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If you were to branch all the aus that sprouted from the main au what would it look like?

Something like this, and I know that there are probably some that i’m missing too

The new kid that’s just been cast as Spider-man is gonna get so much hate I can literally hear parts of tumblr already preparing to rip him to shreds.

Let’s remember that he did not cast himself and any comments you feel you need to make should be directed at Marvel.


Miles Kane - arguably the best dressed man in music (also please take note of how CUTE this pic is^^) anyways onwards!

1) Miles in suits! Here are some stellar examples; the blue suit, the patterned super snazzy one and a particularly gorgeous dark blue velvet one (probably an effort to impress Mr. Weller here xD)

2) Miles in loud/patterned shirts! Believe me there would’ve been more examples but sadly I can only make a post with 10 pictures?! I also included the “beard print” pic because I love it and because of these very fetching patterned jeans :)

3) Miles in leather! Gahhhhh idk I was just looking for leather jacket pics but found this and almost died! *insert colourful words of your choice* Miles in leather is 👌 also Miles in red is a gift to the world so here is this red leather jacket, alsoooooo this particular picture is especially lovely!

4) Miles in t-shirt! Whilst Miles in a full suit is frankly drool worthy, there is also this to think about, I absolutely love his casual t-shirt outfit :’) darling! (Plus this picture is a delightful bonus because he looks incredible)

5) I feel given my url I must talk of the white jeans, we all know that the best outfit is cheetah print undies, yay

arcticsynergy asked me: top five Miles Kane outfits

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You need Jesus in your life, please take this note, it will help you to defeat devil!

The only man I need in my life is me, DIO.

Nice image from today: a man inside a department store’s bra section pushing around his wife in her wheelchair while singing Billie Jean and gently telling his inquisitive, agitated son to please stop knocking around the undergarments

Another classic moment: his wife, now in the fitting room, requesting that he bring her the right size bra and his determined follow through, especially in the form of telling his kindergarten-aged son that “mom needs a 34-C”

License and Registration


Meinwen scratched his neck, looking around the large cement room. It felt like being in a sewer- the stench of sweaty men only intensified that atmosphere. “So he’s still here?” He hummed to himself, taking note of the round bellied Tonpa; that man had nearly gotten to the Dancer the previous year, killed his morale. If not for Mahanon he wouldn’t have made it past the first round. He sent him a deadly, sarcastic smile, trying to convey his hatred.

The man ducked behind a large rookie, handing her a soda. Meinwen couldn’t suppress a giggle, knowing just what would become of the poor woman within the hour. He moved his gaze to continue his scan of the hopeful contestants, there were roughly two hundred of them, few looked like they’d survive the second test. 

A certain one caught his eye, a young woman leaned against a wall. She had a hood pulled up and what looked like the wires to head phones hanging out of her coat. A tall man seemed to be intensely trying to start up a conversation, but she just seemed incredibly annoyed.

Well, that just wouldn’t do. Meinwen’s instinct to please others kicked in, and he strode over to the pair. He placed a hand on the male’s shoulder. “Excuse me, I don’t think she’s interested. You should probably leave her alone, lest she tries to sabotage you during the exam.“

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I know i already replied to your mail but AH! you made my day--no my whole month probably better!! I'm still smiling like a crazy person right now! hahaha that was amazing!!

KJHGFCvhbjg no no it’s totally pine I’m super SUPER excited and glad you approve!!! (“▽”*) !!!! All the thank yous again!!

I flail over your anime pics, and codfish they make me wish for an Ace Attorney Anime again and again and I’m kjhgvhbjgvhbjn I really hoped I did your work jusTICE– ヾ( 〃∇〃)ツ 


Eren spots the last seat available at the bar and decides it would be a great idea to run at it with all his might. This of course, sends him flying at the chair and basically into and over the bar itself. Quickly righting himself, he takes note of the man sitting to his right, whom he almost ran into when aiming for his chair.

As the bartender looks at him like he is the oddest thing hes seen that night, Eren decides to at least explain himself a little bit.

“Sorry, it was the last seat, and I have been on my feet all day… I just… Yeah…”

He sat down in the chair and carefully took off his jacket. Then noticing the man to his right again, Eren apologized.

“Sorry if I ran into you… I can be rather clumsy.”

He offered the man a smile

    One minute, things were calm, well, relatively calm in a bar like this. The next, some guy was suddenly flying out of the side of Levi’s vision and grabbing a seat as quickly as he could. It did not phase him, made him wonder instead what the hell was wrong with the other. 

    With the side of his face resting against his hand, Levi stared at the apologetic male as if that was a stupid thing to say and really, as if the whole thing was just ridiculous. Nothing was said as his attention was diverted back to the empty glass in front of him, fingers drumming slowly against the surface. 

    It was raining at the moment so Levi didn’t plan on leaving any time soon until it let up. Straightening his back more, the man tousled his hair a bit, getting rid of any last dampness as his eyes followed the movements of the bartender in bored interest. 

    He could still feel the brunet’s eyes on him and while he had a tendency to stare himself, it was pretty irritating. 


Everyone needs to check out my brother’s new band, Grieving Grins. They have released their first single entitled “Stained Glass”. They are a bluesy dark indie rock band taking notes from Alt-J, Portugal. The Man, and Jack White. CHECK IT. 

Daigo Saito

Hey man, are you alive? What happened to the once extremely motivated and aggressive drivers I ever saw in person. I miss the roar of that 2jz-sc430. It was so unique for us over here and you man handled it. I know you were forced into the GT-r but I feel like you don’t take winning seriously anymore, almost as if you knew the gtr would be a pain so you’re aiming for fun. Nothing wrong with that just get your shit together, my boy J Wang is shitting on you. NBD you to bridges racing, get my homies their podiums put together something that can win and go the distance.

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Angst with private Matthews? Trying to get Grif's approval in some way? I realise I've sent two already but I'm really enjoying what you're writing.

(Thank you dear! Angst was actually my original genre so getting back into it is really quite fun. I haven’t destroyed you emotionally yet? must be out of practice)

Private Matthews really liked Felix. The man was so helpful and nice. When he heard that the members of the Reds and Blues were on route to their base he was so excited! He was gonna meet his hero! He was gonna meet Dexter Grif!!!! When he was assigned to his squad Matthews knew that someone was looking out for him. When he heard they were going to promote squad members to Lieutenants he knew he had to get a leg up on the competition. So he asked Felix how he could convince Captain Grif that he was the man for the job. 

“Shower him with praise, take note of everything he does. Grif is the man in charge, and every man in charge needs a yes man.” 

So Matthews did, he did exactly what Felix said for him to do. Except…he must have done it wrong. Cause Grif chose Bitters…Clearly he hadn’t tried hard enough, he would just…keep trying? yeah, that was the only option he had left. 

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“I want the H”

12. The Emotional Hug.

Opie didn’t know what had prompted the young prospect to confide in him but he listened all the same. The giant knew just how hard and exausting it could get prospecting for the club having been at the bottom of the ladder himself and so sympathised with him to a degree but if he couldn’t handle the life now then he had no chance of being patched in.

“I get it man but you need to pull your shit together and strap on a pair ‘cause this life don’t get any easier especially once you’re patched in”

Ope drained the last remnants of his whiskey, slamming it harder than he should have on the counter because the noise seemed to echo and reverberate around the clubhouse. His eyes fell upon the young man behind the bar taking note of the tiredness glad his prospecting days were firmly behind him.

“Shits hard but you can’t pussy out, just push through with it”

His words may have been harsh but they were words his own father told him and at times they were words he lived by when shit hit the fan. Ope had no idea why he moved behind the bar but he did and enveloped the prospect into his arms hoping for a few brief moments he could provide him some forms of comfort.

New Post has been published on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

New Post has been published on http://unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/a-21-year-old-woman-helps-a-veteran-in-need/

A 21 year old woman helps a veteran in need

Fayettevile, Virginia – A story from the Daily Mail brought out a heart touching moment for both a veteran in need and the person who helped him.

Morgan Wheeler is a country girl from Virginia who saw someone in need on June 3 at  a local Walmart and stepped up to help – that person happened to be a veteran. She was pulling out of the parking lot at Walmart when she had to wait for a man in a wheelchair in his 60’s or early 70’s to get out of her way. She patiently waited, but the man appeared to be taking a break. She noted that he was missing his right leg from the knee, and was wearing an old pair of combat boots.

Morgan Wheeler just wanted to help someone- great job, Morgan!

A special moment

As he waved apologetically and rolled forward, she pulled back into her parking spot and got out of her car. At that point, she asked him if she could assist him in getting his groceries.

As with most veterans, his pride made him seem a little gruff. He didn’t want to receive help from anyone. But she insisted, and just took off with his wheelchair, chit-chatting with him and pushing him on toward the door, and then into the grocery store as he kept telling her he didn’t need her help.  She remarked that he was “quite grumpy.”

His grocery list was only 4 items long- peanut butter, soup, bread, and bananas. She continued to chat with him, finally asking if he was a veteran, and he responded that he was, but because he showed pain in his face at the thought, she changed the subject. She learned that he had recently lost his wife.

When she asked him if he need some essentials like milk and eggs, he replied that he was afraid they’d spoil before he could get them home. Apparently he had hitchhiked to the grocery store.

She added some essentials to his cart – milk, eggs, and paid for his groceries (against his wishes). The veteran began to cry.

I knelt down and asked him what was wrong and he replied, that I ‘was doing far too much for an old man that I barely knew.’ I told him that where I am from, and from the family I was raised in, we help one another, no matter the task and that I had never met a stranger. I also told him that he deserved everything I was doing for him because he fought for my freedom and sacrificed so much. We made it to the check out line and I paid for his groceries, against his request. When we got outside, we waited for the taxi together. He thanked me over and over again and appeared–to me–to have been in a much better mood than when I found him. Morgan Wheeler Facebook post

Then she called a taxi. She gave the taxi driver $44 and told him to take the veteran home and help him into the house with his groceries. She helped the driver load up the taxi with his wheelchair and groceries, and thanked the man for his service.

The man teared up again, and said “God bless you.”

When she got back to her car, she says she “couldn’t help but cry.”

Morgan Wheeler is a treasure. Obviously she grew up under the “Golden Rule” and understands that sometimes when someone doesn’t want help they really do want it, they just have trouble asking for it. She was careful not to pry or press too far into his life, just enough to give him the assistance he needed.

After people hounded her for information, she reminded them that trying to “find him” may not be the best thing for him.  But she doesn’t want to be seen as a “hero.” She just wants to help people.

“Be observant, take action when you can, and help others when the opportunity arises.” Morgan Wheeler