take that demons

You are sunflowers in an open field, you are patient and giving, I am afraid the demons take too much. I am afraid that all I can give is a haunted house filled with ghosts. I am scared I will kill the flowers growing out of you. But for you I am trying to hold your sunlight in my galaxies. For you I am learning how to built roots for you I hang sage tied in red string above every doorway. For you I will turn myself from the ashes to a phoenix.
—  A.G.

An old and homely grandmother accidentally summons a demon. She mistakes him for her gothic-phase teenage grandson and takes care of him. The demon decides to stay at his new home.


Clexaweek2017 - Day 4 Prompt - Fake Dating

Demon AU part 2 - Anya drops by unannounced. Lucky, Clarke seems to be able to to hide her….’demon bits’ just fine. How long will Lexa be able to keep up the ruse? She can already tell Anya wont let her off easy in explaining the situation. But for now, she has to figure out what to do with the demon - who seems determined to stick around and fulfill the ‘pact’. 

Or, apparently shes stuck to the charm Lexa until it’s fulfilled. Because of course she is.

[Part 1]


“There are difficult decisions I have to make to ensure the survival of my people. And the only thing holding me back from doing that…is you.”