take the bacon away from him

princess [draco malfoy]

request: nonexistent! this was directly out of my mind (’:

word count: ~3700

a/n: good jesus christ this one took far too long to write. this is my first post of the blog, though, so color me excited for what’s to come! also i’m so tired. this has drained my energy for some reason. ugh. please do request though i have nothing to write and my ideas sort of go everywhere when i don’t have a solid idea in mind! thanks for reading! <3

summary: in which a sarcastic comment has draco calling you “princess”. he’s also kind of an ass. a very attractive, rude ass. (contains swearing ofc)

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Opening the fridge door, Castiel froze as he realized that he had value. He wasn’t some expendable soldier, fodder for war and useless in peace time.

He wasn’t God’s tool; he wasn’t just something passing through time with nowhen to call home. He had a body, a real body, to call his own. He had a place to be.

Cas grabbed the eggs from the fridge and practically sauntered back to Dean, where he was finishing with the bacon in the frying pan.

Pecking him on the cheek and accepting the eggs, Dean expected Cas to walk away, to set the table or find drinks or just go somewhere else. When he didn’t go, Dean turned to him with a raised eyebrow in a silent question of why.

Simply smiling in return, Cas sighed lightly and settled into his posture next to Dean, looking content and natural.

Even just standing there, watching and taking up space, he was truly valued and he knew it.

Monsta X as Werewolves

Pace yourself with the scenarios and reactions okay? But i want to request Monsta X as werewolves, 🐕 since you have a lot of vampires. 🦇

I will, thank you for the concern! This is my first werewolf!au and I LOVE au’s so this was so much fun to write :D I hope you enjoy this and have a lovely day, anon! ~


  • You were convinced he hated you at first,, He would often stare you down, or avoid you, or leave if you entered a room. As the newest to the group, you often wondered why you were let in when the leader didn’t even like you
  • Frustrated, you vented your feelings to Minhyuk while you were partnered up for a task. He laughed at your worries; “He doesn’t hate you! It’s actually the opposite - He thinks you’re so beautiful that he can’t stand to be around you!”
  • With this new info in mind, you start to test Minhyuk’s confession. You showed more skin, would frequently corner Shownu to “ask” him something, often brushing against him
  • While working with Minhyuk, he vented about you. “I’m loosing my mind! I can’t think straight anymore!” and with a meek voice, Minhyuk admitted that he might have told you about his crush
  • Now aware of your game, Shownu teased you back
  • And this back and forth flirtation resulted in a relationship … after a night of passion
  • With mating season drawing near, the leader had locked himself away, afraid of loosing all control and taking you on the ground, with everyone around
  • But knowing his reason, you “visited” him and helped relieve his stress
  • So yeah,, basically, he’s the pack Dad and you’re the pack Mom (regardless of the gender you identify with)

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  • Kind of a fuckboy but a nice one, does that make sense?? He has a big heart and wants to share it with everyone, male or female, human or werewolf
  • That’s why it’s no surprise when he ends up in your bed one night, not caring that you were human. What is surprising, however, is when he wakes up to see you gone, a note stuck to his forehead: ‘I’m out. Be gone before I’m back.’ The cold tone cracks his heart. He’s not used to being left, usually being the one to leave
  • He can’t get you out of his mind so after a few weeks, he tracks you down again
  • “I’m that good that you sniffed me out again?” you tease but he doesn’t laugh
  • He looks very serious, stood on your doorstep with a single rose in hand. “That’s not why I came back. I want to know … Can I take you out to dinner?”
  • You humour him, more so looking for a casual fling. But Hoseok surprises you that under that handsome man, is the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met
  • Although neither of you make it official, you know your hearts belong to each other 

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  • Not really a werewolf, more of a werepuppy
  • He’s in charge of easing newbies into the pack and entertaining the kiddies while the adults do work
  • It was when he was younger, only a teen, that an orphaned wolf was put into his care. You weren’t much younger than him, so the bond never became anything fatherly. And he was too playful to be taken seriously anyway. He was more of like a close best friend, who also happened to be your guardian
  • Minhyuk took care of you diligently, often bringing you back pretty stones or other things he’d found while hunting. An almost perfect condition wrist watch was one of his greatest finds and you treasured it
  • So when you got into a fight with a fellow wolf, who smashed it, you saw red. After nearly killing her, Shownu was on bad terms with you. You almost were kicked out of the pack. But when Minhyuk found out why you had flipped, he fought to keep you
  • And now you were even more indebted to him
  • Minhyuk felt bad about the incident, often bringing the girl you fought medicine to help her recover. This annoyed you to no end and you often tried to stop him visiting her
  • “Why??” he asked eventually. “Don’t you want her to live?”
  • “No,” you admit, the blood rushing to your cheeks. “She broke my second most precious thing and is going to take my most precious thing away.”
  • “Your second most precious thing is that pocket watch I found you, right? So what’s your most important thing?”
  • Shyly, you buried your blushing face into his chest. And he grinned from ear to ear
  • “So cute!! You love me?! Why didn’t you tell me before?! I love you too!”

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  • Was sent on a task to track down a human. He was told that they held important information about the wolf world that they shouldn’t know
  • Eventually he found you, working at a bookstore in town. You looked harmless, stacking books, but an order was an order
  • He kidnapped you as you walked home that night, done with your shift. And interrogated you. Except it wasn’t much of an interrogation. You were terrified, shaking like a leaf; “I don’t know anything! I seen a boy turn into a wolf and that’s it!” Your heart doesn’t falter so he knows it’s the truth
  • But he can’t let you leave. You didn’t know as much as Shownu thought, but knowing was all it took to warrant an execution. Except he couldn’t; it felt like trying to slaughter a baby lamb
  • Instead, he brought you pack to the pack. It took months until you felt comfortable around them, having been afraid they might snap and kill you
  • Kihyun took charge of you, making sure no wolf messed with you, and sometimes breaking rules to make you happy. You weren’t allowed to return home, but he would let you write your family letters to assure them you’re safe and alive
  • One morning, a female wolf started to pick a fight with you, threatening your life; “If it weren’t for Kihyuns protection, you’d be dead long ago.”
  • “Why does he protect me?”
  • “He loves you, dumbass. Luckily for you”
  • Kihyun bursts in suddenly, scaring her off and wrapping you in a hug: “Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” He scanned your face for any sign of fear, instead he found you smiling. “What’s so funny?”
  • Reaching up, you press a kiss to his lips; “I love you too, idiot”

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  • Your first impression of him was rather negative. As a new pack member, you worked hard to fit in and impress your leader,, yet someone so high up like Hyungwon did nothing but sleep all the time. And if he wasn’t sleeping, he had this bitchy look on his face
  • It wasn’t until a neighbouring pack tried to start something, that you understood the real Hyungwon
  • A beta from the rival pack attacked you, both of you in wolf form, and your shoulder was badly injured
  • Hyungwon snapped that beta’s neck, nursing you back to health, and fussing over the others that were injured. He had a gentle, warm touch as he tended to your injury. And you even seen him sing one of the youngest to sleep, a 9 year old girl that lost her mother in the fight with the rival pack
  • Once better, you kind of just followed him around?? You wanted to repay him so you would fetch whatever herbs he wanted, or a rabbit if he was hungry, and for his birthday, you bought him the fluffiest pillows you could find
  • Hyungwon immediately fell for you
  • One evening, as the sun was setting, you returned to him with a basket of flowers he’d asked you to pick; “What are they for, Wonnie?”
  • “You’ll see,” he promised, arranging the flowers into a bouquet before handing them to you. “They’re for you. I wanted you to pick the prettiest flowers because my eyes don’t see beauty like yours do. That’s one of the reasons I love you.”
  • “That’s cute but be honest,, you made me pick them so you wouldn’t have to get out of bed, right??”
  • *avoiding the q* “So are you free tonight?”

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  • Either or aggressive or soft, so he can be unpredictable. This is made worse during the full moon or mating season
  • Usually, newbies to the pack are assigned to keep watch on him, mainly cause no one actually wants to deal with Jooheon when he’s mad or acting clingy and cute
  • As the newest member, you’re given this job
  • Only you don’t react like everyone else has
  • You humour his cute side, scratching behind his ear (just how he likes it) when he’s in wolf form, smiling at his aegyo, bringing him extra food when he’s hungry even tho the other wolves call him chubby but he’s not leave him alone
  • And you listen when he’s mad or frustrated, helping him control his aggression until after a few months, Jooheon learns how to be calm, even during a full moon
  • He grows to realize that his aggression was misunderstood sadness; he was lonely, wanting a companion to love him and maybe have a litter with
  • Although he realizes this, it takes him another long year before he actually confesses. He had been too afraid of loosing you or getting rejected. His pack hated seeing him hold back like that so they eventually pushed him to confess
  • “Do you, uh, wanna go running in our wolf forms?? I mean, like, not just running. But as a … date??”

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  • Generally in control of himself,, although he hates humans, he never kills one unless they deserve it
  • Only looses control during mating season
  • Driven by lust, he breaks away from the pack, searching for someone to ease his carnal hunger
  • He stumbles upon an omega, you, wandering through the forest alone. You had smelled him coming from miles away, knowing what he was hunting for
  • You stayed,, wanting to feed your desire too
  • The morning after, he turns shy and soft. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forceful last night.” Although he knows your bruises will heal quickly, that doesn’t make him feel any less bad
  • “That’s okay. I like a man who takes control. So do you wanna get breakfast or something?”
  • Tbh he didn’t know you, but the night before was pretty damn good so hell yeah, let’s get some f*cking eggs and bacon
  • “My treat,” he offers

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Moody Blues

Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader, Sam x Sister!Reader

Summary: You’re on your period, have an argument with Dean and Sammy tries to save the day.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Not much, talk about periods, grumpy Dean and moody reader, language

A/N: This is written for @dreamin-of-somewhere-else 2000 Followers Writing Challenge. The prompt is bold in the story. Thank you for the fun challenge and for being such a lovely person :)

A/N part two: Huge shout out to @queen-of-deans-booty for being a fantastic beta and helping me with this, and also for being an amazing friend. I love you, Jordan!

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Groaning, you tossed around on your bed. Your hands clenched over your abdomen as cramps went through your body. Your period wasn’t always this bad, usually, it had been quite bearable, but this month was one of the worst.

“Hey,” Dean called from the hallway. “Didn’t you want to cook dinner tonight?”

Again, you groaned, but didn’t move a bit. “Can’t you make some food yourself? You’re a grown man, aren’t you?” you retorted, not at all feeling like getting up. Everything you wanted to do was lay there, covered in your blankets and wait for the pain to subside.

“Wow. Someone’s extra pissy today.” Dean stated, standing in the doorway with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He looked at you, brows furrowed and a mix of annoyance, concern and amusement on his face.

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Pairing: Jared x wife!Reader

Summary: After your brother gets hurt and has surgery, Jared offers him a place to stay in your guest bedroom, and you become his live-in nurse.

Word Count: ~1,300

Warnings: rude family members, fed up Jared, exhaustion, cursing, very minor talk of medical situations/post-surgery things

A/N: Basically this has been my life for the past few days, since my brother’s accident, so I decided to write it out because it’s the only thing I know to do anymore. Gif submitted to me by @lizmalfoywayland

Beta: None, and it’s completely unedited; all mistakes are mine.

Flopping down into your bed, you closed your eyes briefly and awaited the next call of your name from the guest room. It came sooner than you expected, causing you to lick your lips and inhale through your nose, closing your eyes. 

“Be right there.” You pushed yourself up on your elbows and slung your legs off the side of the bed. You trudged into the guest bedroom and leaned against the doorframe. “What’s up?” 

“I’m hungry.” Your brother shrugged. 

“It’s almost midnight…” You sighed, earning another shrug from him. “What do you want?” 

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I want to remember...

Summary: What if you wake up and can remember enough of what happened the night before to know that everything has changed, but still don’t know who made the first move? (just a little friends to lovers sexy times for your Saturday) AO3

She wakes up to the usual sounds of squealing brakes followed by impatient horn blasts, security gates rattling in their journey upwards, murmurs of cell phone calls and the occasional bark of a too small dog. The noises of the city around her never seem to change, even on a morning that feels like it should be different. She presses at the base of her neck to see if the skin there is raised, fingertips tracing the same pattern as his lips, his tongue, the coarse hairs of his chin. Scrunching her eyes ever more tightly closed, she tries to add clarity to images threatening to disappear as consciousness fights with the fog of drunken mistakes.

Was it a mistake the way his mouth felt against hers, the weight of his hands on her skin or the possessive feel of his fingers anchored in her hair. Did he not mean the words he breathed between her lips between soul deep kisses?

“Finally…I’ve always wanted…Emma…”

She knows the truth of hers.

“Me too…”

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I would give the shirt off my back just to know how you’d look in it.

Anonymous requested : “Is that my shirt?” for a Jily prompt but I mistakenly deleted the ask when I was cleaning out my inbox of some years-old THG-fandom asks, sorry.
Read it on ffn or AO3

She is seated at the Gryffindor table eating a hearty serving of fried eggs and toast and talking to her friend Marlene when they come traipsing into the Great Hall like a scene from a Muggle film. Judging by the dark circles under all of their eyes, none of them got any sleep last night. It doesn’t make them any less picturesque.

Sirius, with his long, sleek, shimmery black hair and a careless smirk set on his handsome face, has always been one of the most beautiful people she has ever seen; even when they were eleven and weren’t exactly on the best terms there was no denying his ethereal beauty. Remus, all rugged and scarred and managing to look somehow both seventeen and eighty at the same time – it’s that haunted look in his eyes, she thinks – comes alive with the grin that his friends bring to his face. Peter, who has always been nothing but eager smiles and quick, witty one-liners and blue eyes in a boyishly charming face, is shorter and far less impressive to look at than his friends, but manages to fit in seamlessly all the same. Finally, there’s James Potter, the tallest of the bunch, arguably less handsome than Sirius but still with his fair share of admirers thanks to the easy grin, the effortless humor, the contagious laughter, the eager, open, friendliness that he exudes, the perpetually messy hair and deep, soft, charming hazel eyes that draw focus to a pleasant face.

Her heart skitters when she looks at him, finds him already watching her, heading straight for her. The playful grin turns boyish and eager when their eyes meet and she has to look away before she bites her lip and gives it all away. He is wedged between Sirius and Peter, an arm draped over each of them, but he wrenches himself away from them and drops into the empty seat on her left, tossing an arm over her shoulders.

“Morning, Lily. Marlene,” he says with a nod for the blonde to her right.

“Morning, James.” Marlene smirks at him as Sirius, Remus, and Peter take up three spots across the table from them. “Boys.”

“McKinnon, may I say, you’re looking quite fit today,” Sirius says, eyeing her over the table even as he loads up his plate with bacon and eggs.

“Yes, you may,” Marlene says loftily.

With her silky, wavy blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and curvy build, she is no stranger to boys like Sirius Black hitting on her. Still, Sirius is one of the few boys who manages to makes those comments and walk away unscathed. She claims it’s because their respective best friends are dating and it would be awkward to face him day after day knowing that she had all but hexed his balls off, but Lily suspects it’s more than that.

Carelessly flicking her hair over her shoulder, Marlene turns her attention away from Sirius, fixes a charming smile on her face, and leans toward Remus across the table. When she speaks, her voice is high-pitched and just slightly breathy. “Hey, did you finish that Defense essay yet?”

Lily wants to laugh, knowing that Marlene’s efforts are lost on Remus, who is not just oblivious to female interest, but actively tries to avoid it and therefore will not be seduced into helping Marlene with anything.

“Just about,” Remus says, watching suspiciously as she takes his plate from him and fixes him a heaping serving of the sausages sitting in front of her. “You want my notes, don’t you?”

“Please, I’m in completely over my head here,” Marlene drops the seductive tone and hands his loaded plate back.

“Sorry, I don’t actually take notes in Defense.” He cracks a rueful smile when she groans.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts genius over here,” Sirius says, nudging Remus with his shoulder.

“You don’t take notes in anything,” Lily points out, doing her best to ignore James’s wandering fingers on her leg.

“My genius is not limited to any one subject,” Sirius insists.

“Funny your grades don’t reflect your genius, then,” Marlene says.

Next to her, James laughs. Lily bites her lip to keep from joining in. She can’t help but to crack a smile when Sirius tosses a chunk of bacon at James, who catches it and throws it back at him.

“You can use my notes if you let me copy your History of Magic notes,” Peter offers hopefully.

“No offense, Peter, but you’re not exactly the top Defense student,” Marlene points out with a sigh.

“Maybe not,” Peter says. “But I stole Remus’s essay yesterday and took notes on it.”

“I knew I didn’t leave it unrolled!” Remus exclaims.

“You’ve got a deal, Peter.” Marlene grins and shakes Peter’s hand across the table, both of them happily ignoring Remus’s scowl.

“Catch this, Potter.” Sirius lifts a spoonful of jam and makes to fling it at James.

“If you hit me, Black, you’re a dead man,” Lily says darkly. He eyes her for a moment, takes note of her wand sitting next to her hand on the table, and wisely drops the jam.

“My hero,” James places a hand dramatically over his heart and leans over to kiss her.

He catches her chin instead of her lips when she turns her head at the last second. He sighs and lets his arm fall from around her shoulders. “You’re not still cross with me, are you?”

“Why ever should I be cross with you?” Lily says.

“Exactly, you shouldn’t!” James insists.

“Good thing I’m not, then!” she snaps, and turns her back on him to speak to Marlene, who is now watching them with wide eyes. He may be her boyfriend, and she may be the only person in the world who finds him more attractive than Sirius Black, and her heart may skip several beats whenever their eyes meet, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t make him pay for his indiscretions.

“I’ve had a cross girlfriend or two in my day,” Sirius stage-whispers to the rest of them, “and she’s definitely cross.”  

Lily just barely resists the urge to stick out her tongue at him or maybe glue his tongue to the roof of his mouth.

He doesn’t make a sound or touch her or anything of the sort, but Lily is as aware as ever that James is staring at her. It’s a bit difficult to ignore someone staring at you when said person is sitting barely two inches away, but she gives it her best effort, chatting with Marlene, Remus, and Peter in between bites of her breakfast. Next to Remus, Sirius is clearly taking advantage of James’s inattention, doing something with his wand under the table. She has a brief moment of pity for her boyfriend before she remembers that he definitely probably deserves whatever Sirius has in mind.

“Is that my shirt?” James asks suddenly.

Lily freezes, a forkful of egg halfway to her mouth, and looks at him. “No.”

It’s a silly thing to lie about. It’s his favorite shirt in the world. He’s worn it just about daily since his parents gave it to him for Christmas three years ago and he would know it anywhere. There’s a telltale stain just below her left breast where Sirius spilled Doxy venom on him back in fifth year – he still has the scar on his chest to prove it – and a hole the size of a knut where the too-long sleeve bunches up at her right wrist.

“Yes, it is. That’s my Puddlemere United shirt.” He reaches towards her as if he wants to rip it off of her but seems to think better of it and merely brushes the back of his bruised hand along the navy blue material covering her arm. If it were one of the boys caught wearing his shirt, she is sure he wouldn’t hesitate to rip it off them regardless of the number of onlookers.

Her breath hitches in her chest when he leans in close, his chest against her shoulder and his mouth at her ear. “It looks really fucking good on you.”

She turns her face towards him, undeniably affected by his hot breath on her and his gravelly tone in her ear. Still, when he leans in to kiss her, she places a hand on his chest to still him less than an inch from her lips. “I missed you last night.”

“I’m sorry,” he says, and tries to kiss her again.

“We had plans. You ditched me,” she reminds him.

“I… It was Sirius’s fault!”

“Beg pardon?” Sirius says around a mouthful of bacon.

“If you hadn’t got tickets to see the Chudley Cannons play Lancashire!” James exclaims. “They’re both shit teams anyway!”

“If they’re such shit teams, why did you ditch your girlfriend to watch them?” Remus asks slyly.

“And why did you cheer harder than anyone else there when Rookwell made that goal?” Peter adds with a soft, amused snort. 

“Traitors.” James brandishes his empty fork across the table at his friends.

“Don’t blame Sirius,” Lily says sternly as she scoops another bite of egg onto her fork. “He didn’t force you to do anything.”

James watches with a pathetic pout on his face as she pretends to concentrate all of her attention on her breakfast.

“Yeah, don’t blame me,” Sirius says.

Without looking away from Lily, James throws a greasy sausage at Sirius, hitting him on the nose and ignoring his protests.

“It’s Quidditch! I have poor impulse control when presented with Quidditch! You knew that and decided to love me anyway!”

“So you admit it’s your fault,” Lily prompts.

“It’s all my fault. I’m stupid and I chose Quidditch over you and it wasn’t even worth it, even if Rookwell did make that spectacular goal. Anyway, not important. Still not better than spending an evening with you.” He leans in close again, presses a quick kiss to her neck before she can stop him. One hand tangles in her hair and the other creeps slowly up her thigh beneath the table. “Or a morning, an hour, a few minutes.”

“A few minutes? You need to work on that, mate,” Sirius laughs.

“Or perhaps he has, and a few minutes is all they need,” Marlene counters, sparing Sirius an unimpressed glance as she reaches across the table for a strip of bacon. “Something you should work on, maybe.”

Sirius gapes at her. Before he has a chance to get his thoughts in order enough to retort, Lily’s wand is in her hand and pointing at him. He chokes, grabs his mouth, and glares at her with his tongue firmly plastered to the roof of his mouth. She smiles at him and turns her attention back to her boyfriend, who only looks ever more turned on now that she has hexed his best friend.

His heated gaze is her undoing, but she tries to hide it with a lofty sigh as she studies him thoughtfully. “You do look rather pitiful.”

It’s not entirely true. What he looks is desperate with his wet, pink lips and dark, round, wide eyes. It makes her feel desperate.

She leans in close to him, feels him take a deep breath, either steadying himself or breathing her in, she’s never too certain. His fingers drum a tattoo high on her thigh under the fabric of her skirt. She hums in delight.

“Perhaps you can make it up to me.” She is sure to keep her tone husky, a bit raspy, the way she knows he can’t resist.

Across from her, Sirius watches with one arched brow, a knowing smirk playing on his lips, all insult and injury forgotten. Remus rolls his eyes and looks away pointedly, the corners of his moth upturned just slightly while Peter laughs openly at the wide-eyed stare James is giving her. Marlene just grins at them, not that either of them notice what any of their friends are up to.  

Lily rises from the bench and drapes herself over James, her chest against his back, arms hanging over his shoulders, hands trailing down his firm chest to his abs, her mouth hovering just next to his ear. “I think I’ll keep the shirt on this time.”  

His jaw is slack when he turns his head and tries to kiss her, but she backs away quickly, and turns to walk from the Great Hall without looking back. He trips over shoelaces suddenly tied together – Sirius’s sneaky doing earlier, no doubt – and she hears him hit the ground cursing unreservedly, followed by the laughter of several nearby students.

It never does take much teasing to get him going. When he catches up to her seconds later, a blazing look in his eye, and takes her hand to pull her along at a faster pace, she knows she’s in for a real treat.

Night Terrors

Charasters: Y/N(reader), Dean, Sam(mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request/Summary: could you write maybe write something where the reader is sleeping and has a nightmare. Dean hears her and come into the room to comfort her then ends with some smut??

Warnings: smut, oral(female receiving), unprotected sex(always use condoms!), slight nipple play, nightmares(?), explicit language

Word Count: 2838

A/N: I know, it’s been a hot minute since I last posted, but I am back and writing again! Sorry this took so long to get out. Enjoy!


Originally posted by thejabberwock

You sat up, gasping for air. Your throat dry, cold sweat running down your forehead. Another nightmare.

You ran a hand down your face and pushed the blankets aside, swinging your feet on the side of the bed. You stared into the darkness, it wasn’t pitch black, so you could make out most of the furniture in the room. You got up, your legs still felt a bit sore from the hunt you finished the day before as you made your way towards the door. With a deep sight, you twisted the doorknob and almost jumped as your body was met with a solid mass.

“Woah, Y/N.” - his voice sounded even more gruff than ususal, which indicated that he had just woken up. Oh, crap. Did I wake him up?

“What’s up Dean-o?” - you looked up at him, illuminated from the light that was coming in from the hallway. He was wearing an old plain black T-shirt and a pair of a flannel print boxers. Figures.

“I heard you screamin again, Y/N/N.” - his emerald eyes were full of concern as he spoke gently - “Another nightmare?” - you just shook you head in response, casting your eyes to the ground. Dean let out a deep sigh - “C'mere.” - he wrapped his arms around you, enveloping you in his embrance. He placed one hand on the small of your back, while the other one caressed your hair soothingly.

You stayed like that for a few minutes, inhaling his scent, that sweet musk that had become somehow calming to you. You’d come to associate it with home and everything that came with it - safety, comfort, and even love.

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Alfie vs. Pregnancy | Alfie Solomons

Request: @thinemineours Alfie needs to go through his wife’s pregnancy. Dude must probably be more scared than her. ILY😘

Note: so this is so long I cannot even begin to explain how carried away I got and a slight change… she’s not his wife… yet…


“Yes, Alfie?”

“This is really ‘appening?”

“Yeah, it is. It’s really happening.”

“You’re sure, right, ‘cause sometimes—“

“Alf, I went to the Doctor and you know that, ‘cause you bloody had Ollie follow me, didn’t you?”

“You were actin’ odd, yeah, I was just makin’ sure no funny business was goin’ on.”

“Funny business?”

“Don’t matter now, does it?”

“You didn’t trust me.”

“I did, love, I did. It’s everyone else I don’t trust, not you, love… might ‘ave been in some compromisin’ situation or somethin’ and I would’ve made sure we put an end to it.”

“An end to me more like.”

“Couldn’t put an end to you even if I wanted to. You’d haunt me, day an’ fucking night.”

“Too fucking right I would.”

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1. The popular geek.

Originally posted by certifiedtaehyung

BTS (Taehyung & Jungkook )x Reader 

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Highschool au
Warning: Drugs, Alcohol.
Word count: 5k

TPG 2 | TPG 3

Summary: Having a popular older brother is not all that it seems.
Hoseok is the popular half of the Jung siblings, he parties, and lives by his own rules. A true bad boy.
Y/N is the geek half of the Jung siblings, she loves to organize roleplaying games with her friends and lives by the rules laid out for her. A true goody two shoes.
But when Y/N gets mixed up in two of Hoseok’s friends her normal ‘geek’ life start to take an unexpected turn.

Fingers glide over the pink fabric of a fuzzy sweater, trying to smooth out the unwanted wrinkles. Wiggling the brown leather belt a bit more up Y/N gave herself a last look in the mirror to see if anything was out of place. Y/N didn’t care much for her appearance, but she did care if she would be walking around school with a huge stain on her jeans or sweater. She wasn’t ready for that kind of humiliation.

“Kids, breakfast!” Her mother yelled from downstairs.

“Coming!” Y/N yelled back. Turning away from the mirror she grabbed her black backpack and her red high top converse and began to run down the stairs.
“No running down the stairs!” Her mother warned, but by the time she said that Y/N was already downstairs, practically launching herself into the kitchen with a big smile.
“Good morning!” She chirped. Her mother who was behind the stove turned around to give her an equally bright smile “morning dear, have you seen your brother on your way down?” By the mentioning of her brother Y/N grimaced “Mom, it’s morning please don’t ruin it.” Y/N’s mother let out a deep sigh as she went back to her frying pan.
Taking a seat at the dining table Y/N furrowed as she missed a second person at the table who was usually nose deep in the morning newspaper.

“Mom, where’s dad?” Her mother gulped at the question, preparing herself for the storm that was about to come. “He left early this morning.”

“He-He what? He can’t do that!” Y/N yelled “He was my ride to school? How else am I going to school?” Turning off the fire Y/N’s mother brought the frying pan over to Y/N, sliding the bacon on her plate before taken a few steps back.
“Well, you’re brother offered to take you.” And here comes the storm.

“Excuse me? He is going to take me?”

“You aren’t the only one who’s unhappy about this.” Speaking of the devil. Entering the kitchen in all leather came in Y/N’s brother. “Then why did you agree?” Y/N asked her voice laced with venom. “Because dad pays me hella cash for driving a twerp like you.”
Before Y/N could jam her fork inside of her brother their mother stepped in “enough! It’s morning. Now Hoseok, sit down and have breakfast with us.” Hoseok shook his head as he reached out for an apple out of the fruit bowl that was placed in the middle of the table. As he took the apple he “accidentally” hit Y/N across the head.
Glaring at him Hoseok simply shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry mom, the teacher asked me if I could come to school early.”

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How Far I’ll Go For You Part Six (tws!bucky x reader)

Originally posted by elves-n-angels

Summary: you’re a newbie in the Avengers team, only working with them for a little over a year. You’ve gained a close friendship with Steve Rogers. But due to HYDRA working all over in secret, Steve has you on lock down at the compound. However, one night out with a close relative of your own, changes your entire life.

Word Count:  2.9K

Warnings: lots of emotional fuckery??, no like seriously, Barnes is a confusing asshole and I want him dead for this shit he’s pulling.

A/N: I’ve been thinking of doing a sort of “Ask TWS” with this fic… but i don’t know if y’all would particiapte with it?? Should I??


How Far I’ll Go For You Masterlist

He caught himself watching you sleep, ignoring the nighttime sounds coming from the outside world. He knew he should be looking for the ex asset, but he couldn’t help but to watch you. When you’re not under the threat of being violated, you seemed to be in a peaceful slumber. It was a sight he’d never imagined you to be under. But here he was, thinking of turning the mission over and laying next to you instead.

He took one last look outside of the window and grunted as he stood away from it, placing his rifle on the floor before stripping out of his shirt and walking over to you. He grabbed the pillow he had thrown on the floor earlier before placing it back on the bed and resting his head on it. The movement of the bed had stirred you awake and he swore to himself as you locked your gaze on him.

“Go back to bed,” he mumbled, resisting the urge to look at your sleepy face. “I’m sorry for waking you.”

You hummed softly before scooting over and resting your head on his shoulder. He blinked rapidly at you before carefully wrapping his arm around you. You shivered at the touch of the metallic limb, but it only caused you to shuffle deeper into his grasp.

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anonymous asked:

I donated to Charlottesville's NAACP, can I get nurseydex on a long weekend somewhere nice?

In five years of being together, Dex has learned that it doesn’t take much to make Nursey happy. Slipping little love notes into his lunch, picking up his favorite ice cream on his way home from work, getting up twenty minutes earlier so he can make pancakes and bacon for breakfast. It’s easy to do stuff like that, and it always makes Nursey so happy that Dex doesn’t see any reason not to do something small for him every day.

Sometimes, though, Dex likes to pull out the big guns.

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Back to the Future: Part 6

Pairing: Castiel x reader, Endverse!Cas x reader

Word Count: 1.2k (I know it’s a bit short, but the next one will be longer…and may or may not include smut ;-) )

Warnings: uhhh morning sickness, angst (poor Cas) with some fluff

Back to the Future Masterlist

x x

You woke up the next morning entangled in Castiel’s and Cas’ arms and legs, your body sticky with sweat. Cas was like a damn oven, always radiating heat, and two Cas’ had you damn near suffering from a heat stroke. You groaned and squinted your eyes open, trying to disentangle yourself as you sat up.

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A/N: There’s not much sugar daddy stuff but I do mention his age. I make up for it with the light bondage and mirror kink though. At least I hope I did…

Words: 2,329
Warnings: age difference but not extreme and I don’t really mention it, light bondage

You had been awake for a few hours. The sun was finally coming up and the man next to your stirred, mumbling something before settling again.

Jesse McCree. You were sure you loved him, but you hadn’t told him yet. The thing is, he’s older than you, not by too much, but still older. You doubted he wanted anything more to do with you than what you both already had.

He had asked you to stay last night so you did but…now what? What would happen when he woke up? He’d probably ask you to leave to avoid the awkward situation. That thought had you rolling out of bed quietly and gathering your things. Before you could tiptoe out the bedroom door, you hear him groan behind you and clear his throat.

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can you imagine the missus P Harry and newborn Alfie pap pics an Alfie is in arms of Harry an looks so tiny there in Harry arms and FANS LOVE IT ANZ RETWEET THEY PHOTOS ANZ POST ON TUMBLR

Wait… what about him having his brand-new baby strapped to his chest on a walk through Regents Park in the late afternoon? They, as well as Anne, have taken Persephone to London Zoo for the day because things have been hectic at home and they feel like most of their time, apart from the time spent together before bed, has been spent taking care of Alfie and making sure he was content and cosy and fed and getting as much love as possible. They overhear a conversation that she has with Anne when she tucks her up for the night, when she’s been particularly fussy with both Harry and the missus.

“Nana, do mummy and daddy still love me now tha’ Alfie is born?” They hear through the gap between the door and the doorframe of her bedroom. Standing in the middle of Alfie’s nursery, the crying baby, after being happily fed and burped, situated on her chest as Harry rummaged around for a clean nappy and a fresh baby-grow for him to sleep in, “do they still want me?”

“Don’t be so silly, pumpkin. Of course they still love you,” Anne’s muffled voice comes in response, the sound of her glasses being closed and placed on Persephone’s bedside table, “Alfie’s just very fragile right now and he’s still dependent on mummy and he needs their attention a lot more, right now, than you do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you or want you.”

And it really puts into perspective how selfish they’ve been with their time and their affection since Alfie had been born, less than two weeks ago. Falling asleep, that night, with plans made concrete for the following day to be spent as a family. Zoo tickets booked online, a check of the weather forecast to make sure the weather was going to hold up, and work plans and meetings with Jeff cancelled. Informing his manager that the weekend was made from him and his family and that anyone outside could wait till Monday to see him. Wiping the unwanted tears away from her eyes and sharing a kiss before cosying up beneath the covers and using the time to squeeze in as much sleep as they could, dream-filled and away from the chaos, before Alfie brought them back to reality.

And when the morning comes, and they’ve eaten bacon sandwiches, made courtesy of Anne and her motherly act of making breakfast for everyone, Persephone is so excited when they inform her of their plans for the day. Leaving as soon as they were ready and taking the short half an hour walk to the zoo. Alfie strapped to Harry’s chest and cosily wrapped up in a blue blanket and sporting a beanie upon his head to keep the chill away from his fresh skin and his delicate ears. Persephone holding tightly onto his hand as she skips along beside him and chats excitedly about what animals she was excited to see and how she wanted to see the penguins and get a penguin cuddly toy and maybe take one home - despite Harry’s chuckles and shakes of his head, “we can’t take a penguin from the zoo, darlin’. I don’t think we know how to care for a penguin properly.” The missus and Anne trail behind. Chatting idly as Anne pushes the baby-toddler buggy down the tarmac. A picnic basket sat in the seat and an umbrella to sit beneath at lunch-time, to occupy some shade, to keep the sun from blearing down as they munched on sandwiches and devoured strawberries and sausage rolls. 

They’ve been spotted a few times on the walk through the streets and Harry’s stopped for a few fans who noticed him, but he’d politely declined having photos taken because he didn’t want to disrupt the baby boy that was snoozing on his chest. Thanking them when they complimented him, smiling when they spoke softly to Persephone and cupping the back of her head as she sided up to his leg with a slight shyness that only ever appeared when they were approached by strangers that she’d never met before. 

It gets more crazy, and they’re spotted more by a few men dressed in black, when they roam and take a gentle stroll through Regents Park before entering the zoo. Alfie getting hungry, mewling and crying against Harry’s chest and letting his tears soak Harry’s t-shirt, and they found it an okay time to stop and have a rest before they were on their feet for the rest of the day. Switching the baby carrier for his daughter, letting the baby find his source of food beneath the blanket covering his wife’s chest, setting his daughter on his hip as they take a slow walk through the park and try and ignore the cameras clicking and the fans recognising them. 

“I love you,” he smiles, nudging his nose into her cheek as she giggles and tightens her arms around his neck, “you know that, don’t you, poppet? You know I love you, yeah?”

She nods with a toothy grin and presses a kiss to his lips. 

“I love you, too, daddy.”

“We’re gon’a have some fun today, aren’t we? Me and you, we’re going to cause trouble. Drive mummy and nana nuts,” he smiles, as she giggles and nods her head. His arms adjusting her on his hip as he scuffs across the stony pathway and walks towards a bench, just beside a fountain that was drained and beginning to wear away from the cold weather. Chipped and a little scratched. “I’m sorry me and mummy haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with you. Alfie’s still very tiny.”

“S’okay,” she lisps quietly, “Alfie needs you.”

“But, you need me too. You need me and mummy,” he sets her on his lap and squeezes her to his chest, “but, that won’t happen anymore, yeah? Me and you, we’re going to do loads together. You and mummy can do loads of stuff together. Alfie’s going to need a big sister to help look after him, isn’t he? And you’re the best person for that job. Just like Auntie Gem did with me,” he brushes his fingers through her hair, “you can help feed him, you can help me and mummy give him baths and tuck him into bed, and, you can read him stories like I do for you. He’s going to love having you around.” 

She smiles softly.

“Shall we go back and find them now? You can tell Alfie all about the penguins that we’re going to see today.” xx

Our Little Secret (Part 7)

Reader x Bucky
Summary After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with his best friend.
AN This is really the first thing I’ve written to this length that I might actually finish. You have no idea how big a deal this is. Thank you to each and everyone of you for reading! It really means the world to me!

As you made your way down to the kitchen you heard the commotion of the kitchen staff behind the closed doors. Pausing you turned and entered the formal dining room, taking your seat at the head of the table. You didn’t have to wait for long before someone came in. You knew she was waiting to be addressed so before you made your request for breakfast you asked her her name. She introduced herself as Marta and you then ordered for both you and Bucky, dismissing her.

He entered the room catching the tail end of your dismissal. You caught the smirk on his face and he quickly sat next to you, taking your hand. Rubbing his thumb over yours he leaned in and spoke, so low only you could hear, “You know, this spoiled princess routine really fits you. Something you wanna tell me?”

You giggled, lightly, “Hush you. I’m trying to have fun with it.”

He brushed some hair out of your face as Marta returned with your coffee, you both intentionally ignored her.

“You’re the one who said I need to be meaner to the help so,” you shrugged, “This is me being mean.”

“It’s not even that mean. You still manage to be a sweetheart,” he brought your hand up and brushed his lips against them, making your face heat up.

You drank your coffee, hiding your smile behind your mug as she brought in your breakfast - yogurt and fruit for you and toast, bacon, and eggs for Bucky.

“I took the liberty of ordering you a big breakfast, I hope you don’t mind.”

He thanked you, digging in. As soon as Marta shut the door, you snatched a piece of his bacon.

“Hey!” he yelped, angling his plate away from you, “If you wanted bacon, why didn’t you get your own?”

You quickly chewed the piece you pilfered and gave him a wide-eyed look, “Why Brad, you know Angie doesn’t eat bacon.” You tried to take another piece but he smacked your hand away. You laughed and dug into your breakfast, sighing at your lack of bacon, “This is what a lady eats for breakfast,” you rolled your eyes.

Leaning closer he whispered, “I can sneak you some bacon tonight.”

You burst out laughing, “Oh my God, do you have any idea how dirty that sounded?”

He blushed, running his hand through his hair, “Yeah, I heard it as soon as I said it.” He looked away, embarrassed and you stole another piece of bacon.

“I’m going to call a meeting to meet everyone a bit later this morning. You okay with that?”

He nodded, eating his breakfast.


You walked together back to the room and you quickly took a shower so you could do your face while Bucky was showering. After getting dressed, you met the staff in the foyer.

Clearing your throat, you introduced yourself and Bucky and explained your expectations for everyone. You wanted to discuss some meal plans with the kitchen staff so you walked with Marta. Turning back you noticed one of the younger girls on staff was hanging around Bucky, trying to catch his attention.

“Marta, who’s that?” you asked, motioning to the girl.

“That’s Ysabelle,” she looked back and frowned at what she saw. “She takes care of the outside of the villa.”

You watched and saw Bucky smiling at her and she stepped into his personal space, tossing her hair. You had an unsettling feeling in your stomach, you couldn’t really place it or name it but you didn’t like it. You stiffened and followed Marta into the kitchen.


You met Bucky for lunch on the outdoor patio. When he pulled his chair closer to yours you unconsciously moved yours back. He furrowed his brow but didn’t push. You spread your napkin over your lap and took a sip of your ice water.

“What were you up to this morning?” you asked, trying to keep your voice nonchalant.

“Oh, I spent some time with the gardener on the outside of the villa.”

“Ysabelle?” you practically spat out.

“Yeah,” he nodded, “Ysabelle. Are you okay?”

“Uh huh,” you crossed your legs, putting more distance between the two of you. “Learn anything interesting?”

He leaned back in his chair, “As a matter of fact, yes, I did. We talked about the land here and some of the neighbours might be worth looking into.”

“Well while you were gossiping, I had an interesting morning.”

“Wait. Are you jealous?”

You scoffed. “Me? Jealous? Me?” Shit. Were you jealous? No. “No. Why would I be jealous?”

He just smiled at you.

“Look, you’re supposed to be my boyfriend and it’s embarrassing that you’re flirting with the help.” You could feel your face heat up at how silly you sounded.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t flirting with her. I just thought we should learn about our neighbours, see if any names were worth looking into. Tell me about your morning.”

“I received a text message from Max.”

Bucky’s nostrils flared imperceptibly. He took a long swallow of his water. “How’d he get your number?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

“Did you give it to him?”

“No!” You were surprised at his accusation. “Why would I give him my number?!”

“What did he want?”

“He invited us out to go swimming on the boat. He wants to apologize to you… in person - “

“He wants to see you in a bikini,” he interrupted.

You felt your face heat up, “No he doesn’t.” Taking a moment, you adjusted your hair, “Shit, yeah, he probably does. Yuck.”

“This guy’s persistent,” Bucky paused as Marta brought out lunch, “Thank you,” he said to her, absentmindedly. 

“I took some time to menu plan with Marta this morning. I wanted to make sure we used local resources as much as possible.” Shrugging, you served him some of the brightly coloured salad, explaining, “The tomatoes and basil are grown right here on this land, the bocconcini is made using milk from a local dairy farmer,” you motioned to the plate of various cold cuts, “Marta’s husband makes the prosciutto, capicola, and sopressata himself. You have to try it - it’s to die for. And the bread was made here, fresh this morning.”

He speared a piece of prosciutto and bit back a moan of pleasure, “Oh wow.”

You blinked quickly and gave your head a shake, trying not to stare at him. You were thankful when Marta returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Before she left, Bucky held out his hand, stopping her, “Marta? I have to tell you, this prosciutto is wonderful.”

She smiled at him, “Thank you, sir. I will let my husband know.”

When Marta left, Bucky poured you both a glass of wine, it complemented the lunch perfectly.

Swirling his wine, Bucky turned to you, “So, when are we supposed to go to the boat?” He took a long swallow and you watched him. He cleared his throat. When you looked up, you noticed he was smirking at you and you rolled your eyes at him.

“This afternoon,” you replied, grabbing your water to take a long gulp. Unfortunately for you, you missed your mouth completely and ended up splashing water down the front of your face, neck, and shirt, “Ah, shit,” you complained, quickly grabbing your napkin to clean yourself up. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Bucky watch as you patted at the water, his jaw tense.

He sighed, “Let’s get it over with then,” he muttered, going back to his lunch.

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Paint It Black Part Two (mobster steve fic)

Summary: you were signed to work for Grant. Not to fall in love with his right hand man.

Word Count: 4.3K (sorry!!)

Warnings: a few small deaths, threatening bucky, scary bucky,scary Steve

A/N: you may have seen this before if you were following my old blog @caplanbuckybarnes i am moving all of my old works from there and putting them onto this blog. Feedback is highly appreciated, please leave a comment.

Paint It Black Masterlist

Bucky sighed heavily as he stepped out of the car and walked into the small diner, seating himself at the counter. Moments later, a beautiful broad walked over to him, a gentle smile on her face.

“Hiya,” she smiled. “What can I get for you today?” You instantly recognized Bucky as he glanced up from the salt and pepper shakers he’d been observing.

“Just a cup of coffee, please. Black, no sugar.” He ordered without giving the menu you had placed in front of him a second glance.

You nodded mutely and walked over to retrieve a white cup hanging above the draining board near the stove and brought it over to him and turning back around to retrieve the coffee pot sitting on it’s burner. Your hands shook slightly as you poured the coffee into the cup, causing a small amount to spill on the counter. You quickly apologized and turned around to retrieve a napkin, only to turn back around and see that Bucky had already wiped up the mess with the sleeve of his jacket.

“Accidents happen, sweetheart.” He smiled.

“You’re Bucky, right?” you asked, nervously fiddling with the napkin in your hand. “We met last night at Natalia’s bar.”

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B99 Hiatus Writing Challenge

In the immortal words of Captain Raymond Jacob Holt, “EVERYTHING IS GARBAGE.” – The finale left our favorite squad in pain, we have to wait months for new content, and Dianetti still isn’t canon.

Even Terry knows what we need most in these trying times: fanfiction

Under the cut is a list of 30 prompts/summaries put together with a ton of help from @stardustsantiago, @peraltiagoisland@scullysthumbtacks, @three-drink-amy​, and @dogworldchampion. Feel free to run away with any (or many) of these plot bunnies!! Let’s make this hiatus as gr99 as possible. ★

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Reunited- Finale

A/N: Tenth and final part of Reunited. Sorry it took me so long to get it out, but I always take long to write a final chapter. I’ve loved writing this series, and i’m really sad that it’s ending, but i have new projects i’m working on so. Thank you to all that has read, liked, commented and reblogged this series… you are all fantastic. Also a special shout out to my beta @thorne93, I could not have done this without you.

Characters: Jensen x Reader…… Jack

Warnings: Fluff. (i had intended for this series to be more angsty, but….)

Wordcount: 2129

Catch up HERE

One week was all you had left before Jensen had to leave for Vancouver. It sucked. Like.. really sucked, but you had decided to stay positive. It wasn’t like he was leaving forever, he would be home almost every weekend, and you would have more than enough to keep yourself busy while he was gone. Still there was this little part of you that wanted to doubt this whole thing, just end it now, rip the bandaid off so to speak. You didn’t though, you had made a promise to Jensen, and to yourself, that you were one hundred percent in, and you intended to keep that promise.

Monday morning Jensen woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. He didn’t even bother to put clothes on before padding his way down the stairs just in his boxers to find you in the kitchen. He was torn between going over and kissing you good morning or just stay back and watch as you made breakfast wearing nothing but his t-shirt from last night. He decided to watch you for a little, but it didn’t take long before he couldn’t resist you anymore.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he greeted as he walked up and wrapped his hands around you from behind, kissing your neck softly.

“Good morning, handsome,” you said back, turning around in his arms so that you could look at him. He looked gorgeous, like he did every morning, his hair pointing to all odds and ends, the sleepy look on his face and his rough morning voice. And of course being almost naked helped a lot.

“I like this new look on you,” you said teasingly before taking the last bite of your bacon.

“Not like I had any choice.” He chuckled, pointing to the shirt you were wearing.

“You want it back?” you asked, cocking a brow.

“I’m gonna need it back at some point,” he said before standing up, ready to clear the dishes away.

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Nooooo guys stop saying that Cordelia's presence is pointless!!

Cordelia is so important!!!!!


“While I put the steak in” “I bring home the bacon”

“You save lives and I save chicken fat.”

Narratively, Charlotte and Cordelia’s relationship functions to parallel Marvin and Whizzer’s. 

There’s a good reason they only show up in Act II. In Act I, with even Jason implying that Marvin’s sexuality made him “no man at all,” Marvin’s masculinity was so fragile that he had to put down other men (and enact violence towards women) in order to feel secure. He pigeonholed Whizzer into the role of housewife in order to justify taking power away from him. It broke their relationship. It took precious time away from them.

So much of Falsettos is about negotiating gender roles (it’s even layered into the title). Cordelia proves that performing historically feminine actions (saving chicken fat while Charlotte saves lives) does not make her sexuality any less valid–and does not give her any less power in the relationship!

Not to mention the fact that she runs her own fucking business, Jesus. Do y’all think catering is easy? My mom manages a similar small business and she has to handle so many crises every day: she’s juggling cooking, repairs, purchasing, administration, customer service, hiring and firing, maintenance, etc. 

And lastly, just because Cordelia isn’t the one providing Whizzer’s medical treatment doesn’t mean that her contribution to his care is any less significant.