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PLEASE HELP ME. My game is broken, I literally can't play any household??? It happened after the most recent update, i turned on my cc after I forgot to. It removed it from my sims which was unusual. When I put it on my toddlers it wouldn't save??? now I can't play householdddddddddddddddddsssss. kmskms help

take your entire sims 4 folder out and put it on your desktop you’re just gonna have to do a clean reinstall 

Soo…I am way too excited, this weekend my mom and I are finally getting to see beauty and the beast together. Now, I’ve seen the movie like…5 times already and with different people, but it’s extra special with my mom.

Growing up, my mom and I would watched the animated movie any time it was on. We would laugh at the jokes, sign along, and it was always fantastic. She was a very busy woman, she worked 3-4 jobs and was taking care of 4 kids solo, so when we actually had fee time to sit together, it was really special.

She’s so excited to see this new movie, she’s been busy working that she hasn’t had the time. Also she lives a few hours away now so it’s tricky trying to get together. But now we’ve finally figured it out and we’re going together. 

We saw Cinderella together back in 2015 and loved it, we had the best time! And so now I can’t wait for this weekend, it’s just…gonna be so great :)

The Commonwealth even longgggg before the events of Fallout 4 take place, was known for it’s fishing ports. Because of this, I’m so bummed to see barely any evidence that people eat fish or use it as an incredibly common food source.

You can argue the fish we have seen are nasty and gross but so are Brahmin and Elk with their two heads and little legs sticking out. Yet those guys are edible.

I bet in a more realistic and well thought out sense (lookin at you bethesda) something like fried fish and potato fries would be so painfully common that Diamond City would smell of not just delicious noodles, but also lots and lots and lots of fried fish.

instructions on how to burn gender on a sacrificial pyre for those interested:

step 1. build a sacrificial pyre

step 2. take one [1] article of your old gendered clothing you really hate, a printed image of or statement by a conservative politician, and (if applicable) your deadname written on a piece of paper

step 3. burn them

step 4. take any other unwanted gendered clothing in your possession and donate them

step 5. repeat as necessary until gender is well and truly dead



In the new series, Cumberbatch’s detective is less of the irritatingly smug know-it-all we saw in earlier episodes. Moffat elaborates: “Being a hero isn’t being bigger, richer, more powerful than somebody else. It’s being wiser and kinder.” He pauses and adds: “I think it’s time for the less-of-a-dick Sherlock.”