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Life is ironic in that we always want to create fantastic things and brew big dreams yet we’re often too fearful to bring it to reality. Good thing’s in life is that it has no guarantee, it’s our choice whether to keep it all up in our heads or start doing something seemingly impossible. Recognizing imperfections and weaknesses gives us the power over it. Stop obsessing about the outcome, some thing’s are out of our hands. It get’s easier with time, so long as you’re courageous enough to take that first step. The journey and the memories with it is what’s to be embraced.

I helped myself.
wiped my own tears.
put balm over fresh wounds.
plastered parts of my heart that still were hurting.
gave myself time.
read books that soothed my soul.
heard music that calmed my nerves.
watched movies that made me smile.
bit by bit, piece by piece, I put
myself back together again.
and I gave myself a second chance
because I know that if I didn’t,

then no one else would.

—  Ruby Dhal

yes okay niall is a beautiful and pure sunshine puppy, but he can also be a sassy, sarcastic little shit who gets passive aggressive as fuck so greetings friends, let’s take a journey


why u so bitter niall??? who hurt you? not that couch



he likes to sass interviewers in particular




this interview was the pinnacle though lbr, the interviewer was asking them the stupidest questions (the whole thing is gr8 go watch it here) so when niall wasn’t talking about his shoes or laughing at liam and harry trolling the interviewer he was doing this

oh and remember that one time an interviewer wanted to take a selfie but wouldn’t let niall take it??? im sure niall does


niall does not take kindly to not being allowed to take the selfie

the most pure and friendly of humans but he doesn’t have the time for rude people ok

he definitely does NOT like when people throw things on stage



yep not even the fans are safe


or his band mates



or his friends

sometimes he just says it all with a face


he hates when people get his name wrong with the power of a million suns




his tweets are more often than not lovely gibberish but sometimes we get gems like this;

basically i love nialls sense of humour and it is incredibly underrated

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Newt Kissing headcanons

I cannot thank you enough that you sent this request thank you i really wanted to write these.

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  • Knuckle kisses.
    • Possibly one of the more chaste sort of kiss. Could be used at anytime. Preferably, he’s grown to use it when he sees you for the first time during the day as your affectionate form of greeting one another. Probably started off as a kiss to the back of your hand, but formed itself into kissing of the knuckles. 
    • His lips linger on your knuckles as his fingers lightly cup yours. He doesn’t want to let go now.
      • You kissing his knuckles when the two of you are cuddling, and your hands are entwined. With a small smile, you lift his hand and press a warm kiss to his knuckles.
      • Also kissing his knuckles very tenderly when he’s about to take off for another tireless journey to finish his book. The ship is about to leave, you had already kissed once, and now, your hands are cupping his. With a solemn look, you gaze up at him, peppering a few kisses onto his knuckles, “I’m going to miss you.”
  • Very similar to knuckle kisses are fingertip kisses!
    • Something that’s used more in the privacy of his case, when it’s only the two of you. 
      • Newt actually finds it to be rather erotic, but he wouldn’t admit that out-loud, goodness.
    • Newt goes in, tucks a bit of your hair behind your ear, and before he can pull his hand away completely, you kiss his fingertips very lightly.
      • His reaction varies. Usually he blushes, puts his hands in his lap and shuffles beside you while his heart races. He loves it when you do that.
    • If he’s feeling daring (which is rare, but occasionally, it happens and it makes you smile when it does), he’ll mindlessly pick up your hand and begin to pepper kisses onto each individual finger. Typically, when it’s late, and you’re already half asleep. He sort of uses it as a ‘goodnight’ calling.
  • Butterfly kisses.
    • Something very affectionate. And, it’s usually you the one giving him this sort of kiss. 
    • Cupping both of his cheeks in your hand, you run your hands down before pulling him down. As usual, he expects an actual kiss but finds it to be a great surprise when he feels your eyelashes brush against the skin of his right cheek.
      Swallowing quietly, he returns the favor and brushes his eyelashes against yours lovingly and embraces you completely, as that’s what you want when you give him this sort of kiss.
  • Lots and lots of Eskimo kisses.
    • He likes to come up behind you, pretending to scare you before rubbing his nose against yours.
      • This makes you really laugh as you tip your head into the crook of your neck.
    • Another time these are usually given is during cuddles, when you’re both facing each other, your legs tangled together under the blankets to keep each other warm. He leans his head in, pressing it against yours as if ready for an actual kiss. You tease though, and reply with your nose against his gently.
      • Eskimo kisses usually end with a adorable kiss to the cheek, sometimes a kiss on the lips.
  • Newt loves forehead kisses.
    • Like, it’s more likely the height difference between the two of you, but he loves the sensation of pressing a hot kiss to your forehead before digging his face into your hair.
      • He finds this to be a stress reliever after a long day.
        • He could probably nuzzle his face into your hair for hours on end if he had that sort of time.
        • They’re so simple, but depending on the way and situation you give them, they can be the most affectionate thing possible. Newt really likes that flexibility.
      • Has a thing called the “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU” forehead kiss and gives them to you when he’s well, too excited to express his pride properly and he pulls you close for a wet, big forehead kiss with his goofy grin accompanying it.
  • Goodbye Kisses.
    • The name you’ve given to the embrace he gives you before taking off on a journey. 
      • He tucks back some of your hair, hesitant at first before resting both hands on your shoulders and pulling you towards him. No reserve needed in a moment like this, he either lifts you off the ground of bends down to be at your level(and more often than not, it’s him lifting you) to press a gentle kiss to your lips. 
        Newt lets his mouth linger on yours, momentarily breaking away to whisper how much he loved you and how much he was going to miss you before making complete lip contact once again because he was unsure of when he was going to be able to do this again.
      • Always followed by a knuckle kiss given by you.
        • Even the kisses he gives you before he leaves for only the day are the some of the most breathless things you’ve encountered. The gentleness and absolute care he puts behind every peck is amazing, and make you fall in love even more.
  • Cheek kisses!
    • Imagine sitting with your back facing him. Of course, it would be easy to come up behind you and scare you playfully, but he takes another route. Bending down onto his hands and knees, he crawls towards you. You, of course, can hear him moving and before you know it, his head is resting on your shoulder as he looks down at what you’re working on. 
      You smile gently, looking at him before kissing his cheek, which he happily returns as you begin to explain what you were working on.
      • If we’re being honest, he really likes cheek kisses as well. He loves receiving them though, because when you kiss his cheek, you play around and press your lips all over his face and trace them along his freckles there. 
  • Shoulder kisses.
    • Happens during those late nights while he’s working by a dim light. Newt squints at his own hand writing before tossing his pencil down and growling to himself. Things were just too much sometimes, and he found it hard to cope.
      You can hear him though, and quietly, you sit beside him and press a kiss to his shoulder before asking, “What’s the matter?”
      It always gets him talking about his troubles, and you’re glad it does.
      • He gives you lots of shoulder kisses when you’re sitting in your chair, reading. He’ll come up, look at what you’re reading, kissing your shoulder before walking off to continue what he was doing.
        • Occasionally, he’ll drop what he’s doing and snuggle with you, and will pepper kisses onto your shoulders.
  • Scarf kisses.
    • (This was too cute I couldn’t help myself). Imagine Newt wrapping his old Hufflepuff scarf around the two of you. You’re so close to one another, you could almost count the freckles that were lining his cheeks and nose perfectly. There was no doubt in your mind at this moment. Newt was absolutely stunning. 
      His breathing hitches in his throat at the look of affection you’re giving him as he subconsciously leans in. And before his mind could even churn out on more thought, you were kissing. Softly at first, as if he was afraid that his lack of experience was going to make a difference, and then harder when he threw slight caution to the wind and gained a bit of self-confidence.
      • He’s gotta be careful though because you’ve ‘accidentally’ taken his scarf a few times.
  • (how could I get through this without) On-the-lip kisses.
    • The extreme p l e a s u r e. Something Newt is gaining more confidence and experience with.
    • He really likes the whole cliche of cupping your cheeks before kissing you, but has been known to wrap his entire arms around you and pull you against him for a kiss if he’s eager enough.
    • Gives you a lot of pecks on the mouth. Pecks between long kisses. 
      • Likes to linger his lips on yours. Especially, after a heavy and deep kiss and when he’s not ready to pull away from your love quite yet. He traces your skin under his fingertips, keep his face near yours as he ghosts his lips against yours.
    • Enjoys slow kisses a lot. The affection and tenderness that goes into such a kiss makes his heart soar. Newt loves to feel your mouth moving against his, he loves to feel your heart-beating against his as he keeps you close to him, he likes to hear the small moan of appreciation you give when he moves his lips against yours perfectly. 
      • Passionate kisses. The kind where he puts literally all of his emotions into his actions. Has lead to quite heated make-out sessions that were started as cuddle sessions. Usually, with you on your back, and him hovering about you. The two of you are panting, he’s staring at you with dilated eyes, unaware that he had this sort of ability in him before uttering, “I’m quite sorry, I do-don’t know what got into me…”

Oh my gosh, this is only part one! geez! If you’d like a part two, let me know! Otherwise, enjoy these! Reblogs and likes are appreciated!
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2016 in Retrospect

Oh boy.

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Usually I type this thing up as 2016 in retrospect for ME.

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Something like, “I went to Zootopia.”

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Or, “I met the hero of Harlem.”

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But this was a rough year.

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For a lot of people, for a lot of reasons.

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So it seems weird to do a post about movies and TV.

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But art and stories are born from real life.

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Remember that Rogue One, basically 2016 the movie, ends in hope.

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Remember Star Trek Beyond paints a picture of a united Earth and a united federation.

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Remember that Moana takes us on a journey of discovery…

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That Kubo taught us how to live with loss…

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That we have Ghostbusters fighting for & receiving recognition…

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And that Newt Scamander, in dark times which tested his morales, stayed good and honest with his friends.

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Stories have music!

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Stories have color!

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Stories shows us that even when we fight against ourselves…

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That there is still hope for the future.

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And when we forget that these things exist in real life…

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Art reminds us that there is still light in the dark.

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Stories gives us heroes who inspire us!

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(Sometimes not in the most appropriate ways.)

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Stories remind us that there is LOVE!

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That there is inspiration!

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That we have family…

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That we have friends…

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That we are not alone…

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And that we must always fight for what is right.

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So stay strong and remember what the stories taught us.

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Happy New Year everyone! And here’s to a better 2017!

2016: This Year at NASA!

As 2016 comes to a close and prospects of the new year loom before us, we take a moment to look back at what we’ve accomplished and how it will set us ahead in the year to come.

2016 marked record-breaking progress in our exploration activities. We advanced the capabilities needed to travel farther into the solar system while increasing observations of our home and the universe, learning more about how to continuously live and work in space and, or course, inspiring the next generation of leaders to take up our journey to Mars and make their own discoveries.

Here are a few of the top NASA stories of 2016…

International Space Station

One Year Mission…completed!

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned to Earth after spending a year in space. Testing the limits of human research, findings from their One Year Mission will help send humans farther into space than ever before.

Commercial Resupply

Commercial partners Orbital ATK and SpaceX delivered tons (yes literally tons) of cargo to the International Space Station. This cargo supported hundreds of science experiments and technology demonstrations crucial to our journey to Mars.


Expandable Habitats

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) was one of the technology demonstrations delivered to the space station in April. Expandable habitats greatly decrease the amount of transport volume for future space missions.

Booster Test Firing

In June, a booster for our Space Launch System (SLS) rocket successfully fired up. It will be used on the first un-crewed test flight of SLS with the Orion spacecraft in 2018. Eventually, this rocket and capsule will carry humans into deep space and one day…Mars!


This year we updated the milestones for our InSight mission with a new target launch window beginning in May 2018. This mission will place a fixed science outpost on Mars to study its deep interior. Findings and research from this project will address one of the most fundamental questions we have about the planetary and solar system science…how in the world did these rocky planets form?

Solar System and Beyond


On July 4, our Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter. This mission is working to improve our understanding of the solar system’s beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of Jupiter.


In September, we launched our OSIRIS-REx spacecraft…which is America’s first-ever asteroid sample return mission. This spacecraft will travel to a near-Earth asteroid, called Bennu, where it will collect a sample to bring back to Earth for study.

James Webb Space Telescope

In February, the final primary mirror segment of our James Webb Space Telescope was installed. This will be the world’s most powerful space telescope ever, and is scheduled to launch in 2018. Webb will look back in time, studying the very first galaxies ever formed.


In May, our Kepler mission verified the discovery of 1,284 new planets. Kepler is the first NASA mission to find potentially habitably Earth-sized planets.

Earth Right Now

Earth Expeditions

Our efforts to improve life on Earth included an announcement in March of a collection of Earth Science field campaigns to study how our planet is changing. These Earth Expeditions sent scientists to places like the edge of the Greenland ice sheet to the coral reefs of the South Pacific to delve into challenging questions about how our planet is changing…and what impacts humans are having on it.

Small Satellites

In November, we announced plans to launch six next-generation Earth-observing small satellite missions. One uses GPS signals to measure wind in hurricanes and tropical systems in greater detail than ever before.

Aeronautics Research

Our efforts in 2016 to make air travel cleaner, safer and quieter included new technology to improve safety and efficiency of aircraft arrivals, departures and service operations.


In June, we highlighted our first designation of an experimental airplane, or X-plane, in a decade. It will test new electric propulsion technology.

Drone Technolgy

In October, we evaluated a system being developed for the Federal Aviation Administration to safely manage drone air traffic.


Electric Propulsion

We selected Aerojet Rocketdyne to develop and advanced electric propulsion system to enable deep space travel to an asteroid and Mars.


Our technology transfer program continued to share the agency’s technology with industry, academia and other government agencies at an unprecedented rate.

Centennial Challenges

Our Centennial Challenges program conducted four competition events in 2016 to spark innovation and enable solutions in important technology focus areas.

Watch the full video recap of ‘This Year @NASA’ here:

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

lie to make me like you

pairing: victor / yuuri

length: 9 chapters, 80k

It’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up.

Or, Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles.

[ao3 link

Your first mission has been given to you. Rescue the Writing Prompt man from the afterlife. But be careful, the journey takes you.. through the forest of Rejected Prompts. Be wary.

Perhaps One Day... Someday.
Things I wish somebody had told me in the beginning: witch edition
  • This is not a competition. Take it slow, enjoy the journey. You do not need to learn every crystal correspondence within a week.
  • Keep a journal/Grimoire/Book of Shadows if possible. Fill it up as you go. Do not just put the information somewhere to wait until you “have time” or “have more energy” (although these, and many more, are understandable reasons). It is less work to do a little all the time than try to catch up all at once.
  • You don’t need to be anything to be a witch. You are one, regardless of your gender, skin color, religious interests… If you think you’re one, you are. Witchcraft is a path, a tool, not a religion.
  • Wicca and witchcraft are not the same.
  • It is totally okay to take breaks. Setting aside your craft doesn’t mean you can’t come back and continue where you left off.
  • YOU are the most important tool. You do not need that expensive cauldron, or those rare herbs that have a double-digit price. Of course, supplies are needed for more complicated/powerful spells to help you out, but they are not necessary.
  • If your path changes, that is okay! If you were first interested in spells but then decided to focus more on deities and their worship, that’s okay!
  • On that note, it’s also okay to not know what your path is.
  • Like all people, witches have their opinions about various things. Listen carefully to both sides, research, but in the end make your own opinion that fits with your morals and worldview. Neither side is necessarily wrong, but both can be true.
  • Trust your gut/intuition. It knows a lot. If someone says X has Y correspondences, but in your opinion has Z, then this is true to you.
  • When researching things, remember to be critical and not trust everything you read blindly. Cross-reference.
  • Educate yourself on closed religions, slur words, racist symbols, appropriation of cultures and their words (see:smudging, chakra…) Do not be angry at yourself if you have used them before - you are always learning and growing as a person.
  • When in doubt, ask. The community is friendly and many are more than happy to help you. Asking never hurts, but don’t treat others as your Google.
  • Do not abandon science nor common sense. Witchcraft is powerful, and certain areas have direct influence (using herbs, for example), but it does not replace healthcare, therapy, or otherwise being healthy.
  • Practice safety. There is a reason why people tell you in rituals/spells/etc. to do things to protect yourself. When doing witchcraft, you are dealing with great powers and energy - sometimes that might be malicious.
  • Also, some general things like fire safety, checking for crystal toxicities in various substances, and herb properties are important to keep track of - these are physical things that can seriously harm you; and definitely work. Do not doubt that.
  • Do not lose yourself. While witchcraft gives us great power, it sometimes makes us lose ourselves. One might become so absorbed in their path that they forget things like eating, checking on friends, doing hobbies, and so forth. This path is part of your life, but your life does not consist only of the path.
  • Have fun! I believe this is one of the most important things. Witchcraft does not need to be serious; it can be Legos, glitter, pop-culture gods, sigils doodled with eyeliner… The possibilities are limitless!

okay but lets be real super innocent ‘yona is the only for me’ hak is completely canon okokok if yona kissed him his puny thunder beast legs would turn to a newborn deer the poor boy would probably explode

*drops mic*

What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.
—  Maya Angelou, Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now

show: *is literally called Yuri on Ice*

yuuri’s free skate song: *is literally called Yuri on Ice*

people: omG but WhaaT if yUUri skaTEs ViCTOR’s stAnd BY Me at the GP fINaL FreE skAte InSTead


“It really is a classic coming-of-age story, and in the end it’s Noct’s story, but the beautiful part about it is that his three friends who surround him the closest all take their individual journeys.”  Robbie Daymond (Prompto’s English VA)

  • Me as a Grandma: I remember when Ice Age was about three prehistoric mammals and a baby, not a mammoth, the mammoth's wife, the mammoth's wife's adopted possum brothers, the mammoth's daughter, the mammoth's daughter's husband, a sabertooth, the sabertooth's wife, a sloth, the sloth's wife, the sloth's grandma, and the sloth's grandma's husband.
  • Me as a Grandma: Life was so much simpler, then.