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After reading your answer to the question, what is your favorite levihan moment?

Ah! I get this question a lot. I usually direct you guys to this post. I think it is still my favourite moment to this day. Whenever I read that post again, my heart just blooms. lol. But for you anon, I scoured for another worthy moment that gave me the tingle tingle.

The levihan date with Roy and Pierre

I like how they were wearing their own jackets, the proximity of their hands and in the next few panels, Roy praising Hanji for a doing a good job. Hanji was bashful and all but Levi was “Write something nice about us! You ungrateful old man”. I improvised the line.

And of course, how could I leave out this-

That.. that.. I cried. I squealed. I laughed when I saw that. Levi the emotionless clean freak, warning Hanji the excitable scientist. That is the core of every Levihan fanarts and fanfics. You can’t deny that.

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Don't you apologize to us. It's really impressive that you have a real life job and life, and you still continue to write for this fandom. You could literally come home and say "Fuck that", then have a damn glass of wine or just go to sleep. But you don't. You still choose to make us very happy and to comfort us by writing mm headcanons. You still choose to take some time and space out of your day to write them. I greatly respect you becausr of that, so don't you apologize to us.

;______; I’m so happy I keep getting sweet anons lately. You guys keep being nice even though I haven’t posted a good hc in a couple of days, and I really appreciate it!
I’m just apologizing because of all things that’s stopping me it’s *that* time of month that’s messing with me ndndhjd
Thank you for being so sweet ;;; I really appreciate it! It’s nice getting kind messages, but I am just one of you guys, haha!


Just so much in this one.

1) Why would I lie about being happily married!? I get the idea that it’s to “warn off” most guys so I don’t get swamped, but the guys that I would want to date would respect the marriage! Only the assholes would continue to press and try. So I seriously don’t get the idea of “She SAYS she’s happily married, but I bet that’s just a ruse….”.

2) No. MeetMe is not a dating site.

3) Who doesn’t know of OKC, Tinder, and POF?!

4) The fact that I had to say multiple times I didn’t want to chat and he still tried to say “talk later”. Then the sticker. Wanna bet this isn’t the last time he’s in my inbox?

The syntax didn’t scream “scammer” to me, this time. He may have been, by if he was, he wasn’t using a translator and likely actually spoke English.

  • me, done with everyone's shit: Jeremy is a closeted perv, who upset both his father and his best friend because he refused to realize the "drug" he willingly BOUGHT and shared to the school was bad. Michael is smoking an illegal drug (at least in NJ) and has bouts of anxiousness triggered by his dependency on his best friend. I love the ship but don't take away from the fact they are gross, troubled teen boys with quirks and not pretty little dolls that are perfect. I'm fairly sure they've farted on each other's pillow and given each other fucking pink eye