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Whats "In The Heights" about? All I know is that Lin is in it

ok kids buckle tf up here we go

so in the heights takes place in the middle of a heat wave, more specifically on july 3rd. it’s centered around a latino community in washington heights (which is in the northest part of manhattan), referred to as the barrio.

a few of the main characters:

1. usnavi de la vega (so dope y tu lo sabes)
originally played by lin, usnavi is probably the main-est character. he owns & runs a tiny bodega with his cousin, sonny. theyre both dominican. usnavi is 24 and sonny is 16. usnavi’s biggest dream is to go back home to the dominican republic and it continues to drive him throughout the musical. hes really awkward and messes up a lot but he tries & we love him anyways

2. vanessa otilia garcia (you know her, a little bit of cinnamon)
i dont think vanessa ever mentions where shes from??? but she was originally played by karen olivo (who now plays angelica in ham chicago!). she’s “the loveliest girl in the place”. she could have anyone in the whole barrio and she chose usnavi??? idk. shes usnavis love interest. shes a bamf & i lov her. she really really wants to move downtown. she works at the salon next to the de la vega bodega. shes 19

3. nina rosario (the barrio’s best)
quite possibly the most relatable character on broadway??? she’s 19 & puerto rican, played by mandy gonzalez. she was the only one in the barrio to go to college (stanford! hot damn!). she…. kinda dropped out tho and she kinda has a crisis bc like??? how tf is she supposed to break the news to everyone??? also her father owns the taxi dispatch that benny works at

4. benny (??? no last name??????)
hes like one of the maybe 2 non hispanic characters, played by none other than chris jackson. hes 24 and lowkey has a big crush on nina. knows how 2 pick up chicks. friends with usnavi.

5. abuela claudia (not really ur abuela)
cuban. not actually anyone’s abuela. is also everyone’s abuela. will probably be ur abuela too if u asked. usnavi is especially close to her, as is nina. arguably one of the purest characters in the show. played by olga ortiz.

6. daniela & carla
vanessa works w them at the salon. they know all the gossip of the barrio. /a l l/ of it. just try to tell them something going on that they dont know (hint: u cant). theres like a 95% chance theyre lesbians. daniela is puerto rican and carla is uh….. chiledominicurican??? but she always says shes from queens. dani is played by andrea burns & carla is played by janet dacal.

u should check the genius lyrics as u go along bc there’s a lot of spanish and spanglish thrown in there, and also bc some key plot points are left out of the soundtrack (rly only like 2 maybe 3 but still) and if not for the annotations theyll fly right over ur head.

in the heights is just a rly gr8 show, all of the latinx characters are played by latinx people, overall i’d give it about a 9/10 bc they made it much less gay (in the workshop ver, nina had a brother named lincoln & he was gay and had a crush on benny, also pete & sonny were supposed to kiss right before the last song) (we’re all really bitter abt that btw) (make in the heights gay again 2kForever) (its still a great show tho pls give it a listen)

ok this was a really long post sorry bye listen to in the heights

My Answer Is You (Ch. 1)

word count ; 4.8+k words

genre ; smut, romance, fluff, drama

summary ; After one night, Eunji and Jungkook finally revealed their feeling for one another but Eunji wants to keep their relationship on a low status. So what happens when their secret goes into the wrong hands?

warning(s) in this chap. ; smut

*(Tealicious is Eunji’s café)

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Daily preferences #129

Number 40 requested by anon, enjoy~♡


“(Y/N)!” Yoongi, the friend of your best friend called you as you were walking out of the bowling. Your friends were some meters further, heading to the car.

You spent the day between a little group of friends and Yoongi was the only one you met tonight.
Your eyes had been glued on him for the whole night, just as your ears were carefully listening to each and every single word he was saying. You kind of had a crush on him as soon as your best friend introduced him to you.

Your heart suddenly race when you heard his voice calling your name but you tried to hide your strong emotions. “Hm?” You turned around and tilted your head to the side.

“You like me, don’t you?” He confidently asked, taking you off guard. A heat wave crashed on your whole body, without sparing your face and your cheeks which were now, as red as a beetroot.

“N-no.” You stuttered, trying to hide your young and unsure feelings.

“You do.” He teased, flashing a bright smile.

“I don’t!” You harshly responded, hoping he would leave you alone but he did not. He rapidly pressed his sweet lips against yours so your friends could not see. “If you do, you deserved a kiss.” He smirked.

Flower crown

Dorian would have never thought that the weather in the South could actually be anything else than cold and rainy. Today it was quite the opposite. The sun was shining since the early morning hours and there was not a cloud in the sky. Until now their journey through the Exalted Plains had been surprisingly eventless and so they had traveled fast and far already. Today though with an unexpected heat wave like this everyone had agreed on taking a longer break, especially during the hottest hours at noon. Dorian was more than pleased with the hot weather.
The group had set up a small camp not far from the road. While some of his travel companions had retreated to the shade of their tents Dorian had been looking for a slightly remote and quiet place to read. Although he was very reluctant to sit down in the dirt somewhere he preferred it to some of the soldiers’ loud and omnipresent complaints at the campsite. Finally he found a place beneath a tree that at least seemed dry. There were also some flat stones to sit on. Better than nothing… probably.
He sat down and pulled out the book that he had taken with him, a historical treatise about this part of the Dales. It was not challenging to read and he knew most of its content already, but it was just the right thing to read in the shimmering summer heat to keep him busy for a while.
Dorian was quickly so absorbed by the words written down in a fine script onto the yellowed pages, that he did not hear at first how someone carefully approached him. He also had not paid much attention to how much time he might have already spent reading here – but considering that he had already finished half of the small book it must have been at least two or three hours. Until he noticed the steps in the dry grass they had almost reached him. He straightened his back a little but didn’t turn away from the book yet.
“I wonder what you’re up to this time,” he thought out loud and that was followed by a low chuckle behind him.
“Don’t move for a moment,” Tamlen said and from his tone of voice Dorian could hear that he was smiling.
Tamlen kneeled down directly behind him and before Dorian could reply he felt how something was lowered onto his head.
“What – …“ he started saying but he interrupted himself when he turned around and saw the flower crown on the elf’s head. Tamlen was still grinning and Dorian lifted his free hand to his own head. His fingertips touched daisies and roses and he couldn’t help but raise his brows - both surprised and also not entirely sure how else to react.
“It looks dashing on you. But well, what doesn’t,” Tamlen complimented him and sat down next to him.
“Did you make these?” Dorian asked, still a little taken aback. He was speechless in a good way though, although he was not really sure why.
“With a little help,” the elf replied with a wink, “And better don’t ask where we got the roses from.”
“Oh, so that’s why they are part of my flower crown and not yours,” Dorian concluded and then continued ironically, “Whoever’s going to miss them won’t find the evidence on you but the evil magister instead. An excellent plan.”
Tamlen laughed.
“Well, originally I thought the color would suit you better than me… but I like your way of thinking, too” he replied, still laughing, “But don’t worry. In case some angry Orlaisian nobles appear in the next hours I bet they’ll first put the blame on the elf… then on the Tevinter.”
Dorian chuckled dryly while trying to imagine how and where Tamlen – and probably Sera, now that he thought about it – had gotten these roses from. He still kept touching the flower crown once in a while, adjusting it but still he couldn’t really believe it. He would have expected anything from Tamlen… but not exactly something as sappy as surprising him with a self-made flowercrown. Still… it was cute.
“Ha. We’re quite a team, aren’t we?” Dorian said finally and he could not resist to reluctantly brush his fingers against Tamlen’s. It still felt… weird somehow, this private little moments just as much as any public display of affection, just simple things like touching him… and even though they were far away from any curious or judging glances.
“I guess we are,” Tamlen agreed and looked up to him with that damn attractive smile and slightly blushed cheeks.
„Festis bei umo canavarum,“ Dorian muttered before grabbing Tamlen’s hand a little clumsily and leaning over for a stormy, passionate kiss – perfectly fitting the hot summer atmoshpere.


Finally done :D Consider this a companion piece to The Blanket, because back when I drew this I was also inspired by the temperatures outside. A winter and a summer piece… and I’m really happy with how far I’ve improved with some things, when I’m looking at these two drawings in comparison now. I’m getting there, slowly but steadily, but progress is progress and it means so much to me. I hope you enjoy it, because although this drawing gave me some headaches once in a while I really love it meanwhile and I’m proud of it :D

Tide Me Up! Tide Me Down!

With Beach City in the midst of a brutal heat wave, Greg decides to take Steven, Connie and the Gems to Delmarva’s second-most famous food-themed water park, the “Fritterbahn.” While everyone is having a great time, with Lapis maybe having a little too much fun after declaring herself queen of the world’s third-tallest water slide, Garnet notices Peridot hiding in the kids area and discovers she doesn’t know how to swim. Garnet takes it upon herself to to give Peridot secret swimming lessons to help her get over her fear of visiting “the deep end” of the rest of the park.

TatsuBlog 08/04/2015 2:00pm - Health is important.

We’re sorry to have worried you all, but I’m happy to say that my partner is recovering well. 

We’ll be giving our all from here on as well, so yoroshiku.

Though that said, Japan’s going through some fierce heat.

I know that it’s too hot to take, but I hope that you all get through this heat wave in good health and that none of you fall ill like a certain someone we know.

That said, it is hot. 

Yorke. was with a fever of over 40 degrees Celsius for the last three days and was admitted into hospital. But he’s been tweeting and saying how amazing the nurses and doctors are and how the messages that people are sending him just may be working better than the medicine he’s taking. 

For these boys, lets hope they get through the summer with nothing else happening besides this. 

Raise your hand if you don’t ever feel like cooking 🙋🏼 I really really don’t like to cook! It doesn’t help that my kids all have places to be every night. It’s really rainy and yucky here tonight, I’ll take it over the heat wave some of you are experiencing though 😳 it makes me a little excited for fall 🍁🍂 by stylehouseinteriors


I’m back from Japan expo <3

It was a really nice year, no heat wave , and since i didn’t take any dedication slot at my editor booth I was able to draw at my own booth for pleasure :3

I didn’t bought much this year but I receive many great gifts again  thank you Jade,edelweiss , cat , nioizu and especially Dia for her  absolutely charming Charm cosplay <3 and the cute bag with nougat and the sailormoon cutie inside ~<3

Each year is a pleasure meeting people~<3

and I think bandai will have my soul each years with all the sailormoon merchandising, I bought  to make up pencil and friends bought me a pen :D

Take five minutes and five minutes only to write a drabble. No re-reading or editing.

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What exists between them is a living thing, real as blood and bone. It destroys as it creates, bright as early morning sun, black as ravens claws. It leaves bodies in its wake, loves with trembling fingers, supple lips tinged crimson as they crash together in the night.

What exists between them is death incarnate, searing heat and roiling waves, burning, singeing, drowning, taking with icy claws and pointed teeth. It bubbles and it boils, simmering low inside their bellies, the only remedy for the shadows where they cowered away in loneliness for far too long.

What exists between them is a blade, plunged right between the ribs, an organ thrumming long after it has choked. It tears and it pulls, shattering cold against the floor, lodging shards beneath their tongues and in their chests, shimmering as it gathers itself together again.

“What exists between us goes beyond conventional. Beyond love,” Hannibal says, their prey sizzling on the stove. “It is perhaps even far beyond anything you or I could ever hope to understand.”

“We don’t need convention. We don’t need to be defined.” Will wraps his arms around Hannibal from behind, rests his head between his shoulders. “All we need is this.”

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PSA for my fellow Belgians to take care during the heat wave in the next couple days!! Drink enough water, slap on lots of sunscreen and don’t stay outside for too long! If you can, make sure your grandparents are okay too because they and young children will suffer most from the high temperatures! Pro tip: put some berries in the freezer and pop those in your drink to stay cool ~