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Hey! I looove your work and I wanted to ask about blackice. I adore the AUs you have for these characters, and I was wondering if you have other AUs in mind for this ship? Not any plans for future writing but I thought it would be fun to hear what ideas you have for these characters.

Hiya anon!

I have no immediate plans to write any more blackice after TGATNW, and I have come up with other AUs over the years. One I’m actually stealing for an original novel series (a demonology AU), and the other…I’ll never have time for, which was a Rise of the Guardians / His Dark Materials crossover, where Pitch and the Nightmare King are brothers and Jack is a witch who can control the snows and etc. I don’t even really remember the plot. I just remember it was pretty and also daemons.

But the demonology AU I’m reworking (I came up with it like, god, oh my god, midway through 2013? Haha, I’ve been on this account for too long. *becomes a slug and crawls around*), mostly because I like the potential it has as a universe to carry multiple stories, similar to how the Fae Tales universe does now.

I haven’t really tried to come up with anything else, to be honest, because I am 99% more likely to be thinking of AUs for Gwyn and Augus, since they are way more my OTP than Jack and Pitch. (I love Jack and Pitch, but like…for characters that fill my every waking moment, it is more likely to be Gwyn and Augus. I have like a million AUs for them).

  • Makarov: Attention, brats. It’s time once again to choose a gym class for the coming quest so let’s all prove how adult we can be by filling the gym in a calm and orderly manner. Even though it’s first come, first serve, and the most popular sports fill up fast.
  • (A mass hysteria takes over as Fairy Tail mages rush to the gym.)
  • Cana: (gets trampled) Ahh! Too many wee ones!
  • Elfman: This gets uglier every year! Any sign of Natsu and Gray?
  • Gajeel: No, and if those idiots don’t get here soon, it’ll be T.S. for them.
  • Levy: (at tethered swimming) I don’t feel right
How I’d write Thunder God Tribe & Jenny vs Wahl Icht

so this is a little gift to @sassyhazelowl because she liked this idea in my how I’d do the Alvarez arc. I thought I’d give her my full vision.

Wahl Icht: *Steps into Kardia* Well, so this is where that barrier came from. Pretty nice.

Evergreen: No, one of them made it through.

Wahl Icht: Forgive me, my name is Wahl Icht. I’m of the Spriggan 12 a group of 12 warriors hand picked by emperor Spriggan.

Bickslow: Big Deal. All I see is another soul to add to my babies! *Takes off helmet and looks at Wahl Icht* What the? You have no soul?

Wahl Icht: Very good, observation. Yes all evidence points to I am not a human.

Evergreen: Not… Human?

Freed: *Getting up from the floor* What ever you are, as long as you are an enemy of Fairy Tail, we will show no mercy.

Wahl Icht: Oh really? Weakness Creation *Creates a bunch of droids*

Bickslow: That‘s bad

Freed: Bickslow. Ever. You two take the soldiers I’ll take the boss

Evergreen & Bickslow: Right!

Wahl Icht: Go my warriors! Deliver justice!

*Charges at each other*

Freed: *Moves through the opening made by Bickslow and Evergreen.* DARK ECRITURE: PAIN

Wahl Icht: *Pain hits his chest but he doesn’t react*

Freed: Alright! If magic does work, taste my blade!

Wahl Icht: *Catches Freed’s sword inbetween the palms of his two hands* Before you die, let me show you something truly terrifying.

Wahl Icht:*Turns into his full robot mode* *Bends Freed’s sword and breaks it*

Wahl Icht: *Punches Freed in the face sending him flying*

Evergreen: FREED

Wahl Icht: Well looks like this is the end.

*Blast hits Wahl*

Jenny: I don’t think so!

*Reveals Jenny in her battle mode*

Thunder God Tribe: Jenny!

Jenny: *Smiles and winks* Hey guys need a hand?

Bickslow: One would really be useful against this… Thing.

Jenny: It’s a Machinas. They are rare species that grow like humans, and can use magic. Seeing as I’m a Machinas expert I came to help. That… And we Blue Pegasus have to stick together!

Thunder God Tribe: *Internally* We aren’t Blue Pegasus anymore…

Wahl Icht: Foolish girl! I’ve already calculated how to beat you!

Wahl Icht: *Launches Missiles*

Jenny: *Takes the full blast*  KYAAA

Freed: Oh no! Dark Ec- *Interrupted when Wahl punched him to the ground with great speed*

Freed: *internally* He moved so fast

Wahl Icht: *Releases barrage of punches at Freed* FEEL THE POWER OF MY VORTEX SPEED!

Wahl Icht:*Punches Freed in the face* I analyzed you the moment I stepped in!

Wahl Icht: *uppercuts Freed* You specialize in letter magic. Which is usless if the caster can’t write the words he needs!

Wahl Icht: *grabs Freed’s head and smashes hi into the ground And with Vortex Speed, you won’t be able to write a single letter!

Bickslow: FREED! Don’t worry! *Soldiers stand in Bickslow’s path*

Wahl Icht: Don’t bother, I’ll deal with you soon.

Evergreen: Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun Come on, Bickslow! The sooner we wipe out these bots, the sooner we can help Freed!

Bickslow: Alright! Babies! *Bickslow’s Babies Start blasting the soldiers*

Wahl Icht: You’ve lost. No one can reach you in time. None of your teammates.

Freed:*Turns his head over to look at Jenny on the ground*

Wahl Icht: HER!? You must have taken too many blows to the head. She is useless factor. Her attack power is below average, her speed is below average, her magic is only average level. YOU EXPECT HER TO BE USEFUL?!

Freed: *Coughs up blood*

Wahl Icht: It’s time for judgement. For standing in the way of he emperor and laying your hands on the troops of Alvarez, I find you guilty. Punishment, death.

Wahl Icht: *About to swing fist but stops*

Jenny: Not so fast scrapheap!

Wahl Icht: How?

Jenny: Nothing is useless in this world. Maybe I’m not as strong as Freed but I’m a wizard too! In fact, I’m a take over mage!

Jenny: *Starts taking over Wahl Icht’s body*


Jenny: *Falls on her back* Damn

Jenny: *Smiles* I told you no one is useless, right? even if I couldn’t take you over… I could give my friends all the time they need!

Freed: *Internally* Thank you Jenny. DARK ECRITURE: ABSOLUTE SHADOW!

Wahl Icht: She distracted me!

Freed: Let me pass my judgement…

Freed: *Slices off Wahl’s right arm* For coming into this country and starting war…

Freed: *Slices off Wahl’s left arm* For bringing harm to my guild…

Freed: *Crouches* For treating humans as less than people…


Freed: *Charges through Waahl destroying him* I FIND YOU GUILTY! AND SENTENCE YOU TO THE ABSOLUTE DARKNESS

Wahl Icht: *Head only thing remaining* Error…

Evergreen & Bickslow: *Destroy the rest of Wahl’s drones*

*Off at sea*

Dimaria: wow. I can’t believe those fairies pushed you that far

Wahl Icht: Re-booting. Uploading new personality.

Dimaria: Well it was only a fake body, so it’s not a big surprise.

Wahl Icht: HAHAHA! I don’t care if they won or not! All of this kingdom will be up in flames once we’re down with it!

Wahl Ichi: Plus. I left them a little gift

*Cut back to Kardia*

Wahl Icht: Self Destruct has been activated

Jenny: oh no! *closes eyes*


*cut to christina*

Hibiki: *Telepathically* Jenny! Come in, Jenny!

Jenny: *Telepathically* Jenny here. I’m… okay.

*cut to kardia*

*Jenny covered by Freed in absolute shadow*

Jenny: I-I…

Freed: Don’t say a thing… We were just returning the favor…

Jenny: *Sees Bickslow and Evergreen protecting her* You guys…

Jenny: *Tearing up and crying* You guys are the best!

Because I’m still salty over how the relationship is handled, and refuse to believe it so I’m just going to pretend that Dorian and Daee vanished from the face of the earth and are somewhere in Antiva in an isolated house by the sea where they just peacefully rest away from politics, read books and do various mage things. They keep contact only with Varric because he won’t spill the beans about their location.

Our Future

NaLu Week Bonus Day 2: Cold

Setting: Eclipse Arc

Pairings: NaLu, NaLu family

Summary: What if Nashi came through the Eclipse gates instead of future Lucy?

“I’m sorry,” Lucy said in utter disbelief of what the stranger in front of her had just said. “Y-You’re who?”

The mysterious woman, clad in a black cloak with silver lining on the edges of the fabric contrasted well with her odd rose colored hair. Her hazel eyes went back and forth between the utterly shocked man and woman. “M-My name is Nashi Dragneel.” The sobs threatening to escape her throat did not help the confidence she tried to keep in her voice. “I am the daughter of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia. I came from the future, seeking my past guilds help.”

“Y-You’re…” Natsu couldn’t even get the words to pass through his throat. Daughter? Him, Lucy? Him and Lucy had a daughter in the future together? So many unanswered questions, but seeing his supposed daughter’s eyes shine with the tears threatening to fall, he put all his questions to the side for a later purpose. “You said you needed our help? With what?”

Natsu and Lucy stared at the pink haired female who seemed to have trouble finding the words to say. She was staring at her feet, a sign that she was thinking. When she slowly brought her head to look at the mages, the tears finally streamed down her cheeks like a faucet.

“The future… dragons… death… Fairy Tail-” Her murmured words went to waste as she collapsed to the ground, making Natsu and Lucy jump into action.

“H-Hey! Are you okay?” Lucy ran over to inspect the poor girl who was out like a light. She placed a hand on her forehead, her temperature felt fine. The pigment of her skin was fine.

“Shes fine Lucy, she’s just low on magic is all.” Hearing Natsu’s words sent relief through her body.At least they determined why she had suddenly collapsed. She was too worried about physical anomalies rather than the possibility of depleted magic, which was just as serious if not more.

Lucy seen the dragon slayer pick the younger female up, placing her unconscious body over his shoulder.  “Whenever she wakes up, she’ll answer the question we both want to know.” Natsu said to the blonde, knowing she wanted to know what the whole ‘parent’ story as well. The two began to walk, finally seeing a stairway in the distance, hoping it would lead to another floor of the palace.

It stayed silent for a bit until Lucy decided to speak. “Hey, Natsu?” He grunted, his way of showing the stellar mage that he was indeed listening. “What if… she’s telling the truth… what if, we actually are her parents?”

Natsu considered her for a moment, her expression was one of pure disbelief and concern. He felt the same way though, unbelieving that the girl draped over his shoulder was truly his daughter along with concern for the future that was so horrible she apparently traveled to the past to escape it.

“Even if it is true Luce, not much we can do right?” He flashed her a smile. “We just have to let destiny take its course.”

“You guys!” The two heard someone call out their names, their attention dragged over to the voice. There they saw Wendy, Carla, Loke, Pantherlily and Happy all waiting by the staircase. They seen the take over mage cup her hands over her mouth to amplify her words, “We’ve been waiting here for ages! Are you two-” Her words stopped when they seen the limp body on Natsu’s shoulder.

“W-Whos that?” Wendy asked, rushing over to see if they needed medical attention. When the young dragon slayer see Natsu shake his head, she looked at him confused. Using his free hand, he started to scratch the back of his head.

“We don’t know honestly. Luce and I we’re investigating something, I fell, stumbled upon a gate and there she was.”

“…She claims to be Natsu and I’s daughter.” Lucy repeated for the umpteenth time, but this time out loud. Maybe then it will start sinking in her head that there was a possibility of her and Natsu having a family in the near future.

“Y-Your WHAT!?” Loke screeched out, face matching everyone else’s. The group of five eye’s widened to saucers, mouths slightly hanging open.

“You’re kidding right?” Happy’s tiny voice asked the celestial mage. Seeing her shake her head no made the blue exceeds imagination run rapid. “Woah! So you and Natsu actually-”

“Look guys, lets not get ahead of ourselves here.” Everyone’s attention turned to the fire dragon slayer. “We don’t have any confirmation yet. Lets just wait until she wakes up and tells us whats really going on.” Without another word, he began to walk up the flight of stairs. Everyone wordlessly following behind.

Nashi groaned, her head suffering with a splitting pain. She felt the floor beneath her, it was hard and uncomfortable; but more bearable than the dirt and gravel she’s had to rest of for the past few wakes. Slowly, she opened her eyes, leaving them squinted to get use to the sudden brightness. She blinked, now fully able to see.

She looked all around her, seeing old but new faces. Just seeing all of her old friends again made the tears begin to resurface. She heard a squeak, turning in the direction of the noise she looked to see it was none other than her father.

“Hey, are you ready to talk yet?” His voice was soft and gentle, just like her father in the future. She wasn’t ready, no where near ready to talk about the events that were to come if the past wasn’t altered…

But she had too if she wanted to change the future, to fulfill her parents dying wish.

“The future… isn’t a good place.” The stranger looked up at the group, looking as confident as she could. “Ten thousand dragons attacked Earthland, leaving only ten percent of the population alive at the end of it all.”

She watched as everyone’s eyes grew wide, not fully comprehending the words being said. Dragons attacking? The only dragon known to be alive is Acnologia. Was there another dragons just hiding waiting for the right moment to come and attack?

“W-What? Ten thousand dragons?!?!” Natsu shouted, not wanting to believe the spoken words. “How is that even possible?!”

“It’s all thanks to Eclipse, the gate you and Mom seen me come out of.” Lucy had to bite her tongue to hold the question she desperately wanted to ask the young wizard, needing to know more about the time traveling gate she came out of.  “Eclipse was designed for time travel purposes, the main goal to go back in the future and defeat Acnologia before his ungodly slaughter on the dragons.”

The tears she tried so hard to hide fell from her eyes as she continued with her explanation. “Only a Celestial Wizard was able to open the gate with the the twelve zodiac keys. Mom… sacrificed her life trying to get me here.”

Lucy’s hands clasped over her mouth, breaths uneven at the new information. The rest of the group stayed silent. What felt like hours of silence in reality was only a minute before Natsu decided to break the silence.

“So… its true Lucy and I are your parents?”

Nashi looked up at the past versions of her parents, noticing the disbelief they held in their eyes. She didn’t blame them. A strange girl you met by chance telling them she was your daughter? That was a lot to take in.

Wordlessly, Nashi reached into her black cloak with her left arm, pulling out a picture. She flashed it to the two teams, their eyes widening as they inspected it.

It was a picture of Natsu and Lucy, looking much older than they were now. In Lucy’s arms was a small child around the age of four, hugging the blonde. Natsu had his one arm around Lucy’s shoulders and his other around the small pink haired child. The three were all smiles, looking as if they were laughing with one another.

“I… can’t believe it.” Lucy said in a whisper, eyes sneaking over to Natsu who just stared at the picture with wide eyes.

“You two were the greatest parents ever. I… had to watch you two-” Her sobs started to take over again before she could finished. Everyone put two and two together, knowing that Nashi meant she had to watch her own parents die.

“Hey.” Natsu’s voice was so soft if everyone wasn’t in such a close proximity they wouldn’t have heard it. “It’ll be okay.”

Nashi looked up with tear stained eyes, watching as her father walked over to her kneeling on the ground. She felt his large hand palm the back of her head, bringing it closer to his until their foreheads touched.

“Thank you. For protecting our future.”

Nashi’s eyes widened at her father’s words, unable to speak. She just nodded against his forehead, letting the tears come out rapidly.

Lucy smiled at the scene of Natsu being so loving to their future daughter. The sight itself brought tears to her own eyes. On impulse, she began to walk over to her future family, wraping her arms around them.

Natsu took his forehead off his daughters to look at Lucy. The corner of his lips turned into a smile as he wrapped his arms around the two females for a family hug.

The rest of the group just admired from afar at the loving family. The more they looked at the scene, the more they believed the mysterious girls words.

She was Natsu and Lucy’s daughter.

After a few moments of silence, tears, and heartwarming moments, a voice decided to interrupt them.

“My, my. Isn’t this a scene to behold?”

Everyones heads snapped around to the source of the voice, seeing another unknown figure standing before them. Natsu stood up in front of Lucy and his daughter protectively. “Who the hell are you?”

The man laughed at Natsu’s words. “You don’t recognize me? My, I’m hurt Natsu Dragneel.”

The dragon slayer squinted his eyes. He looked familiar, but different at the same time. He sniffed the air, smelling the familiar scent. “R-Rogue?”

“I guess your dragon senses are still top notch Dragneel.” He praised the pink hair man. “Do you happen to smell anyone else?”

Natsu took another whiff, eyes closed in concentration. When he understood what he meant, his eyes snapped open, iris’s turning green with anger. “Why is your scent mixed with Sting’s!?”

“I know you’re not that naive Dragneel.”

“You bastard.” Natsu spoke in a harsh tone, making Lucy stand up a worried look on her face.

“Natsu what does he-”

“That bastard killed Sting.”

Gasps sounded throughout the room.

“H-He what?” Wendy shakily said. Her body shaking when Rogues intense stare met her eyes.

“I am Rogue Cheney from the future. I killed Sting to gain his power.” He said rather proudly of himself.

“You monster…” Lucy spoke loud enough so he could hear her. She watched at he turned his head eyes darted over to her, digust in them.

“The only monster here is you.”

Lucy looked in disbelief, not noticing the way Nashi was shaking in fear of future Rogue. “As I recall, I didn’t do a damn thing. I’m not the one who killed my partner!”

“That may be true.” Rogue gathered his shadow magic into his hand. “But you were the one who opened the gates and ruined everyones future, Lucy Heartfilia!” He shot out his magic, directly at the blonde.

“Lucy!” Natsu shouted and jumped at the fast approaching magic in hopes to stop it before he reached his beloved blonde. He reached his hand out in a desperate attempt to make the dark magic hit him instead. His efforts were futile.

He couldn’t stop the attack.

The magic was rapidly approaching and Lucy knew there was no way she could dodge or counter the attack in time…

She knew she was going to die.

From the corner of her eye, she seen something clothed in black coming at her. Before she could say anything, Nashi jumped in front of her mother taking the force of the attack straight in her stomach.

Everyone stared in a trembling silence as they watched Nashi fall to the floor unmoving. A pool of blood surrounding her writhing form.

Lucy was the first to speak. “NASHI!” She sprinted to her daughter’s side, instantly getting on her knees and propping the teen up. “Nashi. Nashi baby please speak to me!”

“M-Mom…” Nashi whimpered as Lucy held her closer. “Y-You didn’t-”

“I know baby I know.” Lucy tried her best not to let the impending sobs take over just yet. “I w-would never do that.”

Nashi twisted her head to look at her father’s trembling body, his olive green eyes fill with unshed tears. She smiled through the pain at both of her parents. “I’m… so happy I got to see the two of you one more time.”

“Nashi!” Lucy shouted in a desperate attempt to keep her daughter’s attention focused on her.

“I l-love you mommy, daddy….” Before going limp in Lucy’s arms, she whispered on final request.

“Please… protect the future.”

“Hmmph. No matter.” Rogue nonchalantly spoke as if he just didn’t kill somebody. “I won’t miss this time Lucy Heartfilia.”

“You… BASTARD!” Natsu shouted in pure agony, deflecting Rogue’s attack this time. “Y-You killed my daughter.” Natsu’s heads snapped up, showing the tears rushing down his tanned cheeks.

“Now I’m going to kill you.” He let out another fire attack towards his enemy.

“I will protect and change the future.” He brought his hands up to his scarf, clutching it tightly showing he meant what he was promising.

“For my daughter.”

Nashi laid on the ground in an open field, recognizing the scenery was different than the castle she was in before. She made an attempt to get up, thinking she would only feel pain, relieved to feel that she had felt none.

“Where am I?” She questioned herself as she inspected the land around her. She only seen miles upon miles of blue skies and golden grass.

“Nashi!” She froze as she heard her name. Not her name… but the sound of the person who had said her name.

It sounded exactly like her father.

She slowly turned around to the source of where she heard her voice. Eyes widening as she seen two figures smiling at her.

“Get over here already honey, we’re all waiting.” She heard her mother’s sweet voice say this time.

Nashi felt as if she couldn’t move, but she could feel the tears surfacing in her brown eyes. She watched as her parents ran over to her, each one taking one of her hands in their own.

“Lets go Nashi!” Natsu shouted.

“Our adventure continues.” Lucy said softly before they all started to run towards the other members in the guild.

Nashi ran between her two parents, their hands locked together. Her tears falling in streams down her face seeing her present parents alive and well again.

The coldness in Nashi’s heart began to fade, knowing her sacrifice was worth this never ending adventure. 

Laundry Day

Prompt: Toys

Rating: M (NSFW)

She should have known he’d catch her red-handed.

Postponing laundry day was a mistake. 

It was a huge mistake. 

The worst mistake she has made by far. 

There was no reason outside of pure, unfiltered laziness. Well, and busy with the steady influx of job requests that kept the whole guild busy. Still, she had made a terrible mistake.

Her lax attentions have left her with one too-tight shirt, shorts that she had sworn she got rid of because of their scandalousness, and a bra that was classified as seductive lingerie. All of these she handled. It was the panties that posed the biggest problem.

The only pair of panties left for her while she waited for the wash were black and lacy, not really out of the ordinary for her. The problem was in the design of them…and the battery operated pad that was stitched in along her cleft and down between her folds.

Alas, her negligence had left her with a single pair of vibrating panties until the washer and dryer completed cycles.

She was walking on glass, trying to ignore the fact that she was indeed secretly wearing a sex toy around the entire guild.

It wasn’t like she could do her own laundry at her apartment. The landlady had claimed the machines first and with mountains of clothes; Lucy had no time to wait. There was only this day before the team left for a job tomorrow morning. She’d have to wash, dry, fold, and put away all before the train pulled out of the station.

The only other option was to brave the embarrassment and wash an emergency load at the guild. At least she could try and save face by acting normal. The key was to pretend she wasn’t doing something scandalous.

“Hey Elfman! Have the new jobs been posted?” she asked as casually as she could, approaching the muscled man that was towering over the cork board.

The man glanced at her with a grin, flashing a sheet of parchment that he had just ripped from the board. “It has! Are you man enough for another round of work?” he bellowed, letting her scan the request for a team to run off a flock of bats that were terrorizing a town.

She grinned back, “Aye sir!”

He nodded in satisfaction before turning away, pumping his fists as he went. “Alright! Let’s do this Fairy Tail!” he cried out, the guild echoing cheers in unison.

Laughing, Lucy returned the cheer, feeling that she gained some form of normality. That was, until a light buzz of the vibrator to her cleft stole the breath from her lungs, crippling her legs with pleasure. She crumpled down with a heavy gasp, fingers gripping her thighs harshly.

‘Whoa! Are you okay, Lucy?!” Gray yelped, leaping to her side from the table he sat at, hands hovering carefully over her shoulders. Even Jet and Droy pressed forward in concern, them being the second closest to her.

Aside from the suffocating horror that her panties were probably malfunctioning, Lucy desperately grasped for any lie to escape the truth. “I-I’m f-fine!” Her hands struggled to even move from her legs and accept the help the men were offering. “I t-think I tripped!”

She staggered up, smiling at the concerned looks, “Seriously, it was an accident! I’m fine!”

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Fairy Tail Hair Colours: Part 1

Never would I ever


Had someone told me a week ago that I would be snuggling with my number 1 enemy in the world, I would have called them insane. Also I probably should have called the Humdrum my worst enemy, but no. It is Baz. I couldn’t even begin to try to fall asleep. Baz’s arms were around my waist and his head on my chest. It wasn’t that the position was uncomfortable. It was actually cozy. That is beside the point! It is Baz! I am in my own bed with Baz. We are cuddling. With nowhere else to put my hand, I had to put it around him.

What have I done to be forced into this situation?

It began 3 days ago. Baz was hit with a strong love spell. The target of his attraction was me as I was the one to have found him on the ground. It is a very complex spell so I was thinking that the Humdrum may have been involved. I found him out cold, when he didn’t show up to a class. I thought he could have been plotting, Baz never misses classes. I ran over to shake him and when he looked at me, I could have sworn his eyes dilated. He had immediately grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me. I didn’t hesitate to think it must have been a spell.

Penny analyzed the situation and told me more about love spells. It came to both Penny and me as a shock that Agatha actually knew most about them. She said that the world of magic disappoints when the Normals have created such wonderful ideas that were about how they saw magic. One of the exceptions are love spells and potions. We still don’t know which one Baz was hit with. Agatha explained “love spells” aren’t ACTUALLY love spells. Long ago people have created lust spells, obsession spells, protectiveness spells, and so on. Using these spells as a foundation, the “love spells” were created. They were far from perfect. Agatha mentioned some sort of Triangular theory of love. It is a mixture of 3 components: intimacy, a passion, and decision/commitment.

Based on this theory, there are 7 types of love spells. Liking/friendship, infatuated love, empty love, romantic love, companionate love, fatuous love, and consummate love. The first and third rule out. Penny explained that the spell/potion must have been very strong, since he passed out. When driven to an extreme, it is impossible to tell between the 5 remaining types. Agatha says they usually start to wear off after a week or so and then you are able to tell what sort of spell it is. When you know which kind it is, you can reverse it.

People under love spells become very dangerous and irrational. Baz was never safe and his rationality is the only thing that held him together.

The conclusion that was reached was that I should do my best to react positively to Baz’s advances. Penny explains I don’t have to “bend over backwards” (I can’t believe that she actually said that). I just have to not push him away to harshly. Agatha straight up left when Penny started giving suggestions to where I should draw the line. She will be avoiding both of us for her own safety and she seems more than happy to do so.

Back to the present. Baz is asleep in my bed while we are ‘cuddling’. One of the very first tips Penny gave was to keep him out of my bed because it would likely go badly if the love spell is intimacy dominated. Yet I already let him into my bed on the first night. I sigh a little. Tomorrow is bound to be exhausting yet I can’t fall asleep. “Are you alright, love?” I was sure he was asleep. I catch my breath as he calls me ‘love’. “Are you uncomfortable like this?” I’ve never cuddled before. Agatha would lean against me and I’d put my hand around her but that was it. She says I’m too hot (temperature wise) to cuddle with. “No, I’m fine.” I lie. I’m not fine and neither are you. You are going to kill me when you get control of your mind back.

He looks at the clock on the wall that he had cast silent to stop from ticking back in the first year, pausing. “Roll on over on your left side.” He tells me. I do so, this doesn’t count as ‘bending over backwards’. He wraps his arm around me, leaning in. I realized what happened. “Why in the world am I the little spoon?” I demand. This is not about my height complex. “Is this about your height complex?” I turn red. “I don’t have a height complex!” I protest. “Sure, you don’t.” Even when madly and uncontrollably in love with me, he still picks on me a little. “If I matter so much to you, you can be the big spoon.” Shit. How do I say no without openly saying that I actually really like this? I was glad that I didn’t have to. He just adjusts himself in bed and relaxes.

He leans over and kisses my cheek and I jolt a little because I have never been kissed anywhere except my lips. It felt very… odd. I didn’t think too hard about it and just try to relax in bed. I was in the ‘clutches’ of a vampire and I go right to sleep.

Baz had somehow managed to wake up before the alarm and turned it off. He washed up in the bathroom quietly and got dressed. He then leans over me and starts waking me up by kissing my neck, jawline, and cheeks. I thought I was having some very weird and vivid dream before I realized what was happening. “Good morning, love.” I stare at him stupidly and tell myself again to stay calm. “M-morning…” The light was odd this morning in the room. Sunlight was rare but now it filled the entire room. His eyes looked greener than usual. “Do you remember what is today?” I rattled my brain for every little possible thing, drawing up a blank. I gave up and shook my head. “Start of Easter break.”

I jumped off the bed and ran over to the window. He woke up early because of his normal schedule. I didn’t wake up because I feel asleep late. Agatha was gone for the whole break. Penny would be away for half of it. She said she will be back early to observe Baz after the strength of the spell begins to fade. I became very conscious of his eyes on me. It was just the two of us here.

I march of quickly to the bathroom. “I’m going to shower.” I quickly locked the door behind me. Baz literally once unlocked the bathroom door with a spell and let in an angry beavercat. I don’t know why I bother to lock it anymore. I got really nervous. Agatha mentioned how he could have waves in his mood. I have no idea what she means. Could it mean that he could try to take advantage of me? I showered very quickly and walked back out. I was relieved as hell to find the room empty. It gave me a chance to get dressed properly. He was soon back with breakfast.

This may be impossible. There is just 1 ‘but’ and ‘what if’. I could walk out of this with Baz as my friend. He doesn’t really love me but he could at least like me. Maybe just a little. Enough not to hate me. We had breakfast by the window. “I was wondering, why did you just run away that day during the magic career day presentations?” He asked out of nowhere. I felt myself turn a little red. “It was just… too… unreal.” I shrugged. “What do you mean?” I started trying to bite off the little bits of skin on my lips. “I don’t know. The Mage…. He kind of put me on this path that I couldn’t really not accept. He wants me to take over after him. I don’t know if I can. Or should.


“But what do you want to do?” The question seemed to have confused him. He blinks at me stupidly. “What do you mean?” I rub my forehead. “Snow, that was a pretty straightforward question.” He stuffs his mouth with a scone. “How would you answer that question?” He asks. I pause and sigh. “I’m considering the University of York. Getting a degree in History/Economics. Then study Business for a Master’s degree. Then I am still torn between getting a Ph.D. or starting up a business of my own or take over my father’s company. I don’t plan that much.” Simon stares at me like I’m speaking a foreign language. I mean if I honestly just added: ‘But I am sure I’d be dead before then’, it would be gloomy. I take his hand, rubbing it gently. “Would taking over for the Mage really make you happy?” He keeps looking down, avoiding eye contact. “I mean it is a very important job. I don’t have a plan. The Mage thinks that I will be fine. He was right when he said that I probably won’t be good at anything else.”

My jaw dropped and I got a little carried away with my own strength and literally crush the mug in my hand. It was empty but it sure left an impression. I shake my head. “Sorry, it was an accident and I… No. Fuck it. Simon what kind of shit person says something like that?” He scowls at me. “What is your problem with the Mage? I get that his ideas may contradict what you family has built, but don’t you think that some of what he says is right?” I return the scowl. “Behind absolutely every little thing there is a second meaning. Everything also is suddenly justified when he does it. He smells cynical each time someone from the Older Families gets together, claiming that they are forming an army. He then sends his very subtly named group “The Mage’s Men” to spy, interrogate, and even raid.”  I see Simon’s stance weaken a little. “His inability to trust the Old Families is backed up by years of selfish clinging to power which no one wants to give up. It isn’t like all his searchers had been pointless.” Simon and I never spoke about this but this had hung over us every single moment since we met. I just hope he doesn’t realize I am not under a love spell but a hyper honesty spell.


I could feel the anger in me boil up. Talking about the Mage always leads to this. It isn’t just because it was said by Baz. (Even though it really doesn’t help that it is Baz.) I feel my magic burning up in my throat. It was very bitter, feeling similar to the way you feel when you are about to cry. I didn’t forget about the love spell but I was still shocked when Baz’s expression softened. “Snow.” He touched my hands gently. I could feel myself losing my control of my magic like always when I can’t keep my emotions in check. “Deep breaths now. Let it go. Some of it. Before you start another fire. I know you’re upset, but this won’t help.” I felt very stupid as he talked me down. It never happened before. Something about it made me feel like a child, being calmed down after a tantrum. I calm down as Baz rubbed my hands. The bitterness in my mouth remained. I am not going to cry.

“The biggest reason that I hate the Mage, more than anything, is how he treats you.” I open my mouth to respond but with the bitterness in my throat, my voice would give away that I feel like crying. “Did he really tell you that you won’t be good at anything else?” I breathe through my nose a little faster, nodding. “Yeah, but he’s right. I bet you agree.” I won’t cry. I won’t cry. “I certainly don’t agree. I’ve said quite a lot about you. I never said that you are good for nothing. I don’t believe that about anyone.” For a moment, I just let myself forget about our past and the fact that Baz is under a spell. He kisses my cheek. I catches me so off guard that I feel my eyes fill to the brim with tears. I already lost it all but I am still desperately holding on and not letting myself blink, which would make the tears pour.  “It’s okay. You’ve got nothing to fear.”

Every little thing that I didn’t allow myself to feel and every little thing the Mage had done and said that hurt me had built up in my chest. I was hurt. I was really hurt. I usually would push these thoughts deep down. Baz pulled me into a hug the very second that I was about to hug him. It was very tight. One time, Penny hugged me longer than the normal casual hug. A little bit tighter than a normal hug. I found myself not able to let go and just clung to her. This was much worse. I was trembling. My face was in Baz’s shoulder and I was sobbing. Everything I kept deep inside came out in the form of tears. Baz kissed the top of my head and rubs my back slowly. Those soft gentle actions were met with frantically loud sobs. I tried not to be so loud but even my breathing was loud as I was practically gasping for air as if I’ve been under water. I dug my nails into his back but that didn’t stop them from shacking. I was shaking all over and Baz just held onto me tightly.

I feel like an extra special idiot when I’m done. I let go and wipe away my cheeks. I noticed that the corner on his shirt was visibly wet from my crying. He would have killed me for just ruining his shirt. “Feeling better?” He runs his hand through my hair. “I got a headache.” I said lamely. He kisses my forehead which got me to flinch a little again. “I’m sorry.” I said shaking my head. “We can let this drop.” I wanted to wipe my nose with my sleeve but Baz stops me as that is one of his biggest pet peeves, giving me a tissue. “We are not done here. After that, you can’t tell me that these things don’t bother you. Let’s talk about this. Please. It can only make things better.” I shake my head. “I doubt that.”

“We don’t have to, but I want to talk this through.” I shrug my shoulders, giving up. “If you could do absolutely anything in the world, anything, regardless of money or time, what would you do?” I pulled my legs closer to myself and thought about it. “I don’t know exactly but I want to help people. But not to the extent that the Mage wants me to because I don’t think it is safe for anyone to fully depend on me.”

“What sort of things do you find most interesting when studying? What sort of thing makes you want to find out more about?”

“Anatomy.” I said it without thinking really. “Anatomy?”

“Well yeah. The bodies of human beings are so interesting. There is so much about our own bodies that we know nothing about. Countless studies only just have theories about the brain. Our bodies are capable of so much and it all fits in so little space. Our brains are better than any computer. We are constantly changing, replacing old cells.  It is just… Why are you laughing?!” Baz was suppressing his laughter but then just openly started to laugh. “I’m sorry. I’m actually really impressed.”

“What? Why?”

“You really shocked me with this one. I think I was less shocked when you fell off the ceiling crashing landing onto me last year.”

“It was an accident.” I insisted.

“It would have been very weird if it wasn’t.”

“I can’t do anything with it. I can’t study things like medicine. There is so much to memorize and learn.”

“Don’t give up on your interest though. You never know when it can come in handy. So do you want to get out of here? To town. There’s nothing to do here. Go wash your face and put on literally anything that isn’t uniform.” He went to the bathroom and I changed again into something that I usually wear when I’m away from school. As I listen to Baz in the bathroom, a horrible thought dawned on me. I don’t know how but this spell must be very special. It took me a moment but I realized that this was not the simple blind wild love spell he is under. It must be a new type created by the Humdrum or something like that. He wasn’t blindly muffled by obsession, that lasted only a few hours. If this was real… If Baz really did love me (which I know that he doesn’t) … this is what it would be like to be dating him. I always assumed he would be a shitty boyfriend to some poor girl but now I realize that she would be lucky as hell. He was always careful of those who he decided to keep close to himself. He is treating me like how he would actually treat a lover. He’s still kind of a jerk, bossy, arrogant but he is good to the person that he swears his love to. I feel really ashamed. I selfishly let myself take advantage of the situation and enjoyed his company. There is another feeling inside of me. Jealousy. Jealousy of whoever this girl will turn out to be, his future girlfriend. I am first hand experiencing what it would be like to actually be Baz’s boyfriend.

Merlin, I’m living a charming life.


“No. Just no. Take it off.” Simon put on the ratty shirt he wore when he arrived. He had it for 3 years. He finally grew into it but it still looks horrible on him. Khaki is not his color and vertical lines are not for anyone. “Come on, who cares?”

“I do.” I open my own closet. I have never really been ‘in the closet’ but I know it like the back of my hand. I dig through the back, and by dig I mean neatly move the piles around. I finally find it. I call it the sweater of shame. My shame. It was an impulsive buy, I only bought it because I was sure it would look amazing on Simon. It was a moment of savage of love sickness. I seriously just bought a skin tight sweater thinking how hot it would look on Simon. It is a blue and gray slim sweater. I throw it to him casually. “Put this on. I’ll be waiting downstairs.” I walk down stairs right away. I do not have the strength to look, even though I know he changes in the bathroom when I am around.

This truth spell is very tricky business. I cannot bring it up unless literally asked if I am under a truth spell. I cannot get rid of it by myself. At least I can hold back on answering somethings. The unexpected part was that I was unable hold back the deeper truths. When Simon woke me up, I was so weak to hold myself back and just kissed him. Then I heard him discuss with his women that I am under a love spell. I just went with it. I wouldn’t be physically to say that I am not under a love spell if he had asked me directly, but Simon didn’t. I don’t really need to mention that I am not under a truth spell and that the truth of the matter is that I just really love him.


The next few hours of my day were the best I’ve had in a while. Sure I have fun with my friends but this was something else. We went everywhere. We ate the best ice cream. Played a bit of one on one football in the park. Went to a book shop, got some books and made out in the back of the store. I felt invincible and like a traitor. I was getting a little too much fun with Baz. I am still Agatha’s boyfriend even though we are having another rough patch.

I was liking Baz a little too much. It is like I am setting myself up for failure for when he returns to normal. It is hard to explain but he kind of balances me out. When we are on the same side, it is like nothing is left out and together we can do absolutely anything. What we choose to do is spend more time with each other. Baz has a romantic side and I keep getting drawn to it with my impulsive side. I’ve found myself being the one to lean in to kiss him.

The whole week had turned into nothing but that. Kisses, cuddling, talking, messing around. He has a foul mouth, he’s harsh, sometimes cruel. But I like all of it. Penny wasn’t able to have made it to school and I just got more time with Baz. On the second week, I’ve had finally landed in trouble. It hung over me but I pushed it away. Agatha showed up to deliver a few decorative bits to her room. She keeps getting things like potted plants and throw pillows. She already has many and kills every plant she gets.

She caught me kissing Baz. She was already expecting to see Baz kissing me and all but this was different. I was kissing him. I couldn’t deny it properly. It was my fault. I was the unfaithful one. When she started screaming at me, I felt regret and remorse it lead to something that I haven’t expected. I wasn’t that upset about this. I was just hoping that Baz didn’t see how she broke up with me. I felt a little down but also much better. When she started going into everything that was wrong, I felt like she was right. In every way. Everything was wrong. She left and our last words before she left were not so horrible. They were difficult but came with some sort of relief.

I headed back to my room, my head was hurting. I just wanted to find Baz and just talk to him. It was steadily increasingly impossible to believe that Baz was under a spell because it was just so perfect. I didn’t even really think that I was gay but I do know for sure, he is extremely attractive. But I’ve been selfish. Baz will hate me after this is all over. He will. I am selfishly taking advantage of him. I need to find away to make things right. Maybe. Just maybe something good could actually happen even though I probably don’t deserve it.

I opened the door and found it empty on my bed lay a letter. I was in an envelop and sealed. Such drama can only be expected from Baz. As I reached for it, my whole body felt dread, as if I already knew what it said.

I have not been completely honest with you. I have selfishly taken advantage of you. One week ago, someone wanted to interrogate me. I had gotten away but did not manage to avoid a very powerful truth spell. I took advantage of your kindness and gentle heart. You believed that I was under a love spell and I let you believe it. I used your fear of seeing me turn violent and got what I wanted from you. I wanted you. All of you. I have been in love with you since our 5th year and it hasn’t gotten any easier for me. I planned to continue this for a while then show up as if cured of the love spell by the end of the break. Now I know that I cannot. I love you, Simon. I saw you fighting with Wellbelove. Go apologize. I have done you wrong but I promise you that you no longer need to bother with me anymore.

My heart was racing, could hear my blood pulsing in my ears. I do not like the word “anymore” one bit. I started running. I didn’t know where at first but when my legs carried me to the Catacombs, I felt like I was on the right trail. I needed to talk him. A very small part of me was happy. He loved me. It was no all magic induced infatuation. Yet the rest of me was shrill with panic. I ran and ran until I found myself silently walking up to Le Tombeau des Enfants.

I didn’t know why I tried to be quiet. Baz usually hears me. I was confused to why he didn’t if he was here but I realized why when I found him. I was right all along. I wanted the lips that I’ve kissed stretched against sharp fangs, which were sunken inside of a rat’s gut. Why did I remain so calm? So unafraid?
Even like this, he looked like himself. Like the person I’ve grown to love.
“Baz, why did you run away?” He had already frozen when he saw me coming. He threw the rat aside.
“Do you seriously need to ask me that? Simon, I’ve been lying to you. How are you not trying to kill me?!”
“Because I’m not mad at you.”
“Why did I fall in love with an idiot?” He rubs his head, his arms were shaking.
“I’m not mad because I also was kind of taking advantage of you. I started enjoying myself around you a little too much. I wanted to kiss you and I don’t really want to fix anything with Agatha. Not anymore. But I need to fix things with you.”
It was the first time ever that I caught him at a loss of words. I didn’t have anything that I wanted to add. He is horrible. I am horrible. Yet we are good together. I walk over and kiss him as I had already quite a few times.

This was my favorite kiss.


I promised myself I was gonna give my fingers a rest for a few days… but its four in the morning and this happened. Have some angst >:D 

Summary: Ten years is a long time without someone.

Lucy sat perched on her windowsill, the window he abruptly came in when he broke into her house. Her downcast eyes took in the scenery from the dark world outside the glass. No one was out on the streets, most likely due to the late hours. The midnight sky made the lamps illuminating the street shine brighter. Lucy sighed for the umpteenth time that day.

She remembered coming home in the middle of the night with the pink haired dragon slayer. She would barely be awake, dragging her feet all the way home while the fireball would still have enough left over energy to swing around on the fixtures. Her lips quirked up in a tender smile, feeling the back of her eyes burn a little with unshed tears.

She missed those days.

Nowadays she just took a small mission here and there, just enough to be able to afford her monthly rent. Other times she would sleep, or pick out a book to read to get her mind off things.

But most of her days were spent sitting on the windowsill awaiting Natsu’s return.

Lucy can’t recall the last time she was at the guild; the last mission she had taken paid a pretty penny, enough for her to pay a few months worth of rent. She did miss her guildmates tremendously, but she wanted to avoid that place as much as she possibly could. There was an aching feeling in her chest at the thought. Since the day she had joined Fairy Tail, she always thought of it as home; her home.

But it was farthest from the truth.

Home didn’t have to be a building she came to realize. Home could also be a person, something you confined in… something you trusted to keep you safe and warm.

It wasn’t until the day after he left that Lucy realized Natsu was her home.

She had always subconsciously thought that he was, but never had it dawned on her until it was too late. She buried her face into her knees, remembering the day he left like it was yesterday…

Even though it was seven years ago.

Lucy sat at the bar, ordering a alcoholic drink from Mirajane. The take over mage gave her a wary look, but complied to her request. When the beverage was presented in front of her, the stellar mage took a swig; ignoring the approaching footsteps coming from behind.


His voice rang in her ears, but as easy as it was for him to say her name; it was even easier for her to ignore it. Lucy heard the old wooden floor squeak as he took another step forward, desperately trying to get her attention.

“Lucy, I’m leaving in a few minutes.”

Did he really think that was going to make her respond to him? She felt the whole guild’s eyes on them, but she didn’t care. She didn’t have a reason to speak to him, he should just leave her as easily as he did the first time.

“Lucy please-”

“Please what Natsu?!” She snapped when she heard him beg, he shouldn’t be the one begging her to talk to him before he leaves. It should be her begging him to stay with her. She seen the hurt flash across his face, she tried her best to not feel guilty but a ping of it was still there. She sighed, turning back around to the bar. “You should really go, you’ll miss your train.”

“Not until you see me off.”

Lucy felt her temper flare. Goodbye? Tell him goodbye? Rage controlling her she turned back around to the dragon slayer, standing up from the bar stool. She stood up straight, her heated gaze directed to his black orbs.

“So you want me to see you off?” Her tone was one of mockery. “Why isn’t it as easy to leave me this time? It was sure as hell easy for you to do it last time.”

“I left you a letter-”

“Letters don’t mean anything Natsu!” Lucy shouted, completely enraged. “I write my mother letters every single day, just as a way to vent my feelings. But it doesn’t mean a damn thing because they’re just words on a thin sheet of paper that can easily be lost or torn, then what? You can never get it back because they’re gone.”

Tears were rushing down her porcelain cheeks. She started to shake at the intensity of the sobs, covering her hands over her brown eyes. Natsu sighed, knowing what Lucy truly meant by her outburst. He walked over to the hysterical girl, wrapping his strong arms around her petite body; relaxing when she eventually returned his embrace.

“I just don’t want you to leave.”

He sighed, burying his head in her hair taking in her strawberry scent. “I know.”

“I could barely do a year without you Natsu, how am I going to manage ten?”

Natsu had to stop himself from visibly flinching at the thought of not seeing his blonde haired partner for a full ten years. He had to go though; it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It wasn’t everyday the great Gildarts Clive asked you serve with him on a decade long mission.

“You’re the strongest person I know Lucy, I know you’ll find a way to cope.” His grip on her frail body tightened. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

She couldn’t find the words to speak, settling for nodding in his chest. All too soon, the partners had to reluctantly pull apart.

“This isn’t goodbye Lucy, you’ll see me again.” He gave her one more of his infamous grins, faltered slightly by the own tears slipping from his eyes.

Lucy nodded, sitting back down in her chair feeling as if her knees were about to give out on her; her tears never faltering.  

“I’ll see you in ten years Natsu.” The last memory she had of the fire mage was a two finger salute he offered as he walked out of the guildhall doors for ten, long years.

Lucy wiped her tears away, once her clear vision was restored she could spot the dark orange in the horizon signaling that sunrise was now on its way. The celestial mage slowly stood up and walked over to the bed Natsu had slept on often. She grabbed the article of clothing lying next to her pillow, cuddling with the scarf that Natsu had left behind for her. She buried her nose in the garment inhaling the scent that wasn’t present anymore.

Snuggling into a comfortable spot, Lucy hoped she would receive more than three hours of sleep tonight. Her sleeping habits had been off since he left, everything has been off since he left.

Slipping her eyes shut, Lucy gradually fell asleep. Ready to do the exact same actions tomorrow.

And she would keep repeating them until the day Natsu came back to her.

title:  i’ll eat you whole, i love you so
rating: m
pairing: miraxus
for: laxusdreyar who wanted an au of miraxus getting married in secret during the timeskip
found: ff.n and ao3

sum: Being with her the past few months had made him complacent to the concept of the two of them against everyone else, a quiet life spent in the seaside and all ties to the painful past forgotten as time ran. Plans were not his thing but he’d been thinking about forever with her for quite some time now. And they could start that forever, even miles apart. 

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Gajevy - Parenthood

A/N: Oh, guys, it’s 1 in the morning. I didn’t read this over and it is probably bad. But I felt bad about not writing for Gajevy week. So this is late and not my best work, but let’s still share! Happy Gajevy Week everyone! Also, yes, the Gajevy child’s name is inspired by rboz. She named the Gajevy child Emma, and I liked it, so I thought I would use it.

“I’m pregnant.” Those words kept bouncing around his head. Levy’s face of excitement was engrained into his mind. But the more he thought about it, the more his heart raced. Him, a father? Ha! As if. He looked down at his hands: rough, calloused, scarred. How could these hands hold a little baby? He sighed and gulped the beer sitting in front of him.

“What’s getting you so down Gajeel?” asked the demon barmaid. When all she received was a grunt and a glare, she grumbled back.

“Hahaha, Mira. You can get into your moods, but you won’t win in a growling fight with the Iron Dragon slayer,” yelled Cana from a few seats over. “Perhaps you should call Levy over to cheer him up. She’s the only thing that can get that lump of scrap metal to soften up.”

“Are you picking a fight you drunk?” said Gajeel.

“Ha. You know that I can out-drink you, right?” When no response came out of the man, Cana decided to dig a little deeper. Although she never says it outright, she likes to look out for her nakama. “Should I go get our little blue-haired angel?” Red-eyed stare. “Or not. What’s stuck up your butt, rust-bucket?”

“Nothing. Leave me alone, woulddya!” he slammed his glass back onto the bar and stormed out of the guild. He heard the two women exchange a few words of disbelief, but decided to disregard them. Whatever they said about him was probably true anyways. So he stomped over to his house as a result.

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The Wanderer’s Luck

Summary: The ladies of FT stage an intervention for Lucy’s love life (Nalu from Lisanna’s P.O.V, basically). 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or does it…

“Lisanna.” Mirajane touched her younger sister’s arm affectionately. “What are you daydreaming about?” She had been staring into the pot of rose tea she was brewing with a glazed expression.

“Nothing, Mira-nee,” she assured immediately. “I just got distracted.” She quickly placed the teapot and eight delicately painted cups onto her tray.

A rare, devious smirk adorned Mira’s angelic features. “Don’t tell me you’re in love.”

“Not you too,” Cana complained from where she sat crosslegged on the couch, guzzling down a bottle of whiskey. “One intervention per day is enough.”

“Yes. Juvia does not need any more love rivals,” the water mage chimed in.

At this, Levy smiled awkwardly. “Juvia, I don’t think you understand the situation. This is about Lu-chan and Natsu.”

Since the guild was revived, there seemed to be something wrong between them. They still went through the motions of being partners and best friends, but the tension between them was nearly a tangible thing. They didn’t stand as close to each other anymore. When he gave his pep-talks about bonds and family, there was always a hesitation, a pregnant pause before she smiled. And even when she did, it never quite reached her eyes.

“I personally think they should just fuck and get over it,” Cana chimed in. “But no one listens to onesan.”

Juvia nodded her agreement as Mira and Lisanna brought in the tea and cookies. “Love rival must realize how much Natsu loves her so she’ll remove her sights from Gray-sama.”

“I think Natsu-san mainly brought the guild back together, but she’s still very angry with him,” Wendy weighed in, feeling very much like a child intruding upon an adult conversation.

“As she should be,” Carla said haughtily. “A year is a very long time to leave someone important to you all alone. And with minimal notice, at that.”

“I can’t say I disagree.” Lisanna sighed wistfully, glancing out of the window. She supposed two years was even longer.

Besides those twenty-four months, seven hundred thirty days, or seventeen thousand five hundred and twenty hours, how much time did that anima really steal from her? How much of her future?

“Juvia doesn’t see what the big deal is,” the water mage lamented. “He apologized, right? If the flames of passion still burn, rival should just forgive him. Juvia forgave Gray-sama.”

“He didn’t apologize to her, Juvia,” Mirajane explained. “That’s why she’s upset.”

“Unforgivable,” Erza decided. A frightening and punitive aura wafted from the armor clad wizard.

“What is?” Lucy asked as she came in, finally back from her latest solo mission. “Besides all of you being in my room.”

The mages all glanced around uncomfortably. “Lu-chan, take a seat,” Levy finally said.

“Okay.” She perched herself on the arm of the couch. “I just hope this isn’t about-”

“It is,” Cana said without preamble. “Natsu is stupid, and prideful so the passive-aggressive shit really isn’t gonna work. The way we see it, you have three options.”

“You could talk to him,” Mirajane offered with a smile.

“Tried that. Several times.”

The Sorcerer model was unfazed. “What if we tie him up first?”

“Next idea.”

“You can administer divine punishment,” Erza cracked her knuckles menacingly as she said this. “I can show you a few methods that are rather effective.”

“Tempting,” the celestial spirit mage admitted. However, she doubted that it would actually solve the problem between them.

“Or,” Lisanna started, “you can get even.” She pulled a small envelope out of her purse and held it out to Lucy.

Dear Natsu, 
I am leaving on a journey to train under a great celestial spirit mage. I will be back in about eight months. Please watch over everyone while I’m gone.


“Leave this in his bedroom and then go on a job,” the take over mage prescribed. “He’ll flip. And then he’ll probably get it.”

“You’re a genius, Lisanna!” Lucy declared.

Lisanna shook her head. “I just know how his mind works.” Nearly a decade of friendship and casual pining was known to do that to a person. She had long since mapped out his every idiosyncratic defense mechanism. It was how she knew her time with him had passed. There was no way they could just restart after he spent two years trying to let her go, flinching at even the mention of her name.

“Thank you so much.”

Then the pale haired girl gave a genuine smile. “If that doesn’t work I have another plan.”

Lucky Lucy in the right place at the right time had caught his wandering heart without even trying. And while another type of girl might have resented her, Lisanna was truly glad she met him. Because two years were longer than one, and aphorisms were to be applied to lives on a case by case basis.

Notes: So I originally wanted to post this for day one of Nalu week, but it became way too Lisanna-centric so I decided to wait. Thanks for reading, everyone! 

Happy Days


Pairings: NaLu

Summary: They were planning to fight; to start another war. They knew there would be more emotional and physical scars to come, but for now… they just wanted the happy days to continue.

“Yeah! I’m all fired up!” Natsu shouted, making the rest of their guild cheer along with the fire mage. Lucy didn’t join in on the cheering, only smiling at everyone’s positive attitude.

“Is something wrong, Lucy?” The blonde’s vision shifted to the bar maid.

Lucy nodded her head. “Yeah, just have to get use to everyone being together again.”

Mira smiled sadly at the Celestial Wizard. “I understand, I sure did miss everyone.”

Lucy looked down to her lap where her hands rested. “So did I.”

“Lucy!” She felt her partner’s arm around her shoulders. “Why aren’t you celebrating with everyone?”

She shrugged. “Just not in the mood right now, Natsu.” She offered a smile at his concerned expression. “Maybe a bit later.”

Hesitantly, he released his hold on her. “If you say so.” She watched at Natsu walk away, turning back around to Mira who had a worried look on her face.

“Mira I promise I’m fine just… a bit overwhelmed.” Lucy confessed, missing how a certain dragon slayer was listening in on the two mages conversation.

“Overwhelmed?” The barmaid inquired.

Lucy sighed, standing up from her stool. “I’m sorry Mira, I’m… not ready.”

The take over mage just smiled at her young friend. “Thats alright Lucy. Whenever you’re ready dear.”

The blonde gave one last small smile before making her way through the crowd, out into the cool night air.

The walk to her apartment was silent besides the sound of her footsteps, her mind running a mile per minute. She couldn’t believe that this was all happening, that everyone was back together… but now they were heading into another war. They had already lost so much with Tartaros, but Alervez’s mages quadrupled Tartaros’s power.

Lucy would never forget Natsu’s speech to everyone, that their goal wasn’t victory… but their goal was to live, to laugh with each other once again. They all wanted the happy days to last, never wanted to be separated again.

It was hard to stay positive, especially when the bravest member of Fairy Tail even admitted his fear.

Lucy clutched her purse tighter.

What was going to be the price of this war?


Lucy squeaked in surprise and snapped her head around to the source of the voice, placing a hand over her now racing heart. “Natsu, you scared me half to death!”

Natsu flashed her his signature grin, the grin she’s missed oh so much. “Sorry Luce, thought you could use some company.”

“What about Happy?”

“Hes staying with Wendy and Charle for the night.” Natsu explained before the duo started to walk again. They remained in a comfortable silence, enjoying each others company. After a few moments, the fire mage decided to break it.

“I heard what you told Mira back there.”

“What are you talking about?”

“How you were overwhelmed with everyone being together again.” He chuckled dryly. “Which is pretty ironic, since you’re the reason were all together again.”

Lucy felt her face heat up at his words, warmness spreading through her body. “I… had a lot of time on my hands.”

“With how detailed everything was, I’m not surprised.” He complimented her. They finally made it to Lucy’s apartment. Natsu relaxed on her couch while Lucy fetched them some hot chocolate.

“Is it weird being back here Lucy?” Natsu questioned as his partner came back with his mug of hot chocolate. Lucy slightly nodded.

“Yeah, weird to have company too.”

Natsu smiled sadly at her statement, knowing full well what she meant. “Well, everything in your life is weird Luce.”

Lucy giggled, settling down beside him. “You got that right.”

They remained silent for a minute, before Natsu brought up the subject clouding their minds.

“You ready for this fight, Luce?”

The Celestial Mage set her mug on her coffee table. “As ready as I’ll ever be. At least we know they’re coming this time. Unlike Tartaros.”

Lucy’s attention turned to the hand that was now on her partially covered thigh. “I know you’re scared Luce; we all are. Tartaros’s power doesn’t even compare to Alverez’s.” Natsu lowered his voice. “Especially Zeref.”

“How can we beat an immortal, Natsu?”

Natsu shook his head, unknowing himself. “I’m not sure, but we’ll figure something out. We always do.” Seeing Lucy’s unconvinced look, the dragon slayer decided to push forward with the subject. “We have to fight Lucy. Once it’s all over, there will be nothing but happy days… laughing with our nakama, just like old times.”

Lucy placed her hand over Natsu’s, squeezing it slightly. “… We lost so much in Tartaros. I… don’t want us to lose anything else with this battle…”

“If Igneel taught me anything, it was that war came with a price.” His onyx orbs gazed fiercely in her brown eyes. “I don’t want to lose anyone anymore either Lucy, but you know just as well as I do loss is always a possibility.”

The blonde looked down to their conjoined hands, knowing his words were true but not wanting to accept them. She didn’t want to lose anyone anymore, she’d already lost them all once.

She didn’t think she could handle losing everyone again.

“I think some sleep will do you good, Luce. You had a long day.” Natsu gently stated before standing up, holding his hand out to her. She gratefully took it, standing next to him.

“Are you going back to Fairy Tail?” Lucy felt relief wash over her as he shook his head.

“You need me here more.” He led her to bed, before laying down. “You don’t care if I sleep on your bed with you, right?”

“I think I can make an acception for tonight.” She teased before crawling into bed with him, loving how his arms wrapped around her small frame and pulled her back flush with his toned front.

“Goodnight, Natsu.” Lucy whispered, snuggling further into his warmth. She felt his warm lips on the crown of her head.

“Night, Luce.” Before Lucy’s body turned over to a sleep filled bliss, she heard Natsu mutter something.

“War may come with a price, but nothing is worth losing you Lucy.”