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Trope turned Boyf riends

Ok so hear me out. Michael really loves his jacket. He won’t let anyone else wash it, and he won’t let anyone else wear it. Michael is overprotective of his jacket because it reminds him of the time before the squip. So fast forward to Michael and Jeremy exploring their relationship. So, it is maybe their firstish date. Jeremy isn’t wearing his cardigan because he wanted to look nice. Michael is clinging to the idea that them getting together won’t ruin their platonic relationship so he is wearing his jacket. Jeremy is pretending that he isn’t cold, but Michael can tell that Jeremy is freezing. So Michael takes a deep breath in and out and takes his jacket off. It is almost the end of the date, and they are walking home.  Michael puts the jacket over Jeremy’s shoulders. Michael waves goodbye and walks home alone. Jeremy wears the jacket all night.

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81 belle and Aaron, fluff

(I’m sorry, I don’t think this I anything really)

“It’s cold, you should take my jacket.”

“All right, I’ll be off,” Belle said and got up.

They had a Dingle get together at the Woolpack, but Belle, Aaron, Robert and Liv had stayed longer than everybody else. Robert and Liv left next, both claiming to be tired, but Aaron knew they wanted to watch the newest episode of “I’m a Celebrity, get me outta here”.

“I’ll walk you,” Aaron said.

“Oh, you don’t have to,” Belle said.

“I know, I don’t,” Aaron smiled. “But it’s cold, you should take my jacket. I know you didn’t bring one and so I can take it back with me.”

They started their walk and fell in comfortable silence for a bit until Belle spoke up.

“We should do this more often, I feel like I hardly see you, especially since you got married,” Belle said.

“Well, we’re not exactly the public kind of couple,” Aaron said.

“Old habits die hard, right?” Belle asked with a grin.

“What?” Aaron asked confused, but then got it. “Oh, right. Yeah, well, it’s not like we’re hiding.”

“I never thought you were the type, to be honest,” Belle said “To have an affair. You always wear your emotions on your sleeve.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not what I would had picked for myself,” Aaron said.

Belle smiled. “All worked out in the end, right? You tamed the great Robert Sugden.”

“Hardly,” Aaron said. “He is not really on to be tamed.”

“Oh, please,” Belle laughed. “You never see the way he looks at you when you’re not looking. You could tell him to kidnap somebody and he would ask ‘For how long?’”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Well, anyway,” Belle said and nudged her shoulder against him, “it’s really nice to see you this happy.”

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What about a Gafou tickle fight?

“I’m home!” Lefou called out, taking his jacket and shoes off.

“Babe!” Gaston suddenly appeared out of nowhere, hugging Lefou from behind. “Missed you.”

“Missed you too. What have you been up to?” Lefou asked, turning around and bringing an arm up to brush the hair out of Gaston’s eyes.

“I’ve been kinda just waiting for you to come home.” Gaston said sheepishly. “Wanna watch a movie?”

“That’d be great.” Lefou smiled, as Gaston took hold of the hand that had brushed the lock of hair away, and lead Lefou towards the couch where the movie was already set up.

The pair snuggled close together, Gaston pulling a blanket over their laps as the movie commenced.

After about an hour into the movie, Lefou turned around so he was fully facing Gaston.

“Are you ticklish?” Lefou suddenly asked.

“What? Why are yo-”

Lefou hurled himself on top of Gaston before he could finish his sentence and pushed him back onto the couch. Gaston yelped and tried to squirm away, but Lefou grabbed onto his sides and began to tickle him without remorse. He gasped as Lefou ran his fingers against his waist, and then continued to move his hands up towards his neck.

“Lefou, stop it!” Gaston squirmed underneath him, pushing his shoulders up to stop Lefou’s hands from wiggling against his neck. “Oh my God! Stop!” 

Lefou pulled away, giggling at Gaston’s rumpled hair and betrayed expression.

“Lefou! Why! Explain!” Gaston cried out, trying to steady his breathing.

“I just really wanted to see whether you were ticklish or not. It’s an important piece of information which should be established in any relationship.” Lefou inquired.

“What good did your sudden spurt of evil even accomplish!? I feel attacked!” Gaston whined.

“Well, now that I know you’re as ticklish as they come, I’ll use it to my advantage.” Lefou said, winking at an exasperated Gaston.

“Do we need a fucking safety word for tickling now?” Gaston proclaimed.

“Well, if you really want one.” Lefou assessed.

“How would ‘get the fuck off me’ work for you?”

“Sounds good.” Lefou said, raising his hands back up, but then pulling them back down. “Babe, you flinched.”

“Well, I know it’s coming now.”

Gaston’s eyes widened as Lefou pounced again, holding him down with one arm while tickling his sides with the other. Gaston’s head fell back against the couch as he tried to control his laughter.

“I ca- I can’t bre- I can’t fucking breathe!” Gaston gasped. He pushed his hands up against Lefou’s chest and tried to push him away.

Lefou continued to wiggle his fingers against Gaston’s stomach now. Gaston writhed beneath him and let out a hysterical giggle.

“Lefou, stop! Ah!” Gaston reached down for Lefou’s wrists but couldn’t manage to grab them.

“That’s not your safety word.” Lefou mused.

Gaston managed to grab hold of Lefou’s hands finally, and he took a moment to get his breathing back under control. Lefou took his hands away from Gaston’s tight grasp and placed them on either side of Gaston’s head, leaning down to place a tentative kiss on his lips.

Gaston kissed back, still trying to reclaim his normal breathing rate.

“You’re the devil.” Gaston grumbled, smiling lovingly.

“And you’re my ticklish angel bean.” Lefou whispered, producing a giggle from Gaston.

“Damn right I am.” Gaston agreed, wrapping his hand in Lefou’s hair and pulling him down for a deeper kiss.

send me prompts here and i’ll write a “mini” gafou fic!

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hey kenia have you seen any eval spoilers for my baby fireproof tiger bandit dongho ;u; (minus the whole rice wreath debacle as;flkjd) I just love him so much and he was so cute in episode 8 my heart hurts I have too many Emotions™

why yes I have anon, let me feed you. Here are some fan account stuff I’ve read and seen about him

  • He’s wearing a choker and a black suit. rip our sanity
  • He’s the main vocal and did really well; his voice fit the song perfectly
  • The stage was v. sexy- they had a bed, prison bars and drapes, rip our sanity pt. 2
  • They take off their jackets midway through. 
  • People were calling for an encore. 
  • He looks like he lost weight (I’m worried about this one but I trust that he knows his body and is being healthy)

And some pictures (there aren’t a lot out rip):

I’ll be on the look out for more spoilers for you! I love my Dongho anons so much *prayer hands emoji*

I choose you

chapter 1 (i’m new to tumblr and i’ve never uploaded anything like this before so )

❝I didn’t fall in love with you.
I walked into love with you, with my eyes open, choosing to take every step along the way.
I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway.
And I’d choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I’d find you and I’d choose you.❞

“God, what a night…” Zen sighed as he and MC both entered his apartment, after returning from the RFA party.

“I guess this means I’m officially part of the RFA…?” She asked him. He smiled, taking off his jacket. “Of course! The RFA couldn’t function without you.”

It was half past midnight, and they were both exhausted. If Zen sat down, he’s sure he would fall right asleep.
MC, on the other hand, wasn’t sure sleep would come so easily. Despite her happy appearance, on the inside she was still shaken up about the events from the night before.

Her body was still exhausted though, and she needed to rest.

Zen led her to his bedroom. She insisted on sleeping on the couch but he wouldn’t let her out of his sight, claiming he wouldn’t be able to sleep without being one-hundred percent sure of her safety.

Turns out she’s not the only one who is still not over it.

MC’s heart had been beating rapidly almost the whole night. But as she peeled off her dress and pulled over one of Zen’s oversized sweaters, she started to relax.
She inhaled the scent of the fabric.
It was so him.
Being surrounded by his scent, or being in his presence was enough to put her in a daze. She felt safe around him knowing that he wouldn’t let anything hurt her. And she needed something like that, especially now.

Zen knows this. All night he’s been watching her, and how she looks when she thinks no one is looking at her.
He knows she’s not over it, he knows she’s still scared that the man will come back.
He knows that when he lets go of her hand she immediately looks lost, or if he puts his arm around her shoulder she flinches, before she realizes it’s him, and then melts into his chest.

He knows that she needs him.

And he needs her.

They both climbed into his white bedsheets. The soft fabric cold at first, but within seconds their body heat warmed up the bed.

He kept his distance from her at first, but after a couple cold seconds she rolled over and wrapped her arms and legs around his torso, until every part of her body was against his.

This stunned him at first, but he moved his arms around her and kissed her forehead, so glad to have her alive. To have her in his arms. To be with her.

“Goodnight, jagiya.” he whispered into her hair, but by her soft breathing he knew she was already fast asleep.

To her surprise, she had fallen into a deep sleep. Suppose her body was so exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before.

She wouldn’t sleep for long, though.


“You want to scream? Shh. I’ll just force you to shut up so you’d better be quiet.”

He whispered into her ear, his tight hold on her neck almost suffocating.

She wanted to scream, she opened her mouth and with all her strength tried to scream. But no sound would come out. She found herself frozen in his grasp.

Can’t breathe. Can’t breathe.

She heard his chuckle, and his hot breath against her neck, sending shivers down her spine.
“Helpless now? You might have gotten away this time. But I’m still not done with you just yet.” Some saliva sprayed into her ear as he spoke. Making his point clear to her. “We’ll see each other again. Just you wait, next time your little princey won’t be here to save you.”

His chuckle turned into an evil laugh, that echoed and echoed till it was all she could hear.


Hyperventilating, she sat up quickly. She was hot and sweaty and her heart was beating frantically. Looking around she tried to recognize where she was. It was dark, she could barely see, but just enough to know that she was not home. What is this place? Where am I?
She began to panic, her heart rate sped up even more and she began to wheeze from her frantic breathing.

“MC?” A voice called from behind her, causing her to scream and swat her arms around in attempt of self defence.

“MC! Stop!” The voice yelled and the person grabbed her wrists tightly. She tried to escape their grasp but failed.
“Let…go…!” She yelled.

She choked a sob when she gave up defending herself, realizing the person was too strong for her. The figure was now hovering above her, and had her arms pinned down above her head. “Baby…baby…” She heard the voice in a tone of pity.

“Jagiya…calm down…” The voice started to sound familiar.

“It’s me, Zen…” he said.

Then everything seemed to fall into place. She wasn’t at home, she was at Zen’s place. The man wasn’t her kidnapper, it was Zen.

“You’re safe, it’s only me…you’re safe…” He continued speaking.

She shuddered as she calmed down, but couldn’t help choke out another sob. He tentatively let go of her wrists and she covered her face with her hands and continued to sob.

“Zen…” she choked out.

He laid beside her and pulled her close to his body.
“I’m here, jagiya… I’ve got you.” He whispered, his voice shaky as he swallowed a sob of his own that had threatened to come. He shut his eyes tightly and as tears fell, kissed her head over and over.

“I’ll protect you.” He vowed.

MC’s sobbing subsided and she calmed down. Her forehead was pressed against his chest and she breathed in his comforting scent again.

As the sun rose, neither of them dared to fall back asleep. They lay there in silence in each others arms.


Hours later, the both of them started to get hungry, and their inner clocks were telling them to get up.

Zen, being the romantic man he is, did not want to get up, and instead thought it better if they laid like that in each others arms for eternity.

MC, on the other hand, was the logical of the two, and she slowly pried herself from his warm embrace, sitting at the side of the bed. She stood up and walked into the bathroom to check her appearance.

Her hair was unruly. She had visible
bags under her eyes and there was black lines on her cheeks from her mascara-tears. She turned the tap on and washed her face.
After, she attempted to tame her hair.
Thankfully, Zen, having long hair himself, owned a hairbrush.
She dragged it through her long brunette hair until it was silky and she was satisfied. Then she tied it into a bun away from her face.

She looked in the mirror and sighed. Her eyes were still hollow and her face was pale.

She exited the bathroom to find the bed empty. She walked out and into the kitchen and there was Zen pulling out something from the fridge.

“Good morning, jagiya.” he smiled.
She walked over to the counter and sat on the bench opposite of him.

“Yesterday I bought you some food. How do you like your eggs?” He spoke to her as if nothing had happened last night. She thought it was good.

“Runny,” she answered.
He hummed as he put the egg in the boiling water on the stove.

He had yet to brush his hair. She decided that she loved to see him like this, in the morning. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and sweat pants, and his hair was out of a ponytail, all tangled up in itself.

She suddenly found herself speaking up, “I’m sorry,” she said, “About last night.”

He turned to look at her, she noticed that he had bags under his eyes as well.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” He smiled. “You’ve been through a lot.”

“He came back. I-I saw him. It was like I was reliving it all over again. I don’t want to be a nuisance to you.” She said as she pulled the long sleeves of his shirt over her fingers, hiding her hands, and one sleeve slid off of her shoulder. She ignored it.

“MC, it’s okay. I won’t let him near you. I’m so glad to have you with me, to be able to protect you. I don’t want you leaving my side.” He leaned onto the counter and looked at her in the eye. He moved his hands to rub hers over the fabric of his sweater.

“I know- I just…I don’t want to bring you down.” She already knew how he lost sleep because of her, and that’s the last thing she wanted.

“You don’t. Together we will get through this, I promise. You won’t bring me down, we’ll lift each other up.” He replied, pulling one of her hands up and pressing a kiss onto the back of her hand.

“That’s what love is.”

After a few minutes of gazing lovingly into each others eyes, Zen remembered about the egg.

He quickly let go and scooped the egg onto a plate with buttered toast, and some fruit, and put salt and pepper onto the egg.

“Tadaa!” He said as he presented it to her. He placed the plate on the counter in front of her and gave her a fork and knife. She smiled then cut into the egg, only to find the yolk had hardened.
She looked up to Zen only to find the most disappointed expression of his.
“I’m sorry! I’m still not good at cooking! I can make another one for you!” He went on in embarrassment, about how he’ll learn how to cook for her, and how he’s upset that he can’t even cook an egg, but she stopped him “Babe, its fine, it’s still delicious.” She smiled, taking a bite to prove her point.

“Okay…” he said, his face still red from embarrassment.


Hey there, folks! This here is the beginning of my Zen fanfiction. I hope I stay loyal to this one and don’t abandon it because I am determined to actually complete a book on wattpad. Of course, the more feedback you give me, the more motivated I am to write!
Tessa Xx

My Mum and I get invited to lunch or dinner once a week by a good friend of ours. Mostly on weekend, he lets me decide if I want to eat Italian, Asian or something else, and then we go there.

My absolute favorite is a little Italian restaurant in our town. Not only because the food there is so tasty it should be illegal, but also because there is that one elderly waiter – Italian himself- who always makes my day.

The first time we went to that restaurant, we were not served by that guy, though, but by a younger, unlikeable young waiter. He didn’t greet us, brought the wrong drinks and didn’t once smile or anything.

The whole time, I felt quite uncomfortable around him, but I got a glimpse of that elderly waiter in the background, watching with a frown. He caught my interest because he looked just as uncomfortable by the younger’s display as I did.

And then, the young one made one last misstep – he turned towards my Mum and said, “What does the boy want to eat?”

There was a long pause where we all exchanged confused gazes, before I said, slowly but clearly, “I’m a girl, sir.”

(I wasn’t angry, mind you. It happens quite a lot to me – I close to never wear tight clothes, my hair is cut short and I never wear makeup. I see where it’s coming from, really.)

But what came then made me grit my teeth, because instead of being baffled or even embarrassed, the guy looked at me and said, “You’re kidding me, right?”

Before I could say anything – or calm my mum, because she gasped loudly in outrage – the elder waiter swooped in, bristling as he basically tore into the younger one. I couldn’t understand what he said, because he talked Italian the whole time, but my Mum later said that he had been outraged that “A beautiful young Signorina” just as me had been insulted like that.

All in all, it didn’t take very long until the young waiter vanished back in the kitchen and the elder waiter turned towards me, basically bowed to me and apologized over and over again. “I’m so sorry, Signorina, that you had to hear that! Please accept my sincere apology…!”

“No, please,” I managed, not knowing if I should be embarrassed or amused by the sight of him being so dramatic. “This happens a lot to me, please, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Ah, Signorina, such a gentle soul you are!”

At that point, I laughed out loud because he beamed at me with such a delight, it was just funny how passionate he was about all that.

Since then, the dear waiter always insisted on being the one who catered to us whenever we come to this restaurant. I didn’t complain at all, and also my mum and our friend were quite amused by that. The elderly man would take my jacket off, pull my chair back for me and give me a kiss on the hand once we left again, insisting that I had to be treated like “the gentle and nice Singorina” I am.

Honestly, such behavior is strange to me, since I didn’t really grow up with gentlemen, but I let him have his fun, since he always pouted when I wouldn’t let him tend to me. It was his way of showing me his respect, and if that was what he wanted, I would let him.

Today, we went there for lunch, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I was still deep in thought about school and that dumb group project, and the only reason I did leave the house at all was because my Mum basically pleaded me to do so.

So I was kind of staring into the air instead of making conversation, and didn’t even realize that I had taken off my jacket alone before the waiter could help me.

Once my mum left to go to the toilet and our friend went back to his car because he had forgotten his wallet there, I was startled by the waiter appearing next to me, putting down a little plate with chocolates on the table next to me.

I blinked, frowning. “Excuse me, but we didn’t order that.”

“Ah, but Signorina,” he winked at me, smiled crookedly. “That’s a little present on the house.”

I managed a little smile, thanking him.

He hummed, refilling my glass and explaining. “I missed your smile today, Signorina.”

“I’m sorry. I’m a bit… lost in thought, I guess.”

“We can’t have that, no, no.”

I shot him a glance, guessing that he was already planning something again, but he just took my order with a wide smile and disappeared in the kitchen again.

Let’s just say that he exceeded himself that day.

The pizza I ordered was not round as usual – somehow, he had managed to convince the chef to make it heart-shaped this time. In between bits of conversation, he would appear at our table, refill the little plate with chocolates again and again, shooting me a grin every time. And when I followed my Mum out of the restaurant, he waited already at the door, surprising me with a bowl full of chocolate mousse – “on the house”, he explained with a wink.

Etiquette or whatever be damned – I straight out hugged him then and there. And based on his delighted laughter and him cheering “There is your smile, Signorina!” I don’t think he really minded.

Honestly, bless this angel of a person, please. Bless him and all his descendants.


[as requested] the full scene of Betty & Jughead’s declaration of love. *happy sigh~* 

just wanted to appreciate the tenderness and beauty of this entire scene… first he only takes off his jacket….but when he hears that she’s still not giving up on his dad despite everything….he decides to take off his hat while staring at her back….leaving him at his most vulnerable…knowing that it’s the right time and that he’s ready to bare it all and confess his true feelings for her….which he did so casually at first to gauge her reaction…and then when she turned around….he repeats that “I love you” with such tenderness and sincerity… not even blinking nor breaking off his eye contact…but with a hint of anticipation and fear for her response as she approaches him…..and hearing her say “I love you”… he gives that soft heartbreaking smile like he couldn’t believe that she actually loves him back…..cos probably all his life he’s been so disappointed and dejected by the people that he loves that he’s accepted that he won’t receive back the love that he’s been yearning for…. :’( until now…..in which he has finally found a reciprocal love with Betty Cooper. His equal. His happiness. His soulmate. <3

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omg I was talking to @asukajude about this, and:

  • Yuri has just won gold in the GPF, and he loves doesn’t hate Yuuri and Victor, but he’ll be damned before he lets their pair skate overshadow him.
  • SO. He goes to his new best friend Otabek, and is like, “I know this is last minute, but I need your help to shake things up with my exhibition.” To which ofc Otabek will agree.
  • “I’m going to take off my jacket and throw it at someone.” // “Cool.” // “And then I’m going to do air splits.” // “Even cooler.” // “And then I want you to shoot finger guns at me!” // “I’ll practise in the mirror.” // “And then I’ll throw my sunglasses at you and yOU CATCH IT AND AND THEN PUT IT ON HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE.” // “Literally the coolest. Should we practise?” // NO, WE’LL WING IT BECAUSE WE’RE COOL.”
  • And then bam, say hello to Yuri “Fuck Katsuki Yuuri’s Eros” Plisetsky.
  • And then Yakov is probably somewhere to the side trying to rip his own hair out like, “WE AGREED HE WOULDN’T TAKE THE JACKET OFF! AND GEORGI I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO HIS MAKEUP!!!!”

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whats with camren and australia? im confused

They went on a little romantic outing on the beach with the mother-in-law for Valentine’s Day

And we have other great Camren moments from there:

Sweet and Schnitz :

Camila staring at bae:

Little love talk before the show : 

Matching kangaroo and matching rings : 

Lauren ready to kill the interviewers for making fun of Camz : 

Camila staring at Lauren taking off her jacket : 

There’s probably more, but that’s all I can think of right now 😊

Joker Imagine - You Lose Your Virginity

WARNING: SMUT!!!! This is not for kids (But are any of my imagines tho?)

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Your P.O.V.

Being Joker’s girlfriend wasn’t easy, but I loved it. I loved spending time with him, stand by his side and feel special. He made me feel like I was one in a billion. Even tho he could be scary and really crazy, I loved him. Most people feared Joker for his behaviour which was good, but I knew him better. We’ve been together for just a few weeks, but it was enough. He was crazy and I was crazy, a perfect mixture for Gotham city. A crazy couple that likes to play with Batsy. We had a lot of fun, but then came the more personal part.

I was still a virgin.

The fact had made me nervous and to be honest I was scared. Joker wasn’t a gentle man, he was more dominating. I knew he had a rough grip so I was stressed about when the time would come. I was mentally ready, but I was just scared as heck. My old friends had told me that they were in pain, that it stung and some of them even bled. Knowing Joker he wouldn’t be any gentler than an ordinary guy, perhaps he was worse.

 Damn he didn’t even know. I had always came up with an excuse like ‘I’m on my periods’ ‘the wounds I got from the heist hurt’ or ‘I’m tired, sorry’ when he tried to take kissing a step further. Now he probably suspected something, which was ok. I knew I should tell him.

It was Valentine’s day, 10 p.m. and he would come home anytime soon. I had been up all day as he was on a heist with Frost. I had stayed on purpose, trying to prepare myself. Joker was surprised when I a blood thirsty little monster didn’t come with him to kill a few people who didn’t pay him back. While he was gone from the luxurious penthouse, I was thinking. I knew that I’d give him my virginity tonight. So I had taken a warm bath, I read loads of blogs where people talked about losing it. It was the same pain and blood kind of shit. But then I saw more positive posts. Some said that foreplay and lube could make it better. Also not everyone would bleed. So I felt a little better.

I sighed and grabbed my laptop. Then I sat down on our bed, on the dark purple sheets and I sat comfortably. Then I opened a tab and decided to do something I didn’t do that often, but I felt like I had to. If Joker would catch me, I’d be so embarrassed. I watched some more mature videos, yes porn. To be honest it was kinda hot and impressive how these people did all that. Maybe one day J could take me like that? Damn it was a thrilling thought. I got so lost in my thoughts by watching the video that I forgot to follow the time. The volume was quite high and a girl was moaning really heavily. I bet her moans were echoing through the house. I just watched keenly, slowly getting wet.

Then I heard footsteps coming closer loudly. My eyes widened and my breath hitched in my throat. Before I could sit up, Joker walked in with a gun in his hand. There was an angry look on his face. My heart jumped to my throat and I froze on the bed. ‘’Oh’’ He muttered and lowered the gun. Instead of being angry, he smirked. ‘’Is my kitten horny?’’ He purred at me. He still had his silver jacket on. He probably thought that something was happening here so he just hurried to me. A blush spread on my face and I shut the tab and then put the computer away. Way to go.

‘’We need to talk’’ I cleared my throat and looked away from my boyfriend. It was really embarrassing to be caught watching porn. ‘’Hmm I’d love to talk’’ Joker told me deeply and crawled in bed next to me. I noticed that I got tense. He grabbed my jaw and made me look at him. His usually ice blue eyes were dark and his pupils were bigger than normal. ‘’I should..um..there’s..can you..no do you want to..ugh..’’ I wanted to tell him about my virginity, but I was so nervous that I didn’t make sense. I stopped stuttering when he put his fingers on my lips. ‘’Do you want me to fuck you?’’ He asked me shamelessly. My eyes widened a bit and I felt like I was a heat lamp by now. Why was this so bad?

‘’Kinda.. yes’’ I whispered and watched how his smirk turned into a grin. ‘’But there’s something..you should know’’ I hurried to say before he got started. Joker nodded and waited for me to tell him. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it was ok. He should know. ‘’I’ve..I’ve never done this before’’ I spat it out shyly and expected him to laugh, but nope, he didn’t laugh. ‘’I figured’’ He replied calmly. I looked at him with surprise. Before I could ask him how, he kept going. ‘’You always had an excuse kitten. You could have just told me’’ He let me know and climbed above me. I looked into his eyes quietly. Joker sat on my hips, but he put most of his weight on his legs. 

‘’Sorry’’ I apologized for not telling him earlier. ‘’Hmm..it’s ok. But why didn’t you tell me kitten? Why’’ He pried while taking off his silver jacket, revealing his red shirt that wasn’t buttoned. I saw his toned chest and to be honest I liked that sight. ‘’I was scared’’ I admitted, knowing that being honest with him was the best choice. Joker took off his shirt as well before he leaned closer to my face. ‘’Why were you scared?’’ He purred quietly and cupped my face. I put my hands on his and took a deep breath, noticing how his scent of gunpowder and cologne calmed me down.

‘’I was scared because I know it hurts..and it’s kinda embarrassing’’ I admitted, finding it hard to speak when he started kissing my neck. J licked my skin and then started kissing me until he found my sweet spot. I whimpered,but muffled it by biting my lips together. ‘’It’s not embarrassing’’ He told me seriously before looking back into my eyes.This side of him wasn’t really familiar for me. He wasn’t angry nor overly happy and cheerful. He seemed like he genuinely cared about my safety. But there was also that smirk there since he caught he watching that video. 

‘’You know I won’t hurt you right?’’ He whispered into my ear. I licked my lips and closed my eyes for a while. ‘’..unless you want me to’’ He added darkly, but I knew what he meant with that. ‘’I trust you J’’ I let him know. All this got me hornier and I just wanted to get started. I felt impatient, but also shy and vulnerable. ‘’Look at me’’ He demanded and so I opened my eyes. His face was right above mine. ‘’I’ll take care of you. Why would I ever want to hurt my queen?’’ He looked at me seriously, but he didn’t seem angry. I cracked a smile and it was enough for an answer.

Then J pressed his red lips against mine. I relaxed into the kiss and shut my eyes again, kissing him harder. Joker opened his mouth a little so he could push his tongue out. I gave him access to my mouth and then he started exploring me like never before. His hand travelled down on my body so he was cupping my right boob. I tensed as he touched me and of course he noticed. J pulled back and looked deep in my eyes. ‘’Relax kitten’’ He demanded calmly. I nodded and took a deep breath. 

Then he grabbed the hems of my black shirt that I was wearing and he dragged it up until I was shirtless. I watched as he threw the shirt away somewhere on the wooden floor. The cool air made contact on my skin and I felt goosebumps rising. Then J got up, standing next to the bed. He unbuckled his belt and got out of his black jeans. I was wearing golden pajama shorts and black underwear. When I saw J in his boxers, I realized that this was real. He had a boner and man it looked huge. How could all that fit inside me?

‘’What did you think of when you watched it baby?’’ He broke the silence and got on the bed again. I sat up next to him and sighed. Was it so obvious that I had been thinking of him? Of us doing those things? ‘’You’’ I replied shortly. J put his hands on my shorts and dragged them off, making me raise my legs so he could take them all the way off. Now we were both in our underwear only. I couldn’t help but to be nervous, but I was getting really wet. ‘’Mmh baby..’’ He growled with a smile and suddenly dragged me on his lap. I put my hands on his muscled shoulders and bit my bottom lip.His grip was strong, but sure. I liked it.

‘’I’ve thought about you very very much baby..About you and me, together’’ He purred and then his hands played with my bra. He unclasped them and I felt them hanging by the straps. He had never seen me buttnaked before, but I didn’t mind that he would now. Then he slid them off of me and threw them away as well. My nipples were hard and I knew he noticed. I mean, my boobs were nearly in his face. ‘’You’ve got really nice tits’’ he smirked and cupped both of them. Then he gave them a squeeze, making me flinch because the sensitivity came so suddenly. ‘’I know you like them because you’re always staring’’ I chuckled and tried to feel comfortable. I wasn’t uncomfortable either, just nervous.

‘’Have you touched yourself?’’ J asked me seriously and then licked my left nipple. I bit my bottom lip and nearly moaned when he blew cold air on the spot before nibbling me with his teeth. He used his hand on the other one so I wouldn’t feel lonely. ‘’Tell me’’ He reminded me and kept going. As I opened my  mouth to speak, he bit me a little harder, making me moan. ‘’That’s my girl, don’t hold it back’’ He let me know more happily. ‘’Now tell me, have you ever touched yourself while thinking of us?’’ He wanted to know very eagerly. It made me think of the few times I had done that. It had all been very recently. He was making me a horny mess.

‘’Yes J mmh’’ I whimpered, getting wet for him. Then I looked at my horny boyfriend who got a dangerous dark twist in those pretty eyes. ‘’Dirty dirty girl’’ He rumbled deeply. Then he used his mouth on my other boob. I leaned closer to him so his face was hugging them. I wanted to get some friction, but I was patient enough. I knew that foreplay was important so it wouldn’t hurt so much. His warm hands squeezed my boobs a little harder, making me jump a little every time, but I liked the feeling. Suddenly he pinched both my nipples, making me gasp. ‘’I need to punish you for being a naughty girl, but not tonight’’ He warned me and then moved his hands on my back, sliding them down until he clutched my bum. He did it to press our clothed crotches closer. Then he leaned back against the bedpost and attached his lips on my neck.

‘’Damn..I can feel how wet you are’’ J admitted and grinded his hard on against me. My eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head from the unfamiliar touch, but the feeling it made. My clit was pulsing by now because I was so eager for his touch. ‘’Oh baby girl..how long have you been waiting for me?’’ He licked his lips and kept planting kisses on my neck and chest. ‘’A few hours’’ I answered shortly, focusing on the small amount of friction that felt good already.

‘’Maybe..just maybe I won’t tease you too much now’’ He thought out loud. Then he rolled us over so he was on top. I looked into his eyes and now it was my turn to smirk. ‘’It must be tight in those boxers J’’ I whispered and touched his back with my nail, gently tho. ‘’Trust me, it is’’ He growled and then pressed his crotch against mine again, way harder than earlier because he was on top now. As I was about to moan, he pressed those sweet lips of his against mine, making me moan into his mouth. He grabbed my hair with his left hand to keep me steady. The feeling of him dry humping me was so good after waiting so long.

Then he let go of my lips, looking into my eyes silently for a while. He was probably finding it hard to keep control over his actions. ‘’Daddy’s hungry’’ He let me know. At first I didn’t get it, but I was quick to catch on. J went down on me and soon he bit my last piece of clothing, my undies. I watched as he slid them off very slowly, keeping eye contact while teasing the hell out of me. ‘’J’’ I whined impatiently, but couldn’t help but to admit that it was hot. His hands touched my thighs and then moved closer again. He moved his eyes away from my eyes to look at my heat. I felt a little shy and embarrassed again. No one had ever been this close to me.

‘’Oh you’re glistening..something needs to be done here’’ He purred excitedly and placed a kiss on my inner thigh. I squeezed the bedsheets and waited for him to do something. I didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath until he told me. ‘’Relax kitten, I’ll make you feel good’’ He promised me. I let out a long breath and then encouraged him with a smile. ‘’Please daddy’’ I begged him. Something twisted in his eyes and his grip got tighter, but I didn’t feel any pain. Then he licked my pussy slowly, from my clit to my opening. I gasped and then held my breath for a few seconds. J didn’t stop now. He kitten licked my wetness and then attached his mouth of my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly in pleasure. It didn’t hurt, yet.

J nibbled my clit with his teeth and made me arch my back. He put his right arm on my hips to keep me on place. ‘’Damn baby you taste so good’’ He complimented me and kept licking my clit. ‘’harder J’’ I whimpered, wanting more. I wanted him to take me harder. It was probably because I was so horny. ‘’Baby girl..I feel like after a few times you’ll be one feisty beast in bed’’ He chuckled and then pushed his index finger inside of me. He had long and kinda thick fingers. I had never felt that before from anyone else than myself and I had smaller fingers.

I chewed my bottom lip and whimpered as he started fingering me. It hurt a little, but it felt so good as well. Then I moved my hand to touch his arm he used to keep my hips down. J looked at my face to see if I was in any kind of discomfort.  He wasn’t smiling and he had a dark look on his smug face, but I could tell he was both happy but worried. He truly cared about me. ‘’Does my kitten enjoy this?’’ He purred and curled his long finger against me soft walls, hitting a spot that made me moan loudly. He noticed and kept pressing his finger against that magic spot. 

‘’Y-Yes’’ I answered him and tried to buck my hips, but it was useless. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers while using his other hand to pleasure me. Once he pulled out his finger, he pushed back two. This time he had more difficulties getting both in smoothly. I gulped and realized that it hurt a little. J saw it on my face and he stopped. ‘’Relax’’ He reminded me and used his thumb to rub my clit. ‘’Keep going’’ I told him a little unsurely. He listened to me and fingered me with two fingers, but he couldn’t get both fully in. My head leaned against the pillows and I squeezed his hand, but I still moaned out in both pleasure and pain. Soon he managed to get both fingers in and he pressed the magic spot again. 

‘’Fuck yes’’ I breathed out sharply. ‘’It wasn’t that hard to find’’ He told me proudly. I guess the magic spot was my G-spot. He was still slow with his fingers, but I wanted more now that I got more used to it. I wanted to feel him in me, to be connected with him. ‘’J’’ I whispered nervously and looked into his dark eyes. ‘’Yes baby?’’ He answered quickly and stopped moving his fingers. I felt how my juices stained the sheets. I couldn’t help but to think of the chance of bleeding.

‘’I want you’’ I told him honestly. J pulled out his fingers and climbed closer to my face. ‘’Do you want me now?’’ He questioned me with his sexy raspy voice and touched my bottom lips with the fingers he just used to finger fuck me with. I nodded and opened my mouth so I could taste myself. J pushed his fingers in my mouth and I sucked them clean. ‘’I’ll get a condom’’ He let me know. J pressed a kiss on my stomach, making me smile, before he got up. He walked to the dark brown drawer and opened it, grabbing a condom. Reality hit me again. This was it. I just hoped that he managed to remain as calm as possible. J wasn’t normal, but I couldn’t be happier to share this moment with him. No one else could replace him, never ever in a gazillion years.

J took off his boxers and then I saw his cock. My eyes widened. Now it looked even bigger. Pre-cum was dripping from his tip. He was stone hard. It would be a miracle if this wouldn’t hurt. I mean I barely managed two of his fingers and now that? He was at least nine inches long, at least! ‘’Do you want to put it on?’’ J asked me, knocking me out of my thoughts. He had holding the condom near me. I grabbed it from his hand and then ripped the small package open, revealing a slimy piece of rubber that would keep us away from infections and kids.

Then I looked at his cock. Was I supposed to touch him? What if I’d screw up? J noticed that I was staring, so he decided to speak. ‘’You’re adorable’’ He chuckled and then grabbed my wrist, bringing my hand close to his erection. My hands were trembling because I was so nervous, but damn I wanted this. ‘’Um..How do I know when it’s right?’’ I mumbled, feeling like my brain was running in circles. ‘’I’ll know, just roll it on’’ He encouraged me. His voice was raspier than normally. I grabbed his shaft and tried to keep a gentle touch. I had no idea if it hurt or what it felt like for him. Then I put the condom on his tip and tried to remember what I had learned earlier. I pinched the tip while rolling it on. Then I let go and looked at J for approval.

‘’Good, was it so hard?’’ J asked me and licked his lips. I shook my head no, but to be honest I just wanted to begin. ‘’Now baby girl you need to relax, okay?’’ He looked deep in my eyes while making me lie down on my back. ‘’I will’’ I promised him and took a shaky breath. Joker grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders. Then he positioned himself close to my entrance, letting the tip touch me but he didn’t push in yet. My nerves were about to kill me.

‘’Hey, look at me’’ J demanded and I was quick to do so. He grabbed my hand and looked deep into my eyes. ‘’Do it’’ I whispered and prepared myself for the pain. I gritted my teeth as he pushed his length inside of me, stretching my walls that had never experienced this. First I couldn’t feel pain, until he got an inch or two in. ‘’Fuck’’ I hissed nervously and tensed my muscles.J stopped and clenched his jaw. This wasn’t easy for him either. ‘’Y/N, take it easy baby’’ He reminded me. Tears stung my eyes, but it was mostly because of my nerves. I had been thinking too much all day and this was the moment all that stress and worry came out. It didn’t hurt so much that I couldn’t handle it.

‘’You’re doing good, now be a good girl for daddy and relax’’ J spoke slowly, but deeply. I nodded and relaxed after taking a deep breath.He kept going slowly. I felt the struggle, since everything was so tight down there. J never broke eye-contact while he entered me. Then as I thought things wouldn’t get worse, I felt a stinging pain. ‘’Ow ow ow’’ I whined and gritted my teeth. J didn’t stop, he kept pushing himself in. I knew that he had torn my hymen. ‘’I know it hurts baby,but it’ll be over soon’’ He promised me seriously. The tears rolled down my face, but I didn’t sob. Then he cupped my cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb. I liked J like this, which I never expected. 

Soon he was all the way in. J stopped, wanting me to adjust to his size. I was breathing heavily because my nerves were unravelling. It stung and hurt as my walls stretched, but it didn’t get any worse. Actually now that he wasn’t moving, it didn’t hurt too much. ‘’You’re doing so good’’ J purred and tried to stay still. Man he had been weeks without sex and now he had to contain himself, which was a hard task for Joker. I was so glad that he cared about me enough to not hurt me on purpose.

‘’Move’’ I whispered after a while. He nodded and pulled back. I gritted my teeth, but tried to stay relaxed as he moved. J was almost all the way out until he pushed back in, this time a little faster without stopping. I grunted in pain but the pleasure made it bearable. J growled under his breath. I untangled our hands so I could hug him by putting my hands on his strong back. J supported himself a little better now and found a better position. Soon he was finding a slow but steady rhythm. One more single tear rolled down my face until I started to find pleasure coming above the pain. I moaned quite loudly now, allowing J to know that the worst pain was over. He smiled, but it quickly faded as he started to pace up.

My nails raked his back without me noticing. ‘’Fuck J’’ I cried out in pleasure. The feeling was new but so lovely. His big cock rubbed my soft and sensitive walls by every move and once he was in me, his tip hit the magic spot that made my eyes roll to the back of my head. ‘’Do you feel good?’’ He asked me darkly and he gritted his teeth. We were both getting sweaty, but neither of us minded. ‘’Y-Y..ah fuck yes!’’ I wailed out happily. J started breathing heavily and so did I, but I was a moaning mess as well. I bucked my hips against J’s to get more friction. I wanted him to go faster and not be so careful anymore. Just like I read the pain goes away after a few minutes. Now I felt simply amazing.

‘’Faster..’’ I whispered quietly, but he didn’t quite catch it. I knew he wanted to go slow to keep me safe which was sweet. J probably found this hard, since he actually gave a fuck about me. I knew how to make him take me harder tho. ‘’Fuck me harder daddy’’I told him loudly. J slowed down until he stopped. My ass was wet because I was legit dripping arousal. J put his hand on my jaw and looked into my eyes seriously. ‘’Y/N..don’t get me to the point where I can’t control myself’’ He warned me, but I knew he wanted it. Me being the crazy girl who didn’t follow rules anyway did something else.

‘’I know you want to..I can take you daddy’’ I purred and bucked my hips, already missing the feeling of him fucking me. I wanted more. I didn’t even care if it hurt a little bit. ‘’Y/N’’ J growled and shut his eyes. I smirked, knowing that I got him. ‘’I’m all yours daddy, look at me’’ I said innocently. When he opened his eyes I used my left hand to touch my clit. J looked at my actions for a few seconds until he lost it. He grabbed my wrist harshly and pinned it next to my head. ‘’Oh darling you’ll cry soon’’ He warned me angrily. Finally. 

Before I could answer, he grabbed the bedpost and let his anger out on me, just as I expected him to. J pounded himself balls deep in me, making the sound of skin slapping against skin echo in our room and probably the entire penthouse.’’Yes..Yes daddy’’ I gasped and rolled my eyes to the back of my head again. Then I curled my toes and felt a knot forming in my stomach. J was going really hard, harder now that I thought he would. ‘’Is this what you wanted?’’ He growled heatedly. I couldn’t even answer him. The pleasure and pain mixed together had me overwhelmed. My mouth was open and I was gasping between my loud cries of pleasure. The look in J’s eyes was so sexy but dangerous.

I had awakened a beast.

J kept slamming his entire length in me, until a strong feeling seemed to come closer. I guess I was close to an orgasm. Although I also read that most women don’t come the first time, or even the first few times. ‘’J’’ I tried to say his name, but it came out as a whisper. J growled and kept doing this hard work. A shiver ran down my spine and I struggled to breathe. It felt so good. ‘’J’’ I tried again and it came out a little louder. ‘’You’re close, I know’’ he let me know. Tomorrow would be a day I’d find it hard to walk. I just felt it.

As the feeling grew stronger, tears stung my eyes again. I wanted to let go so bad, but I found it hard. I blinked, letting the tears wash down my face. But the roughness was fucking amazing. I knew I wasn’t normal. ‘’Ah-’’ I screamed, but fell silent as a wave of pleasure washed across my entire body, feeling like a good slap. It’s like all my other senses numbed down, only allowing me to feel the amazing feeling. It made my abdomen muscles tense. I curled my toes and used my free hand to dig my nails into J’s back.

After a while I came back to my senses, still feeling like heaven, but something unexpected happened. I got super sensitive. It’s like every move J did was like twenty times more sensitive. ‘’J’’ I whimpered, still recovering from that hard orgasm. He didn’t stop yet. I screamed out and my body started shaking. I was pushing him, but I wanted more. I wanted this, but my body couldn’t handle much more. J noticed and then stopped. He pulled out and put my legs down. I squeezed them together, panting hard on the bed now. J took off the condom and I watched as he came seconds later. His cum cum shot on my body, landing on my stomach. His entire hot load just pooled on my skin as I panted.

For some reason I liked that dirty sight of being covered in his cum. But now I felt like I was on fire, but it was so worth it. J was breathing heavily and he ran his hand through his hair. I cracked a smile and I looked at my boyfriend. Suddenly I felt much closer to him, it’s like we were more serious. ‘’Thank you’’ I whispered tiredly, but I was so happy. J  looked into my eyes more calmly now. ‘’Well it’s not over yet doll face. I need to run you a bath, you’re bleeding’’ He let me know. My eyes widened. Then I sat up, ignoring the burning sensation. He was right. There was a little blood on the sheets. Fuck.

I wasn’t sure if he was angry or not, but I still grew nervous.’’Shit sorry..I-I’ll clean up’’ I promised him quickly. Before I could panic more, J cupped my face and kissed me. It took me by surprise, but I kissed him back. The kiss was sweet and salty, but it sure calmed me down. Then J grabbed my wrists and let me put my hands on his chest. ‘’Oh kitten just take it easy, it’s fine. Daddy isn’t mad at you’’ He assured me. ‘’I lov..’’ I started, but quickly shut up. His smile faded. Joker never told anyone those three words, at least not that I knew of it. He knew how to show his emotions, especially when he got protective over me or when he wanted to spend time with me. He knew it as well ,but so far he had never said that he loved me. I was kinda nervous now. Everything went well, but I went and tried to say those words to him.

Way to go.

‘’I loved it’’ I cleared my throat, talking about the sex. Maybe he’d think through it. J sighed and then stood up. I thought he’d leave me alone, but instead he picked me up in his strong arms. So he carried me to the master bathroom. ‘’I know what you were going to say Y/N’’ he admitted ,but I was unsure if he was angry at me or not. He wasn’t obvious like an open book. No, Joker was a nut that was hard to crack, but I was going the right way. ‘’Sorry’’ I whispered and looked down. He put me on my feet and locked the white bathroom door. My legs were numb, kinda feeling like jelly. So I sat on the edge of the tub quickly. Then I watched as J let the warm water fill the big tub, big enough for two.

‘’Don’t be sorry’’ He started a little angrily. Well sherlock it wasn’t easy not to be. I didn’t want to ruin a perfect night with my own stupid feelings in words. J kneeled down in front of me and rested his head on my knees. ‘’Do you mean it?’’ He wanted to know. A blush spread on my already rosy cheeks. Then I nodded, a little scared if I had to be honest. Instead of getting mad at me like I expected him to be, instead of hitting me neither, he did the opposite.

‘’Well..I think that’s good, so I know our feelings are mutual’’ He let me know mysteriously. Just as I expected, he wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ but he found a way to let me know. 

Well this was a perfect valentine’s day..