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I'm hoping that it's Finn's hand reaching out (maybe to Rey, maybe to another person). I only watched it on my phone so I might of missed something that meant it was definitely KRs but I'm really hoping it's a big misdirect. It seems so much more in Finn's character to reach out for someone as well. It probably won't be bc they're ignoring Finn but you can hope right?

You know, I freaking can’t believe this just had me Google Kylo Ren in TLJ to have a closer look at his costume. I could think of few things I would want to do less today, but here we are.

Because you do make an interesting observation.

Here is the hand we see held out.

Black leather glove, black smooth sleeve and a non-patterned chest of the black shirt.

Okay, that would be Kylo right?

Or maybe not.

Here’s how Kylo looks just just before the cut to the outstretched hand.

And here is a larger view of his costume from EW

Please not that he has the same striped, layered sleeves as he had in TFA and his “overshirt” is a padded vest, the has vertical stitching across it.

So… even if he takes the vest off, unless he’s changed his clothes completely and now have a completely different shirt on, it can’t be him.

Finn on the other hand.

We unfortunately don’t see a lot of him, but here’s what we have

Now he doesn’t have a glove on his left hand, but while it is hard to tell with all the flash and light but he might have one on his right and we know that some First Order officers wears gloves. Funny how we apart from these very glaring shorts have nothing of Finn in FO uniform where we can see his hands. Even with the old promotional pic of him and Rose they are cut off at the chest.

Of course the code cylinders on Finn’s top vest aren’t in the picture with the hand, nor is the belt. But all Finn would have to do is take off the belt and vest - like maybe after a battle where it got torn and he don’t need it anymore anyway - and he would look exactly like the figure with the hand.

Considering all the falling, burning debris and everything, the shot with the hand and the shot with Kylo almost certainly comes from the same scene. But both of them also seems to belong in the “burning battle shots sequence” that we see Finn in. (That falling, burning debris again.)

So you know, I think you might be on to something. That the person with the hand could very well be Finn. 

Whoever it is, it sure as hell isn’t Kylo.

Prompt: Date Night!

It’s Fanfic Sunday! (Monday whoops, ran a little late because I got carried away with the writing) Prompt is Formal Event + aquarium date, suggested by an anon and the discord chat! <3 Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the read! Will try to do the other prompts next time! Read it under read more!

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An accounting of the day of top surgery:

  • I had to stop eating and drinking at 8pm the night before for a surgery scheduled at noon the next day.
  • I showered in the morning, but I was told not to put on any lotion or deodorant or anything so I didn’t, and then I had to put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear before we left the hotel. I brought the medicines I was prescribed just in case I needed them.
  • My mom and I arrived about 10 minutes early, and about 1 and a half hours before the surgery. We sat in the waiting room for a bit, and I got a wristband with my name and birthdate and stuff on it.
  • I didn’t have much paperwork to do because they had gone over that with us yesterday in the pre-op appointment, and over the phone and email in the course of the month leading up to the surgery date. They also gave me a post-op binder to wear a few days after the surgery if I didn’t like the ace bandage, and took my before pictures during the pre-op.
  • I had to take off all my jewelry, which meant 3 rings for me. One of the ring was the one my partner gave me, and it was stuck on my finger because I don’t take it off often and I guess my finger has grown and we had to use lotion to get it off!
  • They left my mom in the waiting room and I had to pee in a cup in the bathroom, which was a little worrying because I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink since 8 pm the night before and it was noon of the next day and I had used the bathroom before leaving the hotel so I was worried there wouldn’t be any in me but it was okay.
  • Then the nurse took me back to a different room, and I changed into a hospital gown and put on tight compression socks then got in a rollaway bed. She chatted with me as she did my blood pressure with the cuff, took my temperature, and asked if I had any allergies or if i had gotten surgery before.
  • I had a squeezey thing on each of my legs sort of like a blood pressure cuff to keep my circulation going well during the surgery. It didn’t hurt, but it was a bit of an odd sensation.
  • The nurse wanted to put the IV in, but I’m very nervous about that that type of thing although I’d never had an IV before so I asked her if she could bring my mom in for moral support, so my mom came. I also got my iPhone and earbuds and listened to my music to help distract me while I held on to my mom’s hand.
  • The nurse was going to put the IV in my hand, but she changed her mind and put it in the crook of my arm because I was anxious about it. The reason she’d put it in the hand usually is because you can move around more that way, and if it’s in your arm you have to keep your arm out straight and relatively still. I was pretty freaked out, but it didn’t hurt much and just putting in the IV was the most anxious or upset I felt during the whole thing.
  • Then the nurse showed us the drains and explained how they worked and stuff. She also went over the post-op instructions and medications.
  • She brought a thing where you were supposed to suck the air in to raise up a stick in it, but I wasn’t able to get it to raise high enough. They gave it to me to take back with us, and said I was supposed to try doing it 9 times an hour after the surgery to keep my lungs from getting collapsed because being in an ace makes it hard to take deep breaths and then the lung things can rub against each other and get irritated and cause pneumonia.
  • The anesthesiologist came and asked me if I had any allergies to medicine, and asked if I did drugs or drank alcohol (which I don’t) and if anyone in my family ever had an issue with anesthesia in the past. He also said that I’d have a breathing tube in during the surgery, which took about 3 hours, and that he’d take it out after and I’d be awake for it but not remember it at all, which is true.
  • A new nurse came in who introduced herself as the nurse who would be there during the whole surgery. She asked me what procedure I was getting, and I said top surgery. I was a bit worried that she didn’t know what was going on, but she had been asking to check with me to be sure we were all on the same page, like a last minute consent check. She told me that the lights would be bright in the operating room, but I don’t remember being in there.
  • Then Dr. Steinwald came in, and I got out of the bed and he drew on my chest with a marker to show me what it would look like after surgery and to give himself an idea of what was being cut where. Then I got back into bed.
  • The anesthesiologist told me that I’d be given Valium in my IV so I would be relaxed but conscious, and then I’d be wheeled to the operating room where I’d have to switch out of the bed and take off the gown and breathe in oxygen from a mask that smelled like a beach ball.
  • I don’t actually remember even leaving the room where I was with my mom, let alone going to the operating room or switching beds or anything. The next thing I knew, it was a few hours later and I was half-asleep in a different room with my mom there.
  • I was wrapped in an ace bandage that I have to keep on for a few more days before I can switch to a compression vest, and I had two drains in.
  • I was pretty nauseous despite the anti-nausea stuff they put in my IV and the nausea patch behind my ear, and I threw up on and off for the next two hours there when I woke up but there wasn’t anything in my stomach because I had to stop eating at 8 pm the night before. They put more anti-nausea stuff in my IV, but it didn’t work.
  • The nurse emptied the drains twice while I was there, but I don’t remember it. I kept falling asleep for like 3 to 10 minutes and then I’d wake up again and not know where I was, and they took my temperature to see if I had a fever and I didn’t.
  • My mom said I was pale and there was a thing on my finger to monitor my oxygen and a blood pressure cuff on. The oxygen levels kept getting low, and the nurse had to wake up me up take deep breaths and I’d do that and fall asleep again. This was happening for the two hours I was in the recovery room.
  • They tried to offer me saltine crackers, ginger ale, and water because people are usually hungry after the operation but I didn’t want it because I was feeling nauseous. I also got two black bands to go on my wrist to help with the nausea.
  • I was in a paper gown, and before we left I had to change in to my clothes, and then a woman took me out to the car in a wheelchair. My mom thought I should have stayed longer, as I was feeling pretty sick although I wasn’t in any pain.
  • I was sick in the car a time or two although I thought I was awake in the car because I had been trying hard not to fall asleep so I wouldn’t get carsick, but my mom says I was pretty much asleep the whole trip.
  • When we got to the hotel, I walked through the hallways with my mom holding on my arm, and when I got to the hotel room I was sick again then got into bed and fell asleep for about 2 hours.
  • I was sick when I woke up again too. Then I had the first dose of pain medication at 7 pm.
  • I texted everyone reassurances that I was okay for a while, then after a bit I tried to look at some apples slices and threw up again. It also turned out that the anti-nausea pill I had swallowed was supposed to go under my tongue.
  • We emptied the bulbs on the drains, and there was a bit more than 30 ccs of blood in each. Then I went back to bed. Mom woke me up to get the next dose of pain medicine at 1 am. I was wary about the Percocet because they said it can make you nauseous and I think it might be making me constipated because I haven’t had to poop yet.  
  • I wasn’t allowed to unwrap the ace bandages or take off the compression socks. After 48 hours I can take off the ace bandages and the gauzey stuff under and put on a compression vest, and in 72 hours I can take off the compression socks. I get to see my chest for the first time later in the week.

The first day after top surgery:

  • I haven’t thrown up today and I’m not nauseous! 
  • I’m not very hungry either though, but so far I’ve had a bagel and some grapes and a protein fruit shake drink.
  • I feel okay, just kinda tired 
  • I spent a lot of time in bed listening to music, and I got up for a short walk down the street. 
  • I’m not in any pain because of the medication. 
  • I didn’t do the breathing thing yesterday, so I’m trying to do it more often today.
  • I started to take an antibiotic pill today which tastes gross.
  • The compression sock hurt the ball of my left foot because it’s a bit too tight I think. The right foot and leg are doing fine though.
  • It’s going to be some time before I’m up to my usual level of activity because I’m not supposed to do anything that brings my heartrate up for 4 weeks after surgery.
  • I’m feeling optimistic though because years down the line I’m going to have a flat chest and it’ll make the recovery worth it.

More posts on my top surgery recovery can be found at https://questingqueer.tumblr.com/tagged/my-top-surgery

I’m happy to try to answer any questions someone might have, but I made a Top surgery page on @transgenderteensurvivalguide so check there before you ask me because there’s a chance your question is covered in that info. 


Genre: romance/fluff/COMEDY
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 3334 words
Summary: You somehow ended up in a cell with your best friend Jungkook

You sat next to him as you were sending death stares to each other. God only knows why you were trapped inside a cell with your best friend on a Friday night. If truth was to be said, you and Jungkook were caught in a heated fight, barely a few minutes ago, with him arguing as much as he could, and you, throwing his favorite vase off the balcony because you hated his handsome face. Did you really fight over his good looks? For sure it was one of the few reasons why you were even arguing in the first place. You were innocent that was for sure, but after being reported for obstructing the ‘’peace’’, you were called in at the office. The Irony of this, is that the so-called best friend is a cop as well.

“Officer Jeon, Seems like your badge is pretty useless at times like these” you commented arrogantly while crossing your arms over your chest

Jungkook follows you inside the cell, head hanging low with a very stiff posture. The last thing he expected from this Friday night was to end up inside a cell with you.

“Don’t get me started.” He turns around “I may be a cop but it still doesn’t mean that obstructing the ‘peace’ is allowed.” The boy ruffled his hair in a fury

“You can’t even do your own job properly, yet you’re here talking” you rolled your eyes

“I beg your pardon, but you’re the reason why we’re here in the first place” jungkook combs through his black bangs

Arguing with him was now your specialty. Both of you could go on and on for hours arguing over the smallest things. These days have been pretty sensitive due to your admission in med school. Jungkook screwed up again and you were on the verge of losing control when it happened.

“Oh, so now you’re going to put the blame on an innocent girl? I almost feel offended, officer.” You reply sarcastically

“ Innocent my ass, you were shouting at me barely 30 minutes ago and you even threw a goddamn vase off the window” he grabs the bars as he stares at his workmates laughing at him “ My favorite pink vase” he fakes a sob “ I liked that one so bad”

“Oh boohoo.” You cringed your face “Why do you even plant flowers in the backyards anyways! It always takes up the place. You’re a cop not a gardener”

“Flowers smell good and are beautiful, unlike a certain person” he sends you a side glare

“Excuse me?!” you scoff

“What?! Go wash your hair before telling me off, miss I-haven’t-washed-my-hair-for-three-days –because-of-school”

“What a neat freak. I didn’t have time because I has a shit ton of finals to take care of. LIVE WITH IT.”

“Exactly! Do you know that It’s a pain in the ass to live with you?” he stares at you

“Look who’s talking! You never wash the dishes and you’re practically a prince living at our place”

“Why do you bring my lifestyle onto this? I never asked you to be my wife. No one even has to cook because I only eat cereals and ramen. You should be thankful to have me as your roommate” he sighs “Why are you even mad about this? “

“You’re really annoying, you know that?” you groan “Tell goodbyes to the three meals a day I used to provide for the past year and a half.”

“Why?” he makes a meme face

“Because you’re a cheater” you glare at him

“I didn’t do it” jungkook buries his face in his hands “I swear on   Overwatch’s very existence that I didn’t do it ”

“Jungkook, you don’t realize how embarrassed you’re making me whenever you lie”

“I never lied about that!” jungkook sighed “It’s not like we got laid or anything like that! Why you are even fueled up about this issue! I have no girlfriend, so I’m not even cheating”

“You’re cheating on our friendship” you smack his arm

“I said, it wasn’t me for f*ck’s sake” jungkook grunts annoyingly “I don’t know if you have trouble understanding or if it’s your brain that has a serious issue, but I did not f*cking cheat” he turned around

“You didn’t cheat of course” you commented “You still f*cked or should I say, you’re still f*cked”

“I didn’t cheat” jungkook scowls “I’m always fair play when it comes to games and you know that!”

Jungkook’s workmates were having a blast trying to figure out the situation between both of them.Jimin was holding his cup of coffee in his fingers while Taehyung was munching on some chocolate flavored donuts. Meanwhile Hoseok was still typing in a few more details about their latest case, on the computer.

“Are they talking about a game?” Jimin whispers in taehyung’s ear

“I almost thought they were talking about a girl for a second” taehyung whispered back

“They’re obviously talking about video games.” Hoseok nodded with that irresistible smile

The cat fight was persistent on the other side of the cell, yet jungkook chose to put it to rest with his next action.

“Ugh…” jungkook sits down and takes off his vest to lay it on the ground “You can keep on talking to the walls. I’m going to sleep”

“You obviously feel no remorse since you feel comfortable about sleeping in a cell” you chuckled heartlessly

“I basically live in this police station, five days a week, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be comfortable here”

“Who’d ever hear you would think you’re a criminal” you rolled your eyes

“Yes, I steal hearts for a living” he makes a small heart with his index and thumb

“No jungkook. You make me barf for a living” you pretend vomiting

“Enjoy your youth, shorty. It’s not every day that you get to be inside a cell. With a handsome man on top of it” jungkook lays on his jacket cockily “Just take a moment to admire my sharp jaw. Instead of complaining. You can actually see it up close with no interruption this time”

“ You’re so f*cking cocky even in moments like these” you raise your brow “ Your jaw is so feminine along with your stupid lashes and that so called nose  , I don’t see what’s there to see. “

“Or maybe you can roast me while we’re at it” Jungkook sighed “My jaw has more structure than your life ever did” he laughed at his own joke

“Keep it down, Jeon” Hoseok shouted “No roasting is allowed in those cells, even though y’all are very entertaining to watch” he chuckled

“I wasn’t roasting, just stating facts here, Officer Jung “Jungkook bowed his head cutely

You decide to walk around inside the cell as jungkook was comfortably laying on the cold floor. The more you inspected this room the more disgusted you were. The scent, the coldness and the rusty vibe all over the place, gave you everything but comfort. It was your first time being inside a cell, yet your best friend was sitting there as if no harm was done and everything was alright. You both remained silent for a few more minutes before you suddenly started to bang your head on the nearest wall while murmuring the same few words

“Ugh, why am I in a cell with him”

“Because we sinned together” Jungkook replied with no warning as slowly sat up

“Did someone talk? I can’t seem to hear anyone” you pretend he’s inexistent

“So childish” he glares at you before bringing his knees closer to his chest, like a child would.

“Right back at you” you shoot daggers through your eyes

“Let’s make up already” jungkook shakes his shoulders cutely as he slowly walks your way

You slowly back up as he gets closer and closer to you. Your back hits the cold bars and Jungkook takes this opportunity to grab onto the bars on each side of your head, trapping you between his body and the cell itself. It was just like a fun game for him. You were being alert, anxious and angry, and he was taking advantage of your state to have a little bit of fun.

“We are not making up” you hold your head high as you stare directly back onto his dark orbs

“We are going to make up. Mark my words”

He lowers his head to close the space between your faces, now brushing the tip of his nose against yours. You shiver and ponder in your head, if the reason why you were feeling so nervous was due to the fact that this cell was extremely cold, or because Jungkook was having some effect on you.You chose to shrug off the thoughts from your head and push his rock hard chest with your index. Jungkook doesn’t even budge form him spot, as your small finger had nothing to win against his inhuman physical strength. He always had the advantage, whether it was about being imprisoned or cornering you inside a cell. You’d somehow end up being at his mercy.

“Get off, right now” you mutter under your breath

“I don’t think so” he presses his face on your cold shoulder

Jungkook’s workmates were just as confused as you

“What are they doing?” Jimin raised a suspicious brow

“Uhm…it looks like they’re being intimate, sir” Taehyung covers his eyes

“Officer Jeon does all sorts of things” Hoseok sighed “Let him be”

A million thoughts were running through your mind. You wanted to push him off but couldn’t bring yourself to do it. It wasn’t long before jungkook cut off your thoughts with his next action.

“Come on!!” he grabs your arm

“What?” you frown

“Let’s enjoy the next 24 hours we have left together in a cell” he pulls your small frame in his arms with no warning

“Let me go!” you struggle to get off his embrace as his muscles are tightly wrapped around you

“Come on. You’re a small bean and I’m a very bored bunny. Let’s mingle and call it a fun night” he whispers on your neck

“No one is allowed to mingle in those cells Jungkook” Jimin authoritative voice shouts from his desk

“I was just playing, Officer Park!” jungkook replies “But I still have extra handcuffs with me” he wiggled his eyebrows at you

“What on earth—“your eyes rounded as you felt heat reaching your cheeks

“BDSM Isn’t allowed either” Taehyung burst out laughing “I swear to god, I wish we could arrest entertaining people like you every day, it’d be more hilarious at work”

“Officer!” you stare at jimin “Please tell him to let me go” you whine

“Hugs are allowed for mental support” Jimin winked at you

“He’s not even hugging me! He’s trapping me!” you groan “Tell him to stop crushing me with his annoying muscles!”

“I’m not risking my safety over this. Officer Jeon usually picks up the things that annoy him and throw them somewhere” Jimin comments “I don’t want this to happen to me”

“What are you? Godzilla?!” you turn around to stare at jungkook in puzzlement “These guys are your superiors and you do those kind of things to them?” your jaw drops

“They’re good at obeying” jungkook replies cockily “As long as you got strength, power doesn’t even matter here“he raises a sexy brow

“What a WEIRD POLICE STATION” you stare at everyone

“We get that often” Hoseok nods

“It’s fun being in a cell, to be honest” Jungkook slowly frees you from his grip “I get to spend time with my best friend” he hugs your arm like a cute child

“Get it together you dumb bun, we’re in a goddamn cell because the police showed up at my place”

“I’m a cop and I’m always at your place. I never saw you freak out whenever I showed up with my cop uniform there” Jungkook backed up

“You’re just Jungkook okay! You’re not a cop” you argued

“But I graduated from Law school! I have my own badge. I arrested over 25 people over the last two months. Why would you think that I’m not qualified to be a cop! You better acknowledge me!” he scowls

Jungkook’s workmates found themselves laughing at the hilarious conversation

“Officer Jeon, seems like you’re not as qualified as you pretend to be” officer Jimin chuckled from the side

“Shut up Park Jimin” jungkook glared at the man

“Where did the hyung go to? Should I remove your promotion, for disregarding your superiors, you little brat?” Jimin threatened

“Hyung” jungkook sighed “Sorry” he apologizes with no sincerity whatsoever

“What if they end up keeping us here for longer” you fake a sob on his shoulder

“We didn’t kill anyone, we just fought. You won’t get imprisoned for life. It’s just 24 hours”

Jungkook stared at his surroundings before gazing at you a few times. He knew what would ease the tension.

“Hey, there’s so many fun stuff to do in a cell” Jungkook stares at you “Come here” he pulls your arm so that you sit close to him

“Like what? “you ruffled your hair “ Jungkook, it might not be that unusual for you because you’re always at the police station, but I’m just a normal citizen! What will mother say about this” you smack his arm

“I’ll just cover up for you then” jungkook scowls “ Now come here and let’s play rock paper scissors to pass time”

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” your jaw dropped

“I mean, wasn’t it the same when we were in elementary school? During recess time, we were surrounded by a huge fence, yet we still had fun. We were imprisoned back then as well, where’s the difference?”


“We can play truth or dare” jungkook snaps his fingers “Or even better! We could take this whole cell thing as an excuse to cuddle or something”

“You better stay away from me or I’m suing you” you point at him

“I get that a lot these days” he winks at you “People like suing me for my illegal sexiness” he rolls up his sleeves

“What is he saying now?” you sigh

“Come on, Y/N! Let’s do something fun! It’s not every day that we get the chance to be stuck in a cell together for 24 hours” he pokes your waist

“The chance?! What is lucky about this? Have you lost your mind? “You nudge his arm “Why am I friends with you.”

“I brought a pen with me” Jungkook blinked cutely “Let’s draw a few bunnies on the walls while we’re at it. As a memory~”

“What is good about this memory? Do you expect me to tell my future children that I got arrested and remained in a cell for 24 hours with my friend, as we both drew bunnies on the prison’s wall” you scoff

“It honestly feels like we’re back in old school days’ right?” Jungkook giggled as he took out his pen to draw cute bunny ears on the wall

“Why are you giggling?! Jungkook, stop laughing. This isn’t the time to be laughing” you grabbed his arm “Please get me out of here”

“What can I do?” he shrugged “Even, I, as a cop, has to get sentenced just like you. Let’s just live with the consequences we brought upon ourselves” Jungkook draws the big bubbly eyes of his bunny “Damn, he looks like me” he points at the half-drawn bunny

“Stop drawing self-portraits of yourself and listen” you whine

“Stop over dramatizing everything and learn from your mistakes” he uses his other hand to mess your hair in the process “We fought, you broke something and we got in trouble for it. Next time we’ll behave like mature adults do, that’s all”

“I’m not overdramatizing” you slap his hand away “You may spend every day working next to this cell, but I’ve never been in a cell nor was I ever arrested in the past”

“Then enjoy your first time here” Jungkook blinks “Why make a fuss about it when it could be the most thrilling 24 hours of your life? I always wondered how it felt to be on the other side of these bars”

“You’re a crazy piece of shit” you shake your head

“More like a positive minded piece of shit” he smiles sarcastically

“Jungkook” you whine again as you lean your face on his back as the boy keeps on drawing bunnies

“What?” He asks you “Are you going to complain again?” you feel his voice vibrating through his back

“It’s just a little cold in here” you wrap your arms around his waist

“What an amazing excuse to back hug me” He smirks as he keeps on drawing “You’re smitten over my beauty” he makes a sassy facial expression

“I hate cells” you muffle your face on his toned back

“Cells as in cellular composition or prison cells?” Jungkook laughed at his own joke

“You think you’re so funny.” you pinch his waist

“Ouuuch!!!” he jumps because of your touch “I will sue you for physical abuse”

“Come on Fetus, you like getting physical anyways, so it shouldn’t even bother you in the first place” you poke his waist as you press your chin on his shoulder

“There’s clearly a difference between hugging someone and pinching them! This is not my type of physical encounter” he frowns as he slowly pushed you away from him “ I will go take a nap now” he grabbed his wrinkled vest and laid it on the floor once again  

“ Jungkook, I’m well aware of the fact that you work here in the police station, but didn’t it occur to you to think about what prisoners do in these cells for 24 hours?! They could be peeing all of over the ground and you’re sleeping there. It’s disgusting”  you furrow your brows  

“Well technically they pee in a cup” Jungkook comments “this is also why I insisted that we share the cell”

“EXCUSE ME?!” you shout

“Are you going to obstruct the peace here too? Calm down Juliet. We’re just here for a few more hours” he made a pillow with his shoes

“If you didn’t get it yet, usually men and women are in different cells, but I insisted we get imprisoned together”

“And why is that? Why can’t you have a single brilliant idea for once AND GET US OUT OF HERE“ you sighed

“Because I know you were going to freak out as soon as we get there, so I thought I might as well be there as your mental support”


“That’s what best friends are for right?” he smiles at you

“No, that’s what idiots do, you stupid son of a fetus” you smack the back of his head

“This so called son of a fetus has a job unlike you” he frowns “It hurts too” he pouts “Love me!” he pulls you into his arms once again

“Ew Ew We ! I’m not laying there!” you try prying his hands off you

“Stop being so stuck up and be cool for once. Med school turned you into a germaphobe, but may I remind you that we used to roll in mud back then in elementary school?”  He pulls your waist close to his body “Now let’s just sleep and get tofu tomorrow morning”

“Why tofu?” you blink

“Well, we did stay in a cell overnight. Might as well keep it traditional and buy tofu after being released” he stares at you

“Why am I his friend” you bury your face in his chest “I HATE YOU JEON JUNGKOOK”

Jungkook feels your muffled screams vibrations through his toned chest and he chuckles at your sight. He sure had lots of fun in that cell.

“We should get arrested more often.” He laughs at you as he secretly writes your initials next to his on the wall with a heart surrounding them


Fantasy Daddy Simulator -- Final Fantasy XV x Dream Daddy Headcanons (Part 1)

Okay, I’m far too impatient to wait until this is all finished. SO HERE! Have the first part to the FFXV x Dream Daddy headcanons. c: It’s fun to write, that’s for sure, and it’s cool to think about the fun scenario of all these single dads. I hope you guys enjoy the day I go on our Fantasy Daddies though!
(So weird to say that, not gonna lie…)


  • Let’s add about 15-20 years on these boys. Give them time for the children to grow older.
  • Let’s also say they live in that cul-de-sac area just like from Dream Daddy.
  • And the children are just me throwing dumb thoughts your way. Because yay for thinking up of headcanons (and child characters unmentioned!).


Featuring: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, and Gladiolus Amicitia

Noctis Lucis Caelum – Divorced, Father of Three Boys

Likes: Fishing, Sleeping In, Telling Stories About The Good Ol’Days
Dislikes: Veggies, Cooking Heathy Things For His Kids, Not Being Able to Fish or Sleep

  • He was married to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret as part of an arranged marriage ordeal. But as time passed, they came to realize that they never really got the live they life they wanted to when they were immediately married at twenty-years old.
  • So they mutually divorced, yet they still remain very big and important figures in their kids lives, despite having a shared custody over them.
  • Noctis takes the kids for a month and then they alternate back and forth. But luckily for Noctis, Lunafreya just lives up the road, so they boys can really just pick where they want to go.
  • The boys ultimately decide that they’d rather live with their dad more than their mom. No offense to Lunafreya, really! They’re just, you know, more okay with Noctis being a chill dad than with Lunafreya being a proper lady mom.
  • Noctis is the kind of dad who will pretend to be asleep until noon on his days off, refusing to get up even when his little boys would jump on him and demand his attention.
  • Or demand food. Can’t they just make ramen like how Uncle Gladio taught them? Damn… Now he’d have to break out that emergency cookbook Ignis made him.

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Old Times: Chapter 1

Contents Page

Damien was busily working away at the pile of papers laid out on his desk, as a man knocked on the door. Confused, Damien put down his pen and called, “It’s open.”

A man in a blue suit vest came in, taking off his hat to reveal a teal head of hair. He looked up, holding his hat to his chest, and smiled.

“Definitely an upgrade from the old studio you had, eh Damien?” He slyly said.

Damien, shocked, stood up and hugged the man in front of him. He returned, and looked at Damien square in the eyes, his smile unwavering.

“Jackson! I didn’t expect you to be coming!”

“That’s the point of a surprise trip, Dame.”

The mayor motioned towards his desk, “Please, sit.” He said, walking over to his chair. Jackson set his hat on Damien’s desk, and looked around.

“Well, I hafta say, never though you’d run a city! Thought you were gonna be living as an intern fer the resta ya life!” Jackson teased, smirking.

Damien shook his head and smiled, “I thought you’d just be a filmography fanatic for the rest of your life.”

“I still am a fan,” Jackson started, “I just work in the job now. Ireland’s great this timea year, you know?”

“If I find time, I’d love to come visit, sea boy.”

“Sea boy?” Jackson smirked.

“You’re in the Americas, you came from Ireland, and your hair. It’s turning blue nowadays. Plus, your Irish is showing true.”

“What can I say? I’m Irish through and through.”

“Well, it’s good to see you’re doing better than you were back here.”

Jackson had come to Damien’s junior high from Ireland during the second quarter of the year. He was a nervous wreck, a film fanatic, and all around a nerd. People made fun of him constantly, mostly of his accent and his hair. He’d had it dyed that way since elementary, apparently. Damien and the now district attorney had been some his only friends, but the bullying never really stopped for him during junior high. High school was different, he wasn’t bullied as much anymore, and by the end of the year it had stopped completely. By the time university came around, the group of friends they had accumulated had gone separate ways, Damien and Y/N went to a local law school, Mark went and landed an acting job locally, Will disappeared into the wilds for a while, and Jackson traveled back to Ireland to pursue a job in directing and filmography in general.

“It’s great back there! My accent wasn’t a cause of bullying, and I’m actually working on a film with a big team right now!”

“Jackson, congrats!”

“Thanks Damien, it means a lot ta know you still care for me.”

“How could I not? You were a great friend to have, even if it was only for a few years.”

“You know, we should take a walk around town sometime soon. Get to see how much the city has changed over the years?”

“Sure! How long are you staying?”

“I’ll be here for a week.”

“Well, how about Saturday? I’m heading over to Mark’s manor for a poker night later tonight.”

“Wait, Mark is still here?”

“Yeah, he never left. He’s been living in his old house for a while now. Will’s gone, however.”

“Dang, well I’d love to come to see him later.”

“He just randomly invited us over.”

“Wait, us?”

“He invited Y/N, William apparently, and some detective as well.”

“So everyone will be in town?”

“It seems so!”

Jackson stood up, smiling, “That’s great! I’d love to see them all again!”

“Well, I hate have to cut this short, but I must be getting ready. Jackson, it was amazing to see you again.” Damien stood.

“Indeed it was! See you tomorrow?” Jackson queried, grabbing his hat.

“Oh of course!” Damien got out from behind his desk and shook hands with Jackson. Jackson set his hat back on his head, and waved as he walked out the door.

“I’ll save my next words for you, friend!” was the last thing he said.

That was the last Jackson ever saw of Damien. He kept his promise, however. He never spoke unless it was to Damien, which was impossible since he had died at that damn poker night. He never spoke another word aloud, so he learned sign language, taught himself how to have a conversations with others. His movie was a success, but he never talked. He still never talks, he’s a man of his word after all. Even after death.

So it’s NaNoWriMo, and I wanted to write a quick little story of Jackson and Damien. A little head cannon I’ve had for a bit. Hope you enjoyed! I’m going to try to write a bit more in this month.

@chase-brody-protection-squad said they might want to see this, so here ya go.

"I'm glad you guys don't make very much"

So this story happened a long time ago but I just now realized this would be the perfect place to submit it to. (10/20)

So background.

I work at Mart of Walls and they’re very strict about not working off the clock. If you'e off the clock you take your vest off and you don’t do anything. This is important to this story.

I’m coming back from lunch and I’m holding my vest in my arm to go clock in and this lady and her teenage daughter flag me down and asks me where the jerseys are for our local sports team.

I apologize to her and explain I’m actually on my break.

“Oookay I understand that to a degree but I just need to know where X jerseys are”

“Well actually I don’t know that either I don’t work in this department."  I’m a cashier so I don’t know where everything in the store is! We sell hundreds of thousands of items!

She raised her eyebrow and looked at my vest and went "What was your name again?” I looked down and discretely turned my name badge so she couldn’t see it.

She scoffed and went “This is why I’m glad you guys don’t make very much.”

I love (some of) my managers because I asked one of them later if I did the right thing and she went “This is why we should get paid more, to deal with people like you! Yes you did the right thing. We’re not supposed to work off the clock.”

TL:DR A lady asked for my help while off the clock and when not only could I not help her because I was off the clock but I also don’t work in that department she got mad and said she was glad we don’t get paid much. Manager sides with me.


“Get in the car love,” you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Harry was in an outfit you knew he must’ve gotten from a costume shop. “Why are you looking at me like tha?” You had to cover your mouth with your hand to try to hide your laughter. You knew he had just gotten done filming with James but you didn’t expect to be picked up for lunch by Harry wearing a mesh tank top and a leather vest.

“Aren’t you cold?” You knew he would roll his eyes but you couldn’t help but laugh as you climbed into the passenger seat of his car. “I mean with all those holes? Are you sure you’re even properly dressed for lunch lovey?” This just rolled his eyes again as he shook his head before watching you buckle up before putting the car in drive.

“I feel a bit overdressed actually.” You couldn’t help but full on laugh at him, he just smiled that signature Harry smile that let you see all his teeth and his dimple. “But wait, this will make it a bit more casual.” You watched him pull his sunglasses off the neck of his tank top and slide them on, he looked over at you and gestured to his now complete look and you couldn’t help but laugh even more as you shook your head.

“Harry you look like you’re about to either go perform with Magic Mike or sing the YMCA!” You choked out in between fits of laughter. Harry just let out a dramatic sigh as you tired to contain your laughter. He looked over at you when you finally managed to get your laughter under control and you just shot him a smile.

“I’m getting the sense ya don’t like my outfit love.” His tone seemed serious but you knew him better, you knew that under those dark shades his eyes were glowing a lighter shade of green and you could tell by the way he was bitting the corner of his lip that he was fighting to hold himself together. “I’m really offended, I picked this out knowing you like to get an eyeful of my chest and this is the reaction I get? A fit a laughter and giggles!” By the end of his little rant he has lost his composure and was now just smiling like an idiot and you couldn’t help but once again be caught it a fit of giggles.

“Oh I love to get an eye full of the chest Harry but you might as well just take the damn tank top off and wear the vest alone!” He put the car in park in front of the restaurant before looking down at his outfit and then he looked out his drivers side window before looking back at you. You unbuckled yourself so you could lean over the center consul and take the collar of his leather vest in between your fingers feeling how soft it was. “I mean this is really soft I’m sure it would feel good on your skin.” Your voice was low but you knew he heard you when you heard him take in a deep breath and exhale through his nose.

“Now love,” his hand was grabbing at your hand that held his vest in it, giving it a good squeeze before bringing it to his lips for a quick peck. “That wouldn’t be proper attire for lunch.” He added and you just rolled your eyes at him as you took your hand out of his.

You grabbed your purse before climbing out of the car and you smiled at the valet man who took Harry’s keys, you reached and interlocked your fingers with Harry’s as the two of you walked into the restaurant. You felt Harry’s grip on your hand tighten as he pulled you closer to him so he could place a sweet kiss to the top of your head as the two of you waited to be seated.

“Maybe you can wear my vest when we get home love.” Was all he whispered to you before dropping your hand and shooting you a wink as he slid his glasses up and into his hair. You knew your cheeks were turning red by the heat that rushed to your face. He always loved getting you riled up in public, and here you were the one red faced while Harry walked around in a ridiculous outfit in a crowded resultant.

“It’ll look better on you.” He added as he took the seat across from you, he gave you this smug look because he knew what he was doing to you. He could tell by the flush of your cheeks what you were thinking about and that just made him smirk even more.

“Cheeky today are we Styles? Is all this leather and mesh getting to you?” You teased and he just rolled his eyes and reached for your hand that was sitting on top of the table. “You gonna add this to the normal rotation?” You couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of him wearing this outside a second time. Harry just huffed as he dropped your hand and crossed his arms over him chest.

“Don’t poke fun at me, I happen to like how breezy it is” His tone was playful and you knew he wasn’t upset with you, he knew this outfit choice wouldn’t ever be considered for a second wear. You looked at him and gave him a smile as you leaned over the table and placed your left hand on his cheek.

“Maybe I will wear the vest then,” you whispered as you brushed your thumb up and down his soft cheek causing him to lean into your touch. “But just the vest.” You added before you suddenly dropped your hand from his face causing him to stumble a bit from the abrupt loss of contact. He looked at you with slightly wide eyes and you couldn’t help but smirk as he was now the one with flushed cheeks.

Y’all I just cracked myself up so badly oh my god I’ve got tears in my eyes

Look the bros must have absolutely insane tan lines, not only that but just general endeavors with the sun

You guys

Noctis having the worst shirt tan line, and oh my lord his gloved hand. His gloved hand tan line. He takes off the glove to go take a shower in the hotel bathroom and oh my god you cannot help but burst out laughing because it’s just this huge strip of pale-ass skin. It’s like a watch tan line but 25 times better

Prompto may have all the sunshine in his soul but his body reacts terribly to it. This boy could get a sunburn during a snowstorm. All the bros use sunscreen but Prompto uses the most and he gets a neopolitan tan because he’s so pale underneath his clothes, and he sometimes takes off his vest if it’s particularly hot but there’s the tan line from the vest and oh my lord. So at the end of the day there’s his pale skin under his shirt, there’s this sliver that’s burnt and there’s the rest of his arm that miraculously tanned over and it looks hilarious (and you take lots of pictures)

Gladio has his chest out all the time and then those tank tops, man oh man, he doesn’t get any tan lines torso-wise but his legs oh my GOD. You pranked him one time and snatched the change of clothes he had for post shower, and when he came out of the bathroom you burst out laughing because now you know where Casper the Ghost’s legs are, Gladio stole them, my god he’s just so pale underneath his pants

Ignis regrets his choice of gloves sometimes because he’ll take them off and you’ll just laugh because just his thumb and the four knuckles are tanned and the rest is just pale af. And my lord the rest of him is just as pale, y’all know he shows the least skin out of the bros, and he just has this distinct line right at his collarbone from his tan.

you guys i can’t breathe i’m laughing too hard help me

i can’t stop imagining the boys with tan lines

anonymous asked:

hi could you do a time traveler! hyungwon au where he tries to save someone but is to afraid to tell that something bad is about to happen? also i love your blog so much!!! T v T

thank you!! here is a time traveler!hyungwon based off dramarama~
tw: mentions of blood

  • hyungwon knows he’s not supposed to mess around with time, well at least not mess around with it “too much”
  • sure, small altercations with little to no changes to the space time continuum are ok - but something like saving a person from death? that,,,,,,isn’t a small altercation,,,,,,that’s a big rip in the conscious and future of many different people
  • but ,,,,,,,, hyungwon breaks that rule - or at least, he knows he has too after watching your limp figure surrounded by ambulances
  • strangers gaping at you, the scream of someone close to you when they arrive at the scene
  • hyungwon looks down at his pocket watch, 5:14 pm
  • his eyes flick back to the scene and there’s blood, there’s EMTs, and the car that hit you is,,,,,,,nowhere in sight
  • still holding the watch in the palm of his hand, he sighs - winds it back to thirty minutes ago and braces himself for the warp that takes him back to how this all started
  • you, walking up the block, listening to a new album on your phone and smiling at a text from a friend
  • hyungwon had just been enjoying a cup of coffee, preparing himself to warp back into the future when he catches a glimpse of your profile in the cafe window
  • for someone who has seen the elegant beauties of the eighteen century to the futuristic models of twenty-fifth century, hyungwon doesn’t know what about you draws him up out of his seat
  • minhyuk, the cafe’s cashier watches him curiously - hyungwon is quite a sight in a structure pinstriped suit, that old pocket watch settled in his vest. he looks like some character from a noir film. minhyuk assumes it’s just an ‘aesthetic’
  • but hyungwon opens the cafe door, watches a bit of your hair whip in the wind and follows a few steps behind till you’re at the crossing sign
  • you look up, waiting for the light to turn green and when it does you step forward
  • hyungwon does as well, but then stops, something pulls inside his chest. danger is coming.
  • and in a split second, a speeding car comes swerving from side to side - the driver ignores pedestrians who jump out of the way
  • the only one, too slow to react, is you 
  • and hyungwon slows time - for himself - watches in slow motion as your eyes go wide, watches the driver in the front seat not even attempt to push a break
  • and he sees the impact, letting the time reverse back to normal
  • for a minute, people push past him as he stands there, someone calls the police, someone screams out for help
  • and now, thirty minutes later hyungwon rewinds his pocket watch again and this time he’s determined to stop it from happening
  • there he is, at the door of the cafe, your hair whips again in the wind and hyungwon this time sees that it’s color shimmers in the sun
  • he speeds of his pace, gets to you right as you step forward to cross the street
  • and he moves, long legs giving him a graceful like glide, to stand in front of you
  • looking up, you pull a headphone out of your ear and stare
  • the man in front of you, with glittering brown eyes and slicked back hair, is handsome. an actor? you think, only to open your mouth to ask what he’s doing 
  • then you feel it, a gust so strong that it nearly blows you back along with the loud sound of engines,,,, 
  • the man in front of you wraps both his arms around your waist, shields you from the huge wind that comes from an expensive looking car that races down the street
  • it speeds away, people shouting after it in anger
  • and you close your eyes, face nestled against the fabric of his suit - his smell, a light but enjoyable cologne 
  • when he let’s you go, you aren’t sure of how to react
  • “h-how did you know?”
  • you stutter and see his lip twitch before it turns up into a smile
  • “about the car?”
  • you nod, still star struck and stunned
  • “you wouldn’t believe me if i told you.”
  • he answers, and you notice that your hand is resting against his chest
  • maybe it had been in an effort to push him off you, or to cling closer when you heard the car speed by
  • either way, you feel something as you take your hand off, your palm brushes something in the pocket of his vest - it’s round,,,,,,,,a watch?
  • for a second neither of you say anything, till the man pulls the watch you felt out and murmurs something about having to get back on schedule
  • but you don’t want to just let him go, after all he did,,,,save your life
  • “wh-what’s your name?” you ask as he settles the watch back in its place
  • “my name? hyungwon.”
  • you repeat it and then moves you easily to the side as other pedestrians begin crossing the street
  • his touch is feathery, delicate - not like his embrace which had been tight and protective
  • “thank you,,,,hyungwon,,,,for saving me.”
  • he let’s his eyes wander your face, almost like he’s trying to remember every detail, then adds “don’t mention it. just, live happily from now on?”
  • it’s such a weird thing to say, but you nod as his arm falls from your shoulder
  • suddenly you get the feeling that you’ll never feel this touch again
  • “perhaps ill see you,,,,,,,,,,,,in the future?”
  • he flashes a smile, turning to walk back down the street which you came from
  • you see his tall, graceful silhouette and don’t question the fact that if he’s walking back that way -that means he’d have to have turned around to see you crossing the street,,,,,,,,unless he somehow knew,,,,,
  • you tell yourself it’s coincidence, but in your heart you feel it was something more,,,,,,,, 
  • when hyungwon hears back from the higher ups which he works for they tell him to never play ‘guardian angel’ again. he shrugs, says that for that one person - for you - it was worth it.
How Was Your Night?

Another Loki x Valkyrie I wrote out. I’ve got a few other short drabbles planned out for them. I hope I can get them written. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one.

How Was Your Night?

It’s nearing midnight when Valkyrie returns to her room. She’s not nearly as drunk as she could be, but she does wobble a bit when taking her shoes off. Everything else stays on, she doesn’t feel like fighting with her buckles and belts and clasps. She just wants to sleep.

She all but falls face first into the rumpled bed. The blankets are twisted, lumped together and Val lazily fights with them until she’s under them. When she’s finally comfortable, her eyes drop shut and she settles. Sleep is only a few moments—

Someone is watching her.

Val tenses, her body going rigid and her jaw clenching. It takes her a moment because she keeps her eyes closed but eventually she hears a huff of breath.

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice me before.” He’s not whispering, but his voice doesn’t disturb the quiet of the room. “A little too much ale?”

“Not nearly enough,” Val replies. “You just got here, I heard you…materialize.”

He’s silent for a moment and Val slowly opens her eyes, setting them upon him instantly. He’s in the corner, dressed in black shadows and eyes glinting. Val raises an eyebrow at him.


Loki smirks at her and shrugs. “Did you have a good time with Thor?”

Val narrows her gaze at him. Trying to decide whether or not his question is double-sided. “A drink is a drink. No matter who’s buying.”

He blinks at her answer. Val shifts in the bed and rubs her eyes. “Is there something you wanted or did you just drop by to make sure I wasn’t screwing your brother?”

Loki snarls at her, his lip curled up. “He’s not my brother.”

Val rolls her eyes and pulls a pillow to her chest. She burrows into the pillow. “So you’re confirming that’s the reason you’re here?” She drawls out, closing her eyes.

Loki sputters a bit, glaring at her from across the room. “Are you always like this?”

Val shrugs. “Usually.”

He gets to his feet and begins pacing at the foot of her bed. “I don’t understand you.” He said more to himself than her.

Val looks at him. “What’s there to understand?”

“My brother adores you, he’s always up under you working to hold your attention,” Loki grumbled. “It’s nauseating.”

Val laughs loudly, picking up to her head to fully look at Loki. “And here I thought the God of Mischief would be way better at hiding his jealousy.”

Loki glares. “I’m not jealous.”

“Clearly.” She deadpans.

He keeps on pacing and she returns her head to the pillow. “If you’ve got nothing else to say—“

“What are you going to do once we get to Midgard?” He interrupts her. Green eyes watching her intently.

Val shrugs slowly, she hasn’t really considered it. She knows that humans look like Asgardians, just weaker but Bruce is the first “human” she’s ever seen. And he doesn’t even really count.

“Dunno.” She says finally. “Guess we’ll see what I do when we get there.”

Loki looks at her from the corner of his eye. “You will follow Thor.” He states. “Fight at his side, until the end.”

Val closes her eyes. “Probably, to be fair though.” She pulls the blanket up over her shoulder. “You’ve kinda already beat me to that.”

His footsteps hesitate for a moment as if what she’s said has caught him off guard. Val breaths deeply, nearly ignoring him in favor of the sleep that’s starting to cling to her.

“I do not follow him.” He sounds offended. It makes her lips twitch up.

“Look,” she sighed dramatically. “Either get in or get out.” She held up the blanket behind her.

The silence stretches to the point that her arm hurts from where it hands in the air. Val rolls her eyes open and squints at him.

The god is standing at the foot of her bed. He’s frowning at her, confusion clear on his face. Val notes that he shifts nervously and meets her eyes.

“Well?” She cocks her eyebrow at him.

Loki hesitates. “You’re sure?”

Val looks at him blankly. “I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t.” She lets her arm drop and rolls fully back to her side. The pillow pulled close to her chest. “Get in the bed Loki, I’m tired.”

She settles into the pillow, ready to hopefully sleep until noon the next day. For a long moment, the room is completely silent; Val wonders if Loki’s disappeared and she missed it.

Then the floorboard creaks and the foot of her bed dips down. He’s slow in his movements, removing his shoes and pulling off his shirt. The bed dips more and closer to her, the covers lift and a heavy weight settles behind her.

Val counts out her breaths slowly, waiting for Loki to relax.

“I do not understand you.”

Loki presses his chest to Val’s back, her armor digging into his skin. Under the blanket, long fingers trace her covered back.

“Maybe I’m not for you to understand,” Val says lightly. “You can’t know everything.”

He taps a finger against the bottom buckle of her vest. “Take this off.”

Val smirks, her hand reaching down to guide his to the front easier clasps. “You take it off me.” She says simply.

Loki keeps his movements slow. His hand taking its time with each one. Bowing his head forward, the god pressed a kiss to the back of her neck. He freezes after he pulls back, he’s just now realizing what he’s done.

Val bites her lip and rolls back against him, she’s tucked closed and stares up at him.

“What’s wrong?” She asks pointedly.

Loki shakes his head. He’s only got two more claps to go before she’ll be able to slip the garment over her head.

“This is not how I expecting this to go.”

Val snorted, closing her eyes and gripping his forearm. “Right, you thought I’d be screwing Thor.”

Loki growled in his throat. “I knew you wouldn’t be.” He snipped, leaning down close. “He’s not your type.”

“So you came to my room and asked about him why?” She ignores the second half of what he said. Whether or not Thor is her type is irrelevant.

His shoulders jerk a shrug and cranes his neck to bite her ear. “Was curious to hear your response.” He whispered.

Val shivers a bit, pressing her shoulder closer to him. He’s working purposely slow on the last clasp. “You were looking for a fight.”

Loki grins, pinching her earlobe between his teeth. “Possibly.”

When the last clasp on her vest comes undone, Loki slides his hand back down her torso. He grips the hem of it and rugs up. Val pushes herself up, sitting so that she’s balanced and can lift her arms. Loki pulls the vest over her head, pausing halfway through to gather her hair and move in out of the way of the buckles.

Once she’s free of it, Val takes the vest from Loki and tosses onto the floor. They meet eyes as she settles back into the bed.

“You didn’t have to try to start a fight you know.” Val reaches up and tucks some of his long hair behind his ear. “Coulda just asked to come to bed.”

Loki rolled his eyes and leaned down. “I’ll have to remember that for next time.” He grins and kisses the corner of her mouth.

“Next time.” She muses. He moves to kiss her chin and Val ducks her head down. Pressing her lips to his roughly and sloppily.

Loki brings his hand up to cup her cheek and tilt her head. Guiding her closer to him and deepening the kiss.

Soon it turns heated, as she arches up against his bare chest. Their skin warm and soft against each other. Val fists one hand in his hair, pulling him back from her a bit.

“This doesn’t change anything.”

He’s laughing before she’s even finished her sentence. Loki cranes his neck against the grip she’s got on his hair. He kisses a line across her collarbone.

“Of course it doesn’t.” He agreed, skimming his fingers over her right nipple. “It can never be anything. And we know that.”

The End


(Credence Barebone x Reader) A Safe Place [Pt.4] [SMUT]

Title : A Safe Place [Pt.4]

Request : No

Smut/Warnings : Yes/blowjobs, eating out, fucking, slightly rough, mentions of abuse

Word Count : 4,717 (HOLY SHIT IKR)

A/N : i present to you… CREDENCE BAREBONE SMUT!! God this fic took me forever. I kinda think he’s kinda OOC, sorry for that. There still will be the last part for this series. One or two, not sure. Anyway, enjoy this y’all sinners lmao. I might write some more Barebone smut because let’s face it HE DESERVED BETTER. Oh btw requests are open!

Tagging @moonlight53 @weasleywickedwarlock @ichooseyouprocrastination

First : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154409724774/credence-x-reader-a-safe-place-pt1

Previous : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154634234094/credence-barebone-x-reader-a-safe-place-pt3


The next day after the incident starts off as usual, but without Tina coming with the both of you. She’s still in bed, unlike her usual, workaholic self. “She’ll find something to do, let’s not worry about it too much,” Queenie says to you. Even though she says so, you can feel the worry in her tone.

You want to wake Tina, to say that it will be alright, but you’re not so sure yourself. What will she do in the future? Will she work with the No-Majs? Or will she remain like this? The thoughts about it shudders you. As you take the last bite of your toast, you raise the wand and the plates and silverware magically march to the sink to be washed.

Seeing everything is under control, you and Queenie bid your goodbye to Tina and head to work. You silently hope she will find a good way to cope with this soon.


You can’t concentrate on your work, not because you keep thinking about Tina, but because of something – someone – else. You keep thinking where did he go and if he is okay. You didn’t see him today, not in the corner of the streets you passed, nor in front of a public building. Usually he would be there, giving pamphlets while waiting for you.

As read the wand permit stacking on your desk, you notice Abernathy is being too kind to Queenie than usual. Sure, you know he’s head over heels with her, but that doesn’t mean he has the right to be that awfully close with your sister.

By close, he’s currently sitting on her desk, trying to take her to dinner which she ignores as she sends you a knowing look. You chuckle, and think to yourself so she can hear it.

‘Want me to do some tricks?’ you think.

She looks up, and raises both of her eyebrows in agreement. Drawing your wand from your purse, you sneakily swing it towards him, as you mutter a spell under your breath. Soon enough, Abernathy sneezes, and he does it in front of Queenie, without closing his mouth. You hold in your laugh and do it some more.

Abernathy keeps sneezing, and Queenie is absolutely disgusted. She slaps Abernathy and he excuses himself in mid sneezes. After he left the room, Queenie looks at you disapprovingly, yet happily. She mouths a thank you as she cleans herself. And she adds, ‘it’s disgusting’.

‘You’re very welcome. Even though it is disgusting, at least he will not have the balls to talk to you for some times,’ you think. Queenie replies to you with a smile across the room.


You finish work early, since there’s not much to do in the beginning, and you managed to get several hours head start of going home. Queenie had asked you to buy groceries, and you’re more than happy to help her with it. Who knows, you might see Credence on your way home.

As you bid goodbye to the doorman, you walk to the general store near the park on your way home. Seeing the park reminds you of Credence. No, everything, reminds you of Credence. You can’t help but worry about his whole being. And you still remember the kiss you shared with him. You crave more of him.

Entering the store, you are greeted with the sweet smell of flower; the storekeeper is restocking flowers near the cashier. You’ve known the storekeeper since the three of you moved here in New York, with him and his wife being a wizard too. It’s always packed with No-Majs though.

“Lighting up the mood with some flowers, Mr. Jones?” you greet the shopkeeper. He’s in his mid fifties, both of his sons is outside the city, travelling together.

“Ah, [Name]! I suppose I am, since it has been either snowing or raining here,” he replies.

“Where’s Mrs. Jones?” you ask him as you scan the shelves full of goods. You take a bag flour, a box of teabags, and some sugar. You continue to fulfill the list in your hands as you talk to Mr. Jones.

“Oh, she’s in the back, baking some pies. Do you want some [Name]?” he offers.

“Oh I shouldn’t, you’ve been very kind to us Mr. Jones,” you say as you walk up to the cashier.

“Now don’t be like that. The three of you are already like my own daughters. Abigail! Can I get some of those pies over here?!” he yells to the back.

As he packs your groceries to the paper bag, Mrs. Jones walks to the front with a fresh baked pie in hand. She’s content in seeing you, and immediately packs the pie too.

“Tell me my dear, are you a fan of blueberries?” Mrs. Jones asks you. You nod, and a smile breaks on her face. “Then you’ll love this blueberry pie I made!” she exclaims.

“Oh I love everything you make, Mrs. Jones,” you say to her.

After paying the lovely couple and say your goodbyes, you walk home with hands full of groceries, not to mention the pie and a bouquet of flower they also gave you. You’re having difficulties walking, for the groceries in your arms blocking your view.

Suddenly, you bump into someone, which sends you falling, and your groceries spilling everywhere. Thank heavens you still manage to keep the pie in your hands.


“[Name]…? I-I’m so sorry…”

Your heart races as you hear the voice you missed for so long. You look up, and see Credence kneeling in front of you, his hands held out towards you to help you stand to your feet. His clothes are slightly wet, hair disheveled, and face a bit dirty.

“Oh my God, Credence! Where have you been?! You look awful!” you exclaim as you take his hand, brushing your coat.

“I… I don’t know…” he answers. He seems lost, and you dare to guess he hasn’t eaten any food since morning. Probably since yesterday.

“Okay, you’re coming with me then!” you decide. You pick up the fallen groceries, and put it back into the paper bag. Then, when you’re settled, you start to walk again, only to be stopped by Credence who puts his hand on your arm.

“…Let me, um, help you,” he says. He hesitantly takes the paper bag in your arms, and the bouquet of flower too. You link your arm with his, and lead him to your apartment.

“Thank you Credence, you’re such a gentlemen,” you say.


When you reach the front door, you ask Credence to be as quiet as possible, afraid of Mrs. Esposito kicking the three of you out of the building. Lucky enough, once you enter the building, you hear a fairly loud snore coming from the first room. She’s having her usual afternoon nap.

Credence surveys the building, his eyes going everywhere as he silently follows you upstairs. With every step you take, you grow even more nervous. You’re bringing a man into you and your sisters’ apartment, and it’s not an ordinary man, it’s Credence. The man who you shared your first kiss with.

You unlock the door into your apartment and let Credence in first. The room is the same as you left it this morning, with an exception of there are Tina’s clothes drying near the fireplace, the thread of string which holds the garment floating magically. There are several dishes being washed, indicating someone – Tina – was here not long ago. She must have left.

“Well… Welcome to my humble abode. Let’s get you warm, shall we?” you say, putting the pie on the dining table.

Credence, amazed by the magic in the room, stares in awe. The warm lighting in the room gives him a tingling feeling in his chest. You take the groceries in his hand, your hand brushing against his. You don’t seem to notice though. You then proceed to place each one of them in their own places.

“Can you take off you jacket please? Or maybe your vest and too… I’ll wash and dry them, if you want,” you say.

He seems hesitant and scared at first, but he obliges. He takes off his jacket and vest, handing them to you. You take them both and take out your wand. With a swing of your wand, you send the clothes floating to wash themselves. Credence looks at you in amazement, still taking in the fact that you’re a witch.

You step into your room to change into something more comfortable, a simple dress hanging loosely down your body. Thin and loose, yet compliments your body. You walk out of your room and find him still standing near the door.

“Now… Would you like some tea? Or cocoa maybe?” you ask him. He nods, and you take his arm and guide him to the front of the fireplace. You cast aside Tina’s hanging clothes and let Credence sit by the fire. You guide his freezing hands to near the fire, and he cringes in the process.

“Credence…” you speak. He doesn’t answer and shows his hands to you, which is painted with newly crimson scars. You heal him again with your magic, and kiss his knuckles, to calm him down.

Then, you guide his hands again, warming him up. “Just relax, okay?”

As you’re about to stand to make him the promised warm drink, he stops you by holding onto your dress. He looks like he’s about to cry, and you immediately crouch down to his level.

“Love… Are you okay? Did she hurt you anywhere?’

Tears stream down his cheeks, and he starts sobbing. His sobbing is so heartbreaking, that you can’t help yourself but hug him. He cries to your dress, making it wet, but you can care less.

“I’m here Credence. I love you, I love you. I’m here, my love, I am here,” you calm him down. He grasps onto your dress tightly, not wanting you to leave, even though you know you’re not going anywhere.

“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?” you ask, rubbing circles on his back as you gaze into his teary eye. He blinks, and even more tears stream down, but he nods. You kiss his forehead, as you scoots a little to lean onto the couch.

You caress his hair lovingly, constantly placing careful kisses on his face. His breathing slowly calms down, and you conjure a handkerchief to wipe his tears and snot. Once he’s fully calm, yet still puffy eyed, you lead him to sit onto the couch and make him the cocoa.

You hand the mug to him, and he holds it in his shaky hands.

“What… What’s wrong, Credence?” you hesitantly ask.

“I… I want to show you something…” he begins. “But… Please don’t leave me… And I know you will be afraid… But please…” he says desperately.

“I won’t leave you. And I will try not to be scared.” you say with certainty in your voice.

He looks around, looking for a secluded place to do it, and you notice his nervousness. You stand and guide him to your bedroom, locking it behind you. You sit on the edge of the bed, anxiously looking at him.

He stands and takes a step back, and a black smoke starts to emanate from him. You know it’s not some ordinary smoke, for it doesn’t have any smell, and there are red sparks of fire in it. Your heart races from fear, but you try not to look scared. You know that, whatever this thing is, is Credence.

The smoke keeps getting bigger as the vessel, his human body, disappears into the darkness of the smoke. The smoke may look terrifying, but it’s calm nonetheless. A mix of black dust and sparks of fire, swirling into a vortex. Slightly, you can hear a sobbing inside it. Credence’s broken sobs and cries for help.

Shakily, you stand to your feet, and walk towards the smoke. Your fear subsides, to be replaced by pity and sympathy. Hands reached out towards the core, the smoke stops moving, and envelopes you in it. You sense the smoke around your body, its dust swirling, touching, and floating around, all in a slow motion.

Your hand touches something solid, and the smoke slowly form the face the man you love. His eyes are shining white, but the light is dulled with his tears. It displays all of his fear, sorrow, and depression, all of them in his eyes. He is afraid. Afraid of rejection from you, someone who he trusts fully for the first time. He is showing you all of him.

You raise your other hand and cup his face in your hands, bringing his forehead to yours. The smoke disappears, and solidifies back to his body. “I’m here Credence. I’m here,” you tell him over and over, as if a it’s a spell, chanting it to calm him down.

“A-Aren’t you afraid…? O-Of me…?”

“I am, at first,” you start, as your hands travel to his own, gripping it with reassurance. “But I know it’s you, so I am not now,” you say, kissing his cheek.

“B-But I don’t even know what I am… And I-I destroy things, I almost kill people…”

“I know what you are,” you say, looking at him in the eyes. “You are Credence. I know that you know who you are, and you I know you don’t do all of them on purpose.”

You wrap your arms around him, hugging the slouched body. He hugs back, lean his head to your shoulder, cries onto it. “Ssshhh… It’s okay, I accept you for who you are. I love you. All of you.”

As the smoke completely disappears, back to his body, you ask him to sit on your bed while you make the long forgotten promised mug of hot drink in the kitchen. He shakes his head, and hold onto your arms.

“I- I still want you to see every part of me, for wh-who I am,” he says. Vulnerability thick in his voice, with trembling hands, he unbuttons his shirt, one by one, revealing his bare, scarred chest. You gasp when you see his skin underneath, his scars showing a tragic beauty in it.

“Mother… When s-she’s not satisfied with my palms… She also does it here…” he claims, guiding your hand to his chest. As your soft skin comes in contact with his scars, you can feel his pain and suffering. Everything that monster he calls mother has done to him… Your hand carefully caress the scars, from his chest, to his shoulder, then to his back as you pull his shirt off and slowly get closer and closer to him.

“Does it… Still hurt…?” you ask, running your fingertips to his face. He tilts his face towards you and say, “No, but I still remember every single one… Like it was yesterday…” he says.

“Do you… Do you want me to heal you…?” you hesitantly ask.

“I… To be honest… Yes, but… I want you to see me, or… Maybe love me, like…” he pauses and motions to his body, “…this. This broken and ugly self…”

“Credence… Stop… Stop saying you’re ugly, because you’re not. You are beautiful. Especially your kind hearted soul and I don’t want anyone else but you,”

Hearing you say that, the uncertainty in his eyes and voice slowly fades away, and he takes your lips in his. The kiss wasn’t like the first one you shared, this time, he is more certain of what he wants, about how he feels, and about you.

You gave him the assurance he needs. And he needs nothing else. Just you.

As he kisses you, you swiftly slip your tongue into his mouth, taking him by surprise. His face is beet red, and his body is stiff as a statue. Still kissing, you guide him to lay down your bed. You break the kiss, a trail of saliva between yours and his mouth.

Breathless, he lays underneath you as you straddle his hips. You lean down and kiss him again, this time, his hands ___ going to the side of your face and neck. As your left hand holding your body from falling to his, your right one goes between your heated bodies, to his abdomen, and lowers to his crotch. He gasps sharply when your hand palms him through his trousers, the garment getting tighter by the second.

“I-I-“he stutters, lost for words.

“Can I do it Credence…?” you ask. “Can I give it to you? Will you let me?”

Panting, he nods and you palm him harder, giving pressure to the hardening manhood. He grits his teeth, and his hands go from holding your face to grasping the sheets. You kiss his face to make him relax, taking your right hand from his crotch. He sighs and whines in the lost of contact, and you seductively smile at him.

“Be patient, Credence. I want you to see me for who I am too,”

You take out your wand, and you swing it to your dress. You place your wand on your bedside, and as you do so, your dress takes itself off your body. It goes floating to the inside of your closet, and hung neatly.

You’re left with your underwear – a bra, a loose corset, and a pair of panties.

His hands twitch at his sides, and you chuckle.

“You can undress me, if you want,” you say.

“W-Well… I- Uh, do you want me to…?”

“I do, Credence.”

You sit on his lap, feeling his hard manhood underneath your folds. You bite your lip to prevent a moan from escaping. Credence sits up, and his hands go behind your back.

You lean your head against his shoulder as he attempts on unclasping your bra. After a few attempts, he looks flustered; embarrassed that he cannot do such a simple task.

“Here, here, let me help you,” you say as your hands go to your back, and unclasp it in one swift motion. “It’s okay Credence,” you say, pecking his lips. “I usually can’t do it too.”

You slide off the straps from your shoulder, and Credence holds his breath when he sees you do it. He darts his face to the side, obviously embarrassed at the sight, yet curious of you.

“Don’t be shy Credence,” you say. You take his hand and bring it to your breasts, and when you do so, you feel his cock twitching inside of his trousers. His breath hitches on his throat, and he looks at you with a bright, red face.

“It’s okay, I will not be angry. You can touch the other if you want to.”

He realizes the fact that if his mother knows, the amount of punishment he will receive might kill him. Lust is one of forbidden things in the house of Barebone. But with you, someone he loves and trusts, he can’t help it.

Credence shakily raise his hands to the other breast, and you sigh when his cold hands comes in contact with your breast. Your nipple gets hard, and he fiddles it between his fingers, curiosity plastered on his face. You whimper when he does so, and Credence, satisfied with the sound you made, does it harder to the other one.

“A-Ah! Credence! I- Ah!”

He remains silent and experimentally licks your nipples, and begins sucking it with his mouth. You gasp again at his newfound confidence, and tangle your fingers in his hair. He keeps sucking, licking, and biting, while playing with your other one, playing it like a toy.

You pull his head back, tearing his mouth from your nipple, and kiss the base of his neck. You leave butterfly kisses from the base of his neck, up to his earlobe. You also constantly licks his neck, and he moans when you do so.

He lifts you briefly, and puts you down beneath him, as his hand goes to the back of your waist, pulling the string of the corset. He takes it off carefully, releasing you from the tightness of the corset. Credence then looks at you, unsure what to do.

“T-Take my panties off,” you say breathily.

He obeys, and he pulls down your panties slowly, with both of his hands. You shudder when your wet folds meet the cold air, and Credence seems to be in awe seeing your naked body.

“Now… Y-You can try anything you want…”

He looks up, surprised. “A-Are you sure…? What if I hurt you…?”

“I will speak if it hurts… For now… I want you to do what you want,” you answer.

Credence breathes in, and he begins his exploration of your body, slowly. He moves backwards, to the edge of the bed, and starts from your feet. He kisses your ankle, and then trails more kisses to your knees, all the while worshipping your body. Not to mention his long, slender fingers who caress your skin softly.

“You’re so beautiful… Like a goddess… My savior…”

He moves higher, to the insides of your thigh. You’re extremely sensitive in the area, and with every kisses he gives, your breathing turns into pants.

“Oh my God, ah!”

“A light in the darkness…” You cover your face with your hands, ashamed of the expression you make.

“My sweet, my love… Please…” he says, uncovering your face by taking your hands in his, and he kisses your knuckles the way you did. “There’s no need to be ashamed of…” Even though his words are thick with adoration and honey, you still feel the fear and the nervousness in his voice. You make no comment on this though.

He hesitantly spreads your legs, and dips his head in between. He licks the wet folds, and your hands immediately grasp the sheets. You thrust your hips upwards, and he takes the pleasure to another level. Credence, with less nervousness, starts lapping your cunt, licking and dipping his tongue inside you.

“H-Holy shit, Credence! I- I-“

He keeps doing so as he notices the small bud near your cunt, and he touches the bud with his finger. You gasp again when he does so, and he replaces his finger with his thumb, and makes a circling motion.

As he picks up the pace, you can feel the tension building in your lower abdomen. You’re getting close. You just need that push.

“C-Credence- P-put your finger inside of me-“you say shakily.

He conforms and inserts his index and middle finger deeply inside you. You arch your back and let out a moan. “N-Now, pump it in a-and out.”

He does what you asked him to do, and begin pumping his fingers in and out of you. Just then, he hits the right spot, and you let out the building tension. You cum onto his fingers, and he watches in shock.

“Credence… Have- Have you ever done t-this before…?” you ask him as you hastily pull his face to you. He shakes his head and he welcomes your lips to his. “Because you’re such a professional in doing that,” you mumble between the kisses. You wipe his hands with your sheets, and he looks in wonder.

“Now,” you begin, switching places with him, where he’s beneath you this time. “Your turn.”

You pull down his trousers and his briefs forcefully, letting his cock spring free. He hisses when you do so, the sensitive head wet with precum.

“Getting really excited, aren’t we?” you say as you take his cock in your hands. You slowly pump his manhood from the base, and he throws his head back, moaning your name as well as enjoying the feeling.

You take the cock into your mouth, and begin licking his head feverishly. The salty taste fills your mouth, and you hollow your mouth and suck it harder. Then, you take all of him inside of your mouth, only to be able to take 2/3 of it because of the length of his member. You bob your head up and down, and he keeps groaning and grunting your name.

Once you feel you’ve built enough tension, you suck his head hardly, while you pump his base with your hands.

“[N-Name], I- I- Aaah!!”

With a scream, he shots his cum into your mouth, and you take it generously. You gulp down the salty liquid, and wipe the spilled cum on your hands and mouth. Credence looks at you in disbelief, with lust and love shining from his eyes.

“Now… To the main course…” you say to him. Your hand goes to his now soft cock, giving it a few pumps. Slowly, Credence’s cock is getting hard again.

“Credence,” you call his name. He looks at you.

“I love you,” you smile. He smiles back, and says, “I love you too.”

“Oh, by the way, can you um… Take the small pink box there?” you ask him. He glances to your bedside, before digging into the cupboard, and take the requested box. He gives to you, and you take out a condom, and toss the box aside.

You rip the foil in your hand, and put on the condom on his cock. Then, you position yourself on his manhood, before easing yourself slowly. He groans when you envelope his dick in your cunt, your walls tightening around him.

You move sensually, feeling his dick inside of you, stretching your walls. You begin moving, thrusting your hips, and riding his cock at the same time. He thrusts up every time you thrust down, deepening the sensation, expanding the range of his cock inside of you.

Credence feels he’s losing control of the darkness over the sensation, and he’s gritting his teeth as he tries so hard not to. Black smoke starts to emanate from him, filling the room. You notice this, and encourage him to be in control. You lean to his ear.

“Let go, Credence. Be in control… Dominate me.”

Your words were like a switch to him. In an instant, he flipped you over without taking his dick out of you. With you now beneath him again, he pins your hand to the sides. He slowly let some of the black smoke out of him, but not completely that he loses his body. He suddenly thrusts forcefully into you, making you cry in pleasure.

He keeps thrusting hard, and with each thrust, the smoke seems to move on its own, matching Credence’s motions. Your moans and his grunts fill the room, mixing into one sinful symphony. He bites down onto the nape of your neck, and you cry out his name. He doesn’t seem to hear, for he has lost control.

“Credence! Ah! I-I’m going to cum again-“

He replies with a kiss, biting down your lip as he does one last thrust which sends you over the edge. You come onto his dick, and he comes into the condom, filling it fully.

As he regains his consciousness, the smoke disappears back into him, and his body collapses beside yours. You wipe the sweat on his face, kissing him on the cheek.

“[Name]… D-Did I…?”

“You did, and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” you pause, poking his nose. “Very much,” you giggle.

He gives you a warm smile, before his looks turn into horror as he notices the bite mark on the nape of your neck. He apologizes profusely, and you calm him down by saying it can be healed with magic. Still, he looks guilty, as if he just accidentally kicked a puppy.

You want to cuddle with him, very much so, but you know your sisters might come home soon. So with your magic, you clean yourself and Credemce, clean the room, and get dressed. He looks genuinely exhausted, but you have to send him home.

As you bid your goodbye to him in the dark alley beside the Second Salem church, with one last kiss on the lips, you Apparate back to the apartment, leaving Credence with a mixed feeling of happy and sad.

He will sure to be missing you. And he will definitely see you soon. For he is now certain that he has found a safe place.

Daryl finding an abandoned baby with you would include:


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• Both of you not believing your eyes as you find a baby in the middle of the woods while you’re on a run

• Daryl picking them immediately up, telling you to look if there are still some pieces of evidence of the parents around just for you to find nothing and no one

• Him taking his vest off and wrapping it around the baby trying to keep it warm before driving back to Alexandria while having to smile as he sees the baby laying in your arms

• Both of you taking them to the infirmary, already being asked who you think should take care of the baby just for Daryl to suggest cautiously that you both could raise them

• Him telling you that this could be the way for you two to start a family and that he secretly wanted that with you for a long time now

• Him quickly developing fatherly feelings for the baby as soon as you both begin to take care of them

• Him calling the baby “Little asskicker” until he lets you decide what you’re gonna call them

• Him sometimes spending nights holding and dandling the baby if they just can’t fall asleep and doing everything for their wellbeing

• Him now going reluctantly on runs, not really liking to be without you and the baby but using the opportunity to search for useful things for the both of you

• Him trying to remember how you all handled Judith and sometimes asking Rick for advice when he just doesn’t know what to do

• Him treating the baby as if it’s your own and showing openly how much he would do for their safety

• Him just loving to see you holding the baby while realizing once again how much he loves the both of you and beginning to think about suggesting to extend your little family one day


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Can you help me? I'm craving first time msr fic. Scully's at her mom's house and Mulder stops by unexpectedly after Maggie goes to bed and M/S end up together. Maggie gets up to check on Scully because she heard a weird noise and walks in on them...

First time fic, slightly NSFW.


It’s hardly a surprise that she went to her mother’s, but he’s still edgy that she hasn’t called him. Well, hasn’t called him in the last six hours. She left a message earlier, but he was out for a run, pounding Padgett’s face with each step on the wet bitumen. The puddles sprayed out and he saw blood spatter. Each dull thud of his runners on the surface was a fresh blow to the chin, the jaw, the solar plexus. The run was one of the most satisfying he could remember and he relished the sharp drags of breath in and out as he ran a glass of water and checked his messages.

           Now, it’s been more than enough time for him to see her lying across his floor, blood wicking out of a non-existent hole in her chest where her precious heart had been removed. He steps into the shower and lets the horrific scene evaporate with the steam around him. Like it never happened.

He’s missed another call by the time he’s dried and dressed and this time he simply heads to the car and drives.

The house is in darkness and he calls Scully from across the road. Her voice is cautious, coy even, but she opens the door. She’s fresh from a bath and robed in pale blue cotton. Her hair is damp and curls under her ears. I’m Dana Scully, I’ve been assigned to work with you. She was that young and life was that propitious once. And he feels it again as she ducks her chin into her neck and lets him pass.

           “I was just making tea, Mulder. Would you like some?”

           He nods and follows her to Maggie’s kitchen which is as homely as he expected. He sees Scully in the flowing fern on the table and the herbs and spices alphabetical in the rack and the portrait perfect bowl of fruit. He sees her in the fine china cups and the ladle holder displaying an image of a perfect dusky pink rose. He sees the family photo on the fridge and he looks back to Scully who offers him a smile somewhere between safe and apologetic.

           “I’m fine, Mulder.”

           “I know that. I just…I wanted to…”

           “To what?” She blows the steam from her tea and it curls under her nose.

           He shrugs. He doesn’t know the right words. For a man whose life has been dominated by the arcane and the mysterious, he’s often stuck for the most mundane utterings.

           “I was terrified,” she says. “I could feel it happening and I couldn’t stop it, I could smell his breath on my face, his fingers pushing in through my skin, I thought I could hear…”

           He sits at the table next to her. “Hear what?”

           “Hear his thoughts.” She looks down at her tea cup then and her shoulders roll forward, like this admission is shameful.

           “And what were they, Scully?”

           She lets out a small sound, like she’s trying to blow the memories away. “It’s not real, Mulder. It was me transferring my fear onto him. And he wasn’t real.”

           The skin on his forehead is warm as he scratches across it. “I thought you were dead. You were so white and..and there was so much blood and you didn’t move. I thought you were dead.”

           She gets up and goes to him. Her arm is warmth and comfort hope around his shoulder. The soft fabric of her sleeve sits across his neck and cools him. He catches a waft of her shampoo as she bends down to kiss his head. He knows she’s alive. He can see her but feeling her and smelling her makes it more real. He twists slightly and catches the underside of her chin as she moves back. She hesitates, exhales, moves down again, turning so her mouth presses to his. She doesn’t stop and he feels like he’s seventeen again, pulling her to sit on his lap, running his hand up and down her back. She isn’t wearing a bra and this fact registers as he parts her lips and moves his tongue into her mouth, tasting peppermint and heat and surprise. Her hand is insistent at the back of his head, fingers feathering through the hair at his nape. She is making soft sounds at the back of her throat and her breathing is heavier through her nostrils; her nose is pressed against his cheek. They break and she pulls back, her face opening up to him, blossoming with embarrassment until she smiles and he sees the redness is passion and lust. She is so beautiful in that moment, as she wavers on the edge of something, something she sees as illicit, breaking the rules. She shakes her head slightly and he can almost hear the warring sides of her internal debate. He wants to break it up, to get the two sides to agree. That this is a good idea; a great idea.

           He runs a thumb and forefinger down her cheek and over her chin, lifting to touch her bottom lip. She closes her eyes and he watches her for a beat. When she opens them again, she is settled. There is determination in her gaze and he kisses her again, pulling her closer, feeling her breasts press against him.

           “I should probably go,” he says, when he lets her go.

           “Probably,” she whispers, and she stands up.

           The loss of her warm weight is a shock and he stays sitting as she puts their tea cups into the sink.

           “Mulder, why did you come here?”

           “I needed to know you were okay.”

           “I’ve been calling you, leaving messages.”

           He stands up. “I needed to see that you were okay.”

           She giggles, out of the blue, and presses her hand to her forehead. “I think you can see that I’m fine.” She shakes her head then, no longer laughing. She straightens her hands by her sides and looks at him. “In fact, I feel more than fine now. You…Mulder, you’re a good kisser. I haven’t…I mean, it’s been a long time since anyone kissed me like that.”

           Hearing her say those things makes his heart race and his throat is suddenly dry. He can feel his cheeks burn. Should he thank her? What does one partner say to another during an admission like this? They’ve shared deep secrets before, they’ve witnessed amazing things, horrific scenes. But this is so deeply personal he’s at a loss for words

           “Mulder, would you like to stay?”

           He blinks.

           “Would you like to stay here? It’s late.”

           “Scully, you don’t have to do this. I’ll be fine.”

           “I know I don’t have to, but I want to. I want you to stay,” and she’s taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom and pulling back the covers. She turns away and takes off her robe. She is wearing a long fitted vest over jersey shorts and it clings, revealing the dark outline of her nipples. She slides into the bed. He unbuckles his belt and slips off his jeans and shirt so he’s just in his boxers. He climbs in beside her and she smiles.

           “I don’t expect anything, Scully.”

           “Then you can’t be disappointed, Mulder.”

           He chuffs out a laugh but she catches it with her lips and he moans into her mouth. Quickly, she is astride him and he feels her heat through the shorts. His hands graze her ass as she rocks forward and back. He moves a hand round and under her vest and her breast is full and warm. She kisses him harder and he squeezes, feeling the peak of her nipple tighten against his palm.

           She pushes back and the weight of her on his groin stirs him more. She lifts her top and throws it aside. It hits the lamp next to the bed and it wobbles on the table. He pulls off his own top and drops it to the floor. She lays flat against him and he strokes her hair. He slips a hand down her shorts and inside her panties. Her bare ass is cool but soft. He sinks his fingers into the flesh and she sighs.

           “Let me take them off,” she says and climbs off him, removing her clothes in one motion. He watches as the sheen on her skin is picked up by the soft glow of the lamp. She faces him and lets his eyes rake over her. She’s embarrassed but she allows it. He removes his boxers and she licks her lip. Unconsciously, perhaps, but a hot pulse of desire sparks.

           “Come here, Scully.”  He pulls her onto him and her foot clips the bedside table and it rattles the lamp again. She giggles but he rolls her over so she’s underneath him. He kisses, bites, sucks, nips and explores.

           Then there’s a knock at the door. They freeze.

           “Dana? Are you okay?”

           “I’m fine, mom.”

           “I heard noises. I thought you might be having a nightmare.”

           Mulder presses his face into the pillow, holding his breath. Scully sits up and pulls the sheet higher. The door handle lowers.

           “I’m fine. I just had a dream.”

           “A bad one?” Maggie asks.

           “No, mom,” she says, looking at Mulder. “A really good one, actually.”

           “If you’re sure you’re okay?”

           She lies back down and strokes the hairs on his chest. “I’m fine, mom. More than fine.”

No Cookie For You (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1500+ I believe

Warnings: blood, abuse, mentions of sexual abuse, innuendos? 

Request:  Hi! I know you’re starting up a new series and it’s already awesome, but if you still have time for requests could you do one where reader is together with Tjeffs but he’s been fukin up lately and he’s on the last straw and does something stupid to snap it and LaffyTaffy is there to comfort her cause he low-key has a huge crush on her and they get together. If you don’t have time or I’m too late I understand tho! Keep up the good work and don’t work yourself too hard 😄 

A/N: hey yall, remember when i said i will take a few days off?Yup, I lied, I took maybe 12 hours off and I am back at it again. bold and italicized is text, just italicized is memories.

You were sitting at the dinner table, waiting until Thomas finally came home. You were slightly frustrated, since he promised to make it home to eat with you. You stared at the clock, watching the seconds pass by. This was not the first time he did this.

In the beginning of your relationship, Thomas always made sure that he had dinner with you. It was cute, and you appreciated the effort he put into you two. But after a few months of dating, his work days became longer and longer, sometimes leaving you waiting until one in the morning for him to walk through the door. He used to kiss you when he walked in, but now, he just ignored you, walking straight to bed. You thought back to an argument the two of you had a few days ago.

Thomas walked through the door, carrying a suitcase in his hands. Your arms were crossed against your chest, glaring at him. He barely gave you a second glance, grabbing his plate and putting the food in the microwave to heat up. He didn’t kiss your cheek, just like every day for weeks prior.

“Thomas.” You said, and he grunted in response, his back to you. “What happened? You said you’d be home at five. It’s two in the morning.” He shrugged his shoulders, sitting at the table with the food in front of him.

“You know how it is, Y/N. Hamilton never shuts up, and we end up debating for hours. I can’t let him win.” He ate his food slowly. You sighed, putting your hand to your head.

“Could you just tell me when you’re getting home? Maybe a call, or a text message? You promised me that you’d do that, to make sure that I know your safe.” He scoffed at your small speech, looking at you through droopy eyes.

“I can handle myself. I don’t think I need to check-in with you.” You stared at him, your eyes widening. Is he really acting like this, with you?

“Seriously? Why are you talking to me like this? Like I’m Hamilton?” You whispered, tears in your eyes. He stopped eating, slamming the fork down. You jumped, shocked at his actions. His eyes met yours, flames pouring out.

“I am an adult, Y/N. I don’t need to hear this from you, not now. You’re always starting fights, and I’m sick of it. Why don’t we just end this here? Madison can take better care of me than you.” He spat, glaring at you. Your hands were shaking, tears appearing in your eyes. You turned around, marching to the room that you two shared.

You looked for your luggage, and began packing your stuff, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. You heard footsteps behind you, but you ignored him, your sniffles making you cough. You heard him sigh, and felt arms wrap around your waist. You froze, closing your eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean that, you know it.” You shook your head, trying to pull his arms from you. He held you tighter, unwilling to let go. No, you couldn’t let him do this to you again, you had enough of his crap.

“How do I know that, Jeff? How do I know that you aren’t tired of me, how do I know that your not with someone else, that you hate seeing my face?” He turned you around, pushing your hair out of your eyes. He smiled, and kissed your lips softly.

“I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like that. I don’t want anyone else in my life but you. Please understand that.” His kiss lingered on the corner of your lip, tracing your jaw line and down your neck. He pulled your shirt over your head, and smiled at you.

You closed your eyes, groaning.

It was a constant thing between you two. He would insult you in every way possible, and you would start to pack up your things. It felt like a routine. After that night, he promised to make it home every day. You made him sign a piece of paper to make sure he followed the rule. His consequence?

“What if I don’t make it home?” He chuckled through your kisses on his face. You grinned at him, wiggling your eyebrows.

“No cookie for you.” You replied, and he widened his eyes, pushing you back against the bed. His lips caressed your stomach, and you giggled.

“I’m never going to be late again.” He whispered.

You put your head on the table, the tears coming again. Is this what love was like? Why did it feel like you were climbing over obstacles just to see the one you loved? Why didn’t he just send you a text message?

You looked down at your phone, making sure you didn’t miss any text messages.

Nope, no notifications.

“Why do you ignore me, Thomas, why do you do this to me?” You mumbled, staring at the food on your table that’s been cold for hours. “You’re such an ass…” You played with the lukewarm water next to you, watching the condensation drip.

Your phone vibrated, and you quickly looked at it, your smile coming back on your face. Instead, you say Lafayette, your friend, sent you a message.

Laf: How are you, Y/N? Did Thomas get home yet?  

You: no, should i b scared? wat if somthin bad happend? wat should I do?

Laf: It’ll be fine. Text me 911 if you need me to come by.

You questioned why he sent you that, but a noise interrupted your thought process. The lock to your apartment jiggled, and you sat up straight, a small bit of hope jumping in your chest. You turn towards the door, watching him walk in.

His hair was a mess, and his clothes were disheveled. You smiled at him, and he looked at you, a big grin on his face. “Guess what, Y/N?” He asked you, running over to you. You jumped out of your seat.

“What’s up, Tom?” You asked, a small smile appearing on your face. He laughed loudly, picking you up. You giggled, twirling around in his arms. After a moment of your protesting and his arms tiring out, he put you down, the smile never leaving his face.

“I finally beat Hamilton! My plan was finally passed!” You held up your hand for a high five. He turned away from you, not noticing your hand in the air.

“That’s great, hon. Want to celebrate? I have wine in the fridge.” He shook his head, taking off his vest.

“It’s fine, Madison and I already went out for drinks. Sorry about the dinner.” He kissed your forehead, and you noticed a strange mark on his neck.

“Hey, what’s that?” You asked, moving his shirt out of the way. It was swelled and red, and there was at least three on his neck. Your heart dropped, and you backed away from him. The smile on his face wavered, and he tried touching your arm. You pushed him away, stumbling back. “Please tell me that’s not what I think it is, Thomas. Please.” You gasped desperately, tears staining your cheeks.

“Y/N, we were just having some fun. It’s not like I had sex with them or anything. It’s fine.” He said, his lopsided grin still there. You pushed past him, grabbing your coat off the hanger next to the door.

You didn’t look back at him this time, grabbing your phone off the table and taking your hat and scarf.

“Hey, where are you going?” He said, watching you move back and forth.

“Anywhere but here. I don’t need this from you anymore.” You growled, the tears still falling out of your eyes. You tried to mend this relationship, you really did. But Thomas seemed to care less about you and your feelings, ignoring your pleas and your desperate attempts at fixing this.

Finally, the stupid grin on his face dropped. He stood in front of the door, blocking your way. You frowned, sighing. “I can’t, I can’t do this, Tommy. I can’t stand here and pretend I’m okay with you cheating on me. I’m not okay.” He tried again to reach for you, but you backed up. “No, kissing me and making me forget about it won’t change anything. I need some space.”

“I can’t just let you leave, Y/N. You know that.” You looked into his eyes, and there was anything but sorrow in them. Your heart started beating faster, now terrified of what he was going to do. He stepped towards you again, a warning in his eyes. “Just stay here, okay? We’ll work this out.” It seemed more like a demand than a request.

“Thomas, you’re scaring me.” You whispered, your hands shaking. You heard your phone vibrate in the kitchen, and you glanced behind you. Thomas’s gaze flicked off of you, looking back to the noise as well.

You made a run for it.

You stumbled a little, your feet still having your fuzzy socks on. You dashed around the bend in the living room, trying to get to the kitchen before he caught you. His shoes boomed behind you, and you never felt more afraid in your life. You spotted the phone lying there, and with the last boost of adrenaline that you had, you grabbed the phone, quickly typing in 911.

A hand grabbed you by your shirt, pulling you back. You gasped, falling onto the floor. Your device escaped your hand, hitting the floor with a loud cracking noise. Thomas was furious, his eyes bloodshot red. He pulled you up, dragging you to the room. You yelped, tugging on his hands as much as possible.

“Stop flailing around, Y/N! Why are you acting like this?” He grumbled, throwing you onto their bed. You scrambled to the edge, but he pushed you down, straddling you. His face leaned down, and he rubbed his lips on your ear, and you whimpered. He sighed and bit down, hard, on your cheek. You cried out, tasting your salty tears.

“Please, Thomas, just let me go.” You whispered. He laughed.


You woke up the next day, leaning forward out of your bed quickly. You looked to the side of you, noticing that Thomas was gone. You ignored the pain in your lower abdomen and You scrambled, pulling your already filled luggage out of the closet and walked to your bedroom door. You tried opening it, hearing a click when you turned the knob. You did it again, and it stayed shut.

Thomas locked you in the room.

You fell onto the floor, your mouth slightly open.

“Y/N? Are you in there?” You heard a voice yell, immediately recognizing it as Lafayette’s. You banged your fist on the door, calling back to him. You heard your front door click open, and footsteps walking around your home. “Where are you?”

“In the room.” You replied, hearing his steps come closer to the door.

“Back away, mon amour.” He said, and you moved back. After a few seconds, you watched the door crack, slamming open. Lafayette stood on the other side, his hair pulled back into his signature bun. You looked at his chest moving up and down.

“Laf, how’d you know?” You mumbled. He pulled you against him, holding you tight. You hugged him back, letting out a deep breath. After standing there for what felt like hours, you let him go.

“You sent me 911, love. I did not receive the text message until this morning. Are you okay? Why were you locked in this room?” He asked, glancing around. His eyes focused on the bed, their gaze narrowing. You turned to what he was looking at, shocked at the sight. On the bed, there was dried blood, probably from what happened late last night. Lafayette examined your body, seeing if there was any more damage. He touched a dark spot on your arm, and you hissed.

“Thomas did this to you? He…” Lafayette’s eyes glistened, his hands shaking. You touched his cheek, wiping away the tears.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. He was drunk last night, he didn’t mean it. I know that he loves me, Laf. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” Lafayette opened his eyes, and kissed your fingers. You blushed, moving your hand back to your side.

“This is not love, mom amour. Love does not hurt, love does not draw blood. Love listens to the word no.” He whispered. “I need to get you out of here. Pack up all your things, you’re coming back with me.” You hesitated, looking back at your room. Thomas and you bought this apartment, together. He wouldn’t just want you to leave without telling him.

“I, I can’t leave him.” You said, opening your luggage. Lafayette touched your arm again, and you flinched. He pulled back quickly. “Thomas is going to hate you being in here, you should go.”

“I’m not going to leave you here with that monster.”


“No, Y/N. Stop. Stop saying that man loves you. If he loved you, he would have never prevented you from taking a break. He would that never forgave himself if he saw you cry. He would work so hard to fix what relationship you have. He would give you flowers and chocolates occasionally, just because. He would love you with his whole being, and even more than that. He would not lock you in a room, he would not hit you, he would not lay a finger on you. He would not cheat on you. He would not force you to have sex with him.”

You bit your lip, looking back to the blood on the bed. A small part of you wanted to talk it out with Thomas, but you knew Lafayette was right. He was always right. “Okay. Okay, I’ll go with you.”

It’s been months since you last seen Thomas. In the first few weeks, he constantly called and texted you, begging you to come home. You cried every time, Lafayette there to comfort you through it. He offered to change your phone number for you, but you didn’t want to. After ignoring him for so long, he occasionally sent you a message, saying how better his life was without you in in.

This time, you blocked his phone number.

Now, you still love lived with Lafayette, his kindness making you ecstatic. You two were close before, but now, your relationship as friends grew into best friends. You knew where he hid all of his goodies, you knew his underwear size, you even knew which brand of toothpaste he liked the most.

There were a few things you noticed changed between you two as well. He would walk next to you on the side walk (the street side, of course) and make sure that your hands were entwined in one another. You always asked him why, but he would just shrug, a small smile on his face.

Some of your friends noticed how Lafayette treated you, especially one of his good friends, Herc. “I’m just saying, the way he looks at you, that’s not friendly love.” He joked once, causing you to hit him lightly on the arm. That was only the first, Hamilton and Laurens teased you as well.

You couldn’t help but wonder if it was true. The blush on his cheeks whenever you gave him a hug or a wink, the protective stance he took when someone stared at you for a little too long. He even let the waiter say that you two were dating, you had to tell them that it wasn’t true. Of course you noticed Lafayette’s face drop for a second.

“Laf, what are you doing?” You asked, walking over to him in the kitchen. He turned on the stove, smiling back at you.

“Just making us some food, mon amour. Why, are you hungry?” You nodded, sitting on a stool a few feet from him. You watched him move around the room, admiring how graceful his movements were. After a few minutes of silence, Lafayette sighed, his brown eyes meeting yours.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. You looked down at your fingers, your chest tightening.

“Um… do you like me?” You whispered, and he walked over to you, pulling you into his arms.

“I do, mon amour. Why do you think I do not?” You moved out of his arms, and he looked at you strangely.

“No, no. I didn’t meant it like that,” you put your face in your hands, “I suck at words. I really do.” Lafayette stayed silent. “Lafayette, you saved me. You saved me from Thomas.” Your voice wavered when you spoke his name. “I am forever grateful to you. I really am. It’s just, I noticed that you act differently around me than your friends. You, you pay special attention to me, you hold my hand when we’re walking, you never correct people when they say we’re together. You smile about it. And, I don’t mind. I don’t think I’ll mind being your girlfriend. You taught me how I am supposed to be treated, you taught me how to love. I just need to know, do you like me? Like, like me, I mean.”

Lafayette turned off the stove, a serious look on his face. You gulped, realizing this was a mistake. Great, you just lost your best friend because you didn’t know how to shut up. He’s probably going to hate you now. You jumped off the stool. “Forget it, forget I ever said anything. I’m sorry.”

“There is no need, mon amour.” He touched your arm softly, completely different from the way your ex touched you. You felt safe in his touch. “I did not want to make you feel like you owe me because I helped you. But you chose to leave him, you chose on your own, and I am happy that you did so. You see,” he led you back to the stool, and he sat directly in front of you, your legs between his, “I have had, how you say, a crush on you. I met you when you were together with him, and I knew that I liked you. You’re funny, your nice, and you’re beautiful. How could I not fall in love with you? And when I found out that he was hurting you…” His hands tightened into fists, and you touched his hands. He took a deep breath, and put his hands in yours instead. “I want to make sure you are okay. I do not want anything bad to happen to you.” He whispered, small droplets falling out of the corner of his eyes. You touched his cheek, trying to wipe them away.

“Don’t cry, Gilbert. I don’t like to see you cry.” You smiled at him, and he laughed, pulling your face to his. You two were inches apart, your lips almost touching. “Stop teasing me, Laf, just kiss me already.” He rolled his eyes.

“You do not need to ask me twice.” He pulled you closer, yours lips pressing against each others.