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Cars Headcanon: Nicknames

Doc usually refers to Lightning by a nickname. ‘Rookie’, 'kid’, 'kiddo’, 'hot rod’ are his usual picks. So when he uses Lightning’s actual name, the racer knows he’s in trouble.

Doc calling him 'Lightning’ is a warning sign, and if he’s paying attention he’ll usually stop whatever he’s doing that’s irritating Doc. If he’s being stubborn he’ll probably carry on, and 'Lightning’ gets upgraded to 'McQueen’. That means Doc’s had enough and Lightning’s not getting a third warning.

Getting called 'Lightning McQueen’ right off the bat means he is in capital T trouble and if he can he’ll take off and hide until Doc’s cooled down (it never works–Doc always finds him)

Yugioh the Darkside of Dimensions summary (with images/sketches)


I tried taking notes as I was watching the movie so I got the first couple of duels down but after a certain point I was like uggggh 


 I also tried take screen caps from trailers so far to put them in where certain events happen too. Two characters i did a quick sketch of they can be found during the summary too. I also read through this summary http://tachishini.tumblr.com/post/143242399662/yu-gi-oh-the-darkside-of-dimensions because there were parts I was a bit confused or wasn’t clear to me and wanted to find another summary to confirm. 

update: HJ has a more comphernsive plot summary http://hjwritesthings.tumblr.com/post/144410784844/dark-side-of-dimensions-summary

A non-story spoiler of note is that Kazuki Takahashi was the one to keyframe/animate the scene of Yugi putting on the new duel disk.

My thoughts at the end if you want to just read that.

 Let’s begin!

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You Must Be The Roomie [Otayuri] [Part Two]

Summary:  AU where Yuri Plisetsky is a 19 year old social media star/dancer and is at college, and his roommate is in a band with Otabek Altin, who Yuri can’t help but pine over.

Keep in mind: this fic follows the idea of yuri acting like a punk ass douche bag, but hes actually kinda shy and smol (especially around otabek). Otabek is a bit of a sarcastic lil shit in this, and definitely the dom lol (but for some reason hes smol in this??)

Part: two of ?? [find part one here] [find part three here]

i follow back (unless you’re a porn blog) 

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that did not take as long as i thought it would

but jesus christ, looking at scratch’s logs now is like reading one of hal’s logs in white. i cannot believe the original theory didn’t take off more. doc scratch is ar with less bro puns and more omniscience. the repetition and insistence on their good qualities, the over explanations of mundane things, the arrogance and self-assurance, the obvious delight in psychologically messing with people, the whole ‘i’m doing this for everyone’s sake, i’m not evil’, FUCK

it’s hard to pick out specific things, the above are all just general comparisons of their personalities and manner of speaking. did find a couple things in his conversation with rose though

almost had an arquius/equius moment

the sentence structure is referencing something rose said earlier, but that particular insult came out of absolutely nowhere and is incredibly ‘strider’

and of course

Sorority Rush 101
  • Thinking about rushing a sorority? Maybe you’re a legacy and you KNOW you’re going Greek. Or, you could be somewhere in between. No matter where you are on the rush excitement spectrum, here are some tips from a veteran:
  • Don’t listen to dorm floor chatter about what houses are “good” and which ones are “lame.” That isn’t a thing. There are different houses because there are different types of girls, no one is better than the other.
  • Dress nicely, but don’t lose your personality. The right house will love you for you, so make sure you share that with the girls. If you never take off your Doc Marten’s, keep them on.
  • Go into every house party with an open mind. You never know who you will meet or connect with when walk in the door. Let yourself be surprised without preconceived notions. You could miss out on the right fit.
  • Always remember that no matter what house you decide to pledge, you can be friends with ANY of the girls you meet during the rush process, even if they are already in or decide to pledge a different house.
  • Don’t forget that the girls rushing you have been exactly where you have been before. They understand it’s rough.
  • The sorority girls are all rooting for you. They want you to have a good time, enjoy their house and company, and find the best fit for a house for you, even if it’s not their own.
  • Don’t be afraid to eat the food! That’s why it’s there! Also…it’s DELICIOUS.
  • If you get cut from a house you really liked, try not to take it personally. Besides, you don’t want to be part of a house that doesn’t want you.
  • Just because you rush doesn’t mean you have to pledge a house. Don’t feel pressured to join because you got a bid. Also, if you do accept a bid, you have until initiation to decide if you want to stay.
  • You will end up in the house you are supposed to be in. I promise; the system works. Give the girls a chance if you didn’t get into your first choice.
  • It’s not a lie when the girls say that these will be your very best friends for life. They’ll find apartments with you after college, they’ll stay up and let you talk and cry as long as you want, they’ll throw you the most kickass bachelorette party, they’ll be standing with you at your wedding, and they’ll be with you for everything in between.
  • Gosh darn it…HAVE FUN!
omg but just think of it

Flashback to the 1994 pocket universe. Bonnie and Damon are lying on the hood of the Camaro, side by side, staring into the starry night sky.

Bonnie wonders if the entire universe is empty, or if it’s just Earth. Like are there innumerable empty planets revolving around each of those stars out there? 

“Wouldn’t that be terrible?” she asks. She used to look up at the night sky when they were back home and feel comforted to feel so small, to feel that all her pain and all her burdens were so meaningless in the scope of the vast possibility of an endless cosmos, she tells him. So wouldn’t it be awful if it was just the two of them now, completely alone out of all the worlds and all the stars and all the galaxies?

He doesn’t have an answer to that. Instead he turns to watch her, staring up at that sky. 

“Do you want to play truth or dare?”

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okay this will be the simmons losing his arm part of the story, this whole thing is sorta like a big combination of things people have talked to me about and i tried my best to stick it all together

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A B-29 Superfortress, known as ‘Doc,’ takes off for the first time in approximately 60 years, July 17, 2016, at McConnell Air Force Base, Kan. Hundreds of people gathered on and around McConnell AFB to watch this historic flight.(U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jenna K. Caldwell)

Listen up kiddos, if you’re thinking about buying a pair of docs and think they’re going to be like another pair of shoes, don’t!!! As a seasoned docs wearer myself (like my older docs are the most comf shoes I own at this point), breaking in docs is horrible and never ever fun. Never wear docs out for the first time without wearing them in your house for a few times. What I suggest is when you get home put on your docs with a couple bandaids and maybe even two pairs of socks and wear them around your house for only a few hours at a time. Doing this at home means the second they start to hurt you can take them off. Breaking in docs is super painful and can cause lots of blisters. It’s almost comparable to breaking in hiking boots. Now go forth and rock your docs!!!

Fic: Gossips (Mass Effect)

Characters: Kasumi Goto and Karin Chakwas

Summary: Dr. Chakwas has excellent taste in liquor, and Kasumi stocks the best. A friendship is born. From a suggestion by pandasize a couple weeks back. Hints of Shakarian.


Kasumi looked up from her book when the doors to the observation deck whooshed open, and immediately broke into a smile. “Come in and take a load off, Doc,” she called.

Dr. Chakwas surveyed the lounge. “So this is where you’ve taken up residence, Ms. Goto. An excellent choice. You seem to have made yourself at home.”

“No sense in roughing it if I don’t have to,” Kasumi said, glancing at the bookshelf and artwork and other things she’d put out to make the space a little more lived-in. It hadn’t needed much. The lounge was remarkably comfy, really, and the view out the observation window was unbeatable.

“I’ve never served on a ship with a full bar before, I confess,” Dr. Chakwas said, moving toward the bar. “On most ships you can’t do better than an illicit still or two.”

Kasumi grinned. “You sound like one who knows, Doc.”

The older woman snorted. “More like I’ve had to deal with the aftermath. Now this—“ She surveyed the collection of softly glowing bottles and tubes of liquor and let out a soft sigh. “This is more like it.”

“More to your taste?” Kasumi asked, smiling to herself.

“Mmm.” She took a bottle off the shelf and poured herself a small glass before joining Kasumi on the couch. Kasumi recognized the somewhat floral aroma of one of the asari brandies she’d picked up after overhearing a thing or two about the good doctor’s preferences. It was simple courtesy, really. Snooping was by far the easiest way to find out what other people might like.

Dr. Chakwas took a sip and sighed in pleasure, stretching out her legs. “Very nice.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Kasumi said.

“I’m nearly sure that wasn’t there the last time I perused the supply, though.”

“We must have taken more supplies on at our last stop,” Kasumi said vaguely, flipping a page in her book. She wasn’t really reading it, but she didn’t need to; she must have read this one four or five times already.


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A B-29 Superfortress, known as ‘Doc,’ takes off for the first time in approximately 60 years, July 17, 2016, at McConnell Air Force Base, Kan. Hundreds of people gathered on and around McConnell AFB to watch this historic flight. (U.S Air Force photo / Senior Airman Trevor Rhynes)