take s chance

So what if once Rosie and John move back in Sherlock is doing all he can to keep off the cigarettes. Cause he knows the risks of secondhand smoke and while he was sure John would be just fine, he’s taking NO chances with baby Watson. So he buys the patches. But some days he needs to do something, the nervous energy is too much. So he gets the gum and the chewing helps but he finds that just occupying his mouth isn’t enough. So he starts buying lollies in bulk to give something to do with his hands. And the lollies, in conjunction with the patches, help considerably. And then he notices how John stares whenever he’s got a lolly in his mouth. He licks his lips more often, his eyes dart away guiltily whenever Sherlock catches him staring, and he clenches his fists in a way that Sherlock’s come to know as his “I want to touch the thing but I can’t touch the thing” clench. 

So he starts playing it up purposely. Pursing his lips around the lollies as he pulls it out every so often, letting his lips get shiny with sugar and saliva. He Lets the candy push his cheeks out obscenely as he holds them in his mouth. He twirls the stick in his fingers, 

Finally, John snaps. “That’s obscene, you know,” he tells him, clearly frustrated.

“What’s that John,” Sherlock will ask, tapping the lolly against his lips, staring off into space, knowing exactly what John’s talking about.

“What you’re doing to that candy. You know, people charge by the hour for that kind of thing.”

“Then you should be happy, you’re getting it at a discount,” Sherlock replies with a smirk. 

“Oh, for the love of,” John grumbles, walking away. 

Sherlock’s voice stops him, “John.”

John turns back to him, hands on his hips. “What?”

Sherlock smiles, shoving the lolly back in his mouth. Sucking it in. Then, around the candy he asks, “want a taste?”

It takes three blinks for John to walk over to him, hold Sherlock’s face in his hands and say, “oh God, yes,” before pulling the lolly from Sherlock’s mouth to kiss him. 


Well, some details and info about my last fanart.

For anyone who doesn’t understand my handwriting (sorry), here are the flowers and their meanings:

White violet: Let’s take a chance on happiness
Moss Rosebud: Confessions of love
Christmas Rose: Tranquilize my anxiety
Garlic flowers: Courage, strength
White Lily: Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s heavenly to be with you
Bluebell: Humillity
White Heather: Protection, Wishes will come true
Acacia Blossom: Concealed and chaste love, beauty in retirement

Stock flower: Bonds of affection, Promptness, You’ll always be beautiful to me
Viscaria: Will you dance with me?
Lavender Heather: Admiration, Solitude
Spider Flower: Elope with me (lol)
Iris: Hope, Faith, Wisdom & valour
Pink Camellia: Longing for you
Forget me not: True love, Memories
Aster: Daintiness, Love
Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage


my inquisitor, poppy.  she looks nothing like my game inquisitor because let’s be real the hair in this game is gross and i’m all about the curls.  she’s a rogue who specializes in double daggers.  and she’s romancing cullen hardcore.  maybe she’s a bit too aggressive but the man is just too adorable and she’s not taking any chances.

But this is so important? Max probably doesn’t know Alec’s gay. Max probably doesn’t even know anything about the topic since he’s so sheltered. Yet here’s Alec, putting himself out there. Introducing Magnus and Alec, blending his two worlds. Alec was probably terrified that Maryse got to him first, pumping him full of hatred and homophobia. But he’s taking that chance, introducing the people he loves.

Lemony Snicket Quotes Appreciation Post

“Taking one’s chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck”

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Brutus (Julius Caesar, Act IV scene iii)

Happy new year! Here’s to taking chances and getting what you want in 2017!







signs as flowers // their meanings
  • aries: Bouvardia // enthusiasm, zest for life. & White Violet // "let's take a chance of happiness."
  • taurus: Orchid // exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. & Violet // modesty, "i'll always be true," faithfulness, watchfulness.
  • gemini: Hyacinth // playfulness and sporty attitude, constancy. & Chrysanthemum // optimism, joy, long life.
  • cancer: Hydrangea // heartfelt emotions, gratitude for being understood. & Gardenia // purity and sweetness, secret love, "you are lovely."
  • leo: Red Carnation // love, pride, admiration. & Lilac // youthful innocence, confidence, charity.
  • virgo: Lily // purity and refine beauty, modesty. & Aster // patience, love of variety, elegance and daintiness.
  • libra: Amaryllis // splendid beauty. worth beyond beauty. Cattail // peace, prosperity.
  • scorpio: Yellow Iris // Passion. & Daffodil // eternal life, regard, chivalry, rebirth, new beginnings, unrequited love.
  • sagittarius: Tulip // perfect lover, fame. & Petunia // "your presence soothes me."
  • capricorn: Gladiolus // faithfulness, strength of character, honor, remembrance. & Iris // eloquence, wisdom and compliments.
  • aquarius: Sunflower // pure thoughts, adoration and dedication. & Primrose // "i can't live without you."
  • pisces: Peony // bashfulness and compassion. & Zinnia // lasting affection, in remembrance of a lost friend.
Oh, Jason #1
  • *Jason sits on his bed, surrounded by Dick, Damian and Tim, with an headache from hell*
  • Jason: How drunk was i last night?
  • Damian: You crashed father's charity gala.
  • Jason: How?
  • Tim: You stumbled on to the karaoke stage and yelled: "This one is for the handsome motherfucker over there" and pointed at Bruce.
  • Dick: Then you put on quite a show to ABBA:'s Take A Chance On Me.
  • Damian: Father was stunned, to say the least, and so was the other 500 guests.
  • Tim: And then you yelled "Catch me, Romeo!" and took an elegant dive from the stage.
  • Dick: Bruce did catch you, by the way, and asked me to take you home to your place.
  • Jason: *groans* Oh my God.
  • Tim: Oh, i forgot. You totally throw your tongue down Bruce's throat.
  • Jason: *throws his face into a pillow* OH MY GOD!
  • Damian: You can forget that i will ever call you dad, Todd.

thewalkingdeadinside  asked:

The news about EK's record has me wondering, what is TD's take on "Last Chance?" It and her video for "This Is War" seemed so final to me as a non-TDer. Apologies if you've covered this before! I went through the tag but might have overlooked it.

TD was actually excited about Emily’s song, Last Chance, and her music video for This is War. Emily first performed Last Chance at a concert, conveniently the night before season 6 filming started. It was May 6th, 2015, I believe? The song canonized Bethyl as it confirmed Beth’s feelings for Daryl, much like Them confirmed Daryl’s feelings for Beth. (Emily confirmed that Last Chance was written from Beth’s POV.) Last Chance has dark elements, but it’s not about endings. It’s rather a song embodying the idea of carpe diem, and it reflects what Beth’s state of mind will probably be like after her return. In regards to This is War, she did not need to include two TWD easter eggs, one of which was Bethyl-coded. She had been off the show for months at this point, longer if she finished filming in late August for 5x09. All of this is in context of Emily promoting TWD to this day while ignoring her current projects. Furthermore, she could not have funded her This is War tour and paid her bandmates. Emily barely worked in the time leading up to the tour, whose dates she announced late (after mentioning she was waiting for filming dates in an interview released in October 2014), especially when she played some shows for very little. @bethgreenewarriorprincess wasn’t her Virginia beach free?

And you don’t have to apologize, love. There’s a lot that you have to catch up on.

anonymous asked:

I think they're probably in NY for a connecting flight (direct SK to Chile is almost 24 hrs and honestly who wants to do that) but that doesn't mean there wasn't a special something planned re: Yoongi's birthday 😏 Busy schedule like their's... you take your chances where you get them. I imagine they'll probably spend the night - or at least the evening - in NY and get the final flight to Chile in the morning/later tonight.



In our secret garden, we stroll in silence
Awkward pause, then our eyes meet with laughter
Till we trade words, natural, flowing poetry
All the things we talk about, serious or silly
Coffee or tea, movie or book
Parades or museums, let’s take a look
Cycles to passions, seasons to reasons
Hopes and plans, let’s take a chance
A walk by the lake, we share
The night is young with the stars aflame
Long and long we sit and stare
Then your lips part, as you whisper my name
You say, “It’s fine,
let’s take our time”
Stay with me
And make a little rhyme