take the a trane



Today we celebrate the brilliant, talented and renown Native Son Billy Strayhorn. A extraordinary Jazz Composer, Lyricist and Pianist, Mr. Strayhorn collaborated for 30 years with the legendary Bandleader Duke Ellington most notably on the classic Take The A Trane. He has success as a solo artist with his own brilliant and beloved album Lush Life. Mr. Strayhorn was very dear friends with Lena Horne and is credited with helping shape her musical career. He also was active in the Civil Rights Movement and supported and collaborated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Audacious and fearless, Mr. Strayhorn was an openly gay man at a time with most people lived in the closet and homosexuality was not socially acceptable. We thank you Mr. Stayhorn for you inspiration, creative cultural contributions, and serving as a role model of how to live an authentic life.