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Man, if you’re going to construct conspiracy theories about how various media properties are secretly intended to take place in the same universe, at least go all out. Don’t explain to me why Mad Max takes place in the same universe as The Hunger Games; explain to me why Battlestar Galactica takes place in the same universe as Inspector Gadget.

Take a break | A/R one-shot

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

Pairing: Laura Roslin & Bill Adama

Rating: T

Timeline: Unfinished Business, Season 3

A/N. So… my first time writing in this fandom. Yes, I’m scared shitless. Also, it’s all @thisisamadhouse‘s fault. This is probably one of the fluffiest stuff I’ve written in my life (enjoy it while it lasts, can’t make any promises for the next story, it’s BSG after all).

The Moustache.


She couldn’t tell who had started it.

All she knew was that, one moment her head was resting on his shoulder, deliciously swimming in the lingering effects of weed, senseless and sensible words about life and death pouring out of her mouth, and the next, the world was upside down and she was melting in Bill’s embrace, drowning in languid kisses That seemed to go on forever.

She tore herself away from his mouth to take a much needed breath, licking her lips in slow consideration of what had just happened, that drew a groan out of Bill. She smiled, and gently raked her fingers through Bill’s hair, her body sizzling with delight and disbelief as he began to gently map her face with his mouth, breathing words of desire into her ear, carrying on his thorough exploration down the arched column of her neck.

An involuntary burst of giggles bloomed in her chest as the hair of his moustache tickled the most sensitive skin there.

She felt him smile against her, which didn’t help her current predicament.

“I missed that sound.”

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Part 4 - Heeding The Call

The two circled one another like beasts, like animals ready for the other to make a mistake. 

Setsuna had already decided that the Galra entering the castle, harming the Paladins, was that mistake. His eyes were narrowed, and he was ready to fight. There would be no mercy from either one of them. 

He would not let Sendak take the castle. 

No matter what. 

Recommended OST - Heeding the Call (Battlestar Galactica OST)

Oh man HERE IT IS. Time for the next fight between Sendak and Setsuna. I don’t really count the ship ambush because that was less a fight and more of a barrage. Setsuna is ready to throw down. I am so excited for this. 

Also you see there’s a recommended OST now! Some parts (in my head) have some pretty solid music to go along, and I want to add it all in. 

Feedback is appreciated and most welcome!

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So…I’ve fallen into a very severe writer’s block, so I’ll start taking prompts, preferably in the Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow (not Supergirl) fandom ~ No restrictions in ships or tags, 500-2000 in word count, NSFW or SFW.

Thank you, I love you all <3