take that swine

a little montage of stan calling mabel sweetie, pumpkin, etc. requested here by angelictactics!

Injections: Liam Dunbar

So to the anon who requested this requested it yesterday but it was done so quickly because they gave me a storyline instead of just requesting another part to something. So if you want a request done quickly then send in a full request :) xx

I am not a fan of needles. Hell I can’t stand them. Like no thanks I’ll take my chance with swine flu than have to have an injection for it. So when Scott told me he and Liam had to have injections I immediately shivered.

“What for?” I asked, horrified at the idea. Scott smiles fondly at my expression before shrugging. “Werewolf reasons.”

“Ah, the number one killer in the U.S.” I grin and Scott laughs, catching me in a quick hug and kiss before grabbing his helmet and leaving out the front door.

I flopped down on the couch, flicking through the TV channels before settling on some drama show. “My life could be a freaking drama show.” I muttered, biting into a cookie I had recently acquired.

I was suddenly startled by the loud beeping that filled the room, coming from my vibrating phone. I picked it up, looking at the picture of me and Scott together, Scott with his eyes closed but a cute grin on his face.

“Hi babe.” I answer, muting the TV.

“Hey Y/N can you come to Deaton’s office? Now? Like right now?” Scott asked and I could hear the frenzy in his voice.

“What? Why?” I asked, sitting up a little straighter.

“It’s Liam. He’s freaking out about the injections. Every time Deaton even goes near him with the needle he keeps wolfing out. And he’s crying now Y/N and I don’t’ know what to do. He keeps asking for you.” Scott rambles and I can practically see him running his hands through his hair as he bites his lip worriedly.

“Okay Scott I’ll be there in like 10 minutes, okay? Don’t go near him until I get there.” I say, jumping up and in the search for shoes.

“Y/N, please hurry I hate seeing him like this.” Scott said dejectedly and I pouted slightly. “I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

And hell I was. I managed to find two shoes that were actually a pair and locked up the house before starting to sprint. I ran as fast as I could only stopping when I thought my lungs might explode. Which was actually a couple of times.

I arrived at Deaton’s office stumbling through the front door as my legs were like jelly.

“Scott.” I gasped and my boyfriend was suddenly in view, sliding an arm around my waist to hold me steady.

“Where is he?” I heaved. Scott looked at me a tad worriedly before nodding to the side were the waiting room was.

I took a moment to regain an actual normal breathing pattern before heading towards the room, slowly pushing the handle open.

“Hey Liam?” I called, noticing the beta sitting on one of the chairs, his leg bouncing nervously. I sit down next to him and comfortingly rub his arm.

“Come on sweetie, I’ll be right there beside you.” I say, rubbing soothing circles on his arm. Breathing out slowly Liam wipes his eyes and nods and I take his hand as we leave the room.

We stand at the doorway together and Deaton smiles softly as he picks up an extremely long needle. Hell, even I would have ran for it.

Liam recoils away from me, stopping where he was and looking at me with wide frightened eyes. “Shh, it’s okay. I’ll be here the entire time okay? But Liam sweetheart, you really need to get it.” I said, though it pained me when I saw the tears well up in his eyes.

But nevertheless he held onto my hand and walked to the chair. And idea sprung to mind and I sat down first, pulling him down to sit on my knee.

“This better?” I asked and Liam nodded, clasping on tightly to my hand.

“Ready?” Deaton asks and Liam bites down on his lip, looking me in the eye. He nods slowly and I squeeze his hand reassuringly.

“Liam just count to ten okay? It’ll be over by then.” I offer and Liam nods again, squeezing his eyes shut as he leans against me. With my other arm I bring it across Liam’s chest, hugging him close to mine as he begins mouthing, “One, two…”

Swiftly Deaton injects the needle and Liam squeezes my hand painfully tight. I barely flinch and hug him tighter as his eyes glow from underneath his eye lids.

Tears run down his face Deaton is still pushing down on the plunger and we’re way past the number ten.

I look at him horrified. How the hell was that needle so big!

Liam whimpers a little bit as Deaton finally withdraws the empty syringe and blood begins leaking down his arm.

“There all done.” I soothe, shifting Liam round so he was looking at me. I smile widely at him, gently wiping away his tears.

“Better?” I ask, stroking his cheek with my thumb. He breathes out shakily before nodding.

I smile encouragingly at him and kiss his cheek. “That’s my boy.” I say warmly as I hug him again.

“Liam, if you would come here, I can bandage that up for you. It won’t heal otherwise.” Deaton says, unwinding a roll of binding.

Liam nods and gets up and I get up to go join Scott in the corner.

“Well done.” He remarks, wrapping an arm around my waist and I lean into him.

“It was nothing.” I brush off, checking my fingers for possible broken bones after Liam had squeezed them.

“No it was amazing. I love how kind and patient and sweet you are with him.” Scott smiles, “You’re so good at looking after him.”

I hug Scott, smiling and he kisses my temple. “Guess you could say you’re pack mom.” Scott chuckles and I laugh.

“I guess you could.”