take off your colours

Percy Weasley

Always Attract
You Me At Six
Always Attract

Am I keeping you awake?
If I am then just say.
You can make your own decisions,
You can make your own mistakes.
I’ll live and let die
All the promises you made,
But if you lie another time
It’ll be a lie that’s too late.

That night I slept
On your side of the bed so
It was ready when you got home.
We’re like noughts and crosses in that
Opposites always attract.

  • Me : I wanna die ugh
  • All Time Low : Our new album comes out in less than two weeks
  • Bring Me The Horizon : We've working on new music
  • You Me At Six : We wanna do a ten year anniversary tour for Take Off Your Colours
  • Me : I guess I'll stick around a little longer then

On this day ten years ago @youmeatsixofficial played our first show. It was at the Guilford Youth centre to about 40 of our mates. It was a floor show, with a half working PA and we were mostly using our mates amps. I truly cannot believe how far us five have come, how many mind blowing experiences we’ve had and all the amazing people we have met along the way. To our fans old and new, thank you for everything. I love you for supporting us all this time. To Chris, Dan, Matt & Max, we’ve achieved great things, I hope the next ten years are filled with as many highs as the past ten. I love you all and thank you for being a massive part of my life. Cringe post over. - Josh Franceschi


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Water Duty

Request(s): nope

Prompt: Ice breaks under the character but they’re saved and there are blankets and hot chocolate and warmth.

Pairing: Murphy/Y/N

Word Count: 1k

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When winter first started, the 100 were worried. How would you live with the chill in the air? How were you not going to freeze?

Once Bellamy had rounded up everyone, and people got their heads together, they started to share tents, cut up more firewood, and started to create blankets from anything.

“Y/N,Murphy, You’re both on water duty”

You raised an eyebrow to the brunette, “Water duty. How are we supposed to do that?”

“I don’t know,” Bellamy shrugged, but gave a glare, “You two figure it out”

You looked at Murphy, who you had barely spoken to beforehand. You starting walking out the tent, as Murphy soon followed with a backpack.

Your feet kept moving as your mouth stayed shut, Murphy followed quietly, until you got to the woods.

“Where are you planning to go Y/n?”

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