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Theory: V’s Suspicious Disappearance ft 707 (Major Spoilers Alert) Pt. 1

Alternate title: Where in the Hell Is The Blind Man and What Happens to Him? ft Luciel’s Just As Suspicious   

During Zen’s After End (2 years after the party):  

During Jaehee’s After End (6 months since no one has gotten any contact with him):

During Jumin’s After End (after Jumin and MC get married and go on their honeymoon): 

So… in the casual routes, I’m assuming that V dies since no one in the RFA has heard from him for quite some time (though he’s not mentioned whatsoever in Yoosung’s after end). How?

Well, it would mean a failure for Rika and Mint Eye if they haven’t managed to invite the RFA members along to Magenta. Because literally, no one is taken away during the party in those three routes and Unknown doesn’t even show up despite promising that he will come take them to Paradise ._. To be honest, Cheritz hasn’t clearly explained what the classified information contains and why Rika would need it… Is it just my friend and I who think this?  

But moving on, why doesn’t Unknown bring them to Mint Eye? 

Well, I’m thinking that there’s supposed to be a planned deadline, and Rika punishes both Unknown and V for failing to complete their mission before that deadline (since they’re the ones who are in charge of bringing the RFA to Magenta). Then somewhere in the chaos, V dies, and Rika commits suicide because of his death which explains why the RFA members are safe. 

This idea uses Zen’s prophetic dream in one of the routes, where he says in a chatroom that he dreamed of V and Rika walking away from him and towards the light, indicating that their death is nearing. 

EDIT: Here it is, thanks to @yxosxng for sending me this. And oh gosh ;;;; There was no mention of any light Rika and V were going to (LOL never mind, I’ll just go and hide in embarrassment…) 

This is in the chatroom before the party in Jaehee’s route: 

But during Jumin’s after end, Luciel says he’s in touch with V… giving the idea that V seems to still be alive and well. This would be inconsistent among the other routes because this is the only time where Luciel actually knows about V’s whereabouts ._. Or does he really? 

Here’s two more screenshots coming from Zen’s good end: 

Has anyone noticed…. that Luciel only meets the MC if V is able to attend the party??? Wait… 

Let’s recap:

Yoosung’s route: Seven appears to apologize to the MC for Yoosung’s condition before V arrives to bring Yoosung over to the party. 

Zen’s route: As shown from the two screenshots above, Luciel is mentioned to be backstage and the members assume that V is not at the party. (is that really the case? Or is there more to it?)  

Jaehee’s route: There is no mention of Luciel and V AT ALL but it seems they both don’t attend. 

Jumin’s route: They both attend. Period.   

Overall, I have this suspicion that Luciel may have followed V to Mint Eye after/during those parties o.O 

I have more to say, but this theory leads to a path that is connected to Dandelion so I’ll perhaps split this theory into separate posts.  

EDIT: Here’s Part 2 

NOTE: Please know it is very important to let me know if there are any flaws in my post. If there are any, please don’t be afraid to inform me :) If anyone has any theories or thoughts around this theory, any of the Cheritz games or pretty much anything else, please feel free to share them ^.^ I really would like to hear them. 

@choiipo @ayasunrise @pixeledatom @777jewelrose777 This is the first part of the theory that I’ll be discussing with you guys xD This is just the starting point, and I’ll start messaging you guys the theory with the twins and the Wizard once you finish skimming over this :) Just let me know and I’m looking forward to your thoughts so far ^^  

Raiders Revenge


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Warnings: Violence depicted, recommended for mature readers.

Summary: Seeking a pure maiden to take them to the waters of Blue Paradise, the raiders who threatened to kill Yukiya’s family all those years ago return to find her with him. They seek revenge for the injuries he caused.

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One of the blessings that Allah, may He be exalted, will bestow upon the people of Paradise is that He will remove from them the resentment and envy that exists in the hearts of people in this world, and He will take away from them the worries, sorrows and pain of this world, for Paradise is the realm of everlasting pleasure which will never be spoiled by anything.