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“Alright, here’s your fortune: you’re going to live a happy life filled with a loving and caring family.”
“…I have already acquired that.”
“Aw, Cas, you sap.”


Dating Laurel Lance would include...

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  • she saved you and that’s how you guys first met
  • you met her first as black canary but then you met her as Laurel in court
  • you were arguing a case against her
  • you won
  • you were attracted to the lovely dirty blonde so after court you asked her if you could take her out for a beer
  • she was shocked but admired your confidence 
  • she remembered you from the night before when she saved you so she agreed
  • you hit it off and ended up going on a few more dates
  • you and laurel bonded over your strong sense of right and wrong and love for justice
  • whenever someone would say nasty things about the vigilantes of the city you were always quick to defend the black canary 
  • laurel loved that
  • when you two got serious she told you about being a vigilante
  • you weren’t really hurt that she didn’t tell you because hello you understood why she had done it
  • when you guys were in bed you suggested a little roleplay with her wearing the canary costume 
  • she playfully hit your arm and dismissed it but a week later for your anniversary she got in full costume and promised to punish you for being a naughty naughty person
  • when she gets frustrated about the way the team treats her you hear her out and help her through it
  • you don’t meet the team until you’re almost attacked on your way home and they save you
  • you and diggle get along great right off the bat. felicity is also very sweet and you have a great time talking tech with her. thea isn’t around as much but you too get along well. 
  • oliver takes some time to come around on you knowing about the team
  • laurel defends her actions and says she doesn’t regret telling you about her secret life. 
  • most important though you’re always there for laurel when she comes home exhausted whether it’s from work or vigilante work you don’t really ask 

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guess who’s back

Rhys looked up at the massive cabin which had been his home for a few months a year. “Fáilte ar ais go dtí ifreann.” he mutters to himself hauling his duffle bag over his shoulder and dragging his other bag behind him he stomps up the steps and kicks the door open. Happy with his own bed still being unused he deposits his stuff and reaches for the mini fridge under his bed, unlocking the padlock and taking a beer out before he walked outside and sat on the porch steps. Lighting a cigarette he took a drag, breathing out the smoke and taking a long swig of his drink. He stared down at his shoes wondering how he’d ended up back at camp so soon when he saw a pair of feet in front of him he looked up. “You my friend, have arrived just in time to see the favorite son of Ares arrive. What can I do for you? Or better yet, what can you do on your own so I don’t have to move?” 

Rebel Like Dad

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Word Count: 2,564

Warnings: Mild Screaming and Anger, Swearing

Notes: None

“Did I ever tell you that you were the best mistake I ever made?” Dean takes a beer out of your hand and you give the other to Sam.

“Only when I get you a beer.” You shoot your father a smirk. It was kind of weird, you knew that Dean didn’t mean to have you as a child, but it never offended you that you came from a drunken high school party mishap. Your father loved you, he had proven that countless times on hunts, and you loved him; that’s all that mattered.

“We got a case yet or not?” Directing the question for Sam he looks up from the newspaper in his hands.

“Nope, nothing in our territory at least. Dean, anything on your end?” Sam asks.

“Zip.” Dean replies.

“Okay, so can I go out?” It was hard to ask your father questions like that, he could either be extremely strict or extremely chill and there was no in between.

“Out where? It’s not like you know anyone but the people we know, and they are miles away.” Dean gives you a confused look.

“Well, you remember that gas station we stopped at earlier?” You prayed to Cas that he didn’t.

“Yeah, and you were talking to the boy at the counter. You said he might have a case.” Sam gives you a hopeful look, the night might just be a productive one after all.

“Well, I said he might have a case, but no. He actually had something else for me.” You pull out the sticky note that had been in your pocket. On it is the boys cell phone number and an address. “He said he was having a party tonight, and I thought maybe…”

“No.”, Dean is quick to cut you off, “I’m not letting you go to strangers parties, especially not strangers that work at gas stations.”

Your better judgement tells you to drop the subject, but it was more like you to be pushy. On one hand, if you shut up about it so you could sneak out later, your father would be suspicious. On the other hand, if you put up a fight, Dean would tape the door and it would be harder to sneak out. Being the stubborn person you are, the second option is the way to go.

“Are you kidding me?” Throwing your chair back as you stand up dramatically, it was all part of the act, “You aren’t going to let me go to this party just because he works at a gas station. He’s only seventeen it’s probably just some part time job. You know what, forget about him, he hasn’t done anything wrong, he was just being nice. Let’s talk about you for a second. You have been practically homeless all your life. All you are is some broke alcoholic who’s wasted his life away.”

“You shut up.” Dean shouts. Both Uncle Sam and you are taken aback by his screaming. It wasn’t odd for Dean to scold you for something you did wrong like break into his alcohol stash, or sneak out to go sit somewhere alone at three in the morning; but for Dean to yell at you like this, he must be on edge about something.

“I don’t care what I am. I could be dead for all it matters, but I am not letting you turn into me okay? I can’t let you become another pregnant teen who turns into some useless parent. So no, you aren’t going to that party.” Dean slams the laptop shut and walks away from the table.

“So that’s how you feel about me. I get it, everything was going great in your life until I showed up on the hood of your car. Nope, wouldn’t want me to have a terrible kid like yours. I’m sure a kid like me would turn you into some rage-filled monster like you.” Spitting the words at him, you find yourself disgusted with what you are saying and doing, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop.

Your father stops where he is standing, right between the two beds. Instead of yelling back at you, he simply shakes his head and lays down, turning on the tv and turning off the lights.

You turn around to face uncle Sam, he just shrugs at you and continues reading some article in the paper. Thinking about sneaking out, you decide to take a shower, knowing that’s when dad would put tape on the door. Quickly sitting where your father just was, you log onto the computer and get the webcam going. It wasn’t like Dean would notice, he could barely tell a galaxy from an iphone, and Sam didn’t like to get in your parent/child business. Thinking against just leaving the main screen up, you make it look like you were looking for a hunt.

After all of that is handled, the shower handle in the bathroom is beckoning you. You spend the whole time washing yourself  and praying to Cas, asking him to let your father forgive you for what you were about to do. Or even better for him to never find out.

In about two hours, your hair is dried, your outfit for the party is laid out under the sink in the bathroom, and you are 100% sure Dean has taped the door. Opening the door, you sigh in relief at the sight of the open laptop; Sam hadn’t touched it. Throwing your duffel on the table so it partially covers the tv, you notice dean has a bottle of jack in his hand, with another, empty, bottle on the night stand. It kills you inside to know you are the reason he’s doing that, but it’s pure insanity driving you, telling you do this, do that; not often do you get to do things like this, and you plan fully on taking advantage of the chance.  

Upon checking the laptop’s webcam, you are able to see Dean put the tape on the door right after you got into the shower, and… he put the roll of tape right in the nightstand. It was almost too easy, but you could clearly see there were no tricks, it was just that Dean didn’t really care anymore. After closing the laptop and making sure the door was unlocked, you hop into bed with uncle Sam. Usually you shared a bed with your father, but not tonight.

It isn’t long until Dean is knocked out, thanks to Jack Daniels, and it doesn’t really matter whether Sam is asleep or not. You toss of the blankets and throw your legs over the side of the bed. In the bathroom, you throw on a little black dress that had been stolen (by you of course) from a fancy dress shop many months ago. You pretended that it was a cursed object you were keeping safe. Both brothers knew the truth.

Quietly, you slide open the nightstand drawer. In it is the holy bible, but where’s the tape!? It’s nowhere to be seen. You feel your heart skip a beat, maybe you wouldn’t get out of the room after all. Well, of course you could still go out, but you would probably get caught. Noticing that the cover of the bible is sticking up, ocd instincts come through, and you push it down; except the bible doesn’t close, something is in it. Opening the cover, you see that the inside has been hollowed out. In the book is the roll of tape, ‘that son of a b*tch’ you think to yourself. Grabbing it, you throw it in your purse and close the drawer.

A couple minutes later, you are headed down the street, alone, at 11 pm. Not a circumstance girls usually want to be in, but you love being alone at night. The air is fresher in the dark than it is during the day, and the fact that no one else is awake to bother you gives you an exuberant feeling. With a bit more spring in your step, you make a turn down the street addressed on the napkin.

Right as you walk through the door, the heat hits you. Tons of bodies crammed into a one-floor house makes quite the heater. The first thing you grab is a beer someone left on the coffee table, and walk around a bit to get a feel for the place. Out of the corner of your eye you see someone put something in a girl’s drink; on a better thought, you leave the drink you found in the kitchen and go in the fridge.

There you find a whole stash of fancier drinks, wine and champagne, more your taste. You pour yourself a fancy white wine, and make your way back around the house. ‘Maybe you should go check out the other side of th…’ Your thoughts are cut off by a hand on your shoulder.

“Hey, I didn’t think you would actually make it.” Turning around to face the person talking to you, you see it’s the boy from the gas station.

“Hi” you say in your best frilly girl voice, “Thanks so much for inviting me, this part is great!” It’s hard to scream over the music.

“Yeah, you want to go somewhere a bit more quiet?” He asks. He, or Chris you remember his name, is way cuter in normal clothes than he is in his work uniform. He grabs your hand and leads you to a bedroom. It’s kind of odd that a whole family lives in this one floor house, but the wine has you too buzzed to really care. Putting your empty glass on a bureau, you take a seat on the huge bed.

The room isn’t big and it has no windows, and the fact that Chris locks the door behind him unnerves you. All of your doubts are put to the side when he lifts his sleeves up, revealing his very strong forearm. You take a quick breath before he sits down next to you. Shooting you a smile, he puts his hand around your waist and kisses you. Seconds later, he is on top of you. You don’t like it, you don’t like anything about this, but you want it anyways. Something about rebelling against your father gives you some type of high, a feeling of power and exhilaration.

Just as his hand is sneaking up under the bottom of your dress, you hear a flash of wings, big wings. Chris lips let go of yours as he turns around, and he jumps off of you at the sight of a tall man with bright blue eyes standing in the room. Sitting up, you quickly get yourself together, pulling your dress strap up and running your fingers through your hair. It was awkward for Cas to see you like this.

“Dude what the hell!? Were you in the closet? Man that’s freakin’ sick.” Chris shouts.

“Not as sick as taking advantage of minors.” Cas replies.

“Cas, seriously, what the hell are you doing here.” He has completely ruined your night; there’s no coming back from something like this. “I’m perfectly fine and he’s not taking advantage of a minor, he’s a minor too.”

“No he’s not,” Cas walks over so he is standing right over you. “Chris here is actually twenty years old and has HIV? Let me ask you Chris did you plan on using protection yes or no?” Cas gives Chris a look that could kill, you can practically see the smoke coming from his ears, he is fuming.  

Chris just looks at the floor, ashamed of everything being said.

“Dude, how do you even know all of that? Who are you?” Chris says.

“He is an angel of the lord.” You stand up, deciding to go through with one more rebellious thing before the night ends. “And he knows everything about everyone. His go is the chupacabra and satan is spongebob.” Cas gives you a questioning look.

“What?” Chris just has an exhausted look on his face.

“Nothing. You’ve done a lot of drugs tonight. Go to bed.” At this, you make your dramatic exit, Cas in tow. In a flash, the two of you are back in the motel parking lot, right in front of your room.

“Thanks Cas, for that.”

“What were you thinking?” Cas acted like your parent sometimes, and it made you feel cared about. “Dean has taught you better than this. Why…just why?” Cas looks deeply disappointed in you.

“I honestly don’t know. You know how I feel about this life, you know how much I hate it. My big dream is to not be a hunter, and I think that’s pretty sad. Sometimes, doing rebellious things make me feel like I am winning, like I will get to the life I want. I shouldn’t have drank and I should have been smarter, I get it.” Pleadingly you look at Cas, his forgiveness would give you reassurance. He just shakes his head and disappears.

Not even bothering with the tape, you just walk through the door. The light is on in the room, Sam and Dean are sitting at the table. Dean is angrier than you have ever seen him, Sam is half awake.

“Hey Dad.” You greet Dean as you shut the door behind you.

“Where have you been?” He spits through clenched teeth.

“Like you have to ask.” You scoff.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that. Not after the night i’ve had. You think I honestly went to sleep knowing what you would be doing? I’m not going to pretend like I can’t believe you did this, you are my daughter after all, but i’m sure as hell not okay with this. Do you know how easy it would have been for something to happen to you?” Dean runs out of breath and you take the chance to say what you need to say.

“I know I screwed up, okay? I know I shouldn’t have done that. It’s just the only way I can get rid of stress sometimes. It’s not like hunting is my dream job, but it’s the one I have. You drink, Sam dopes up on demon blood, and I go out at night. Sometimes I go to parties, but hell, usually I just go to some park and sit there. My point is, I know I made a bad decision by going, trust me I know now exactly what could have happened. So I don’t need you to yell at me, I don’t want you to be mad.” Your eyes start to water up.

Dean just looks at you sadly, and you run into his arms. The two of you stay like that for a while, almost telepathically telling each other that you forgive each other, that you were never mad or disappointed.

“Well, we’re here right now if you want to talk.” Sam says, Dean nodding along with him. Pulling away, you take the third seat at the table and smile at the two of them.

“Yeah I would like that. But first, popcorn?” Sam shakes his head and walks toward the microwave. You and your father share a laugh; it feels great to be back in the norm again. As much as you hate hunting, you love your partners.

Calum’s room at the Sheraton was dark, much like the night and the mood. When you walked into his spacious room, the only thing visible was the butt of his cigarette flickering dimly. You didn’t dare look at the outline of your boyfriend in fear of bursting out into tears.

“Hey, is everything okay? How was the funeral?” Calum asks quickly, hurriedly rushing over to you after he puts his cigarette out.

“It was nice. I think grandpa would’ve liked it,” You shrugged, pushing past him. You really didn’t feel like crying again.

“Are you doing okay?”


Calum scratched his head, watching as you take out a beer from the mini fridge. You tried to open the cap without any avail. Tears begin to form in the corners of your eyes. Dammit, this is exactly what you didn’t want to happen! Calum looks at you sadly, taking your body in his arms, kissing your temple.

“I hate feeling like this,” You sniffle, burying your face in his chest.

“Shhh.. Your grandpa wouldn’t have wanted you to cry. He’s in a better place, baby.”

“You don’t think I know that? I just, want him to be here with me.”

“I know. Lay down with me. We can watch indie movies on Netflix and cuddle. I’ll make my momma’s famous hot cocoa.” Smiling, you nod your head, kissing him graciously on those plump lips of his that you just loved to kiss.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Cally.” He blushes, squeezing your hand.

“Go lay down, sweetheart, and stop your crying. You know I hate seeing you upset.”

Hired to kill Part 4 - Requested (Calum)

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I hope you like it! Please read the other parts first if you haven’t: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

“Finally honey, I was getting worried”, you smirk to Calum as he walks in.

“Don’t”, he rolls his eyes.

“I was getting worried baby”, you keep smirking.

“I’m not in the mood”, he takes a beer out of the fridge and plops down on the couch.

“Though day?”

“Normal no?” his eyes fill with fire.

“You seem stressed”, you giggle trying to lighten up the mood.

“What do you expect when your best friend wants you dead”, Calum puts his hand before his eyes and rest his head back. A couple of days ago the devastating news hit you both. You got a conformation from one of your sources that Luke is indeed the person who ordered the hit on Calum.

“Can you act normal?” you move so you’re sitting next to him.

“It’s hard”, he removes his hand and his eyes look into yours. “You know I’m trying to figure out why, but I can’t. Nothing has changed, he’s still the same. He treads me still the same and the same as the others. I just don’t get it”

You rest your hand on his upper thigh, gently stroking it. He pores himself into your arms. You know he wants to cry his eyes out, but he keeps it in trying to stay strong for you. You rock him back and forth. “It’s okay Cal”, you whisper in his hair. Part of you hopes he will finally let his emotions free, but you also know if he starts crying, you can’t promise that you’ll keep it dry either.

“It’s not okay (Y/N). This world is so fucked up”

“I know”

“Do you?” he lets go of you and sits back, his eyes looking in yours. “It’s not only Luke, it’s you too”, you try to keep the hurt that comment caused to yourself, hoping he can’t see it in your face or eyes. “That your job even exists outside movies”, he shakes his head.

“I understand Calum and I don’t expect you to understand, but it’s not that I dreamed of doing this when I was a little girl”

“I know that”, he intertwines his fingers with yours. “Sorry”, he whispers. You pinch his hand saying it’s okay. Calum takes a deep sigh. “I don’t know what to do anymore”

“Well”, you start. “You have a few options”

“Like what?” the hope light up in his eyes.

“We can kill him or we can go to him and ask what’s up”

“Are that all options?”

“I only see one more. We can go into hiding”

“I think I like the last one the best”

“Oh really? You want to go hiding for the rest of your life? Leave everybody and everything to start new somewhere? You’ll always have the fear that someone is looking for you and will kill you when they find you. You’ll always be looking over your shoulder, never feel safe ever again”

“When you say it like that, it doesn’t sound like the best option”

“Just giving you a clear vision”, you smirk.

“What do you think?”

“You’re not up for killing him?” Calum shakes his head no. “Then I think we should try and talk to him”

“Okay”, Calum smiles weak.

“Feel better now?”

“Not really”, he laughs.

“If it helps I don’t think he will kill us himself”

“That helps a bit”


“Calum!? Are you ready?!” you yell. You look at your clock, you told him you were leaving ten minutes ago.

“Sorry”, he says when he’s finally standing before you. You immediately forgive him, cause you can see the nerves are playing with him. But one thing you see is pissing you off.

“You must be joking”


“I said black”

“Yes”, he looks down checking his outfit.

“You do realize that your flannel is mostly bright red. Go change”, you roll your eyes and pull your black beanie further down.

“Better?” he changed his flannel for a simple black hoodie.

“Much, come on”, you don’t give him any more time to faff around by opening the door.

“Is this really necessary?” Calum whispers from behind you as you’re sneaking through your building.

“Yes, you never know who’s watching”, you say reaching the back door. You gently open it and slip outside. “Cal!” you hiss and stop walking.

“What?” he whispers back.

“Why aren’t you behind me?” you raise your eyebrows.

“I was, I am”

“You weren’t! Always stay behind me, there can only be one step between us”, you don’t wait for an answer and start with crawling through the dark of the night. After a short walk you stop in an alley. You look up and see light coming through one of the windows of the building in front of you. You turn to Calum, who has listened cause he’s standing right behind you. “Okay, you have two choices”, you glance at the window. “You can come with me or you can wait until I call you. Your choice”

“I’ll wait here”, he decides quickly.

“Better that you come. I don’t want anything happening to you when I’m up there and you’re here”, you decide differently.

“Why did you even ask?” Calum sizzles.

“To give you the impression that you have a say in this”

“You failed at giving that impression”, he growls.

“If you picked the right option it wouldn’t have failed”, you growls back. The light above you goes out and that’s the sign for action. “Be as quiet as possible”, you tell Calum, climbing on the fire stairs. You can’t help the noises the iron make under you.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea”, you hear Calum say. His voice barely comes above the noise of the wind. You want to answer: it’s this or die, but you don’t say anything at all. Without making a sound you open the window and climb into the flat. When you’re both in, you sign to Calum to wait. You sneak into the bedroom. You grab the sleeping body, pull it out of the bed and tie it on a chair.

“Hey! What! Help! Stop! Let me go! Fuck!”

“You can come!” you shout to Calum through all off Luke’s shouting.


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Q. What do you think happens with Will and Hannibal after the fall?

A. I think they’re going to live a quiet secluded life for 4 years then start hunting.

Q. You said Hugh cooked for you once?

A. Oh it was a long time ago. I think it was in Toronto. He only helped a little and his wife did most of the work. He did a good job serving the beer though.

:) (source x)

blue night radio - 150823

jonghyun: everyone, please take out a can of beer quickly. what’s the best temperature for beer? two degrees (celsius)? two? close to zero…, four degrees? four degrees! please drink beer if you’re listening to blue night tonight. (…) has all the beer been drunk already? i guess there’s about half a can left? (laughs) then we’ll move on to the next song~. (source: cosmicsticks)

The business guywho paid you to fix his muscle car doesn’t look like he knows how to drive it so you make sure that he still has your info because it is going to be a large pay day for you when he burns out the transmission.

You walk to the pub that Abby texted you the name of. You’re early, but it’ll give you time to think of something smart to say to Abby. You order a beer and get pissed when you get carded. Not that you don’t have a fake ID. It’s just a hassle getting it out.

You take your beer to a booth with a view of a soccer game going on across the world. Your eyes are glued to it until you her your name. You stand up out of the booth when Abby walks up to you. She’s wearing dark blue scrubs and her hair is up, looking every bit the doctor she is.

She slides in across from you, “I see you started without me.”

You shrug, “I just got paid. I wanted to celebrate a little.”

Abby waves the bartender for the same thing you’re drinking and a double order of chili cheese fries.

You turn to her and ask, “How was work? Save any lives?”

“A few,” Abby leans on the table and shrugs modestly. The bartender brings the drink over because there aren’t a lot of people in the bar and slides a basket of chili cheese fries in front of you.

You take a deep inhale and sigh back into your seat. “This might be the best day of my life.”

Abby laughs, “You’re easy to please.”

“I am,” you pick up a fork and spear a fry. “Junk food and fixing things.” She shove it into your mouth as civily as possible. It is a million times better than you imagined. You moan. “The last time I had chili cheese fries was…over a year ago. My life is so sad.”

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