take them away from me!!


Don’t look back. Just look at me”

Sons i have adopted long ago but havent drawn until now bc i avoid spiky hair at all costs. It’s diff now though bc lmao fuck my comfort zone when i got ch 133
I probs wont be drawing anytime soon bc wow fuck coding

The Young Justice team as things my chemistry class has said:

M'gann: *teacher announces pop quiz* “Where are the aliens when you need them, and can they please abduct me and take me away from this awful place" 

Artemis: "I’ll have you know, there’s fifteen bags of pot in my locker and I swear to god I’ll break into your house, plant them all under your pillow, and have the police take you away unless you give back that strawberry smencil right now" 

Jaime: "I want to die” “Wow, same, let’s jump out that window while the teacher’s not looking”  

Wally: “What do you get when you mix beauty and a nice personality? A date with me, hello" 

Conner: *breaks hour long silence* "You know, I ate a shark once" 

Kaldur:*kid answers obvious question completely wrong* Teacher: "You know, I could have been a surgeon or a scientist, but nooo, I decided to come here and meet all of you people" 

Zatanna: "Wtf, I got a hundred on the quiz?!” *whispers* “Thank you, illuminati”

Bart: *lights Bunsen burner and holds finger near flame* “I’ll touch this for a dollar”

Raquel: *two students are talking three feet away from each other* “OH MAH GAWD, GET A ROOM" 

Roy: "Where do babies come from?” “Yo mamma" 

Dick: "How much of these chemicals do I have to drink to get superpowers" 

Tim: "My brother got arrested yesterday, so guess who’s the favorite child now”

Mal:*principal announces lockdown drill over loudspeaker* “Oh well, I guess we’re all dying today, it was fun while it lasted" 

Virgil: "Excuse me teacher? Yeah, um, my sleeve caught on fire what do I do now" 

Garfield: "I swear to god my dog actually ate my homework you have to believe me”   

i hate life i’ve been reading a comic online for the past 2 weeks and the internet told me it was still ongoing and now i was reading it, i thought that i was about to catch up and wait for more updates but then they hit me with an extra emotional chapter and then this



The depression hours are here so… Can I talk about this? Not to be dramatic but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sweet and tender smile like these ones before. This is the first time Jon could witnessed how beautiful Dany looks while smiling and I don’t know why but I can feel that he’s so happy he finally made her smile; to achieve this in a stressful enviorement is something to be proud of and he can’t help but join her. Actually this is not even a full smile, this is gentle smirk that probably made them both forget for a moment about everything that was happening and be able to find some kind of comfort even if it was for just a couple seconds; they’re in this together, he’s not gonna leave her, he’s not gonna betray her and she fully trust in him and admire how loyal he is to himself; they’re gonna stand side by side no matter what fate has for them…I think this moment it’s gold and it’s one of my favorites moments of their journey as lovers.


theongreujoy  asked:

I have a rather important question regarding Noah: How does the whole being dead thing work? Does his mind age even though he's dead? Does he have the consciousness of a twenty four/twenty five year old (albeit a super immature one but hey) or is he just going to have the maturity of a seventeen year old boy forever? Ghosts confuse me a great deal and I know that was technically three questions, but, to be fair, it's amazing that I managed to limit myself to three when it comes to Noah.

Dear quiclsilver,

I will tell you a secret about the magic in the Raven Cycle: 70% of it follows the same basic rules. I know the fandom gets a certain zinging thrill* to imagining that I despise Noah or otherwise malign him by saying that his deadness is the most important thing about him, but the truth is that when I write Noah, as a dead thing, I write him following the rules of magic first and the rules of his character traits second. Everything about the backstory I invented for him is diminished and subverted by the rules of being dead. 

*How does she know, they gasp! My inbox, she replies drily, informs me daily how I loath this character or that character, then threatens to take them away from me. It’s a riot.


Rule one of being a spirit in the Raven Cycle universe: it isn’t about me, baby, it’s about you. I have a pair of sunglasses that are so reflective that even though I’m the one wearing them on my face, when someone looks at me, all they see is themselves. They’re not about me, baby, they’re about you. Likewise, a ghost in the Raven Cycle universe is defined first and foremost by the seer. Recall, if you will, the first time Blue sees the spirit of Gansey stumbling along the ley line because at some point in the future the author has done terrible things to him. Blue doesn’t even see human features on his face, she realizes — her brain is telling her there is a boy in front of her, but there really could be anything or nothing at all. Likewise, when they discover that Noah is dead, they more often see both his living Noah form (not real) and his busted up dead body form (totes real). Their minds know the truth and project both into the space in front of them. Noah didn’t change; their minds did. There is some essential truth of Noah, but it’s sort of negotiable.

Rule two of being a spirit: you’re powered by energy. What energy? All energy! Blue’s energy, the ley line’s energy, creepy coughspoilerspoilermumblespoilercough energy. No energy, no Noah. Lots of energy, lots of Noah. Or lots of something. Hard to keep playing that Noah Czerny melody when you’re not quite running with the right amount of current. coughspoilercough

Rule three of being a spirit: all times are the same time because you exist outside of it. You don’t age. You don’t change substantially, because every time is the same time or no time at all. You are a song sung again and again, sometimes with more feeling, sometimes with a verse missing. You are dead. 

Rule four of being a spirit: You’re last year’s Halloween candy, and you’re slowly being eaten by cats. The dead are not the living: the living are cumulative, additive, growing, changing, becoming more of themselves. The dead are subtractive, decaying, simplifying … rotting. If there weren’t consequences to being dead, no psychic in the Raven Cycle world would mind anyone dying. They could just phone them up on the deadphone and have a conversation every evening. Noah was doing okayish in book one. Not great. But okay. Now, over three books, he’s been eaten by cats, and let me tell you, book four has a lot of cats.

Rule five of being a spirit: it’s not a good time. Stay alive, if you can.



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Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Arranged Marriage Starters
  • "I can't believe I am marrying THEM."
  • "I want marry whoever I want!"
  • "You're not as bad as I imagined."
  • "No. NO! NO! NO! I am NOT getting married to YOU!"
  • "If you touch me I swear you will not live to regret it."
  • "This isn't quite what I expected."
  • "So... now what do we do?"
  • "I don't think I could have dreamed of anyone better."
  • "Let go of me!"
  • "You want me to marry THEM?"
  • "You can't make me go through this."
  • "I want to marry for love, not because I have to."
  • "I don't want to marry them. I want to marry you."
  • "Take me away from this. I can't do this."
  • "Will I like them?"
  • "What do they look like?"
  • "You can't keep me prisoner like this!"
  • "I don't care about your precious alliance."
  • "This is strictly business."
  • "I will never love you."
  • "Wow. I can't believe I'm marrying them..."
  • "I think I fell in love with you anyway."
  • "I would rather die."
  • "You can't make me love you."
  • "I love someone else!"
  • "Perhaps we can make this work."
  • "You're not my type."
  • "I'm nervous."
  • "I don't care if they like me or not."
  • "This is stupid. I don't want to do this."
  • "So you just sold me off to the highest bidder..."
  • "I can't believe how lucky I am."
  • "I paid a good price for you."
  • "You will have no children with me."
  • "So, we're doing this?"
  • "They are more magnificent than I could have possibly imagined."
Negative space

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“If I ask nicely, will you do it?”

it looks up. You never noticed that it makes noises. The last time you saw it, face to face (skies, blood, fragments, fear or no fear), you didn’t notice the noise.

The noise alone is overwhelming: it’s not even auditory anymore. It’s just vibration, humming, deep in everything around you, deep in you. It goes through everything.

it doesn’t answer just yet.

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it’s totally not too late for pride icons, right?

so uh heeeeeeere’s some falsettos pride icons, because i love these gays and would happily die for them. feel free to use with credit!

bonus alternate versions for whizzer and the lesbians from next door under the cut!

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