take the glasses off

Cuddling with Merlin would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Merlin 😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him just being relieved to be able to come back home to you safe and sound, and greatly appreciating your warm welcome as you’d hug him, even more as you’d help him get ready for bed

-Him wondering if he should take off or keep on his glasses, only to end up waiting for you to decide as he’d get comfortable and already have his arms tightly wrapped around you

-Him feeling safe with you and smiling at the thought of it, holding you even tighter and asking you in a whisper to not leave him, making you promise him not to

-Him being the bigger spoon but clearly getting all the comfort a little one would get, openly enjoying and asking you for some back rubs and just loving the way you’d touch him

-Him asking you if you’re happy by his side, only to feel relieved and get rather shy and quiet when you’d just tell him that no matter what it’s your love for him that counts

-Him enjoying to feel you snuggling and nuzzling up to his neck or chest, only to usually keep you tightly pressed against him to feel you yet awkwardly denying it when you’d laugh and point out as to what he was doing

-Him apologizing to you whenever he accidentally slips his hands inside your clothes, making you laugh and remind him that you don’t mind it because you’re together

-Him usually becoming a stuttering mess whenever you’d surprise him with kisses along his cheek, neck and chest while he’s talking, only to try and hide himself as he’d tighten his hold on you

-Him usually pretending to be somewhat clueless and confused whenever you’re backed against him and casually wiggling around, only to laugh as you’d play dumb as well

-Him dozing off to sleep just right before you, finally at ease to be at home with you and having you all to himself this way

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Kara, what is your reasoning for not telling Lena who you really are? Surely your relationship with her would benefit if Lena knew you were supergirl.

Think of the toughest question you can come up with for either Kara, Lena, or Alex, and I’ll try to answer it as close to canon as possible.

“Because I don’t want to put her in any additional danger. She already has too much on her plate.” Kara replies readily, as if she has rehearsed this exact line a thousand times over.

However, it sounds forced to her own ears, and she winces as she knows no one will believe her.

“Because I’m selfish, okay?” Kara sighs, taking her glasses off to rub her eyes. She crosses her arms protectively over her chest before she continues. “Lena is the only friend I have that doesn’t know I’m Supergirl… She’s the only one that still looks at me, Kara, and still thinks I’m enough. Rao,” Kara exclaims, and for some reason she is close to tears, “she even thinks Kara Danvers is her hero!”

“How can I tell her after all this time? How can I tell her without hurting her feelings, without losing my friend, without…” Kara can’t hold back her tears any longer, and she adds in a whisper, “without losing a part of myself?”

shiro and matt at the garrison

now that we know matt and shiro graduated together, i bet they were the local meme legends of the garrison 

  • matt and shiro used to walk past iverson and give a salute, then run into a hallway, swap some clothing, and walk past him again to confuse him
  • for a year, matt convinced everyone, including his teachers, that he didn’t know how to read
    • “mr holt, please tell us how to solve the equation”
    • matt, on the verge of tears: “sir, you know I can’t read that. I’ve told you plenty of times before”
    • shiro in the background laughing silently while tears stream down his face
  • everyone thought there was a ghost in the garrison but it was just takashi shirogane and matt holt stealing food from the cafeteria at 3am, wrapped in bedsheets to hide their identity
  • matt taking off his glasses: “wow shiro you look so much better now”
    • shiro: “you can’t see shit, can you?”
    • matt: “just a blur, this is definitely an improvement” 
  • every time matt got a high score after a flight simulation, shiro would, without fail, say “mamma mia that’s a spicy meatball”
  • “sorry, commander iverson, shiro is sick and can’t come to class today. he’s got a bad case of updog” “what’s updog”
    • matt with tears in his eyes: “wELL-”
  • matt would inscribe random words onto every available surface. one day shiro almost passed out from laughter because he was in the library, getting a book, and on the shelf in tiny handwriting it just said ‘celery’
  • shiro: “if we ever meet aliens in space i’m telling them your name is poot” 
  • matt used to point at every unflattering image in his textbook and say “look shiro, it’s you” 
  • years after they graduate, lance finds in his textbook the phrase ‘look on page 57′ and on page 57 it just says ‘you are a fool for looking, signed, matt holt’
  • teacher!shiro: “and kids, that’s why you shouldn’t throw food at each other in the cafeteria. a boy in my grade used to do it. used to.” matt voice: “quit telling everyone i’m dead!”

“Perhaps I am being too forward, I don’t know what your expectations are, the books I have read about Japan did not discuss such things, but, ah… you surely must know that I would very much like to kiss you.”

He hadn’t expected Victor to say something like that so soon, but it was the simplicity of the request that startled and charmed Yuuri all at once. Not a desire for them to go to bed together, or to become regular lovers; only a kiss. And he seemed so concerned that even that could offend Yuuri. It might have, if this were his first time among Westerners. But it was only a kiss. Yuuri had kissed plenty of men.

He didn’t respond, only reached up to take his glasses off, and then slid his fingers up from where they still rested against Victor’s shoulder to the back of his neck before he leaned across the distance between them and pressed their lips together.

I’m currently rereading @thetwoguineabook‘s Blackbird and AHHHHH I love this fic SO MUCH I wish I could draw every single scene in it *sobs*

This scene in Ch 2 is probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire fic. The way Victor tells Yuuri that he wants to kiss him - it gets me every time


“Apathetic” is a Grey Hat AU created by @nivilliain and @themcnobody .

Grey Hat: A very mild mannered Eldrich 90% of the time- barely feeling anything. However, when he takes off his glasses he feels extreme emotions until his glasses are placed back on.

His business doesn’t pick sides and is often favoured by anti-heroes.

Dr Clug: A talented scientist with a split personality. Often switched between good and evil in a split second. His evil personality is nicknamed “Clog” for his affinity for crocs. He specializes in cyborgs.

Yamencia: A yandere obsessed with Grey Hat, literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Is tame most of the time, but will go into a murderous rage at the drop of a (grey) hat.

E03: Cyborg bear who doesn’t understand his own strength, but tries to be good.


#in which Kara likes to use her secret weapon now and poor Mon-El couldn’t stand a chance


Jeffrey Dahmer removing his glasses before trial. It’s said he did this so he didn’t have to see the faces of the victim’s families during court.

“He’s not wearing glasses so that he can’t see people. He panics.” - Jeffrey’s stepmother, Shari Dahmer {X}

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Something something VOLTRON

that’s what i’m here for buddy

  • keith is… probably not the guy you want to go to for a pep talk
    • lance: “i just feel confused, and sort of sad, and- are you trying to climb out the window” keith, trying to climb out the window: “…no”
    • listen!!! feelings are hard!!!!!!
  • [pidge takes off matt’s glasses] “oh my god i almost forgot what it’s like to not have a headache”
  • shiro is the most photogenic paladin and lance’s goal in life is to take a bad picture of him
  • lowkey the bom can’t take keith seriously lmao. he’s just so tiny?? the size of a galra child?? who let this infant fly a giant robot
  • lance’s current mission: steal the red lion slippers
  • *coran voice* “what’s an ‘inch’? why do you need twelve to get a ‘foot’? what do those measurements even mean? who designed this system i’d like to have a word with-”
    • lance’s cuban ass: “god mood”
  • allura: “don’t worry hunk! everyone’s afraid of something!” hunk: “even you allura?” allura: “no”

I am 7 years late to this fandom

Eleanor: Magilou! PDA isn’t allowed at school!
Magilou: Now now, Ms. Secretary. If you’re jealous, you’re always welcome to join!
Velvet: [longest sigh ever.mp3]

  • Every Superhero Show Ever: You can't reveal your secret identity to anyone! It can be disastrous and put the people you love in danger.
  • Oliver Queen: *takes down 5 bad guys* Um.....I'm taking a self defense class. :D
  • Barry Allen: *gets powers and immediately accidentally reveals his identity to a delivery man* *reveals his identity to a mugger* Hahahah you mean like this?
  • Wally West: *takes selfies with literally everyone* *never masks his voice* Yo anyone see my da-Detective Joe West?
  • Jesse Wells: *literally makes her hero name Jesse Quick*
  • Clark Kent: *takes off glasses*
  • Kara Danvers: Clark please that won't work. *takes out ponytail* Identity saved. :) :) :)
  • Literally Any Legend: *taking a selfie with george washington* *writing LEGENDZ WERE HERE on ancient artifact* *painting picture of themselves on a cave wall* lol sorry what were you saying?