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High School Band AU: Ch. 5

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Well, it wasn’t that bad. The first Mystic Messenger’s rehearsal was less catastrophic than it could have been considering all the tension between the bass and guitar players. And though there was still a little cold war going on, the band was… pretty talented, yeah.

“Is your dad coming to pick you up?” Zen asks you when you help Yoosung closing the garage.

“Well, I texted him, and he answered some random letters, I think he butt dialed, but… I’m pretty sure he saw my message, so I’ll be fine.”

“So I won’t have the honor to give you another ride in my bike?”

“Maybe another day.”

“I’ll take that as a promise, princess.” You feel a little bell ringing inside you when he calls you princess. “So, uhm…  I know the guys told you this before, but… you don’t have the fault in anything that happened, okay? This is between the jerk and I. And… though it’s adorably cute, you don’t have to worry about me so much.  I got thick skin.” And beautiful… and probably very smooth…

“I bet you do, but don’t… but don’t let it get too thick to the point of ignoring problems, okay?” wow… where did that come from? Psychology Today?

“That’s a really nice thing to say, you know? I don’t get to hear things like that this much.”

“Ahh, I bet all the sophomore girls drooling over you tell you nice things all the time.” Did you just sound jealous? Bad, really bad.

“Well, yeah, about how cool I am, how hot I am, how talented I am… and… what was my point again?” you laugh, he is being sarcastic… right? “Oh yeah, I… I’m not used to having people sounding this worried about me. People don’t… usually see much beyond my face… and abs…” Hum… he’s not flirting at all right now, is he?

“Well, people are superficial. And I… suck at advices, but if you ever need to vent or something. I’ll… be here for you.” So cheesy! You can’t even dare looking him in the eye after that.

“Oh, my skin will never be too thick for you.” He winks, and you feel your legs getting weaker. Oh no… you’re acting just like your classmates when Zen parks his bike after second period… “See you around, babe.” You could squeal right now just like they do and that’s… that’s trouble, huh?

You realize you’re still in Yoosung’s backyard, he looks at you curiously, the twins are beside him in the veranda. Shit! Of all people to see you getting all weak for Zen, Saeran had to be one of them, huh?

“Shut up.” You say when you walk towards them.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Good. So keep it like that.” Yoosung and Saeyoung exchange glances. The tension in the rehearsal wasn’t  going on just between Zen and Jumin…

“So, uhm… first rehearsal! Yay! That was cool, huh? How did you guys feel?” Saeyoung asks.

“It was nice when Jumin wasn’t scolding me for shaking my hips too much.” You say.

“Ahh yeah… priest Jumin won’t tolerate shenanigans that can lead to fornication and sin in the future…” you laugh softly and Saeyoung chuckles. “Don’t shake your hips or your soul will be doomed.”

“Yeah, can I say I didn’t get until now why Jumin keeps picking on these things?” Yoosung asks.

“That’s because you’re one of the pure souls Jumin is trying to save from MC’s devilish movements, Yoosung.”

“Don’t mock me! I’m serious! I have no idea what is this discussion about…”

“People like sexy, but not too sexy, you get it?” you ask him. “Like, it’s okay to put me in a cat maid costume, but it’s not okay for me to dance in the cat maid costume.”

“I… am not following it.” Oh god… he really is a pure soul!

“Don’t even try. He just speaks pop language, MC.” Saeyoung states.

“Pop language?”

“Yeah, watch this. Yoosung, if Mystic Messenger was Little Mix’s albums, Rika would be Get Weird, and MC is Glory Days.” What?

“Ohh… and MC’s hips are the ‘Touch’ video?” he looks at you like he’s having an epiphany.

“Exactly! That’s my smart boy!”

“Never would take you as a mixer, Yoosung.” You say chuckling.

“He just has a crush on Perry.” Saeyoung teases.

“Not only on Perry, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Jessy too!”  

“Such a womanizer, I thought you were different, Yoosung.” You say, making him blush and smile nervously. Oh god… so pure…

“Well, chatting’s been nice, but we better get going, Saeyoung. I don’t wanna be late for the curfew again.”

“Yeah, don’t even mention it. See you, guys!”

“Wait, are you serious about the curfew?” you ask scoffingly. “So Mr. Travis Baker wannabe here is actually a mama’s boy?”

“Don’t talk about things you know shit about.” Saeran say giving a complete different glare than usual, like this time he really means it. “Let’s go, stupid.” Saeyoung doesn’t even look back when he waves a goodbye, oh… could it be that you pissed both twins off now?

“Looks like it’s just the two of us, now MC…” Yoosung says. “It’s getting dark, are you sure your father is coming to pick you up?”

“Yeah, he’ll be here before dinner…”

“Oh, or maybe you can have dinner here? It would be so nice, my mom loves when I bring friends for dinner.”

“Oh, I don’t want to get in the way of your family dinner, I…”

“Nonsense! Come in!” he says grabbing your hand and dragging you inside.

Okay… when you said “family dinner” you weren’t expecting to see so much… family here. It’s not just his parents, there’s an aunt, a grandma, and an exchange program student here. His dinner table is loooong.

“So, MC, what do your parents do for a living?” his mom asks

“My dad is a lawyer, my mom…lives, I guess.” Yoosung’s mom stares at you curiously. “Oh, she… ran away a few years ago. Pass the potatoes, please?”

“Poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear that, forgive me for asking.”

“It’s fine, my dad makes me feel like running away sometimes too.” They all look at you worried. “It’s a joke. I’m not… hiding here, Yoosung is not my accomplice, don’t worry.”

“He better not! That would be so irresponsible!” his mother glares at him “Don’t ever help your friends to run away from their parents, did you hear me?”

“Yeah, mom. Why are you scolding me for something I didn’t even do?” he whines, and you want to laugh, even though you’re the one who caused this.

“So you’re in my little star prince’s class, honey?” his grandmother asks.

“Grandma! Don’t call me like that in front of my friends! Saeyoung makes fun of me until these days, did you know that?” Star prince… it suits him.

“No maa’m, star prince is one year ahead.” Yoosung blushes when you look at him. Oh… so maybe he doesn’t hate it if it comes from you? Poor granny… “I’m the new vocalist in his band, so that’s why I’m here tonight.” That and because your father forgot to pick you.

“Oh… so you sing?”

“She’s amazing, dad! Just like Rika!”

“Well, Rika is very talented. You must be really good for my son compare you two.” You really need to see Rika singing one of these days, it’s kinda throwing you off how much people talk about her when you barely even heard her voice.

“Yes, my two grandsons have that musical vein. Star prince plays piano wonderfully! Young lady, listen to this, when he was 4, he wanted his mother to sign him for judo classes, I said no, my grandson needs something more sophisticated, he needs to be able to make people bend with grace, not with strength, so I taught him everything he knows.” Well… some personal defense oves wouldn’t be that bad, but who are you to judge how she educates her grandson? “Yoosung, be a dear and play something for us.”

“Right now, granny?” he glances at you.

“Yes, dear, you have to impress the young lady if you’re willing to woo her.” you two could facepalm in embarrassment right now.

“I’m not…”

“He’s not… wooing me. I… am not even sure if I know what this means.”

“Either way, your grandmother wants to hear you play. Please, star prince.”

“Yeah, star prince, show us what you got.” You leave your embarrassment aside to tease him. And hell, who are you kidding? You want to hear him play, it would be nice to hear him soloing without the other players instruments and big personalities keeping him away from the spotlight.

“Only if you sing for me.” He smirks. Oh… you did not see that coming.

“Yes! That would be so lovely! Please, dears.” Shit! How do you say no to an old lady?

“Fine, I guess…” and just like that, Yoosung made you feel flustered, who knew?

The whole family gathers around the piano in the living room. Gosh… performing in a gay bar was way less embarrassing than this… it’s much weirder when you’re dealing with a smaller audience who puts  a lot of expectation in you, you know? That’s what happens when you perform for people you know, even if just a little.

“So… what are you playing? Three Blind Mice?” you ask sitting beside him in the piano bench.

“Nah, let’s do something a little more modern. Not… too modern, though. 2002 modern.”

“I didn’t even have teeth in 2002, so not modern at all.”

“Said the girl who sang Prince the other day and auditioned with a song from when not even our parents were born.” Touché. “Come on, you definitely know this one…”

And when he plays the first notes, you sigh… you definitely know this one… who doesn’t know this one?

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past and I’m homebound…” his fingers are skilful and fast.

“Staring blankly ahead, just making my way, making a way through the crowd…” he sings… oh, so is this a duet? please, let’s use this Glee duet as a reference

You watch as he glances at you quickly before looking to the keyboards again… then look at you, the little star prince here doesn’t even need to look to find the right notes. You probably wondered how much he practiced. Yes… he’s so quiet and shy, you can almost forget how dedicated he is to the band. Rehearsals happen at his place, after all, he is so… passionate about this, isn’t he? It’s great to see him under this new light, this new… spotlight…

“Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you… if I could just hold you… tonight.” You two sing the end together, looking straight at each other. And for one moment, his violet eyes look like the only thing present in the room…

Is he getting the same vibe? Probably, as he looks down with his face completely flushed. And you know what’s odd? You probably look just like him right now. So here are two flustered messes getting some applause from the small audience.

“So wonderful! And you almost missed the show, Rika!” his grandma says, and you both raise your heads to find this blond girl looking straight at you.

“Oh, I never miss a good show, grandma.” she says, smirking.

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I'm Not Supposed to Feel Like This (You x Luhan x Chanyeol)

Anonymous asked: hi~ i love everything you have written senpaii♥♥ could i request an angsty one with a luhan, chanyeol, and you love triangle? chanyeol is been your best friend and luhan is your ideal?? with a surprise ending?? ty so much~~


[10:49 PM]

[Yah! Park Chanyeol! Where the hell are you?! Who said you could be late for practice?]

You roll your eyes and toss your phone to the foot of the couch, poking your cat,Pebble,with the edge of your foot. He gives you a sideways look and an annoyed meow before shifting away to nap. Of all days to be late, Park Chanyeol had to tonight to take his sweet time!

Ding dong.

You jump up to grab the door, expecting Chanyeol, but it’s…Luhan. “Hey.” You wave, unlocking the door and letting him in. “At least you’re here on time.”

“Isn’t Chanyeol here yet?” Luhan drags in the pieces of a drum kit from off your porch, and you hold the screen door open for him. “No.” You huff. “I don’t know why he’s always late. He knows today is important.”

While Luhan sets up his drums, you tiptoe to the kitchen, disguising the excuse of grabbing snacks as a way to calm yourself. You had had the biggest crush on Luhan since you met him, way before he joined the band. He had been Chanyeol’s desk mate in high school, a transfer student from China with incredible soccer skills and a knack for the drums.

You wouldn’t dare tell Chanyeol that, even if he was your best friend. Chanyeol had a pet peeve for dating within the band, especially since the first band he was in broke up because of relationships gone bad. The two of you had grown up together, and he hated to hear about who you liked. You already knew he would be a huge baby and not talk to you for weeks, so you just kept it to yourself. Besides, Luhan had a girlfriend from high school–another transfer student from New Zealand named Lucia.

In three weeks, you had an audition for one of the biggest talent competitions in the whole country. You were bringing your band, composed of your best friend Chanyeol (the giant who held the guitar), and a new edition, Luhan, who sang alongside you. The three of you had gotten some promising reviews at a few local competitions and a few first-places to show for it, so you were going to try and take yourself to the big time.

A knock on your door interrupts your frantic train of thought. “I’ll get it!” Luhan calls. “I bet it’s Chanyeol!” Luhan opens the door and bursts out laughing, and you peek your head out the door curiously. “Chanyeol!” You gasp. “What did you do?!” You don’t even recognize him. Your usually toothy-grinned, auburn-haired best friend had dyed his hair a deep red, his curly locks now a brilliant copper.

“Do you like it?” He grins proudly. “If we’re going to be rock stars, we have to look the part, don’t we?”

Luhan snorts. “Does your mom know about this?” He blanches. “Shut up. I haven’t told her yet.” You roll your eyes, hauling him into the living room and tapping his guitar case. “Well, if we’re going to be rock stars, we have to sound like them.” You smack him on the arm. “Get here on time!”


But of course, Park Chanyeol just doesn’t get the message.

For the next two weeks, Chanyeol is consecutively late, showing up hours after practice is suppose to start. He had a variety of excuses: I was busy! My mom needed my help! I was trying to advertise for the band! You don’t accept any of them, but it only results in you and Luhan spending more and more time alone together, talking and getting meals together in Chanyeol’s absence. When you schedule a late-afternoon practice and Luhan shows up right on time, it practically feels like routine.

“Hey there.” Luhan invites himself into your room. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” You say, rolling your eyes. “Just thinking of people who could replace our guitar player.”

Luhan laughs. “My friend Yixing plays pretty well, if you’re serious about that.” You shake your head. “It would take a miracle to get Chanyeol to give up on this band.” You laugh. “He loves it way too much.” You watch Luhan as he flops on your bed, sucking in a breath as he balances his phone on his chest.

The boy that you had liked for forever was laying on your bed, his hair ruffled in just the right way, his shirt riding up to expose a little strip of pale skin. You’d imagined this moment a couple times, and the actual sight of it had your heart beating triple-time. “Is something wrong?” Luhan looks over at you with curious eyes. You shake your head. “Oh, um, no…uh…”

“Oh, sorry.” He instantly jumps up. “I hate it when people sit on my bed! I should have asked first!” You can lay in my bed any time you want. “No, it’s fine!” You get up quickly. “I don’t mind! Really, I-” Your foot tangles in the chair, and you let out a squeak of terror as slam into Luhan, knocking you both back against the wall, hard. Luhan slides to the floor with a grunt, and you steady yourself, coming face to face with him. Um, whoa.

“Are….you okay?” He asks, looking at you. You nod, biting your lip. I should probably get up now. You think sourly. He’s going to think I am so weird. You gasp a little as someone touches your cheek, and Luhan stares at you, not moving at all. His hand traces light circles over your neck, his thumb gingerly brushing your collarbone.

“Luhan.” You whimper, grabbing a handful of his shirt. He moans a bit, letting his head tip back against the wall. “I’m not supposed to feel like this.” He mutters. You tilt your face up to look at him. “Like what?”

“I’m not supposed to like you.” He sighs. “You’re my best friend…and I have a girlfriend. We can’t be doing this…I can’t be doing this…” You bite your lip. “Is that how you really feel about me, Luhan?” You says softly, pressing a hand against his chest. “Your heart is pounding…are you sure?” He lets out a low chuckle, grabbing your cheek in his hand. “No.” His lips smash against yours, and you runs a hand through his hair, soaking him in. How long had you waited for this?

“What the hell are you two doing?”

You flinch as the door swings wide open and Chanyeol steps in, a betrayed look on his face. He drinks in the compromising position, and you carefully detangle yourself from Luhan, putting some distance between the two of you.

“Where you two just…making out?” He gapes accusingly.

“Chanyeol, I can explain-”

He storms right past you, yanking Luhan to his feet. You scream as he hits him squarely in the jaw, letting him fall to his knees. “Have you lost your mind?” You yank at Chanyeol as he goes after Luhan again, who’s already back on his feet. “Stop! You’re hurting him!”

“Did he force himself on you?” Chanyeol demands, a look of fury in his eye. “Just tell me and I swear I’ll-” You stand up, looking at your best friend square in the face. “No, he didn’t.” You seethe. “I like him, Chanyeol.” He looks at you in shock. “You what?”

“I like him.” You repeat. He just stares. One minute he’s looking at you in shock, and the next his hands are on your face, kissing you. You shove him away, blinking. “I don’t understand-”

“I like you.” Chanyeol says, his voice wavering. “But that doesn’t matter now, does it? You’ve already ruined everything.”


You don’t have time to ask him anything else before he storms out.


“Are you kidding me?”

You fiddle nervously with your paper number, your palm sweating beneath the grip of your phone. Chanyeol and Luhan were supposed to be here hours ago, but neither one had shown up yet. It was unlike Luhan to be late, but truthfully, you hadn’t talked to either of them since last week’s incident. Finally, a harried Chanyeol shows up, not looking particularly enthused to be here. "Where have you been?“ You practically scream. "Where’s Luhan?”

“He’s not coming. I kicked him out.”

“You did what, Park Chanyeol?”

“I kicked him out of the band.”

You feel like punching a wall. What gave him the right to do something like that? “How could you?” You scream, drawing the attention of the other contestants. He looks at you in surprise. “I thought we agreed no dating in the band.” You turn away from him in disgust. “Well, that means one of us has got to go. Luhan should stay.”

“Then I’ll go. Have a good life, ______-ah.” You gape at him in surprise.

“I’ll go on by myself, then!”

This was ridiculous! Why was Chanyeol so upset that you liked someone? How could he kick Luhan out of the band?! You watch as he yanks his guitar up by the neck, storming past a few surprised staff and out the exit door. Panic sets in. For the past three months, you had practiced the same song. What were you going to do with just a few minutes and nothing you had practiced?

You remember a song that you and Luhan had sang a while ago, messing around with a piano on a late afternoon. It was by a group called EXO, and the song was probably your favorite. it would have to be that one. Your number is called, and you close your eyes, swallowing hard. “Luhan, where are you?” You whisper. “I could use an angel right now.”


When you leave the audition room, you feel deflated and exhausted, your nerves draining out at once. Even though you had tried not to, you had cried silently all the way through your performance. The judges should have eliminated you, but instead, they loved it. They put you through to the next round. But how could you consider it success when your two favorite people weren’t here to enjoy it with you?

“Did you cry?”

You gasp as a low voice comes from a shrouded figure backstage, and you back away a little. “Your eyes are puffy.” It’s…Luhan. “You cried, didn’t you?” He reaches out to hug you, but you shove him away. “Don’t come near me! How could you…I’ve been all by myself! You don’t even deserve to-”

“I’m sorry.”

His two words break you down, and you collapse in his arms, letting the rest of the tears come. “Luhan, I-” He shakes his head. “I’m sorry.” He says, squeezing you. You look up at him. “W-W-What?”

“I can’t…I can’t do this.” His voice shakes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. But Lucia…”

Just hearing her name is enough. You walk past him and straight out the door, refusing to look back.


Back at your apartment, you sink into the couch, shoving your feet under a blanket in the cool darkness. Suddenly sharp claws and a hiss come from under the covers. “Ouch! Yah!” Pebble slinks off before he can caught, and your eyes water as you cover the scratch marks. “You can’t be mad at me, too.” You whisper. “Then I’ll have no one left.”


“Babe! Are you coming or not?”

“I just have to get my guitar! Hold on!”

You tap your foot patiently at the front door, waiting for your boyfriend to grab all of his things before you headed out. Even though this whole relationship thing was new to you,  you were loving every minute of it. Sure, it was hard sometimes. But it changed you for the better. You were definitely more patient, especially with such a forgetful boyfriend.

“I got it!”

Yixing triumphantly holds up his guitar pick, kissing you on the cheek. “I left it in the microwave.” He blinks. “I wonder how I did that…thanks for waiting for me, though.” You smile, grabbing him by the hand. “Are you ready to go?” He nods. “After you.”

It had been months since you’d seen Chanyeol. After he stormed out at the competition, you’d talked to him a few times, but nothing had ever come of it. His feelings for you were too complicated, and you weren’t willing to sort them out. You had your own mess with Luhan, which you had attempted to resolve over coffee one rainy Saturday a couple months ago. He was still dating Lucia, and you occasionally talked with him when you ran into each other.

You hadn’t won the competition…but Luhan’s friend Yixing had. You’d had no idea he was even a contestant, but you met him standing beside him on stage on the first episode. The feelings weren’t instantly, but he liked you immediately. Yixing was calm, sweet, and a little forgetful, but he was the perfect balance. No more rock-star types for you.


Scenario end! *BOOP* Suuuuurprise ending~ Haha did I do okay? I was like eottteoke…what iz surprise @.@ I hope it was surprising enough OTL But now I seriously need to go to bed coz I have class tomorrow and I’ve stayed up WAAAAAY too late to finish this kekeke! The struggle to get up tomorrow is about to be real. ~Jjangpanda