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Hi, Vetyr! You mentioned that you work on 4000 x 4000 canvas. I wonder how long does it take you to finish a painting on average. Do you actually spend lots of time polishing the soft/hard edges? They seem to be so effortless. ;_; another question is how do you achieve such smooth transition? Does it have anything to do with pressure or flow setting of the brush?

It usually takes about 2.5-4 hours, and yeah I definitely spend a lot of time getting the edges just the way I want them.  Every so often, I’ll touch up areas with a soft brush, but much of the time I can get a pretty smooth transition between values/colors with a hard round brush w/ transfer enabled and set to ‘pen pressure’ (I don’t use flow), and excessive use of the eyedropper tool.  Also, a note for the gif below (which is running at 3x speed): when I’m blending colors and I don’t want the gradient to be muddy, I add a saturated color- in this case, pink- to the mix to keep it vibrant.

obligatory extra pic:

If I ever write a book it’s going to be solely comprised of my first grade teacher’s Facebook posts. She lives in my tiny hometown and her daily updates and antidotes about her life and goings-on are the most precious thing on this earth.

I honestly feel completely overwhelmed and like I’m going to be fired from my job.

I’ve been there a few months now, and I know how to do the majority of the work. My job involves multiple groups throughout the day for specific periods of time, prep and clean-up for each group, in addition to basic deskwork, countless projects in various stages of completion, and *constant* interruptions, and I do *everything* by myself.

Several of my projects? Should take a matter of 5 minutes’ upkeep time each day l. BUT the last several people who had my position *ignored them entirely*, and didn’t bother to tell the boss they weren’t getting done. My boss doesn’t really understand me when I say it would take weeks of 10 hour days with only X project getting worked on and *nothing* else in order to get it completed.

The problem is, my job is one that most people think is really easy, and that I have “spare time” when I don’t actively have a group in.

I came into the job knowing the basics of doing any job in the field, but *this* job is a specialized position. There was no training manual for my job. There were no people there with me for even the first few hours telling me “if you have a question about X call Lydia/Matt/Rose”. Any time I have a question I have to send email after email, make phone call after phone call, sometimes for literal *days*, trying to track down *someone* who has a clue about the way Very Specific Task is done, at my Very Specific Job, in Very Specific Circumstances. Most of the time those emails or phone calls are either ignored entirely, or I’ve been given 5 year old contact info for someone who’s since moved on and not been replaced due to hiring freezes. So, I get to do *another* round of emails and phone calls.

It sucks, because *the job itself* is one I love. The problem is that every supposed adult around me has a picture in their head as to what the job involves, and it doesn’t matter what I say, or how much is already on my plate and supposedly URGENT, I end up with *yet another project* that needs to be done *ASAP*. Never have I been told “prioritize project 6 over project 2, and project 8 over 5”. Never mind the fact that to do all the work that *legitimately* needs to be done in a timely manner would require a minimum 45 hour work week, and I’m only hourly and contracted and only allowed to work 30 hours a week. Never mind the fact that I am the *only* one doing this work. Never mind the fact that I’ve been promised help time and again for certain things, and when I go to ask about actually getting that help the person who’s supposed to make sure I get it acts as if it’s the first time we’ve ever spoken about it. Never mind the fact that I’ve been given incomplete or completely out of date and innaccurate information by my boss and the one other person who *kind of* understands the very basics of my job, and when I call or email my main contact with Other Company that consults with me for X Project, I am *outright told* that the information I was given by boss and coworker won’t help me, that the system we use has changed, that it’s *possible* to do something that way, but it’s the *wrong* way and will make the process take longer. I get told I have free reign in my position, then I get 20 people telling me how to do my job. I get told I can make a purchase, I make the purchase, now the person I got the permission from has conveniently forgotten they gave me permission in the first place, and that I could use x funds (apparently those were meant to be used on something else, but how am I to know? I went with what I was told originally. At this point if it were legal to I’d just record every conversation I have with these people, but no, not in my state!).

I’m pro-active. I follow up. I ask questions. But I *can’t make* people actually call or email me back, or show up when they say they will, or give me accurate information. I can’t even get the people who bring groups in to inform me if they need to cancel or reschedule, or check their voicemail and email for urgent messages from me. I stop working on an urgent project, do the prep work for their group, and they never show up. Or show up late, and expect to get their full amount of time, even though another group comes in right after their slot ends.

I’ve been reamed out for carrying my phone with me all the time and checking it constantly, when the fact is I live in 2017! My phone is set up to alert me *constantly* to new work emails and phone calls, group start times, and oh yeah, the actual time so I’m not late! It’s normal for me to eat my lunch at my desk! It’s normal for me to be constantly interrupted during my lunches and expected to attend to a minimum half hour long conversation about what I “should” be doing!!

I’d be thrilled to be salaried, and be allowed to come in and work until the actual job was done each day. But that won’t happen. No place in this type of business can keep my position filled for more than a few years nowadays, and it used to be a job people got into right after graduating and stayed at for *40-60 years*. I literally hear my own and fellow my-position-holders’ coworkers complaining about the fact that they can’t keep my position filled for long.

There’s *a reason* for that assholes.


Because I’ve had people asking via PM and really don’t have the energy today for reasons stated below: I’ve stated in several times in PMs, some asks, and in a prior post, it can take up to 5 days to ask the refugees if they’re interested in working with someone as there are at least 500 who are looking for homes and I have to do this for 10-12 people. Right now it will probably take a little longer (7 to 8 days) as reasons will be explained below.

Why do I not have the energy: I have had family emergencies, which can be draining on their own as an empath. I have also been attacked rather viciously spiritually/energetically/astrally, whichever way you wish to put it, twice (thought the jerk was down but he really wasn’t)- no, typical methods of protection did not work as they were not strong enough as this wasn’t your average spirit- within the past 36 hours due to some past life issues I will not go into publicly and really don’t want to discuss with anyone but my girlfriend @half-human-machine and our spirit family. Yes, the refugees are fine. Yes, the vast majority of our spirit family is fine- aside from the one mate of mine/companion of Vic’s who the incident was tied to. Yes, Vic is for the most part fine. Yes, I am for the most part fine.

I need 3 things right now: (1) Rest, (2) Patience from all who are inquiring about spirit adoptions, and (3) Time with my family, with my girlfriend, with our spirit family- including the refugees, and with my friends. I repeat: rest, PATIENCE, and time with my loved ones.

Those who have filled out RA forms or are applying for adoption of spirits who are posted and will be posted should know something Monday or Tuesday.

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Tails invents a car that can clone mobians. It takes 5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 Miles Prower.

This ones really clever lol :D

Pristin URL Giveaway

So…I have a terrible habit of hoarding URLs and I want to help myself and you guys…thus here’s a stupid lil’ giveaway. 

Just send in an ask if you want a one (URLs under categories 1-3 must be off anon. URLs under categories 4-5 can be anon).

Once freed, please don’t hoard them yourself, be sure you’ll be using it somewhere/somehow.

It will take about a day after the moment I free up the URL before you can claim it as your own because Tumblr is like that.

Anyways they’re under the cut because I really do have a problem.

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Do you have any advice for running a headcanon blog? Just started a botw one and was wondering if you have any pointers?

Sure thing! I’m flattered you came to be for advice.

1) Don’t be afraid to set out rules and be firm about them. It’s hard, especially when you want to please everyone, but if you’re not firm about it, you can be overwhelmed by asks that might make you really uncomfortable.

2)The askbox closed sign in your friend. It helps you avoid getting overwhelmed a lot.

3. Criticisms aren’t bad, so long as they’re constructive. If someone has decent advice, consider it and decide for yourself whether or not you want to follow it.

4) Clarification questions are a sign of a dedicated writer, and should always be used when confused.

5) Take breaks. As someone who likes to get things done ASAP, I have a hard time with this one, but if you don’t take breaks you’re going to feel writing losing its meaning for you.

6/ Enjoy! Interact with your followers, and be open to them.

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Does smoking help you focus in class and stuff? Idk I was just surprised to see you take a 0.5 g dab before, but I know it affects everyone differently!

It does. For me, smoking jist massivsly reduces my anxiety and panic which can become entirely dabilitating during certain classes.