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Okay hear me out. He obviously remembered his best friend but like, how long had he gone without him after he sacrificed himself.

I mean when he met Pidge he didn’t think “Hey you look like someone I know” or when he saw the picture of Pidge and Matt he didn’t think “Wait I know them” SO DID HE FORGET WHAT MATT LOOKED LIKE. Guys what he was without him for so long he had forgotten what he looked like. What if he didn’t remember until Pidge said she was Sam’s daughter. He finally remembers how Matt looks. He can remember the terrified look on the boy when they were running from the craft, he remembers the worry marks on his sleeping face when he got knocked out.

Can you imagine after a long day he goes to Pidge’s room just to see her. And they just sit until he asks to see the picture of Matt. She shows it to him and he breathes a sigh of relief. When she asks why he is relieved he replies with tears in his eyes.

“I’d thought I’d forgotten what he looked like again.”

Let me break it down for ya

Ok this is a very touchy subject for a lot of people, so I’m gonna try to do this without stepping on any toes too much.

Liam’s dad announcement.

People have so many opinions it’s hard to keep up, but the three main ones I’m seeing are this:

1. If he’s happy, let him be happy, it’s his kid

2. It’s not real because Ziam is real

3. It’s just like Louis and Freddie and that whole mess.

Ok let’s start with number 3. I’m going to make a list of the things that happened starting at the announcement of the pregnancy until the day of birth for both, just to get it out there so there is no confusion or skipping out on info.

Louis and BG 1.0
-announcement was made at a weird time, never mentioned Briana before this other than a random article in like…March, before they’d even “met”
-Louis made no efforts to claim paternity
-August ¾-GMA interview where subject was first broached in public. Louis made the 😑face, said thanks, still no confirmation.
-awkward pics of Briana at O2 all four nights showing wavering size in bump, no consistency.
-pictures of Briana and fam at Christmas, awkward football bump pic.

*note: Briana had no weight gain anywhere and began getting plastic surgery in October or November, which is something forbidden to women who are pregnant*

-(at this point, Louis has not mentioned it again, has blacklisted the topic in interviews, and has never once uttered the words “I am a father” or “Briana”)
-Louis was never spotted with her and almost never spent time in the same country or city as Briana during the entire pregnancy
-January (which, after the VERY FIRST mention of said pregnancy, which was in March of the previous year, making the pregnancy time around 10/11 months) Briana “gives birth”
-the birth date is ambiguous, cybergranny says it’s the 20th, Briana says 21st, Louis tweets “baby born yesterday” on the 23rd, which means 22nd.
-names are flying (about ten names in total, ranging from Sydney Rain to John to Conchobar, pronounced Connor (What the actual f)
-picture on IG to confirm confirm birth and “paternity”, it is discovered that the picture is photoshopped by the observation of missing tattoos, a weird ear shape, and an odd leg shape)
-none of the other boys commented on this announcement (only interaction was Niall five months later with Freddie Son™)

***along with all this, the concept of the warning selfie was started by Louis himself, each selfie representing the same tired, unhappy face that preceded any news of this baby or his “parents”, we have Billboard actually POSTING the theory that Louis is not the father, and a lot of questions among the general public***

We will stop there because it only gets crazier. But there’s Louis. Now let’s go to Liam. (This will be a bit different because, since I didn’t follow the whole thing, im going off of what I was told and what I saw/experienced)

Liam and BG 2.0 (?)
-at the time the pregnancy was talked about, Cheryl had already been discussing artificial insemination to get pregnant (this was before Liam was in the picture)
-when the rumors began, they had been dating for roughly three months
-rumors continued to be rumors, no true bump pictures appearing until (I believe) September or October, where it was clear by the weight gain in the face and stomach that she was indeed pregnant (though no confirmation was made
-Liam spent nearly no time in the same country as Cheryl, leaving for months at a time to work on various projects
-rumors of the birth having already happened began in (I believe) January, but quickly squashed when Cheryl did her L'Oréal commercial, still very much pregnant
-both Liam and Cheryl went mia at the beginning of March
-Baby announcement made on March 25th, date of birth was March 22nd, announcement via IG by both Liam and Cheryl
-announcement was very clear from both of them; this was THEIR child, THEIR baby
-picture was a picture of a Polaroid, so in this case, there was no way to tell if it was photoshopped.
-baby unnamed as of the post, only one name thrown around (Bruce)
-the entire idea of the pregnancy wasn’t thrown around for jokes in the media, but was kept as just rumors
-so far, none of the boys have commented

So. Looking at these two situations just with this information here, which I have tried to make as accurate as I can, the situations are VASTLY different, not only in the way they were presented to the public, but how they were handled by the two boys themselves. In my opinion, even with the small group of similarities, they cannot be compared so directly as some are trying to do.

Now, going to number 2 (the existence/nonexistence of Ziam) this is something I try to avoid. You can look at both situations, ships aside, and see whether one is fake or not.

Now to number 1. As far as we can see, if we look at what we were presented with (and this is just one way to look at it), Louis’ situation was most definitely 100% fake and an absolute mess. Louis was never happy about it, even after the kid was born and he “claimed paternity”. Liam’s was handled with much more dignity and respect in the media, and therefore, came out looking a lot more believable to us as fans/GP. Liam has always seemed happy about it, and here I’m going off of his pictures at events with Cheryl while pregnant, and his post about being a father. It is easy, however, to fake happiness, which we have seen many times before from all of the boys, not just Louis and Liam.

Every way of thinking about this is valid. I don’t think we can take anything said about these boys without a grain of salt (thanks management for screwing them over again and again). As I said, since the situations cannot directly be compared (via the list I made, which contains facts only, not opinions or theories),there shouldn’t be people who believe that the baby isn’t Liam’s (or that believe in Ziam and therefore don’t think it’s Liam’s) telling Larries (or people who believe that Louis’ situation is faked) that they’re being hypocritical. It’s happening anyway, but it shouldn’t be. Different situations, different opinions.

However, it isn’t just facts that matter in these situations. It’s how you view these boys. It’s us going off of what we’ve seen these boys do, how they’ve acted towards fans and the public in the face of everything they’ve gone through. But, of course, an opinion cannot go off of just this. Everything has to be taken into account.

Believe what you want to believe. My belief is that that baby is more than likely Cheryl’s ex-husbands or just simply artificial insemination, as discussed. I do not think Liam had a kid with her. You don’t have to agree with me, but opinions are allowed to be had and respect is something I’d like to have.

Thank you for your time, and I’m sorry if I missed anything extremely important in those lists

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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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November 11, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Wally!

In which Wally reacts to his 22nd birthday exactly the same way I did.

(Also my 22nd birthday was just 6 days ago… we’re so close in age! Just another reason to love him.)

And because I know people are gonna call me out for being unrealistic, here’s an actual picture of how his 22nd birthday goes down, you sadists: