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hey present mic! ive been feeling really dysphoric lately -- do you have any advice for how i can ... feel better? (keep in mind medical transition isnt a possibility)

I can give you a more in-depth answer if you tell me how you wish to look! (femme/masculine). BUT

YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE INSIDE!! I know it is hard to grow up trans….. but YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Have friends that support you!! Take selfies when you feel good so you can look back on them later!! Join a PRIDE group at your school/college! (This is what I did!!) Reaching out helps! People out there will accept you no matter what you look like. Feminine but you are a boy? Valid. Masculine but a girl? Valid. Masculine/feminine but a nonbinary? VALID.

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I don't get it when people take pride on being a bitch or a snake or whatever like??? You're a shitty person and you're not cool and ppl who support you are dumbasses

like this bitch is almost 30 acting like she’s 17 years old when will she stop

Hey. It’s Pride Month!

Over the next 30 days, we are actively encouraging you to share your LGBTQ+ pride with all of Tumblr. You deserve to be proud of who you are 365 days a year, but these next 30 days, we’re going all out. There’s no wrong way to do it. Upload an illustration. Write a poem. Make a GIF. Take a selfie and slap a Pride sticker on it. Maybe send a sticker to a friend. These precious babies are in your app right now:

Do one thing, do 100 things—whatever feels right. Just tag it with #TumblrPride so other people can find it. And, hey, if you can’t do any of these things, know that we still support you. You have every reason to feel proud this month, even if you aren’t ready to show it. <3

We’ll also be signal boosting other influential LGBTQ+ voices all month long. We’ve secured some really amazing people for Answer Time and Issue Time:

  • 6/23—Gavin Grimm, 17 year old activist fighting for the equality of transgender students, held on Action (@action).
  • 6/29—Becca McCharen, queer fashion designer and founder of fashion label Chromat (@chromat).
  • 6/30—Trans Rights & Community, focusing on urgent issues that affect trans people, like violence, access to health care, and unemployment, held on Action (@action).

Have a safe and beautiful Pride Month, Tumblr.

Moon Signs:

Aries: Understanding the world through the palms of your hands. Touching everything that is tangible. Internal temper-tantrums that make your blood run hot. Struggling to contain your emotions; being outraged one minute, and playful the next. A secret adrenaline junkie. Being addicted to doing things the hard way. Becoming passionate about new ideas too easily. Becoming passionate about new people too easily. Falling in love quickly and roughly. Looking through eyes that watch the world burn, manic and breathless. You are the infinitely relight-able fuse at the end of a firework, or a bomb.

Taurus: A slave to familiarity. Possessing a dragon hoard consisting of antiques, or the things in which you treasure most. Speaking before you think. The lavish romantic; lover of good times and calm surroundings. The pursuit of pleasure. Slow to forget, slower to forgive. Unfamiliar with compromise. The Aphrodite of love, and the Dionysus of luxury. A social butterfly, yet undoubtedly loyal. A distaste for messy emotional outbursts; being naturally self-contained. Guided by the firm, steady hand of desire. You are the lady and the lord, peaceable and regal and charming in all things. 

Gemini: Feeling with your mind, being frustrated with emotions you can’t logically understand. The uncontrollable urge to interact with others, needing intellectual stimulation in order to function. Studying a billion different subjects in one day. A lover of literature, or just simply the words of people. Distancing yourself from emotion, never really knowing how you ‘feel’ about an issue. Always the Devil’s advocate. Constantly trying new things; needing change to keep both of your personalities happy. You are the mental immigrant, comfortable only when you’re foreign.

Cancer: Omnipotent in regards to emotions. Fearing change, and hating superficiality. The unexpected jokester. Moods that change faster than the weather. The emotional hoarder; fears throwing away anything at all. Falling into their own pain like a well and drowning themselves in it. Adopting all types of people into your ‘family’. Their own worst enemy. Offense taken towards indifference. The passive-aggressive problem avoider who leaves a trail of crumbs for their partner. You are the sea witch, who has the depth of the entire world contained inside of her, threatening to spill out.

Leo: Praying to the stars to make you one of them. Wanting to burst from a lack of affection, or attention. Hands that flail dramatically while telling a story. Needing confirmation that somebody really does love you, and feeling terribly vulnerable because of it. Wanting to shout your love, and hatred, from the hilltops- like an actor in a bad movie. Smiles that make people believe in heaven. Being painfully defensive when someone hurts your pride. Acting kingly or queenly when a situation gets uncomfortable. You are the physical embodiment of the sun, come down from the sky to bring light to Earth.

Virgo: Secretly enjoying the little things that you’re appreciated for. The woman who hides behind the fan to avoid unwanted attention. Routines biggest cheerleader. The best counselor you will ever encounter. The fine eye that takes a sledgehammer to their own self-esteem. The original skeptic. Raised eyebrows at those who put their faith blindly. A face of apathy, and a mind of curiosity. Surrounding yourself with invisible barriers, hoping that somebody finds a way through them. You are the analyst, struck the hardest by your own discerning eye.

Libra: Inevitably becoming the mediator in all conversations. Deep-seated desires to mold your life into the perfect balance of both Yin and Yang. Debating an issue for so long that everybody around you groans. A refined, attractive aura that makes you seem doubly gracious. The war for peace. Falling in love so, so young. Always feeling fickle. Having to have the last word. Finding your own strength through other people. Feeling so intensely vulnerable because of your uncertainties. You are the gentle judge, who will not cede when staring into the eyes of unfairness.

Scorpio: Not accepting any gray areas in life, living in a world of black and white. Emotions so intense that your teeth chatter, even while your face remains stoic. Living a secret life as a private investigator. Feeling raw when you fall in love, because of how deeply it cuts you. Being horribly satisfied with your obsessions. Internally burning down everything you once knew in order to be reborn. A phoenix in your own right. Looking into the mirror in order to confront your own demons, seeing dirty words stamped onto your forehead. You are a white flag on fire, spitting in the face of surrender.

Sagittarius: Mr. Brightside and the lover of open space to roam. Feeling gagged by routine, like a dentist has her hands down your throat. Throwing yourself off of the cliff towards possibility; getting taken advantage of. That deep-seated desire to leave an impression on people, like goose pimples after a gust of cold air. Being a little too honest. Experiencing highs and lows that make you seem like you’re more than one person. Naturally enthused. Always searching for something. You are the mistress of experience, bold and wild and feeding off of the knowledge of the unexpected.

Capricorn: Seeming to be cool and steady, even when you feel like screaming. Possessing a deep, undeniable need for security- in all areas of life. Dreaming of building kingdoms with your bare hands. Being embarrassed, but pleased when somebody compliments you. Being too hard on yourself, and experiencing black moods because of it. Hiding your sensitivity behind biting, but nonetheless amusing sarcasm. Wanting to feel worthwhile in the world. Having a deep desire, and drive, to make something of yourself. You are the Titan Cronus, learning the lesson of the finiteness of mortality. 

Aquarius: Growing up and just feeling ‘different’. Loving all things messy, except emotions. Rejecting negative emotions because you hate feeling jealous, or fearful. Compassion through philosophy.  The starry-eyed professor, mad scientist, or general genius. Becoming so immersed into your own goals that you forget your reasons for said goals. Attracting all types in the eccentric crowds. Lovingly charming; struggling early on to find the medium between humor and offense. You are the electric shock of innovation upon society, bold and sharp and drastic as hell.

Pisces: The unrivaled mental space cadet. Intuition resembling psychic affinity. Caring for others so deeply, that their emotions make you feel like you’re underwater. Seeing pieces of yourself inside of everybody else. Being so excited for the future, you lose the present. Empathizing with everyone. Having secret worlds to retreat to, when reality is too awful. The natural performer. Being slightly jealous of mermaids/men. Loving everybody just a little bit. Having your heart broken more than once a day. You are the holy ghost, filled with divine love for all, and longing even more so.

❤️shoutout to gay people who used to think they were bi
💛shoutout to bi people who used to think they were gay
💚sexuality is complicated, there’s nothing wrong with taking time to figure yourself out
💙you aren’t “adhering to stereotypes” or anything like that.
💜there is nothing wrong with your identity!

Be with someone who is proud of you.

Someone who, first and foremost, takes pride in being with you and wouldn’t dream of keeping you on the down low.

Someone who acknowledge your accomplishments and your strengths, but is also there to help you when your weaknesses get the best of you.

Someone who is proud when you succeed and supports you fully, but is also there to pick you up when you fall down.

Someone who feels blessed and lucky to have you and appreciates you and your efforts no matter how little or big they may be.

Someone who knows that nobody could compare because they’ve already found someone who embodies all that they’ve ever wanted.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“I guarantee a house in Paradise for one who gives up arguing, even if he is right; and a house in the middle of Paradise for one who abandons lying even when joking; and a house in the highest part of Paradise for one who makes his character excellent.”

[Abu Dawud]

Shit Slytherins Say: #100
  • Slytherin: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
  • Gryffindor: "Seriously?"
  • Slytherin: "To Get to the ugly witches house."
  • Gryffindor: "I don't get it."
  • Slytherin: "Knock knock."
  • Gryffindor: "Who's there?"
  • Slytherin: "The chicken"
The Houses Remember


The house from wild moor remembers that courage doesn’t always mean to stand up against the enemy. Sometimes it means to speak up and against a close friend. The lion remembers that sometimes the smallest cub can grow to be the strongest of the pride. The one who will let his roar echo through the eons of this earth. And the ones wearing red won’t forget that friendship sometimes comes disguised as rivalry.


The house from valley broad remembers that it takes sacrifice to build a life worth living. That sometimes it isn’t enough to sit and hope, that sometimes you have to break the rules in order to find justice and fairness. The badger remembers that even the lovliest rose has its thornes which are needed in order to survive. And the ones with the yellow crown on their head will always ache with the knowledge the treason comes from the one you considered your friend.


The house from glen remembers that not even a peregrine is faster than a word spoken in anger. That a broken bone can mend and heal but a broken soul can not be fixed as easily. The eagle remebers that it is his decision whether he wants to fly with the wind of change or let his feathers be ruffled. And the ones waring the blue crest on their chest will always keep in mind that there are more important things in life than books and knowledge.


The house from fen remembers that if you want to speak the truth you will need a fast horse, because the truth might be good but it is rarely gracious. The snake remembers that stars can only shine in darkness and that the night was made for healing. That sometimes it is the darkness and the cold that are the ones that soothe your mind. And the proud ones carrying the green banners have it carved into the dephts of their souls that sometimes heroes are those who have died in vain.

To everyone who asks why there isn’t a straight pride

Pride wasn’t born because of a need for validation or celebration, it was not born for simple reasons. It was not born for the simple idea of being proud, the lgbt+/saga community is not saying ‘straight people cannot be proud of who they are’. No, you should be proud of your sexuality and every other part of who you are. But you should also know that you do not need a parade, because by being straight you automatically get a pass saying ‘congratulations you have always, and remain completely accepted by society regarding your sexuality’. And you get multiple other passes that I won’t go on about now, but all these benefits of being 100% accepted: you have them. Why does this mean you don’t need a straight pride?

Because pride was born of a fight for acceptance and respect, and all the things you have had handed directly to you and take for granted. Pride for the lgbt+/saga community is about being proud of who we are after being continually told we shouldn’t be and that we should hide who we are. Being proud of who we are after everyone told us not to be, our own families, friends, society, even ourselves. It’s about finally winning a battle and saying ‘you know what, I deserve to love myself, I deserve to be proud. Fuck what anyone thinks.’ Pride is about being told you shouldn’t exist or don’t exist and shouting out that you do and you’re proud of that. That you are happy to be completely yourself. 

It’s about acknowledging a history of violence and hatred towards people like you, and showing them how far they have gotten the world, how far everyone has come thanks to their fight. Showing that you are still fighting. It’s about a community all bonded by this one thing: a need to be accepted and respected and a need to love- no matter what gender. It’s about a community who all had to learn to love themselves and each other, because they are worth it. And who had to fight for their place in this world.

So, pride isn’t about showing off or saying ‘we are better than you’. It’s about all of this, it’s about, after all we have been through saying ‘I’m proud of who I am and I’m happy to be alive’. And yes of course you can join in on this, of course you can be proud. But do it alongside us, do it with respect towards our past and what we are still fighting for. Be someone who fights with us so one day lgbt+/saga kids won’t even know how it feels for a world to not want them to merely exist. So that all those benefits will be extended to everyone and pride can finally be a ‘we made it’ celebration. So don’t be ignorant and laugh off everything we stand for, don’t diminish all our hard work in one simple sentence. And be glad that you don’t need a straight pride.


Your Literary Dinner Party Experience:

Wuthering Heights: The food is as unappealing as the host’s personality. You find yourself fleeing the estate and taking refuge in the surrounding moorlands before the second course is served.

Great Expectations: The host wears a mildewed wedding dress as she cuts what looks to be a thirty-year-old piece of vanilla cake. You sit quietly and try to fake a smile.

Northanger Abbey: You think your host is the type of person who might have murdered his wife and hid her body in a dusty old dresser. As you take a bite of the pot roast it doesn’t even occur to you that he might just be a dick.

Jane Eyre: The fare is far better than the stale bread and bitter tea provided at your boarding school, but that’s little comfort when the host’s wife keeps setting the table linens on fire.

Dracula: You know that you are sipping on a fine Cabernet, but what is he drinking?

Pride and Prejudice: Over dessert, one of your guests confesses that he has fallen in love with you in spite of your family’s terrible table manners. You stab your pudding with your spoon and tell him he’s the last man you could ever be prevailed upon to marry.

The Modern Goddess

Aphrodite walks down the street, an unassuming young woman. She watches the men who follow women around, clawing at their hair, their clothes. She curses them on a watery tongue. They will drown on their own words tonight. 

Athena is at war in the senate seat, the streets, in her own head. She’s a strategist, a wise, nasty woman. She stands for the people who are thrown to the wolves, and gives them a sword so they can be the heroes she knows them to be. 

Artemis hunts down the abusers, the takers, the grim reapers. She shoots arrows of truth and revolution into the hearts of survivors. She is always just ahead in the tree line, crying for you to be free. 

Hera is the school teacher, the grandmother, a victim who notices your wounds and stays with you. She is a mother, firm grip on your shoulder as you stand up against violence, against anything bad for you. You will win today, you have no other choice. She looks at you and survival is etched in her face. 

Hecate is the friend that tells you to leave the asshole, who is a bodyguard, who threatens their tongues with their wrath. She cannot be moved, grounded in the earth. 

Hestia is a social worker who takes in runaways. She holds picket signs and feeds those who would not be fed. Who makes homes for the lost, the aged, the sick. She sees their strength and their trial by fire. She rewards them for their triumph up to this point.

Persephone knows how to fight for her love, how to break your mother’s heart for knowing who you are and what you want, realizing that was not what your family wanted. She waves pride flags, she sips wine at gay bars. 

Out of the Blue 03

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk.

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: finally part 3 is here!! this one was really tricky. i edited it so much in terms of adding parts, then turning around and taking them back out and just completely removing an entire scene and replacing it with something that flowed better. ugh. i have mixed feelings on this, but it is what it is lmfao i mean all it is is smut so i guess it really doesnt matter. enjoys babes <3

Words: 6.3k

01 | 02 | 03

It was odd, Namjoon thought, at how comfortable you and Jungkook seemed to be around each other, having only known each other for a little over a day. He couldn’t even begin wrap his head around the way ‘natural instincts’ and 'pheromones’ worked between you two, but then again, he was merely just a human. Last night was weird and he couldn’t exactly say he liked it, as he slept alone again for the first time in a very long while, having to keep himself warm without you there being his little heater. 

The first night here was hard, but there was something about last night that was almost unbearable. 

He got little sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about you, and how you were dealing with sleeping without him these past two nights since you had never done so before, but then he realized you were probably perfectly fine - curled up beside Jungkook, sleeping peacefully with the other’s arms tightly around you. His arms were probably so tight because he was probably afraid someone would try to take you away from him in the middle of the night while you two slept.

Well, that was if you even got any sleep, did your fevers subside long enough for you to get some shut-eye? Or were you two at it all night?

Namjoon shook his head in mild disgust, trying to clear his mind of the unwanted images that started popping up and he looked out of the window, down at the pool where you and Jungkook were playing in the water together. He watched on, a strange sort of jealousy planted in his chest. Could he really not even get one moment alone with you? He just didn’t quite know how to cope with that - didn’t understand how Jungkook could be that possessive.

But again, he was just a human. How could he possibly understand?

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  • book!malec: literally have never communicated about anything ever, magnus refuses to tell alec anything about his past, alec immature, goes behind magnus back to take away his immortality because he doesn't want him to love anyone else again, unhealthy immature relationship steeped in jealousy and pride
  • show!malec: always there for eachother, whole relationship is built on honesty trust, love, and communication "when things get crazy, don't push me away" "i love you and i'm not leaving until you tell me whats wrong" wanting only the best for the other person, two mature adults who love eachother with all their heart
Solar Eclipse: Astrological Houses

The Eclipse In Your Houses

On Monday, August 21st, the Solar Eclipse will be in Leo. It will be a time of reevaluation as this powerhouse begins to transit through our houses. I will assume that everyone knows how to check transits in their chart, but if you have any questions you can send me a message (I’ll be happy to assist but give me some time). At first, I was a bit apprehensive, but after reading and learning some interesting things, this will be an exciting time for us all since we will be able to pinpoint what aspects of our lives we need to work on to truly become better. Astrology should not be used as a way to see the future but a tool to help guide us through the present. If you are not aware of how this will impact your astrological house, here is a quick summary to guide you:

First House: Issues with self esteem? Self identity? These are all major points in the first because it is the House of Self. If you’ve been feeling out of place lately (with all the retrogrades clouding us and driving us bonkers) Leo will shine a light and will help you carve out the path to self discovery for the upcoming months.

Second House: Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your bank statements. Money is leaving you faster than it’s flowing in. The Solar Eclipse will tell you that it is time to be more wary of how you manage your finances. Make sure to analyze what you’re doing and most importantly, how you can improve. Open up a savings account, if you have the money, seek a financial adviser or just read up on ways to be more financially literate. 

Third House: Mercury is in Retrograde, so communication could be a bit…frustrating. If Leo is illuminating your third house, you have to see what it is YOU could be doing that is making exchanging information a bit tougher. When the much needed light of Leo shines on your house, you will receive a boost in creative energy, your thoughts will be fresh and you may even help people unclog their thought process.

Fourth House: Family drama? Not sure why you’re feeling like you’re trapped in a whirlwind of constant domestic arguments that just seem to never be resolved? Time to take a step back and consider what could be missing in the equation.

Fifth House: If your fifth house is being illuminated, prepare yourself for a much needed “fun” boost. Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit melancholy because you have not been able to express yourself in the way you’ve wanted or you are caught up in a romance that doesn’t seem to be fulfilling, now is the time to make a choice that will help you pursue your happiness.

Sixth House: For those that will have Leo illuminate their Sixth House during this eclipse, it is time for you to think about yourself. This is the house of service but maybe you have been helping too many people to consider that not putting yourself first could be hurting you. Leo takes pride, it is the ruler and their self love could border on the narcissistic. Take some pointers and focus on you while also helping others. Make lists of things that need to be taken care of so you can be prepared for what’s to come.

Seventh House: This is the House of Partnerships, so it is obvious that you may be focusing on the status of your relationships whether intimate or friendly. Very much like the eleventh, you’ll discover who is there for you and who is not, giving you the courage to let go of things that are dead-weight. This is a time for growth and understanding and the eclipse will reveal the answers you’ve been craving for some time.

Eighth House: The time for change is happening. This house will have several convoluted questions from those that have this placement. Scorpio rules this house, which is represented by Sex, Death and Rebirth. This could be the ending of relationships accompanied with the rebirth of new ones. It could also be something involving the self. Perhaps old habits will end and you will evolve into something new.

Ninth House: You might feel anxiety over school, religion or your views of the chaotic world we live in. The Solar Eclipse will guide you and give you the confidence to challenge the norm. You will receive the clarity needed to focus and improve, especially if you’re a writer. Very much like the third house, the Eclipse will boost your communication skills and your thought process will flow clearer.

Tenth House: Leo will shine a light on your career and goals. Is your job satisfying you? Have you met your purpose? Do you crave for more? The Eclipse will shed a light on your progress or it might even provide a nice boost to your ambitions and drive. Tis your time to shine, best to grab on as you catapult to the stars.

Eleventh House: Time to reflect on those people that are truly there for you and the ones that want to see you crash. This Solar Eclipse will guide you to face those questions that have been troubling you for some time. Make sure to think things through and weigh the good with the bad regarding those people. Once you’ve made your choices, do not fret, the world is filled with plenty of people and you will definitely find better ones along the road.

Twelfth House: The House of Secrets and mysteries will definitely benefit from this Solar Eclipse. There will be a brief light in the dark road. The ethereal house questions, pushes and can take you to the brink of madness, but fear not. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hold on to hope and make sure to remember that being optimistic doesn’t hurt, even if the twelfth house constantly pressures you. You can face your demons and win.

Happy eclipsing!

5th house and Music✨🎼✨:

✨✨✨Ok so most of this is out of theory based off of the properties and natures of the planet so if you relate or not then cool but check it out and think for yourself, also if you don’t have any planets in the 5th house then look at the ruling planet of the sign that rules your 5th house and pay attention to the house the ruler is in as well…✨✨✨

✨☀️Sun: Naturally a musical person. You take pride in your musical tastes and aren’t shy to play your music wherever you go (reminds me of those mfs at school who play music from their speakers right when class gets dismissed at the end of the day🙄💀). Others could probably describe your musical taste as well rounded and cultured.

✨🌙Moon: Your tastes probably change pretty often, they probably change with your emotional climate. Music with a deep emotional component to it or music that gets your nostalgia going. With the Moon being a receptive and impressionable planet, you’ll probably like a lot of things and you’re probably the one to always have a favorite song but you’ll probably get tired of it quickly and find a new one maybe (also check the nature of the sign on the cusp of your 5th house) but you could pretty much bump to anything I would think. Always has a song/playlist for a mood.

✨📖Mercury: Likes variety so they’re probably very versatile with music and likes listening to many things and are always finding new music to listen to. Music probably has more of an intellectual appeal to you rather than emotional one, has a variety of styles and genres. Thinks and processes the meaning of the music and the lyrics more than most maybe

✨🌹Venus: Attracted to many different varieties. May even listen to things just because they’re popular for the moment. Probably very cultured and likes music for the simple reason that it’s music,art. Love songs, strong love of music that has to do with romance (who doesn't😭). Music is pleasure. Music is beauty.

✨🔥Mars: Anything that got u throwing ass💀. Loves music that gets them up and moving, as well as music that relates to feelings of passion. Sexual, explicit lyrics appeal to you maybe… I think of rap/hip hop or even other kinds of music with an aggressive beat…maybe rock lol. Music that makes you feel strong. Dancers.

✨💫Jupiter: Probably a wide range of things including music from foreign cultures, maybe religious music even, like gospel. Expansive taste, loves listening to new things and can probably bump to almost anything.

✨🗝Saturn: Refined taste, some people could even describe your taste as boring or dull. Probably an old soul or a sucker for older artists. I think of old school stuff or even shit like Classical music. You could possibly be very rigid with what you listen to and may not be open to anything new. Background music helps you during practical tasks and getting things done…

✨👽Uranus: You don’t care what’s popular. Your friends probably think you listen to some really weird shit…music taste can probably be described as unusual or eccentric… think alternative, electronic, disco shit maybe. You probably like music that you feel others don’t listen too because it adds to your feeling of uniqueness or because you feel as if it’s yours and no one else’s maybe?? Tastes are possibly prone to sudden change.

✨🦄Neptune: Indiscriminate with music, listens to a bit of everything possibly, maybe lyrics that appeal to the soul?? You probably let other peoples’ tastes influence yours. Music taste is probably pretty eclectic and with that you’ll probably have a lot of playlists/songs that others could deem unusual

✨☠️Pluto: Music with deep, intense emotional tones to it, maybe dark music that centers on taboos, violence, very sexual and explicit lyrics come to mind lmfaooo what if these people are like the XXXtentacion fans?? (if so stay the fuck away from me) Could have a huge change in the kinds of music you prefer. Music that makes you feel powerful and in control.


This month is not about pride of being Gay, because being Gay is not an achievement. The achievement has been the result of many fights, demanding rights and people that has given their life so thay today you can take your couple’s hand or kiss in public.

I am not really a fan of rainbows but today I raise this flag that symbolizes fight, pride, gratitude, happiness and freedom!