take the bacon away from him


ITS WHAT I WERE FEEL AFTER THIS EPOSODE: - Peter wanted to throw everything including the seat to Scott for Malia. - He wants to take away with him Malia slices of bacon Hills SAFETY place. TWICE he voluntarily sacrificed his own life to save his baby Malia.: 1. burned himself alive FOR Malia 2. moments from Jack London “Go…GOO, RUN MALIA RUUUN !!! (care to save Malia from ghost Riders sent Malia flee while he stayed to fight with them just to save her.) VERDICT: Peter Hale loves and takes care of his daughter. MALIA HIM FOR ALL. And I feel bad because if they WILL NOT BE AT THE END OF FAMILY REUNION, God forbid PETER DIE. I die with it too.

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Masterlist - 13Jan16

Here is a collection of imagines, blurbs, one shots, smuts, preferences and text aus that we did. hope you guys request for more to make the list larger yay XX

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(Requested) Dad’s Back From the Dead (again)

“(Y/N), I just need to use the bathroom,” Sam chuckled softly, looking down as you clutched the sleeve of his shirt tightly and refused to let him take another step away from the kitchen. You lowered your eyes so that you didn’t have to look at him and asked in quiet voice, “Can’t you just hold it for a little bit? Please dad?” Dean and Castiel were both hovering over the stove behind you, arguing over who should be allowed to use the frying pan first; Dean for bacon or Cas for eggs. Sam glanced over at them quickly before answering, “I don’t think so baby, I’ve been waiting to eat but it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.”

Sam rolled his eyes before looking back at you fondly and shaking his arm a little bit. “I really need to go (Y/N), but I promise I’m not gonna sneak out the back door.”

Dean and Cas had both stopped talking by now and were silently watching the two of you with soft eyes while the bacon sizzled behind them, almost totally forgotten. Sam glanced over again before sitting back down next to you at the table and leaning forward to look at your face when you still hadn’t let go of his sleeve, “Kiddo, I’m not going anywhere. I just need to use the bathroom and then I’ll be right back.” “

           “Be right back?” you repeated, questioning him in a shaky voice. “That’s what you said six months ago. And then you never came back dad.”

           Sam sighed, “That’s not gonna happen again okay? I was being stupid, not paying attention and five demons jumped me. I didn’t even bring the blade out with me when I went to the store. But it’s not gonna go down like that anymore, I promise-“

           “Besides, we always find a way to bring him back don’t we? We should start killing him off and bringing him back just to test ourselves,” Dean teased, flipping over a slice of bacon and smiling in appreciation as it curled up and started to burn. “Who wants to go first? I vote the kid. (Y/N) you can get the first shot, there’s a gun in the drawer next to you-”

Sam and Cas both glared at him as your breath hitched and Dean looked up, realizing what he had said, “(Y/N), I didn’t mean that, I just- Sammy’s not going anywhere, anytime soon you have my word. Uncle Dean will not let anything else near his baby brother, okay? I sort of missed having the geek around just as much as you did. Besides, we need him here. You’re no walk in the park, sunshine. Cas was in over his head trying to raise a seventeen-year old.”    

           “I feel I was doing fairly well, given the circumstances,” Cas protested, folding his arms across his chest and looking affronted.

           “You bought her diapers instead of pads last week,” Dean pointed out.

           “I was unaware there was a difference! A diaper would absorb just as much blood, if not more, than a pad would and-“          

           “Alright, alright,” Sam interrupted, scrunching up his nose in disgust. “We don’t need to discuss my daughter’s period over breakfast. Just remind me to go out and stock up on pads as soon as this conversation is over.”        

           “You’re not going anywhere,” you said firmly, gripping his wrist in your hand and pulling him closer to yourself. “Not without me, at least.”

           “And concerning everywhere other than the bathroom, I’m totally fine with this new arrangement,” Sam smiled lightly. “I haven’t let go of you, just as much as you haven’t let go of me this week. And it would be fine, I wouldn’t be worried if I didn’t know the reason behind this, and how scared you are twenty-four seven now. Sweetheart, I promise you, I’m not letting myself get killed again. You have to trust us now. Nothing is going to happen to any of us, I’m not leaving you ever again.”  

arin x reader fanfiction

i, the reader, was sitting on a couch with arin hanson, aka egoraptor from the very cool youtube show game grumps. he was playing ocarina of time, and i was silently watching, judging his every move. 

we sat very close together. when he turned to face me i could feel his breath tickle my skin. he smelled faintly of cinnamon and vanilla, with a hint of bacon. it was intoxicating!

once in a while i had to tear my eyes away from the TV so i could admire him. he was a very handsome man, with very many chins. together they formed a stairway up to his face, which was gently caressed by his cool and manly beard. 

his eyes were like two big brown balls, and had i been able to ignore his bad gameplay i could easily have gotten myself lost in them.

eventually i couldn’t stand it anymore. 

“take them off” i whispered into his ear. 

“w-what?” arin stuttered. 

“just please take them off, i’m begging you!” i said louder, unable to hide the desperation in my voice. 

“i don’t get what you mean” arin said, blushing slightly.

“your hover boots!” i yelled, tears streaming down my face. “please take them off, i’m begging you! why are you doing this to yourself? every level you play doesn’t have to be the ice level, just please take them off.. i can’t stand to watch this slippery nightmare anymore!”

“Dean, I think I’m in love.”

Dean nearly choked on his bacon, looking up from the newspaper he’d been reading. He stared at the fallen angel sitting across from him at the table. Cas was looking at him earnestly.

Awesome. Dean no longer felt hungry. He’d always known that this day would come, but it hurt like hell nonetheless. Of course Cas would someday leave the bunker, go and live his own life now that he was human. Dean didn’t like it, couldn’t stand the thought of Cas loving anyone but him, but that was not a good enough reason to take away Cas’ happiness. Dean put on a brave face.

“Alright… So do I know her?” He asked, pretending to casually put away the newspaper.

Castiel looked almost offended at the question.

“Or not, if you don’t wanna share.” Dean muttered, defensively holding up a hand, feeling even worse because Cas apparently didn’t feel the need to share with him who the competition was.

With an exasperated sigh, Cas got up from his chair, walking around the table to invade Dean’s personal space. Then he dipped his head, tenderly kissing the corner of Dean’s mouth, and with that banning every coherent thought from Dean’s brain. Blue eyes were clearly mocking him when Cas pulled away.

“You are an idiot, Dean Winchester.”