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Your Savior - 39

Here it is! Part 39! (When the hell did that happen???) Hope you all enjoy!


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Your Savior Masterlist

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Chapter 39

You helped Brianna organize the haul of baby items you had collected from commissary in her room, both of you anxiously checking the door for Brian’s return. “I don’t understand,” she complained softly, “Brain said that Negan was going to let them spend time with us today….why is this meeting taking so long? It’s almost time for them to leave….“ 

Tears welled in her eyes and you quickly dropped what you were holding and went to her, hugging her tightly to your chest. "It’s going to be ok. I know you’re going to miss him but Negan promised that he would be back before the baby comes. If he’s still there when it’s close to time I’ll go get him myself, I swear." 

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I may or may not have a headcanon that the Enterprise crew have nerf gun fights when Spock and Jim are off the ship.

The crew had planned and waited for the day that the Captain and First Officer were due at a Starbase for an annual Starfleet meeting. As soon as they had transported off the ship, the off-duty crew members dug under their beds and in their closets for the nerf guns they had replicated in secret. The game was wild. Every officer had known about it for months, all except the Captain and Mr Spock, who everyone feared would think it unprofessional for experienced Starfleet officers to engage in such childish games. You had just come off a double shift in the medbay and heard the game from outside your quarters.

I’m so tired, I’ll play tomorrow, you thought as you got into bed.

Then you could have sworn you heard your door beep. You rolled over and frowned, waiting for it to come again. It didn’t. You put your head down again when…


You bolted upright.

“Jesus Christ, come in!” you shouted.

The last person you expected to enter your quarters with a bloody nose and nerf gun was the chief engineer, Montgomery Scott.

“Scotty? What in the-”

He groaned and collapsed against the wall next to your door.

“What the hell happened?”

“Everyone got a little… enthusiastic,” he grinned.

“I’ll say.”

Being a medical officer, you had a first aid kit in your quarters and immediately tended to Scotty’s injuries. With one hand on the back of his neck, you held a cloth to his face with the other.

“Sorry for the haste, I needed a place to hide. Mr. Sulu was coming round the corner and he’s a damn good shot.”

“That’s OK, it looks like I got the better end of the deal anyways,” you said, looking him over.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he said, eyes following your hands.

“Oh! Sorry,” you dropped your hands, embarrassed.

“No, it’s alright. I kinda liked it.”

You tenderly placed your hand on his neck again.

“I think a ceasefire might be a good idea,” you said in an attempt to break the silence.

He laughed, then regretted it, bringing a hand up to his ribs.

“Let me take a look at that. Take off your shirt.”

“Usually I like to get to know a girl a little more…”

“Take it off. Doctor’s orders.”

He did as he was told and you checked for broken ribs.

“Scotty! Come out come out wherever you are!” Sulu’s voice sounded from around the corner.

Scotty lunged for his nerf gun, then doubled over in pain.

“Let me,” you said, grabbing it instead, slinking outside your room and down the corridor.

You saw only a shadow approaching your position and saw a glint of yellow in the reflective surface of the computer panel above you. Assuming it was Sulu, you unleashed a full clip of nerf bullets into the figure approaching you. With a jolt of horror, you realised it was not Sulu, but the Captain! You stood there in the middle of the hall, in your pajamas, holding a nerf gun, having emptied it onto him. You both stared open-mouthed at each other, lost for words. Someone behind you snickered, then you couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore, then Jim was laughing, then everyone was.

The Captain always insisted on joining in the battles after that. Mr Spock was a different story. 

Oath | Ch.3 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

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Word count: 4743

A/N: The end is not the end, I promise. 

You opened your eyes slowly, blinking away the blurriness as you stared deep into the dark night through the shattered window while tears of blood made their way down your bruised face. What happened? Where am I? It took you a moment to remember what just had happened. As the images played in your head, panic took over your body. Jungkook! Oh no, please… You feared the worst. It was hard to bear the thought of losing him, especially when you were so close to building a family together. Your whole body was in such pain, it was hard to even breathe but you had to fight the numbness to check on Jungkook. You moved your head slowly, grunting as shots of sharp pain ran down your spine. He was there, next to you, his face covered in small cuts lit by the faded white light of the moon. He looked so helpless, so vulnerable, just like the first time you met him. For some reason, that scene flooded your mind.

It was a night similar to this one. You had classes till late at night and even though you hated being forced to focus on a certain subject at such a time after a long day, you had to attend them. They were not boring, it was just that you had to work and then rush into class without even having the luxury of a lunch break or a snack. Sometimes you would buy a bar of chocolate and a coffee and pray that they keep you on your feet until you finish. And it usually worked. After classes ended you would make your way to the bus stop with some of your classmates, the ones you mostly hanged out with and then part ways as each took a different bus. Yours was always the last to come so you had to bear with this also. Oh man, I’m so hungry. Can you hurry up a bit, please? It never did and this night was no exception. But after 10 more minutes of waiting in the cold of the night, there it was. On the ride you kept thinking about a conversation you had with one of your friends.

“Don’t you feel lonely sometimes? You are always on the run, always doing something but you hardly have time for yourself. When was the last time you went out to have fun?”

“I know. But it’s not like I have any other choice. I need to work hard for the scholarship and the competition is no joke. Not to say that living in an apartment requires money, and that I can only get if I work. I don’t have time for parties. They just take the life out of me anyways. I prefer watching movies all day with a bucket of chocolate ice-cream in my hands.” you laughed it off.

“You really need a boyfriend.”

“Excuse me? And why is that? Do you think I have time for one right now?”

“There you go again…See this is exactly why. You need to relax.”

“Oh, and a guy can do that?”

“Yes! Just come with us out this weekend. Maybe you’ll find someone.”


“You better come! I will not take "no” for an answer, you got it?“

"Ok, fine, I’ll try my best.” you rolled your eyes.

A guy to help me relax… you scoffed. You were never the type to run after boys or daydream of a relationship all day, you had things to do and a clear target you had to work hard to get to. After 30 more minutes of riding the bus, you got off. The bus station was at a 15 minute walk distance away from your flat, the most relaxing time of the day. You had to go through the park where you would usually come out to jog when you had time and then go up on the hill. People would usually avoid going through the park at night but you had no other choice, you were hungry, shaking actually and this was the fastest way. And nothing bad happened to you after all the times you passed through it so there was nothing to be afraid of. You did not rush, you took your time to clear your head and enjoy the silence of the night as you played with your shadow under the moonlight.

“Who needs a guy to relax? They only make things more complicated. I can have fun by myself.” You said to yourself as a giggle escaped your lips. But deep down you did feel lonely. You came to a standstill when the corner of your lips turned down, heart feeling heavy. You thought of your past relationship, how much more fun watching a movie was or going to the seaside, or even hanging out in the park. But you locked all of that in the darkest room of your heart the moment you saw the same happiness being given by the very person you cherished more than yourself to another person. That was when everything changed, you changed. It was the moment work became more satisfactory than a night out. Maybe because it made you forget how lonely you felt deep down. Tears were about to fall down when you were startled by a low grunt coming from behind a tree, far to your left. You almost jumped at the sound, heartbeat going crazy.

“Who….who is there?” your voice was shaking. “Look, I have no money on me, ok? I am a broke student. If that’s what you want, you got the wrong person.” You took a better look at where the sound came from, taking your phone out of your pocket slowly to call for help. As adrenaline took over your body, you heard what seemed to be moans of pain and slow breathing. Your curiosity was peaked now and, although all your instinct was telling you was to run, there was something that was pulling you towards that place, something you could not explain neither control and so you found your feet starting to move on their own. You slowly got closer and saw the black figure of someone laying on the ground, with the back leaned against the base of the tree that was used as a cover. As the light of the phone screen flashed over it, your grew wide in shock. In front of you stood a young man covered in blood, panting heavily, barely alive with clothes torn to shreds by what seemed to be knife cuts.

“Oh my God! Are you ok? What happened?” you dropped your phone as you kneeled next to the victim to check on him. His face was painted in shades of purple and red, his lips bled, his hair was wet from his own sweat and it came down to his tired eyes. You instinctively placed a hand on his arm to make him come to his senses. You needed him alive. It was your duty to make sure he survives now. His body was burning in fever and trembling out of control.

“Oh God. How could this happen…I need to call an ambulance. My phone…Where’s my phone?” you said to yourself as you desperately searched for it. The next thing you know, he was grabbing your wrist, pulling you back to face him, almost falling over his broken body.

“No ambulance…” his voice was barely a whisper that got lost in the cold air.

“What? What do you mean?…” you looked at him with soft eyes for a second before continuing. “You are not in your right mind. I need to get you to the hospital. Now! Or else you’ll die. Do you want to die?”


“See? That’s why I need my phone.” you were about to get up when his grip grew tighter.

“I said no hospitals. Just leave…please…” he was exhausted, eyes barely open. You could only see their sparkle under the moonlight.

“You really want to die, don’t you? Fine! No hospitals…but I’m taking you with me. I’m not going to let you die here, do you hear me? You can curse at me after you are healed, I don’t care!” you placed a hand under his arm and held it with the other as you focused all the strength you had left to lift him up. He groaned in pain and it hurt you too. For some reason it made your heart break to see him like this. You never thought you could grow so attached to someone so quick, in such an unexpected situation but you did and it somehow scared you.

“Can’t you just leave? Let me here…I’ll be fine.”

“No. If I let you here, you’ll die and if you do that I would blame myself for the rest of my life. Look, I don’t even know who you are and I have no intention of doing so. I just want to help you, that’s all. I don’t need money, I don’t need a reward…I want to sleep peacefully knowing that I did not let you waste your life like this. Now, I need you to make an effort and walk with me 10 more minutes, ok? You can do that, right? Lean on me but don’t fall asleep, ok?”

“Fine! Walk!” he said in a low tone, almost angrily. He knew he had no chance of getting through the night alive and since going to the hospital was out of the question, what else could he do? So he trusted you and walked all the way up to your small apartment without any more words being shared. As he stepped into the hallway he looked around as if making sure there was no threat. But everything looked so cozy, so clean. There was no chance you were one of them.

“Ok. You made it. Now I need to check those wounds. Don’t worry, there’s no one here and nobody will follow you. There are no CCTVs in the park, you are safe. The only thing they could trace is the blood trail but it will rain soon so no need to worry about that either.” He looked at you with wide eyes as if he was shocked by the words that you just spoke. “What? "No hospital”, you looking like this, refusing my help, they all make you into a fugitive. God damn it, what I got myself into. But you’re not a bad guy, right? You can’t be…there is some gentleness in your look, you can’t fake that.“ You stared at him for what seemed like an eternity until one of his groans brought you back to reality. "Oh, yes, anyway, I have to clean that, let’s go to the bathroom.” you placed him slowly on the edge of the sink and helped him shift his weight onto his left shoulder as he leaned against the wall.

“Ok, I’ll need you to take that off” you pointed at his shirt and rushed to take out the medical kit. When you turned to face him again, you couldn’t help but giggle at him failing to do so.

“If you have the energy to laugh, how about you give me a hand with this, would you? I am barely keeping my eyes open…”

“I’m sorry, let me help you with that.” you felt so bad for what you did a few seconds ago. You knew he was in a serious state, he must’ve lost a lot of blood, some of which stained your shirt so you needed to act quick. You placed yourself in front of him, grabbed the corners of his shirt and pulled it off in one try. His whole torso was covered in dark bruises that showed just how powerful the hits he took were and open cuts that still bled. “Just what exactly have you done to deserve this…”. He looked at you in awe. He could not believe this kind of girl existed. Just why exactly were you helping a stranger that could possibly be a criminal for all you know and risk your own life?

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Of course you can’t. Figured that much. What else am I not allowed to know? Name? Age? Favorite color? Food?” he giggled softly, the muscles of his well sculpted abdomen contracting. “Hey, you need to stay still, I’m trying to clean up the mess here, ok?” you said jokingly. You were glad that made him laugh. He was fighting with all his strength to stay alive and you were the treatment that kept him going, it seems.

“Ok, ok.”

Moments of silence passed as you finished cleaning up, disinfecting and stitching the wounds before placing some bandage over them and sealing them with medical tape.

“Looks like we’re done here. Now I need to check your legs too. Any other parts that hurt?”

“No. My legs are fine, just some bruises here and there. I’ll survive that.”

“Are you sure?” you looked up at him with worrisome eyes.


“Ok then, let’s do something about this handsome face of yours.” you stood up, cupping his face with your small hands. On his tired face a smirk was now on full display. “What? Going back to life?”

“Seems like it.”

“I think I preferred the almost dead version of you better.” you said mockingly. If he wanted to play, so did you. It was amazing and scary how calm you felt in his presence. You almost enjoyed having him there with you. He kept looking at you as you cleaned his cuts, admiring your long lashes, how your eyes sparkle when you laugh, your perfectly trimmed eyebrows, plump lips that were parted every time you focused on something. He took in your every gesture, every word, every soft touch and it seemed it only made him eager to find out more.

“Jungkook.” his words broke the silence as you worked hard to disinfect one cut from his forehead.

“Hm?” you stopped to look at him.

“My name…Jungkook”

“Oh, wow. So we’re making progress here. Ok, that’s good to hear. Nice to meet you, Jungkook-ssi, my name is Y/N.” Again, your words made him smile and seeing him like this brought joy to your soul too. You made it, you saved him. Long seconds passed as you both gazed into each other’s eyes, almost like you were trying dig your way into the other’s soul. As the atmosphere grew more tense, you broke all sorts of eye contact and reached for a band aid.

“Ok, with this I am finally done. Do you think you can clean the remaining blood on your body by yourself? I will search for something for you to change into.”

“Um, yeah, I can handle this much.”

“Ok then. I’ll let you…um…take care of it. Yeah…” For some reason your heart was racing since a few moments earlier and it seemed like the man called Jungkook was also affected somehow. This whole situation was so awkward that you had to escape from that bathroom. And you did, you rushed to the bedroom, closing the door behind as to give him privacy. You heard the water of the shower running and sighted in relief.

“What the hack are you thinking?! Oh my God, what is this? Why is this happening? This shouldn’t be happening.” you paced around the room nervously.

“Um…is everything all right?” a voice caught you by surprise followed by a short shriek evading your lips. You were so startled by the sudden presence that you fell on your bed in a sitting position.

“Yes, perfect. No problem. Is there anything you need?”

“You know, if you regret saving me, I can just leave now. You did enough for me as it is.” He looked so down as he said these words that it was almost heartbreaking. He was on the brink of death a few moments ago and now here he is, walking on his own, joking, making you feel all sorts of things.

Just who exactly are you? you thought. “No! No, it’s not that, trust me. You can stay the night, actually.” Wait, what? What are you doing, brain?! Oh God, what have I done?! It was like a battle between your heart and brain now. “There is plenty of food in the fridge and the sofa is actually really comfortable. I have movies too, we can watch some if you want.” Shut up!! Stop talking! I am so ruined.

“Oh, no…it’s really too much to ask. I will leave after I wash myself.” There it was again, the light in his eyes. It captivated you just how beautiful and gentle they were, how deep and dark and full of mysteries.

“I insist. Stay…” I do, of course I do. Y/N come to your senses!! Your voice was almost pleading. “I mean…I need to keep an eye on you and make sure you are safe to go. Just until the morning, ok?”

“Ok then, I’ll stay.” he said with a smile that brightened up the whole room. It was the first time you saw him like that. Actually, this night was the night of a lot of “first times”. “ Oh and, Y/N?”


“Thank you!”

Those two words were more sincere than any other you have ever heard so you looked at him with tender eyes and smiled as he made his way to the bathroom again.

“I am crazy!” you giggled and let yourself fall back on the bed, starring at the ceiling.

After he came out and changed into his new clothes you both laughed at how they fit him and how awkward it would be to walk like that on the street. So you decided to wash his clothes and try to sew them too, to make them wearable. While you did so, Jungkook was busy looking through your collection of movies and series, trying to find something for the both of you to enjoy. After you were both done, you sat in the couch with some snacks and talked about the movie just like an ordinary couple would. It all seemed so natural.

“Red.” he said all of a sudden.

“Excuse me?” you chuckled.

“My favorite color.”

“Ohh, so I shouldn’t have washed that T-shirt. It was pretty red, you know.” now you were both laughing, totally ignoring the movie. But there was something that was bothering you ever since you met him and you needed an answer.

“The people that did this to you…are they going to come after you again?”

“I don’t think so. At least, not for now.”

“I see. That’s good to hear. Are they bad?”

“What do you think?”

“Me? Well, looking at what they did to you, they seem pretty bad, you know. You were the victim, after all.”

“I was the victim…” he scoffed softly. “What if I’m the bad guy here?” he gave you a deadly stare. You looked at him for a while and then continued, facing the TV screen.

“You’re not. At least, not for me.”

“What do you mean?” his curiosity was peaked.

“Well, firstly, as I said, in my eyes, you were the victim. Secondly, you did nothing to hurt me. Thirdly, I feel safe around you, calm…happy.” you looked down, trying to hide your blushing face. But he was faster, he reached his hand to cup your right cheek and turn your face to him.

“Me too.”

There it was again, the tension, the long stares, the soft touches. I am crazy!! you kept thinking. He moved closer, his hand now tangled in locks of your hair pulling you towards him. As your lips touched, it felt like sparks filled the room, both of your hearts racing, your souls yearning for more. The kiss was so soft and sweet at first and so fierce as you both spilled your feelings all over the other, forgetting about the outside world. This was not something you would have done but he brought back to life a side of you that has been long dead. For how long have you buried your desire to be loved, to feel something so strong, so powerful, to do something so reckless? But nothing mattered anymore. Every thought, every concern and trace of pain left were erased by his touch. You wanted this to last forever. You wanted him to stay forever and so after your lips parted, you pleaded:

“Can’t you just stay a few more days?”

“I can’t. Not at the moment.”

“Why? Are you afraid they’ll come here?”

“That too.”

“Too? Then what else is there to fear?”

“I can’t tell you. Trust me, it’s for your own good. You saved me, let me at least make sure you are safe.”

“Fine…But this is not the last time I’ll see you, is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“You…don’t know.” you moved back to your original sitting spot. It hurt. His words opened a wound in your heart that you have tried so hard to heal. Being abandoned was what you feared most and here you were again, vulnerable.

“I am sorry. I really want to be with you, to share this feeling but right now, I can’t.” his words were filled with pain too. It was not easy for him to see you like that, to leave you after all you have done for him. “I will make it up to you. I promise!” he stood up, came in front of you and placed a deep kiss on your forehead.

Your heart was breaking at the thought of being left alone in the house again, with no assurance of him ever coming back, being left in a permanent state of waiting. As he made his way to the bathroom to change back into the clothes you tried your best to fix, tears fell down your cheeks and painted the couch in small drops, one by one, just like rain on the dirty street. I knew this would happen. But do I ever listen? you kept blaming yourself.

When he was done he made his way back to the couch and kneeled in front of you, whipping the last traces of tears.

“I am so sorry you had to go through this. I promise I will find my way back to you as soon as I can. Until then promise me you won’t try to find me, ok?”

“Just who exactly are you?” your voice got stuck in your throat after all the crying. He hesitated for a moment like he was trying to come up with some lie or a plan that would not make this situation worse.

“Jungkook” He looked deep into your eyes before he went on: “Y/N’s boyfriend.” You never knew that these very two words were going to be the sole driving force that would keep you waiting for his return. And he did. It took him a while, but when he finally came back one late winter night, he stayed.

And now you were afraid of losing him again, this time for good. You moved your fingers with difficulty, feeling his now cold touch. As you struggled to get a clear view, you saw his lifeless form. From under his wet, dark fringe, blood was making its way down his bruised face, collecting more liquid as it dripped down. You wanted to call his name, to wake him up, but as your lips parted, nothing came out. You were exhausted, you could barely move your fingers, let alone your whole body. It hurt so bad that more tears started to form. What sins did you commit to deserve this? You were so happy just a few hours back and now everything went breaking down. You thought you would never see Jungkook like this again and this time there was nothing you could do to help him.

Outside, a voice could be heard from afar.

“I have taken care of it. What am I supposed to do now? I see…What about the girl? I understand. Yes, sir!”

It was the voice of a man, from what you could hear, and he was getting closer at a fast pace. As your mind was racing again, thinking that you will die for sure now, a loud noise startled you. Someone was trying to get into the car, cutting and pulling at the driver seat’s door. You watched as the door was torn open like it was nothing but a toy making way for a man with his face hidden by the black hood of his jacket and a mask to enter and try to free Jungkook’s body from the seatbelt. You tightened the grip around Jungkook’s fingers, trying to keep him there with you as you were sure the man was planning on taking him away from you. But it was to no avail. The man placed a hand over Jungkook’s shoulders, protecting him from hitting his head on the rooftop of the car as he released the seatbelt. No matter how strong your grip was, it could not stop Jungkook’s fingers from sliding out of yours as the man pulled him out.

“No! Stop! Please! Jungkook-ah!!! Stop!” All you could do was cry and scream in pain and it was consuming you.  

The man laid Jungkook’s body on the ground and stood there for a few moments as if he was thinking about his next move. Not soon after, a black van made its appearance. You were blinded by the lights that aimed towards the wrecked car.  Several men came out and approached the three of you. You could not see any of their faces but they looked tall and muscular, intimidating. You watched as two of them came to pick Jungkook’s body and took it to the van while another gave a suitcase to the man that separated the two of you. You found yourself screaming at the top of your lungs again, gaining the attention of the men next to you.

“Someone’s still alive, huh?” one of them said in a husky voice.

“That is why I asked you what I should do with her, sir. I am sorry! I ran into them at full speed, I did my best but this bitch is still fighting. What should I do now?” this one sounded terrified.

“Do exactly what I said. Kill her. And clean this mess nicely or else….you know.”

“Yes! Yes, sir! I will do my best!” he bowed in front of the other as low as he could.

The one with the low, husky voice was leaving, steps showing some sort of dominance, a sign of higher level and prestige. The other made his way to your side and followed the same steps to get you out of the car as well. What was he planning to do to you? You screamed for help and tried to kick and hit him but all you did was lose the last piece of energy you had left so by the time he got you out, your voice had died and so did your will to fight.

“Bitch, you should shut your mouth! If I have problems because of you, I’ll find your whole family and kill them just like I will kill you.”

He laid you down on the cold ground and put his weight over your hips, hands wrapping around your slender neck. So this is how it ends…you thought as the man’s grip only grew tighter. You never thought you would cherish air so much as you did right now and so, with your last trace of strength you threw your nails at his face, leaving cat-like marks all over his cheeks and hands. As he slapped your hands away with such a brutal force that it felt like they were broken, you saw your engagement ring fly in the air and sparkle for the last time under the moonlight before it fell somewhere in the dark, away from everyone’s touch, an everlasting symbol that your love was real. Your eyes started to lose focus, head felt like it was exploding, you wanted to breathe do badly your insides were burning, you reached your hand towards the place where the ring fell and let yourself drift away as a final pair of tears tickled your skin. I loved you Jeon Jungkook, and I will always do.

Steve Harrington Analysis

Or, in other words, all the little under-appreciated and overlooked things that Steve did that prove he’s already a better person than the “rich, popular, playboy” stereotype makes him out to be even before his redemption arc (plus those aspects, too).

Note: This in no way is meant to drag down any other characters (except for Tommy and Carol they can choke but I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement on that). I love Jonathan so so much and if anything said about him in here sounds offensive, it was not my intention. He, like Steve, is still growing and maturing so they’re both bound to make mistakes along the way (which they both have). This analysis is just to simply highlight some of Steve’s moments that show he isn’t just a one-dimensional character since some people in this fandom dislike him and only focus on his negatives. Ok, anyway, here we go… 

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Drabble: How Jim Learned To Keep a Shirt On

AKA: The author has second degree burns on over 50% of their body and needed to write sympathy fanfiction to ease their own pain. Enjoy! 

“Bones, I think ‘m dying,” Jim groaned from his prone position on the couch.

“Oh please, it’s just a sunburn,” the doctor responded as he continued mixing the concoction in the bowl in front of him. 

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2PM Bodyguard Chansung 'Turn the Page'

@leftmyheartinyokohama asked: I like both Nichkhun and Chansung, so may I please have a bodyguard expansion for them please? No rush. Love you, thank you. 😊

A/N: Thank you for all your lovely comments and notes. They always make me smile and I appreciate them greatly. I really hope you enjoy your expansion, I died a little writing it. <3 

WARNING: Brief violence.

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


One of your favorite things to do when you were stressed and travelling was go to a bookstore. Even with the prevalence of e-readers, which you had as well, you preferred old fashioned paper and ink. Something about wandering around, looking at displays, and hefting thick books in your hands centered you.

Long ago you’d learned that this type of excursion was torture for all but one of your guards, Chansung. So he was your usual companion on such trips. If it was a generally secure location, he’d wander an aisle or two away at times to look for books of his own.

Often you could be found in the Fantasy section or History. The areas he frequented were philosophy and photography. Loaded down with an armful of different worlds and wonders, you discovered he was leafing through a book on landscapes.

“What’s that?” Peering at the book he was holding you took a second to look at the picture. “Yours are better.”

He chuckled, “I don’t know about that.”

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Dean held the video tape, staring at Sam with the most effective puppy eyes he could pull, but his brother wasn’t having it. -If Gabriel gave us that video with (Y/N)’s name on it, it can’t be anything good and she won’t like it.- Dean smirked, staring at the tape in his hands. -Exactly, Sam. Just imagine the possibilities!- for a second, Dean sees Sammy consider and he can clearly notice the doubt and temptation in his little brother’s face, but then it disappears again. -No, Dean, I ain’t watching that video.- The older brother looks at Sam for a second before sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV. -Well, I am.- Sam protested a little more before surrending and sitting down next to his brother. -She will hate us if it’s something embarrasing…- -She isn’t here. And she said she’ll be gone for another two hours. She will never know!- Dean said. The video was simple, yet shocking. A friend of (Y/N)’s, invisible because he was standing behind the camera, was filming her face and she was laughing. That was already odd. Even though Dean tried his best to make her laugh, (Y/N) didn’t laughed much. Both brothers loved the moments when they got to see her whole body moving because she was laughing so hard but, with the life they had, those moments were rare. (Y/N) was a badass hunter and the best of friends but not the happiest in the group. Could you blame any of them for not laughing much? I think not. After a few seconds of pure laughter, the camera focused on the TV where Dean, with a rather goofy face, was paused. -Oh, it’s that world where we’re actors…- Sam said, realising Gabriel’s first intentions. Dean told him to shut up as he watched (Y/N)’s laugh at his face on the TV. And then she started talking and both brothers went silent. “-Even with that freacking face he’s super gorgeous!!! Why!!?!? Did he made a pact with a demon or something!? I just don’t get it! I do that face and I look horrible. He does that face and I still want him to bang me against a wall!-” the friend filming (Y/N) laughed hard at her words in the video. In the tape, (Y/N) kept watching Supernatural, and reacting to it. Everytime Dean was close to her screen, she would just cover her face and started talking about how unfair his greatness was. Sam laughed at Dean’s shocked face until the (Y/N) in the video got to a part of the show where he took his shirt off. “-Sammy! Damn! Ok, yeah, I’m a Dean girl but for God’s sake, if you don’t put your shirt back on, I might be changing my mind!-” The video stopped then and Dean stared at the black screen in disbelieve. -That was…interesting…- Sam nodded, trying to controll the smile that was trying to show up in his face. Just as Dean was standing up to take the video out, (Y/N) entered the room with two bags of food. -I’m back, boys! And yes, Dean, I brought you pie… What? Why are you looking at me like that?- Dean’s smirk was obvious and (Y/N) was staring at him now, confused. -So…- Sam begged Dean mentally to not give anything away but it was too late. -…you’re a Dean girl, huh?-

“Give Me Love”

Pair :Jensen x Reader

Warning : cursing, and light cheating.

REQUEST: If you have time, could you write something where the reader is Daneel’s younger sister (by like 3 years). And so one night reader’s drunk and Jensen tries to help her, but somehow they end up in bed together? You can decide the rest :) And can it be like reality (somehow) so JJ is born and everything? Oh, one last thing, will you make it out of the readers pov? Thanks, there aren’t enough Jensen one shots out there! Though the past one’s you’ve written are awesome!

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4


I envied my sister more than anything. She has a beautiful daughter that is nothing but sweet and hilarious, and a husband who loves her so much, it’s ridiculous.
And here I am, alone. With no family of my own.

Which made me dread the days she would come and visit, just another reminder of what I don’t have.

“Did you hear me?” Danneel muttered, snapping me back to reality.

“What? Yeah. Sure.” I hesitated.

“Ok, well what should we do?” She exhaled, resting her head in her hand.

“About what?”

“About dad’s birthday. It’s next week.” She tilted her head to the side. “Remember?”

“Oh yea.” I lied. “I don’t know, we can just throw him a surprise party I guess.”

Her lips curved up into a smile and she nodded. “That is perfect.”

“What sounds perfect?” Jensen groaned, with JJ on his side.

“We are going to throw dad a surprise party!” She squealed. “I got to go though, I need to run to the store real quick. And I have to call mom.” She pressed her lips to jensens and waved.

Jensen looked directly at me, letting out a long sigh.

“Beer?” He asked. I nodded and watched him put JJ down.

“Hey bug.” I smiled, as she walked over to me. Her eyes glistening and a smile plastered on her face.

“Hi auntie y/n.” She shoved a toy in my face. “Daddy got me a Barbie!”

“Oh wow! That’s so cool! I have something that your Barbie would love!” I yelped. I walked over to my closet, JJ following behind. I pulled out an old doll house I use to play with when I was her age. Something I haven’t seen in such a long time.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped.

“Can I have it!” She pleaded, locking her eyes on the house.

“Of course bug! It’s all for you.”

She ran and wrapped her tiny arms around my legs, squeezing as tight as she can.
“I love you auntie y/n.”

“I love you too.”

Jensen walked in with two beers in his hand. Handing me one, he took a swig of his and pointed down at the house.

“What’s that?” He muttered.

“It’s my barbies house! Auntie y/n got it for me.” She smiled.

His eyes met mine. “You had that all this time?” He smirked.

“Yeah, just in case I had a daughter.” I smiled down at JJ. “But I guess my favorite niece can have it.”

“I bet you play with it from time to time huh?” He teased.

I shook my head as we both chuckled. “Shut up mister ‘I pretend for a living’” I cackled.

“Hey! Don’t be jealous because I’m a bad ass.” He shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

I rolled my eyes, trying to keep from laughing. “Ok Whatever you say.”

This is what I loved about my relationship with jensen. We were completely comfortable and always made each other laugh.

He was my best friend. Even when he was away, we would text almost everyday. Have inside jokes and make fun of each other’s selfies. It was natural.

But I always had to remind myself that he was my sisters husband. Nothing could ever come from this.


Everything was a blur. My mind was hazy as the alcohol streamed through my blood.

Usually, I’d never drink this much, but today was my best friends birthday, and let’s just say, we had a pretty crazy night.

And here I am, stumbling across the grass, trying to walk to my front door.

“Shit.” I muttered to myself as I dropped the keys, falling to my knees.

The door creaked open and a soft groan echoed around.

“Y/N?” I shot my eyes up, meeting Jensens.

Damn why does he have to be extremely attractive? And incredibly amazing?

Every time he was around me, he made my stomach flutter and my heart race, and-

Wait a minute, what am I saying?!
He’s my sisters husband for god sake.

“Are you ok?” He reached his hand out toward me, gently pulling me up.

I began to laugh for a reason I had no idea. As I propped up on my feet, I felt my legs give in and my body about to fall. Arms wrapped around my waist, holding me still.

“Woah there. Looks like someone had a lot of fun tonight.” He chuckled, tossing my arm over his shoulder, his hand never leaving my hip.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed.” We began walking inside the house, the tv quietly playing in the background.

It was peaceful, but my mind was far too gone to acknowledge anything.

“You’re great you know that? Just awesome. You’re awesome.” I slurred my words, pointing my finger into his chest.

“Shh Danneel and JJ are both sleeping in the guest room.” He whispered, practically carrying me.

I put my finger to his mouth and chuckled.
“Shhh you’re being loud!” I hiccuped.

He shook his head. “My bad” he mouthed.

Walking to my room felt like it was forever. Though I was pretty out of it, I couldn’t help but think of just how amazing Jensen is for helping me.

His hands gripped on to me, pulling me up and holding me tight. Small grunts escaped his lips as I would gently run my hand over his chest.

We finally made our way to my room. Jensen walked me over to my bed, and helped me take off my shoes.

“Why are you so good to me?” I asked, staring straight into his eyes.

“Uh, because you’re important to me. You’re family.” He chuckled.

Jensen stood up, and let out a soft sigh. “Just go to sleep. Ok?”

I looked down at my outfit and belted out into laughter. “I can’t sleep in these dirty clothes silly!”

I began taking off my shirt, exposing my bra.

“Uh y/n-what are-I should g-uh.” He stuttered.

As I started to unbutton my pants, jensens hand covered mine, squeezing as he cleared his throat.

“How about you wait until I get out.” He smiled.

Damn I could stare at that smile all day if I could. He was just so handsome. And beyond the closest guy friend I have ever had.

“Shut up Jensen, you’re an actor! It’s not like you’ve never seen a girl in her underwear before!” I croaked, pushing his hands away.

He took a step back as I propped up and wiggled my way out of my jeans.

His eyes averted down to my body, biting his lower lip.

“I got to go.” He muttered turning away.

“W-what?” I stammered.

He stopped in his steps, taking in a deep breath.

“Can you pass me my shirt on my dresser? Then you can go. I’m sure you’re tired.” I mumbled, fighting to keep my eyes open.

“Yea, sure.” Jensen tossed the shirt over to me.

He watched me as I struggled to put it on. Both of my arms popping out in the same hole. Jensen laughed, shaking his head.
“Here let me help you.”

He took the shirt and directed my arms into the right places, pulling the shirt down.

“Thank you.” I muttered.

“No problem.”

My mind was beginning to sober up just a little. Enough for me to grasp on to the situation.

“Why are you still awake anyways? It’s late.”

He crossed his arms over his chest, staring down at his feet.

“I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” He exhaled.

Make sure I was ok? Why? What was I to him? Nothing more than just his wife’s sister. Right?

“Anyways, you should go to sleep. I’ll get you some water.”

He walked over to me, making my heart race. My head was spinning and quickly felt my legs give in once again.

Jensen tried to catch me, but I only pulled him down. Luckily we fell on my bed, so no one was hurt.

My laughter filled the air as we laid there helplessly.

His eyes shot up to mine, looking at me quizzically. Which made me stop as my breath hitch to the back of my throat.

What was he staring at?

He was right on top of me, my hands clutching on to his shoulders. His eyes lingered. But why?

Within that moment, I felt his lips on mine. One hand gripped on to my waist as the other cupped my cheek.

His lips became in sync with mine, as our tongues danced along each other. Pulling me in closer, moans quietly escaping his lips, as if he yearned for this.

Man, he tasted so good. Was this really happening? Was I kissing this guy? My sisters husband. The guy I always looked up to and respected.

How did this happen?

There was a faint cry, making us both snap our heads to the door.


Jensen rolled over, running his hands over his face. Mumbling something I couldn’t quite understand.

“I’m so sorry.” He finally let out. Before I could say anything, he walked out of my room. Leaving me alone to my thoughts.

What the hell just happened?


  • Remus is so excited to be looking through paint swatches with his husband
  • They’ve been married a year (anniversary #2 coming up) but they only lived in a really cramped apartment
  • Then Sirius got his job as the talent scout for the Irish National Quidditch Team
  • So they decided to buy a house in the country before Sirius has to start travelling
  • They’re going to start fixing it up and Remus is going to finish while Sirius is out of town
  • When he gets back they’re going to buy furniture
  • That’s the plan Remus has made, at least
  • Except Sirius isn’t really cooperating
  • Now they’re trying to find colors that would look good but Sirius is being unhelpful
  • “Sirius what color do you want our bedroom to be in”
  • “Black”
  • “Right. And the kitchen tiles? I was thinking like a yellow or-”
  • “Black”
  • “What about the bathroom?”
  • “Black”
  • Remus gets all huffy bc he’s wanted a house of his own for years and now his dumb spouse isn’t even contributing
  • he takes a deep breath and tries again
  • “Are you sure you want the entire house in black?”
  • then Sirius just looks at him dead in the eyes and says
  • “We’re going to paint the entire house black so that whenever you walk into the place it becomes that much brighter and better because that’s what you did in this Black’s life, Remus”
  • Sirius proposes to him again in the paint store and the whole room is “aww"ing
  • Remus just rolls his eyes and folds his arms across his chest
  • and he glares at the other customers
  • “Don’t encourage him we’ve been married for a year already he’s just trying to get into my pants”
  • the whole place just falls silent as Remus picks out shades of Gryffindor red and gold like nothing happened
  • Sirius is smirking devilishly as he hands the money for the paint over to the woman behind the counter
  • When they get home Sirius wants to start painting immediately
  • Remus insists that they put down plastic sheets over the floors then cover the cornices with tape
  • Sirius huffs and pouts
  • “I wanna paaaaaaiiiinnnntttttt”
  • “And I don’t want to have that paint drip onto our floors”
  • Sirius folded his arms over his chest
  • “Why don’t you lay down the plastic, Sirius? I’ll put tape on the cornices upstairs”
  • Sirius salutes as Remus climbs upstairs to start work
  • a half hour later Remus comes down to check on Sirius’s progress
  • his jaw drops
  • the floors
  • the fireplace
  • the logs in the fireplace
  • and a giant cactus that Frank and Alice gave them for their wedding
  • everything is wrapped
  • in fucking Ceran wrap
  • “Plastic. You told me to.”
  • Remus didn’t know whether he wanted to strangle Sirius (who was wrapping the cactus again due to the prickles sticking out) or himself
  • “I meant-*sighs*-I meant this plastic”
  • he points his wand in the direction of the basement
  • out of the door flies huge folded sheets of translucent plastic-y material
  • Sirius’s eyes widen
  • then he grins sheepishly
  • “Babe, you should’ve realized that even though I can take apart and put together a motorcycle engine in under two hours, I didn’t even know there were two different types of plastic.”
  • Remus just gives this really long exasperated sigh
  • “…..”
  • “For god’s sake why are you still wrapping that damn cactus”
  • “It’s fun ok”
  • SO eventually they do get around to painting
  • and its even more disastrous than the actual laying-down of the plastic
  • Sirius gets paint all over his t-shirt and none on the walls
  • Remus points this out
  • so Sirius yanks off the shirt and Remus notices that the gold paint has seeped through the terrible quality fabric of Sirius’s t-shirt
  • so basically Sirius’s pecs and abs and shoulders and collarbones and the hipbones peeking out over the hem of his jeans are all. gold.
  • Sirius basically looks like the statue of a Greek god
  • but instead of being made of porcelain like he usually is
  • he’s made of solid gold
  • this turns Remus on to no end
  • but he muST BE STRONG
  • so he frowns and bites his lip and focuses on rolling the paint roller over the walls
  • but then somehow the walls become Sirius’s body
  • and the roller is his hands
  • and he’s roaming his palms greedily over Sirius’s gold body
  • he closes his eyes and he can feel muscles and shifting, sweating skin
  • a soft moan escapes his lips
  • and he leans his forehead against the wall
  • He’s turned on by a wall ladies and gentlemen I present to you Remus Lupin
  • “Babe, there’s paint on that wall.”
  • Remus’s neck snaps back and he rubs his palm furiously against his forehead
  • “What’s the matter? Tired?” asks Sirius
  • Sirius spins him around and starts to lay down some serious mind the pun deep tissue into the muscles of Remus’s shoulder
  • and Remus notices the colors on Sirius that now seem to make up Sirius
  • his hair is black
  • his eyes are silver
  • his lips are pink
  • his torso is gold
  • his skin is pale
  • there’s a smudge of dark red on his sharp cheekbone that looks like blood but Remus knows is paint
  • he rubs the pad of his thumb against it absent-mindledly
  • and he presses into Sirius’s body
  • Sirius’s eyebrow arches upwards
  • “Is that your wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
  • Remus wordlessly pulls his wand out of his pocket
  • (I would like to clarify that this is not an innuendo where a wand would be a dick, I’m trying to say that Remus’s actual wand was in his actual pocket and he takes it out and Sirius turns beet red and Remus just bursts into giggles)
  • “I used to be turned on but now? Not so much.”
  • Sirius just grumps and cusses under his breath as they paint opposite walls
  • because he just missed out on some really wild sex because of a stupid pickup line
  • Remus just gives up because swearing Sirius is melting into wall Sirius so basically Remus is so horny he’s attempting to dry hump the wall he’s painting
  • Remus snaps out of his haze
  • he huffs
  • Remus strides over to Sirius
  • long story short:
  • They have sex
  • Paint sex
  • Greek god sex
  • Paint greek god sex
  • it’s easily the best sex they’ve ever had
  • but then again they’ve had a lot of sex
  • so it’s hard to tell
  • in the end they’re both splattered with paint and they’re sweating and Remus is red because he just gets red when they have sex (it’s bc he can’t believe he’s having sex with Sirius Black)
  • (and that’s because he’s so madly in love with Sirius okay he just wants to put that out there)
  • they’re surveying the walls from the floor
  • “So? Sick walls, huh? We could get like really cool minimalistic motorbike posters and pictures of us when we were in Hogwarts and Latin phrases for love because my love for you can only be expressed in Latin and also oooooooOOOOOOOHHHHH BOYYYYYY ARCTIC MONKEYS POSTERS LIKE AS TALL AS YOU ARE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE”
  • Remus is just laughing because he married an actual nerd
  • they’re both naked save for boxers
  • Sirius is absolutely covered in gold paint and Remus is head to toe in red paint
  • They’ve come out the other side of a paintbrush war
  • Remus enjoyed painting every sculpted muscle of Sirius’s body in gold
  • Sirius enjoyed painting over Remus’s scars in red because the red stands out really beautifully against his amber eyes
  • Sirius knows Remus can’t take his eyes off of his gorgeous bod
  • but he can’t help the inner dork that escapes him
  • Arctic Monkeys posters in his house would be bitching
  • anyway Remus is the big spoon
  • he puts his red arms around Sirius’s gold hips and kisses his gold neck (the paint’s dry now)
  • And Sirius tilts his head back
  • and he sighs
  • “Sirius?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “We’re going to be happy here, aren’t we?”
  • Sirius nods
  • “We’re going to be so happy here for so long, and we’ll smile so brightly that the sun’ll be jealous”
  • Remus smiles
  • “Really?”
  • “You deserve so much happiness and as your husband I am due to give it to you.”
  • Sirus kisses Remus’s cheek
  • “I love you so, so much, my darling.” Sirius smiles and says.
  • “I feel all fuzzy when you call me things like that.” Remus sighs.
  • “Really? Then your name is now “Babe” or “Darling” or “The One with the Sexy Arse”. Okay?”
  • Sirius hears Remus snort
  • “Please don’t yell “The One with the Sexy Arse” in public.”
  • Sirius chuckles
  • “sure thing babe”
  • Sirius nuzzles into Remus
  • because he’s got Remus
  • and Remus has got him
  • and that’s all they really need
  • that’s all they’ve ever needed: each other
  • and nothing can pull them apart
  • nothing
  • “Sirius?”
  • Sirius is pulled out of his reverie
  • “Yeah?”
  • “We forgot to unwrap the cactus”
  • “…..”
  • “Let’s leave it like that: I can relate to it on a spiritual level.”

You know, the thing I love most about tianshan is this seeming, keen contrast they have. Poor, rich. Weak, powerful. Family, no family. Hot, cold. Short-tempered and reckless, calm and calculated. Pure, tainted. Also, red and blue. (ok I know, this might be subjective and you don’t have to agree with me at all, I understand.. yet I couldn’t help but notice.. that blue is such a He Tian color? He always seems to wear blue shirts and yeah I could easily take it as ‘perhaps he likes keeping it minimal or whatever?’ and shrug it off, but I just can’t avoid the aesthetics of this damn ship. Minimal — black/blue plain clothing that emphasizes his well-build body, whereas Guan Shan prefers clothes a bit more loosen, you know, the way skinny boys would wear. Just so you know, I’m not talking about the uniform! Remember that time they met randomly on the street and Guan Shan was munching on his lovely sandwich ((the day he will happily manage to eat it I will take a day off and celebrate)) and he was wearing that white-peach shirt with a nice looking design on the back? Let me tell you, the boy may not be able to afford expensive clothing or whatever, unlike someone, but damn he has style. 

Anyways. I just found it intriguing how, even to such an extent (details, palette) they are ying-yang. Two poles that can never touch. There’s this endless distance between them, as if they belong to two different worlds and there’s no way they would, well, collide. Get together, be something. Too complicated. Too dangerous. 

In fact, I believe they aren’t parallels at all. They’re just the same. “Where I end and you begin” kind of thing. It’s like planting two identical seeds on different types of ground and watch them grow. Less water for one, maybe less sunlight for the other. Of course they won’t grow the same — and one might turn out blue and the other red but that’s just the beauty of variety.  

The more I analyze them as characters the more I find just how alike they are. Which is why I believe they can and will fall in love with each other. Isn’t love all about finding yourself in another and all that? Uh, yeah, kind of sappy and overused, but true nonetheless. There’s no wonder they are so drawn to each other. Studying each other, more or less consciously. Always, always intrigued (where’s He Tian going? what’s redhead’s name anyway?). Mo Guan Shan might be all “I don’t fucking get you” but I’d say he’s the only one who can actually fucking get He Tian. 

They are day and night and they always meet at dawn and I think it’s beautiful and I want them happy. 

lil-space-king-deactivated20170  asked:

I have become a sour cream x buck dewey fan and what if before they were friends they knew of each other (probably through Jenny who later introduced them) and got huge crushes. So when his dad makes him mow the lawn (or wash the car or something) he

Sees sour cream coming and takes off his shirt and sour cream’s like “Hot damn” but doesn’t want buck dewey to see him staring so he pretends to tie his shoe but eventually buck (or some annoying neighbour) is like “you’ve been tying your shoe for like 10 minutes are you ok?”

Bangtan in gym class

Gym teacher: ok kids today we’re going to be playing basketball
Jin: ugh are you serious, I might break a nail….. sports are for peasants. Excuse me teacher Im feeling kinda sick can I just sit down
Gym teacher: suck it up and play the game
Jin:*pulls out $20* I said I was feeling kind of sick *slides twenty into teachers hand*
Gym teacher: Fine…you dont have to play but you have to participate somehow
Jin: can I be the cheerleader?
Gym teacher: sure
Jin: yaaasssss
Gym teacher: ok, enough of this lets start. The teams are Namjoon, jungkook, and hoseok and Yoongi, jimin, and taehyung
Yoongi: are you shitting me coach? Im the best player here and you stick me with two halves of a whole idiot. I might as well break my own damn ankles and give them a ten point start
Gym teacher: just play the game kid
Yoongi:*mumbling obscenities under his breath*
Jimin: excuse me teacher, can we play shirts vs. skins? *already has his shirt halfway off*
Gym teacher:Sure, go nuts
Jimin:*proceeds to rip his shirt off at the speed of light*
V: Teacher I dont want to take my shirt off…..
Teacher: ok you know what, only jimin can take his shirt off, the rest of you just play the damn game
Yoongi: listen here you little shits, the only thing you have to do is get the ball and throw it to me
Jimin&V: uh huh
*game starts*
Rapmon, jhope,jungkook: /beating the others by 20 points/
JHope: yall are gonna need some hope after we crush you guys
Jungkook: yeah you suckers are gonna lose to this tough kookie
Yoongi: *proceeds to break both of their ankles in the crossover of the century* whose tough now bitches *throws the ball to taehyung*
V:*gets hit in the face with the ball*
Yoongi: oh shit
Jimin: OH SHIT
V:*looks around* nose starts bleeding *starts crying* ahhhhhhh hyung h-hit me ahhhhh
Jimin:/trying to calm him down/ its ok buddy its ok,
V:*still crying*
Jimin:wanna go be cheerleaders with jin?
V:*cries even more*
Jimin:*has to escort taehyung to jins cheerleading section*
Namjoon: since you broke jhope and jungkooks ankles and lost your team mates lets go me and you 1 on 1
Yoongi: fine next person to score wins
Jimin and Jin: YOONGI YOONGI HES OUR GUY GAME SO RAW MADE TAEHYUNG CRY!!! *spirit fingers and kicks*
Jhope and jungkook:*booing and flipping off jimin and jin from the bleachers*
Rapmon:somehow miraculously scores
/gets dragged off the court kicking and screaming by the gym teacher/ /ends up biting the gym teachers hand then running after namjoon/
*chaos ensues*
Namjoon:/seeks refuge under the bleachers/
Jhope:/recording this shit for snapchat/
Jungkook: /on the floor laughing his ass off
Jimin:/trying to capture yoongi/
Jin:/internally reflecting on his decision to join the group/
Yoongi: /gets taken to the principals office/ ANd I SWEAR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU-
Gym teacher: Im fucking done

so the panic! at the disco concert on saturday (july 11) was the best night of my life for many reasons:

1. brendon’s horrible attempt at a cajun accent

2. “lieutenant dan-ic! at the disco”

3. brendon was complaining about the heat so i yelled “take your shirt off” and he said “alrighty then” and did it like ok wow thanks

4.”well i like water and i like slides. let’s see where this goes”

5. brendon trying v hard not to curse bc the venue asked him not to, leading to such gems as: “gosh darn it, we are going to have a great time!” “this girl was f-freaking my friends”

6. scoffing at the crowd like a small child for singing “god damn” in i write sins not tragedies

7. refer back to number 3

8. death metal lord’s prayer

9. number 3 once more

10. #3 like wow still not over shirtless beebo



“Stop Alex” I whined when he grabbed me from behind

“What am I doing?” he asked

He thought he was slick. Over the last few days, I’ve learned the antics that he would use when he wanted to have sex and it’s just not going down today.

“No glove no love” I smacked Alex’s hand away that was creeping up my thigh “Damn, why you trippin’?” He asked looking frustrated

“Because, I saw that you used your last condom last night so until you go to the store and buy a new box, my ‘hot pocket’ is out of commission, sorry” I said

He pulled me into him and rested his chin on my shoulder “Get on the pill then so we don’t have to keep having this conversation” he suggested

I shook my head “No, that’s like an instant ten pounds” I said thinking of the last time I was on birth control

“Man you not even trying to compromise with me” he said in an annoyed tone

“I would like to think that I’ve been very compromising lately considering that we’ve have sex for three days straight” I said

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Redo: part two // J.G.
Requested by popular demand:
Part two of Redo, an imagine where Gilinsky cheats on Madison with you

So last night really did happen.

Jack spent the whole day acting like we were nothing but old friends then decides to kiss me all of a sudden whilst his girlfriend was just a few feet away. I don’t remember all of it in part due to alcohol and the rush of these feelings. However, I do recall making out on the garden swing until we almost got caught by Johnson, using the bullshit excuse that I had lost something earlier, and we were just trying to find it. Thank God he was oblivious enough to believe us.

After that, it’s like nothing else mattered that night. Jack and I parted ways once again, but physical distance meant nothing to him as he kept sneaking looks towards me whilst he hung out with Madison. The boy was shameless.

See, the thing about homewrecking for me is that I know it’s wrong, yet I find myself not really wanting to stop. There’s no doubt in my mind that I wanted Jack, and obviously he had some desire for me too. The only problem here was Madison, and I had yet to learn why Jack would go behind her back like he did.

I woke up on the floor of Gilinsky’s bedroom with just a blanket acting as my mattress, having no recollection of how I ended up here but not caring enough to find out. As I sat up through the agonizing wake up call of a hangover, I noticed half of Jack’s limp body hanging off the edge of the bed. Part of me wanted to ignore him for the rest of my time here because I kind of felt awkward after last night. The other half of me wanted to sit him down and have a detailed discussion about what the hell he was thinking. I decided with the former because Lord knows we don’t need any more drama in our cliche story. So I lugged myself to the bathroom and began to get ready as I would any other day.

Midway through brushing my teeth, Jack trudged into the bathroom, murmuring some form of a greeting. I assumed that he wasn’t fully awake as he decided to take a piss right before my eyes.

“Jack, chill!” I exclaimed through my foamy mouth. It wasn’t anything new to me, but I’d rather not get more involved with him than I already am. I didn’t even know what we were, after all.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m not used to having someone in here when I wake up.” He mumbled in a groggy manner, rubbing his eyes to insinuate some more awakening.

“Yeah, no shit.” With a hand held up to the side of my face, I finished brushing my teeth. He seemed to be more attentive once I finished my morning routine. If I’m quite honest, I was waiting for him to say something about last night, but from the looks of it, I’m not sure if he even remembered anything. I leaned against the door frame whilst he took his turn at the sink, contemplating whether or not I should bring it up. But the longer I watched him, the more my curiosity ate at me. “So the party was fun, wasn’t it?”

“The parts I remember, hell yeah.”

“And– And the people were great. Really chill.”

“Yeah, they’re cool. They’re like some of the best people around.”

I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with this conversation. I knew Jack so well, and we were so comfortable with each other that I couldn’t tell if he was acting nonchalant to say that what we did was a mistake or if he genuinely didn’t remember what happened. Either way, he wasn’t being very helpful.

“And the boys–”

“Y/N, if you’re trying to ask me about our kiss, yes, it did happen.” He cut in, turning his body towards me whilst leaning his arm on the sink. Okay, well, that wasn’t the issue here. I knew perfectly well that it did happen.

“So you were sober?” I questioned in desperation of finding some sort of excuse to validate my guilt. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t take it back whatsoever, I still felt bad for Madison.

“Mm, nah I was pretty drunk.” He shook his head. My heart started racing. Okay, good because now I had a reason. But also bad because he probably didn’t mean or want to do it.

“So it was an accident.”

“Nope, I meant to kiss you.” Also good and bad. And confusing as hell, which apparently showed through my expression as he let out a chuckle. He took a step closer, and just like that, we were almost chest-to-chest. God, he’s grown a lot taller. “I meant what I said, Y/N. I can’t stand the fact that we’re finally in the same place again, but we’re not together.” I gulped, nervously scanning his face for any form of joking. He wasn’t.

“You– You were the one who suggested we break up.” I reminded him, but I also had to remind myself of what happened between us. As much as I wanted to be with him, how could I be sure that what happened before wouldn’t happen again?

“I know, baby. And every day I regret it. I miss having you around, and I miss being able to call you my girl.” Just like when we were dating, his words entranced me with little effort. To top it off, his hands found their way onto my waist, and he looked down at me with those goddamn Gilinsky eyes. I was teetering between believing him and holding onto my willpower. So far the former had me hooked.

“Madison’s your girl.” I managed to choke out in a whisper. I could feel my heart beating in my throat, and I tried to swallow it down as his face edged closer to mine.

“She’s no you.” With those words, his lips just barely touched mine before I heard the bedroom door swing open. I immediately pushed him away and turned around just in time to see Madison come into view.

“Good morning, you two!” She smiled, and I thought my heart was going to beat itself out of my rib cage. I didn’t know she was still here. Why didn’t she sleep in Jack’s bedroom instead of me? So many questions bombarded my brain that I felt a little lightheaded as I looked back at Jack.

“Morning, baby girl.” I cringed as I watched him greet her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Even then, he gave me a wink behind her back. I almost felt disgusted. How could he be so intimate with me one minute then pretend to be a good boyfriend to Madison the next?

“So I was thinking,” Madison spoke up once they pulled apart, “We should all have a beach day! You know, since this is your first time in LA, and I know you and the Jacks were like super close back in Omaha. It’ll be fun! What do you think?” Every time I looked at her, all I could see was the guilt I felt. It was almost painful.

“That sounds..” I looked at Jack. “.. great. I’d love to hang with y’all.” I gave a weak smile, although she didn’t seem to notice as she clapped once.

“Amazing! So I’ll let you get ready then let everyone else know. We’re gonna have a blast.” With a quick peck to Jack’s lips, she was gone. I looked at Jack, and already he had a smirk on those stupid lips of his.

“I spy a little jealous Jane.”

“I’m not jealous.” I snapped, crossing my arms. I was so jealous. Forget about my guilt; I wanted him all to myself. Madison was a nice girl and all, but she obviously couldn’t handle Jack like I could.

“You so are. What, couldn’t handle a little PDA from me and Mads?” I rolled my eyes. If there’s one thing I didn’t miss, it was his cocky moments. Chuckling, he pulled me by my waist and closed the bathroom door behind us. Soon enough, we were back to our close proximity, except this time he had me trapped against the door. “Don’t worry, princess. You’re still the one I want.” Looking from his eyes to his lips and back again, I furrowed my eyebrows and bunched his shirt into my fist.

“Damn right I am.” I tugged him down to meet my lips in a feverish manner. Through it, his smirk was once again evident as he moved his hands to my wrists, easing my grip off his shirt before he pinned them against the door.

“What happened to feeling bad about Madison?” He spoke through the kiss, upping the messy factor of our movements. I breathed heavily as I felt my cares slipping away from me.

“I’m taking back what’s mine.”

ok ok ok I’m stopping it there otherwise this little imagine will go on forever because I really don’t know how to end this without making it too long omg I’m sorry if you wanted more, although I’m sure there are other cheating Gilinsky imagines/fanfics out there. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to decide what happens next I guess haha

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Stuck With You

(*FIRST*) Request: I love your writing ! OMG YOU ARE AMAZIng I was wondering if you had time if you could write a oneshot were the reader is seen like a daughter to dean but is dating Sam. And when on a hunt together the reader gets hurt and dean tries to blame it on Sam and he believes dean so tries to break up with the reader but then like loads smut happens to show him she wants him to stay ?????? And maybe then dean also joins so she can show she can take care of herself  (Sorry if this is a crap request!)

A/N: Bent this request a little bit (with the requestee’s approval) to fit my comfort zone more and made Dean the boyfriend, based on my own preferences(; This is my first attempt at smut, so please bear with me if this is awful. Feel free to like/reblog/send me some anon love for it, because it’d be extremely appreciated! On with the story:

Word Count: 2800ish

Warning: Following post contains smut, angst, and a whole lot of hot Dean, proceed at your own risk. Also, Sam being a jerk.

Originally posted by marilynmay

You sat in the backseat of Baby, nervously playing with the hair tie on your wrist. You glanced up at Sam and Dean. Dean, your boyfriend, was driving, while Sam looked out the passenger window gloomily. 

To say it had been tense lately between the three of you was an understatement. As your protective best friend, Sam saw you more as a little sister than just a friend. He had voiced his concerns before about you getting into the hunting game. You getting hurt was the last thing Sam wanted, and he and Dean had almost come to blows a number of times over it. 

For Dean, it was an opportunity to keep you in his life and be able to protect you at all times. Dean had managed to convince Sam to let you come on a few jobs previous to tonight, but they had all been pretty basic stuff. You had salted and burned a couple corpses, and even taken care of some haunted objects.

 Tonight was your first job that took it to the next level.

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anonymous asked:

Hi it's ur photoshoot anon again (oops), please consider this: Enjolras who is used to people only being interested in him bc of his looks, so when les amis is still a relatively new group, he wears baggy hoodies etc to "hide" himself (poor baby D:). But when the group becomes closer he realizes that these people are actually his friends and like him for who he is. So one day he just ditches his baggy clothes and goes to the meeting wearing ripped skinny jeans *

and a tight red t-shirt. Grantaire falls off his chair and has to escape to the bathroom, because ok he’s always known that Enjolras is hot, no ugly clothes can hide that, but this is just UNFAIR

OH MY GOD Enjolras who is a strong S clothing-wise and buys stuff in M or even L because he’s so tired of it! He could wrap himself whole in his hoodie!

Grantaire has to take 10 long minutes to gather himself and splash his face with water cause DAMN he knew he was handsome and stuff, he couldn’t hide his face after all but HOT that is an entirely different story!

And when he comes back Joly is congratulating Enjolras on his shirt aka his confidence and trust and asks Grantaire “It looks great, don’t you think R?”


Happy Thanksgiving!

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thursday!

I freaking hate turkey. In fact, most of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are not exactly things I love to eat…but there is one thing I fucking LOVE to eat, and everyone knows I love it because they all make/bring me PIE. If Dean were at my house right now, he would be in heaven, because not only would I make it the best night of his life (and mine lol ) but also because there is so much fucking awesome pie. 

I freaking love…

Skip turkey and green bean casserole 

because ..

I tried helping make dinner, but I am like West in the kitchen

So I guess I should say things I am thankful for…first of all I am thankful for Supernatural. It is literally my life, and watching the show has changed my life, I won’t get all into it now but it helped me through so much and some people might not get that but not only does watching the episodes over and over make everything better, the actors are fucking amazing…truly awesome people and because of the show I have met some fucking amazing people in this awesome fandom. It also gives me lot of hobbies- editing pics and gifs, making videos, writing fan fic…It is not just a show, it changes your life for the better and I would never make it if Supernatural ended or never existed. 

So…Things I am thankful for:

  • Supernatural

  • Dean Winchester

  • Castiel 

  • Sammy

  • Destiel   

  • Sam & Dean   

  • Crowley
  • Deanmon

  • Jensen Ackles     

  • Misha Collins    

  • Jared Padalecki        

  • J2

  • Did I mention Jense Ackles’s fine sexy ass…he is so fucking gorgeous and perfect and oh so hot 


    Ok what was I saying?….Oh yeah

  • Cockles

  • J2M

  • Gag reels
  • Mishalecki

  • Dean’s dimples
  • Dean taking his shirt off
  • shirtless!Sam

  • THIS

  • ^^ Look Closely at Jensen’s left leg…omg yes
  • Scruff
  • There is too many hot things about the show to name..how there is so much porn, gun porn, hand porn, all that sexy stuff because Sam, Dean, and Cas are fucking hot (so are many others  like Matt, but  they are the main ones)
  • So just to name a few..gun/hand porn

  • Those scenes that are put in there to mind fuck us and drive us fucking insane because they are so hot

  • Shots like this…OK I’m gonna stop there, cuz damn I could go on forever… back to what I’m thankful for…

  • Those hilarious scenes and just how this show is so fucking awesome because every episodes has at least one hilarious line in it              

  • The way we take thing from the show and they become a part of our lives…

  • Shower scenes
  • The way Jensen always pouts his sexy luscious lips

  • They way Dean is PURE SEX

  • How every single thing Dean does is sexy, just looking up or that thing he does where his jaw moves a little, t bit..ugh I swear to Chuck some day this man will fucking kill me with his hotness                                       

  • Just everything about Dean because he is the most perfect, hot, sexy, hilarious, thing in the world 

  •   This Fandom!    

  • Jensen joining Twitter and posting selfies 

  • Supernatural Conventions

  • And so many more things I want to add but this is so long and I gotta stop…but I just love everything about the show, and this fandom. I love each and every one of my followers-thanks for being awesome I love you all <3

#had to add a few hot things I thought of after I blogged this but there seriously millions of things I could add