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Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

Mike notices that whenever he and El go to the diner for cheeseburgers and french fries, she always saves the crispiest fries for last, crunching them with delight. For a long time, Mike saves the crispy fries on his own plate for El, claiming that he doesn’t actually like them all that much—it’s a lie; they’re his favourite.  

Mike’s charade lasts until, one day, several years later, he and El take Holly for lunch while watching her for the afternoon. Holly hates fries that aren’t soft so she quickly shoves them onto her brother’s plate because “these are the kind you like, Mikey.”  

Blushing furiously, Mike takes a quick glance at El, sitting across the table with her eyebrows knitted together and an amused smirk on her face. Of course Mike Wheeler would spend four years lying about his food preferences just to make her happy. Of course. For a moment, she rummages around on her plate, looking for the crispiest fry. When she finds it, she throws it directly at Mike’s head, causing them both to burst out laughing.


As expected, an amazing video from @therealjacksepticeye. I agree 100% with him. Acknowledge the good and the bad, don’t settle for an extremist, black or white conclusion. Pewdiepie is not a nazi or antisemitic. However, it’s a good thing that his failed attempt at “dark humor” didn’t go unnoticed and he suffered the consequences. I hope you take the time to watch this video. Jack is the voice of reason in this situation.

      as a note, i’m gonna be dropping most of my drafts, except the starters to which i owe replies, and the 13 sins thread with kayla bc i’m still hyped for that.  in the meantime, hit that like for a starter and i’ll crank them out at some point.  if you want a particular verse  ( season 1-2, post-season 2, killer verse, etc. )  just comment on this post and i’ll write accordingly.  

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HOW DARE? SO RUDE? lookn for a fight???? man from uncle was the best spy movie of 2015

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Let’s agree to disagree. Can we agree on one thing though?

Spy was freaking awesome!

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100 days of productivity

12/100 - 18 Feb. 2017

Did some work I should have done ages ago, cleaned up and organised, and finally found the time to watch Call the Midwife (season 5 was added to Netflix days ago).

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#35 Go shopping together

He squeezed her hand as she got out of the car. It was one of their first times out together in public and she had been nervous all day. She hadn’t said that, but he knew.

The early parts of their relationship had been private and secluded. Eating late night take out, watching movies in the safety of his arms, stealing kisses behind closed doors.

Rodeo Drive was a very different story.

They thought this might be an easy way to make their way into the spotlight. But for someone who doesn’t spend much time under the intense eye of the media, she was apprehensive.

They wandered down the street, stopping into boutiques and stores where he tried to buy her anything she stared at for too long. She smiled at his generosity but reminded him that she truly didn’t need a thirteen hundred dollar handbag — no matter how much she wanted one.

After leaving their fourth or fifth shop, Shawn was stopped by two young girls who timidly asked for a picture. He looked at her apprehensively before she nodded, even offering to take the picture.

She and Shawn chatted casually to the girls before moving on. His hand found hers effortlessly and he squeezed it, reassuring her.

“Thank you,” He whispered and she nodded at him.

“No, I mean it,” He said seriously, “This means a lot to me.”

“You’re worth it, I guess,” She teased, smiling the first genuine smile of the day.

“Oh I’m glad you think so,” He said laughing, pulling her into his chest.

He pressed a kiss on her forehead and she wrapped her arms around his waist. She didn’t care if they ended up on TMZ or in the pages of People. He was worth it.

My watch misses minutes, stolen
from under these distracted eyes.
The eternal dilemma: stare
to slow the seconds, just survive,
or live and let it all pass by?
Each time I take up the watch, years
have somehow slipped through my fingers.
—  a watched kettle never boils

imagine rami malek browsing the aisles of a pharmacy when he hears an ad playing on a nearby TV. the narrator’s voice rings out. ‘hey you! do you suffer from dry, stinging eyes? ever wake up and feel like you haven’t slept at all?’ ‘YES!’ rami nearly yells towards the TV, quickly taking off his sunglasses to watch the ad and nearly dropping his tube of special toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Valentine’s Day Special #32

One Piece World 💙  Crush on Sanji requested by Anon

It was Valentine’s Day and it was obvious that Sanji was going all out. When he normally flirted with any woman, you would get embarrassment for him. Today, the secondhand embarrassment was strong as he twirled around Nami, Robin, and at you. Every time he flirted with you or exaggerated any of his words or actions, you would blush darkly and nervously excuse yourself. Ever since you realized your crush on the blonde, your nervousness went up every time you were alone with him.

You were happy, however, that he seemed to enjoy the small party that the crew threw for Valentine’s Day. After the whole chaos of that night, you volunteered to take the first watch of the night since everyone seemed tired. You sat on the couch of the crow’s nest and looked over at the ocean through the window. Your thoughts would become darker at night and it was hard to deal with but you couldn’t help it. You felt a bit better that no one really knew about your depression, even after being a part of the crew for a year.

You started thinking about tonight and your thoughts went back to Sanji. The blonde was so happy that he was able to spend time with the girls and used this holiday as an excuse to do that. You noticed, however, that he gave Nami and Robin homemade chocolates but you didn’t get any. At this, your negative thoughts hit you like a train. It must have been what you feared. Your crush on him was one sided and that he didn’t even put you on the same pedestal that he did to Nami and Robin. 

You unconsciously curled up into yourself and felt your eyes sting as your insecurities rose up and battered at your emotions. You half blamed the night and the other half blamed it on the holiday. You heard a creak of the trap door and quickly wiped your eyes before looking over. You hoped that whoever it was, that they wouldn’t notice that you almost cried. A small tray landed on the ground and a blonde hair popped up through the opening. You blinked as Sanji grinned once he spotted you. He climbed up and picked up the tray before heading over to you. You were able to see the tray better now as the moonlight lit up his form and the tray in his hands. He plopped down next to you before placing the tray down and holding a box out to you that was resting on the tray. 

“Sanji? What are you doing up here so late? I’m on watch…” You mumbled quietly, your nerves going on edge already as he sat closer to you.

“I wanted to give you your chocolates in private, (Y/N)-swan!” He said, nudging the box closer to you. You gently took it in your hands and blushed at the heart shaped box in your hands. You peaked up at him before taking the lid off and saw a whole stack of heart shaped chocolates, making your cheeks redden again.  

“You made me chocolates, too?” He blinked and tilted his head.

“Of course I did! These are more special so I wanted to give these to you personally.” He blinked and his visible eye widened. “Wait, you didn’t think that I didn’t make you any, did you?!” You looked at the box again and shrugged slightly.

“I didn’t know what to think…” You answered honestly. You squeaked when he grasped your hand in his and a blush filled your cheeks again.

“(Y/N)-swan! I would never forget getting you something! I was so focused on getting these chocolates perfect for you that I almost didn’t get anything for Rboin and Nami!” You stared at him, shocked that he didn’t add the honorific to the end of their names, feeling the blush darken and your heart race against your ribcage.

“W-Why did you wait until now?” You saw that a blush had formed on his cheeks as well and he suddenly directed his attention to pouring tea in a cup for you and him, making you notice that he had brought the tray up for that reason.

“I… There’s a reason why I wanted to give those to you private. I was hoping… I was hoping that you will accept my feelings seriously.” You were flustered at the words coming out of his mouth and he finally met eyes with you.

“I.. What do you mean?” He grasped your hands in both of his, his face flushing red and he cleared his throat before continuing.

“I really like you, (Y/N)-swan, and I was hoping that you’d give me a chance and be with me. As a partner.” You blushed even darker, looking away from his eyes and nodded.

“I-I’d really like that…” He grinned, leaning forward and hugging you gently, careful of the chocolate that were seated on your lap. You welcomed the affection and hugged back gently, hiding your reddened face in his shoulder. 

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My best friend is watching hamilton for the first time and she already cried for houra bc of laurens' death and she is fangirling a lot bc of phillip she's scrEAMING SHE LOVES HIM AS WE WATCH TAKE A BREAK and i'm scared because she's gonna be depressed for WEEKS sos


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How is life complicated or improved between the ghost s/o and the uf/ut/sf/us bros after the initial reunion?

It depends on wether or not the ghost s/o is completely corporeal or not. If they can still act like a living human with the talking and stuff, then not much is going to change. They probably wont sleep much which is something a lot of the Sans personality type skellies miss. The Papyrus personality type skellies miss doing physical activities or going out in public. The s/o is mostly confined to the home right now so there’s not really a lot of dating happening anymore. 

SF!Papyrus really miss eating take out food and watching night tv with them, it’s not the same thing when he’s the only one enjoying the food. Tale Sans is a little sad when he realizes that he can’t use his s/o as a pillow to nap on anymore. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved. 


Steps to take prior to watching:

  1. Grab headphones
  2. Grab a change of pants