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Nerdy Virgin Michael

Pairing: Y/N/Nerd!Michael

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 10.000+

Summary: So this is the last one of the mini series! I can’t believe that it took me that long to write this but at least I did it! Everything is inspired by End Up Here which I wrote a preference about back in 2014 so I sincerely hope you enjoy this very much :-) 

Luke’s Version // Calum’s Version // Ashton’s Version

 #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer

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Vibrating Panties (Luke smut)

Summary: With this title do I even need a summary… Luke teases you with a pair of vibrating panties and then fucks you realllll good ;)

Warnings: This is ridiculously smutty + involves the use of vibrating panties

Word Count: 2.6k 

A/N: If you don’t know what vibrating panties are, they’re basically a pair of underwear with a vibrator over where your clit goes. The pair used in this uses a remote to control the speed of the vibe! 

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“L-Luke,” You stammer, tugging on the sleeve of your boyfriend’s shirt. 

When you receive no answer, you tilt your head and look back to see him talking to Michael, his face lined with concentration.

The conversation between the two friends seems calm, both of them chatting about guitars. You want to laugh. 

Michael wouldn’t have that smile stretched across his face if he knew what was going on between your legs. 

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#9 High School!5SOS: He Asks You Out to Prom

[Requested: No]


You and Michael have been going out, and it was obvious you two were going to prom together, but what bothered you was that he hasn’t officially asked you to go with him. You knew Michael wasn’t really the type to make a big deal out of something like this, but you just felt that it would be nice for him to ask you even if it was set. You wanted the experience of being asked to prom. “You okay (Y/N)?” Michael would ask, and you would try to make it painfully obvious that you wanted him to ask you in a really spontaneous way. “I’m fine, hey did you hear? You know when you were absent that girl in our history class, she got asked out to prom, her date brought her flowers in the middle of class.” “Awe, that’s cute.” He would say and you would wait until he pieced the hints together, but he never did. Another week started to pass and still Michael couldn’t get a clue. You admit, you were making it obvious that it was bothering you, so Michael did question your recent mood, “alright babe, what’s on your mind, why are you feeling like this?” He says sitting you down and putting an arm around you. “Well Michael, I want to be asked to prom….” You said and he looked at you confused, “but we are going to prom?” “Yes, we are, it’s just that I want to be asked like with flowers and all that…” You said. “So you want me to ask you like….” “Yeah, being asked like that seems pretty great…. I mean I know you aren’t into that mainstream trend, and I should expect you to, but it seems kinda nice you know?…” You said looking at him. Michael hesitated causing you to just shake your head and dismiss the issue, “it’s okay, you don’t really need to ask, it’s actually silly of me.” “(Y/N), it isn’t silly, if you want me to-” “No Michael, really it’s fine, I promise it’s okay.” You said reassuring him with kisses and hugs. Michael looked at you with guilty eyes and you continued to reassure him about the whole issue. Although you were reassuring him, that didn’t stop you from feeling a bit upset. Whenever you were with Michael you tried to hide that fact, you were going to prom with the guy you really love, you shouldn’t expect a lot and be selfish. It was Friday and you were in your history class. Michael wasn’t present and you suspected that he was ditching. You sighed, pulled out your notebook, and was getting ready to take notes of the upcoming lecture about the French Revolution. In the middle of the lecture a man in a Pizza Hut uniform entered with a box and a paper in his hand, “Uhm, delivery for a (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” You looked up confused and embarrassed, your teacher gave you a slight glare before you walked up to claim the pizza you didn’t even order. “Uhm….?” “Don’t worry, it’s already paid.” He said and you took the box and opened it to see the toppings arranged in a single word that said “prom?” You were still confused and looked at the pizza man, “uhm, you don’t… You’re not?” “Oh no, I just make the pizza and deliver.” He says before leaving. You kept looking at the pizza standing there confused until you looked up to see Michael peeking into the room, “so are you gonna say yes? Or do you still want these flowers?” he questions. You started to smile as he came closer to you with the bouquet of roses and the whole class cheering. “Y-You really didn’t need to Michael, I know you don’t like being mainstream-” “Well I did it anyway, I can’t stand you pouting like that. Besides, I admit, that smile you made was really worth it…. So? What’s your answer?” He asked. You smiled, “yes, I would love to go to prom with you Michael Clifford.” He smiles and kisses your nose before the teacher started calming the commotion, “alright you two, let’s end this little love fest. Mr. Clifford, you will be counted as tardy, both of you take your seats.” You two sat down and started taking notes again, Michael nudged you and you glanced at him. “It was still worth it.” He said in a whisper only causing you to give him a bigger smile.


Everyone was being asked to prom left and right. As much as you wanted to go, you wanted to go with Calum, and something in your gut told you that he isn’t planning to ask you. Sure you two were going out, and Calum loved a good party, but since prom announcements started, he didn’t show a bit of interest. It worried you a bit because you really did want to go but you didn’t want to force him to something he would probably be bored of and sit for the whole duration of it. “So what do you think about our prom theme?” You asked him. “Disney? Sounds pretty overdone.” He says paying attention to his phone and his arm around you. You forced a reply and a false tone, “I know right?… Very typical…” “(Y/N?)… You like Disney, just admit it, you like the prom theme, and you want to go.” He says smirking at you. “…Okay, yeah I do.” You said smiling slightly. “It does suck though, its the same day as my other friends party….” He says still not paying attention. “Oh?… Well you know Claum, there’s always gonna be other parties…” “Psh, what? No, I’m going though.” He says and your eyes widened, “b-but Calum, it’s our last year. I mean, sure it’s a school event, and there might be a chance the food sucks, but it’s gonna be fun. We will have all of our friends there-” “Some of my friends are gonna be at the party…” He points out. “You really aren’t going to go?” You asked him and he looks at you a bit confused. “Well, yeah, but I’m not stopping you.” He says and you get out of his hold. “I want to go with you though.” You said and he looks at you still not phased. “Come on (Y/N), don’t act like that.” You sighed feeling very upset, “I’m sorry Calum, I guess we had different ideas… I’m going home.” You said and he didn’t stop you. A new week started and you couldn’t believe how nonchalant Calum was about prom. You never expected him to not accompany you during prom. The bell rang signaling lunch time and you packed your things. There seemed to be a commotion outside but that didn’t seem to catch your interest. You walked out only to find Calum, with the whole fifa team, holding up a banner that said said “will you go to prom with me.” Calum had flowers and balloons and approached you with a smile, “Really? Did you really think I was gonna let you go to prom alone?” He asked. Tears started to form along with a smile, “I-I really thought you were, you were acting so one dimensional Calum, you scared me.” You said hitting his chest lightly and hugging him. “Sorry, I really did intend to surprise you and not make you feel like that.” He says kissing your head, “So (Y/N), will you say yes?” You looked at him with a smile, “of course!” You said before he bent down to kiss your lips causing the crowd to go awe.


Once prom announcements made it’s way in the week Ashton started avoiding you. You couldn’t tell if he was planning something or if you somehow made him upset. When you tried to ask he gave you one of his cranky expressions, causing you to let him be for a while. He did reassure you that everything was okay, he kissed your forehead and gave you hugs saying that he loved you, but you knew he was hiding something. He spent most of his time in the band room and somehow you weren’t allowed to be in there. The whole band seemed to be hiding something from you and it only made you feel left out than curious. You knew you were gonna go to prom, as much as you wanted Ashton to go with you as your date, you didn’t even have time to ask him about it. The deadline was coming soon and you knew you had to turn in your money and form, with or without Ashton. “No, don’t turn it in.” He kept telling you, “why? Are you gonna go though?” You would ask. “Uh, no, just don’t turn it in.” Ashton would say frazzled before running off again. The deadline was closing in and you knew that you couldn’t wait any longer, that Friday you were in line to turn in your money and form. “Alright, your name is (Y/N), let me just cross you off…. Oh, you already paid.” The student said. “What? No I didn’t….?” You said confused. “Yeah, it says here that you already paid and that you just needed the form. Don’t worry about it, alright next in line please come forward.” She said dismissing you. You got out of line confused only to be approached by one of your band classmates, “Hey (Y/N), you gonna go to the football game tonight?” “Not really, why?” “You should go, here’s $7 for your ticket.” He says before you could protest. Later that night you did go to the game, you didn’t know why you were there, not even Ashton was there. The game came into halftime and they announced that the marching band was going to preform a Disney song from one of your favorite movies. “No….” You said to yourself as you saw Ashton walk in the middle of the performance with a mic. The band went into the formation of letters and Ashton looked nervously in the crowd, “Uh, hopefully my girlfriend is here, uhm (Y/N) if you are, will you go to prom with me? Sorry I’m really late.” He says and the crowd was cheering for him. You stood up and started walking towards the field with people at the bleachers whistling and yelling how cute it was. “So you paid for everything….” You asked. “Yeah, I mean I know you had your money ready but I wanted to officially ask you out before you did anything, and the deadline was today so I had no choice. It actually takes a lot of time to coordinate the marching band to spell out prom, and learn your favorite Disney song-” “Ashton, you really outdid yourself.” You said smiling. “It’s our senior year, I wanted to go all out….. So your answer?” “Yes Ashton Irwin, for all your efforts I say yes.” You said and everyone at the game started cheering louder. You hugged him and kissed his cheek, “you know I would have just said yes even if you gave me like a card or something.” Ashton rolls his eyes and kissed your lips to stop you from talking.


Prom was something you were too shy to ask Luke about. You two were a couple, but did that mean that there was no need for asking or did he have to officially declare it. You two were cuddled on the sofa, his arms around your waist as you were ironically watching a Disney movie. “So, excited for prom?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m actually gonna go dress shopping with my friends next week.” “That’s cool.” He would say before kissing your cheek, “do you have a date?” He would ask and you smiled at him, “Of course, you right?” “Mmn.” He said and you looked at him curiously, “what?” You questioned, “Well, I don’t know, aren’t I supposed to ask you to prom?” you looked at him nervously, “are you? I just assumed it was automatic?” He smiles at you and kisses you again, “(Y/N), an average girl would like to experience being asked to prom, so if you give me a little time, can I do the honor of properly asking you?” He asks and you smile at him. “You’re seriously gonna do this? You don’t need to.” “Well, I’m going to, just wait okay? You’ll see when you least expect it.” He says grinning at you. Since that day Luke has been too busy to see you, you honestly didn’t want him to go through the trouble but he did anyway. He would tweet lyrics or his progress, but only leaving you with hints. The next morning you woke up to one of your favorite songs playing from a distance. You looked out from your window to see Luke playing right in front of your room. You ran downstairs to hear him play, “A Drop in the Ocean” with a sign that cleverly used candy bars to ask you out to prom. It was a small and simple gesture, and in no need of a big crowd to know about. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you go to prom with me?” He asked. You laughed and smiled at him, “Yes Lucas Hemmings, I would love to go to prom with you, even though this wasn’t really necessary.” “Shut up, you know you like it, look at that smile.” He says and you covered your face as he gave you a big hug. “You two are too cute I swear.” You could hear your mom say from inside. “Wanna have breakfast?” You asked him. “Sure.” He says kissing your forehead and being led inside.

A/N: Hey everyone, I hope you like this part and I just wanted to say that there are 3 more to this series before it ends. Sorry if it seems short for some parts, tumblr froze on me causing me to delete it once again. Either way I hope you like it!



“[S]omething about [Michael] Pitt wholly defies the Hollywood scene as we know it. He disappears completely into roles – from ill-fated Jimmy on Boardwalk [Empire] to Hedwig’s lover in Hedwig and the Angry Inch to a preppy psychopath in Funny Games – and from the public eye in between them. And all these qualities made him the perfect choice to embody Mason [Verger]. … Hannibal has gotten away with some of the most terrifyingly beautiful fever dreams ever shown on network TV, and Pitt melded flawlessly into that world. Verger is just as twisted as the show’s namesake, but in a way that Hannibal finds "rude.” And we know what he does to those he finds… uncouth. From his first appearance – wild-haired and clutch[ing] a piglet in a blanket – to his last – high on psychotics, feeding pieces of his own face to Will’s beloved rescue dogs – Pitt was captivating and unnerving. Just what the doctor ordered.“ – Sage Young, Hollywood.com

What can we say about Michael Pitt’s Mason Verger that hasn’t already been said? When nbchannibal Executive Producer Bryan Fuller described Mason as "the Joker to Hannibal’s Batman,” and said Michael brought a “pimp quality” to Mason and embraced the “haute creep capacity” of the character, Bryan pretty much hit the nail on the head. For hitting just the right note in his portrayal of sadist Mason Verger, Michael Pitt deserves an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for Hannibal. 

Weird? Sure. Committed? Absolutely (and he probably should be evaluated for possible commitment). Michael Pitt took on the role of Mason Verger with complete abandon. His perfect take on Mason made us simultaneously laugh and cringe, and we may never look at a martini the same way again. Setting aside his impeccable attire and wonderfully unruly hair, there was nary a redeeming quality to be found, and yet somehow we loved getting a little playtime with Mason. Supervised playtime, of course. Although Mason is full of himself (both literally and figuratively), we could never get our fill of Mason. That said, we do hope his twin sister Margot really does take care of him, just as he took care of her.

We could go on and on about Michael Pitt’s outrageous and genius performance as Mason, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve got 2,000 words coming your way. Who else could make Hannibal look like this:

Or this:

We encourage the Television Academy to take note of Michael Pitt’s captivating, quirky, dark and comedic portrayal of Mason Verger, and reward his genius with an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for Hannibal.