as all hell and expresses it similar to anger my poor bby

               -It takes a while for him to come to terms with the fact that you’re literally a trained assassin

               -“So you’re like a spy or some shit, right?” I mean yeah technically

               -“Then I picked the perfect person to infiltrate the RFA why the hell didn’t it work?” because rikas a fuckin bitch and u deserve better

               -He’s actually okay with it in the long run? Like you can’t take back what you did, and neither can he

               -So it’s better to just move on from it all, and that’s what he’s trying to do and hopes you do too

               -Also okay with the fact you can’t have kids because of your training. He’s always afraid of having kids, if the two of you want to have kids y'all can adopt, he’s cool with it

So Xing must really be MIA.  None of the email addresses anyone gave me worked.  One actually didn’t bounce, but we’re going on two weeks now and he hasn’t answered it.

Took a look at my old profile, specifically at the page source, hoping I could find an email address or something buried in the code.  (I’m not great at code, so don’t yell at me if that’s not how it works.)  Didn’t find anything except this interesting little bit:

I knew I registered on the last day of February, not March.  It’s nice to know I’m not losing my mind.

On OBSABH chapter 2 (the happy bits)

Viktor, sweetheart, what have you done?  (AKA the drawbacks of being an optimist)

This year the Easter Bunny (and @kazliin​, obviously, I mean let’s face it the Easter Bunny has precious little to do with this) brought me the best Easter/10th wedding anniversary present ever.  Yes of course I’m talking about chapter 2 of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts.  What else?  

Thoughts about it?  Well, Viktor’s endless optimism just shines off the pages of this chapter.  That boy is like a little ray of sunshine.  Everybody’s talking about it.  It’s the complete opposite of Yuuri, of course.  And the opposite of me- I’m a glass-half-empty kind of person.  I assume the worst will happen, because then I’m less likely to get disappointed and often get pleasantly surprised.  When I read Viktor in this chapter, I can see the benefits of pessimism.  Viktor’s positive outlook has made him so vulnerable, has opened him up to all sorts of heartbreak and disappointment.  

Now I’m not saying that it’s best to be pessimistic and that it’s a good way to shield yourself from bad stuff.  It doesn’t actually work like that, despite what we pessimists may tell ourselves.  Life is not that simple.  But I think being a generally negative person makes seeing Viktor’s attitude so, so painful.  I want to scream at him, ‘give up your hopes and dreams, Viktor!  You’re obviously only going to get yourself hurt!  Just try being a bit more negative, because you’re just setting yourself up to get your heart broken again and again and again’.

He wouldn’t listen to me. Nor should he, because as we all know, things (thankfully) work out in the end.  (I think the knowledge that I have two small children dependant on me it all works out in the end is the only thing stopping me from throwing myself into the sun right now.)

(Takes deep breath and bravely loads up chapter 2 in order to be hurt once more.  Cut below)

So… Viktor’s general happiness and optimism sets the tone of the whole chapter.  This actually lulled me into a false sense of security. Despite knowing what was coming (I hate you now fuck me, etc), the vast majority of the chapter was pretty… nice? Sweet and hopeful?  So let’s talk about that for now.  Viktor’s definitely hopeful about, well, everything, and from the start he’s very fatalistic about his feelings for Yuuri:

  • ‘Viktor knew that he had already damned himself’
  • ‘even if he hated Viktor with a passion to rival Viktor’s love nothing could ever change that.  Nor could it change the way that Viktor felt’
  • ‘Viktor had fallen in love with a man who loathed him’

Viktor seems to be thinking ‘well, I’m in love with him and I can’t change that so there’s no point feeling miserable about it, I may as well carry on being optimistic and hoping things will work out for the best’.

Of course he’s convinced he can fix things- ‘as soon as he knew what the root of it was he could set about fixing it for good.  All he needed was the chance to talk to Yuuri, to clear the air’.  If only it was as simple as that.  Chris sees it for the complicated horrible mess it is, of course he does, but Viktor with his unfailing optimism genuinely thinks that he will 1. Work out what the problem is 2. Talk to Yuuri about it 3. Get to know him properly and probably eventually get into a relationship with him.  Even Viktor acknowledges that he won’t ‘magically be able to solve whatever was broken between Yuuri and himself in one conversation’, but he figures it will be possible to sort things out somehow, it just must be possible.

Viktor’s optimism blinds him to Yuuri’s feelings.  He notices flashes of it, sometimes: ‘his mockery of Viktor just a few seconds ago had seemed almost malicious’- you know, that’s because it was, Viktor.  It was totally malicious.  But Viktor’s an optimist, so instead of thinking about this a bit more, and being a bit more cautious, he brushes it off and goes back to thinking about some of the more positive things he knows about Yuuri’s attitude towards him instead. This is probably a good thing overall, because if he allowed himself to dwell on the negatives he’d probably end up giving Yuuri up as a lost cause and running a mile.

The Olympics scene was everything I wanted it to be.  Yuuri’s actions only serve to add to Viktor’s feelings that there’s a part of Yuuri which doesn’t hate him.  Which, of course, is true… but it’s going to take Yuuri a really long time to sort out his feelings about that, and in the meantime, Viktor is going to suffer.  The next time they meet, not long before the kiss, Viktor is ‘sure that Yuuri was giving him signals so mixed that no-one could possibly begin to figure them out’.  Which he’s correct about, again (he’s very perceptive, really.  He can’t work out a lot of the motivations but he sees things)- because Yuuri cannot sort out what’s going on in his own head at all, so it’s no wonder other people can’t.  

What’s poor Viktor to do? He knows what he should do (talk to Yuuri, talk to him, you have to talk to him).  But then it all kicks off, and… I will probably try to write about that another time?  (It seems like a shame to ruin all these happy positive feelings with a great big dose of hatred and misery.)

Until next time… don’t worry, Viktor, we’re all here for you.  You may be burning, but we’ll all happily burn with you tonight.

(You can find the angsty bits in part 2 and part 3)


Ah, Ah, you woke up with a sharp pain. “Hey baby Styles calm down,” you said to your protruding belly. You rubbed your belly for the next few minutes hoping to calm the baby down. Why is he so fussy tonight you wondered? You hadn’t been able to sleep more than thirty minutes at a time. Okay, you thought, maybe this will subside soon, if not you’d call someone.

About twenty-five minutes later you felt the pain again. Shit this really hurts you thought. Maybe getting up and walking around will help. As you started to get up you felt something slick in your underwear. You can’t be in labor could you? 

You weren’t due for another two weeks. And Harry wasn’t here to help you because he was finishing up their tour, thinking that if he was back next week it’d be fine. You made your way to the kitchen to get some water. You stood by the sink sipping the water hoping the pain was gone, unfortunately five minutes later you clutched your abdomen waiting for it to stop so you could move.

Okay you were definitely in labor. You grabbed your phone and called an Uber because you definitely weren’t in any condition drive. You tried calling Harry, but he wouldn’t answer. Are you fucking kidding me Harry? I know you’re probably busy, but dammit this is important! You called Niall next, knowing that he normally always picked up his phone. It’s 5 am here in L.A. which means that it’s 1 pm in London. Niall thankfully picked up on the third ring.

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A Significant Change in Dynamic (Lin/Reader)

Prompt: @hamwriters Write-A-Thon Day 4!  Write a fic that happens where you live or somewhere close. Celebrate your culture and where you are!

Author’s Note: So I live in NYC. As you can imagine, today’s prompt wasn’t much of a challenge. To combat that, I wrote a piece in which the reader was really vulnerable which made me feel really vulnerable. Posting this is scary, I won’t lie.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: You’ve been given feedback on your writing by your best friend Lin: he thinks your more provocative scenes could use some work. He’s willing to help, but taking up his offer changes things.

Rating: M, for swearing and… well honestly this is just smut with a long setup. so smut.

Warnings: Making out, blowjobs, swearing, p in v intercourse, sexual tension. And yes, this is an AU where Lin is married to Vanessa and has Sebastian as a son.

Words: 3180 (save me)

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Monster Falls AU

Antlers and Fish Scales: Prologue

24 hours. He had 24 hours to come up with something.

Who was he kidding. There was no way to hide this. No way to cover it up or joke it off.

The kids weren’t human anymore, he was a gargoyle with territory issues, his brother was a sphinx and the majority of Gravity Falls were a mismatch of monsters and mythical creatures, some of which even Ford had never seen. Stan needed some way to let their parents down easy.

It’s not that they shouldn’t take the kids (and they really shouldn’t) but more that they couldn’t. Dipper’s diet consisted entirely of grass and twigs. Mabel was half fish! Stan would not let his mermaid of a grand-niece swim and breath the water around San Francisco. No way, no how.

And a deer in the big city… interstates, masses of people, the noise… all of that mixed together alongside Dipper’s new instincts to either freeze or bolt… Stan almost needed to sit down just thinking about it.

No. The kids had to stay here. The middle school had open seats and practically all the students were in the same boat as the twins.

So, one problem down – the kids would stay in Gravity Falls. Now, how to tell that to their folks? Their father had inherited that special brand of stubborn that seemed to run in Pines blood. He’d put up one hell of a fight to take his kids back home – mythical creature or not. He’d probably think up some way to hide certain… aspect of the kids within a few minutes of seeing them. Hopefully his wife would be a voice of reason.

If the kids were found out, they’d be shipped off to a science lab faster than you could blink. Federal agencies would descend on Gravity Falls like a plague – again.

It would be safer for the kids if they stayed with Stan and Ford.


And there was the other cause for Stan’s headaches.

Should he even tell them about Ford? They’d all gone 30 years thinking he was Stanford. It was easy enough to pull off. Stan could mimic his brother flawlessly and Ford had never been the most social person. Pretending to be the younger of the twins had been surprisingly easy. Everyone thought he was off being a hermit in the forests of Oregon, paying for his research by running the Mystery Shack. But now Ford was actually here, and Stan had a headstone with his name on it down in New Jersey.

How did one even bring that up?

‘Oh, by the way, I’m not actually Stanford. I’m your 30 years’ dead uncle Stanley! I faked my death and stole my twin’s identity after he got sucked into some crazy dimension-jumping portal! But don’t worry, after performing some highly illegal acts and putting the entire town and your son and daughter’s lives in mortal danger, I got him back. Please don’t tell Sherman.’

Yeah… Stan was going to bribe Dipper into helping him lock Ford in the basement tomorrow. Leave the old sphinx down there with a book of riddles that they’d tear the answer sheet out of. That should keep him busy.

The day quickly slipped by and the kids came in from whatever they’d been doing. Dipper pulled Mabel’s wagon tub over to the dining table before struggling to sit in the chair next to her.

They’d really need to fix the furniture situation in the Shack if the kids were staying for the school year. We could at least make him a chair that’s closer to the ground or something, Stan mused.

Ford had taken the responsibility of making dinner tonight – not that there was much to make. Mabel got whole, raw fish. Dipper got a square of turf. Stan ate whatever was around. Really, Ford only had to cook for himself if he felt like it. If he ate as a sphinx, his meal was just as raw as everybody else’s.

As everyone gathered around the table, Stan decided it would be best to get the news out of the way as soon as possible.

“Kids, we have something we need to talk about,” Stan sighed.

Both twins stopped eating and looked at him with slightly worried eyes.

“Now, I know you were hoping to if all this before summer ended, but…” he scratched the back of his neck with the claws he’d had for two months now, small flakes of rock falling off.

Dipper looked down at his grass. Ford had explained that the cure was relatively simple: everyone needed to improve upon themselves. Find their strongest flaw and work to counter it. While it sounded easy in theory, it was much harder to actually do. No one like to point out their own flaws.

Stan continued, “Your parents will be here tomorrow around 11 to take you home. I think we all know that’s not happening. Once they see… all this, they should understand why.”

Ford looked over at his brother, slightly squinting his eyes in confusion.

“Are you saying that their parents don’t know about ‘all this’?” he said incredulously.

“It’s not like I could simply call them!” Stan defended, “What would you tell them? How would you explain that their daughter’s a fish? Or that their son might be shedding velvet next year? They already thing I’m crazy! The only way they’ll believe this,” he gestured to the kids, “Is if they see it themselves.”

Ford grumbled but sat back in his chair, resigned. It wouldn’t do much to call them now anyway. Piedmont was an eight-hour drive from Gravity Falls on a good day. The kids’ parents were making it half-way and staying in Redding tonight. They’d make the rest of the trip tomorrow morning, hoping to drive all the way back home after getting the kids. Ford would let them make their trip north believing everything was normal.

Dinner was finished with little comment. Afterwards, Stan went out onto the back parch and slumped back into the old couch. Tomorrow was going to be a pain in the ass.

The sound of hooves on wood planks alerted him to Dipper’s presence. The kid jumped onto the couch and turned in a circle before settling down, legs folded neatly under him.

Stan had to laugh a bit at the sight. “You’re getting the hang of those things.”

Dipper looked at his new lower body and gave a half smile. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

There was a peaceful silence that hung in the late summer air for a while before Dipper spoke up again.

“You know, Mabel’s been writing our parents about all this,” he laughed a bit.

“Think they believed any of it?” Stan smiled as he asked. They both already knew the answer.

Dipper snorted, “Of course not! They probably chalked it all up to Mabel’s imagination and storytelling.” Dipper’s smile grew at the thought of his parent’s reading the letters Mabel sent. Two months of hearing of her ‘adventures underwater’ and thinking Mabel was playing around again. Oh, they were in for a surprise tomorrow. “It’ll sort of be fun seeing their reaction when they realized she was telling the truth.”

They both laughed at the idea.

“That, and just the reaction after driving through town!” Stan added. The town was crawling with monsters after the water bottle incident.

“They’ll think Summerween has taken over the entire season.”

As the laughter faded, Stan looked over at his cervitaur nephew.

Maybe tomorrow wouldn’t be as bad as they thought.

Hello! This is the first part of an ongoing series based on the Gravity Falls AU Monster Falls. The story is going to cover the time after the twins’ first Summer in Gravity Falls and the adventure that ensues while they are trying to help citizens break the spell cast by the Fluvius water. For more info about the AU, I suggest starting here, with the creator.

Big thank you to my beta, his-majesty-the-prince-of-whales, who catches the mistakes I am blind to. And a thank you to laur-rants. Most of this story is based off of her Monster Falls comic series and fanart. If you’re curious to see the direction this story might be going, go and check out her work!

Monster (M)

Originally posted by hugtae

Summary: In Namjoon’s eyes, you were just a simple worker in an office somewhere in Seoul. And in your eyes, Namjoon worked as a corporate lawyer for one of the many different companies around the city – what the two of you didn’t know is that you were actually working for rival businesses who fought dirty, which is why they hired both you and Namjoon respectively as assassins. But things take a turn when you’re handed a folder with your boyfriend’s picture and name on it, the love of your life now labeled as your next kill.

A/N: It’s finally done!!!!! This was both fun and challenging to write but I think it turned out okay. At least I hope it did, lmao. It’s definitely the longest thing I’ve ever written but it’ll suffice for now. This is also loosely, and I mean loosely, based off of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Enjoy, loves. xx

Words: 6,885.

Warnings: Assassin!AU, rough sex, swearing, breathplay, dirty talk, mild violence, fingering, and gun use.

The scent of bacon and coffee fills your nose as you walk down the stairs, your eyes closing as you relished in the delicious smells filling the house. Slowly opening your eyes, your gaze falls on the bare broad back of your boyfriend standing at the counter, muscles flexing with every move he makes. A small smile forms on your lips as you walk towards him, your arms wrapping around his waist and your face pressing into the flesh of his back as you kiss his skin softly. A quiet hum of appreciation escapes him as he stops what he’s doing and turns around to face you, a dimpled grin forming on his face as he wraps his arms around you.

“Morning, beautiful,” he chimes, locking his hands together around your back and pulling you in close. Lifting your head to look up at him, you grin.

“Morning handsome,” leaning up on your toes you nudge his head down gently with your hand so that you can press your lips to his, properly greeting him before pulling away. “Breakfast smells good.”

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Texts for Kylo #5

A/N: I’m not sure who hurt my poor Padawan to make them request such an interesting thing, but I happily obliged anyway. I thought it was funny and did my best to write a little humor! I hope you like it!

sidebar: I’m not sure what the reader’s title would be, but it’s obvious she has some chain of command. I'm still working on the rank!

Kylo’s name for you is “My One And Only”

Summary: Kylo is now back from his mission but the two of you have been given orders to work on the Finalizer for a bit. though Kylo is familiar with the ship there certain parts he has not actually been to because he never needed to. he takes one wrong turn and ends up lost.

Warnings: none.

Request are still open.

(this is strictly kylo and reader pairing. you are in a relationship with him. occasionally there can/will be conversations with Hux but those are strictly platonic!)

It is best to read these in order. though most of this is solely request, they all correlate.


anonymous asked:

As an alternative to all the BNHA Izuku's Dad AU's, do you mind if I suggest: a Big Brother Tensei AU? (maybe feat. adopted Izuku?? Having him be born into the family would be cute but I'm a sucker for found family so whatever works really!)

Now my friend, normally, I would be completely inclined to agree with you about an alternative to all the AUs already written. But. There is one VERY important reason it has to be dad!Tensei. I hope you’ll forgive me for taking this in a different direction but listen friend: Izuku teases Tenya by calling him “uncle Tenya” and Tenya gets really flustered about it because Izuku’s actually a month older than him.

Tensei’s only thirty in canon (same age as Aizawa and Present Mic), and if he were a year or two older I would do the whole “rebel kid knocked up a girl and became a teenage father” thing but 15 is just a liiiittle too creepy for that imo.

So Tensei rescues an eight-year-old Izuku from a car accident in which he lost both his parents. The other heroes that arrive on the scene soon afterwards take care of the wreckage of the car while Tensei takes unconscious Izuku away from the scene. Luckily, Izuku only got a few bumps and bruises, and he wakes up shortly afterwards.

“I’m sorry, buddy,” explains Tensei to him when he asks, “But your parents had to go away somewhere really important, and they couldn’t take you.”

Izuku gets really quiet then, and he starts blinking really fast, like he’s trying not to cry, and he understands what this strange man is saying to him, he understands what really happened to his parents, but he doesn’t say anything.

“But they loved you very much,” says Tensei, snuggling Izuku closer to him, and God, he’s already getting attached to this child, because he looks about the same age as his baby brother. And Tensei makes the mistake of thinking about what if Tenya was in this situation, and he suddenly finds he can’t let this child go.

“Do you want to come home with me?” Tensei asks him, and Izuku agrees because he’s lost and confused and he doesn’t want to be alone and he likes this nice man a lot.

They make a quick trip to the police station then, and it’s not hard at all for Tensei get temporary guardianship of Izuku (especially once Izuku hears his name and goes into fanboy mode because ohmigosh he’s going to be living with Turbo Hero Ingenium).

Tensei’s parents are more than a little bemused when their son comes home from crime-fighting with a foster child in tow, and once Tenya leads Izuku away to play with him in his room, they try to make Tensei reconsider because “You’re only 23 for goodness’ sake!” But Tensei is adamant that Izuku should stay with them for at least a little while, until they find permanent guardians for him.

His parents agree, and just as Tensei had planned, they both completely fall in love with him, and Izuku and Tenya become completely inseparable.

Izuku lives with them for three years, and completely becomes a part of the family and they love him to death and he’s Tenya’s best friend in the whole world.

And then one day, eleven-year-old Izuku is having a day out with the family, and he’s talking excitedly to Tenya about something, when suddenly he spots something out of the corner of his eye. And he freezes.

“Izuku? What’s wrong, buddy?” asks Tensei, worried about his foster son.

Izuku doesn’t answer, still staring at whatever it is that has caught his eye. Tensei follows his line of sight, and sees a skinny, sickly-looking blond man sitting at a bench a little ways away, reading a book.

“Do you know him?” asks Tensei’s mother, and all of them are watching Izuku carefully now.

Tensei notices that Izuku’s eyes are watery now, and his lips are trembling, but before he can ask what’s wrong, Izuku dashes off, towards the blonde man.

“UNCLE TOSHI!” he screams, and the blond man jumps as if he’d been shocked, and when he looks up, his eyes are wide, his expression disbelieving.

Izuku bowls him over in the next second, crying and sobbing and clutching tightly at his shirt.

And the man is hugging Izuku tightly to him, running his hands through his hair and whispering things to Izuku that none of them can quite hear.

He looks like a man who’s just found everything he loved most in the world after thinking it lost forever.

Tensei finds out soon that this man is Toshinori Yagi, and he’d been a close friend of Izuku’s parents. He lived in America, and hadn’t found out about the Midoriyas’ accident until a year after it had happened. It wasn’t exactly a highly publicized case, and whatever articles he’d found on it had mentioned that everyone in the car had died (Tensei had taken Izuku away from the scene before the news crews had arrived, and while the police knew about Izuku, they had chosen not to make it public knowledge so that Izuku wouldn’t be hounded by reporters).

It’s obvious to everyone just how much Izuku adores and looks up to his surrogate uncle, and when Tensei’s father places a gentle hand on his shoulder, and his mother looks at him with a sad, understanding gaze, Tensei knows what he has to do.

And it breaks his heart to let go of his baby, but he just knows he’ll hate himself forever if he doesn’t do it. So he draws Toshinori aside later, while they’re all having dinner together, and explains to him that Izuku is his foster child, and that he’s still technically up for adoption.

Toshinori, who can see just how much Tensei loves Izuku, is touched at how much Tensei trusts him, so Toshinori returns that trust by telling Tensei who he really is, and the truth about his sickly form.

After that, the two families work together to prepare Izuku (and Tenya) to be separated from the Iida family. He stays over at Toshinori’s apartment for a few days at a time, they go out alone together often, and of course they take gratuitous advantage of Izuku’s admiration of All Might when they finally ask Izuku if he wants to move to America with Toshinori.

He’s torn up at first, not wanting to leave behind his new family, but desperate to stay with his uncle Toshinori.

But in the end, after lots of promises that he can talk to Tenya and Tensei and the others on the phone and on skype, and that he can visit them a lot during spring and summer and winter breaks, Izuku agrees.

Many years later, when Izuku finds out that Toshinori has been hired as a teacher at UA, he decides to keep it a secret from Tenya that he’ll be applying to the UA heroics department as well.

And when Izuku surprises him at the entrance exam, Tenya probably has to work really hard not to cry.

They make plans so that Izuku can have dinner with the Iida family the next day, and when Tenya goes home, he tells his brother all about what happened.

When Tenya tells Tensei that Izuku now calls Toshinori “dad” (in English, because otou-san is reserved for his biological dad), Tensei almost starts crying, because on the one hand he’s so happy for Izuku, but on the other, that was supposed to be him.

But when Tenya tells Tensei that Izuku had teasingly called him “Tenya-oji-chan,” because “you’re my oyaji’s younger brother”, Tensei really does start crying, and he doesn’t stop for a good ten minutes.

And now that Izuku is attending UA and is living in Japan, he gets to see the Iida family a lot more, and he sleeps at their house very often, and a lot of things are just like they were three years ago.

But some things are very different too; Izuku calls Tensei oyaji now, and he calls Tenya “oji-san” and he calls their parents nana and gramps and they pretend to be upset at him, but it makes them so so happy every time. And Toshinori becomes a part of the Iidas’ extended family and they all live together happily ever after.

First Impressions || Minghao || Oneshot

Originally posted by kookhao

GENRE: fluff, high school au, thug!minghao, oneshot, request

WORDS: 2582

REQUEST:  Hello ^^ Can I request a story about Minghao with his thug side showing? :D In a “Do you think Minghao is nice and timid? Well, it seems you don’t know him well enough.” kind of way… Sorry if it’s confusing ^^“

You squeezed yours hands together anxiously as you waited for the lady behind the counter to give you your class schedule. While you waited, your eyes drifted to the students around you, who were all laughing and chatting away with their friends. You sighed. Joining in halfway through the year as a new student meant that you would be the only one who didn’t know anyone. It would be that much harder to make friends and you weren’t exactly the most outgoing person.

“Here you go,” the kindly woman called, breaking you from your reverie. She smiled. “I hope you have a good first day.”

“Thank you,” you answered politely, moving to leave.

“Hold on a sec. Do you know where your first class is?”

The tips of your ears coloured slightly. “No, not really.”

“Oh that’s alright, we can get a student to help. Mmm, Minghao?” she called to a boy around your age who was picking up papers from a teacher’s table. He was probably a teacher’s assistant, and even looked like a typical goody two-shoes with his large kindly eyes and innocent smile. He moved over to the two of you.

“Yes Ms Lee?”

“Minghao, this is Y/N, our new student.” She gestured to you. “Y/N, this is Minghao.”

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Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 8)

BIG REVEALS!!! You’re finally learning what’s going on guys! Questions are being answered. Hurrah! It’s slightly earlier than normal because it’s a weekend and I am doing fuck all today, so enjoy! xox

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
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Part 15
Part 16
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Alternate Ending

“Oh THAT’S the confusing part?” You say sarcastically. “Never mind the fact my mum worked for you lot. Does this mean you all know who my mum is?”

“We were actually never told who your mum was.” Steve pipes up. “We know everything else though but the identity of your mother never seemed to be that important.”

“But…my mum worked for the phone company?! She was just a happy little old lady who liked hats and red lipstick!”

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this is so annoying because I really do love emma A LOT and I know I barely talk about her here now and I haven’t edited anything in like two months but she’s obviously one of my favorite people in the entire world and I miss her so so much!!!!!! I hope she’s doing well and taking her vitamins and enjoying summer break because she worked really hard this year and honestly? it’s what she deserves 

anonymous asked:

Gifs for the ASL bro's taking care of their pregnant girlfriends (like touching or kissing the belly or something like that) Taking care of their baby or newborn baby (cuddling or kissing or something like that) you know what I mean. I hope it's not to much work I was just curious. Love you xoxo

Taking care of Pregnant S/o


Originally posted by astrology-zone

He was hell bent on being in the room during labor, then he passed out. As soon as he caught a glance on what was going on down there he was out like a light. Now the crew had to take care of two babies. In this scenario, you actually might have to be the one giving encouraging words to Ace to breathe and stay calm, he’s going through his ‘Will i be good enough’ phase 

Originally posted by yesilliniz

Ace will be hugging his child absolutely nonstop, constantly praising his kid. The baby has Ace wrapped around there finger. Overtime he sees his kid after a long time he opens his arms wide open and his baby crawls into his arms. Now one day Ace followed routine and opened his arms, but this time, his baby took his first steps into his papas arms. Cue crying.


Originally posted by unrealisticstory

BEDTIME STORIES OMG. Sao is like second best at creating wild adventure filled stories at night for his kid. Sao knows his baby doesn’t understand a word, but the little things count. Bedtime stories is also a special thing him and his baby has because he feels guilty he’s busy during the day, but will also reserve time to see his little angel fall asleep in his arms before his day ends

Originally posted by anninamour

Constant kisses and rubbing of the belly, hell he does it more than anybody I can think of right now. He always wants to feel the baby kick or move, and he’s always talking to the baby too


Originally posted by gifsboom

Most playful dad ever, how did Luffy even get a girl pregnant. Anywho, you might want to dummy proof everything with Luffy, but rest assured, your baby will see life threatening danger. Maybe random and crazy silly things like that, but your baby is just like his dad, and loves every minute of it

Originally posted by tender-smile

Luffy begged begged and begged you to take fun pregnant photos, you guys got the whole crew to get in the family photos. Ussop came up with this idea x)

Love at First Sight

You aren’t with the FAHC more than a couple of weeks before they begin to question. Question how the two of you met; question why you’re so loyal to each other; question how you ended up together when you’re so very different.

They don’t realize how similar you really are.

Maybe if they had been there the night you met they would understand, understand the instantaneous and overwhelming connection that had formed between the two of you. Maybe they would understand if they had been there and had seen:

You shocked, still not quite comprehending how you’re still alive and why your target’s dead. Your breathing is heavy and your mind is racing as you drag your eyes from the fat, dead body up and up and up. You take in the calm figure standing over the body, not tense or shaking at all, and take in the knife covered in blood, clutched in a tan hand. You take in the luxurious but revealing clothing and the flashy gold jewelry resting against naked skin almost like a brand.

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BTS reaction: their idol s/o (secret) winning an award

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin: He’d be incredibly happy for you. It doesn’t matter that BTS didn’t win, because you’re the one he loves, and you composed it on your own. You deserved it. But he would be careful not to show too much of a reaction on the outside, as there were cameras and a lot of people around. So instead, he’d give you a quick hug backstage when he was pretty sure no one was looking. And as soon as he had left to go back to the dorms, he’d text you, telling you that he had told the boys to do something else for a few hours, so he could celebrate you with dinner at home.

Originally posted by tabwi

Suga: He knows how hard it is to compose a song, and let alone win an award for it. And therefore he’d be so proud of you and happy for you. He’d actually get quite emotional. And even though he’s quite good at keeping a straight face, one of the cameras might catch him looking almost as happy as if he’d won the award himself. But as he’s both bad with words, and your relationship is secret, he wouldn’t get very emotional while congratulating you. But once he got home, he’d put together a quite long text to tell you how proud he his and congratulate him properly. And he’d probably take you out on a date when it works with both of your schedules.

Originally posted by paisleyoongi

Look at how adorable this is. I hate him

J-Hope: If the two of you hadn’t had to keep your relationship a secret, he’d be attacking you with a hug on stage. But now he actually managed to restrain himself. But once both of you were backstage, he’d hug you very tightly ans whisper how happy he is for you and just be a general cheeseball. And he’d probably show up later on at your place with celebratory food (chinese takeout). 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Rap Monster: He’d be very good at hiding his feelings while there’s still people around. He’d of course congratulate you along with the rest of BTS on stage, and it’s no secret to the public that the two of you are friends, so he’d give you a quick hug backstage and whisper that he’s really proud of you. Then he’d send you a very cheesy text when he got home. And just because he’s Namjoon, he’d probably send you a text after you replied, asking if you wanted him to come over, so that the two of you could celebrate properly *wink wink*. 

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

Jimin: He’d be trying very hard not to show how happy he really is for you and just look appropriately happy. He knows how hard you’ve worked on that song, and he couldn’t be more proud than he is right now. He’d congratulate you backstage, but still try to stay lowkey. But then he’d send a pretty long text afterwards, and also ask if you were free the upcoming weekend, so the two of you could go for a celebratory coffee.

Originally posted by jimin-is-life

V: He would also, like Hobi, struggle with not hugging the life out if you on stage. He’d almost be more happy that you won than you are. But only almost. He’d quickly congratulate you, and then go home to go change out of his suit. Once he was sure that you’d gotten home, he’d go to your place and basically jump right on you as soon as you opened the door. There’d be no chances for you to escape his hugs and kisses.

Originally posted by bangtan-hobi

Jungkook: He’d probably be the best member at keeping his feelings hidden. Simply because he’s so afraid of anyone finding out about your relationship. And he’d aslo keep his congratulations backstage quite formal. But once you got home, you’d get a text from him, asking you to come to the dorms. When you did, you found him waiting for you with your regular movie-night-food, pizza. But as it’s a special occasion, he would actually have bothered with taking the pizza out of the box and getting his hyungs to leave. He’d aslo picked you favorite movie to watch, and not Iron Man. He’d be cuddling you all night, and tell you that he’s very happy for you.

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official