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is taking care of a kitten hard?

Nah the only difficult thing is to have enough money and time to take them to the vet sometimes because they need it
Be careful to the food you give them - if you’re going to give them the cheapest cat food on the market there are some risks. They need the good stuff
Never forget to spend some time playing with them, they may become aggressive or hyperactive if you ignore them. Also brush them often, if the cat has long hair then brush it every day
They rarely need a bath, do it like 3 times a year and we’re fine, unless they get all dirty haha

Also for god’s sake do not pick them up and touch them all the time, cats need their space 

not to be that guy but like. after I started taking better care of myself my mood really has improved. like. I do a face mask every three days, I make sure I bathe and do a full-body sugar scrub and moisturize three times a week, I go to bed at a set time and wake up at a set time (and yeah, those times are 4am and 1pm because of my work schedule, but they’re consistent so it doesn’t matter). obviously I still have depressive swings and I’m not magically cured but like.

it helps.

God why won’t my grandma’s husband take a look at the tub we’ve both told him so many times and like I know he wants to be involved with all repair in the house and stuff.. I just want to take a bath I have taken ONE bath since 2013 I just want to soak in some epsom salts :-(

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TP Zelda is not good at things like sewing or knitting or flower arranging (or whatever task people decide an educated young lady should excel at) However this doesn't stop her from making Link a bracelet for his birthday. It's lumpy and a little too big, but Link wears it everyday. He even sleeps wearing it

He had a difficult time deciding if he should leave it on while taking a bath or not. He didn’t want to ruin it. That bracelet means the world to him, because it was made by her loving hands.

I’m loving the thought of the force having this sick sense of humour and randomly connecting Rey and Kylo at the worst times. Like a shitty Siri.

Rey: so we’ve been[pronounced as ‘Ben’]-


Kylo: wtf


Kylo: Fire the ray-


Kylo: NO WAIT-



Kylo, getting off: Fuck, Rey-


Kylo and Rey: /scREAMING/

recover from ‘burnout’ in five steps

1. reward yourself for working so hard. take a long bath with your favourite bath bomb, take time to cook your favourite meal, paint your nails. recognise that you worked hard and it was tough and that you deserve time for yourself

2. catch up on sleep. nothing makes studying harder than being exhausted. clear your schedule and have a lie in. even if you don’t sleep late, stay in bed and enjoy a guilt-free lazy morning

3. do something fun. invite your friends over for a movie night, take your dog for a walk. remind yourself that there is more to life than textbooks and notes

4. make a plan. start getting ready to get back into study mode. make a todo list, a study schedule, and a list of your deadlines

5. organise your space. declutter your desk so you have a clean space to be productive in. tidy desk, tidy mind

start again.

Psychic Exercises✨

things to do to increase psychic abilities. these are what i personally do as a claircognizant empath to enhance my knowledge of the world around me 🌻🌎💫

  • pull a daily tarot card, rune, or other divination device
  • sit down and paint something impressionistic. “but James!” you say, “I’m not an artist!!” well, bullshit. you don’t needa be artistic for this one, kiddos. i just use an index card and a small brush, then pick whatever colors im feeling that day. is it swirly? edgy? scattered? dark? light? interpret this, then reflect later to see if it was correct
  • think of a person you’re gonna see in the upcoming day. what outfit are they wearing? is their hair different? is there something in their teeth? write these things down, then see later if they are correct
  • meditate. yes yes i know, the dreaded tip. if you have adhd like me, or you just can’t sit still, do it while stretching, walking, cleaning, showering, or doing any monotonous work. even if it’s only for 3 minutes. just focus on what you hear, see, smell, feel, etc. it helps, trust me
  • keep a dream journal (yea i know, another dreaded tip)
  • write down every little thing that could maybe possibly be considered psychic. get a call from someone you were just thinking about? guessed what song would be next on shuffle? write it down
  • speaking of song guessing on shuffle, do it!! it’s simple and fun, even if you don’t get it right every time
  • spend more time with your divination tools, even if you aren’t actively using them. put them near your pillow (okay no lie this tip reeeeaaaallyyy helps), take them to work, put them next to your bath, whatever works for you
  • raise your vibration. and i know this can mean a lot of things for different people, and it also sounds rly hippy, but listen. what i mean is, constantly check yourself- your surroundings, your random thoughts, your emotions, etc. set an alarm to remind you to be more aware, if you gotta. if you are aware of what’s going on externally and within, you will be more prone to noticing your psychic tendencies
  • make your own sigils. this is one of the easiest form of magick, and can be done by anyone. make sigils for everything- “i am psychic,” “i am confident,” “i am suspected of secretly being Godzilla,” honestly everything. the point isn’t to make sigils that necessarily work, it’s just to sit down and put an intention into physical form. this is kinda like the painting one, except instead of thinking abt what could happen, you’re stating what will/is happening, which is important.
  • place a piece of amethyst on your forehead for a few seconds every night while laying in bed. doesn’t have to be too long, just long enough to let your muscles relax and let out all the tension from the day

and thas it! feel free to add more if you can think of something i didn’t put

-James Elliot

Reminder that Jonghyun would still want you to take care of yourselves, even in a time as hard as this is. 

Please don’t forget to eat, even if you can only handle something small. Taking a hot bath or a shower will help make you feel better, physically and mentally. Don’t feel guilty about needing a distraction from this or doing something to help make you can feel happy. Don’t be afraid to cry as much as you need to about this either, you’ll feel better, just make sure to drink water once you’re calm again. Go easy on yourself, it’s okay to not feel up to certain tasks right now. And lastly, talk to someone about how you’re feeling or to relive the good memories, it’s okay to ask for the help if that’s what you need.

Night Routine for a Busy Witch

Since a lot of people seemed to enjoy my Morning Routine for a Busy Witch, I’ve decided to write out my nighttime routine. Again, this post is only for ideas, and there’s no need to do this every night.

  • Tea is my absolute go-to for nighttime calm. 
    • Herbal teas that don’t have caffeine, but can still calm you, include: chamomile, lavender, rose, valerian (do not take while already on a sedative), lemon balm, spearmint, sage, licorice root, rooibos, and blackberry leaves. 
      • A lot of these herbs, such as chamomile, will also help you digest if you drink the tea after dinner.
    • Green teas do have a bit of caffeine, but can be very calming. I’ll often drink sencha at night.
  • Light a scented candle. Any floral scent, like the ones listed above, will help you relax before bed.
  • Baths and showers will not only relax your muscles, but also calm your mind. I personally refuse to bed with wet hair, so I usually take a bath with some scented candles lit and low light.
    • This has been said a million times before, but baths and showers make great cleansing rituals. Imagine scrubbing off your biggest worries and watching them swirl down the drain along with the soap bubbles.
  • When you rub on lotion, draw some sigils or runes on your skin before rubbing them in.
  • If you have a cleansing spray or air freshener, now is the time to use it. What better way to end the day than cleansing your house and having the air feel fresh?
  • If possible, go outside and sit with the moon for five minutes. I don’t know what it is about moonlight–it just heals the mind.
  • I struggle to do this myself, but in the best case scenario, it’d be great to wash your dishes before going to bed. It is so nice to wake up to a clean kitchen. Picking up clothes off the floor and throwing them into a hamper also greatly improves your morning. When your space is less cluttered, your mind is less cluttered.
  • Give a tiny offering before going to bed. It can be something you can leave overnight, such as water, salt, or herbs. It’s low-effort, spiritually attuning, and helps you feel satisfied with your day before bed. 
  • I don’t personally do this, but I know a lot of people will meditate or stretch before bed. I find that grounding exercises also relax me before bed.
  • This is a personal routine of mine: I use a lavender salve I made and rub it on the bottom of my feet before bed. The lavender helps calm the body, and according to reflexology, your feet are connected to the rest of your body. Not to mention your feet get sore after a long day! Rubbing the salve on your feet will help you sleep. 
    • You can do the same thing with lotion, preferably lavender scented.
    • I used to rub on hand cream before bed, and that helped me relax as well.
  • You can give your face a steam bath by boiling some water and adding a drop of essential oil into it, then bathing yourself in the steam. I’m wary of adding essential oil to my cooking pot because not all of them are edible, so I usually transfer the boiling water to another bowl and then add the essential oil. Still works like a charm.
  • When you get in bed, read something. Even like two minutes of reading will help calm you and (hopefully) make you drowsy. Unless you’re SUPER into the book. Then don’t read at night. Read something boring, like your homework.
  • Placing one of these crystals under your pillow may help you sleep: amethyst, labradorite, jade, black tourmaline, clear or rose quartz, selenite, or hematite.
    • Some people will place bags of pine, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, or other calming herbs beneath their pillow. If you do this, be extra careful with how you bag them! My cousin ended up getting pine needles all over her bed because they weren’t secure. Use a ziploc bag or envelope to contain the herbs.

Man, could you imagine me doing all of this every night? No way! But these are fun things to consider when you want to clear your mind before bed. Happy witching! ✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。)

Current night routine changes that are changing my life

Some are unique, some are plastered all over the internet and everyone knows them but still prioritises other stuff (normally social media) over them.

1. Taking a bath (Arianna Huffington’s). My muscles were really sore one day from me forgetting to stretch so I took a hot bath with some Lush products. It was absolutely amazing. I felt rejuvenated afterwards, like I had been reborn. It was a similar feeling to when you wake up after a good sleep or a great nap. I highly highly recommend this, if you have a bath. Make sure to drink water during/after! Try Lush, a scented candle, and playlist ‘jazz for sleep’ on Spotify.

2. Lavender. I have a lavender and ylang ylang mist by Cedar Stone, but I heard Lush’s sleep cream and spray are also good. Lavender calms you down and helps you relax.

3. Dimming the lights. It’s all about prepping your body and mind for sleep at this point.

4. Writing a diary entry (maybe). I like to do this in general bc I like reading back on it - days go by so fast, I forget what I happens after a year. It’s also a good way to let go of the day’s events and have a fresh start for tomorrow. I must admit I only do this occasionally when I remember and have time and feel like it.

5. Plan your tomorrow’s goals and tasks. It puts your mind at rest but also in the right place for a positive tomorrow. I write down my top 3 priority tasks by thinking 'if I could only get 3 things done tomorrow, what would they be?’. I have weekly goals instead, that help me towards my yearly goals. (And my yearly goals help me to be who I want to be). I try to make sure my weekly goals specific and measurable, and preferably have time stipulations (look up SMART goals). Eg. Instead of 'waking up earlier’, I’ll have 'can wake up before 9am by Sunday’.

6. Write down one thing your grateful for. This is already built in to my diary (highly recommend from kikki.k! Shoot me a msg if you want to know the name). It’s always good to be grateful.

7. During all of this, keep social media and technology away. This is one we all know but are still in denial about. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier and easier. At this point, I’ll be irked if someone calls me during this alone time, so I’ll put my phone on silent. I’m sure you’ve all heard about white light affecting melatonin levels as well. For years I was in denial about this and continued my pre-sleep phone ritual, but I’ve finally had to face the truth that my sleep quality if worse if I do so. When I limit my tech usage before bed, I’ve noticed I feel refreshed after waking up, not grumpy - something I hadn’t felt so long that I forgot it was normal. You’re meant to feel refreshed after sleep, not more tired.

It’s all about spending time with yourself to reflect on the day, rejuvenate and refresh yourself, and put yourself in the right mindset for sleep and tomorrow. With this, good night!

If you’re anything like me, you’re a chronic procrastinator and you’re maybe a little bit lazy sometimes! I used to be terrible–ignoring important work I knew was due soon even–but have since improved a lot by doing these things.

  • Read a lot: Reading lots of books and articles, especially ones that challenge you, forces you to focus for a long period of time. For me, these periods of focus got longer and longer over time with practise. You’ll also have to finish a project that doesn’t supply instant gratification. Having a reward (finishing) that only comes after a lot of hard work was (and is!) important to me, because it trained my brain to not expect things so quickly. Plus, who doesn’t love books?
  • No zero days: I sometimes see that this is bad advice for mentally ill students. You know you best! Always go with what you think is best for you. But, as a mentally ill student, I actually found the concept of no zero days extremely powerful as a means to gain discipline and stay productive. I only forced myself to work for five minutes every day. On bad days that was all I did, but I got into the habit of doing something, which was important. Most days I worked for at least half an hour! 
  • Have a job or large project on the side: If you have the free time, I highly recommend getting a job or finding another project that you’d like to work on. Even in the best jobs for you, there will be days when you don’t want to go. When I have to go to work on days I don’t want to, I’m establishing discipline that can be applied to my academic life. Plus, the change of scenery and extra cash are nice! 
  • Make challenges for yourself: I use Habitica for this. Basically, I’ll take a long term project of some sort and break it into smaller tasks, tick off boxes as I go, and get a sense of accomplishment when the challenge is complete. It’s more fun and better for long term projects than just a to-do list, and it (again) instills in me that good things come to those who work hard consistently, not just when there’s instant gratification to be found. You can start these challenges off small, then build up to larger ones. The important things are that they’re actually challenging to you at the time of making them, and that you actually complete them. And, if you complete a challenge, you might want to….
  • Reward yourself: You deserve it when you work hard! I reward for completion and for diligence. For example, if I’m really depressed, and I do more than the minimum five minutes of work, I reward myself with a trip to the café, or something nice for dinner. If I complete something I rent a film and have a relaxing night, or take a bubble bath. This just makes me associate working with nice things!

Hopefully some of these tips are helpful to you. Diligence pays off in establishing good habits! I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve improved my discipline and focus so much in the past year doing these things. xxx

Please Adopt this big boy

Guys, this is Dovahkin aka Dovaking aka King.

He is located in Texas.

He is 2 years old.

And he needs a new home.

He is a American Staffordshire Terrier, Dogo Argentino, and Mastiff mix.

He is almost 200 lbs (approximately 150 - 200 lbs).

He is food aggressive towards dogs.

He is dog reactive.

He is house broken and knows sit, slight stay, slight wait and down.

He is perfectly fine with having his nails clipped, taking a bath, having his teeth brushed, being brushed, and having his ears cleaned.

He is fine with having his ears, paws and tail played with.

He is good with children, cats and small animals.

He eats approximately 2 - 3 cups of food 2 times a day.

He does not mark in the house.

He is a VERY big boy and pulls on the leash ALOT.

Like ALOT alot.

I can no longer keep him due to the fact that he’s gone after my Service Dog Raven multiple times when there was food involved and due to the fact that he went after my fiances dads dog.

He needs a home where he will be the only dog.

He needs a home that will be able to handle him on a lead (I can’t due to arthritis and carpal tunnel).

I am asking $80 for a rehoming fee.

If you can give him a home please message me. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO GO TO THE SHELTER!!!!!!

Note: tagging all the dogblrs that I can remember the names of.

@pongokyuki @lifewithduma @romatheacdmix @doggopupperforpres @dogsandpupsdaily @dog-rates @dogs-dogs-dogs @dogsaremypatronus @doggysplace @doggyography @legendarypaws @armasthekooiker @tinybigpaws @tinymovingpups @tinyservicedoglife @pseudopoodle @specklemutts @justpawingaround @dogish @doginprogress @actuallyservicedogs @powerfulexistance

100 reasons to live

1. holding hands

2. coffee !

3. music you connect with

4. dogs/cats/animals in general

5. the sun hitting your skin and making you feel at peace

6. being cold and getting under warm blankets

7. tight hugs with old friends

8. sunsets & sunrises

9. warm ocean waves

10. waking up late to sun in the window

11. snow in the winter that feels magical

12. ice cream cones (and sprinkles)

13. watching the starts on a summer night

14. meeting new people 

15. your favorite food

16. the chance to see the world

17. kisses on your nose/forehead

18. laughing

19. squishy pillows

20. all the new skills you can learn 

21. seeing movies with friends

22. funny stories 

23. all the people you will meet over time that are enamored with you

24. candles

25. the smell of cookies baking

26. good books

27. taking long baths/showers

28. because you not being here would be like a shooting star going black mid-wish

29. giving a gift that someone loves

30. you will never stay the same as you are in this moment

31. to continue your weird collection

32. to start a weird collection

33. to wear that shirt you love just once more

34. because giving or getting complements makes you feel like the world is your oyster

35. to try new foods for the heck of it

36. to celebrate new year’s and start over again…or to start over again tomorrow

37. to save up some money and buy yourself a little gift

38. big sweaters

39. your awesome friends…or to make new ones in the future

40. to prove them wrong….parents, teachers, bullies…all of them

41. because little you wanted to be something big

42. love

43. fireflies on summer nights

44. because life is like a box of chocolates, and you’ll keep biting them all until you get the good one

45. to finish your TV show

46. to prove yourself wrong

47. because your favorite singer’s album will drop any day

48. because things will get better

49. flowers!

50. bugs!

51. french fries dipped in milk shake

52. inside jokes

53. because you don’t want to disspoint

54. to get that tattoo you have always wanted

55. to do something crazy

56. to doodle cute things that make you smile

57. dank memes (sorry not sorry)

58. because your followers need you 

59. to turn your life around

60. to have kids one day

61. hot tubs

62. bubble tea

63. cool clothes you were too scared to wear, but should

64. to do something wild with your hair

65. because you are living in history and you can’t miss it

66. pretty fall leaves

67. attractive people 

68. cute decorations that make you grin

69. to tell someone how you really feel

70. new shoes

71. because, no matter when or where, someone will love you or already does

72. because you want to get famous one day

73. because you can help so many others in your lifetime

74. to write a story 

75. to see your favorite movie again

76. to feel happy again, no matter how soon

77. because, if you live, you can get better

78. to get a good sleep

79. to breathe cold air and feel alive

80. to feel safe somewhere eventually

81. warm fires

82. the smell of thunderstorms

83. heavy rain on a hot summer day

84. bike rides

85. skinny dipping

86. to see your favorite color because it makes you happy

87. intense nostalgia

88. to build the life you want, brick by brick

89. because the park makes you happy

90. because you won’t always hurt inside 

91. because nothing lasts forever

92. because trampolines are always fun

93. to become your own “goals”

94. because you can always make another person happy

95. because the sun shining through a tree’s leaves makes you feel some sort of way

96. because your heart will go on unrelenting and you can too

97. cozy pajamas 

98. because you will once again be happy as your favorite memory

99. because ducks will always love the bread you give them

100. to say that life didn’t fucking crush you


Imagine talking with Misha on Skype while in an almost compromising position and Jensen joining in immediately as they compete for your attention.

“Is that (Y/n)?” Jensen poped up from behind Misha, squinting to take a look at Misha’s phone “Wait- what- where are you?” he made a face as he tried to make out your surroundings.

You giggled, angling your phone better so he could see “Is it that hard to guess Ackles?”

“Wait so you really mean you’re in-” his eyebrows raised as a grin started spreading on his face.

“Somewhere that you probably will never get in.” Misha rolled his eyes, saying with a smirk and you laughed at the two men.

“As if you have!” Jensen scoffed, shrugging him off.

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