take the pen!

Whiskey & Wine

So, you smirk and look at him, “let’s see you in action then”.

Choking slightly, he manages out an, "excuse me?!”

In which, Harry is the know it all uni student, and you just really want to get into his phone (and maybe his bed)

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How to draw In a Heartbeat NSFW/Yaoi

Hi everyone ! Since I’ve been drawing a lot of Iahb fanarts recently, I want to share a small tutorial on how to draw nsfw and yaoi of Sherwin and Jonathan because damn it’s so hot. 

 First, open your favorite art program. Mine’s sai. 

Then, start sketching ! It’s better to start with who you see on top, at least it’s what I do lol.

Then, take the eraser tool, and clean up everything ! You need to have your layer plain white !

Then, take the pen tool. It need to be solid black, people tend to remember stuff more when it’s written in black, huge letters.

It’s a good start ! Now, there’s only a few letters more !


Now, stop involving In a Heartbeat characters in your sexual stuff, because they are kid and that’s just romance. First, fetishizing kids is terrible, and second, LGBT+ contents and fictions aren’t necessarily sexual. 

Most of you wouldn’t write or draw porn with a 13 y.o boy and girl ? Then it’s not okay for LGBT+ kids either. 

We are people you know. 


March 19 2017

A long time ago I got an ask asking if I could show what’s in my pencil case and I really put it off for the longest and might have forgotten about it too lol. 

Anyways here it is! I use Copic markers in place of things like Mildliners or whatever your preferred highlighter is, but someday I plan on getting a pack of Mildliners because the colors are similar to my Copics but they don’t bleed through pages :|

I also use .38mm Muji pens and a .5 Muji mechanical pencil, and look at how small the stapler and tape are! I got those in a little pack from Daiso Japan. 

Studying for my Chemistry final on Tuesday! :L



July 20 2017

I’ve been really busy doing all sorts of other things lately. I finally finished up my room at home and it’s exactly the way I like it and now I don’t ever want to go back to the dorms :( 9 weeks until we move back in though

Last night I told study buddy the entire story of the sexual harassment I went through during winter quarter (unfortunately) and it’s the first time I’ve reallllly looked back upon it in detail since it happened. I think I had a bad dream last night because I feel uneasy when trying to remember, but I can’t recall it. This kind of stuff sux and I really do not wish it upon anybody.

Random thought sometimes I wish I had a gold iPad and iPhone instead of the black ones I have lul

sports as high school musical songs
  • When a player signs for a new club; The start of something new 
  • When a player leaves a club; gotta go my own way
  • When a team needs extra motivation; Getcha head in the game
  • When your team fucks up and needs to get back on track; Stick to the status quo
  • When your team wins; Fabulous 
  • Hearing the clubs anthem before a game; You are the music in me
  • How many times a week do i miss my team; Everyday
  • Making bids for players; Bet on it
  • When your team wins a game and gets more points; Bop to the top
  • When your team signs a new player and they’re exceptional; What i’ve been looking for 
  • When your team concedes; Work this out 
  • When your team works together to come back from a loss; All for one 
  • When the ref wont blow his whistle to end the damn game; What time is it 
  • When the goalie leaves the net; I’m breaking free
  • When your team has one minute left to win; Now or never 
  • When your team cannot stop scoring; I want it all 
  • When your team scores after just conceding; The boys are back 
  • When your team wins a trophy; We’re all in this together 
  • When your team wins an important game in a big competition; A night to remember 
  • My team are winning; Right here right now
  • Me when my dumbass team ruins my life; Walk away 
  • Me when i crush on the players; I wanna be with you 
  • Players taking penalties; Can i have this dance 
  • When a players misses a pen; I don’t dance 
  • When your team cant get their shit together and concede as many goals as they can, while the defence falls apart and life loses all meaning; SCREAM