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A lot of Monbebes went through/are still in this phase where we were like "Wonho shouldn't take his shirt off/wear revealing clothing" and totally I get it. He should not have to undress to be appreciated. But I also think Wonho enjoys working out and being considered very attractive. So if he wants to take off his shirt, that's up to him. He's a grown-ass man and we need to stop acting like Starship is threatening to spank him if he doesn't strip on stage.

OKAY TRU but i still feel like there may be sometimes when he feels like he has to, not like starship or someones telling him to, but like he ig that’s what ppl expect of him, but its tru that he is proud of his looks and so if he wants to than #tiddysout

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Had a middle-aged guy buying cigarettes. At my store, it's all judgement calls so I wasn't going to card him. As soon as I rang up his cigarettes, he goes "I'm 50, see?" and proceeds to take his shirt off. I will definitely have some interesting stories to tell my grandchildren one day(if this job doesn't kill me first).

“yo could u maybe do like insecure fionn just bc like it seems that everyone loves harry and gives him all the attention and he starts to worry about you getting close with Harry or thinking that Harry is hotter than him idk”

He came home from a day full of press and He brushed past you as you did laundry. He went straight to the bedroom, kicked off his shoes and flopped face down on the bed. You stood in the doorway looking at him.

“Fionn?” you said softly. He lifted his head from the pillow. 

“Is Harry charming?”

“I mean I guess so. He is a very nice lad, why?” 

He stands up and looks in the mirror. He takes off his shirt and stares at himself. He turns to look at you. You look at his tear stained cheeks. “Oh, darling. Whats the matter?”

“What do you think of my personality?” he blurted out.

Startled, you respond with, “I think you have an amazing personality. You’re always cheery and sweet and kind and funny…why?”

He flops down next to you, his head is in your lap. You’re rubbing his scalp and brushing away the tears.

“No one else thinks I am. Its always Harry. Harrys the best looking, the funniest, the most talented, the charismatic one. He gets all the questions. All the attention. Its my first movie, too. Am I not good enough?” he hiccuped. 

“Baby, don’t say that. You’re one of the most talented people I know. You are the most talented! You’re an amazing actor. You’re hilarious, You are gorgeous. You’re charismatic. You’re more than enough. You will be amazing in your first big film with Christoper Nolan.”

“Would you pick Harry over me?” he looked up at you through teary eyes.

“Never!” you said quickly. “You’re all mine. You’re my Fionn Whitehead. Mine. And I am yours and I am not going anywhere, baby” you said and kissed his cheek while he snuggled closer to you.

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i know yr not responsible for the vid or the gif, but that gif u reblogged of tom taking his shirt off at security makes me sad bc it's such an invasion of privacy and he looks upset and mouths "go away" and i kinda wish ppl would stop reblogging it

i agree it sucks celebrities have their privacy invaded. tom hates paparazzi and i do too, no one deserves to feel uncomfortable in public. i’d be completely against posting it too if i knew he seemed in any way upset in the video. but paparazzi footage (unfortunately) will spread no matter what


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Than take off your shirt, baby boy. Let me see what all those anons have done to you and we'll see what we can do with you.

Dark unbuttoned what was left of his shirt and shrugged it off, revealing two G-cups. He whimpered and quickly muttered something before they started. “J-Just don’t milk me….”

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in

  • Comic writers: Hey we need some fanservice up in here
  • Comic writers: Let's have a half naked woman with huge tits in a compromising position
  • James Roberts: Hey we need some fanservice up in here
  • James Roberts: Alex can you have Rung take his glasses off

Super old BnHa fanart I drew last summer. I decided to clean some up because I caught up with the manga today. It’s one of my favorite series!