take them to paradise


It’s hard to top “Trap everyone on the Isle of Wight until they’re 10 years old” but that last line actuallyy manages it. Amazing stuff.

(with many thanks to IWCPEmily, wren154, Jackus75 and Checkalakh over on Twitter for sending this in!)

Theory: How Seven Knows It’s a Game+Why He Doesn’t Remember Unknown

This theory is a continuation from V’s Disappearance ft 707, so if you haven’t checked it out, I’ll ask you to do so first before continuing ^^


This post is about a theory that covers the following:

-The Reset Theory

-What happens to V, Rika, and Saeran after each route (why they don’t capture the RFA members) 

-How Seven is able to remember events from the other routes

-But how he’s unable to remember anything pertaining to Unknown

-How the Wizard could be involved *wink wonk* 

-And which characters may have had a wish *nudge nudge* 

NOTE: Keep in mind that this post will contain definite spoilers from MysMe. However, this theory will have Dandelion aspects *cough* the Wizard *cough*. So already, it will be confusing for people who have not played the game. Yet. But for the MysMe-only fans, you can continue reading up until the part with The Wizard/Reset Theory section before confusion starts settling in…    

But it’s highly recommended that you complete AT LEAST ONE ROUTE from Dandelion before continuing with the rest of the post (apart from Jieun’s).   

Credit also goes to Choiipo for working together alongside me in forming this post :)

RECAP FROM MY PREVIOUS THEORY/What happens after each route (except for Luciel’s):

The order of the routes go in the following: Yoosung —> Zen —> Jaehee —> Jumin —> 707

-So remember how we came up with a theory where DURING the parties in Zen’s and Jaehee’s routes and AFTER the party in Jumin’s and Yoosung’s routes, V goes to Mint Eye but has no idea that Luciel is secretly following him?


-But before we carry on with this, let’s make another theory.

-Let’s assume that there could’ve been a deadline Rika set for the RFA members to join Mint Eye. And since Saeran and V are the ones in charge of bringing the RFA to Magenta, they could have failed to complete their mission by the deadline. (after all, V was the one to set the date for the party, right?)

-Really, no one in the party is harmed and no one is taken away. Literally nothing happens to anyone despite Saeran promising the RFA that he’ll take them to Paradise ._.

-Why is he unable to do so? Well, both he and V get PUNISHED by Rika for failing to meet the deadline.  

-And Luciel see this event unfold before him since he followed V. He finds out that Rika is alive, his brother has been brainwashed, V was lying the entire time etc.

-Among the chaos, V dies and Rika commits suicide (as proven by Zen’s prophetic dream where he dreamed they were walking away from him with their backs turned. He says this in the chatroom before the party in Jaehee’s route)

Who Made the Wish:  

-The disciples become afraid and run away, since their savior has died, leaving Luciel and Saeran alone.

-This leads to a fight/argument. As they fight, Saeyoung claims that he didn’t intend to leave Saeran alone with their mom while Saeran claims Saeyoung purposely abandoned him etc.

-As they argue, they become desperate and determined in convincing the other twin is wrong, resulting in having desperate wishes.

-They meet the Wizard.    

The Wizard/Reset Theory:

-So introductions are made.

-The Wizard then asks Saeyoung and Saeran their wishes.

-Saeran’s wish would be something like torturing Saeyoung.

-Saeyoung’s wish would be something along the lines of wanting to go back and change his actions of leaving Saeran for the agency.

-But the Wizard says if he were to grant this wish, he would need to “turn back time” (meaning, travel to another timeline since time can’t physically be stopped). And doing this would mean that the RFA will not meet the MC in the future of that timeline…

-So basically, there’s no chance that the MC will meet the RFA in that timeline because:

1. Saeyoung would continue to look after Saeran and reject the idea of being a hacker.

2. Therefore, Rika wouldn’t have taken the chance to take Saeran away and brainwash him.

3. And if Saeran weren’t brainwashed, he wouldn’t have lead the MC to the apartment in the first place.

-Saeyoung would not want that, since the MC is mainly the reason why the RFA started to hold the party again. Really, she made a difference with the RFA, right? Or… would that truly be the case? Could Saeyoung be thinking she’s just as important as Saeran due to her role in the RFA…? 

-So the Wizard makes it so that he can give Saeyoung another chance to save Saeran whilst being able to meet the MC starting from “Day 1” which is where the reset theory comes into place. 

-This wish is granted and Saeyoung’s memories of “Unknown” are erased in exchange.

-But wait, Saeran has the wish of torturing Saeyoung.

-Well, remember the theory of Seven having feelings for the MC in every route that’s still currently floating around Tumblr right now?

-Now let’s say that the Wizard is aware of this fact because he is the Wizard after all. It’s been proven in Dandelion that he is able to read people’s true feelings and desperate wishes. (Has it been proven….? ._.)  

-He uses this fact to his advantage when granting Saeran’s wish. The Wizard grants this wish by resetting the game after each route and ensuring that Luciel’s memories during each of those routes are kept in his memory. This would be the Wizard’s way of torturing Saeyoung.

-Which is where the line from the opening song: “Someone set us up to play in this secret game” comes into place. In my opinion, I think this line refers to the Wizard (I mean, I’m not the only one who feels it would be strange if this line refers to Unknown, right? ._. From what I know in Dandelion and Nameless, the Wizard is the one who likes calling his competitions, “games”).  

-This is also a bit like “hitting two birds with one stone” because:

1) He’s granting wishes. 

2) He’s having more fun than before since he’s now hosting THREE games at the same time.    

-So keep in mind:

-The only memories that are erased from Seven are the ones revolving around Unknown as payment.  

-And Saeran’s memories of the events in each of the routes may or may not be erased. However, he is able to still remember Luciel.



-Seven wakes up to find that the whole thing restarts and remembers details of Yoosung’s route, and is unable to recall anything about Unknown since his wish was to be able to save Saeran again.

-He also can’t remember following V and seeing Rika and Saeran because it’s one of the memories that’s been taken away by the Wizard since Saeran is a major part of it.


-Basically, the same thing happens over again except this time, this is set DURING the party when Luciel and V aren’t exactly present. Luciel finds out about the existence of Mint Eye from following V. V somehow dies and Rika commits suicide after etc.

-This leaves Saeran and Saeyoung alone.

-Fight commences.  

-The twins are both whisked to the Wizard again, having no memory of him whatsoever since no client is able to remember their meeting with the Wizard after their wish is granted.  

-Or…. is that really the case?

-What about the fact that Luciel actually knows it’s a GAME?

-Such as how he tells Zen to not say his backstory in Yoosung’s route and how in a phone call, he congratulates the MC for reaching Jaehee’s good ending?

-One possible answer: the Wizard chooses to not take away his memories of the Wizard himself. 

-Why? (SPOILERS FOR THE TRUE STORY OF DANDELIONHe wants to show Luciel what it feels like watching the person you love fall in love with a different person each time. He wants Saeyoung to empathize with him and know what it’s like hosting the animals’ competition and “turning back time” after each route. (END OF SPOILERS)     



Seven still remembers everything.


The same process with V, Rika, Saeran, and Saeyoung happens again.



Seven still remembers everything.


He finally breaks down and is unable to control his feelings/true emotions with the MC. At this point, he has become desperate and head over heels with the MC after realizing she has picked everyone else except for him.    

(SPOILERS FOR THE TRUE STORY OF DANDELION/NAMELESS) This is also exactly the same with Nameless’ feelings. In other words, Saeyoung is going through the same emotional state the Wizard and Nameless is going through as well in their own games. (END OF SPOILERS)


The same process with V, Rika, Saeran, and Saeyoung happens again.


DAY 1 (707′S ROUTE)

-So yeah, the whole purpose of this game is to ensure that Luciel is able to get the chance to save Saeran from Rika and V whilst being able to meet the MC starting at Day 1.

-The other purpose is to ensure Saeran’s wish of torturing Seven is granted.  

-And now the time has finally come for the MC to choose him. 

DAY 5/6?

-Unknown arrives at the apartment only for Luciel to also come along and find out Unknown’s true identity. Compared to the other routes, he is able to find out about Saeran quicker.  

DAY 11

-This is when different events start to occur. The whole process with Rika, V, Saeran, and Saeyoung begins to differ from the other routes because:

1. The MC comes along with Saeyoung instead of going to the party.

2. Vanderwood is now involved.  

3. Rika, Saeran, and V are now close to achieving their goal, rather than failing unlike in the other routes.

-These events are occurring because of how Vanderwood and the MC are now dragged into the process with Seven, Rika, V, and Saeran, resulting in leading to a different path altogether.  

-However, despite the plan going down the way it’s meant to be carried out, Saeran loses it when Rika decides to still punish him for the fact that he refuses to make Saeyoung a member of Mint Eye.

-Remember, Saeran doesn’t remember his wish with the Wizard. And he thinks Luciel still needs to be tortured.

-He shoots his gun, killing V.      

-Rika breaks down BUT doesn’t manage to commit suicide because:

-Jumin’s security guards manage to find them in the nick of time and handle the situation.

-Saeran and Saeyoung are unable to confront each other and realize their desperate wishes due to these events.

-This is when the resets stop.

-This is because Saeyoung doesn’t have a wish because Saeran is now safe from Rika and the MC has decided to spend her life next to Saeyoung’s side. He pretty much has everything he needs.  

-However, during the time when Saeran is being hospitalized, Saeyoung would have had a wish where he wants Saeran to be healed from his trauma with Rika.

-And Saeran would have had a wish where he wants to instead, die, if he can’t escape from Saeyoung.  

-But since both these wishes are pretty much opposing to each other, the Wizard wouldn’t really grant these wishes if it means ruining the other twin’s wish.

-And plus, it would mean all his efforts going to waste from hosting the game, so he promises them that they’ll have a happy ending (which they do) and doesn’t grant their wishes.  

-And the Wizard’s role is not needed anymore. But before he leaves the world of MysMe, he takes away Luciel’s memories revolving around the Wizard himself since:

1. Luciel doesn’t necessarily need to remember him. 

2. To replenish a tiny part of the powers he used to host all three games.

-And since the Wizard is a fourth-wall breaker (as proven from Nameless).

-He tampers with Saeyoung’s door and uses it to communicate with the player by thanking them for participating in the game.

-Which is why Saeyoung doesn’t understand why the frick the door would suddenly say that since his memories have been taken.    

-The Wizard then continues to observe the other games’ progresses in Dandelion and Nameless.

But that’s just a theory. A game theo- ok, I’ll stop.  

NOTE: This has to probably be one of the most important theories out of the rest of my other ones simply because it took quite a while to form this whole theory with the assistance of the wonderful Choiipo. It was a tad difficult making this as we had to ensure there would be no flaws and questions that needed to be answered (from what we could find) ;;; But thoughts/opinions are appreciated so I would really love it if anyone reblogs ^^ Criticism is also most definitely a plus, as it helps me develop my thoughts and learning as I make these theories :) So for anyone who feels the need to tell me that this has flaws or doesn’t make sense, DON’T HOLD BACK. (but make sure you have evidence, if any).  

But before you ask any questions, you may want to first check out my other post just to make sure that one of your questions will be similar to these (and that I’ve already answered them): http://cherrychipheart.tumblr.com/post/152720752118/remaining-questions 

Thanks to @choiipo @ayasunrise @777jewelrose777 for collaborating in this theory with me and seeing if there are any flaws in it :) You girls are amazing! 

@melizbeauty No idea if you’ll see this, but if you have time to spare, I’d really like to hear your thoughts :) 

@pixeledatom You haven’t yet replied to the theory that I messaged you XDD But that’s okay so I hope you won’t mind that I posted this before hearing your thoughts :)   

If anyone has any thoughts, theories or pretty much anything else relating to any Cheritz games, please feel free to share them/tag me ^.^ 

So Lemme Tell Y'all The Epic of Ninian (Spoilers for Fe7)

Now that Ninian’s won the gauntlet I really feel like it would be appropriate to tell her story to the many people who haven’t played FE7 and don’t have intentions to, because Ninian’s character is pretty important to FE7’s plot, I really suggest that you don’t read unless you don’t mind spoilers

980 years before the events of FE7 the war between dragons and man was fought, this war was called the Scouring. Slightly before this war a man named Nergal and an ice dragon named Aenir fell in love, and from this love came Ninian and her brother Nils. Born in Ilia they lived in peace for a short time before the Scouring, during which Aenir mysteriously disappeared. Before going out to look for her Nergal told Ninian and Nils to flee with the other dragons through the Dragons Gate, a dragon made portal that would take them to a paradise. Promising that he would one day call them back home.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and Nergal has found Arcadia, a land where dragons and man coexist peacefully for the most part. Armed with the knowledge of the dark arts and the magics of dragons he studied a way to open the Dragons Gate to call back Ninian and Nils. Soon after he succumbed to the madness of dark magic and Ninian and Nils return not to their father, but to a mad man.

Weak and fragile Ninian and Nils are forced to pretend to be humans as they flee from Nergal, who has plans to use the two to open the way for more dragons to come through the gate and cause the apocalypse. During the twos flight they encounter Lyn, who is fighting to return to her homeland. Offering their services as entertainers in exchange for protection they fight for Lyndis’s Legion for a short time, until they flee once again, fearing that someone will find out their secret. Eventually they are captured by Nergals forces and are held captive with a man named Elbert, who assists with the escape of Ninian.

During Eliwoods search for his father they come across a small boat harbouring Ninian, it turns out that the stress of the event caused Ninian to pass out and become an amnesiac. Eliwood, concerned for her safety asks her to come with him and his team, unknowingly returning her to Nergals clutches. At the Dragons Gate Ninian and Nils are freed from Nergal at the cost of Lord Elbert, Eliwood’s father’s life.

After which Ninian fights in Eliwoods army, and although she cannot fight in the usual sense, using her ring Nini’s Grace, a family heirloom, allows her to power up her allies. Later on she can use other similar rings such as Set’s Litany, Thor’s Ire, and Filla’s Might to further assist the army.

As time goes on Ninian slowly begins to fall in love with Eliwood, revealing her feelings to Nils. He warns her against it, as there are complications with staying in this world. However, depending on your choices in the game, these feelings may solidify into a determination to stay. No matter what however, Ninian’s goal changes from escaping back home into protect Eliwood from Nergal. Later on Ninian is captured by Nergal, and in her desperation to escape violently shifts into her dragon form, losing many memories and focusing on the one thing that stays solid in her mind, Eliwood. Disregarding all consequences she flies toward him.

Eliwood has just received his promotion and sacred weapon Durandal, and upon exiting the trial is beset by a monstrously huge dragon. Guided by the blade he fells the beast in one blow. In the confusion following Nergal appears and informs them that the ‘mighty dragon’ he had slain was indeed just a confused and frightened Ninian, and that she had refused to attack Eliwood in her befuddled state. Eliwood is left to despair as Ninian manages to transform back into her human form for one last goodbye, asking as her final wish that Eliwood protect the land of her birth.

In the final act all seems lost. Nergal with his last few moments informs them that it is to late, and that he has already opened the Dragon’s Gate. Out comes three full sized fire dragons, and more to come if they don’t close it. Just as Eliwood and crew are about to fight it, Brammimond(dontaskwhoheisntallthatimportant) uses the power of the sealed weapons to resurrect Ninian at full power. Ninian transforms and fights the fire dragons while crying out for them to forgive her, slaying two of them, and severely weakening the third before she is forced to withdraw. Eliwood and co rush in to finish it off, and Ninian mourns the loss of life, stating that the fire dragons were just children, who wanted to go home.

Depending on whether Ninian and Eliwood have A rank support Ninian will either go through the Dragon’s Gate with Nils or stay and live a human life span with Eliwood

Different extra things I found weird when going through FE7 Lore:

Ninian has the power to commune with Nini using her mothers ring, Nini nor any of the other of the ring spirits are explained in game other than the dances Ninian uses them for are meant to honour life.

Brammimond refers to Ninian as the “girl with the exalted blood of dragons” and then tells her to use that power to ‘appease’ (absolutely destroy) the fire dragons. I’m not sure about whether or not it means Aenir was an important dragon or if Brammimond just felt like being dramatic.

Ninian was a prophet and or oracle in the dragon paradise and that is never explained either.

Personal headcanon being that Ninian and Aenir is similar to how Nah and Tiki work. Nini is just a similar spirit to Naga

Ninian and Florina have a really cute support together where they bond over their love of Ilia and ease of which they can talk to each other. Florina mentions the legend of Ice dragon mountain which is implied to Ninian and her family. Ninian mentions that she had lived with her family in Ilia for “ages and ages” to Eliwood at the end of the game, landing her to be well over a 1000 years old

Dear ██████,

I first met your mother when she was a girl. She had hooves for feet and starlight in her eyes. She was beauty and nature, and I killed her with my own two hands.

Eden isn’t a place. It’s a state of being. They wanted to take us back to it. I stopped them. I took paradise away from us for a second time. I have never regretted my actions on that day, except one: that when you first met me on that day, you saw your father put a bullet into the head of your mother. I make no excuses, only explanation. I hope you understand why I did what I did. I hope you forgive me.

I love you. I wish I could have done more for you. The best I could do was leave you in the hands of kind and loving people and hope they would raise you in my place. From what I’ve seen, they did well. I’m sorry you couldn’t stay with them. I’m sorry they’ve brought you to this place. I promise to do my best to make sure your stay here is pleasant. I promise to keep you safe.

Happy sixteenth birthday, honey.

Your father,
████ ███████

Speedpaint here.

Monsta X - Shine Forever MV Explained (sort of)

Lol the theory I got off the teaser was so damn off and wrong, I feel sort of ashamed but it wasn’t much to go off to begin with.

This MV is pretty straight forward so I’ll keep it short. 

Minhyuk and Kihyun got into an accident, which left Kihyun blind. 

Minhyuk doesn’t tell anyone but the guilt eats at him. Wonho finds out and tries to keep it a secret until Jooheon coaxes it out of him. 

Jooheon then goes to pick a fight with Minhyuk. Shownu intervenes but only to punch Minhyuk himself. 

Kihyun for whatever reason doesn’t blame Minhyuk for what happened. 

Minhyuk isn’t allowed to drive any more and they go around searching for these lights.

Kihyun starts to feel alone and left behind. 

Eventually, they collect enough lights to form some kind of eye looking thing. Kihyun stands at the center of that as the lights flicker. They all watch expectantly and then he opens his eyes. 

That’s pretty much it. 

I have another theory but I won’t expand on it with photos cause this post is already pretty long. 

Everything is basically the same except instead of Kihyun being blind he was dead. Hyungwon put the blindfold on him because you close the eyes of someone who died. They went to the beach to spread Kihyun’s ashes. Minhyuk let’s Shownu punch him because he feels really guilty. Kihyun comes into the shot after everyone is gone because he’s not really there. The whole MV is a parallel between how Kihyun’s ghost/spirit feels as compared to how the members feel. Which is why after the beach scene it cuts to that room where they all wake up. One by one each member lets go of Kihyun. They all wake up and move on with their lives while he’s stuck on that couch. Those lights are the only thing that threw me for this theory but maybe it’s some form of trying to bring him back or letting him go. Oh! One more more thing, beaches represent paradise, right? So maybe that signifies them taking Kihyun to paradise. Anyways, it’s probably got more to do with him being blind then dead. 

Sadly, I didn’t see any tie ins to the X-Clan except for the fact that they were all trying to help or save another member. 

Theory: V’s Suspicious Disappearance ft 707 (Major Spoilers Alert) Pt. 1

Alternate title: Where in the Hell Is The Blind Man and What Happens to Him? ft Luciel’s Just As Suspicious   

During Zen’s After End (2 years after the party):  

During Jaehee’s After End (6 months since no one has gotten any contact with him):

During Jumin’s After End (after Jumin and MC get married and go on their honeymoon): 

So… in the casual routes, I’m assuming that V dies since no one in the RFA has heard from him for quite some time (though he’s not mentioned whatsoever in Yoosung’s after end). How?

Well, it would mean a failure for Rika and Mint Eye if they haven’t managed to invite the RFA members along to Magenta. Because literally, no one is taken away during the party in those three routes and Unknown doesn’t even show up despite promising that he will come take them to Paradise ._. To be honest, Cheritz hasn’t clearly explained what the classified information contains and why Rika would need it… Is it just my friend and I who think this?  

But moving on, why doesn’t Unknown bring them to Mint Eye? 

Well, I’m thinking that there’s supposed to be a planned deadline, and Rika punishes both Unknown and V for failing to complete their mission before that deadline (since they’re the ones who are in charge of bringing the RFA to Magenta). Then somewhere in the chaos, V dies, and Rika commits suicide because of his death which explains why the RFA members are safe. 

This idea uses Zen’s prophetic dream in one of the routes, where he says in a chatroom that he dreamed of V and Rika walking away from him and towards the light, indicating that their death is nearing. 

EDIT: Here it is, thanks to @yxosxng for sending me this. And oh gosh ;;;; There was no mention of any light Rika and V were going to (LOL never mind, I’ll just go and hide in embarrassment…) 

This is in the chatroom before the party in Jaehee’s route: 

But during Jumin’s after end, Luciel says he’s in touch with V… giving the idea that V seems to still be alive and well. This would be inconsistent among the other routes because this is the only time where Luciel actually knows about V’s whereabouts ._. Or does he really? 

Here’s two more screenshots coming from Zen’s good end: 

Has anyone noticed…. that Luciel only meets the MC if V is able to attend the party??? Wait… 

Let’s recap:

Yoosung’s route: Seven appears to apologize to the MC for Yoosung’s condition before V arrives to bring Yoosung over to the party. 

Zen’s route: As shown from the two screenshots above, Luciel is mentioned to be backstage and the members assume that V is not at the party. (is that really the case? Or is there more to it?)  

Jaehee’s route: There is no mention of Luciel and V AT ALL but it seems they both don’t attend. 

Jumin’s route: They both attend. Period.   

Overall, I have this suspicion that Luciel may have followed V to Mint Eye after/during those parties o.O 

I have more to say, but this theory leads to a path that is connected to Dandelion so I’ll perhaps split this theory into separate posts.  

EDIT: Here’s Part 2 

NOTE: Please know it is very important to let me know if there are any flaws in my post. If there are any, please don’t be afraid to inform me :) If anyone has any theories or thoughts around this theory, any of the Cheritz games or pretty much anything else, please feel free to share them ^.^ I really would like to hear them. 

@choiipo @ayasunrise @pixeledatom @777jewelrose777 This is the first part of the theory that I’ll be discussing with you guys xD This is just the starting point, and I’ll start messaging you guys the theory with the twins and the Wizard once you finish skimming over this :) Just let me know and I’m looking forward to your thoughts so far ^^  

thatchtheawesomecook  asked:

Imagine Sanji and Thatch competing to be the best cook and you're the judge who decides who wins.

It was a joke at first- not more, but it felt like you were the only one who understood it.

Just a little joke thrown into the room was the reason for two of your best friends standing in the kitchen and angrily throwing ingredients into a big pile of something you weren’t so sure about yet.

“Hey,” you had said earlier. “Who is the better cook from both of you?”

Sanji, who was sitting down on the sofa of your living room, looked up to you and frowned. Thatch, who was playing with your cat on the floor, mimicked his actions.

“Me.” They both said at the same time, to which you laughed. They stared at each other and frowned some more.

“I’m the better one.” The blonde man said irritated.

Thatch huffed. “Never in a million years, curly brow”

Suddenly, you snorted. “Why not make a competition and I judge your creations? Like Gordon Ramsay— wait, Y/N Ramsay!”

How could you know that both of them would fight their way to the kitchen and start to cook something as soon as the words left your lips? Was it really your fault?


It didn’t take them long to make the kitchen smell like the most delicious paradise and not even two minutes later, they pushed you into the stool in the kitchen and put down two plates on the table.

“Taste mine first.” Thatch said, a stain of chocolate on his cheek.

“No. Mine.” Sanji pressed through gritted teeth and sat down on the stool next to you. “You know you love me more, Y/N. Taste mine first– you won’t regret it.”

“You know exactly Y/N likes me better than you.” Thatch huffed yet again and sat down on the other stool. “C'mon, what do you say?”

You looked down at the plates and felt your mouth water at the Caramel Banana Pudding Sanji had made. You took one spoon full and sighed in content after the taste hit your tongue. “This is so good- oh my god!”

Sanji grinned.

“This is nothing! Y/N taste mine.” Thatch said and before you could say something, he pushed the self made peanut-butter cheesecake into your mouth. Again, a taste made out of heaven spread across your tongue and you couldn’t help yourself and let out a sound of satisfaction.

“See. That’s the right sound.” The brown haired man mumbled and looked at you somewhat proud.

“Pervert..” You mumbled and took both of the spoons in each hand, ready for another taste.

“Wait–” They both said and leaned down. “Which one is the better one?”

You looked to the right; Sanji with his beautiful tasting Caramel Banana Pudding. His eye dropped to a wink and he softly pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. “No pressure, honey.

Your eyes wandered to the left; Thatch with his mouth watering peanut-butter cheesecake. He had his head against his hand and shamelessly smirked at you. His tongue quickly peeked out of his lips. “I trust you, kitten.

So… which one?

anonymous asked:

Oh man I love your writing!! Gladion deserves all the love in the world. How do you think Gladion proposing would go down?

I’m choking on my FEELINGS,


  • Wicke insists on planning it.
  • Hau also drops in, to say congrats.
  • “I haven’t proposed yet??”
  • “Well, it’s about time. You both took forever to get together. All of Alola has been waiting.”
  • “….”
  • Basically, it’s a Big Deal now and he gets a lot of help.
  • Wicke has this list of recommended places for him to propose and Gladion rates them one afternoon while he’s taking his lunch break.
  • “Aether Paradise”
  • He’s like no- all the no. This was where Lusamine made a mess and dragged everyone into their family problems. No way is he proposing there.
  • “Pokemon League”
  • That’s- well, you technically work there. Isn’t it unromantic to propose at your place of work? This isn’t The Proposal. Next!
  • “Motel Room”
  • Ummmmm, that’s a bit suggestive.
  • This was totally Plumeria’s idea and somewhere out there she’s cackling.
  • The winning recommendation is surprisingly from Lillie and his mother via a letter sent from Kanto.
  • She suggests going back to that path where you both first met. Her reasoning being that you both had bad and good memories everywhere in Alola but you both always come home, back to each other. Back to the beginning.
  • This idea kinda makes Gladion tear up a little and he’s not ever admitting that shut up.
  • So Gladion texts you to meet him there.
  • And all the trial captains and kahunas and elite four hide behind bushes and trees but you still see them and it makes you smile but also makes you really confused.
  • When you see Gladion though, it’s like meeting him for the first time and falling in love with you all over again.
  • “[Y/N]…”
  • “Marry me.”
  • He smiles that rare smile and you die inside.
  • “I won’t take no for an answer.”
The Art of Seduction

Min Yoongi - You

Demon (Incubus/Succubus) Au

Genre: Suggestive (Slight Smut)

Word count: 1,210

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We, as human beings, are destined to look and search for the best, most beautiful and the most wanted.

We believe we can survive in this cruel and truly cold world if only we surround ourselves with these mortal possessions.

And thus the birth of art, music, literature, fashion and many more forms of beauty were unavoidable in this journey of seeking perfection.

One, however, proved itself to be different from the rest of them and as much as it is a form of art, it is also a powerful tool.

Powerful enough to cause all kinds of turmoil throughout the Roman Empire as the infamous Julius Caesar and later on a soldier with a godlike appearance, Mark Antony were almost blinded by this to the point they couldn’t care about anything else anymore, which led them to find their ends, in similar paths.

Powerful enough to disturb Louis XIV, in his final years, as a young man that appeared out of nowhere, used it with a little twist causing disturbance in his court and for gloomy king to send him to Bastille in order to feel secure once again. But what he didn’t expect was to see the unpleasant response it created among the ladies when the witty teenager was nowhere to be seen. The others were too stiff you see, but this bachelor, his eyes could read your deepest fantasies and needs, his hands too quick for an inexperienced boy, his tongue would whisper sweet nothings to your ear when everyone else was distracted.

It was a form of art only a few selected could master in their short lives.

He, luckily, was one of these selected few. But unlike others he didn’t need time.

A master at giving people something to fill the spaces that the society created on their souls and to give them whatever they lacked.

What people lack in life, one should know, is not more reality but illusion, fantasy, and play.

He had a peculiar outlook on life, a warrior like thinker, an opportunist and most importantly a great manipulator. His desire, nothing could compare to it in this world, infectious, helping him lure whomever he chose. A toy, an entertainer that transformed into something completely opposite when he was finally alone with his companion.

But he woke up alone every morning, just like the others, if one didn’t count the empty eyes and half open mouths that judged him from afar, reminding him who he really was.

He wasn’t always like this though, not at first.

Just like me, he was once innocent, lonely and was an outcast, overlooked by the society. When he couldn’t take the pressure and the words that caused him nightmares anymore, he took the same path all of us did.

A dark and painful one.

Straight to hell.

But he managed to put himself together and came back in order to collect the debt they owned him. The attention and the lust, the desire and the affection. Even if it only lasted for a few hours.

‘Love me’, he whispered as his hands found her delicate neck, ‘Be mine forever’, and wrapped themselves like a snake.  

Because thanks to his serpent like tongue, words were his greatest weapon and his strength. And by simply talking, he could drive one to the edges and take them back, play with their minds and show them a paradise. Only to break it down and destroy it when they reached the highest point.

All the legends, myths, religious texts and history itself acknowledged this.

His scent and the way his body moved was addictive for a lot, just like the woman that was now pleading and begging. His golden skin reflected the moon light as his companion became stiff under him, her last breath mixing with the air that smelled like vanilla and apple.

Leaving the wide lodge where I watched him, I climbed down the stairs slowly and took small steps, stopping when my arms finally reached his bare chest.

He was finally satisfied and was now breathing heavily with a disgusted look on his face. The classical architecture and the Greek columns matched his god like features and gave him an unworldly appearance.

He covered himself with silk once he settled on the sofa in the middle of the room, taking my hand and placing it on his cheek as I stood before him.

‘Are you finally at peace?’ I asked narrowing my eyes as he closed his ‘Yes’ he answered with a small smile ‘But I could give anything to have you instead.’

The art he mastered, sadly never worked on me, on us. Our kinds were bond to work together for eternity but never be one, as it; along with our reality was a taboo.

‘What a shame would it be if I had to share you.’ I replied settling on his lap ‘I am quite possessive as you know. But at the end you and I have to survive, no?

Most of us had to work within pairs, but our other half was never created at the same time, they would never give them to us from the start.

They had us work for them; overcome the pain and the loneliness we tried so hard to escape in our mortal lives. And then suddenly they would appear before us like a dream. We would learn their side of the story, what they had to go through to find us, and as a payback we would share our tales.

For centuries him and I worked like two sides of one coin and feed our lack of affection from mere humans that were unfortunate enough to cross paths with us. In this mansion of sorts, on top of a hill and near the ocean no one dared to look at.

When we finally found another poor soul that was wandering alone we didn’t hesitate to take it.

It was our job after all. To feed of off lust and desire.


The woman didn’t even question his motives when he started a small chat near the only road that led to where we stayed since the beginning of time, luring her towards the house and awakening the needs that were buried deep inside her.

We had many names, given by people that feared the day we would show up in their dreams.

Monsters, predators, evil spirits….Demons…

But whatever they dared to call us never affected our own perception.

‘If only we could love’ he started holding me close ‘Would you be mine forever?’


After all we were created to live and die for one thing.

The Art of Seduction.

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Wow I just had a conversation with my guy friends about the movies Mad Max Fury Road and Pacific Rim and I had to convince them that no those movies are NOT just stupid fun meaningless action filled apocalyptic/sci-fi movies, no, actually those movies are revolutionarily feminist. MMFR being about a badass chick with a shaved head trying to save a group of female sex slaves/concubines by taking them to a paradise which doesn’t exist and ultimately going back to where they started to overthrow their sexist hyper-masculinized leader and make a home for themselves…and Pacific Rim being an American movie with an un-stereotyped Asian woman as the lead character who’s role isn’t to be in a romantic relationship, who’s role is to feel anger and be a badass and avenge her family (and who’s adopted father is a black man, the amazing Idris Elba himself). I guess it just goes to show you that privileged groups such as white men can see a movie like MMFR or Pacific Rim and completely miss the amazing revolutionary deep inner meanings behind the stupid fun action-packed surface.

anonymous asked:

So Finrod had his kingly duties to think of and he's a dick for abandoning his people to play noble hero. Is Feanor judged by the same standard? For being an utter dick and first embroiling his whole nation into a war over his daddy issues then taking them all out of paradise and into certain death?

Yes, obviously. Fëanor is a dreadful King of the Noldor and blaming someone other than him for his death would be as silly as blaming Celegorm and Curufin for Finrod’s. 

If a leader is going to take his people to war, he has some very strong obligations to make sure there’s 1) an objective worth the blood that will be shed to achieve it, 2) a reasonable chance of achieving it, and 3) no better options.

Finrod falls down on all three, in my opinion. Stealing a Silmaril for Thingol is an awesome mission but not exactly a morally defensible one. Lúthien was perfectly ready to marry Beren anyway. If you were going to do a stealth mission into Morgoth’s chambers to pluck the crown off his head, you should at least murder him while you’re there - and, in fact, if the mission had been to assassinate Morgoth I side with Finrod. Even a tiny chance of achieving that is well worth it. 

But we also run into trouble on the second front, because there’s no reasonable chance of achieving the goal. Even with the full strength of Nargothrond behind him he wouldn’t have been able to take Angband, and a stealth mission was probably bound to fail in precisely the manner it did fail. I don’t think from his perspective there were any options with more than a tiny chance of success, and again ‘success’ looks like 'condemning his cousins to eternal damnation’ if Finrod thought they’d be good enough people not to start a war over the Silmaril and 'condemning Beleriand to a civil war’ if Finrod didn’t think they’d be good enough people. 

And 3) - Finrod is like canonically really good at talking Thingol down from being stupid. 

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Let It Out – Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook X Reader
Rated: J for #JungkookWeLoveYou
Summary: Sometimes, Jungkook gets upset too.

Originally posted by jjks

There were very few times when Jungkook got upset. He was one to hold in his emotions most of the time, sworn to the thought of people finding him weak if he ever did. He was not much of a crier, for those times were only spent in his little world of silence, when no one could see him break down. He was a fighter though, a very strong one in fact, but sometimes he was too strong. He couldn’t – wouldn’t, thought that he shouldn’t – let it all out at times. Since he found himself as a strong figure, sometimes he bottled up all the emotions inside of him. That was not healthy, that was not okay, because everything would come out all at once and knock him down on his ass. The blow would be fast, but the stinging of his wet cheeks would forever stick with him. 

He did not like being weak. For some odd reason, he just wasn’t raised to be like that. His father would push him tremendously so, yelling and screaming and fighting until Jungkook finally got the hint that being weak was not an option. He was grown up to think that being weak was a crime, a sin. For he would be hurt even more if he was weak. If he just stood a little taller, become a little stiffer, then he wouldn’t be so hurt anymore. He would figure out a way to push away all the emotions and just stay blank, emotionless. 

That didn’t work out so well, and it ended up biting him royally in the ass. Especially when he started figuring out what love meant – how love could change someone’s life so prominently, like it changed his for the better. He started feeling things he had never felt so strongly before. The act of love brought pain, heartbreak, but it also brought the most amazing feelings in the world, feelings that Jungkook couldn't necessarily describe. He found himself feeling happy, allowing the happiness to jumble up his bones and give him a spring in his step. He got misty-eyed at times, when he was so happy or proud of himself for managing to fall in love. Not all the time were his eyes filled with tears for a sad way, but when they were, more than anything… he sought comfort. It was because he couldn’t find a way to comfort himself, other than locking himself up in a dark room and sleeping it off. 

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Flawed paradise AU

Agender merpeople “rescuing” small children from impoverished seaside towns and taking them to a paradise island that’s run by a demigod that thrives on being a parental figure. Cue the conflict between people having their children stolen, and merpeople thinking they’re doing the right things, and the demigod just wanting to be happy.

Jim Jarmusch, on the set of Stranger Than Paradise, 1984 “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.””

The Signal Fire Series: A McHaleinski AU

Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski pride themselves on being the living definition of wayward youth. At 20, they lack higher education, stable careers, or permanent lodging. What they do have is two skateboards, two surfboards, several crates of Sex Wax, one baby blue Jeep, and each other. All they want from life is a good swell, a beach sunrise, and to be left alone… or so they think. When Derek Hale, the privileged, muscle-bound, straight-laced academic, gains the power to take the boys’ private beach paradise away from them, their clash seems inevitable. And yet the boys are strangely drawn to Derek, and the three men begin to orbit one another, forming a relationship that turns into more than friendship, and maybe even more than sex, one that will change the three of them forever.

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