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I know we like love that Bitty the Mom Friend trope but uh consider this, Sarcastic, kind of an asshole Mom Friend Bitty

-Bitty as the friend who will tuck you into bed and make sure you don’t hurt yourself while drunk but mostly definitely got you drunk

-“is there alcohol in this?” “Most definitely”

- encourages holster to do dumb shit while sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea (or whatever it is you southern ppl drink while waiting for the drama) and then patches him up when he scrapes up the entire front of his calf while trying to jump a homemade ramp on his bike

-“I can hear Bitty laughing someone probably fell over”

-“Bitty do you think I need [insert item they definitely don’t need]” “no, but like lmao do it”

-“bits, you can’t mix white and red wine together and call it rose” “I can do whatever I want Mr. Zimmermann”

-“oh my God this tastes like shit” “then stop drinking it?” “Mama didn’t raise a quitter which means you gotta drink it too”

-Bitty Fucking up a dinner recipe and just pouring cheap red wine into it like “wine fixes all food sins”

-“whichever one of you touched my Mason jars is Dead To Me” “uh..” “RANSOM!”

-Bitty staring coldly at a wall, taking a deep breath in as chaos erupts around him bc he just no longer gives a shit

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Ellie's new long hair causes me to imagine her getting whipped in the face by it all the time when she is not on the job. Like she is on the beach - hair in mouth. Trying to phone someone - constantly hair inbetween phone and ear. Walking along the clifftops with Hardy who, of course, stands dramatically in the wind, his coat billowing behind him. While she has no idea where she is going because of all the bloody hair in her eyes.^^ (So he will have to hold her hand to keep her from falling)

Zootopia Fanfiction; Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.24- A Lesson

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox with another chapter of Star of Ceartias. So guess what? This fic is now longer than the 1st take a stand with this chapter, and we’ve still got a bit to go! As always I’d love to thank everyone who liked, faved, followed, reblogged and reviewed the last update. Also I want to thank everyone who supported me this last week in the wake of the torrent of homophobic hate mail I’ve got regarding this story, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. And wow I’ve seen a crazy response to @ziegelzeig ‘s oc Ronin AKA Alice Kirabito, I’ve had so many messages and fan art submitted of her it’s crazy. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/25/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 24- A Lesson.

Aleks and Judy aimed towards where the sound was coming from, and out of the smoke, appearing like a spectre was a white rabbit with her mouth and nose covered by a skull mask, dressed in black sneaking suit with shuriken and other weapons hanging off of it and in her right paw was a katana “Bonsoir Chief Wilde,” Ronin spoke politely, twirling her sword “Professor Rattigan requests an audience.”

Aleks knew who the figure was in an instant, a white bunny with a katana, just like Luna had described. He stopped himself blurting out her alias ‘Ronin’ as not to raise suspicion from Judy but kept his sights locked on the assassin. The smoke had almost cleared and Judy’s amethyst eyes darted between her officers and saw that they were laying perfectly still yet their eyes were open and looking around in fear, their mouths were strained as if they were desperate to talk but their lips were glued together. “What have you done to them?!” Judy demanded, her tranq pistol aimed at Ronin’s abdomen.

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“Grief is like a splinter deep into every fingertip; to touch anything is torture.” 

my favourite setting for twelfth night is in space, somewhere on the crest of our radio waves. and orsino is lying there in all his spacey-vaguely-david-bowie-esque glory listening to crackling waves of jazz.