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A Lesson [M]

Anonymous said: How about: you’re Jungkook’s girlfriend and once you had sex togheter on their dorm(you thought you were alone) suddenly Suga come and say that Kookie doesn’t make you scream enough so he decided to give him some tips … I know it’s hard, but I think It could be very interesting ;)

Anonymous said: Could you write a threesome with Yoongi and Kookie pls ?

Warnings: threesome smut, language

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

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Mint boy’s flower ◆ Part I

Requested by the lovely @thefuturewillbeprosperous ♥

Genre : Fluff/Smut/Dark/Mafia/Drugs

Paring : Yoongi x Reader

Summary : When a drug dealer meets the rarest flower.

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

He can’t help but smile as he takes off his ring. He didn’t expected him to die this quick. He didn’t expected how beautiful it was. All this blood coming from his mouth, the way his body was shaking in pain, and his eyes… Damn, it was entertaining. He puts the ring in the first drawer of his desk and leans back on his chair. Dealing with Park Jaebum was a mistake and he should’ve died a long time ago.

Min Yoongi raises his head when he hears someone knocking on his door. When he sees his right-hand man, Kim Namjoon, he beckons him to sit up. The tall man sits in front of him and crosses his long legs, a cold smile on his lips as he asks :

« So… How was it ?

- I think it’s my favorite. Maybe a little too quick, but sometimes that’s not that bad. »

Namjoon chuckles and lightly shake his head : « You love torturing people, you sick bastard… » Yoongi raises his eyebrows and looks slightly off, as if he was wondering if it was actually true. When he realizes it was the case, he snorts, a sinful smirk on his face. Namjoon gets up and go behind the wooden bar, taking two crystal glasses before pouring whisky in it. He smiles :

« We have great news, boss.

- Choi Woo Yeon ? »

Namjoon brings the drinks on the desk and sits down.

His dark and haughty glance could freeze the hottest volcano.

« Jungkook found him. He went with Jimin. It’s almost done.

- Let’s wait for them. »

Yoongi winks and takes a sip of the strong drink, a wave of heat going down his throat.

It’s been two weeks since Choi decided to stop working with Yoongi and he doesn’t like it at all. And when he learned from Jin that Choi was a snitch, it was worst. Yoongi is not the kind of man to let anybody think you can fuck with him and stay alive. If you betray him, you die. So, Choi and all his boys will die. Isn’t it simple ?

Soon enough, Yoongi’s office’s door opens and two men enters. Yoongi & Namjoon gets up and walks toward them. When Yoongi sees Jimin’s smile, he puts his hand on his cheek and asks « Is it done ? ». Jimin raises his eyebrow in a playful way, like he always does, and replies « We have Bucheon », his voice lightly hoarser than usual. Yoongi bites his lips and tilts his head on the side, watching Jimin smiles back at him. Yoongi looks at Jungkook and nods before he announces they’ll celebrate it tonight.

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mapple mary [stan uris x reader]

summary: stan confeses his feelings but richie ruins everything

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 10 and prompt haunted mansion. Also, I used @horrificmemes
31 Horrific Days v2 [October Writing Challenge] ! same day, prompt growling. i am apart of the stan uris deserves love tooTM

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There are several places in Derry that spike fear into children and adults alike: deep forest spots that seep with dazing scents, where trees are so high they block the sun, waters, overflowing and so powerful that only God knows where they would take one if that one was so unlucky to get sucked in, abandoned buildings as old as Derry itself, or random places of killings riddled with ghost stories that only younger half of the population actually believe. 29 Neilbolt Street is one of those locations, and one you and the Losers are now accustomed to very well, and the other is a house down Maple road, a large abandoned brick building with wines growing through its windows like pretty flowers in spring.

“—That’s bullshit. There’s no way Maple Merry is haunted.” Eddie mumbles into his cereal; the lights of late Fall morning shine through the window. A couple of brown and yellow leaves dance in the chilly wind. Eddie’s house is mostly quiet, only his mother is watching the morning program on the TV in the living room, while you, Stan and Eddie eat in sleepy silence. Richie is still snoring upstairs. No one dared to wake him. Mostly because no one wanted to deal with his whining.

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anonymous asked:

Whats "In The Heights" about? All I know is that Lin is in it

ok kids buckle tf up here we go

so in the heights takes place in the middle of a heat wave, more specifically on july 3rd. it’s centered around a latino community in washington heights (which is in the northest part of manhattan), referred to as the barrio.

a few of the main characters:

1. usnavi de la vega (so dope y tu lo sabes)
originally played by lin, usnavi is probably the main-est character. he owns & runs a tiny bodega with his cousin, sonny. theyre both dominican. usnavi is 24 and sonny is 16. usnavi’s biggest dream is to go back home to the dominican republic and it continues to drive him throughout the musical. hes really awkward and messes up a lot but he tries & we love him anyways

2. vanessa otilia garcia (you know her, a little bit of cinnamon)
i dont think vanessa ever mentions where shes from??? but she was originally played by karen olivo (who now plays angelica in ham chicago!). she’s “the loveliest girl in the place”. she could have anyone in the whole barrio and she chose usnavi??? idk. shes usnavis love interest. shes a bamf & i lov her. she really really wants to move downtown. she works at the salon next to the de la vega bodega. shes 19

3. nina rosario (the barrio’s best)
quite possibly the most relatable character on broadway??? she’s 19 & puerto rican, played by mandy gonzalez. she was the only one in the barrio to go to college (stanford! hot damn!). she…. kinda dropped out tho and she kinda has a crisis bc like??? how tf is she supposed to break the news to everyone??? also her father owns the taxi dispatch that benny works at

4. benny (??? no last name??????)
hes like one of the maybe 2 non hispanic characters, played by none other than chris jackson. hes 24 and lowkey has a big crush on nina. knows how 2 pick up chicks. friends with usnavi.

5. abuela claudia (not really ur abuela)
cuban. not actually anyone’s abuela. is also everyone’s abuela. will probably be ur abuela too if u asked. usnavi is especially close to her, as is nina. arguably one of the purest characters in the show. played by olga ortiz.

6. daniela & carla
vanessa works w them at the salon. they know all the gossip of the barrio. /a l l/ of it. just try to tell them something going on that they dont know (hint: u cant). theres like a 95% chance theyre lesbians. daniela is puerto rican and carla is uh….. chiledominicurican??? but she always says shes from queens. dani is played by andrea burns & carla is played by janet dacal.

u should check the genius lyrics as u go along bc there’s a lot of spanish and spanglish thrown in there, and also bc some key plot points are left out of the soundtrack (rly only like 2 maybe 3 but still) and if not for the annotations theyll fly right over ur head.

in the heights is just a rly gr8 show, all of the latinx characters are played by latinx people, overall i’d give it about a 9/10 bc they made it much less gay (in the workshop ver, nina had a brother named lincoln & he was gay and had a crush on benny, also pete & sonny were supposed to kiss right before the last song) (we’re all really bitter abt that btw) (make in the heights gay again 2kForever) (its still a great show tho pls give it a listen)

ok this was a really long post sorry bye listen to in the heights

heat (M)

trapped in an elevator for hours with your enemy x daddy jay

words: 3k

genre: smut. a tiny bit of fluff

Originally posted by btsumari

 It was hot, the elevator was practically steaming in the humid heat of the mid-summer night and it felt like you were trapped in a giant oven. You thought that the situation couldn’t get any worse but you were trapped with none other than your sworn enemy neighbor, Hoseok.

You had tried to get along with Hoseok, you had given him cookies when he first moved in 6 months ago, been stricken with how handsome he was and how lucky you, a shut-in with no other life but studying and working could be blessed with such a good-looking neighbor, but that was before his partying. He would party non-stop during weeknights, ruining your precious sleep schedule that you relied on to keep up a healthy work-school-social life balance and here he comes, determined to fuck it up. You decided that you hated him after the night that you had finally grown the courage to knock on his door and tell him to shut the fuck up and he just looked at you with a cocky smirk and a ‘how 'bout you join the party sweetheart?’ So you found the only way to get revenge was to be the loudest you could in the early morning hours, while he was trying to nurse a hangover after going to sleep at 4am you would wake up at 8am and clang around your house, getting ready for the day, making yourself breakfast in the loudest ways possible (making sure to drop at least one pan on the floor), and singing loudly and off-key in the shower. He would show up at your door, looking like utter shit, and look blearily at you wrapped in a towel and ask you to quiet the fuck down to witch you replied with your own cocky smirk and a 'how 'bout you join me for an early morning workout sweetheart?' 

 Small, petty, feuds is what fueled your relationship with Hoseok but you couldn’t deny that he was probably the sexiest person you had ever seen. You’re guilty pleasure was when you would be walking down the stairs and see him coming home from a workout, drenched in sweat, forehead showing, basketball shorts showing off his muscular shins.The looks didn’t outweigh the irritation though, you had to buy multiple sets of earplugs just so that you could get a decent amount of sleep and it was causing you massive amounts of stress. 

 So there you were, trapped in the elevator the night that you were going to go clubbing, looking sexy as hell with the one man you had mentally sworn yourself against. You were wearing a tight, short, black dress and had spent an hour on your hair and makeup to make yourself look just right in hopes of finding someone to take out your sexual frustration on like you had done the past weekends that you were free but all those plans got thrown in the trash. Hoseok was looking good, as per norm, dressed up in a suit for some reason and it was causing you some real moral issues. It made you curious as to why he was so dressed up, you both were college students and never really had a reason to get dressed up. You thought that he had looked good when he was done working out but this look was giving you heart palpitations.

 "So, since it looks like it’s gonna be a while we may as well indulge in small talk so we aren’t dying of awkwardness so I’ll start, why are you so dressed up?“ you said, sitting down on the floor of the elevator after pressing the emergency button on the elevator and calling your apartment landlord, ending the call with her promising to get the maintenance men in there to help you get out.

 "Oh, well I was supposed to go to a dinner with my father but I guess those plans are shit,” he said, sighing and sitting down across from you long legs brushing your bare ones. “Why are you so dressed up, I’m used to seeing you look like a pajama goblin and I’m just saying that I think you should try this look more often," 

 "Well first of all, you usually see me when I’m yelling at you at midnight to be quiet so that’s why I look like shit, and second of all, I was supposed to be going to the club and meeting some friends but my plans have also been ruined,” you said, after that you got a phone call from your landlord, her telling you that it would be at least a couple of hours before the elevator would get fixed, apologizing profusely. “Welp Hoseok, looks like we’re stuck in here for another couple hours." 

 "Shit,” he said, looking down at his phone in frustration. 

 "Shit,“ you said laying down on the floor of the elevator, the heat of the small room making you start to sweat a bit and trying to find cool in the hard tile floors. You stayed like that for a bit, feeling sweat gather in your scalp, looking at your phone for a bit but stopping once your battery got to 50%. Hoseok had removed his suit jacket and tie, and rolled up the sleeves to his white button-up making him look absolutely sinful. You were trying your best to talk yourself out of removing the tight-fitting dress that was now sticking to your body and making you uncomfortable but you didn’t want to give yourself or him any ideas.

 You thought about all the things that you wanted to do to him to make him pay for the ways that he’d irritated you. You wanted to grind all over him, get him hot and bothered and then leave him hanging and watch him be desperate. You wanted him to give it to you hard, spank you until you couldn’t sit down to punish you for your teasing, just to shove his dick roughly into your greedy hole, slick from how turned on his hard smacks made you. You wanted to hear him lose himself in you, grunting and growling at how good and tight your hole was for him, feeling that sense of pride when he called you a 'good girl, such a good little slut, taking it so well.’ These thoughts caused a new wave of heat to crawl into your body, making your cheeks flush red and your body feel feverish.

 "Hey are you okay? You’re looking like you’re going to die of a fever,” Hoseok said, looking up from his phone in worry, brows scrunched together in genuine concern.

 "Yeah, it’s just this room is small and I’m in a tight dress,“ you said gesturing to your outfit and sighing in frustration, not being able to tell him the real reason you had flushed so red. 

 "If you want to take it off I definitely won’t mind sweetheart, I wouldn’t want you dying of heatstroke, then who would I have to tease?” He said winking at you and causing a wave of arousal to rush directly to your core. Taking off your dress sounded like a really debatable idea at that moment, you were going to be trapped in there for another few hours and you really didn’t want to be wearing that constricting thing anymore but you were wearing your sexiest black lingerie underneath and you were nervous about letting Hoseok see that much of you. You paused a few seconds and finally decided to rid yourself of the dress so you didn’t die.

 "Okay, I’m going to take this off, but please don’t say anything,“ you said feeling a rush of nerves and excitement at the thought of Hoseok seeing your body. You reached back and pulled down the zipper for the tight dress, feeling like you could breath again, and slowly pulled it off while looking at anything other than Hoseok. You had it off and the tension in the air was a so thick you could cut it, the only sounds were Hoseok’s slightly heavier breathing and the soft elevator music. 

 "Oh my god sweetheart, you look so good, can I touch you?” You looked up at him and saw him pushing his bangs back, pupils blown out. He stuck his tongue out to moisten his lips and it drew your gaze to his beautifully plump lips and you thought about how much you wanted to push yours onto his and kiss him rough.

 "Yes,“ you said breathlessly, then crashing into him,straddling your damp, panty-clad center over his crotch then bringing yourself into a kiss that was hard, teeth colliding in the most delicious of ways, you attached your teeth to his bottom lip and scraped it lightly, earning a groan. His hands were everywhere but where you needed them most, the curve of your breasts, your waist, your thighs, settling at your hips and griping harshly, adding more pressure to your weight on him. Your lips travelled down to his neck and collarbone, groaning into him while you left hot, wet kisses on him, marking him as yours. The feeling of grinding down on him was like nothing you had ever experienced, it was so hot in the room and you knew that his hands would leave marks but that made it better.

 "God baby, you don’t know how many times I heard you getting fucked through the walls and wanted to come over and fuck you right, cause I know you’d be so good and wet for me, wouldn’t you baby? You act like such a good little girl but we both know that you love fucking and you love going hard don’t you? and I just want to give that to you, do you want that my sweetheart?” He growled into your ear, making you shiver at his dirty words, you’re mind was foggy and filled with bliss.

 "Y-yes oh god yes please Hoseok,“ you said, feeling him give you a hard slap on your ass after you moaned your consent. Fuck, you were both so fucked out already and you hadn’t even really touched each other yet. He flipped you over onto your stomach over and pulled down your panties then stroked your pussy a couple times with his sinful fingers.

 "You’re so wet already I can’t believe it,” he said bringing his fingers to his mouth and tasting you’re juices. “Now I’m going to spank you to get even every morning that you’ve made my life hell by opening the door in only a fucking towel and not letting me fuck your tight pussy so I have to go jack myself off by myseld in the early morning, is that alright babe?” He asked, rubbing your ass in small soothing circles, watching your pussy clench from behind around nothing at his erotic words.

 "Yes, p-punish me Ho-“ you said, choking on your spit as he struck you the first time, smacking each cheek five times roughly, sometimes dipping his fingers into your increasingly wetter core and wiping your slick on your reddening cheeks.

 "My girl is dirty isn’t she? getting so wet just from me spanking her, I wonder what would happen if I gave her naughty little pussy some attention?” He said roughly, flipping you back over and spreading open your thighs, looking like a man trapped in the desert dying from thirst and you are the oasis that he needs as he dives into you’re core. He was ravenous, licking up all of your juices before attacking your clit, smirking against you when he hears your whimpers of pleasure. He sucked on your clit until just as you were about to let go into your orgasm then he pulled back and began pressing soft kisses into your inner thighs, listening to your whines at being denied. “I can’t believe I waited this long to taste you,” he said in between kisses “I can’t believe I just sat in my apartment when other people were able to taste you, touch you, give you everything I want to” a wave of possessiveness came over him as he bit down a little too rough on you thigh then sucked on the same spot to leave hickies in his wake.

 You then felt his hard bulge still trapped inside his suit pants, brush against your lower leg and was struck with the need to see it and give Hoseok the same kind of attention he was giving you. You pulled yourself up and pushed him back, undoing his belt buckle and pushing his pants and boxers down in one go, watching in awe as his dick smacked his lower stomach. His cock was long and hard and so, so beautiful, it was darker than the rest of his body, the head burning a bright red at the need for attention, it made your mouth water. You leaned forward and gave the tip and few hard kitten licks before letting yourself drool all over him so that you could touch him without any discomfort. You pushed him into your mouth, gripping what you couldn’t fit in your mouth with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. You started moving back and forth at a steady pace, feeling pride when you heard his soft moans, feeling him caress your hair, then pulling your hair tighter and harder guiding you to go at a faster pace. You slacked your jaw, keeping it open so that he could fuck himself wildly into your willing throat. 

 "You’re mouth feels so good baby, you’re such a good cocksucker for me, it’s like you were born for this,“ he groaned, head leaned back, eyed screwed shut in pleasure. His praise encouraged you to take his deeper, gagging a little but making him cry out at the sudden tightness, you felt like a child that had it’s pacifier taken away when he pulled you off of him. "I need you to stop or I won’t be able to last when I fuck you,” he says at your surprised look at him.

 Just then you heard something that made your heart jump out of your chest. The sound of the elevator running, you both looked at each other in a slight panic, anxious to get back to either of your apartments quickly so he could fuck you good. You threw on your dress as he pulled up his pants in a haste, he tucked your panties into his pocket as he brushed his hands through his hair and picked up his suit coat as the elevator continued to ascend back up the your floor. The elevator dinged and you both rushed to the door to your apartment, your hands shakily trying to get the key in the lock unsuccessfully, Hoseok growing impatient and taking the keys from you, opening the door in one try. You practically broke down the door getting it open so fast and leading Hoseok into your bedroom, once you entered the room he practically ripped off your dress and pulled off his clothes hastily, grinning when he caught a glimpse of your reddened ass cheeks, proud of his handy work. You pushed him onto your bed after grabbing a condom from your side table and ripping it open. You slid it over his throbbing cock and positioned yourself over it, enjoying the slight stretch of his head at the entrance of your wet, needy, pussy. He grabbed your hands in a surprisingly intimate way, intertwining your fingers with his and pulled you slowly down onto his hardness. 

 "Hoseok you fill me up so good,“ you moaned, you felt so full, fuller than you had ever felt and it took you a moment to adjust to his size as you slowly started to move on top of him. He reached up and freed your breasts from your bra, gripping onto them as you started bucking wildly down onto his cock. You were going at a searing pace, addicted to the feeling of him brushing your g-spot, making you clench around him, wanting more, more of him. You leaned down and nuzzled into the crook of his neck, breathing in his musky scent holding yourself up as he continued to fuck up into at full pace, you could feel your end approaching, he could sense it to, your walls were sporadically squeezing around his cock and it was so much.

 "Y-you’re so hot and tight around my cock baby, taking it so good, you’re so good around my cock, mine,” Hoseok said, reaching in between your bodies to rub your clit frantically, causing you to hurtle faster toward your peak, he was getting close to, his thrusts became more sporadic and you could tell that he was losing himself in you. He pushed in a couple more times and hit your g-spot just right, you then toppled over your peak and were filled with ecstasy and satisfaction, the heat in your stomach spreading to your whole body. He came just after you, continuing to thrust into you while you both rode out your orgasms. Once you were both spent he pulled out, discarded to condom and laid down next to you, catching his breath. You were overcome with sleepiness as you reached out for him, he got up quickly and went to your bathroom that he caught a glimpse of earlier to get some of your makeup wipes, he returned to bed and softly stroked your face, making your eyes slip closed while he removed your now very messy makeup. He finished, threw the wipes away in the trash can next to your bed as he felt your arms wrap around him sleepily. He smiled softly at your antics and allowed himself to be pulled back into bed with you, his smile growing wider when you tucked your head into his neck and wrapped your arms around his waist and drifted off to sleep. He was starting to feel that same exhaustion, deciding to put off the questions of 'what are we now?’ until tomorrow and just enjoying the moment.

A/n: I wrote all this at 3am last night so I’m sorry if it’s a mess Jung Hoseok jus makes me feel some typa way this was inspired by this look, check out my masterlist!

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[I work as a cashier at slaveway] So I have self harm scars and wear a sweater (handbook approved, thank you🖕🏻) and people alwaaaaaaaays comment "are you cold, it's the middle of summer haha" or "why do you have that sweater on, it's hot as hell" thank you, I know it's a freaking heat wave, but if I were to take this sweater off I guarantee someone would complain about it making them uncomfortable or some shit🙃😒 I can't wait for the day I quit.

Super Junior’s Donghae Expresses His Love For Fans As He Is Discharged From Military 170714

On July 14, Super Junior’s Donghae completed his military service and was discharged at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, where he was greeted by fans who had been waiting for him.

Later, the artist posted to his personal Instagram and thanked fans for waiting for him to be discharged from the military. Donghae expressed his love for fans and said, “I couldn’t sleep after I heard that some of our ELFs had been waiting for a couple days in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in the midst of an intense heat wave.  I was worried that it might take a toll on your health and was also worried that you might not be eating well.”

He also added that he was very touched to see that fans from overseas had come to Korea to meet him and said, “From now on, I’ll make sure you all are never lonely again.”

Donghae wrapped up his post by telling fans he would see them at the fan meeting next week, which he will be hosting with fellow Super Junior member Eunhyuk, who was also recently discharged from the military.

The artist also posted another photo of him with the rest of his unit, thanking them for the past year and nine months.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be making a comeback together this fall with seven members.

Welcome back, Donghae!soompi

(BOTW) Surprise!


SYNOPSIS: Zelda decides to throw Link a surprise birthday party! Cute and fluffy with a sprinkle of sad. Zelink. Post-calamity. Spoiler Warning! Enjoy!

“A little to the right, Sidon. If you please.”

Zelda’s gesture mimicked her suggestion, eyeing the banner the tall Zoran prince fidgeted with. “There. Perfect.” She nodded her approval and smiled.

She didn’t mean to micromanage these minute details, but she just couldn’t help herself. Today was a very special occasion.

Link’s seventeenth birthday—give or take a century.

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Hey if you’re experiencing a heat wave like us (lovely 108°), then please take care in the heat if you have to work or in general exist in it. If you have animals please give them ice water and a fan if that helps. If you dont have ac but are able to or can have someone help you take a bath/shower, take a nice cold one and dry off very minimally. Use ice packs or make your own with a towel and icecubes or even a frozen bottle of water.

Do whatever you need to do to feel okay.

machiavellianfictionist  asked:

Please give me more ML fic recommendations! I know we have similar taste because I love Truthful Scars and I just left a kudos in Sunshine and noticed the last person to do that before me was you. Thanks!


this is a huge rec holy hell

Sunshine by giratinas - Adrien feels a little warmer than usual when he looks at Marinette today. It’s probably just the summer heat, nothing to worry about. Right? (Rated E)

first day of my life by belligerent - Gamer AU where Ladybug and Chat Noir meet each other beta testing a video game. (Rated T. A personal favorite!)

Intense [Like Camping] by kali_asleep - It was supposed to be the perfect graduation trip: four days, just the four of them, camping in the forest.But things just don’t work out that way for Adrien and Marinette. As it turns out, the only thing worse than an accidental reveal is an accidental reveal in the middle of nowhere. (Rated T)

Too Real by PearLynn - She knows that her hormones will be the end of her, sooner or later. And with the way Chat is looking at her now, she knows it will be sooner. (Rated E)

Truthful Scars by frostedpuffs - Adrien Agreste has never been an expert in controlling his emotions. When feelings for his classmate in pigtails begin to arise, he can’t stop himself from seeing her any chance he gets—even when wearing a pair of cat ears and a black tail. Yet with all budding romances comes the inevitable (and quite unintentional) hurt, leaving Marinette to question her loyalty to Adrien all while contemplating why exactly Chat Noir is so good at making her cheeks burn and sending her heart into a beating frenzy. (Rated T. shoving my own fics in here lmao)

We Need To Talk by frostedpuffs - Adrien and Marinette have been together for nearly five months now. When an akuma attacks hits the school and Marinette can’t get away to transform quick enough, Chat Noir comes to her rescue, but does something Marinette would have never, ever expected. (Rated G)

this is home by clairelutra (exosolarmoon) - Marinette hadn’t thought he’d take the news so well. (Rated T)

Heat Wave by pamplemousses - A unbearable heat wave hits Paris, and Marinette can’t help but complain how hot her shared room with Adrien is at the moment. (Rated T)

Snuggle Bug by imthepunchlord - In the winter time, ladybugs slow down to hibernate, and have been known to stowaway inside homes for warmth. Marinette is no different. As a true, sleepy and cold Ladybug, she’ll latch onto anything that moves. And is warm. (Rated G. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE ANOTHER PERSONAL FAVORITE)

did you get my message? by mazberrypie - After a long night of working on some designs, Marinette doesn’t do a very good job of checking who she is texting.

Dance in the Dark by MisterDoctorProfessorPatrick - Chat Noir decides to pay his princess a visit, but since black cats are hard to see in the dark, he overhears a little more than he might have expected. (Rated E)

Freckles, Dots, and Ladybug Spots by caibi - He traced the spots on her skin like they were parts of a constellation; little stars that would light the way. He didn’t know he’d follow the trail to the one he’d been meant to find.

Without You by Inkkerfuffle - The apartment is far too quiet now, far too lonely and cold now that Adrien had moved out. It’d been one week since he had finally taken all his stuff and moved away, and it’d been six days since Marinette had finally gathered the courage to set foot back inside the home they once shared. It just wasn’t supposed to end like this. In fact, it wasn’t supposed to end at all. (Rated T. IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT IT’S WORTH IT)

Telltale by Zizzani - It all starts with a simple injury, but slowly Ladybug begins to really see who Chat Noir is, and Adrien begins to see Marinette… (Rated T)

The Consequences of Midnight Makeouts by Faequeen40 - Marinette has a very distinctive hickey and it seems like the universe is out to get her. (Rated T)

I Do? by SKayLanphear - Marinette and Adrien are getting married! Unfortunately, Adrien is bothered by the fact that he didn’t invite Ladybug, while Marinette gets cold feet every time Chat Noir flits through her head. A story of mixed up love, rash mistakes, and two oblivious superheroes who should have figured things out a long time ago. (Rated T. IT HURTS SO MUCH… IT HURTS SO MUCH)

The Date by Magical_Awesome_Kid - They had a simple deal: one date. Chat had one date to sweep Ladybug off her feet. If she still didn’t like him in that way at the end of the day, he’d give up his attempts altogether. Ladybug took the deal, knowing that her heart belonged to another.But we know them too well. (Rated G)

Cat Nap by madasthesea - Marinette, upon being woken from a nap by Adrien, recognizes his voice. But not as Adrien. He can’t help but tease her about it. (Rated G)

The Hazard of Being a Baker’s Daughter by konekat - One night while on patrol, Adrien notices flour in Ladybug’s hair. When Marinette complains about the flour from her dad’s bakery the next day at school, he starts to get suspicious. (aka “The Flour Reveal Fic”) (Rated G)

Pas de Chance by InsanitySilver - A July night finds Paris tossed into chaos and two heroes scrambling for shelter. Ladybug takes Chat Noir to the only safe place she knows: home. (Rated G)

Try and Try Until You… by sarahcada - In which Adrien and Marinette fight to protect their wedding night. (Rated M)

perfect fit by Lee_Mix - Sometimes wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t the best thing. It’s a good thing Marinette is a designer–trim out the excess, and display it proud for everyone to see. - Aka: Marinette’s crush on Adrien is revealed to the entire class, and Chat Noir is surprisingly good at giving love advice. (Rated G)

boom, clap (the sound of my heart) by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink) - You can learn a lot of things about someone during a thunderstorm. Sometimes even more than you bargained for. (A post-Jackady Ladrien/Adrinette one-shot) (Rated T. honest to god im in love with this)

The Blushing Game by amiraculousladybug - What starts out as an innocent game escalates into something more for our two Parisian heroes. (Rated T)

sugar, sugar by Mooncactus - After discovering the identity of the man making his and Ladybug’s life a living hell, Chat Noir overworks himself to the point of exhaustion - and dangerously low blood sugar levels. (Rated T)

Blind by PearLynn - Out of all the scenarios she played out in her head, the few where she and Chat magically hooked up for some unknown reason, she never imagined being blindfolded. (Rated E)

Until I lose count by Baneismydragon - Adrien hadn’t planned on kissing Marinette. He certainly hadn’t planned on doing it more than once. He DEFINITELY didn’t plan on doing it repeatedly while hiding behind the comfortable anonymity of his alter ego. But some habits are very hard to break, especially when the more times you do something, the less you want to stop. (Rated T)

Food For the Soul by ParadiseAvenger - “Why don’t you come by during the day and buy sweets like a normal person?” Marinette fixed him in place with her blue eyes, roving over his black cat suit. “Why don’t you come dressed as a normal person?” she added. Adrien barked a little wry laugh. “Let’s just say I can’t,” he said and forced himself not to elaborate. (Rated T)

My Last Thoughts are of You by SKayLanphear - When a freak accident sends Marinette into critical condition, the only thing she can think about is Chat Noir. She wasn’t going to make it and someone had to tell him. Otherwise, he’d never know what had happened to her–why his lady had never returned. And, as it just so happens, Adrien is there with her near the end, so she decides that he can take the message to Chat just as well as anyone. (Rated T. oUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH  THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY FIC THAT HAS EVER MADE ME CRY A LOT OKAY I WAS ALMOST SOBBING)

The Bakery by cyansea - Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life used to revolve around the bakery her family worked at, but with all of the things going on in her life, it’s become the least of her worries. When Ladybug mentions she likes the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, she doesn’t think anything will come of it.



[시연] 띠띠가 오랜만에 돌아왔어요 다들 잘 지내고 계시죠??? 우리 팬분들 건강 잘 챙기고 폭염 주의 꼭 하고!! 맛있는거 잘 먹고 더위 열심히 물리칩시다!!! 사랑해요 내가 앞으로 더 많은 사랑으로 보답할게요


[XiYeon] DDIDDI has returned after a while, has everyone been doing well??? Our fan’s, make sure to take care of your health and watch out for the heat wave!! Keep eating good food to fight off the heat!!! I love you guys and from now on I’ll keep giving you a lot more love


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“Please just let her go, it’s me you’re angry with.” Lydia begged as she watched him drag you towards the door by your hair.

“No Lydia, you brought this on yourselves.” He hissed ad she let out a sob. “Taking it out on the two of you would be to easy so we’re going to find someone even better.”

“Stop it!” She screamed at him and he chuckled pointing to the white dust he’d scattered around the floor.

“We’ll be back before that wears off, can’t have an angry Banshee on the loose.” With that he tugged you out of the building and towards his car.

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You belong to me.

Request: I’m the one who requested “animals” it was amazing!!!thank you :) if it’s okay I request another where Rick and the group are at Alexandria and ricks been noticing the reader getting closer and closer to spencer so he’s acting all possessive and jealous whenever spencer is around and one night he’s fed up and claims the reader saying that she’s “belongs to him” and hot dirty talking smut happens? Thank you so much, Your blog is awesome!💕💕💕

I hope you like it! 💕

-No way! —I loudly laughed as Spencer told me an anecdote from his good ol’ days in college, back when the world was still spinning in the right direction.

-I swear! I was just a mess. —he said, laughing as well. —Just remember to never give me a drink when a pig is around.

I could sense a stare over me, it was intense and I thought I knew whose eyes were on me. 

Ever since I joined the group I’ve felt an odd link between Rick and I, it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I was just unsure of what it was. 

-Hey. —Rick barged in, upset, as expected. —Am I interrupting? Because you should be watching the gates, right?

-I… —Spencer was confused at Rick’s sudden rudeness. —I’m not, my shift’s over.

I was so embarrassed, a walker would’ve bite my neck in that second and it’d still be less painful than being in the middle of that uncomfortable moment. 

-Then I guess it’s my turn. —I loudly said, trying to get out of the thick atmosphere. Rick finally took off his eyes from Spencer’s and walked behind me.

The last thing I wanted to hear was a lecture, or an apology or anything that came from his lips. 

-What the hell were you doing? —he asked, grabbing my arm and forcing me to face him. 

-What the hell am I doing? —I emphasized to let him know that the nutjob back there wasn’t me.

-Is he your boyfriend now? —his words slipped away as violent as his face looked.

-Why do you even care? —I sounded like a teenager arguing, but he was the one who sounded like a child. Rick finally let go of my arm, going back to whatever the hell he came from. The only word to describe my face in that moment was a big ‘Ugh’, I didn’t need more things in my head. These people tried so hard to complicate their lives as if killing off the walkers was so easy it bored them. 

It wasn’t my shift to guard the gates, it wasn’t my shift to do anything, maybe to complain about life to Carol in the kitchen because that was what I was best at.

-God, who does he think he is? —I said in a sigh.

-He’s just trying to lead us, (Y/N). —Carol said with the usual Carol voice that made every good situation sound better and every bad situation sound worse. —And I don’t think you should worry about him. 

-What do you mean?

-Maybe you won’t understand, darling. —she smiled at me. She kept doing it; her voice, her tone and her smile made me realize she was saying that I was stupid, or ‘naive’ as she said to make me feel better. 

Maybe I wasn’t that naive, what if Rick did feel something for me? Or what if thinking that only proved that I was too damn naive? 

I saw Spencer walking down the street, sun was already setting and the leftover light reflected his delicate face. 

I met him in the sidewalk in front of my house with a smile, he returned it.

-I was thinking about you. —he said along a grin.

-Really? —my eyes went wide and a little excitement leaned out from my voice.

-Yeah, I found this book in my mom’s office. I just forgot to bring it to you. Wanna come over? —he offered. There were obviously other intentions in his mind, not only giving me a book.

-No, I don’t think she does. —a husky voice echoed our ears.

-Uh. —Spencer looked at Rick standing at the door. I didn’t want to say a thing, if I supported one of them the other would hate me, and I didn’t want them to fight over me. Hell, Carol was right, I am naive. —Yeah, well, I asked (Y/N).

-And I gave an answer. Looks like she didn’t fight it, did she? —Rick turned his face into a grin. Both of them looked at me. I wasn’t the type of person who stops a fight and saves the day, I was more like the type who runs away. So I did.

I pushed Spencer and I ran off back to my house, as I went inside I also pushed Rick who was in the way. I was looking at the sky from my window, the clouds were also leaving. I had always wondered how the sky, the sun, the clouds, the moon, stars and the universe keep doing their thing even when you think they’re all going to fall over you. 

There was a knock on my door. Rick came in and seemed calm, like he hid the person he had been lately and brought Rick Grimes back to life, but (Y/N) was still alive and angrier than ever. 

-I… uh… —he stuttered. —I guess I’m sorry. 

-You guess? —I went back to look at the clouds.

-Well, I wante…—he didn’t get to finish his sentence.

-Yeah, Rick, what is it that you want? —I turned my head to face him. 

-Excuse me?

-Since we got here you’ve been freaking annoying. —I got up. —Everyone tells me that I should understand because of the way you feel about me. Well, what about the way I feel?

I was sweating rage and breathing fire, he looked at me with confused eyes.

-So what do you want, huh? —I walked to get closer at him. —Do you want me to be your fucking girlfriend or someth…?

He took my face between his hands and pressed his lips against mine. He only let go of me when we needed air. I didn’t see that coming, it was like expecting the sun to rise at midnight or something. His hands were holding on to my face tightly and his beard caressed my chin. 

My cheeks were turning red, also my heart was beating faster. That, which seemed like a normal kiss, was full of passion. His hands moved from my face to my thighs grabbing me and throwing my body to the bed. The knees that surrounded me were strong, they barely let me move. Rick took my shirt off, that’s how it started because seconds later we both were already naked.

Something inside me told me that being with him like this wasn’t right but it didn’t feel wrong at all, when he opened my legs and touched me didn’t feel wrong, not even when he got his member inside of me. It felt so right, it was like a wave of heat and power taking my body to another place, a different dimension where that little something inside me told me that being with him like this was everything that was right in this fucked up world. 

My arms were stacked on his back, and with every shove he made, my nails went deeper into his skin. 

I was screaming and dancing to his beat. Everything that happened later was like a shooting star, so fast I can’t even know where to begin to describe, and even if I could, I’d have the hardest time trying to store all those sensations into words. 

The next morning I woke up with him by my side, it was funny looking at him laying under pink flowery covers, but it was perfect, I didn’t want to change anything from those moments I shared with him. 

-Yeah. —he said with his head buried in the pillow. I had a confused look on my face, but he couldn’t see it. I think he was answering to my earlier question.—You belong to me.

We’re late - Junior (Got7)

You and your boyfriend, Jinyoung had a wedding to go to so you were laying out your clothes on the bed when you felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around your stomach, hugging you tightly. You smiled knowing that it was your boyfriend. He placed a soft kiss to the back of your neck. 

“Babe why don’t you get in the shower.” you said to him. He placed another kiss on your neck ignoring what you had just said. You just rolled your eyes and continued doing what you were doing. You felt him bite down on your neck after a while and you jumped. “Jinyoung, stop” you said but instead of stopping he rocked his hips close to your bum for you to feel how hard he was. 

You spun around immediately gently pushing him back.”No” was all you said.

He frowned. “Why not?”

“Because we have a wedding to go to and I don’t want to be late.” you stated grabbing a towel from your closet and going into the bathroom leaving him in your bedroom.

You completely stripped your clothes in the bathroom and got into the shower turning it on. You stepped under the water closing your eyes just enjoying how it felt against your skin.  You were so in your own world you didn’t hear when the bathroom door open or when Jinyoung came into the shower. You only realized when he wrapped his arms around you pulling your body back into his making you feel his toned torso and naked boner.

“Jinyoung I told you..” you began but he interrupted.

“I really don’t give a fuck.” he said attaching his lips to your neck and sucking hard on it making you close your eyes and moan. He continued assaulting your neck with sucks, licks and bites all over, wanting to leave as many lingering hickies as possible. 

You were now completely horny for him as you pushed your bum back making it touch his hardened member. He moaned into your neck as you did that loving the friction it created. You pulled away from him spinning around and pulling him towards you crashing your lips lustily to his. You slipped your tongue into his mouth immediately beginning to battle for dominance with his.

He held you tightly around the hips whilst your hands were around his neck deepening the kiss even more. The water from the shower was falling on both of you but you didn’t care, it just felt good. Jinyoung soon let his hands wander from your hips and go to your bum where he squeezed it hard making you moan into his mouth. He bit on your bottom lip harshly gaining another moan from you. 

You pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him through hooded eyes. “I want it in my mouth please.” you said needily and he smirked. He pecked you one last time before he leaned against the shower wall and pushed you down to kneel on the floor. The tiles were cold and wet beneath your knee but it didn’t bother you, you just wanted to pleasure him.

His length was right in front of your face now, hard and standing upright. You took it in your hand and licked the tip teasingly making him grunt sexily just making you want him even more. You licked it again and again loving the sounds that were escaping from his mouth as he looked down at you. 

You began licking all over it, not just the tip. You licked it from the base to the head whilst looking him in his face. The way he was looking at that moment was so sexy. His eyes were dark and hooded with lust as he held his soft pink bottom lip in between his white teeth. You moaned at the sight before putting just his tip in your mouth. He threw his head back and cursed as you began swirling your tongue around the sensitive head.

You loved the way he was moaning your name, you loved how worked up he was for you. You began sucking on the head hard whilst your hand reached down and began playing with his balls. He looked down at you again wrapping his hands in your now soaking wet hair from the water and forced more of him into your mouth.

You took it in greedily and began bobbing your head up and down around him giving him so much pleasure. He began moving his hips along with your movements making you moan around him. “Fuck baby girl” he mumbled as he stopped your head and held it in place as he began to fuck your mouth making you gag which just fueled his pleasure. 

However after a short while he pulled out of your mouth making you pout up at him. He smirked and helped you up kissing your lips briefly. “Babe go and face the wall for me.” he said and you did as he said facing the wall so that your back was towards him. He unhooked the shower head and passed it in front of you putting it in front of your core. 

“What are you doing?” you questioned confused. He just chuckled and turned the water on hard. He forced you to open your legs wide and put the shower head by your clit and you screamed. The forceful stream of water was hitting you directly on your clit and it was so pleasurable. He attached his lips to your neck sucking harshly as the water beat against your sensitive bud making you moan over and over. He reached down with his other hand and entered one long finger into your hole and you moaned. You couldn’t believed that your shower was giving you so much pleasure.

He began fingering you as he sucked on your neck and as the water beat your clit. God it all felt too good, you were already close from all this stimulation. You closed your eyes and threw your head back and before you knew it, you felt nothing. Jinyoung had pulled his finger out of you, put back the shower head and removed his lips from your neck.

“What the fuck?!” you said but then he entered his dick into you from behind and you screamed in pleasure.

“Shit baby you feel so good.” he groaned heatedly onto your neck giving you goosebumps as he began moving inside of you. He felt so good, fulling you up the way he did. You moaned throwing your head back and he took that opportunity to attach his lips to yours kissing you sloppily but heatedly at the same time, it felt amazing. 

The way the water cascaded over both of you feeling cool against your heated bodies just added to the pleasure of the moment. He was fucking you at a good rhythm, not too slow and not too fast as your lips kissed each others. His hands were on your hips squeezing them as he pulled you into him even closer. You moaned into the sloppy kiss making him smirk.

Jinyoung and you had never had shower sex before but it felt so good you knew this wouldn’t be the last time. He kept thrusting into you, never faltering. You pulled away from the kiss staring up at his pleasured face. You loved to see him looking like that. You moaned loudly as  he hit your g spot sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout your heated body. 

He removed one of his hands from your hips and began circling your clit at the same speed as he was fucking you. You closed your eyes and moved numerous times because of how good he was making you feel. “I’m close” he mumbled and you nodded, you were as well.

His thrusts became faster but sloppier and you clenched hard around him, two thrusts later both of you were cumming hard as a mixture of moans and curses left your lips. It felt so good, it was a huge wave of pleasure just taking over your heated body. He rode out both of your orgasms before placing a soft kiss to the back of your neck and pulling out.

He spun you around to face him and pecked your lips softly. “Let’s actually shower now.” he chuckled,”Because we’re late.”

You rolled your eyes at him, “I wonder why.”

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Totally random thought, but imagine

An Alpha/Omega AU where teenage Hinata, who really thinks he’s an alpha material, ends up with slick trailing down his thighs and his first heat hitting him so hard he thinks he’s going to die. Later on, when he feels better and able to have a conversation, his mother and his father (both of them betas) talk with him and explain that there is nothing wrong with being an omega and he is still the same Shouyou he used to be.

After the waves of heat have faded, his parents take him to the doctor to get him some suppressants. When a week later they finally let him go to school, he has a weird feeling that everybody is going to notice it. His teammates and two of his closest classmates already know, because there is no way in hell they wouldn’t worry and check on him during his absence. The only person beside him who seems to be somehow moved by the whole situation is Kageyama.

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