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BTS reaction: liking their new makeup artist

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Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

I feel like he would act more serious if the other boys are fooling around nearby while he’s getting his makeup done. Like, he’ll want to show his more serious side in hopes that that would make his makeup artist take an interest in him. I also feel like the members would notice almost immediately when he likes someone, so he’d constantly be worried that they would accidentally say something.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

His crush would be very obvious to the members, but he would put a lot of effort into hiding his feelings from the makeup artist in question, because he would want to stay professional. So there’d be a lot of lingering looks, and maybe touches, and maybe even a compliment or two, but never enough to make it seem suspicious. And of course, loads of cute smiles when no one’s looking.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I feel like he’d be like Yoongi in the sense that he would want to stay professional, and also like Jin in the sense that he’d want to show his more serious side when the makeup artist is around. But, unlike his hyungs, I feel like he’d give up and go back to normal quite soon. He might even start dropping some hints by acting slightly flirty every now and then. But he’d mostly stay professional.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d probably be very shy and awkward, but try to mask it by having casual conversations when he gets the chance. He’d stay professional, although a bit friendly, and not flirt or anything, but rather get to know them. He’d still have a tendency to destroy more things than usual when they’re around though, because he’d get nervous which would make him clumsier.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he’d find some sort of balance between being flirty and being shy? Like, sometimes he’d say a line that’s openly flirty, but then the next day he won’t be able to look them in the eyes? But he would still try to not make his crush obvious somehow.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

I feel like he would stay the least professional out of all of them. But he wouldn’t be flirting or anything either. He’d just be downright friendly and try to get to know his makeup artist. So really, pretty much no one except the members would probably suspect a crush, because he’s just making another friend.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Shy bun. He probably wouldn’t make much contact with the makeup artist, and almost seem cold. Once he gets more used to their presence he’d loosen up a bit though. He’d turn into a mix of Namjoon and Yoongi, and stay shy, but become friendlier, and still be professional and only make his crush known through longing glances.

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Voltron Model AU!!!

OK OK so hear me out ok
AU where Keith is a MODEL except he is hard to work with because of temper issues

-he constantly gets in fights with photographers!! 

- shiro is his manager and because he’s so lovely he always smooths things over for keith 

- LANCE?? also a model ok except he is much better to work with tbh unless he has to work with keith because then all that happens is fighting 

- lance’s manager hunk is always apologizing for lance hitting on the models

- risky conflict because shiro is keiths manager and shouldn’t get too close BUT OOPS HE IN LOVE 

- lots of “we can’t do this” and “but i really want to”

- lance having crises because he thinks keith will always be better than him!! (thanks @binart for this lil gem)

- there is also weird sexual tension with lance and keith when they have to do photoshoots together with a ton of “touch me HERE not THERE” and “i dont wanna touch you anywhere!” and “stop being a baby!”

- pidge photographs them a lot and she literally hates them but loves them at the same time because they MAKE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES TOGETHER but they never cooperate so it takes HOURS 

- makeup artists allura and coran who are basically like their parents and shiro is always venting to allura bc bffsies 

- pidge calls keith “legs” and calls lance “chin” but she calls shiro/hunk their actual names

- hunk forever stressing over what lance will do next “please dont make it harder than it already is!!”

- sexual tension gets so overwhelming keith doesn’t even know what to do

- shiro tells lance he is more capable than he THINKS csusing twinkle eyes lance to have tiny crush but keith notices this and?? gets angry ofC 


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A thing that I have noticed is that a lot of webcomic dont use the art as tool for storytelling, there's so much one can do playing with panel size, form, coloring and perspective to stablish a character or narrator mental state, the mood of the scene and the foreshadowing! I dont usually read manga, but recently I read one that hides tarot card numbers in panels and uses a lot of visual cues to enrich the story, like a particular gesture to indicate that a character is lying or nervous, (1/2)

(2/2) a checkered pattern floor to show that the protagonist is being manipulated or just a well-placed flower (flower language), I never though of this things but now it has made more conscious on how I draw comics and at the hour to read a webcomic it has made me pay attention to panels details and not just the dialogue, to really treat comics as a visual medium. Sorry for the long text and mistakes (learning english!), I just wanted to share thoughts and thank you for all your advices!

Back in ye olde days of late 90s early 2000s, basically no one in webcomics could draw. 

Questionable Content, 2003

Narbonic, 2000. Narbonic got very good very fast, though. 

And any comic with even a competent artist would get a lot of attention just for that. 

Nowadays, actual artists realized that doing a webcomic could build a portfolio and even a brand, and the market with flooded with quality art

Ava’s Demon


And it became the Conventional Wisdom among us Webcomic Reviewers that art “didn’t really matter”. There were tons of beautiful comics with terrible storytelling, after all, and they were a chore

Dresden Codak. Note that the thing we’re supposed to be looking at in panel 2 is the metal ring showing that Kimiko’s arm is a prosthetic, but the camera is pointed at her boobs. 

Whereas webcomics with bad art but good writing were good comics.

Dinosaur Comics sets the floor for artistic quality, but is still really liked

Some of this was a bit of jealousy, too. Most people who write reviews of comics are bad at art, and prefer to think of writing, which is the thing they do, as the Primary Driver Of Quality. Then other reason is 

Understanding Comics

But the actual fact of a comic is that art is writing, and writing is art. They’re too intermixed to think of as separate skills

Dresden Codak has bad art. 

Technically, it’s fine. Hell, technically it’s amazing. If I quit my job and spent 40 hours a week practicing drawing, It would take me years to get to this level. But it’s not functioning. The panels are in a confusing order, and the shot of Kimiko with her back arched way back as if she wanted to make her boobs more prominent in the shot both makes no sense for the scene (compare to the last panel, where she’s leaning forward in a way that makes more sense), and is the wrong type of shot.

The point of that panel is to draw our attention to the symbol on the back of Kimiko’s black crop top thing, but because it’s a medium shot for some reason (so Diaz can draw boobs), there are TWO symbols on her back. The one of the back of her top is center-panel, but there’s a gear symbol peaking out from beneath the top that more literally fits the description of “the one on your back”, especially since we have no reason to think that the silver symbol isn’t part of her shirt. It should’ve been a close up of the symbol! So that we knew which one it was! 

Compare this page in Gunnerkrigg Court. This is technically bad art. I could possibly draw something like this in a day with my current skills. But the deterioration of the drawing quality is good art, because it gives the sense that Annie’s falling apart, which is appropriate to the scene. 

Tom Siddel can draw like a motherfucker when he wants to (also this layout is excellent), but for this scene of Annie taking her makeup off, he doesn’t want to, and that’s an artistic choice. A pretty good one, actually. 

Order of the Stick is one of the simplest comics out there in terms of visual style. This panel isn’t that hard to draw (compared to Unsounded, for instance). But it works.Even if you don’t know anything about OotS, this shot tells you a ton. You understand that these characters have been going through doors at random, and you know that there’s a shitload of doors. Despite it’s simple art style, this panel effectively conveys the scale of the challenge. 

None of this requires gimmickry (and sometimes gimmickry is good). You don’t need to be great at drawing to make a panel like that OotS one. 

And that’s just basic shot composition! There’s also stuff like the tarot card gimmick you mentioned, color palettes, and visual metaphor. 


While it’s important to remember films != comics, they can be a good resource for this kind of visual thinking. If I’m filming a scene two people talking, I can “draw” nearly as well as any director, since I have a camera on my phone. The difference between me and a great director (besides budget) is where I point the camera, and what decisions I make.

Anyway, here’s a nice set of panels from Octopus Pie, which are great at getting us into Marigold’s frame of mind in a way a good drawing wouldn’t.


#Johnny Depp
February 17, 2014 #Gene Harlow

#Johnny Depp was a special honoree at the 11th annual Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. “The Lone Ranger” star receives first-time Distinguished Artisan Award during the ceremony at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday, February 15 in Los Angeles. 

Johnny Depp was honoured with the Distinguished Artisan Award at the Annual #Makeup Artist and Hair Stylists Guild Awards.

Before taking the stage, a montage of many of his made-up roles was played for the audience, and Johnny addressed those images during his speech.

“This is a great honor, but glancing up at the screen I realize what a ridiculous thing I’ve done,” he poked fun at himself when delivering his acceptance speech. “I mean seriously, why do they still give me jobs? I’ve done a lot of things…I should probably apologize for a few, but I won’t.“ 

He went on to say that he was “originally a guitar player” and only acted to make money to support his music which is what led him to Wes Craven.

He said he fell in love with makeup after being signed on for Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” when he was still a struggling musician. “He [Craven], who really took a chance on me, hooked me up with a guy named Dave Miller to take a mold of my face,” he recalled. 

“I found, oddly enough, that I liked being encased in all that stuff. I like being isolated to that degree. So the idea of being shocked beyond recognition, it’s kind of what I want. It’s what I strive for. I think trying something different each time as an actor, with the luxury [of having] amazing makeup artists has made my, whatever you call it, career.”

Nice To Meet You

Relationship: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1344

Summary: Reader works at a web show where Lin is being interviewed, and is a big fan of Hamilton. The host cancels and the Reader has to fill in.


“Are you okay?” You turned your head in the direction of the voice and saw the camera guy looking at you wearily. In all honesty, you were freaking out. Today was the day that Lin-Manuel Miranda was doing an interview for the web show that you worked for. You wouldn’t normally be this worked up for an interview, especially considering you weren’t even asking the questions, but this was different. You had been a huge fan of Hamilton ever since it made its off-broadway debut, so this was like a dream come true for you.

You couldn’t say all of that to a camera guy you’d never met before, so you settled for, “I’m fine.” You awkwardly looked at each other before you nodded and left. You really needed to get your shit together before Lin got there.

“Don’t be worried, (Y/N). He’ll love you.” You turned around and smiled at your best friend Taylor.

“Shut up. I’m just the mic girl.” You smiled and looked back down at the table of audio equipment.

“Yeah but you get to be all up close and personal with celebrities,” Taylor teased as she leaned against the table.

“Yeah, for like, less than a minute. It’s not like I’m gonna woo him with my magic audio skills,” you said as you rolled your eyes.

“You never know. Maybe he finds it sexy.” You gave her an incredulous look. “What? It could be a thing.”

“Sure, Taylor. Sure.”


After fifteen minutes of nervously checking and rechecking the mics, the producer came storming into the room where you were filming.

“He just cancelled on us! What kind of douchebag would do that?” the producer, Sam, yelled to no one in particular.

Your heart sunk. Lin wasn’t coming on the show anymore? Even though you were beyond nervous, you were still super excited. You also didn’t think that the producer should’ve called him a douchebag. He probably had a really good reason to cancel, you thought to yourself.

“So, can we go home?” the lighting guy asked.

“No,” Sam said. You were confused. Why did you have to stay if Lin wasn’t coming?

“Lin is still showing up, we just need somebody to interview him.”

It made sense now. Lin didn’t cancel, but James did.

It wasn’t a surprise that James decided to not do the interview. He was an asshole who thought he was too good to be hosting a web show. No matter how famous a guest was, James always thought he deserved better. In all honesty, you were glad he was gone. Good riddance.

“Does anyone know if James left his questions here?” Sam asked.

“I saw him take them home last night,” said Kim, the makeup artist.

“Fuck,” he whispered under his breath. “Does anyone know anything about Hamilton?” Everybody just shook their heads and returned to their work. You were faced with a dilemma.

On one hand, you would’ve killed to interview Lin-Manuel Miranda. You had so many questions you’d wanted to ask for forever. But on the other hand, you’d always preferred to be behind the camera, not in front of it and online for millions of people to laugh at you for making a fool of yourself.

“Actually, (Y/N) knows a ton about Hamilton.” You whipped your head up to see Taylor grinning at you from across the room. You rolled your eyes and flipped her off, but she smiled even wider.

Sam’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

“Perfect! ‘Fan gets to interview idol.’ I can work with this,” Sam said - more to himself than anyone else - and then made his way out of the filming area.

Right before he left, he called over his shoulder, “just don’t be weird!”

You chuckled awkwardly. “That’s the plan.”


What felt like an eternity later, you saw Lin walk into the studio with a friendly smile on his face. Your stomach dropped for a second as you watched him walk over to Sam.

Sam and Lin spoke for a few seconds before he led him to the makeup chair. Sam then strolled over to you, a fake smile plastered on his face.

“Please don’t fuck this up,” he whispered into your ear. You gulped and nodded. Sam drew back and smiled at you before he went back to Lin.

You busied yourself for the next five minutes by putting your mic on and trying to discreetly fix your hair.

“You guys ready?” Sam asked as Lin walked over to you.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile.

“Good! Let’s get filming!”

You and Lin sat down on the matching chairs, and you tried your best not to make eye contact with him.

“Hi, I’m Lin, it’s nice to meet you,” he said sweetly. He held out his hand and you shook it.

“I’m (Y/N), it’s nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan.” He smiled at you.

“That’s awesome!” His smile was infectious, and you found yourself having to refrain from grinning from ear to ear.

“Five, four, three, two…” As soon as the camera man pointed at you, you smiled as big as you could and began to speak.

“Hello and welcome to PopStation! I’m (Y/N), filling in for James. Today we have Lin-Manuel Miranda with us. Thanks for coming!” You started to breathe again after you finished the intro. If you got through that part, then the rest couldn’t be that bad. Hopefully.

“Thanks for having me!” he said cheerfully.

“I actually have something to confess,” you said, trying to emulate the way James easily spoke with people.

“Go ahead.”

“I love Hamilton.” Lin chuckled slightly as you continued. “The story is great, and the music is amazing.”

“Thank you! I’m glad you like it.”

The rest of the interview went pretty well. By your count, you had only blushed four times. And although you were fangirling for most of the interview, by the end, you appreciated Lin less as “The Cute Guy Who Wrote Your Favorite Musical”, and more as a super intelligent and interesting person. You were grateful for Taylor having thrown you under the bus, but you would never admit it to her.


You were leaning on the brick wall outside of the studio, waiting for your cab, when you were tapped on the shoulder. You looked up from your phone to see Lin smiling at you.

“Uh, hi?” You internally facepalmed at your awkwardness.

“Hi. (Y/N), right?”

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed talking to you. You seem really cool.” You grinned at the compliment.

“Thanks. You’re pretty okay,” you joked.

“I’ll take it.” The two of you laughed slightly. “So, is this what you do? Interview famous people?”

“Nah, I’m the mic girl. Our real host cancelled so I filled in.” A semi-awkward silence settled around you two. “I’m actually in school for a math degree with a focus in statistics, but since it’s summer, I need a job, and putting mics on famous people is kind of a hobby of mine.” You don’t know why you felt the need to blurt out a bunch of information about yourself and make that horrible joke, but you did.

Lin laughed slightly. “Well, if I’m being honest, being miced by pretty girls is kind of a hobby of mine.” You chuckled, and in the back of your mind, you though, is Lin-Manuel Miranda flirting with me?

You and Lin spoke for a few more minutes and swapped numbers before your cab arrived.

“It was nice meeting you, Lin,” you said as you climbed into the cab.

“You too, (Y/N).”

A couple minutes into the ride, you saw your phone screen flash with a notification. You looked down to see a text from Lin.

From Lin:
I hope you can mic me up again soon ;)

You snorted at the kind of sexual message.

To Lin:
You got it

You then locked your phone and leaned back against the headrest, a faint smile gracing your lips.

Thank you James.


favorite megan fox interviews — Megan has publicly stated many times that she gets very anxious if she has to speak in front of a big crowd and that she’s always felt very tomboy-ish growing up; she’s also claimed to be very insecure in many interviews (despite coming off as cocky and confident to some people) and that it takes makeup artists a long time to make her look like a woman. This wasn’t the only photographer to talk about Megan’s ‘rare’ behaviour during shoots either; many have said that she’s amazing to work with, always comes early to the studio and never looks at her own pictures.

Complicated ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word count: 4180

Synopsis: You’re a makeup artist on Teen Wolf and Dylan has a thing for you

A/N: this is lots of trashy smut…enjoy!

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“Just a little more…hold still…one second,” I tell Holland as I dab a little more fake blood on her forehead.

“I’m so ready to go home and sleep,” Holland whines. The poor thing had been shooting all day and I couldn’t blame her for just wanting to crash.

I, myself, have been on my feet for going on eight hours now. I was ready for a damn drink…or five.

Being a makeup artist takes its toll sometimes. Long hours, making sure the special effects are perfect and dealing with people who don’t want to stay still, it can really wear on your nerves. But it’s all I ever wanted to do. Working on a hit tv show, with the most awesome people, makes it all worth it. Plus the pay isn’t too shabby either.

“Okay, you’re good to go,” I give Holland a small smile and wave her off so she can go finish her scene.

I start packing my stuff up for the night, making sure everything is cleaned up for the next day. I hear a dramatic sigh from behind me. I don’t even need to turn around, I know who’s sitting in the chair.

“I’m done for the day, so whatever it is that you need, I’m sure it can wait until tomorrow Dyl,” I zip up my bag and make sure my counter is organized.

“Whatcha got planned for tonight?” Dylan asks as I turn around and lean against my counter, crossing my arms in front of me.

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What would the RFA members + V and Saeran do for their first ever date?

I’m putting it below the cut because this post would take FOREVER to scroll down your feed. I know this HC is probably done a lot of times already, but I’m hoping those who’ll read it will enjoy!

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I'm inexperienced with body paint in general, so why exactly shouldn't someone use PAX? I mean, I've heard (from the internet) it was a good choice....??

The internet is lying to you, it’s an awful choice. 

I’m going to play a card here which is going to make me sound like an asshole, but I’m going to do it anyways, because it does give me a little more authority on this than most people who will tell you to use it: I’m a professional makeup artist. The thought of using PAX on an actor’s skin is horrifying to me and can get you fired. We use PAX in makeup to paint on top of latex prosthetics; it never touches skin. 

PAX is acrylic paint + Pros Aide. Pros Aide is a skin safe adhesive used in fx makeup; it’s generally used to adhere prosthetics to skin. That said though, it’s not great to use over large areas of skin because it’s thick, very sticky, and not very breathable. You need a proper makeup remover like Telesis or Bond Off to really remove it and it can tear skin and hair if you remove it improperly. So even though it’s safe and commonly used, you can still mess up with Pros Aide if you don’t know what you’re doing. The acrylic paint part of it is worse. Because acrylic paint isn’t tested on skin, isn’t meant for skin, is designed to be permanent, and isn’t regulated like makeup so it can have any number of gross ingredients and chemicals in it that you don’t want to put on your body. Acrylic paint is for armor, not your face. The mix of these two products then is incredibly stupid, because you’re putting something not meant for skin onto your face and it will not come off. You’re rending craft store paint to your face with glue. It can take days to scrub it off of you. I once had a friend who I love dearly use PAX on my hands for a makeup project, and while I still love her dearly, I haven’t forgiven her for it because I had black colored and bloody raw hands for a week. 

People turn to it because it seems like a quick and easy way to do lasting body paint, but it’s such an incredibly bad idea because they don’t know how to use it and don’t know how to remove it. The unfortunate answer to the body painting dilemma is that there is no quick, easy, long lasting way to do it. When actors are body painted for films, it generally takes 4+ makeup artists several hours to cover them and even then it’s constantly being touched up every 10 minutes. The answer to body painting is a creme or water based body paint + time + sealing well + frequent touch ups. Kryolan, Mehron, and Ben Nye all make very good body paints that are safe and much better options than picking acrylic paint out of your pores for a week. 

A New Way Of Saying Yes

Your name: submit What is this?

“So Y/N, are you ready for your little romance scene?” Misha asked massaging your shoulders as you were trying to destress yourself in the make-up trailer.

“I think so, I mean I know I’m only going to be kissing Jared, it won’t be too weird right?” You ask as Jensen and Jared both pushed their way into the make-up trailer.

“Oh, I’m not sure, you could always practice on me.” Misha said teasingly. “I wouldn’t mind, and I know how much you love the Cas voice.” He flirts. You batted him away in good nature as you finish the bottle of water. You met Jared’s gaze as he winked at you. You blushed profusely as you looked down.

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What Do You Mean? - Derek Luh Imagine

Request:  Hey can you please do a Derek imagine where he is mad at y/n (idk why) and you can ended it as you want :)) Thanks

Since you were a famous model and dancer you were asked to be in Justin Bieber’s new music video for his new song ‘What Do You Mean?’. You loved his music and you were honored because being in Justin Bieber’s music video is surely not a little thing and it could add more success to your career so you, of course, without much thinking accepted that proposition. Your boyfriend, Derek, who is a famous singer was a bit skeptical toward the fact that you’re gonna film for Justin Bieber, but you made clear to him even at the beginning of your relationship that even if he doesn’t always like what you do for your job, that that’s your job after all and that’s what you enjoy doing. 

Today was that day; you were on set for ‘What Do You Mean?’ music video and currently, you were getting ready in your dressing room. It was crazy; there were lots of people around you doing the last touch ups on you. 

‘Damn, girl! You look amazing!’ Karen, the makeup artist, said taking a step back and looking at you. 

You chuckled at her comment looking at yourself in a huge mirror in front of you. ‘Thank you, Karen!’ 

‘Your boyfriend will pass out when he sees you and I’m sure Justin will too.’ She said and you laughed. ‘Is Derek here?’ She asked.

‘Yeah, he’s here. I’m gonna actually go see him now.’ You said taking a silk robe and putting it on. You left the dressing room and went to find Derek. ‘Hey, baby.’ You said putting your arms around his neck and standing on your tiptoes to reach his lips. 

‘Hey, babe. Wow, you look gorgeous.’ He said holding his hands on your hips and you kept shifting in your place. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked. 

‘Yeah, I’m just a little bit nervous. This is a big thing for me, you know and I’m afraid that I’ll mess up.’ 

‘You won’t, you’ll be great like you’re always.’ He said. 

‘Y/n, are you ready? We’re starting in 5 minutes!’ 

‘I am!’ You said and then turned to your boyfriend again. 

‘What are you wearing?’ He asked moving your robe to the side a little. ‘Whoa, what..? What is this?’ He asked when he noticed that you were only in lace lingerie. ‘Tell me you still don’t have your clothes for filming on.’ He said taking a step back. 

‘I-I do actually.’ You said. 

‘Oh, c’mon. What kind of music vide is that?’ Derek asked.

‘Babe, we’ve discussed about things like this already. I didn’t choose myself to wear that. You know how it goes.’ 

‘Yeah, but-’ 

‘Y/n, it’s time!’ 

‘I gotta go. Please don’t be mad at me, okay? We’ll talk later.’ You said giving him a quick kiss on the lips and leaving. 

‘Hey! Wow, y/n you look great.’ Justin complimented you making you blush.

There was a bed on which you were supposed to be laying along with Justin for the first scene. 

‘Alright! Y/n, Justin on your places!’ There was so many people telling you what to do before you started with filming. 

Justin took off his t-shirt and then hovered over you as you grinded your hips into his. It was pretty hot scene and you only could imagine what Derek was thinking.

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And then, it was time for the kiss. Justin leaned in and pressed his lips on yours.

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His hand travelled up your thigh all the way to your butt.

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You started kissing his abs and then his lips again.

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You quickly glanced to see Derek’s face expression, but he wasn’t there anymore. You closed your eyes and just sighed as you knew what will happen at home. 

It was around 11 p.m. when you were done and when you came home. You entered the house, but all the lights were off even though Derek was at home because the door wasn’t locked and his car is in front of the house. 

You went upstairs and entered your and Derek’s shared bedroom and saw that the balcony door were opened. You stepped out on the balcony and saw him sitting on a chair and smoking. 

‘Hey.’ You said, but he didn’t even wanna look at you. ‘Why did you leave today? What’s wrong?’ You asked even though you knew what the problem was. ‘Oh, so you’re just gonna ignore me?’ You asked when you noticed that he didn’t want to answer any of your questions. ‘Derek, I’ve told you million times that that’s the part of my job. I don’t write scenarios nor choose what I’m gonna wear, I just act.’ You said. 

‘Why do you ask what’s wrong when you know?’ He asked calmly still not looking at you. 

‘And why are you being so childish?’ You asked. 

‘I don’t know really. I mean, it’s normal thing that your girlfriend, who is naked, is making out with shirtless Justin Bieber.’ 

‘First of all, I wasn’t naked!’ 

‘Oh, yeah sorry, you weren’t naked, you were in your lace lingerie which was barely covering you, but you weren’t naked.’ He said sarcastically. 

‘You’re very funny.’ You said being already annoyed with his shitty attitude. 

‘No, you’re funny because you think that I should be okay with that!’ He yelled. ‘How would you feel like if I did something like that with some hot blonde with big boobs and big ass? You’d be okay with that?’ 

‘You know what? I don’t have energy to fight with you about this all over again. I’m done with this.’ You said entering your bedroom again, but then getting out and heading downstairs. 

‘What? What does that mean now? Where are you going?’ He asked following you. 

‘Away from your bullshit.’ You said reaching for the door knob, but you were stopped by him taking your elbow, turning you around and pressing you against the wall. 

‘Do not talk to me like that and do not walk away from this.’ He said through his teeth. You were breathing fast and deep, but not because you were afraid, you knew Derek would never do anything to hurt you no matter how angry he was, but because you were pissed at him. 

‘You make me so angry, you don’t even know.’ You said. 

‘Do I?’ He asked pressing his lips against yours as you ran your fingers through his hair. 

‘Yeah’ You moaned as he bit your neck. 

‘Then take your anger out on me.’ He smirked and continued kissing you.

Second Home

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Speechless part 8!

“So, this is my trailer.” Jensen said waving his hands around. It wasn’t anything fancy like people liked to think it was, but it was comfortable. You wouldn’t mind staying in here while Jensen filled his scenes.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but if you need Misha he’s right next door,  and he’s now normally here thanks to the plot for this season. Jared’s is also right next door, and then once everything is done today then we can head to our Vancouver house, sadly we have to room with Jared.” He joked.

“So we’re going to Jared’s?” You asked making a joke as you gestured to the ring you were wearing on your finger. It was your grandmothers, you two had been fairly close and she had wanted you to have it before you moved.

“Ha, so funny.” Jensen said rolling his eyes as there was a knock on his trailer door.

“Yes?” He asked as he  opened the door. You heard something splatter and looked over your shoulder from your wandering to see Jensen, and he was now sporting a pie all over his face.

“Looks like they pulled a Gabriel and gave you your just desserts. Personally I think you deserve it.” You said smirking. Jensen wiped his eyes and around his mouth. He looked at you through the cream and you just knew you’d be paying for that later.

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“Don’t you glare at me like that Ackles.” You said as you pushed your way closer to him to see Misha on the ground. He was cackling and apparently very happy that he finally got Jensen back.

“I figured this was a way to break the ice after our little argument. YES I FINALLY GOT YOU BACK!” Misha said howling.

“Calm down Mish, you might pee yourself.” You said sticking your head out the door but keeping a distance from Jensen.

“That wouldn’t be the first time.” Jared yelled walking past. “God Jensen, you look at little pale. You need some sun.” That caused you to laugh super hard yourself. He was so nonchalant about it.

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“I have to change.” Jensen muttered walking into his trailer and you watched as he wiped his face off. “Watch your back later Y/N, you seriously are asking for it.” He said and playfully winked at you.

“No I’m not asking for anything, no thanks.” You said waving your hands in the ‘no way’ manner.  Jensen luckily had brought a second shirt and quickly changed into it. Then he made you walk along with him as he introduced you to anyone and everyone that passed by.

“Let’s take you to the makeup trailer, I’ll introduce you to the artists.” He said taking your hand and pulling you along.  You barely had enough time to brace yourself before he almost quite literally pulled you into the trailer.

“Zabrina, I’d like you to meet somebody. This is my best friend Y/N, or as we all call her Angel. Yes I did say best friend because screw Jared.” Jensen said introducing you to Shannon who was in charge of making the boys pretty.

“Uh, hi.” You said shaking her hand your natural shyness kicking in.

“Hi nice to meet you! Jensen you finally started dating again?”

“It’s been only a year.” Jensen said awkwardly.

“Yes, but she’s beautiful! I love your bone structure, would you totally mind if I practiced some of my makeup on you?” She asked. “Of course not right now.” She said.

“Sure?” You asked your shyness threatening to make you choke.

“Awesome!” She said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back.

“This is Jeannie.” Jensen said gesturing to the other woman in the trailer.

“Hi Angel.” She said as Jensen explained to you that she was the hair expert.

“Hi.” You offered back.

“You are so pretty!” She gushed.

“Thank, you two are too.” You said looking between the women.

“Well you two we are off to go and introduce her to a certain king, see you ladies later.” Jensen said and pulled you out of the trailer and right into someone, literally.

“Sorry!” you squeaked.

“You’re fine are you okay?” The familiar voice purred.

“I’m fine thanks.” You said looking up.

“Ah Mark just who I was looking for, meet my new best friend Y/N, or Angel as we all call her.” Jensen said as he brushed the dirt off you.

“Well well an angel running into the king of hell? Are you shaking in your boots?” Mark asked venom lacing his tone and you knew he was just showing off his acting skills.

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“No, but you should be.” You quipped back.

“My my Jensen, you might want to keep her close, or they might try to make her a new costar.” Mark joked.

“Oh, don’t I know it, isn’t she so cute when she’s feisty?” Jensen joked winking at you because he had said the same thing to you after you moved into his house in Texas. He told you that he deserved it when you chewed him out and that he almost forgot why he was angry because you were so cute when you were mad.

“Indeed.” Mark smiled. “It was a pleasure to meet you Angel.” He said smiling as he walked into the trailer.

“Well do you like it yet?” Jensen asked throwing his arms open gesturing to everything and then shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Are you kidding me? It’s like a second home.” You smiled as Jensen pulled you into a hug.


Concert Essentials

1) It’s best to carry a small backpack if you’re a known mother duck (person who packs everything everyone might need). This small leather backpack can hold everything you need to survive a concert.

2) Obviously you’re going to need your phone; whether to contact friends, call up your ride, take pictures, snapchat a golden performance, or update your Instagram to make all of your followers jealous.

3) Along with your phone, bring a phone charger because 99% of the time, it WILL run out of battery.

4) If you don’t have access to a convenient wall outlet, a compact charger is much more efficient in charging your phone.

5) You can bring an Instax Mini to capture the moment in a more authentic way.

6) It’s important to stay hydrated, so bring a water bottle if the venue allows you to.

7) Bring extra cash for merchandise, food, drinks, etc.

8) Oil blotting sheets are important because the venue WILL get humid and you wouldn’t want to end up looking shiny and oily when taking pictures or meeting your favorite artists.

9) Whatever your essential makeup is, bring it just to touch up your makeup just in case. Chances are, there may be smudged mascara, eyeliner, etc half way through the concert. A powder compact fixes up your face makeup whilst also mattifying your face. Gotta be picture perfect!

10) Bring bobby pins to fix up your hair, because chances are your hair will be a hot mess jumping up and down jamming to your favorite songs.

11) Don’t forget to bring your ticket, it’s literally the most important thing when attending a concert

Harry Styles - Firefighter Imagine

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