take this as birth control kids

Just because Nikki Reed is acting all cool with it does not mean what Ian Somerhalder did was ok. Yeah, I’m sure they both talked about it together after he revealed he threw out the birth control pills and came to an understanding yada yada yada that’s not the point. The point isn’t whether Nikki consented in the end to be impregnated or not, which from what I can tell she did. It’s the blatant presumptuousness (even Nikki called it presumptuous) with which a man decided to take his partner’s fertility and reproductive choice into his own hands and thought the best way to communicate that he had decided that now was the best time to have kids was by throwing away her freakin birth control without her permission.

Keep in mind, Ian was the one who wanted to have kids, being older than her and wanting to have kids sooner, and Nikki was on the fence about it until after he did that and until after she had a like 6 minute freak out when she found out her pills were gone. 

This whole story is extremely gross and not cute. It’s misogyny. 

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Please do share your headcanons with us! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?

*knuckle cracking sounds

(Future) King and Queen: Shiro and Allura                                                                     -Zarkon takes over the kingdom and kills King Alfor                                               -Wedded princess Allura and prince Shiro MIA from the battle against Zarkon      

Rapunzel: Keith                                                                                                               -Shiro’s brother which makes him the prince and second in line of the throne                                                                                                                               -Same birth story as Rapunzel but the flower is basically a fire flower which        allows his hair to burst into flames (temp and intensity controllable)                      -Difference from Rapunzel is that he’s aware that he’s the prince                          -He got stuck in the tower at 5 or something                                                          -Huge conspiracy theorist on what the outside world is like (So disappointed that Mothman doesn’t exist)                                                                                            -Dammit Kolivan let the kid leave. He wants to fight for his honor!!

Mother Gothel(sorta?): Kolivan                                                                                     -Leader of the resistance against Zarkon                                                               -Kept Keith in the tower because “He’s too valuable. If he dies all hope is lost”                                                                                                                       

Flynn Rider: Lance                                                                                                         -Former member of the resistance but resistance can’t feed his huge family         -Enter: Bandit life                                                                                                     -Steals stuff from the palace and sells them to the black market                             -Stabbington brothers: Rolo and Nyma                                                                   -Happen to stumble upon the royal heirloom: the dagger                                       -He’s so confused when a strangely cute guy with long fluffy hair tries to climb out the tower window, only to be pulled back again

Still thinking about where Coran, Hunk, and Pidge would fit in. I would think Coran and Hunk would fit perfectly at the Snuggly Duckling. I’m not so sure about Pidge as Pascal yet though.

Friendly Reminder

Diana Farley is my new feminist icon. I can’t even list everything she does to earn my utmost admiration.

  • She’s plotting and planning throughout the whole book.
  • She wants to save Mare at the slightest possible chance.
  • She becomes friends with snarky and sometimes insufferable Cameron and isn’t insulted by her jibes.
  • She never leans back.
  • She seriously doesn’t take any patronizing shit.
  • “Diana, you can’t -?”

    “Because I’m pregnant? I assure you, I can handle two tasks at once. And it’s General now. Act accordingly.”

  • She finally becomes friends with Mare.
  • “I didn’t ask about your family. I asked about you. For once, I’m giving you permission to whine about yourself, Lightning Girl.”

  • She gives Mare birth control while actually giving birth.
  • She brings her newborn baby with her to war councils. Because why not, she can handle two tasks at once.
  • She goes back into battle just weeks after having a child.
  • she still misses her deceased lover and knows his kid can’t replace him

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean your dreams and ambitions are over.

BTS Imagine: Jimin Confessing to Cheating | Part 1

Thank you for the request! I hope I did this justice.^^

word count: 1.6k

part one | two | three *coming soon*

requests: open


Jimin sat on the edge of his bed, his laptop on his thighs and his hands in his hair. He had to do it now, he told himself. He had to call you now and confess what had happened. There was no way to hide it anymore. No way to pretend that everything was the same as it used to be. No more having to hide the guilt that had plagued him constantly these past 3 months. He finally pulled his head up to look at your smiling face on his screen. His fingers hovered over the trackpad as he willed himself to hit the call button. He took a deep, shaky breath and tapped on your name. It was time for him to tell you the worst secret of his life.

You were laying in your bed that evening, staring at your BTS poster taped to your closet door. The few people very close to you knew that you weren’t just an ARMY fangirling over the boys in the picture. You were always only looking at one boy. You were only ever looking at your ChimChim.

The chronic times apart hadn’t been easy for either of you. When Jimin had gone to be a trainee, leaving your hometown of Busan, you’d hoped that things wouldn’t be over between you two. You’d hoped that your connection was strong enough to overcome the distance. And it had been. Sure, being limited to video chats or talking on the phone wasn’t nearly as good as having him there in person; but you’d both learned how to navigate the rough waters of him being an idol with a secret girlfriend.

At first it had really bothered you that you had to keep your relationship a secret. Every time that Jimin claimed to have never been in a relationship before used to feel like a stab to your heart. The precious few days you had together when he got to visit home was filled with disguises to prevent fans from recognizing him and therefore wondering about you. You had a strong love-hate relationship with the other ARMYs. You loved that he was being successful. You loved seeing others see all of the good inside him. Loved watching their clever edits that were made with so much care. But then there was the ugly side of being an idol. Having to watch other girls screaming his name and reaching for him constantly. Having to watch him doing his fanservice and smiling his shy smile at them and answering their sticky note questions flirtatiously. It was all part of his job—you knew that. You knew in your heart, even without his constant assurances, that Park Jimin loved you and only you. The girl of his hometown.

At least that’s what you had to keep reminding yourself of more and more often lately. Five months ago, BitHit had asked Jimin to publicly date an actress that had been in their newest music video to help promote their comeback. It bothered you that BigHit often put things on only Jimin’s shoulders like when they told him that only he had to show his abs in their debut song. It had been a tough conversation but you told Jimin you understood. He was doing it for his career and helping hers as well since Jimin was always thinking of others. None of it meant anything. They didn’t even talk outside of their public appearances that were always so carefully crafted even when they were just “going to the grocery store.” The public ate everything up so easily.

Suddenly your phone sounded with a video call. When you saw the familiar handsome face flash across your screen, your mood instantly picked up and you were ready for one of your long five hour conversations that Jimin always called “conversations with friends” when asked about it in interviews.

“Hey, my ChimChim,” you greeted him happily with your favorite nickname for him.

“Hey, jagiya,” he said, his voice noticeably subdued.

“What’s wrong?” you asked instantly, sitting straight up in your bed. You took in his facial features that were filled with a mixture of anxiety and sadness.

“What makes you think something’s wrong?” He gave a nervous laugh.

“Jiminie, I know you better than you know yourself….What’s wrong?”

“Ay, Jaigya,” he sighed, leaning back and running his hand roughly through his hair. “I—I really don’t want to tell you this,” he said quietly.

Your stomach started to sink and you felt your throat starting to close up. There was something very wrong. You’d seen Jimin when he was feeling down more times than you could count but this was something else. This wasn’t just him having doubts about himself. This was him holding back. He was always so caring; always thinking of everyone else first. This was something about you.

“Are you breaking up with me?” you managed to squeeze out through the tightness in your throat.

“Y/n, it’s not that. It’s um…it’s something else.”

“Please just tell me, ChimChim. I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” you admitted.

You watched as his throat gulped on the screen. He ran his hand through his hair again, biting his lip as he did so. If you weren’t in such agonizing suspense, you’d be thinking some rather naughty thoughts right now. If only that’s what was happening you thought to yourself.

“You know h/n noona?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” you responded quickly. How could you forget the beautiful, talented actress fake dating your boyfriend?

“Something happened one night…with me and her,” he finally said. You stared at the image of your boyfriend on the screen, feeling like every inch of blood inside you was draining out.

“‘One night’?” you repeated softly. “What do you mean?” You had to hear him say the words. It wasn’t real until he said the words.

“Y/n, I was drunk,” he started. “I was drunk and lonely and missing you more than you could possibly know. And I—I slept with her,” he finally admitted. “I don’t even remember any of it. I just woke up next to her.”

You closed your eyes tightly to prevent the tears that had welled up in your eyes from falling down your face. You never in a dozen lifetimes thought Jimin would be that guy. Not your ChimChim. All of those pictures you would send him, all of those video and phone calls—they were all for nothing. You still couldn’t be there to satisfy him and he’d turned to someone else. You were so stupid to think that this would ever turn out any other way.

“Y/n, that’s not all of it,” Jimin’s voice broke in again.

You didn’t care anymore if he saw the tears. Let him see. Let him see how much he’d hurt you. “What else do you want to tell me?” you choked out. You hid the surprise from crossing your face when you saw that Jimin was crying on the other side of the screen.

“She’s pregnant.”

Anger streaked through you. “Are you kidding me?” you burst out. “You’ve always made sure we were careful! Even with you wearing condoms, you asked me to take birth control even though I get to see you only two weeks out of the year! And then you sleep with her without using anything?!” You couldn’t stop the accusing words from coming out of your mouth.

“Jagi, I was drunk. I didn’t plan for it to happen,” he replied.

“How far along is she?”

Jimin stared at you. “Twelve weeks,” he finally answered.

“You did this three months ago and didn’t tell me?” you whispered.

“It was one time. I knew it would never happen again. I couldn’t bear to see you hurt like this.”

You nodded mockingly at him through your tears. “How long have you had feelings for her?”

“What?” He looked like you’d put your hand through the screen and smacked him.

“How long, Jimin?” you demanded.

“I don’t, jagi.”

“Don’t call me that,” you protested immediately. “I know you, Park Jimin. Even drunk, you would never sleep with someone you didn’t feel anything for. What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know, y/n,” he admitted. “She told me she’s keeping the baby.”

You let out a small sarcastic laugh. “Of course she is. It’s your baby. No one could end a part of you…,” you trailed off, your heart squeezing even tighter as the realization that this was happening hit you. She was carrying your boyfriend’s child. She was always going to have a connection with him now. She was always going to have a piece of him that you would never have. And with that thought you realized what your next question needed to be. “Are you going to marry her?” He didn’t respond. “You will, won’t you?” you whispered. “You’ll keep her from scandal.”

“She doesn’t deserve it,” he said. “You don’t deserve this,” his voice broke. “I’m sorry, y/n. More sorry than you could ever know. I would never want to hurt you.”

“Oh, Jiminie,” you said slightly mockingly. “It’s way too late for that.” And with that Jimin broke down into a pile of sobs on the other side of the screen. You couldn’t watch this anymore. “Goodbye, Jimin,” you choked out and hung up the call.

Before you fell into your own mess of sobs, you sent a quick text to Jin. You need to go to Jiminie. He needs someone right now. Please don’t be too hard on him. Because even after all of this, you knew that you would always love that beautiful boy with the shy smile from Busan. 

reddie oneshot

soulmate au <3

It’s not like it was Richie’s fault that ‘Fuck you, I’m saving it for your sister. And don’t call me that!’ was tattooed on his arm. It really wasn’t. But he just needed to know; why in the fresh fuck was his soulmate going to say that to him? 

Bill forced Richie to go to a kid’s house on the November afternoon. Richie, like any other socially awkward seventh grader, refused to go. At least introduce me to him at school, he had said, what if he turns out to be a mass serial killer? And I die? I’m too pretty to die so soon!

Bill made him go anyways. 

Richie was still skeptical about the whole ordeal.

The ride over there was stressful. Richie almost fell off his bike a handful of times, Ben telling him to “S-Shut the f-f-fuck up, he w-won’t kill you,” and worst of all, they had to go past the Neibolt house. The Neibolt house, for Christ’s sake! The kid’s house is probably haunted!

“Bill, he lives near the fucking Neibolt house. Do you really think I wanna die before I meet my soulmate?” Bill of course didn’t understand, since he already found his in another one of the duo’s best friends, Stan. Richie deemed it bullshit. The moment Stan told Bill “It’s a kippah, I’m Jewish,” Richie was a third wheeler on every hang out.

Arriving at the kid’s house, Bill knocked while Richie contemplated how he wanted to go out by this serial killer. His heart was set on it.
“Hey, Bill,” Richie heard a small but firm voice announce, “who’s your friend?”

“T-Th-This is Rich-ich-Richie. Say hi, Richie.”

Richie hesitantly looked over. The boy was cute, he guesses. He could hear Bill’s voice already ringing in his head, telling Richie h-he’s not as cute as S-Stan-anley.
So, Richie settled for an awkward wave. The kid waved back. They didn’t speak a word.

“F-Fucking weirdos. Richie, t-that’s Eddie.” Eddie. Had a nice ring to it, he supposes.

“Eddie?” Richie says to Bill, and he nods. “Hi Eddie, I’m gonna call you Eds, what the fuck are those pills for in your hand? Birth control?”

Eddie scoffed. “Fuck you, I’m saving it for your sister. And don’t call me that!”

Eddie dropped his bottle of pills.

Richie stared dumbfoundedly at the boy.

“Bill what the fuck? First you take me to Neibolt street, now you’re telling me the person who I thought was gonna murder me is my soulmate? Oh fucking hell,”

“Don’t fucking hell me! I had to live thirteen years with birth control on my arm, y’know others get a really sweet conversation, and I get someone asking me about birth control! You’re lucky you’re a cute one, or else I would’ve beaten your ass, I’ve seen some kids get ugly soulmates, guess I lucked out,” Eddie ranted, pacing back and forth. Richie blushed, but hid it in his hands.

“Oh, you guys a-a-a-are l-like,”

“Yeah, B-B-Bill, and I’ve had ‘your sister’ tattooed on me for this fuckin’ dweeb,”

“I’m not a dweeb!”

“Y-You’re kind of a d-dwe-eeb.”

“Shut up Bill!” The pair squealed in unison.

“Listen Eddie, you’re kinda a dweeb. Accept it, because this fuckin’ arm tattoo says we gotta be together forever. Sadl-“

“Don’t finish that sentence! Why couldn’t I get a partner with a good personality?”

“I do have a good personality, dick. You could’ve ended up with like, Stan Uris or some shit!”

“S-Shut the fuck u-u-up Richie,” Bill snarled, trying to seem intimidating. 

“Sh, Bill. Let’s just go inside so I can ignore the idiot I have to spend forever with,” Eddie let them in, rubbing at his temples and picking up the orange bottle.

“That was rude, I’m a good person!” Richie adjusted his glasses and put on a, inaccurate, British accent. “I do believe, my good sir, you are not supposed to insult the ones you’re supposed to be inlove with,”

“Shut up, dude! For the love of god, say it, don’t spray it, you know how many bacteria are in someone’s mouth-”

Transparent Crystalline Solid (4)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: I’m sorry about this.

Originally posted by daniel-wellington

It finally happens on another movie night. Bucky’s got his arms around Y/N, who seems especially clingy today, which Bucky doesn’t mind, at all. She’s nearly on top of him, her head tucked under his stubbled chin, her fingers tracing nonsensical patterns on his chest, the cold is enough to tickle the skin through his shirt, but not enough to give him chills. It’s nice, and when her touch becomes more intent, that gentle cold becomes more pressing against Bucky’s warm skin, he feels his cock stir with interest.

It’s been a while since he’s had any action, he hadn’t felt the need to chase skirts like he used to, so he’s not surprised when he gets hard within minutes as she flattens her hand on his chest and digs her fingers into the muscle with a soft pressure.

The movie is forgotten completely when he looks down at her, and she looks up at him, her eyes a full bright green, instead of the icy-blue he’s used to.

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Yoongi Scenario: Unspoken.

Request: Can I request an escenario when yoongi and the OC are married, she said she doesn’t want to have kids but yoongi try to talk to her bc he want to start a family with her, they have a big fight because of that and then she told him the true: she want to have kids but she does’t want to be alone bc he’s always in the studio. Sorry about my english!!

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-You’re still taking these?- Yoongi said as he saw the box of birth control pills by your side table. 

You hummed and nodded, getting closer to him as you were both in bed, exhausted and out of breath, you had just finished an insane sex session you didn’t have the force to move even though you had ended up in the other’s usual spots so Yoongi could see the things you had left on your table.


Yoongi took the little box in his hands and stared at it for a while before putting it back. -I thought we have said that… I thought it was time-

-Time for what?- you said as you felt him turn to you, his hand caressing your side slowly. 

-For a child, you know, make the Min family bigger-

You sighed and as you did that the movement of his hand stopped but he kept his hold on your waist. -I told you I wasn’t sure, I think… I think for now we are good, I… I don’t want children- you confessed a bit lower not daring to look at him in the eye as you said so.

Yoongi slid closer. -You can’t be serious Y/N, we have spoken about this some time ago-

You bit your lip, yes you did had spoken about children before and after getting married, both of you wanted them, but seeing the way things were at the moment you thought maybe it was best for you to remain a family of two.

-I know, but I think maybe it’s not a good idea-

Yoongi frowned. -I want to start a family with you Y/N, we have been married  three years I thought… We wanted to make…- he stopped to give you a kiss on the lips and then move to your neck. -I want us to have a little Yoongi or a little Y/N- he said as he pulled you closer to his own body. -Wouldn’t you like that?-

-I love us as we are, now- you responded making him scowl and kiss you more heavily, you corresponded him but you felt odd, talking about children made you feel awkward and ashamed because of the truth you were hiding.  

Yoongi got on top of you, still under the covers and his mouth kissed you from your neck going down, you exhaled and panted, but you didn’t want this to happen, not with you just recently talking about this, although sex would be a nice excuse to just leave this talk behind, but now you just wanted deviate your eyes from him, or else you would be risking Yoongi finding you out.

-I love us too, but imagine, us with a little Min over here- he offered biting your skin.

You shook your head and pushed his shoulders so he would get off of you. -I’m exhausted babe, It’s best if we go to sleep-

Yoongi stayed still for a few seconds confusion going all over his face. -You sure? I’ll do all the work if you want-

-Yoongi- you pressed and he sighed getting back to the mattress, laying looking at the ceiling both of you were silent before changing for your usual spots in bed. 

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just a little bit of your heart is all i want

Jake Peralta doesn’t like to snoop.

Okay, that’s a lie. He can’t help himself. Any sign of a secret threatening to be exposed, he needs to get to the bottom of it. According to him, it’s a natural human instinct. Everyone else thinks it’s just a Jake Peralta instinct. 

So when he glances down at the trash can next to the bathroom sink while brushing his teeth one night, a rectangular blue box takes over his eyesight. 

And - you guessed it - he can’t help himself.

He reaches down and picks it up, his eyes scanning the small print over and over. Then the panic sets in and the assumptions roll through his mind. He has two options right now - freak out and ask Amy if they need to start baby-proofing their apartment, or calmly ask her what the hell is going on.

He decides to go with the latter.

“Hey, babe?” he calls out, walking back into the bedroom with the box clutched in his hand.

“Yeah?” Amy’s sitting up against the headboard, a concentrated frown hiding behind her reading glasses, and today’s copy of the New York Times sprawled across her lap (she likes to do the Sudoku puzzles at night. Jake doesn’t question it anymore).

“Is there anything you need to tell me?” Jake asks, holding the box up in plain sight.

Amy glances up at him, then at the box. Then back at him, then back at the box, then back to her newspaper. “Nope,” she replies, a small grin appearing as she scribbles a bunch of numbers down on the page.

“You sure? Because this little guy right here is telling me something different.”

Amy rolls her eyes, taking off her glasses. “Jake-”

“Ames, if you were a murderer, you’d be terrible at it. I mean come on, you can’t even hide this evidence properly! You’re literally asking me to arrest you.”


“Wait, are you a murderer? Oh my god, have you been pretending to be a detective this entire time? Captain Holt would be so disappointed in you.”


“Actually you know what? That’s pretty good, faking being a police officer to cover up your crimes, maybe you can get extra points for sneaky behavior-“

“JAKE!” Amy yells. He stops rambling, finally, and stares at her.

“Did you actually look inside the box?” Amy asks. “Or did you just jump to conclusions as always?”

Jake frowns, looking down at the box again. He moves over to the bed, sitting on the edge, then shakes the box lightly. It rattles, indicating that there is indeed something inside that he probably should have investigated before. He reaches with his other hand to open the box, but stops and throws it to Amy.

“I don’t wanna touch it,” he explains with a shudder.

Amy lets out an exasperated sigh - bed time is never boring - before grabbing the box and pulling out the small white stick and holding it up. “It’s negative,” she says, pointing at the single pink line, “see?”

Jake squints at the object, feeling his body instantly relax when he sees one line instead of two. “Okay,” he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Negative. Okay. Cool cool cool.”

Amy gives him a tight-lipped smile, slipping the test back into the box. “Don’t worry, no tiny humans will be running around this place any time soon,” she reassures him, throwing the box into the small rubbish basket underneath the nightstand.

Jake smiles back but it doesn’t reach his eyes. He slips under the bed covers with a sigh, sliding into the warmth with an odd feeling gnawing at his heart. He still has a million questions about this insane little object that almost just had the ability to change his life. And Amy’s no moron. She can sense when something’s wrong with him.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” she asks, shifting closer to him.

“Why did you take the test in the first place?” Jake blurts out, surprising himself because he was pretty sure he’d said that in his head and not out loud.

Amy takes a deep breath and shrugs. “I…was late,” she admits, a light shade of crimson heating her cheeks.

“But you’re on birth control.”

“Yeah but it’s not always 100% effective, I wanted to be sure. And I didn’t think it was necessarily worth hiding because it wasn’t positive. No biggie, right?”

“Right,” Jake replies. A wave of relief washes over him and he relaxes. “Right, right, right. So, no kids yet?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“No, not yet,” Amy replies, linking her arm with his.

“But…one day?” he asks hopefully.

If there’s ever been a moment that’s melted Amy’s heart, it’s this one. She grabs his hand, linking her fingers with his gently. “One day for sure,” she promises, kissing him softly on the cheek and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“So just to be completely sure, you’re definitely not pregnant?”

“Well, I’m not late anymore, babe.”

“Oh, gross.”


Straight woman: have the whole responsability of taking pills using contraceptive injections or any other contraceptive methods and suffer all the side effects, if that doesn’t work they have to go through abortion (if they can), she is at risk of unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy as a result of rape (even as a child), her body have to go through actual pregnancy and suffer all the normal yet unpleasent and potentially dangerous symptoms, she is at risk of having serious health issues and complications during pregnancy, she is at risk of having chronic health issues associated with pregnancy, she is at risk of dying during pregnancy or birth, she have to go through the incredibly painful and complicated labor of vaginal birth or have a C section with all it’s consequences, her body suffer permanent changes, she have to breastfeed,  her emotional and mental healths are compromised, her career, plans and future are seriously affected by pregnancy and many, many more issues…

straight men: I don’t want you to have affordable healthcare or birth control, if you have it, all the responsibility is yours because I dont want to wear a condom, they are very uncomfortable, also, if you happen to get pregnant and I am the father, I have the option to run away and not pay a dime while you take care of the kid on your own or even pay the child support and keep going with my life as normal, almost unaffected. Did I mention that condoms are so fucking uncomfortable????

Honestly I’d respect the pro-life movement more if they advocated for better sex-ed, more affordable access to birth control, and changes to the American adoption process (the first two would drastically decrease the overall number of abortions being performed to begin with. And since they focus so much on saying “give the kid up for adoption if you can’t take care of it!” So frequently.)… but no a surprising number of them are just yelling at people at abortion clinics (or online) about how abortion is murder and that the parent will go to hell for it.

CS ff: “To Trying”

A/N: Oh god I am emotionally compromised…

It didn’t take a lot of trying.

Okay, so they weren’t trying.

Well, they were, but they were just kind of…

Okay, so they’ve basically been at it like rabbits for months with no birth control just letting the cards fall where they will. Because they weren’t sure if it was even going to happen again, but “trying” certainly wouldn’t hurt.

It’s surreal, standing here with Henry, her son, her grown son, about to tell him that she’s going to have another kid. And she wonders, very seriously, if this is how her parents felt when she showed up back from New York.

It’s weird. But it’s also elating. Well, she hopes it is. Will Henry be excited? She wasn’t, back then after the lost year, but there was also that whole orphan childhood.

Henry grew up with like, a million parents and grandparents and step-parents, and a couple aunts and uncles by the time he was fifteen. That were all babies, over a decade younger than him. Which is so much weirder than his mother having another kid decades younger than him, right? Will he resent them for having another kid? For having a baby that will grow up in a house with two very loving parents, even though Killian doted on Henry every chance he got until Henry decided he needed to stretch his wings? Even though Henry got two moms out of this deal, and Robin for a time?

She presses her hands over her stomach. Her baby is the size of a lemon, according to the app on her phone. And the tiniest flutter goes through her stomach as the nerves and excitement bloom up again.

Aaliyah goes on birth control

„I’m going to clean up the mess that is the kitchen and leave for the studio after that, okay?“ Shawn said, standing up, taking the plates with him into the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Jo said, smiling at Aaliyah who looked adorable, sitting in front of her. They had finished dinner and Aaliyah was eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, smiling blissfully.

Shawn grabbed his jacket, kissing Jo and Aaliyah’s forehead before leaving. “Gotta run, see you!”

And with that he was out of the door and Jo and Aaliyah sat down on the couch, snuggling up to each other, watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

“Jo?” Aaliyah asked tentatively.


“Can I ask you something?”

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mostlyjovial  asked:

And I didn't have room to add this, but if the other side of that child going to be around, I feel they should have some say in the matter, its their's as well.

2 / 2

i appreciate your curiosity and question.

there are several reasons a woman would get an abortion. (keep in mind “get” and “want” are two different things and that I chose not to use “want” there)

1. she can’t afford the expenses of a child
2. she could have been raped
3. she is a child herself (a.k.a too young or immature to care for another human being)
4. her body, her choice
5. she has a poor relationship with her own parents which could lead to fear of being a parent
6. she has too many kids already
7. she could be in bad health
8. she worries about having or doesn’t have support (emotional, physical, financial) from the father
9. depending on circumstances, she could be endangering her own life if she goes through with a pregnancy
10. she doesn’t want the physical aftermath on her body
11. she didn’t want a child (and honestly, do you want to make a woman who doesn’t want her baby, have a baby? if not for the sake of the mother, imagine the emotional toll this could have on a kid feeling unwanted and unloved)

it’s important to keep in mind that just because a woman has sex, doesn’t mean she wants children, the same way men can want sex and not desire children. yes, sex has its consequences and the possibility of children is one of them (as well as STDs and UTIs) and these should always be kept in mind. but there’s nothing wrong with casual sex (but please let it also be protected sex). accidents happen.

I understand the opinion that if someone has sex, knowing what could happen, they should have to carry out a child because “they did that to themselves” and should “deal with the consequences”. however, they didn’t do it PURPOSELY to themselves, and in any situation, a kid shouldn’t be a punishment. that’s a lifelong ordeal that isn’t fair to the parents or child if it’s considered a burden.

yes, adoption centers exist and are an alternative, but there are more than 101,000 children waiting to be adopted in the U.S, and this number is only increasing.

(this is unrelated but related) it’s also important to mention that taking away our birth control and making it optional for insurances isn’t going to help abortion rates go down for all of you that care about that! it’s just going to make them increase! and making abortion illegal is only going to make abortions unsafe for children and parents because if they can’t be done legally, they’ll opt for being done illegally!! please acknowledge this!!

what I’ve learned about a lot of pro-lifers is that they aren’t actually pro-life. they’re pro-birth. not all, but a lot of the same people saying “abortion is wrong” and “don’t do that” are the same people who complain about having to pay taxes that go into other people’s children. if you’re going to guilt or force a woman into carrying through with her pregnancy when she can’t afford it, you’re going to assist in the payments, since you are pro-life, after all.

and for anyone who doesn’t know, just because someone is pro-choice doesn’t mean they love abortions. that’s why it isn’t called pro-abortion: it just means they believe a woman can make her own choice concerning her and is entitled to that as a human being.

your point about the father having a say is a good one that I agree with: the father should have say since he’s part of the equation. ideally, the mother and father probably should talk seriously about what they want and can do and reach a consensus together. but ultimately, I feel the decision lies in the woman’s hands since she would be the carrier for 9 months and dealing with the effects of pregnancy. a good solution to this kind of dilemma would be figuring out how to transfer the pregnancy and let the man carry it. it’s impossible, but how does that sound for a solution? :D

anyway, I don’t think women ever just want an abortion. they don’t have sex and get pregnant so they can get an abortion. there’s not malicious intent behind them, it’s just a solution.

apologies for the messy, untransitional layout of this. i was just trying to get some messages across.

hope you have a good day, and please don’t take this as me trying to sway your mindset. im just explaining and answering your question (but again, apologies if it seemed like I’m trying to shove this down your throat).

Safe Sex With Uncle Sangwoo

This started off as an innocent post about contraception after a submission from @michaelatheroleplayerartist but it got tied into some other things I was thinking from before along with some thoughts on Chapter 20 so I made a whole thing for it. 

Special thanks to: @rapidratkiller, @bracari-iris and @bellabrownie for helping me with this post and coming up with crazy connections with me~

Table of contents:

  1. Who’s Contraception Box is it Anyway?
  2. Possibility of Sexual Abuse in the Oh Sangwoo Household
  3. What Does the “I’m not some rapist” Line Mean?
  4. Why Does Sangwoo Hate Noisy Things? 
  5. Sangwoo’s Actual Room and Upstairs

Warning: This post contains far fetched theories. But it was really fun to make connections! 

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I know you were think of having tony have a third child in the regency au but from these last few stories where the kids are older maybe you decided against it! But I was thinking-you totally don't have to do this-maybe have tony go into heat and maybe forget to take their birth control because of the stress of planning Peters wedding. Then Opps look who's having another baby! I think it should be a girl but that's totally up to you if you choose to use this! But you don't have to!!

(I was mostly just avoiding it because I couldn’t figure out how to include her lol)

But I like it! Poor Tony, just wanting his baby to have a nice wedding, scrambling to add in the things Matt wants because he has things he’d like included and people he wants to invite. He wants it to be just as beautiful and wonderful as his wedding. He’d had such a good time. He wants Peter to have a good time. And it doesn’t help that his heat falls right in the middle of planning. “You’ll take care of it?” Tony asks as Steve and Bucky try to usher him into their room. “You’ve got my list of things? Oh! And you need to talk to Foggy about–” “Honey, I’ve got it,” Sarah says, amused. “I planned your wedding.” “No roses!” Tony calls out before the door closes. “Matt’s sensitive to scents!” “Honey,” Steve says, amused, then draws him into a kiss. He breaks it to laugh when Tony keeps chattering against his lips. Luckily Bucky sidles up behind him and rolls his hips against Tony’s ass, cock pressing between his cheeks, and Tony goes limp in Steve’s arms with a moan.

And then a few months later, at the wedding, Tony drags Sarah into a corner and whispers, “Sarah, oh my God, Sarah, I didn’t take the contraceptives, SARAH. The baby’s going to be so much younger than its siblings. STOP LAUGHING.” Sarah does, but only because she knows they’ll be missed at the reception if they don’t get back to it soon. “Oh, darling, does that matter? Aren’t you happy?” “Yes,” Tony answers immediately. “But when can I tell everyone? I don’t want to take away from Peter’s happy occasion. But I want Peter to hear it in person and they’re leaving tomorrow for Stark Castle! Sarah what do I do?!” “Oh, honey, don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.”

So Tony pulls Peter aside before breakfast, so, so nervous. Peter stares up at him guilelessly and oh no he’s ruining everything. “I just–wanted you to know that–I wanted to tell you in person–from me–” “Mama, just tell me,” Peter says, and Tony immediately blurts out, “I’m pregnant!” Peter stares at him silently for several seconds before letting out a scream. Tony rears back in terror.

(“MAMA GOT ME THE BEST WEDDING PRESENT!” Peter shrieks, bursting into the dining room. “THE BEST!” Tony hustles after him. “Honey! Calm down!” But Peter is vibrating, he’s so excited, and everyone looks to Tony curiously, unable to imagine what he could have possibly given Peter for a wedding gift that he’s so pumped about. “What did you get them, honey?” Bucky asks, because they’d all agreed on gifting Peter with a beautiful cream-colored stallion to go with all the other horses they would be sending to fill Stark Castle’s stables. Tony blushes and looks down at his feet, murmuring a shy, “Well…” and puts his hand on his stomach. Steve and Bucky begin yelling, as does everyone else. They’re all excited. This is the best news ever. They’re going to love the new baby.

“Okay but what’s going on,” Matt asks once everyone’s calmed down, because everyone had been yelling and he hadn’t been able to hear what they were yelling about, and all he’d heard Tony say is ‘well.’ “MAMA’S HAVING A BABYYYYY!” Peter shouts excitedly. Matt does not flinch at the volume. He wants to though. “Congratulations.”)

You’re just a small bump

Originally posted by nomotives

A/N: This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy! 

Request: “im torn between wanting more fp smut and wanting a cute fluffy fp imagine where fp gets reader pregnant (still age gap but reader is like mid/late 20s)”

Warnings: smut, daddy!FP, swearing, and unprotected sex (Avoid a frown, contain your clown).

The reader is legal age. (Mid twenty’s).


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So I’ve been thinking about how the adults would approach the Puberty Talk™ with Clementine, Mariana, and Gabe

  • Kate and Eleanor handle talking about puberty with Clem and Mari
    • Sometimes Kate feels a bit awkward and will just trail off, unsure of how to describe a bodily function without laughing or blushing
    • This is where Eleanor comes in with the cold, clinical facts about anatomy and bodily functions
      • She just tells it as it is and in the most scientific and blunt way possible
    • There’s a moment where Clem is suddenly wide-eyed in utter surprise and embarrassment is just like, “oh my god”
      • She finally, fully understands what Jane and Luke were, um, doing in the gift shop…………
    • Mari asks a lot of questions
      • Like waaaaaaay too many questions, to the point where Kate and Eleanor glance at each other because like?? neither of them are Wikipedia????? 
      • Mari would be that kid in class who constantly has her hand in the air because she’s just a naturally curious person
    • Overall, Clem and Mari learn a lot and surprisingly take The Talk™ well
  • Javi is the one who talks about it with Gabe
    • and wow, Javi is just so. Damn. Awkward.
      • Okay, but like, he grew up in a Catholic household where sex and birth control and etc were pretty much taboo subjects, so can you really blame him though?????
      • He was that guy in school who dreaded every single Health class
    • To sum up the discussion: most uncomfortable 10 minutes ever
    • Javi wants to die the whole time
      • He tried to enlist Tripp’s help but Tripp just laughed in his face
    • Gabe initally doesn’t understand what’s going on, and why is his usually sassy and levelheaded uncle acting so weird????
    • And then Javi attempts to describe anatomy and now Gabe wants to throw himself down some stairs too
    • The discussion finally ends and Javi ends off with, “okay, so do you have any questions?”
      • Gabe: “Can we never talk about this again?”
      • Javi: “Oh you betcha”

✰ * º ❛  new girl ‘kids’ (s1e21) sentence starters.  ❜

‘  you’re using birth control, right?  ’
‘  it’s just that he’s so athletic that birth control becomes like one of those plastic barbecue covers in a hurricane.  ’
‘  i didn’t wanna know that.  ’
‘  what is all the screaming about?  ’
‘  have you finally agreed to be in our third? because, you know, we’ve discussed this.  ’
‘  what? this is not the time!  ’
‘  i was the bomb diggity as a baby! i mean i was like break-dancing at eight months old.  ’
‘  get out! seriously?  ’
‘  he’s got too many d.u.i.’s to take himself, so i guess i got to take him.  ’
‘  they’re going to be here in a few minutes, so i need you to be on your best behavior.  ’
‘  no f-bombs, p-bombs. actually, no b through s bombs. no bombs.  ’
‘  please put on some pants.  ’
‘  everything you say sounds really creepy when you’re not wearing pants.  ’
‘  your hair looks nice.  ’
‘  mm, this coffee is smoldering.  ’
‘  so creepy.  ’
‘  i think he’s testing me. i think he’s seeing if i could be a mom.  ’
‘  put some some pants… or at least some really high socks.  ’
‘  i just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some important piece of information that i totally missed.  ’
‘  actually, can you explain what you mean very clearly?  ’
‘  it’s been months of nonstop sex.  ’
‘  i’m not listening to you.  ’
‘  i’m just saying, look, do you think she wants something more than sex?   ’
‘  do you think she’s finally becoming a girl? cause i can’t handle that, man.  ’
‘  do you think i’ve become too dependent on a hot lava massage?  ’
‘  i’m gonna be there in just a second, okay?  ’
‘  i’m not going to sit here and bond with you about this, alright?  ’
‘  i gotta go babysit my boss.  ’
‘  i’m coming with a date.  ’
‘  she’s smart and mature and she knows about art and famous artists like banksy and the guy who did the obama poster and, you know, like, chalk outline guy.  ’
‘  that’s stupid.  ’
‘  your eyes are so brown. they look like poop.  ’
‘  be honest with me, do my eyes look like poo?  ’
‘  i’m just trying to give you an opportunity to lie to me. just trying to be polite.  ’
‘  actually, the ancient egyptians made pasta by flattening the dough with their feet.  cool, huh?  ’
‘  why do you have so many bras?  ’
‘  i just want you to know that, um, you can ask me anything.  ’
‘  are you in love with my dad?  ’
‘  do you two ever dry-lump?? ’
‘  is sexting cool?  ’
‘  have you done a 99?  ’
‘  have you ever given anyone plow chops?  ’
‘  how do you make love to a person animal-style?  ’
‘  do you wanna learn how to play bridge?  ’
‘  i’ve been doing some thinking and i think it’s time that i take you on a real date.  ’
‘  you’re asking me out on a date?  ’
‘  it’ll be our first real date! italy on ice is a celebration of all things italian, featuring ice dancing’s biggest and brightest italian stars.  ’
‘  i can’t go right now. it’s a really bad time, okay? i’m sorry, just take someone else.  ’
‘  i don’t think you should be rushing into these things.  ’
‘  i know, that sucked. i’m sorry.  ’
‘  just choose someone who makes you laugh.  ’
‘  oh my god, oh my god. i love them so, so, so much. they’re so hot.  ’
‘  i want to rub my face on his face!  ’
‘  just to be clear, i am dialing another woman to go see italy on ice right now.  ’
‘  this room can not take anymore hormones.  ’
‘  it’s almost too much juxtaposition for me. you know what i mean? it’s like right at the line of juxtaposition, but i think i’m gonna let it slide.  ’
‘  what it be girl? what you got going on, ma? it’s the freakin’ weekend.  ’
‘  did you just call me “girl”?  ’
‘  are you wearing something sexy?  ’
‘  oh, you got jeans on, baby, are they tight?  ’
‘  um, my jeans are a little loose. i buy them big.  ’
‘  oh, them jeans sound sexy.  ’
‘  everything alright? you wanna hang out more?  ’
‘  you taking care of that tushy for me?  ’
‘  i’m not doing, like, squats or anything. i’m trying to eat less donuts.  ’
‘  you still keeping it tight?  ’
‘  you’re an idiot.  ’
‘  this is a really good example of people who should not be making love.  ’
‘  you don’t understand. i love him so, so, so much.  ’
‘  he’s so hot, i’m gonna die!  ’
‘  he is way too old for you. i live with him. he’s dirty and weird.  ’
‘  it’s not well ventilated in there!  ’
‘  oh yeah, baby, a yard sale! oh, i feel so alive!  ’
‘  ah, i got a charley horse. oh, god.  ’
‘  i’m going to roll in his dirty clothes.  ’
‘  he came over and asked me out and i really can’t go on a date with him right now.  ’
‘  listen to me, alright! listen to me! alright, you little brat! you just need to be quiet!  ’
‘  you just need to be quiet because i need my friend to focus on me right now!  ’
‘  what are you doing? you know how much this means to me.  ’
‘  don’t let your dysfunction rub off on her.  ’
‘  i am going to be a terrible mother!  ’
‘  i’m going to be just like my mother.  ’
‘  you’re gonna be a great mom. you’re gonna be a fashionable mom.  ’
‘  if you do have sex, make sure you always use protection because, even if he says it’s tantric and you know better, you’re just gonna end up pregnant anyways!  ’
‘  what? are you pregnant?  ’
‘  we have to wait for the test results, but i’m late.  ’
‘  you got her pregnant?  ’
‘  okay, i’m not ready to be a godparent. don’t ask.  ’
‘  i’m not ready to be an uncle!  ’
‘  are you sure that you’re okay about this? cause i’m freaking out by the fact that you’re not freaking out.  ’
‘  i’m oddly calm about the whole thing.  ’
‘  maybe this isn’t exactly my five-year plan, but maybe this is fate. maybe i hit the jackpot. maybe this is the universe telling me that i’ll never find someone better than them.  ’
‘  your life’s like gossip girl… only everyone is old and poor.  ’
‘  you’re an amazing person and you’re going to do and be so many things in this life.  ’
‘  maybe you’ll be a mom, and maybe– maybe not. but i will support you no matter what.  ’
‘  congradulations! you’re dating a girl with basic table manners.  ’
‘  i’m so excited to be on this journey with you. i mean, your boobs are gonna be unbelievably enormous.  ’
‘  i hate her.  ’
‘  you don’t hate her. you don’t know her well enough to hate her.  ’
‘  you’re the skank with a skank face.  ’
‘  don’t make me chase you!  ’
‘  she doesn’t even know what netscape is… she thinks of ice cube as mainly an actor.  ’
‘  she fell in love with you for some unknown reason.  ’
‘  i might as well call you bridge to terabithia because you make children cry.  ’
‘  i will not apologize for my powerful sperm!  ’
‘  you, go stall her – try not to get her pregnant!  ’
‘  i know that you think you’re in love with me right now, but i promise you, you’re gonna find someone better.  ’
‘  i can be a bit of an anchor. i’ve been known to drag women down.  ’
‘  honestly, help me. i don’t know what to do.  ’
‘  i haven’t loved somebody the way you loved me in a very long time and i miss that feeling.  ’
‘  that feeling you have is good, it’s just misplaced. it’s better than being numb your whole life. you end up doing such weird things.  ’
‘  you know what? just stay in there. it’s not that great out here. stay in there as long as you can.  ’
‘  i can’t come out. i’m too embarrassed.  ’
‘  we are literally the most embarrassing people on the planet.  ’
‘  you don’t have to be embarrassed around us.  ’
‘  sometimes i talk louder to blind people.  ’
‘  i’ve peed in every pool i’ve been into. every single one.  ’
‘  i originally grew these bangs because i hate my forehead.  ’
‘  i still think it’s funny when a guy puts tennis balls under his shirt and pretends it’s boobs… they look like little boobs.  ’
‘  i do so many stupid things. you don’t even know.  ’
‘  there is a god! i’ve got my period! it’s so amazing!  ’
‘  welcome to our home. would you like a drink?  ’
‘  i’m kind of over you now.  ’
‘  bye! you’re a mess!  ’
‘  i’m not having kids until i’m 80.  ’
‘  now we can just go back to the way things were.  ’
‘  no more stupid mistakes, right?  ’
‘  i never knew that italy was so much more than pizza. it’s so much more!  ’
‘  the reenactment of pompeii really stays with you.  ’