take that sullivan

I’m always surprised people don’t talk more about David Thaxton and Nancy Sullivan who, you know, played Enjolras and Eponine together in 2008 and who, you know, are an actual real fucking couple!

Like, we got real life enjonine right here and we’re not using this to our advantage enough!!

This is unforgivable!

Here, have a GIF of them kissing and start discussing/fangirling!


OTP CHALLENGE: [2/2] songs
↳ Veritas scene featured One More Day by VAST

ok ok. so i was with my friend and  we were reading the latest kuroshitsuji chapter. and remember when this 


i guess that when you read this you were like; ‘awwww the cute little wtch makes fun of ciel’ or 'huhuhuhuuhu when we get to see ciel naked?’

but damn, have you noticed sebastian’s face?

look at him

'nice joke you lil bitch’

'you ain’t gonna eat stuff from my bf’s body’

'yeah right’