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Why my elf barbarian is no longer allowed to use drugs

Context: In a second edition campaign with my family and we are fighting goblins, when my elf barbarian takes soms drugs to go berserk

Me: I’m going to hit it with my swords.

Dice: *1 both times*

DM: You swing so hard, you lose them both on the backswing. Next per-

Me: I bite the goblins face.

DM: As you are in a drug induced rage, I’ll alow it.

Dice: *Natural 20*

DM: You bite the goblin so hard, you tare its face off and it dies.

I don’t want to be That One Person, but can some of y'all maybe chill with the whole “where season 2 of miraculous ladybug be at?” ordeal? Hawk daddy and the ml crew are working hard to make something that we’ll thoroughly enjoy and be able to get engaged with, but shit like that is of course going to take time! I know you’re anxious, but all of us want the season 2 to come just as badly as the next person! Whining about it won’t make them plan or animate any faster.

A/N: A quick blurb, hope you like it ;)

Between chuckles and squeals from both of you, Harry stumbled into your room. His vivid green orbs were engulfed by the warmth of your hands, long lashes tickling on the smooth surface. His tattooed arms supported the back of your thighs, maintaining you still on your piggyback position. 

The rub of his skin against your legs, in an aim to find the best spot to grip, emphasised your snickers, and, consequently, the clumsy swaying of his steps as well.

“You’re gonna make us fall” You teased.

“It’d be way easier if I didn’t have a pair of tiny hands upon my eyes” He said, wriggling his head to squirm out of the improvised blindfold.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to get by”

His hesitant treads made the brief way from the doorframe to the end of the bed desperately slow, taking his time to think the direction of his next movement.

“Speed up!” You yawned, tiredness from a hectic, yet amazing day spent with him, showing up. One of your hands quitted the contact with his face, just to end up slapping his bum.

“Ouch! Rude, my ass didn’t deserve that!”

Eventually, both of you slumped onto the mattress, drowsy eyes gazing at the ceiling. Through your minds, memories of the events that had taken place earlier that same day, ran, bringing a butterfly revolution at the pit of your stomachs.

The back of your hands brushed slightly. On edge, the fear that your mad heartbeats could be heard.

“I should get going, otherwise, I’m gonna drift off right here” He turned his face to the side, finding you already laid on your side, innocently, yet dangerously, close.

“You’re tired. Stay the night here” You threw your arm and leg over him, giving him none chance of leaving, even though he didn’t want to, at all.

Harry’s body tensed under you, this wasn’t ignored by you. Looking up at him, you found his stare travelling from your eyes to your lips simultaneously, making up his mind.

“Let me kiss you”


come away with me, isak x even, skam.

their last night is quiet. all warmth and smoke, and the gentle tinkling of the teapot as they pass it around (it’s about time you learnt how to make it properly).

it’s dark, but there’s still so much colour - isak didn’t know there were so many colours - blues and pinks and yellows and greys. he wants to bottle it and take it home. he wants to take everything home.

you’ll have to settle for me, even tells him.

okay. I’ll keep you, isak says with a shrug and even pulls him close, fun and pinching.

I’m glad to hear it.

even smells different here, and smiles different, and just is different. changed. and isak’s sure that by the time they get home he’ll have their next trip planned. and all their trips after that.

[even’s some impossible balance of planning and spontaneity that isak still hasn’t figured out.]

do you still think about marriage? isak asks when the other boys have drifted away.

even fumbles with his cup. shit, isak, he says with a laugh, his eyes crinkling and bright and true. yes, I do. marriage with you.

when? soon? or later, when I’m older and we have some money?

i don’t know.

isak pulls a face, abandoning his tea to press closer yes you do.

okay, I do, but I didn’t want to scare you with it all.

you can’t scare me. nothing scares me, remember?

how could I forget?

you should ask me, isak says, definitively, and it feels so right and so easy. like they were always headed to this place in this time. and I’ll say yes. and we’ll elope to another new place. a deserted island.

who’s going to marry us if it’s deserted?

well, fuck, even, I don’t know. you asked me, aren’t you going to make some decisions?

even laughs, like music, like all the old sounds and all the new ones they know now, all these things they’ll never forget. the world outside their walls. you’re amazing isak valtersen.

you mean isak bech næsheim.

maybe I wanna be even valtersen.

no, that’s terrible, I’m definitely taking your name.

okay, even says on a breath, bottom lip rolling against isak’s skin as he pulls back from a kiss. I’ll keep you.


tbh i need new music for my long ass flight next week aaaand blogs to follow so i’ll do blogrates for the first time and prob the last time ever? be warned this will take me like 7 days to accomplish but like.. i’ll do them. 


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The Affair - Chapter 7

Summary: The OC (reader) returns home after spending her time with Negan at the school. A confrontation takes place between the OC and Tom that leads to Negan getting involved.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC) & Tom (OC)

Warnings: Swearing & Fighting

Notes: This chapter is kind of not as fun as the last, but I promise the next one will be! 

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10224827/chapters/25355262

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977 @negans-network @esmerhya @carrter5 @karaokke @freaktesque @jmackie1983 @jaylaelizabethw @hughxjackman @that-darn-kid @yellatthetopofyourlungs @wolfgirl1074 @ask-kakashihatake @jdmfanfiction *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*

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“You know, it’s more fun to stargaze if you’re lying on your back.”

AUTHOR: @cee-is-so-vague


She looked up and gave Sebastian a half smile. “Hey, Seb,” was her only reply as her head turned away from his concerned face.

“Are you cold?” He asked, taking a seat next to her and wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. He expected her to protest and reject the blanket but didn’t. “You’ve been out here for a while now.”

“I know. I just needed some time to myself,” she replied glancing up at the nearly pitch black skies. “It’s been a long day. It’s not easy when you have too many things happening all at once and zero time to stop for a breather. I’m just glad that I finally have a long weekend to myself and with you.”

Sebastian nodded with a smile and continued to stare up at the skies with her, wrapping an arm around her covered shoulders in the process as a cool breeze blew past them. Moments later, he told her to lie down onto her back while he did the same.

“You know, it’s more fun to stargaze if you’re lying on your back,” he said. “Everyone usually sits on the ground, look up and squint the entire time, but…this is better.”

She watched as the stars began to glitter the sky and started to smile. “You’re right. This is better,” she said calmly.

“I told you,” he said, placing an arm around her. 

“What time does the park close?”

“No idea. Why?”

“Think anyone will notice that we might want to spend the night out here? Just us and the stars?”

Sebastian shrugged. “I don’t think so but it sounds like an awesome plan.”

I will officially be starting writing commissions on Monday! I will take 3 commissions at a time to start, so I don’t get overwhelmed. I will be posting more about this in the next couple of days. I’m not holding any spots right now. I will let you know when commissions are officially open. 

Here are the ships I will write:





Fluffy (Old school!) 


I’m excited to get started on this project. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or ask on or off anon. 

Thanks for all of your continued support!

morally-ambiguous-llama  asked:

do you think junko's happiness at being executed was because of experiencing despair like she claimed, or because she knew she had at least two AI versions of herself made and that she was still basically a god to a whole bunch of despair-ified cult members? maybe both?

So I haven’t answered this ask because it required time on my part, so since I’m sitting here waiting for the next Exile Election video to finish encoding so I can upload it, let me take a crack at it.

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Commissions have always been opened, but this new year saw some new price and rule changes due to…unfortunate circumstances popping up (like me not having work for the next month and a half lol). So…



Check my commissions page for more info! Thank you for taking the time to read, and have a wonderful day ;3;

@ every rper out there:  know your worth.  when people put you down remember they can’t take away your worth.  when people are mean to you remember that it’s because they lack knowing their own worth.  remember the next time you doubt yourself that you’re worth something to someone in the world.  Self-pride and self-worth is something that no one on this site can take away from you.  

anonymous asked:

I was about to take a picture of a peacock but it jumped at me and chased ( I just walked quickly) for a good 10 minutes. I really wanted that photo but It was hell bent on trying to kill me... :( Why do all good looking animals have killer instincts :(

A wild peacock?!? I’ve only seen them at the zoo! You’ll have to bring bird seed or something with you next time to distract it long enough for you to get a photo. It seems like it should be more afraid of you and fly away than wanting to chase you, at least you didn’t die from being attacked by a peacock :p

Flash Sales Are Active!

I’m only $200 short on my RTX fund! So I’ve put together some flash sales! The jewelry ones are currently active, the cosmetic ones will be active later this evening! If you want to claim a sale, just comment claimed on the post, all of the flash sales are only 50% of the original price!! ❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

Boyf riends ShOtgUnNINg leading to a make out session fic plz???? You just an awesome writer and I need this

“Come on Jeremy, just a hit?” Jeremy’s head barely moved as Michael begged his boyfriend for a joint.

“No way dude, this is mine,” he stared at nothing in particular as Michael slid down next to him. Jeremy went to take another huff prompting Michael to move closer. Before he could exhale Michael covered Jeremy’s mouth with his lips, pulling back after inhaling some of the smoke. “Dude…not cool…”

“Come on you know you liked it.”

“Yeah,” Michael went to kiss Jeremy again, this time staying a little longer. Jeremy’s hands lazily wrapped around Michael’s waist as they found themselves laying together on the beanbag chair before rolling on the floor.

cl4tr4p1ngt0n  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say, thanks for this awesome fan made episode of gravity falls! It's really awesome to see how this show convinced a band of fans to start making their own spin on it! And I know this stuff takes a really long time, so I wanted to ask, what is the due date you're trying to go for for the next episode? I'm really excited to see where you guys take this, and hope that you don't lose the motivation to keep making these.

Right now we are hoping for a fall release (September or October), but we just started the production of the episode, so a lot of things could happen until then.

pooka-dragon  asked:

......You and Shinyzango are gonna hate me for the next fanfic....I am just giving you a warning for the next day or probably Friday

I will absolutely, 100 percent, NEVER hate a fic that you write because your writing is amazing.

I love having my heart ripped out by other people’s writing (since apparently I do it so often myself).

I can’t wait to read it! And don’t worry, take your time!

Good morning! Today is about Perseverance and Long-term Successes
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Wands

You are likely to find yourself in some sort of a competitive situation today. Things are going well right now thanks to your hard work and planning, and the support of the Universe so be secure in the knowledge that you will come out on top.

Likely, this competition or conflict will be related to your stated views or plan. Don’t hesitate to be clear with people about where you stand. See the challenge to your views as an opportunity to make your plan clear to others. 
You will likely help someone by spelling it out for them. Your thinking is clear and will bring about positive change so if you have moments of self-doubt, now is the time for true courage - feel the fear but do it anyway.

This Seven points to successes from being independent and thinking for yourself so,if you have been considering becoming self-employed this is an excellent time to take the next step in the process.

If love is your focus, this card reminds you to continue to speak your mind and be yourself in your relationship. Be sure you aren’t simply going with the flow; that is an excellent way to lose yourself.
If you are looking for love, be your authentic self but be it in different places than usual. Change is good…

Regardless of its position in your life today, the Seven of Wands tells you that sometimes, being yourself and stating your mind can cause bumps in the road, but you will get past all of them as long as what you present is genuine. 
You have the skills and reserves required to get past anything; big or small, and to embrace any change it may bring so, be yourself.

Peace out…

Bad weather & DIY 

Since I came back from Italy the weather up here in Glasgow has been…not the best, let’s put it this way. It’s not even been raining much, but the wind has been quite strong for a few days, to the point that one of the huge centuries-old white willows in my local park has basically split in half. Definitely not the right weather to take photos of wildflowers, but today it was finally good enough to go out, and I’ve snapped photos until my phone died, so you can expect some new posts in the next days. Yes, I should get a camera, my old one has developed a personality and literally does what it wants regardless of what buttons I’m pressing. 

As I’ve not been able to write much and I’m not the kind of person who just watches TV in my free time, I tackled one of the projects I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. I had ran out of growing space on the windowsill which enjoys the best sun exposure, so I went to a DIY store, bought wood and a hand saw -luckily I already had paint and varnish- and over the past three days I built myself the perfectly fitting shelving unit I couldn’t find anywhere, all for £20. And although I’m not a carpenter I am quite happy with the final result, which basically quadrupled the space on the windowsill you see behind it, at least for small plants and compact succulents. 

I’m probably prouder than I should, but I hadn’t built something in ages and I was aching for it!

Logan Paul Imagine

Originally posted by huzursuzhayaller

You watched Logan pack for his next trip, this time it was to Europe. And this tine you couldn’t go with him. Last few trips you had went with him but this time you couldn’t.

“Are you sure you can’t get a day off? Just few days” he begged placing his things in the bad. You gave him his shirt to put in his bag.

“No. You know I can’t.” he sat next to you trying to give the best puppy eyes he could. “You know that wont work on me Logan” you felt bad about not being able to go with him, but you couldn’t take more days off.

“This just sucks” he said then pulled you bu the waist and placed you on his chest. You placed your head on his chest and enjoyed the moments you had to each other. Soon he’ll be gone for more then a month.

“But we will talk on the phone all the time. Every day. Every hour.” Logan said still holding you close.

“You know we can’t do that. I have..” before you could even finish Logan said what you thought.

“work. I know. But I will miss you even more if I don’t get to see your beautiful face at least once every..2 hours. Okay once every 5 hours That’s how low I’ll go” you felt so loved, he always made you feel like he was there even if he wasn’t really there.

“Okay. How about I visit you two weeks after you leave. For 2 days.” Logan yelled out from happiness, making you laugh.