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solid splendor wallpaper set

four different wallpapers, made with the grungy texture from city living AND without it (as shown in the second image from the top). there’s the basic wallpaper that has a white baseboard, another with the baseboard but also with a floral trim, a version with bricks, and last but not least some wainscoting from parenthood in both the ea white and navy (not pictured).

  • §4
  • base game compatible
  • 21 various eversims swatches


credit: eversims palettes and remisims: photoshop actions

I’ve come to the realization I can only write one fic, just slightly different each time, but I’ve made peace with that fact. Anyways, here’s more mindless Ladynoir innuendo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“So on a scale of one to ten, how much of a virgin are you?”

Black boots skidded to a stop, steel tips grinding against the shingle beneath them with a sort of crunching noise that almost drowned out Ladybug’s question entirely. Adrien (who in this moment was not, in fact, Adrien at all but none other than Chat Noir) swiveled at the edge of the roof, peering back at his partner as she waited for his response.

More surprised by her sudden inquiry than anything, he shrugged. “One being…?”

“One being a toddler who has absolutely no grasp of human sexuality and ten being the author of the Kama Sutra,” Ladybug clarified, winding her yo-yo back around her hip and effectively signaling their patrol had come to an end. “So where do you fall?”

Adrien grinned. “Twelve.”

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I’m in so much pain


OK BUCKLE UP KIDS..YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP! i was visiting Philly and  I was waiting in line to get my coffee and suddenly i see a girl with a paddys pub shirt and im like omg!! she must be one of us so i pass by her and whisper “macdennis” and let me tell u kids we immediately connected ???she was like “no way!!” and im like “newsflash asshole theyve been in love  the entire  GODDAMN time!” and then she asked me my url and we then connected even more over being glunk fuckers (how cute???) and then we went to a bar at did tequila shots(see the refernce;) ) and then we went to the bathroom to fuck and she was wanna roleplay?? and im like let me get my tools!!! BEST.NIGHT.EVER


and then bakugou went back to his own room only to start screaming pretty loudly about what he had just done

anyways i’d never drawn a kiss before nor a comic itself + i’m still getting used to digital art so this probably looks terrible … i wanted to draw something for tetsutetsu’s birthday too but i was pretty busy today (one of the reasons why this looks so rushed, there’s only an attempt at a background in 3 panels and there are so many mistakes) … i’ll try to draw something for him tomorrow

i wasn’t even going to post this because i keep getting the feeling that it’s bad but?? i spent too much time on this to just keep it to myself so yeah !! hopefully i won’t end up regretting posting this lmao

anonymous asked:

the stickers are so cool! id love to know what rin and haru thinks of them!

Haru: They’re fun.

Rin: Wha?! They’re LINE stickers! How did you get these? And why are you putting them on me?

(Thank you anon! I was potentially thinking of making them into physical stickers or something eventually, hence this. I still have some old asks… very old asks… I still intend to get to.)

Get the stickers here!