take this video away


I’m not the only one that thought this right?

sherlock’s gonna livetweet their sex life until john takes his phone away and accidentally posts of video of himself frowning at the screen going “how the fuck do i delete twitter”


“Because I didn’t want to just take what you had. I wanted to take what you believed. I wanted you to die… knowing that you were incapable of loving another person.”


(( OOC: These are the original threads of threads that have since been remade/replaced, or are just really fucking old, so I’m shoving them all here, lol. :) )) 

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Sirius finds Remus fretting over his scars.

Expecto Patronum

Well THAT spell went horrible wrong! 

Bad Dog

Sirius likes to take advantage of his dog form. 

Sirius You Bastard!

Sirius gets one up on James after pulling a not-so-pleasant prank. Poor Madam Pomfrey… poor James…

Sibling Rivalry

Sirius and Regulus have always been at odds, and now that they’re at Hogwarts… absolutely nothing has changed.

Rockin’ It

What do the Marauders think of Sirius’ new hair?

The Flirts

The Marauder’s react very differently to being hit on.

Messing With Mcgonagall

Mcgonagall ain’t taking none of their shit.

Run Away (VIDEO)

Sirius has run away from home. He quickly finds his way to a sanctuary… the Potter’s.

Keep Away (ORIGINAL)

James and Severus were rivals from the moment they set eyes on each other, and they both have a common interest.

Stupid Face

Sirius just doesn’t know when to stop teasing, and Remus is utterly flustered.

Put A Ring On It 1 (ORIGINAL)

James is sweaty and nervous… Why? Because he’s about to propose to the girl of his dreams.

Put A Ring On It 2 (ORIGINAL)

They liked it, so they put a ring on it.

Dress Up

James and Lily are THAT couple… the couple that tries on everything in the closet before they decide to go out. Work it, baby!

Joining The Order 2

Now that Frank is part of the Order, it’s his job to welcome new recruits… but he certainly wasn’t expecting to greet THESE recruits.

Surprise, It’s A Baby!

Lily is pregnant… and… WHO IS THE FATHER!?

Seed of Doubt

Sirius receives an unexpected and unwanted visit from his less-than-stable cousin, and what she has to say may lead to some budding doubts concerning Remus Lupin and his loyalties.  

You Wouldn’t Hit A Guy With Glasses

Desperate times call for… a really terrible good sense of humor.

The Wizarding War

Now that the kids have graduated and moved on with their lives, it’s time to grow up… and it looks like the Marauders are getting a crash course in adulthood.

Having Second Thoughts

The Marauders are in the middle of a war, and Lily is about to have a child. What were they thinking?

The Man Who Loses Everything 1 (ORIGINAL)

Remus is called in for questioning after the deaths of James and Lily Potter.

The Man Who Loses Everything 2 (ORIGINAL)

Everyone is gone. Remus Lupin has lost everything.

Dark Times Series: (ORIGINAL)

James and Lily are in a deadly game of hide and seek, and the seeker just found them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6



James and Lily grow up in a world where the last words of your soulmate are cruelly imprinted on your arm.

Harry, I Am Your Father

Harry Potter finds himself face-to-face with a man who looks a whole lot like him. Could he have turned the time-turner a little too far?

Pay Attention To Me

Tonks tries to drag Remus away from his books. (AU: Tonks goes to school with the Marauders.)

I Made A Mistake

Remus loses control and puts tonk’s life in danger. (AU: Tonks goes to school with the Marauders.)

I Made Another Mistake

Remus… back at it again. 


7FEB2015 ~ 10FEB2016 | art progress

decided to redraw my first mastermind au! also dedicated to that anon that mentioned mm!sonia would use “we, us, our” pronouns in her speech!


Well, does someone know the game? You just have a Pocky in your mouth to pass down something like rubber band to next person without biting down the snack…
Anyway, of course Jay would playfully sway his Pocky up and down and back and forth… And we all know Kai, being a hothead he is, surely wouldn’t be so happy about it. As a result, the game then stopped by him and that’s why Jay would find Zane sitting there with Falcon later. The poor Nindroid hasn’t experienced the fun!
So, being Jay, of course he would drag others to play with their precious Nindroid brother again no matter what! Even that means he has to interrupt Kai’s video game time, take Lloyd’s comic books away from him, force Cole temporarily leave his beautiful cake alone… Yes, you can see how hard he has tried if you do take notice of some rewards he received on his head. XD
Bonus: another rule of game about how close you could get before biting down the Pocky. Who bites down the snack first, he/she loses. But, be sure you play it with your eyes open and never take the winning so seriously that you won’t retreat! Or you may regret your decision later, see Lloyd and Kai and you can get it. *winks*
Also, is there anyone interested in pairing version? Warn you first I love glaciership and garmakai and greenflame and please, you don’t have to tell me you hate them or consider them unacceptable if you can’t accept them. I will very appreciate everyone being nice. :)

FAHC Headcanon: Pride Parade

Okay. Imagine. Los Santos is a pretty weird place, so of course they’d have one of the most extravagant pride parades ever. They’ve got balloons and floats and the whole nine yards. LSPD is just hoping the FAHC doesn’t use the opportunity to try to rob a bank or something, ya know. What no one is expecting is a sudden rainbow of colored flares shooting over the crowd. And there’s a big explosion as the boys whip out their fireworks launcher that Geoff gave them for the 4th of July. There are fireworks and flares /everywhere/ for a good bit. Then it goes strangely quiet and everyone is tense, waiting to see what the deadliest crew of all time is about to do.

What they don’t expect is for all of them, B Team included, to come sweeping over everyone in their rainbow parachutes. And they’re dropping candy and stolen goods all over, careful to not hurt a soul. It’s a day of pride and they’re not there to ruin anyone’s fun. And if they see someone so much as look at them with disgust for flaunting their pride… oops the fucker is on fire. Was that a flare? And Gavin had managed to hack into every speaker anywhere close to the parade and starts playing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

I Promise You Won’t Fall

I did a thing because @halesheart was like someone needs to do this but a Sterek version. When ye asks ye shall receive. Happy Holidays!

Find it on AO3 (or read it down below)

Summary: “Derek! I’m not doing that,” Stiles gasped.

“I promise you won’t fall.”

“No you can’t promise that, I’m gonna fall and break my face. Or worse! My glasses! Do you know how expensive these are–?”

“Baby, breathe,” Derek shushed him.

Or the one where skaterboy!Derek loses a bet, and has to ride a skateboard with his boyfriend Stiles who more or less enjoys it.

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Himalayan yak chews? no, suspicious

Bully sticks? no, suspicious

All natural bone? heckin heck yeah, says Mommy Nature’s boy Asher


“I’ve got a bonafide leopard hide jacket baby
I’ll let you wear it all day if you say that you’ll be mine”

Cameron Avery
Watch Me Take It Away
Baby’s All Right NYC