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Happy Birthday, mattmurdocksgirl!

March 25 - “Are you going to eye fuck me all night or do something about it?” Matt Murdock/Natasha Romanoff for @mattmurdocksgirl

“The guy must have balls of solid vibranium,” Sam said in an undertone to Clint, who spluttered a laugh into his beer; but he also nodded in agreement.

“I haven’t even seen him have a drink. Normally it’s only drunk guys who are ballsy enough to stare at Nat like that for more than about five seconds, and he’s been at it for a solid ten minutes.”

“Are we taking bets on his life expectancy? Because if so, I’ve got twenty bucks says less than twenty minutes,” Scott said behind them, making Sam start snickering as well.

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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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  • MC: Did you take out the trash, Saeran?
  • Saeran: I tried but Saeyoung is still here

to all the dark skin black girls out there, you are worthy. you’re allowed to have standards. you won’t have to settle. you will find someone who loves every ounce of you. you will be successful. you will be respected.

don’t let the world putting us at the absolute bottom of everyone steal your shine, we are worthy. and always will be.


In which Jumin’s bodyguards where blessed with the presence of an angel… ☆*:.。.o(✧ω✧)o.。.:*☆

Honestly, he is too precious for this world~ (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Episode 3 is going to be too much for our poor little hearts. Izzy scared for her brother, Magnus (possibly shaking) when he tries to heal Alec, Jace being an emotional wreck over his Parabatai, meeting Maia, fetus!Jace and fetus!Alec flashbacks, (if it’s true) fetus!Alec telling fetus!Izzy about his sexuality, Jocelyn finding out about Malec being a thing, Jace going to prison, Snow White moment between Malec. I mean seriously, not possible to handle.


Overwatch Papercraft Project: Genji

Wow I feel like Genji took me forever but maybe it was cause I spread apart when I worked on him so much i dunno but i’m really satisfied with how he turned out like half the time I was working on this I thought it wasn’t going to work out and he turned out so awesome ?? so yeah I’m happy~ and I learned how to fold an origami dragon! Based on the “Stoic” in game spray.

Approx time: ~8hours
Paper, glue, origami skills

Masterlist of finished characters
Genji and Hanzo side by side

gamblingdementor  asked:

okay do you think you could draw benny giving lil sonny a piggy back ride?


bennys making sound effects

can we just take a moment to appreciate that the boy who spent years trapped in the dark was given aN ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE aka jeremy knox bless


The Hobbit re-imagined as The Real Housewives of Middle-earth

“I was poor, I was rich, I was poor again and you know what? Having money is easier.”